Afro House

Deloveraz – Izangoma [Tribe Rawkan Records]
Diego Romero – Montessori [Tribu H]
Digital Afrika – Gnawa [Awesome Soundwave]
DJ Tomer & Ricardo Silva – Fearless [My Other Side of the Moon]
DJ Two4 – Shuriken [Drum Kulture Records]
Dreamer, Laerhnzo & TooZee – Room 2021 [Drum Kulture Records]
God Child – Inkomo [GodChildMusicInc.]
HausGeist – Lavender Was Next [Southpoint]
Ivan Afro5 & DJ Flaton Fox – Spiritual Thing [Mukua]
JeancloudeMaurice – Save the Song [Full Dance Records]
Juanito Parranda, Stick Musiic, TOSCA, Carlos Martínez & DJ PACHI – Ella Baila
Kathy Kay SA – Superfly [Fuba Land]
Kaudron – Esengo [Elly Fly]
Kiberu – Najoto [Polarity Underground]
Knight Warriors & Typical SA – Time Scratch [Mukua]
Korvantarising – Success Genesis [Buy-Records]
Logo Alloy & Feesto M – Capricon [Lull Music]
Marvinmarvelous – Aquarius (feat. Vanessa Hawkins) [Cali Music Group]
Master Fale – Techno Theme [4 Bits House Music]
Mijangos – Cuba [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Music Child – Remember She [Da Fuba Records]
VA – The Sounds of Afro House (Volume III)


FACUNDO GARDIOL – Fire Visitors [Glitch Hop Community]
Front 242 – USA 91 (Live) [Alfa Matrix]
Giana Brotherz – Armageddon [Bassmucke]
Giordano – Into Your Mind [Sävy Records]
Giraffi Dog, Your Planet Is Next – WAR1902 [WARNING]
Groke – The Story of Fallen Angels [Mad Zoo]
Hadi Burpee – Rest Later [Soundscapes Digital]
Implant – Cognitive Dissonance [Alfa Matrix]
Implant & The Breath of Life – Cognitive Dissonance (Deluxe Edition)
JELO – Chaos Bringer (Robb G. Remix) [TEKnology Productions Inc.]
JottaFrank & PAVANE – Andalusian Culture [SPACE PIZZA Records]
OnDaMiKe – Hit the Floor [Ravesta Records]
OnDaMiKe – Life Like [Ravesta Records]
OnDaMiKe & Mark Vee – Hip Hop [Ravesta Records]
Qkee – Vandalism 2 [Glitch Hop Community]
Radiorobotek – Televisor (EP) [OneSun Yellow]
Reg Edit – Shake the Room [Boomtic Records]
Sinan Kaya – Perfect Picture [Sound Vessel Records]
SOPE – Sopenko (TBR_002) [The Bassment Records]
Sound Synthesis – Hidden Realms [Infiltrate]


Ardo, DeeJaVu & Nikster – Goodbye [You Love Dance]
Aren’ – You Broke Me First [BLACK.BLACK]
Arma8 – Did I Ever Tell You [Chris Cat Records]
Armin Van Masters – Graduation Day [Remix Centre]
Ascendant Vierge – Petit Soldat [Ascendant vierge]
Audrey Mika – Chivalry [RCA Records Label]
BA33 – Process [treinta3tres]
Bazz Haus – A Beautiful Morning [Remix Centre]
Bee & Mayandeya – Ithemba [KnaN Music]
Benito Bazar, Nicky Night Time & Lubelski – Back to Life (Nicky Night Time & Lubelski Remix)
BERNARD (IT) – Abhadumaje [Suonare Records]
Betty Barrak – Maakoul Hebbak (DJ Carlos B Remix) [Sky Academy Records]
Bjørn Eidsvåg – Veien (feat. Kapteinen) [Relis]
BLIN & LOD – Two of Us [Blanco y Negro Music]
BLØF – Horizon [BLØF]
Bomarz – Bounces, Vol. 1 [Sony Music Iceland]
Boxcar – Vertigo Revibed [So Solid Records]
bunny kills bunny – brave new world
Calvins Smith – Stay [Remix Centre]
Caparzo – House Music Everywhere [Distrito Music Label]
CIRO ROMANO vs MARCO FRATTY – Sweet Dreams (Remix 2K21)
Clivton – Uxolo [Sirup Records]
Clyde Diveira – Wild & Young (feat. Anna) [DVR Music]
Coalie – Varchar [Good Story]
Colin – Che Vaght [Colin Muzik Produksiyon]
Coskun Karaca – The Way [Four40 Records]
Craspore – Drunk Rhythm [NEDOSTUPNOSTb]
Crime Doctor – The Business [Nevadun Records]
Cyber Thursday – Vapor Wave [Pink Dolphin Music Ltd]
Danbee – U & I [Soundrepublic]
Dapa Deep – Useless [Dapa Music Records]
Dare – Polar Lights [Freshtunes]
Dennis Lloyd – Anxious (Felix Jaehn Remix) [Arista Records]
FAH – Psycho [FARMACY]
Faraón – Omen [Deep Strips]
Five Past 5 & Ollie Weeks, Five Past 5 – You Don’t Know [Rollerblaster Records]
Florian Cassiede – Different Way [Jendex Records]
Florian Künstler – Halbe Liebe [Columbia Local]
Florian Picasso – Get Away [Savoia Records]
Lukão DuFlow – Gangsta Dance [WOLFLOW MUSIC]
Lukas G. – Can’t Stop to Move [Gloamed]
Lxa – You (My Dear) [Andelara Music]
LXT – Wave Goodbye [304 Music]
M4TT3RS & H3VN – Hold Me Forever [ONLY THE BEST]
Magda Mendes – Nem Se Compara [Chasing Dreams]
Mak5ast, Max Lake – Dance Control, Vol. 3 [VAST]
MandaBrat – Ataraxis [MandaBrat]
Mantly – Ocean Vibe [Nature Is Pure Love]
Manu The Beat – Take me oooh (feat. Dre Love) [ClubBang]
Mari Conti – Shine on Me [Numen Records]
Mark Ursa & Alterboy – Sunshine [ZEROCOOL]
Martin Brothers – She’s So Apocalyptic [Muve]
Matironi – Voices [Spitfire Music]
Max Lake – VAST House Party, Vol. 4 [VAST]
Mesto & Justin Mylo – When We’re Gone (Stef Classens Acoustic Version)
Michael Pop – Snowflake (The Remixes) [Rockstroh Music]
Mika Ikonen – Punaviinii [Lasso Entertainment]
Mimi Webb – Good Without [Mimi Webb]
Mono Mode – Give It [House Of Mono]
Moodshift – Touch (feat. Oliver Nelson, Lucas Nord & flyckt) [Simon Field Remix)
Mr. Destroy – Plastic in the world [Robino Family ed. Musicali]
Mr.Jinx – Gimme a Light [KraenkRecords]
NA-NO – Sunflower [Bohemian Records]
NAKOSAN – Astro [Jhaps Records]
Nathan Caveney & Wolfrage – Like You [Wolfrage Recordings]
NEIRO – Back in Time (feat. Joey Busse) [Blanco y Negro Music]
Nelsinhuu – Alanna [Clutch Gang Records]
Timsek – Corporate [Crystalize Recordings]
Timster & Crooked Leg – Up All Night [HHH Recordings]
Tina Moe – Kom till mig [Sony Music Local]
Tina Moe – Liv & lust [Sony Music Local]
Tina Moe – Oro [CBS Records]
TipZie – Heart Like a Wheel [Remix Centre]
Tokyonite – Perfect [Frankie’s Kitchen]
Tom Franke & Ron van den Beuken – So Much Love to Give
Tony Vida & Trafoier – Hideaway (feat. Rory Hope) [ChillYourMind]
yohiyahi – Daddylove [somanymorningz]
ZALLI – Yesterday [Gloamed]
Zeds Dead – Catching Z’s [Deadbeats]
Zirenz – Didos Lament (Single) [Afterworld Recordings]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

Andrea Grandoni – Square Love (K21 Extended) [Kalambur Publishing]
AvaRaz – Miami Beach [Jhaps Records]
Babah – Mea Culpa [Mutant Bit]
Babs Presents & Samiveda – Series of Fortunate Events [4th Set Records]
Barko – Ellipsis [Espacio CIELO]
Beach Lovers – Groove Nation (The Deep-House Edition), Vol. 4
Bedran. – Bring It Back (Remixes) [Music From Me To You]
Bela Bay – Tears in Paradise [Alveda Deep]
Berk Ocal – Right Card [DeepShine Records]
BNinjas – Attractions [Lisztomania Records]
BNinjas – Tafadzwa [Ababili Recordings]
Brian Thabault – Certain Phases [Tri Music Group]
Camila Dorez – Arabic Nights [Jhaps Records]
Captain Mosez – Fly Cherry Fly [Afrosynth Records]
Castroe & Liam Leon, Ulas – Fall Into You
Celarity – Caught up (Got Me) [BLACKSTRIPE]
Celestino – Not Interested [Maleante Records]
Celestino – Relentless Machine [Quixotical Records]
Chary Humos & TanatosLakactus – Camara De Gas (feat. Dj Ropo) [Nawal Rage]
Chewy Rubs & North Laine – Tempted [Bandolier Records]
Chris Kent – Found You [Soundo GOLD]
Chris van Baal – We Came For Love [tb clubtunes]
Christian B – U and Me [Smashing Trax Records]
Classy Touch – Touch Groove [DMT LBL]
Claudio Giordano – Great Moon [Night in Venezia Music]
Claudio Giordano – Noches Largas [Night in Venezia Music]
Cliff Colada & Bali Darts Club – Cold Air [Routine Espresso Recordings]
Col Lawton – ‘You and Me’ [Soul Room Records]
Eric Alamango, Luis Radio & Stefano Guerra – That Feeling
Estragos Trifulka – Crazy High [Estragos Trifulka]
Evanly – Take Me Home [Epic Tones Records]
Ezirk – Doogy Bee [Sure Cuts Records]
Fabi Boss – Spaceland [Molee Recordings]
Fabio Mazzei – Back to Back [Bos Tech Records]
Faraón – Feels Like Home [DeepShine Records]
FLIP-DA-FUNK – After All [Soulful Evolution]
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises
Flowersons – Banner [Ripe Pear Records]
Flowersons – Ride Your Horse [B Club Milano]
Francisco Garcia aka Dj Cis – Let It Go [PRDS Direct]
G.Pantelidis – Arctic Eyes [Inkognito Records]
Ghost Killer Track – Tonight (feat. D-Block Europe & OBOY)
Glenn SLAAG DADDY Thornton – Break out the Booze [SLAAG Records]
GM & Phoenix – Psycho [RDEC]
Igor Pumphonia – Game [ChillRecordsMusic]
Igor Pumphonia & Eric Zenkov, Ladynsax – Mars
Ilya Santana – B Movie 1984 (Original Soundtrack) [Astrolead Recordings]
Iner, Iner x Boringroom – Da Hong Pao [Kooley High Records]
Infex & Human Society – Santa Monica [EandS Records]
Inhuma – Rise of the Sunshine [WARRIOR CITY RECORDS]
Init – Wrestle [Sound of Berlin]
Krav – Comon [Deep House Minister]
Kukuruznik – Defferent Space [Glowworm]
Kyka – Unsaid [Oh! Records Stockholm]
Lautaro Ibañez & Franco Smith, The Soul Movers – Evolution
Lebedev (RU) – Funkadelic [Rhythm Section]
Leeviosh – Taught Me About Faith (Mama) [Old Dayzz Recordings]
Leo Leonski – Abracadabra [Gitano Records]
Leon De Haro – Toast Burm [Rounded]
Liam Chaser – More Than Real [Beatbridge Records]
Lower Side Soul Project – TecnologiCall [MHG Records]
Luis Machuca – Come to Me (feat. Michelle Ross) [Friskybeat Records]
Luyo & Casa Flayva – Perebote (feat. Morris Revy)
LVSN & Davis Mallory – Get Your Love [Ocean Music Group]
Lyle M, Yvvan Back – Taste of You [Aero. Records]
MABU – Vitacore [Order To Dance]
Majed Salih – Wineversior [Medievil-Music]
Mala Ika – Barbapapa [Weirdos Records]
Mantly – Little Story [Nature Is Pure Love]
Manu Santos – Liyasilver [Zarabunda Records]
Manuel Kane – Ravers in the Crowd [Moiss Music Black]
Marc Heun – City Tracks [Believe In Disco]
Mariana Velletto – For Me (feat. Upstrz) [Intercept Music]
Roudeep – Dream About Love [Baijan Global]
Roudeep – King and Queen [Baijan Records]
Samosh – Before I Always Love You [Artistfy Music]
Sander & Radoo – See the Sound [PLY]
Sandy Rivera – Round Midnight (feat. Tamara Raven) [deepvisionz]
Saul Glass – Settle Down [Cookie Records]
Savin – Rave Culture [Extra Sound Recordings]
Serge Gee – Anytime I’m Dreaming [Jump Recordings]
Sergeigray – Melodies [Ulysse Deep]
Sharapov – Feel It [120bpm]
Sharapov & Patrick Hofmann – Distraction [Seveneves Records]
SHEMALE – Ropi House (feat. Maxi Aubert) [Vitamina Recordings]
ShyBoy – The Sky Is Falling [The Spaceman Agency]
Sondrio – What Future Is This [Romantics]
Sonnik – Pushin’ On [Heart N Soul Records]
Space Food – Flying Steps [Sarcasm Recordings]
SpeakOf – Immortal [False Face Music]
Stashion – Body and Soul [Seveneves Records]
Stefano Pozzi – Reface [32 Recordings]
VA – Deep Fix Recordings VA003 Miami WMC
VA – Dobro 002 [DOBRO]
VA – Fun Idea, Vol.1 [Different Styles Music]
VA – Harmony of the Senses, Vol.4 [Different Styles Music]
VA – The Bridge [Boite Music]
VA – Yapa House Fourtyone [Aborigeno Music]
Vesy – Mia [Cervidae Recordings]

Dubstep & Drum & bass

Aether – Fragments [Fent Plates]
After 7 – Bittersweet [The SoNo Recording Group , Rose Works, LLC]
Agro – Agro Remixes Part 1 (feat. Mr Traumatik & Devilman)
Ahmad, Bruno Sanchez – Vip01 [Paradise Lost Recordings]
Air Splash Beatz – Censored [Artistfy Music]
Al Ross – Uranus [GRVDNCR]
Alex Core – Flowers [29 DNB]
Alex Henke – Not For This War [ records]
Alicia Awa – BSTRD , BSTRD (Akustik Version) [GOLD LEAGUE]
Aliman – Straight Outta Liberce [Dubstomp 2 Bass Records]
ALJN – Cicada 3301 [ALJN]
ALR, Pengo & MC Skibadee – Skatty Jazz [Skatty DNB]
Alvarits, DJ DaSoul – Rainy City Breaks Vol 2 [Shidzen Music]
Angel Phantom X – Thowing Shade [DD Hip Hop]
Anomalistic – Pointless [Underground Is For Everyone]
Anomalistic – Tricky [Underground Is For Everyone]
Any Wonder – Smiler [Future Cosmetiq]
Arsy K – Selamat Hari Lebaran (feat. SNC & DJ Tik Tok) [Indobass]
Asphate – Open Letters to a Closed Fist [Galapagos4]
ATSUKI – Seawater [Sony Music Labels Inc.]
ATSUKI – Sleepiness [Sony Music Labels Inc.]
AWO7 – Bringin the Ruckus [Xero Shift]
AWO7 – Frozen in Time [Xero Shift]
AWO7 – Virgo [Xero Shift]
AWO7 – Why Keep Hiding [Xero Shift]
AWO7 – Wig Splitter [Xero Shift]
B-Boy Myhre – Action Man [Virgin Music Label And Artist Services]
B3RROR & MAY BBY, B3RROR – Alone [Dharma (WMG)]
Bairi – Free [Gran Santo, LLC]
Bally Boy – Cops & Robbers [Caroline Music Australia Pty Ltd (P&D)]
Basside & SOPHIE – Fuck It Up [Sorry Records]
Bereneces – Anunnaki [Inception Audio]
BG Chungo – 7 Afrikkan Powers [Blahk Operah Muzic]
BG Chungo – CashApp [Blahk Operah Muzic]
BG Chungo – Yemoja [Blahk Operah Muzic]
Billy Ghost – Prince of Discount Fashion [VinDig]
Birnir – Racks [Sony Music Iceland]
Black Mikey – Bad Acting [Have At It Entertainment]
Blaze Lmkfao B – Hustle (feat. Jonny Cash) [KashFitz Ent]
Bloodburn – Glass [Crystalize Recordings]
BlueBucksClan & Bino Rideaux, Cash Kidd – Clan Virus 2
Bobby Oroza – Loving Body [Big Crown Records]
Bongy – Vibrations [Tonrecords]
Bossfight – Endgame [Monstercat]
Bravo Luciano – DUBS UP (feat. Gank Gaank, Get It Indy & Lala)
BSA – Sight Delight [Lost Together Recordings]
Cam Lasky – Sleuthed City, Vol. 9 20 Faces 1931 [KWAIOTO Records]
Capital J – Throwdown [Wikkid Records]
Captsis – Switchblade [Myopic Sounds]
Cartoons – Drin [Lifeblood records]
Casher – Jinej Den [Artist Republik]
Casual Killer – Shaft of Light [wavforme]
Chillpac – those little things [VinDig]
Chris Alvarez – Safari [E Music Records]
Chris Cash – FineAss [Jungle Life]
Chucky Trill – 100 Rounds [SoSouth]
Cloud Lord – Teeth Wisdom [CNVX]
COBEE – Tabula Rasa! [IRRSINN Tonträger]
Coi Leray – BIG PURR (Prrdd) [feat. Pooh Shiesty] [Republic Records]
Confusious – Ground Zero , Who Knows [Weapons of Choice Recordings]
Congi & Detu, Congi – Off My Chest [White Peach Records]
Conrad Subs – Dark Sets In [Murky Digital]
Core T.B. – Acordes y Desacuerdos [Island Cool Records]
Costa Gold & 9 House 1 – Ciclone [Som Livre]
CRASH RARRI – Equestrian [Electric Feel Records]
Craymak – Adomania [Circus]
Crazymanners – Bob Marley [Artist Republik]
D.Side – Precision , Optic [Sub Edit]
Dame – White Zone [Sony Music,Damestream Records]
Damon Rush – In the Maze [Plasma Funk]
Dan Guidance & Alex B – Holding Back [Erculean Recordings]
Kutamaah & Alyt MX – The Purge
L Gréko – Tony [FM Records (Greece)]
Lagoon Wavey – Cliffside [tenwest]
Larry – Booster [GOTHVM Records]
Lastat & Wolfrage – Survival of the Fit [Wolfrage Recordings]
LBS Kee’vin – Run Wit It [Columbia (Sony)]
Leah Rye, Emba & Telomic – Silver Lining [Galacy]
Leotrix – Visions of the Leo [Disciple]
lil beamz – Magical Lovely [ROG]
Lil Boom – remedy. [Homemade Projects, LLC , 10K Projects]
Lipoov & 93Alekk – Perfectly [VinDig]
Lockjaw – Persona , Resolution [Locked Concept]
LØSTRONAUT – Temporal Beam [AY YO TRIP! Records]
LovelyBones – Bass Burrito [BASSCVLT]
Low r – Oooga [Galacy]
Lowlife & Rogue – T – Who’s Your Master [Redrum Records]
Lutez – Fumble [EHM]
Lutz – Paz [Lutz]
Luuk – Fahne [Sony Music,NoHook]
Ly Da Buddah – Alle Schleusen auf [Real Vibes]
M.Ruina & Gustanini – Golpe y Palo [Vita Penuria]
Maatuzka – Genesis [Mörssi]
Made Noise & Tøten – Mourn His Death [Ignore The Past]
Maduk & Gid Sedgwick, Maduk – Poison , Bringing Me Down [UKF]
Magnum – Not to Be Licked [Distorted Records UK]
MALIAR – BARBIE [Amadei Music]
Marc Mosca – Sexy Boy [Glitchworld Recordings]
Marco Luka – pretty little lies [Arista Records]
Marcus D – Bar Tough (Instrumental Version) [absolutzero]
Martyn Nytram – Devil’s Work , Running from the Demons [Hardpoint Recordings]
Masha Motive – The Imponderable Bloom [Voitax]
Matrix 808 – Evil as Hell [High Caliber Records]
Mazare & Bloodhounds – Wake Up [Monstercat]
Mbizo – All Tribes [Solumn Records]
MELLO DA BEAR – Rocky [Raw Magic Entertainment]
Michael Stefan – DOOM [Black Ink Management & Music Group LLC]
Miguel – Art Dealer Chic 3 [ByStorm Entertainment,RCA Records]
Mike G – Got It Like That [Mixa Records]
Millstreet – Gravedigger , In Memoria [Default Recs]
Minerva Paradise Club, Vite G, 888BEATZ & Angel H. & The Tobacco Homiez – Tuve Que Irme )
Mirrorman & Submotive, Mirrorman – Push [Guidance (UK)]
Miscellaneous – Picture Perfect [Blazington Music Group]
ML3NNON – Gamer Over [Electronic World Records]
Montesco & Arxiva, Montesco – Tsurugi [Parallel Depth]
Mosttalkabout – Sugar Daddy [Dusqae Infinity]
Moucham & Stony Stone – No Feeling [PLMP Records]
Mr Quest – Not Faking (feat. Jah Prento Youth) [Solid Vinyl Music]
Mr Quest – Police Informer (feat. Gappy Ranks) [Solid Vinyl Music]
Mr. Nitro & Geety – Left Alone [Liquid Brilliants Records]
mr.mono & Silencio – Use To Worry [Richteam Music Group]
MV7 – Premier reflet [Wati-B]
MYRID & Devath – Satellite [Odio Records]
Mystical Sound – Magnetics [Histeria Records]
N Deez – Conflicted [PRDS Direct]
Nammy Wams – Paradise South [AP Life]
Nerdbird – Light It Up [Nerdbird Records]
Nikco – I’ll Be There for You [Shake It Up Recordings]
Noize Komplaint – Everybody Jump (feat. MC Foxy) [Boomslang Recordings]
North Base & Pulsar – Them Old Skool Vibes [Nemesis Recordings Digital]
North White – Sono Come Te [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Nrve – Relics [Full Flex Audio]
Numeric Space – Polly [Liquid Tribe]
Oh Gee – Perfect Noise [Below The Surface]
Oh That’s Filthy – Feels Like Summer (feat. papichuloteej) [Oh That’s Filthy]
ORI – Dushi [Dutch, Antillean League]
Ozkar Ramirez, JCastillo, DJ Morphius & Stupidrag – Trompeta Y Guaracha , Suertuda ( Remix )
Pabzzz – Close your eyes [VinDig]
Paradise Beta – Perfect Mess [Sidewayz Mafia Family]
Paulo Microfonia – Primaveras e Carnavais [VinDig]
pavliki-djs – 2Sides [Nigal Records]
Peter Lix – Out in the Cold [Dojo Audio]
peyote – FUCK STYLE Prod. 097rusk [Flame Letter Music]
Phace & Kemal – MODE 101 [Neosignal Recordings]
Phase Control – Space Explorers [RustOut Records]
Phonetic – In Your Arms [High Tea Music]
Pistol Pete & Enzo – Halftime [Caroline Music Australia Pty Ltd (P&D)]
Player Dave & Brakebill, FLY – Where the Wind Blew Me [Player Dave]
Preacher Bishop – Ghost In The Machine [Rich & Loyal LLC]
Predatory Meerkats – Protostar [Interesting Music]

Electro House

C37 – Only what you need [Crossborder Records]
Cabaret Voltaire – Dekadrone [MUTE]
CastNowski – One Night [Brooklyn Fire]
Chrizz Luvly – So Killa [Dreamdealers]
Chylds – Haterz [Connected Sounds]
Clubshaker – Where the F… Am I [Phat Silence Records]
Code-X – Feel the Sun (feat. Julia Rose) [Outrave Recordings]
Colin Callahan – Bring Me Up [Breeze Records]
Costel Van Dein – W&B [Darklight Recordings]
Dani Calvo & V. Bozeman – Song of the Ages [Alacran Records]
Dani Carretero – Chaos [Hexenon Records]
DaniGarcia – One Shot [Mantra Music Rec]
Dapper Gimast – The Universe [Heartbeat Records (CO-FR)]
DJ Gazz – City Rains [Turtle Musik]
Dj Punish & Laidback Luke – Back It up (feat. Laidback Luke) [Mixmash Records]
Dj Ricardo Rocha – Afrofunkie [Danceflex Music Records]
DMP Tunes – The Joker [DMP Tunes]
DØ CHEF DØ & GC (Gate Citizens) – Do Me Like That (Footrix & Rizzla Remix) [Skink]
Dobazznet & Tennor – Sunburn [AX RECORDS]
Dropbanger & Simone – Only You (RAGOM Remix) [Soundside Records]
dusty jay – Para Mí (Orgasmix Extended Vocal) [PULSE]
Ebin Augustin – Vanya [DENAR RCRDS]
EDM Power – Liguirophobia [Montedo Music Production]
Eflorem & LB199X – Breathe Fire [Speed House Movement]
Elliot Duke – Fata Morgana [Unfinished Monkey Records]
Emiilo – All I Need [DENAR RCRDS]
Enric Font & David Quijada – Free (On the Edge) [Clipper’s Sounds]
EVM – Good Days [Behavior Recordings]
FanEOne – Get [Satsuma Music]
Folie – 123! [Dog Show Records]
Fopheii – Where to Go [Fopheii]
Matt Spark – Blue Gin [YOURBAN MUSIC]
Max Ryper – Feelin’ [Filthy Sounds]
Meewash – Remedy [Phat Panda Records]
Mou5zyzz & PROSNY – Daydreamer [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
N3ckr0s – All in My Head [Phat Panda Records]
Neural Flux – Highly Strung [Neural Flux]
Never Enough System – Beer Can [TWT Records]
Vibn – Start 2 Feel [All Is All Music]
Weytton Silva – Flawless [EPride Music Digital]

Electronica & Downtempo

Abstract Silhouette – Tau [Mood Element]
Accra – The Honeybee [Ragibeat]
Actomawn – No Longer My Problem [Bellum Records]
Adam Francis – Blue Lagoon , Inner Strength [Redux Sunset]
Afrikan Sciences – The New Dun Language B , W in His Convenient Way [ESP Institute]
afternoon bike ride – Skipping Stones [Friends of Friends Music]
Aino – Resilence. [OZONO RECORDS]
Alek Hidell – YOLK [Trovarobato]
Alex Da Beat – Music [Pukao Music]
Alexandre Bazin – Concorde [Kowtow Records]
Alivvve, Daminika – April Sunset, Vol.2 [Chills Music]
Altur – Digital Sun [Pretty Decent Music Records Limited]
April Bourne – Ox-Eye [Bound Centre]
AR89 – Feel the Same [WEATNU Records]
Ari Gemci – Take It (feat. Laila) [Ari Gemci Records]
Ariel Maridueña & Daho – Say You [Beats & Ears]
Asymmetrical & LKSM, DJ Sickfuck – Thee Alpha and Thee Omega, Vol. II
Axidforse – Unown, Against Yourself [Intricate Records]
B. Smiley & Irina Mikhailova, Wiggy Darlington – Elemental Essence
Babasmas – I’ve always been sad , Oscar Peterson [Silent Running Scandal]
BAEER – Vacation [Beast Trap Records]
Bam to the Bam – Too Blessed to Be Stressed [JamLoch Records]
Baque In Beat, Chemical Boy – Casa Del Caffe, Vol. 01 [lautlos! records]
Bliss Transit – Swell Hotel [Pretty Decent Music Records Limited]
Bongovsky – Time Marker , Welcome to my World [Trifocal Sounds]
Brian Grassfield – The Shepherd’s Vision [OM Mantra Records]
Broken Peak – Coast [Valley View Records]
Bubanshi – Dreamer’s Philosophy [Ozran Sunset]
bunny X – Can’t Wait [Aztec Records]
Cabloid – Skins & Woods [Brainstrain]
Cafe Sol y Mar – Shades of Summer [Quark Records]
Caliph Koichi – Azfar [Oyoda Recordings]
Carter H – Think About Now [Chapter Eight]
Cato Canari & DJ Dog – Para Siempre (Italo Balearic Mixes)
Chainreactor – The Essence [Pronoize]
Chaircrusher – Stars Have Fallen [Triplicate Records]
Chandra – Born To Fly [Varkala Records]
Christina Chatfield – Sutro [Mysteries of the Deep]
Christoph Dahlberg & Saskia Streck – My Mind Is Yours [Fruehling]
CJahVoid – Berry Good [Behavior Recordings]
Emika – Transcended Before Me (feat. Horace Andy) [Emika Records]
EmilZ – The Garden [GOTTA RCRDS]
EMKR, Buiatti & Haarley – You Are [Intensity Recordings]
EMKR, Nick Havsen & Jetty Rachers – Hypernova [Intensity Recordings]
Emmis B – Rust in the Asphalt [Not Yet Remembered Records]
Endless Melancholy, Propulsive – Serenity [Valley View Records]
ERIICE & Ashtøn Chase – Clothes Off [TGR Music Group]
Eudaimonia – Patagonia [Suckmusic]
Eugeen – Cypher [BlockFour Records]
Filinskiy – Just Hold Out Your Hand [29 CHILL]
FLVBRIS – Forest Feels [Forgotten Dreams]
Frenquency & Bankster, Frenquency & RaptorHandz – Terminator [4NC¥]
Fresh Prince – Fruits [JamLoch Records]
Front 242 – 91 (Live) [Alfa Matrix]
G.Pantelidis & Hara La Boss, G.Pantelidis – Ambient Craft [Easy Summer]
Gadget – Away From Home [JamLoch Records]
Lil Toadfish – Run Free [JamLoch Records]
Linipon – Ballers in Vienna [2 Steps To Chill]
LINPON – Mind Wander [Spiralation]
Lisa & Kroffe – Roslagens Famn [Lamour Records]
lofi geek – Going to Space (Lofi hip hop beats) [Sound Invasion Records]
Low Performance – Remember What I Say [Horus Music Limited]
Lutz Tempelhagen – Facing the Light [CoLu Records]
Lutz Tempelhagen – Stiller Tag (feat. Lara B.) [CoLu Records]
Maksjaxx – Keep Loving [Ocelots Records]
Mandarin Plaza – In the Middle of Summer [Different Twins]
Marcibagoly – Airy Tales [spclnch]
Marco Celloni – Chillvibes [Rebeat]
Maxim Tonic & Kresikov – Atlantic [Gravity Recordings]
Medatiff – Peaceful Forest [Forgotten Dreams]
Melih Kor – Another Night [NON,DUAL]
Meni McFly – Easy Life [JamLoch Records]
Meni McFly – Fuzzy Day [JamLoch Records]
Metcha – Consistence [Metcha Records]
Physical Dreams – Heart Surrender [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
PiMO – Sermon [PiMO MUSIC]
Pinku Vääty – Nautic by Nature [rakkaus Records]
Pinty – Found It [Winged Feet]
QVAMOBREM, Still Forever – Qvamobrem [Valentine Records]
R McMillan – Early Experiments [cats rule.]
Radioactive Sandwich – Scores [Radioactive Sandwich]
RafaeL Starcevic & Liu Rosa – Break a Sweat (feat. May) [Freak StarZ Records]
Ramon Amezcua – Semilla [Milovat]
Remi – The Real Jungle (feat. Shaleamusic) [Artist Republik]
Rhomb – Zero Gravity [Rmb]
Richard Chartier – Interreferences [Room 40]
Roberto Auser – Second Sun [Dalmata Daniel]
Rudy Adrian – As Dusk Becomes Night [Spotted Peccary]
Tom Since Birth – Circles [Tom Since Birth]
TrackLab & Toni the Mmg – Skyfall [Stereo Breeze]
Tyema – Ded [Oyoda Recordings]
UA – Arietta [In Open Space]
Universal Algorithm – Horizon [Universal Algorithm]
uzoma – Fair [Pasir Records]
VA – Chase the Sunset (Lounge and Chill Out Collection), Vol. 3
VA – John Digweed, Robert Babicz – Quattro II BEDDIGIQUATIIDIGI
Van Maximilian – Feelin [Beast Trap Records]
Vanic & Fairlane – Earn It (feat. Zack Gray) [Seeking Blue]
Vasco Completo – Lullaby for the Inebriate [Monster Jinx]
Vasco Rafael – The Future [DIFF TALENTS]
Velasco da Colombian – Daydreaming [JamLoch Records]
Velasco da Colombian – Wet & Dry [JamLoch Records]
Vessano – Don’t Press It [EnVogue Records]
Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) – Black Spirit Planet V


Archie B – Fall In Love [Marylebone Records]
Ash Summers – Night Queen (feat. Pamela Fernandez)
Axynus & Dyserv – Miss Me [Open House Records]
Bad Monkey – Booty [Kiwistage]
Bald And Not – Charlie Brown [Boot Music Records]
Because of Art – Higher , Afters [Of Unsound Mind]
Ben B – Round & Round [Loud Memory]
Benny Dawson – Shut Up That Ghettoblaster [KIDK UK]
Benny Dawson – Walking On Sunshine [KIDK UK]
Bep Kororoti – The Amazon – Naut [Modern Obscure Music]
black midi – John L , Despair [Rough Trade UK]
Bleu Clair – Gold (feat. Rhiannon Roze) [Box Of Cats]
Block & Crown – Just Be Good To Me (feat. Linda Victoria)
Bloque M – Music Box [Loop Current Records]
BONGO JUNK – GOLD [Pink Flamingo]
Bradford Cox – Mountain Battles [4AD]
Brendon Mag – Body [Sensoria Sounds]
BRN – 1, 2, 3, 4 [Muzenga Records]
Bruno Browning – Swing Up (Doc Link’s Jacking After Midnight Mix)
Bruno Sapia – I Need You Now [Kibbutz Records]
Capricious – Another Club Mix [Spandex Music]
Carlos Mantilla & Cassetro – Retrospective [Dish Of The Day]
Carlostella & Ejay Rook – Till of dawn [Bliss Unique Recordings]
Cezar Touch – Pimp Pompuli [House of the Sun]
Close Counters & Allysha Joy, Close Counters – FLUX [Bigamo Musik]
Clubshaker – Overdrive [Phat Silence Records]
Craig C – This Music [Craig C Recordings]
CRISSY.P – Elevate Your Love [Open House Records]
Dacost & Tim Davis, Paul Parsons – Sweat [Tall House Digital]
Dahouset – Spaghetti Wester [Plasticity Records (ES)]
Dan Slater & Zoë Badwi – We Are (Remix 1) [Swishcraft Music]
DANI`SE – Back and Forth [Walking Music]
Dave Moyle – Trumpets & All That Jazz [THE BASE TRAX]
Dave Ocean – K Em [Graba Music]
David Manso – My Love [For The Lovers]
Deep Grounder – Retro Train [Audiolounge]
DeeRiVee – Things You Love (feat. Arla Dusha) [2021] [Deepcloud Records]
Demarkus Lewis – Let Myself Go (Remixes) [Pogo House Records]
Demi Riquísimo – Dictionary of Fools [10 Questions]
Devricho Firgy – Young [NSNTR Records]
Diariuz – Speechless [ORGASMIxxx]
Dimitri Serrano – Cold Love [Satsuma Music]
Diskade – Everyone [Rabies Dog Records]
DJ ART AGENT & DJ VAL – Hands Up (Extended Mix) [29 CLUB]
DJ Dekstir – Solum [DKSTR RCRDS]
DJ Island & Monkey Safari – Sometimes [Hovse]
DJ Jigsaw – This Is Serious [Trower Music Group]
Ether Drift – Falling [Lola Bang Bang Records Ltd.]
Farayen – Finding My Way [Sleazy Deep]
FederFunk – She’s Coming [FederFunk Family]
Filinskiy – In My Personal [29 CLUB]
Filta Freqz – Real Smooth [Seventy Four]
Fire Coast – Black water [Wild Essence]
Fire Coast – Over the stars [Wild Essence]
Fopheii – Now or Never [Fopheii]
Fox’d & Avenue, Pr!ce & Avenue – The Bromuda Triangle [40oz Cult]
Francesco D’Amico – Space [Boot Music Records]
Frank Moris – Tibet [G-Mafia Records]
Frankie Corsano – We Start to Play [S2 Records]
FUNKYBEAT – Better Late [Funky Revival]
Gary Tuohy – Shake That [Blockhead Recordings]
Gatto – Over Now [Alphabeat Records]
Gerrox – Symphonica [Phat Panda Records]
MachiinaSA & DJ Obza, SjavasDaDeejay – The Prodigal Son
Majkol Jay & Mark Coppi – Love Me Better [Total Freedom +]
Malcom Beatz – Turn the Page [Malcom Beatz]
Malcom Beatz & Shane Tyler – Need to Grow [Malcom Beatz]
Manny Evans – Yard Man [Solar Phenomena]
Marc Spieler – You [Electro Swing Thing]
Mark Faermont – Find My Way [78 HAUS RCRDS]
Mark Mass – French Peach [welofi]
Mark Mass – Raw [welofi]
Mat-Eeez – What Is Jazz [Cabbie Hat Recordings]
MD Dj – Dirty Girl [MDM Records]
Mehari – Fame (Mirage Club 00’s Remix) [MPH Music]
Miadam – Pedestrians [Jhaps Records]
Miami Boys – Districts [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
Miishu – Voices In My Head [Total Freedom +]
Milo Passier – The Decade [Happy Feelings Records]
Mitta – Pump It [Rocinha Records]
Retro – Texture [Coco Beach]
Richard Grey – She Takes My Money [G High]
Richie Jones & Eric Kupper – Calling You (Bagdad Cafe) [feat. Sofia Rubina]
RMC3 – Groovin’ [High Five Music]
Robb Swinga – La Cumbia [Sunrising Records]
Roberto Rodriguez – Fan Base [Phat Panda Records]
Rod Koppar & Benny Bolognino – Something Wrong [Floored]
Rubber People – Disco Weapon [Safari Music]
RYNO – Down to the Wire [Kiko Records]
s0nicsp4ce – Nocturnal Wind [s0nicsp4ce]
Safire – Landing [Plasma Audio]
Sak Chaime – So Easy [Crown Of Music]
Sanaa – Fourtunes [DRMZU]
Sanio – Detroit Swindle [12 o’Clock]
Sarah Wilkinson – Won’t Give Up [Sorta Kinda Music]
Sattam – Come Back To Me [Eton Messy Records]
VA – Best Easter Evening Tunes
VA – Bills & Aches & Blues3 (40 Years of 4AD) [4AD]
VA – House It Baby One More Time, Vol. 3 [Weekend Warriors]
VA – Toolroom House Party Vol. 5 [TOOL101801Z]
Vaparone – Aquadisco [A.D. Group]
Vincent Caira – Get Down [Brobot Records]
Vincenzo Rosito – My Life [Boot Music Records]
Vlada Asanin & Balkanizer, Jorge Montia – Anthems (Wold Side)
Vlada Asanin & Wayne Madiedo – Piano Rise [45ke]

Melodic House & Techno

Cioz – Rain [Get Physical Music]
Daniel Testas – Phosphene Future [Embliss Records]
Daniel Vilchez – Shuttle [Oniryzm]
Dassent Matter & Evelynka, John M – Anywhere, Vol. I
David Hohme & Dustin Nantais – Bare Feat (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix)
Dee Montero – Perpetua [Futurescope]
Deepinity – Beach Boulevard [Seshling Records]
DJ Phantom 7 – Dream Machine [Deep Trance 7]
DJ Sinclair & Peter Schwarz – Frozen Memories [Audio Astronauten]
Dream Debris – 128 Million Miles Away [Decompressive]
Dubsco – Sllp [A3 Music]
Elaven & Home Shell – Little Luck [Saudade Records]
Feyln & Tristan Klampert – Halcyon [Immersed]
Fiorella – Sanctuary [Oniryzm]
FiveP – Quantum [Enormous Chills]
France – Figures of Speech [Right Music Records]
Goontha – WOW [73 Muzik]
GUITZ – Black Star [DUBGIU]
Henry Saiz – The Untold [Natura Sonoris]
Heron – Step into the Light [iVAV Recordings]
Hopper & Carlos Pires – Coccoloba [Mind Connector Records]
Ikee – Planet Error [Bontek Music]
MÖHNE – After Close [Shaman Black]
Nidman – Shivaya [Whole Story Lab]
OIBAF&WALLEN – Compass Rose [Running Clouds]
Osiris4 – Contrast [Digital Diamonds]
P4sc4l – Future Dream [Sonaxx MT Records]
Pairetti, Kodeloop & AcloudS – Connection
Pak Sota – Craspedia [Ideological]
Palinodia – Escape Land [MUKKE]
Pat Jensenn – Postlude [Moovee Music]
Patrick Hero – Tale of Tears [ONISM]
Pierre May – Universe Road [Flowings Records]
Rami Imam & &O – Ebberman [MOODA PONDA]
Remains Of Silence – Soprano [Sequence Music]
Remcord – Alfortville [REBA]
Ruzmore – I Want You Sunshine [Drak Records]
sancha – Kemena [Suah Records]
VA – Schneeweiss 12 Presented by Oliver Koletzki [SVT293]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Close to Custom – Pointless [Floorpiece Digital]
Cocktail Cool – Be My Guest [Flexbeat Records]
Collate – Mangalore [Inregistrari Interplanetare]
Da Real Emkay – Dark Roads to Heaven [Redemial Tunes]
Danail – Small Things [Together Music Records]
Daniel Sbert – Stomp [Psykometrik]
Daniele Bussoleni – Tieni Il Passo [Miffed Out]
Davide Cali & Max Guerrero – REVeAL [Animus]
Davide Mentesana – London Vibes [The Prison]
Del Fonda – Who Cares [Ofrenda Music]
DJ Life – Accelerator [Echocentric Records]
Eunique – Take Off [Eunique Soundz Records]
Existencia Pasajera – Sequential [Freude Am Tanzen Recordings]
Eye-Xpress – After That Track [Klangwerk Records]
Mecie – Eterio [Whizal Records]
Mexcalito – Galactic Waves [Trippy Cat]
Mi MA – Nice [Archon Records]
Mica UK – Clinical Revival [Im-Moral]
Misc Mood – The True [True People]
Noise Project Mx – Just Do It [Street Habitat]
Old & Kid – Motive Under Story, The Jaqc’s Love [Fine Rhythms] – On My Way [Arawak Records]
Pablo Pingitore – Arcxone [Music4Clubbers]
Sidney Charles – Gain Slide [Dark Side Of The Sun]
Skyzo – S o a R [Sky29]
Slick Steve – Transitions [INSOUND]
Sosa (USA) – Bazaar [STIG]
VA – 1 Year Anniversary [Mind Hub]
VA – After Decades [Toolfunk Recordings]
VA – Atsumaru [oashi]
VA – Worst Date Records VA 001 [Worst Date Records]
Wodda – Whiskey [Rawsome Ltd]

Organic House & Downtempo

arc rae & Owen Ross – Spells [Slowtrane]
Axcel Lence – My Baby [eeprecords]
Brascon – Yeah [YION]
Çağan Tunalı – Diyojen [NOISEIST]
Chance Horizons – Something to Believe In [RPL Digital]
Colin Meckes – Where To [SUR KIT]
Cosmic Mantis – Tropical Landing [Mentaltunes Rec.]
Cristian Monak, Erdi Irmak – Where the Hearts Are, Vol. 11 [Where The Heart Is]
DJ BEY – Sifa [Cosmic Awakenings]
Dorin Dragoslav – Opposite [Naucrates Music]
Dyzzen Brown – Recall [Phunctional Loungin]
Elephant Jukebox – Beach Town [Mixed By Monkeys]
Fuchsgang – Inner Explorations [Otium Garden]
Geju – Nemova [Leveldva]
George The Infinite – Awaken 98 [Digital Felon Recordings]
Kokiyo – Celestial Clouds [Flug Lab]
Luminous Fridge – Bitrot [Gotfredsonland Sounds]
Lycoriscoris – Chiyu [Anjunadeep]
MANU6T9 – Girl Flower [Creaminal Grooves]
Marco Amoazoo – Ard Taedh [Harabe Lab]
Mariner + Domingo – Azimuth [Particles]
Mark Digital – Rising Dawn (feat. Ava LiZ) [Casanova Records]
Ouhana & Urem, Ouhana – Waves [Random Collective]
Oussema Saffar – Sunset [Empire Studio Records]
Ranta – Darida [Journey of the Soul]
Roberto Albini – Delightful (feat. Miss Ade C) [Mastercut Records]
Shmuel Flash & Choopie – Chilling Moments Remixes, Vol. 2
Spectrum Vision, UJO & Unusual Cosmic Process – Rose Peak, Pt. 2
Stergios – Nioti(Dimadam Remix) [Regeneration Music]
VA – Juanitanians Vol. I [La Juanita Records]
VA – Music for Humans, Vol. 2 [Global Hybrid Records]
Yurk – Euterpe’s Tune [Mechanical]
Zuma Dionys – Akuru [Zolotaya Orda]

Progressive House

Alfonso G – Ansestral Spirit [76 Recordings]
Andre UIO & Sebas Ramos – Dream Like [Lincor Apex]
Andrew Frenir – Retro Beach , Visnove [Progressive House Worldwide]
Andrew Paris DJ – Transit [Soul Sex Records]
Arcturus – Albali Star [Future Scope Recordings]
Augusto Dassano – Moon Caress [Dopamine White]
Auxwave – The Answer [Dbeatzion Records]
Baphömental – Evolve [Wald-Musik]
Belchev & Billy Blake – Pure Desire [Sota Records]
Benouf – Afterlife Resurrection [ONLY THE BEST]
Boskii – Procyon [Music UK]
BotònRojo – Soulxhill [RH Music Records]
Braian Pinto – In a Cloud [PLU Records]
Budakid & Jamie Stevens – Silent Summer , Story of Tokay
Camilo G – Composition [Rounded]
Carnibora – What You Say [Orquidya]
Chris Brid – Sagittarius [Pirahã]
Chris Cargo – Meltdown [If You Wait]
Daily Disco – Better Than Me [Krach Machen Records]
Dakarai – Tezcatl [O’Tawa Records]
Darren Bray – Sanctum [Massive Harmony Records]
Magik, Virtual Light & Yestermorrow – Inception [Polyptych Limited]
MANU6T9 – Girl Flower – The Edit Versions [Creaminal Grooves]
Marcello Zehnle – Metropolis [Machine Control Records]
Marcelo Castelli – Give It Away (Dharma Mix)
Mark Stereo – Phenomenal [Xtereo Recordings]
Mark Villavicencio & Ezequiel Marinoni – Connection , Shaded [Surbeats Records]
Martin Berger – Tulum Beach [PHW Elements]
Matik (AR) – Awakening [MNL]
Max Averbach – Tell Me [BQ Recordings]
Max Ohm – Time to Waste [TONSPIEL Recordings]
MC Kasper – Nature 2093 [BC2]
MC Kasper – Virus [Superordinate Music]
Melchi – Flaming Cloud [Sunset Horizon]
Tommy Orellano – Sunny Days [Oz Land Music]
Trance Wax – Rayna (Shanti Celeste Remix) [Anjunabeats]
Trivecta – Ghost in the Machine [Monstercat]
Universe Controller – Galaxy [FPO Music]
VA – Connections, Vol. XVII [Balkan Connection]
VA – Deeper Roots, Vol. 6
VA – Global Underground Select #6 (2021)

Tech House

Alex Melis – Jump On [Spira Music]
Alldis – Tech It Out [Price Incorrect]
Almost Mad – Drunk [Habitat]
Andy Mayja – Can’t Describe It [BEATAHOLIKZ]
Andy Mayja – My Everything [BEATAHOLIKZ]
Ariel Sacone – Fire Shot [Nevada Label]
Ariel Sacone – Rit Moon [Street Grooves Records]
Beave – Don’t [Cravin’ Records]
Black Criss & Gruss, Black Criss, Gruss & Sebastian LDM – Relieve [Kore Music]
Brad King – Raw Uncut [Brash Beats]
Carlo Riviera – About Sadness [Distrito Music Label]
Carlo Riviera & Emmanuel D’ Sotto – Early 90s [Distrito Music Label]
Chedey Garcia – Do You Know Me [Criminal Hype]
Chris Garcia – Coalition [Instudio Recordings]
Chris Lawyer – Aaha [Naschkatze Underground]
Chris Main – Brass [Lab! Trax]
Command System – It’s Time Remix [Knob Records]
Cugar – Light In the Box [It Is House Records]
Da-Cue – Forever the Ice [Techempire Records]
Dalex (MX) – Loneliness [Mayan Music]
Dany Fright – Blah Blah Blah [Array Music]
David Cueto (ES) & Diego Sosa – Robotic [0212 Records]
DeepBreath – Parallel Reality [Future Visions Label]
DEKOVA – I’m Not Giving It Up [Hood Stories Records]
Del Congo – Lose Apes [Agenda]
GRANDEZ – Hypnotized [Difussion Records]
Greck B. – Flowers [Roots Music]
Guy Richie – Meditation [Marktek Records]
Hako & Sonickraft – Philly [Force Of Habit]
Harry Color – Badman [SUBE Records]
Harry Color – You Can’t Be Serious [SUBE Records]
Hedwig – Future Rave [Hedwig]
Horatio & Housetronix – Deeper State of Mind [Quanticman Records]
Hot Since 82 – Evolve or Die [Moon Harbour Recordings]
Howk & Dexxter – Bass Killer [Psycologic Records]
Hrolfssen – Te Amo [DOT Dance]
Huseq – Monopsony [FakeGods]
Iceman Dee – Move & Change [Musata Music]
Leenah – Air [Daimon Recordings]
Levxx – Kill Me [Insurgent Music]
Lil Iron – Wiggle [Weeolino Tech]
lotus land pilot – Motane [Oyoda Recordings]
Lovic – Time Is Up [Automation Nation]
Luar Zurk – Beat For Life [SuperPosition Records]
Luis Cortes – Dancing in the Dark [Brown Records]
Lukas Oliveira (BR) – A Lot [ROOTS Warehouse]
Lukas Oliveira (BR) – Baby [ROOTS Warehouse]
Major Beam – TRNC [Weeolino Tech]
Manchus – Artist Collection, Vol. 1 [FunPan]
Rick Silva – Synchronized [PhutureMonk Music Trips]
Rogerio Vegas – In the Dark [0212 Records]
Roulth – Spectrum [Pedroche Recordings]
Ryan Spicer & Page 97 – Drum Rolls Deep [3F Records]
Ryan Truman – Denial [Subcommittee Recordings]
Sadri – La Guerra [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Shavezz – Back To Me [Ofrenda Music]
Siege – Perfect (feat. Maia Mayor) [Toolroom Trax]
Sillaz – Soul Music Is [Molotov21]
Silverfox – Chattin Shiit [Anonymous Black]
SIM Z (UK) – Gotta Hit That [Blackholeevents]
Simone Cristini – Flippy Beat [Agata Records]
Snilloc – Elso Remixes [KIADO Records]
Snorre Glimbat – Owl Fly [Weeolino Tech]
sømmerzeit – Wir Wissen Doch Alle []
Stanny Abram – Amnesia [Marba Records]
Steve Hope – Push It [Superstitious]
SWA – Master Chan [ROOM 82Records]
T. Milles & Sloundness – Shockers [Deep Bear]
TENSHU – 313 [chord & clank]
Tete Calme – Tete Calme Invasion Vol.1 [Goryl Rec]
The Big Bear – One Night Stand [RUVA House Records]
VA – Spring Selecta Vol. 1 [Wallet Music]
VA – Street Tech, Vol. 6 [We Are Klexos]
VA – Structured Beatz [Obazda]
VA – Tech House Experience (Re-Master 2021)
VA – Tech It Now! VOL.23 [Meiner Techno Records]
Vinny Coradello – Forever [House Boutique Records]
VNSSA & Lenny Kiser – Sinking [DIRTYBIRD]
VOKOR – Midnight [Maketronik Music]
Wayne Madiedo – Deep Inside [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
Willer Khale – Wastin’ My Time [Candy Flip]
Zellen – Check Out [Zielou]

Techno & Minimal

Aeron Kellan – Life [Neu Gravity]
aexexe – 113 [Nomer]
Afflicted – Watch It [Sinope Recordings]
Agustin Empathy – Consciousness [Meow Audio]
Ak (BE) – Happy Fat Guy [Turtle Musik]
Alan Kale & Leoteck – Under [Underground BeatCode Records]
Alavate – Odyssey 21 [Hungry Koala Records]
Ale F & Crazy Sonic – The Drone [Oscuro Music]
Alejandro Llermanos – Daiana [ASADOX RECORDS]
Alex Moss – Chaos Inside [Fluctuat Records]
Alex Vero & Cigno, Alex Vero – Wachufleiva 69 [Wachufleiva]
Alexia Celucci – Astreos [House Of LaBiche]
Alien Communications – Synthetic Memory Systems, Vol. 1
Amir Tibi – The River Is Burning [3.Stock Electronic]
Amour Noir – Hammer [Underdub Records]
Ana Zerakiel – Space City [Made In Brussels]
Andrew Nitts – Dragonfly Dance [Le Guaro]
Andy Clap – Sivil Ulydighet [Faarikaal Records]
AnthonyFCollins – The Awakening [Oxytech Limited]
Aske – Letargia [LXVIII]
Atol – Don’t Forget Param Pam Pam [7th Cloud]
AudioJungle – Dawn Shadows , Stabilized [Deep Tech Lab]
AVISION – What I Say [Hardgroove]
Avvy Aston – Calimba [Human Dreams]
Axones – Redshift [Holliday Addicts]
Azyr – Raketentreibstoff [Projektor Records]
Basicnoise – Prism [Hexachord]
Bassiks – Rebound [Pure Dope Digital]
Batuhan Meriçli – Asklepios [The Hermes]
Baus & trumeaux – Connected [IAMT Red]
Blackploid – Cosmic Traveler [Central Processing Unit]
BLILI – Captivating [Space Kraft Recordings]
bobby fox – God’s N King’s [Deep and down recordings Ltd]
Bolster – A Blister of Hope [Alaula Music]
Denis Space – The Darkness In You [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
Denizens – PDR036 [Pitch Dark Records]
Dennis Bauer – Rave Me [Eclipse Recordings]
Destination Unknøwn – Dear Moon [Sunora Recordings]
Destination Unknøwn – The Little Things That Slip Away [Sunora Recordings]
Diego Olarte – Pub [Unsorted]
Disco Drizzle – Techyes Techno Techmaybe [Disco Drizzle]
DJ Danny Vasquez – Mi Gente Loca [Xtereo Recordings]
DJ Deep Noise – Virus Mortal [Ghara Records]
DJ Mègady – Closing [Whole Story Factory]
DJ Nightnoise – Acrophobia [Estribo Records]
DJ Remix Remix, Gemüt – Raver’s Guide to Love [Syberian]
DJ Scale Ripper – Jupitor Station [Luminar Records]
DneL – Fighter [Beats HD]