Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Vorian – Stellarium EP [SSM40]
Adisyn, Prime Edge – Isten [AKBAL171]
Afro Warriors, Wilson Kentura – Ingani (feat. Lizwi) [TRIBE184]
Alan De Laniere – Close Your Eyes [A581]
Alex Adamov, Saktu – Unsa [HSBRG045]
Alfred Novack – want this feeling [AENTR084]
Artwork, Unqle Chriz – You Give Me Love [VBR181]
Atmos Blaq – Concussion (Atmospheric Mix) [AFR0013]
Bosko Balos – WANTED [MCK005]
Boy Funktastic – Bolt [FD163]
Caliber Afrofusion – Boiler EP [SP150]
Commoner – Kilifi [BNA007]
Dalfie – After The Early Night EP [DNS026]
Daniel Meister – Matine [LGNR19]
Deeleegenz – Every Single Day [HUP014]
Dennis Quin – Burnout [KCTDL1187]
DJ Dove, P.Y.T. – Feels Good [LCH0019]
DJ Ino, MC Johnny Def – Feel [121]
DJ Musique, LVision – Tongues [IAH002]
DJ Phellix – Touch Of Life [DAR030]
Durante – Evaporate EP [WO058]
Eleonora, Modular Project – Vivid Poison [REBD064]
Homayoun Shajarian – Man Koja Baran Koja [DAR026]
Jacssen – The Knowledge [ST062]
Javier Orduna, Mahfoud – This Is Love [BARR02]
Juan de Borbon – Sabana Marfil [EP02]
KB Deep, HyperSOUL-X – Clubbing In Ibiza [OBS067]
Kek’Star – Lunna Moon [CAT313787]
Lauhaus, Mario Franca – Zuro Zing EP [OHR072]
Leroy Styles – Apollo [ODR002]
Lj Pepe – Get Me Free [XR250]
Morena – Enigma [ARM297]
Ninja – EXPENSIVE [GM104]
Null815 – My Love [STRXX0031]
Nuwumba – Heaven [ME051]
Okain – Reminders, Vol. 6 [TALMANRM06]
OT Soul – Tech Ville [LMS128]
Paulo – Bebop Generation [GLP011]
PROBASS ∆ HARDI – Asha [053000054191]
ReQuest M – Lose Yourself [HSM032]
Rico Herrera – Uno [RU016D]
Season Deep – We Call It Bruised [CAT318371]
Sofi Tukker – Swing – Mahmut Orhan Remix [UL00718]
SucreSoul, Kadjila – Mvelingqangi [SIS025]
VA – Best of Ibiza Sampler, Vol. 2 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Compilation 8.0 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Deep House Extravaganza, Vol.13 [TS190]
VA – Party Beans #1 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Voyage Incognito (ColorCode)
We Are Robots – Popped A Pill EP [SHR027]
Wilson Kentura – Burn the Floor [AR00024]
Zilla – The Vague [MUR004]

Electronica & Downtempo

Alec Falconer featring Harry Wills – Entity 005 [ENTITY005]
Alexic Rod – Calakmul [SF001]
Almoon – Vida De Agua [NQ003]
Michel Amato, Alessandro Adriani – Présence Du Futur [194491017583]
Michel Amato, Alessandro Adriani – Falling Inside (Original Mix).mp3
Move D, Pete Namlook – Reissued 1 [AWAYLMTD001D]
My Friend Dario – Catania h24 EP [HYR7198]
Ray Kandinski – Crystal Cove [RU185237]
Shur-I-Kan, Fred Everything – Until Then _ Odd Life [LZD074]
Stelios Vassiloudis – Nero [DRD073D]
The Boogeyman – Falling in Love [PUREFUNK396]
VA – Ambient Dreams, Vol. 4 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – La Torre Ibiza Volumen Tres (2019) [FLAC]


Luca Vera – EXIST AND RESIST [SM026]
Aaron Lindt – Fake Love [CHMP008]
Abel Ramos – Higher – David Penn Remix [ARMAS1604]
Ale Martins – Back Back (Original mix).mp3
Alê Martins – Back Back [AFO87]
Anthony Parasaula – Crumarjay [RU015D]
B.A.N.G! – Off My Mind [CHMCLB69]
Captain Morgan – Jam Jam Jam [DISCOREVENGE074]
DJ Pau Lens – The Sound [MED52]
DJ Sneak, Tripmastaz, Rare Two Inc. – Space Clash EP [CH024]
Flo.Von, Tewax – LIKE IT EP [QQ45]
Goew feat Will Jr & Mr Chuairi – Meant To Be [SOU 001]
Hiss Band, Ersin Ersavas – Thinking of You [DS000061]
Jerem A, James Gicho – Real Time 2019 Part 1 [DBR1151]
Matt Nash – Believe (Extended Mix) [RREC032X]
Mattei & Omich, Ella – Find You [LTBH071REMIX]
Oliver Gunning, Dharshana, Tommy Mc – Outlines (Tommy MC Remix)
Palamino – Oh My! (Remixes) [KSS1781]
REda daRE – AlbadaRE Ep [DARE01]
Ross Couch – You Can Save Me [BRR132]
Ryan Crosson – Feet VanVleet [BLKRTZ020D]
Solange B – Kate Goes Clubbing [CCB037]
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Bruno Martini – Shameless – Remixes
Thomas K – More Then Love [MHM262]
Tidy Daps – Groove Is Everything [H234]
Tom Novy – Boogaloo Baby [NN162]
VA – House Don, Vol.5 [194491099251]
VA – Nothing But… House Music Selections, Vol. 01
VA – Quantize Summer Sampler 2019 [QTZSUMMER006]

Progressive House

Anton Borin (RU) – Starlight (Original Mix).mp3
A SKITZO – Ashik (Original Mix).mp3
A SKITZO – Reve (Original Mix).mp3
Aguizi & Fahim – Faint (Original Mix).mp3
Aguizi & Fahim – Faint (Rafa’EL Remix).mp3
Aguizi & Fahim – Faint (Tomek Remix).mp3
Anton Borin (RU) – Green Bowl (Original Mix).mp3
Anton Borin (RU) – Starlight (Halaros Remix).mp3
Anton Borin (RU) – Starlight (Nila Remix).mp3
Audio Mill – Uncharted Waters (Another Audio Noir Safari).mp3
Audio Mill – Uncharted Waters (Original Mix).mp3
Audio Mill – Vantage Point (Futur-E Remix).mp3
Audio Mill – Vantage Point (Original Mix).mp3
CamelPhat, Jake Bugg – Be Someone (Cristoph Remix) [Extended Mix] (Original Mix).mp3
Fractal Architect – Falling Water (Jobe Remix).mp3
Fractal Architect – Falling Water (Mashk Remix).mp3
Fractal Architect – Falling Water (Original Mix).mp3
Fractal Architect – Hideaway (Original Mix).mp3
Mikael Johnson – Acid Afternoon (Original Mix).mp3
Mikael Johnson – Off Planet (Original Mix).mp3
Mikael Johnson – Strange (Original Mix).mp3
Nicolas Pittaluga – Akasha (Original Mix).mp3
Nicolas Pittaluga – Tranquility (Original Mix).mp3
Ntsha – Push (HONE Remix).mp3
Ntsha – Push (Lorraine Roar Remix).mp3
Ntsha – Push (Original Mix).mp3
Stiven rivic, Michael & Levan – Debris (Original Mix).mp3
Stiven rivic, Michael & Levan – Insects In the Swamp (Original Mix).mp3
Tom Cloud – Drifting Away (Extended Mix).mp3
VA – This Is Underground 23 (2019)

Tech House

Andrea Giungo – Love Me EP [MSR123]
Alex Zynge – I’m A Fighter [SN042]
Alexander Belousov – The Human Element _ You Like It
Carlos Salas – Panic [TSL101]
Chicks Luv Us – Talk To Me EP [VIVALTD094]
Davide Ranno – Let It Whip [PHM128]
Davina Moss, Anna Tur – Let´s Go [RSH148]
Eats Everything – Rollers [DESOLAT077]
Elternhouse, Daniel Levak – Sho [RLS00068659]
Farius – Make This Last (Frederick & Kusse Remix)
Gabriele Strada – Pump It [1994MUSIC0567]
GoldRed – How We Doin [BSR002]
Harvy Valencia, Enrique Hidalgo – Nahh Baby
Huggo – Woll [KBM004]
itsbilly, Monoky – Heart To You [NS070]
Jmnogueras, Lujan Fernandez – La Cadera
Julian Millan – Tarkus Ep [AIW020]
Kuestenklatsch – Set Me Free [MFFMUSIC078]
Labium – No Control [LBM059]
LowSince, Tiago Rosa – Follow Me
Marc Robblz – Tapping Wind [HP051]
Mendo – Cascadia – In Da Mouse [INC163]
Michel Tallè – Play Again EP [TLP094]
Minus Magnus – Worker [MHL001]
Riffa – Issa Party [HOH085]
Sam Supplier – Woo Riddim [310069]
Thomas Cerutti – Stravaganza [NF136]
VA – Hundred Miles Away (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Material Trax Vol.19 [MATERIALTRAX19]
VA – We Are Fancy and We Know It! (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Zoned Compilation 3 (2019) [FLAC]

Techno & Minimal

Gabriel Ferreira – Retro Mind [MLZ004]
Andrea Bertolini, #Platform – Platform 21 [PLA025]
Andrea Giungo, Dade (ITA) – Under Bass EP [TEC065]
Andrea Signore, Mha Iri – Inception & Exception
ANOTR – Universal Love E.P. [NOART022]
Cameo Blush – Murky Waters EP [TAFD6D]
Christian Smith – Air Castle (Laurent Garnier 2019 Remix)
Csar Baldon – El Alma [INDUSHE172]
Deborah De Luca – Galaxy EP [TR332]
Dee Montero – Radian EP [SEL106]
Dreams – Beacon of Power (Pinkman)
Flaminik – GF [LOW129]
Frankyeffe, Teenage Mutants – Polymath [RIOT105]
Gemini 529 – Rock The Party [BOL120]
I Am Bam & Ignacio Arfeli – Invading EP [KP45]
Jacob Seville – Platypus [DTN016]
jas Shaw – EXCOP9 – When The Whip Descends (Delicacies)
Josh Baker – On The Rollover EP [TMNG008]
Koga – Hive Mind EP [OCP001]
Kozlov – REVULSION EP [GFR064]
Le Son Du Placard – Droplet [PMR031]
Lrnzzo – Lrnzzo [VDNA010]
Mark Greene – Miles From Mars 14 [MFM014]
Mediahora – I Hate You [UN051]
Milkwish – Safari – Jungle EP [ETR496]
Noetik – Parallel Sense EP [ALLE123]
Oliver Deutschmann – Plant Division (Off)
Owen Ni – Mechanics [CND061]
Rhythm Box – MICROSPACE EP [PGR170]
Rob Duke – Sons of Deep [MIC022]
Ryan Shepherd (UK) – Action EP [ZL067]
Sergio Batista – Burn [KR024]
Sian – Ultraviolet 2.0 (mau5trap)
Son of Elita – Ambergris [SM095]
Stef Mendesidis – Klockworks 26 [KW26]
Stephen Disario – Memory [SAWH082]
Subb-an – ENDZ029 [ENDZ029]
Subgenetics – The Snake King EP [PHUNK490]
Teenage Mutants – Mistake (Terminal M)
Twins Project – Hedonism Dream [RR278]
Uzmim Alosirra – La Tour EP [MRB214]
VA – 10 Years of BEK Audio (Part 1) (BEK Audio)
VA – Depth Impressions Issue #12 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Elsewhere LVI (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Explorations [MAN275]
VA – Hotflush on the Floor 2.2 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – KPAINS1 (Kneaded Pains)
VA – Master Cuts Vol.1 [KDRAW033]
VA – Melodic & Deep, Vol. 05 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Special 06 Originals [VPTRSP006]
VA – Technorama 47 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Three Four [NOIS016]
Zimmz – Pragmatic [271985]