Afro House

Aimo – Luganda Remixes III [MAY RUSH Music]
Blaq Shawlin & Ami REI – Yelele [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Jason Rivas & Cellos Balearica – Bosque [Tarangrooves Music]
Lior Avrahami – Safari [Artists Network Revolution]
VA – Atal Music a Year in Review Volume 9&10 [ATA2681] [FLAC]
VA – Hole Leap [Compressor Recordings]
VA – Look In The Past’ 19 (Afro & Melodic) [VABR038] [FLAC]
VA – Sunset in Africa Vol.1 (Best Of Soulful and Afro House Music) [MSR134] [FLAC]


2SOUL & Jean Carlo – Sex Shooter (feat. Firefox) [Deep Bear]
A way of Life – Aquanautic Lights [Ikonic Image]
Andon – You Don’t Love Me [Artekal]
Andree Morillas – Happy Smile [Morillas Records]
AniRhythm – The Way I Feel [AniRhythm]
Bass Punkz – Hands Up Babe ! [Mighty Dance Records]
Basto! – The One (feat. Comet Blue) [Be Yourself Music]
C2 Music – Darkness [Multiza Distribution]
DaLootz – Lekgowa Le Stout [Entity Deep]
David Verdoff – City Lights [Multiza Distribution]
DJ Rade – Drop the Bass [Run Free]
EZRATION – Breaking Tact [Multiza Distribution]
Flake Struzz – No Drama [Multiza Distribution]
FOTM – What Shall We Do Now [Multiza Distribution]
Girls On Road – Miami Roles [Izmir Records]
GLN, Mark Vox & Terry McLove – One Love [Repost Network]
HOODBA – Intro [DJ Camp]
John Castel & Xan Castel – Follow You Around [Deepwibe Records]
Lo, Soku & Sykes – Leave Your Lover [Mixmash Records]
Luka – Warm Bliss [We Go Deep]
MISHKIMOVES – Po Zvezde [Mishkimoves]
Moonsound & Boehm – Without U [Teddy Bear]
Moses Project – Dearest (feat. Benjamin’s Brother) [Helicon Music]
Mouse In Da Chaos – Mirrors [Multiza Distribution]
Mr. Sport – Audio Play 6 (feat. True name,No face) [Multiza Distribution]
NESCO – Wanting More [Bohemian Records]
Nick le Funk & Nik Finn – Sanity [Stardome Recordings]
Premonition – Press One [Mobile1 Music]
SqueeM – No.1 [Multiza Distribution]
Stereoclip – Disconnected [Electronic Elements (Armada)]
Taha Polat – See You [Road Story Records]
Tara Nome Doyle – Alchemy [Martin Hossbach]
Tasha Lara’e & DJ Spen – Wish I Didn’t Miss You (The John Morales Remixes) [Quantize Recordings]
Twism & Wavy dot. – Relax Your Mind [Wavy dot.]
VA – On Repeat [Elektrify Records]
Van Cosmic – City Light (Remixes) [Danceclusive]
VEPX – Game Over [Multiza Distribution]
VVS.tearz, GOLDSAWW & Mikly Milk – Prada [Multiza Distribution]
Winter Spirit – Hillside Forest [Multiza Distribution]
yANNy – Detective [Multiza Distribution]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Addvibe – Change form [Vier Deep Digital]
Alexander Vogt – Hipster [Hope Music]
Argia – Duat Folklore 1006 [DUAT FOLKLORE]
Axthing – Feel the Rhythm [LucidPlain Records]
B-Liv & Willy Sanjuan – The World Is Round [My Own Beat Records]
Bez – Cava [Lazuli Records]
Danny Soul – Millennium Park [Y-Stinger Records]
Dave Matthias – Under the Moonlight [Dave Matthias Music]
Deep Flat – Blue Planet [Black Delta Records]
Deepsto – Lights [House77]
Demuir, Detroit Swindle – The Round Up Pt. 6 [Heist Recordings]
DJ Randall Smooth – Monsieur N’Orleans (feat. NeferAten)
Dj Spin 659 – Way to Your Heart (feat. Darian Crouse) [659 Records]
Ezio Centanni & Enea DJ – Find a Way [Nero Nero Records]
F.D Project – Timing [Mivushi Minus]
Felix Schou – Bubble Gum [Mivushi Minus]
Filter Beats – Ocean Pearl [Mivushi Minus]
Fix The Bit – Control or Influence [Mivushi Minus]
Gzz – Disco City [Sure Cuts Records]
HAAB – Finest Hour [Deep Strips]
Hanny – Sincere [Black Studio]
Hrag Mikkel & Pambouk – Araqil [Hoomidaas]
Inache – Touch Me [Crumpled Music]
J Antoni – Bucktown Deep [Morris Audio]
Jimmen – Question My Love [Pure Beats Records]
Josh Marko – My Way [Epic Tones Records]
KastomariN – Coconut [DeepShine Records]
Leon Blaq – Coming For You [Arriwall]
M.ono – Dcnae 02 [Dcnae]
Maciel – Bring the Music Back [Rave Point]
Marius Circus – Tin Pie [In The Garden]
Martin Landsky – Attitude [Motek Music]
Marttin – FAZER FELIZ [Elegant Music]
Mustafa Guney – We Can [Rikodisco]
Proa Deejay – Fall in Love [Feel Hype]
Sek – Street Corners [Large Music]
Spline – Come On Everybody [Adara Records]
St Jean – Imagine [Stereofly Records]
T H E V I D T I – Move On [Nightvisions]
Thom Norton – Sound Writing [Nite Moves Records]
Tullio – Somewhere [Loudkult]
VA – Beautiful Deep [Seven Stars Recordings]
VA – Design District Sydney
VA – Five Years Guerrilla Records
VA – Nu Disco Tracks of the Year by Cut Rec [10163501] [FLAC]
VA – Twenty 20 [Citizens Of Vice]
VA – Voltaire Music Pres. V [Voltaire Music]
Vincenzo – Orbiter [Be Adult Music]
Xinguin – Adrenaline [Glitchworld Recordings]
Yosefa & Alex Gomez – Rise [Rainbow Project]
Zito Mowa & Krippsoulisc – Goat Stew [Garden Groove Music]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Alex Helder – Death Stranding [Magnified Recordings]
Anunaku – Stargate [3024]
AwakeFM – Navigator [Offworld Recordings]
BARTO FLESH & kamesound – El Tiempo [Catuss]
Bert H & High N Sick, Bert H – Outflow [Galacy]
Black Barrel – Lock Stock , Radical Sound
Claymore – Wanna F_ck [Musata Music]
Daim Vega & Quandro – The Enigma (The Return of Bigroom)
Dave202 – Sentry [S2 Records]
Dedman – Jackals , Morsel [Skankandbass]
Destiny – Rudeboy Souljah [Vengeance Recordings]
District 13 – Near [Badkill Records]
Dizkret, Traced – Corridors of Death Part 4 (feat. Dark D)
DJ Kyloww & Wolfrage – The Beginning
DJ Mike C.W. – Run It Back (Revamped)
DJ Squarewave & Truble – Bacteria Rag [New World Audio]
ED SPACE – Phased Out [Astronal]
Erotic Cafe’ – Disko VIPS [Kinphonic]
Fabricio San, Gleino Alves – Midnight Waves
Fanaticism – Eternal [Lotus Mathematics]
Filta Freqz – Origin Known [Seventy Four]
Glitch City – Through the Portal [Metro Recordings]
Graphyt & Pierce – Outer Space [NSD Black Label]
Grimm Brothers – Let’s Get It (feat. King Marino)
Hami & Autokorekt, Coma Tek – War God (Remixes)
Humanon – Separate [T3K]
Indigo Virus – Outlaw Sound [36 Hertz Recordings]
Infinitum – Elder Darkness [MOR Records]
Jack Angel – Hope [Feelings Music]
Kalardiak – Air 10 [Arache Records]
Kalardiak – Rage [Arache Records]
KERIMKAAN – Bounce It [Talent Records]
Khromi & L Nix – Anechoic Chamber [Abysmal Entities]
Madcap – Good Old Dayz [VIBEZ’ 93]
New Breed Invasion, Tribeleader – This Is Riddim
Particle – Eskimode , Air Force [Critical Music]
Possesd – Draped [possesd]
Possesd – Geo [possesd]
Prūf – Zero Tolerance [Nuclear Bass Records]
René LaVice & Future Cut – Nine Strings , Eyes [Metalheadz]
Schizo & Wolfrage – Dirtstyle [Wolfrage Recordings]
Sonic One – I Miss You (Kyanu Remix) [Playbox]
Stalot – Embrace Me [27-Hits]
Subtrix & PRIYANX – Soccer (PRIYANX Flip) [Beaming Records]
Terence Palmer – Symphony [DistroKid]
Tribeleader – Systems Control [Tribeleader Music]
Tribeleader – This Is Love [Tribeleader Music]
Uberjakd & Tom Clayton – Project X [JAKD Recordings]
Umut Eser – Mummy [Worka Tune]
VA – INVASION Best Of 2019 [Invasion Recordings]
VA – Neurotransmission 2019 [Subplate Recordings]
VA – Soulbass 5 Years [Soulbass Recordings]
VA – Trap 2020 [Atomrise Sounds]
Vyolnce & Xcimer – We Don’t Need Sleep [Techenies]
Xpath – Resonate,So Troubled [Xpath Music]

Electronica & Downtempo

-Mbriane – Miura [Miraloop Spades]
Adamas1080p – Nightmares [TAR]
Alex Noise – Rock da Place [Noisetown Records]
AMETRA – O.c.E.A.N. [Tranquility Sounds]
Andy de Baeke – Travelling (Patrik Gryst Getaway Remix)
Anti.Negative – Roots [Renraku]
AquAnatolia – Submelody [Stereo Enchained]
Automatisme & Gianluca Iadema – Automatisme & Gianluca Iadema Remixes
Autonomous – Dialekt [Avoidant Records]
Azat Gimadeev & Qeight, Xevil – Ondecry. Lactefica
Complex Form – Time Riddle [Squaresonic]
creativemaze – Hallucinated Karma (feat. Kiko King & Nuzia)
DeMent – Biohazard [Rave Gun Distribution]
Detrivore, FloQ – Mount Hortus #1 [Forest Biz Records]
Dirty Sole – Lift Me Up [Dirty Sole Music]
DJ List & M. Button – Classitronica [Listopad]
Dj TrinityBlade – Mid Night Guitar [BladeRecords]
DoM – Zef [Curuba Records]
Fax – Land III (feat. Carmen Ruiz) [Static Discos]
Frankybeats & Melvin – Greatest Mistake (feat. Bonn)
Gloryowner – Lunar Landscape [Rave Gun Distribution]
Golden – Owl Parade [Otake Records]
Heathered Pearls – Gentle Practice [lwlvls]
iskenderuni – Kandil [Talent Records]
Kliine – Cope [40oz Records]
Lady Goldkind – Shame [Ragibeat]
Marc Romboy – Voyage de la planète (New interpretations)
Monolithe Noir – Moira [Kowtow Records]
Motafied Beatz & MC Me – Kiss of Death [23OHSIX]
Nik Hahn – Feeling the Ocean [recordJet]
NNHMN – Shadow in the Dark [k-dreams]
Olang – Quality Time [Otium Garden]
Simon Riemann – Addicted To Music [recordJet]
Smeyeul. & Galvanic – Love Me (feat. Haux) [Sequence Records]
The Geek x VRV & Gramatik, M.I.L.K. – Time Machine
The Sonic Company – It Will Be [Kadmio]
Toner – Losing Control [InterdepenDANCE]
VA – Bonnie Tropical 4 [PP020] [FLAC]
Vast Massive Vapor – Significance [Vaporized]
Worldtraveller & Adrian Planitz – Counting Clouds


A.Moon, Walking Path & Marc KUKKA – Call Me Now (feat. JoJo Watz)
Arie Mando, Heat Alliance – My Deep is your Deep
Babestation – Love Me or Leave Me (Jordan Trove Paradise Dub)
Back Is Beautifull & AJFV – Do It – Magic Solution
Ben Colmen – Tribalism [Kiko Records]
Bingo Baby – Speak With Our Feet [Carpe.DM]
Blue Mondays & Pat Cosmo – Night Goes By
Bsharry – My Cat Is Different [Clipper’s Sounds]
DJ Mark Brickman – Fly Higher [Rambunktious (Miami)]
Dogukan Dogru – Come [Izmir Records]
Eleksoul – Little Big Planet [Glitch Hop Community]
EMBRZ – Letting Go [Seeking Blue]
Ensaime – Traffic in the City [Histo Records]
Faruk Terzi – Social Players [Izmir Records]
Faucon – What You Need [Phoenix Music Inc]
Fufi.SNC & Emi.SNC – Homebase
Marcus Brodowski – I Wish [1st Strike]
Meero – So Close [Nu-Touch Records]
Mike O’neill – Fabulous [Chic Disco Company]
Misael Deejay – Alfon [Noentiendo Records]
Mr Free Dj – Carillon (feat. Norah B) [Ensis Records]
Mustech – 5pm This Afternoon [AURA RECORDS]
New Yorkker – I’m in Show Business [Eisenwaren]
Owt For Nowt – Waiting , Preach It [North Origin Cutz]
Phil Weeks & Kid Enigma – Love Me Right
Plaisirs – Cluub [Chateau Bruyant & Gold Digger]
Prizma & Jon E Clayface – Cold [1Forty]
Roberto Parisi – Hustler Muzik [Run To My Beat]
RYNO – Thinking About You [Karmic Power Records]
Sandra Blum – Space Secrets [Richy Records]
Sebastien Brice – Riot (Orttin Remix) [BRICE RECORDINGS]
Stewart Birch – Black Magic [Smokin’ Beat]
Sunner Soul – Rhythm & Waves [Vintage Music Records]
The Stoned – Strange Noises [GoodFellas]
The Swing Bot – Rythmakers 37 [Electro Swing Thing]
Todd Terry & House of Gypsies – Sume Sigh Say (DJ Malvado RMX)
VA – All the Rave 1991 [Kniteforce Records]
VA – Best of 2019, Pt. 1 [Juiced Music]
VA – Crossworlder Universe 6 [Crossworlder Music]
VA – Hello 2020 (Beatport Exclusive Edition) [GU460] [FLAC]
VA – Henry Street Music The Playlist Vol. 13 [HS834] [FLAC]
VA – House Tracks of the Year by Metropolitan Recordings [10163500] [FLAC]
VMC & Caca Werneck – Que Vibe É Essa [Timbal Musik]
Weber & Weber – Reach for the Sky [Lemongrassmusic]
Wizards On Wax – Breakin da Funk [Poolside Recordings]

Melodic House & Techno

Adam Helder – E-Motion [Unbelievable Records]
Alande – Myei [Trust You Melodic]
Andre Salmon & Climbers – Distance
ArchAngel – Silk Road (feat. Nidal Johar) [trndmsk]
Arif ONER – Corridor [Karia Records]
Bunch of Frequencies – Ascending [KLNQMZK]
Carlo Whale – Daydreams [Manual Music]
Dee Green – Food for Thoughts [TECHNOID Recordings]
Giuseppe Castani – Sirius [nuOn Music]
I.R.A.L.I – Independence [Sound Production]
Karada & Pedro Mercado, Hartvoice – Mercado & Friends Lost in Acid
Khaled Abdrabo – Under Cover [Deepersense Music]
Late Than Ever – Arena [Stentorian]
Mattheis – Ls,1001 [Nous’klaer Audio]
Mayro – Pink Hill [Lowbit]
Michael Nowak – Supernatural Darkness [Sujet Musique]
Modul Kollektiv & Jean Michel Schober – Orbital
Patrick Hero – Voices in My Head [Sonusfield]
ProTension – Chronos [Boomtic Records]
Q-Plex – Shout [Tiefdruckgebeat]
R3cycle – Morning Glory [IbogaTech]
Renga Weh – Nomad [Submarine Vibes]
Reverse Osmosis – Eat Me [Lohit Deep]
Rianu Keevs – Trash [Paralyzed Records]
RIBAZZ – Lorem [Lost in Berlin]
RIBAZZ – Trip [Lost in Berlin]
Shades of Blk – Thoughts [Blk Box Recordings]
Solemn Eye – Club Edition 002 [70hills]
STYLO – Got Mine [Timeless Moment]
Tronicc – Emotion [Unbelievable Records]
VA – Natura Viva in the Mix with Jaap Ligthart
VA – Night Vision III [BFR026] [FLAC]
Waverokr – Solar Wind [District Eight]
WO-CORE – Bulton Arrow [Awen Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Adonai, Adonis FR, Adonis FR – Le Gout [Trippy Code]
African Way MusiQ – The Conversation [Ghost Records GR]
Alixander Raczkowski – Up & Down [Tres 14 Music]
Artur Nikolaev – Dizziness [Native]
Del Fonda – Recoil [Beachside Records]
Diego Olarte – Joke [Stinky Label]
DJ Lugo & Donatto – Something Special [IWANT Music]
DK1 – Imagination [Emilarge Records]
Dominic Aquila – Groove for Nish [Hatching Creatures]
First For Nieto – Cuernos & Voces [Conceptual]
German Agger & Ito Cann – On the Way
GUSTAFF – Alliance [NOEXCUSE Limited]
IsraBass – Dark Terror [Resonance Space]
Jason Rivas & Cosmic Phosphate – Beyond Space
Kalle Wirsch – Oh Dear ! [grschtrgr]
Kei How – Tokachi Neon [In Dushe]
Lēver Wright – Mad Poseidon [Beyond the Music]
Lian Moss – Your Love [Mostbass Records]
Logdam & Kudamir Katitsa, Logdam – Slow
lotus land pilot – Lnew [Oyoda Recordings]
Lucien Le Grub – Forget [Sibil-la Music]
Mark Myself – Station [LOW.ENZH]
Michael Felix – Quantum Leap [Hungry Koala Records]
Migel Gloria – Feel the Base [NO PAIN RECORDS]
Nestor Arriaga & VINNE – Traveling Down Under
Pęku – Tomorrow Never Comes [Minihard]
Pirdo – Whirling [OH Dynamics Records]
Siwark – Revelation [Anturia Records]
tap chan – Moduom [Superordinate Dub Waves]
TDVC – Sweet Revenge [Inwave]
Techu – Illusion [Unclosed Music]
Tuco Pérez – Champion Sound [Luthier Music]
VA – Best of PTNTR 2019 [Pure TNT Records]
VA – Dream Mood, Pt. 36 [Dream Mode]
VA – Erva2020 [Elastik Records]
VA – Oceanic 2019 Especial [Oceanic Recordings]
VA – Sibil-la Music Best of 2019 [SM036] [FLAC]
VA – VA Innocent Music December Sampler Vol.8 [IM138] [FLAC]
Vernon Bara, Vernon Bara, Draganeskool – Dynamic Device [Whoyostro White]
Victor Kesiora – Feel Your Pleasure [Purple Sun Records]

Progressive House

7 Horizons – Like Never Before (feat. Sylwia Wadelska)
A1bert – Rotonda [Early Origin]
Adinath – Supersoul [Nebular Tunes]
After Sunrise – Fly [Estribo Records]
Alex Progress – Best Year Ever Sound Progress
Alfonso G – Sounds of the Universe [76 Recordings]
Andre Moret – Recover [Clubsonica Records]
DJ Karouh – The Fifth Dimension [Talent Records]
Guy J – Day of Light , Mind Of [Lost & Found]
Hans Morlier – 11th Rebirth Mixes
James Monro – Voyager (Exoplanet Remix) [Yang]
John Grand – Outlands [Avanti]
Justin Sosa – Without Meaning [interflow progressive]
MXV – Mxv Einrude [Eat My Hat Music]
Rave Deck – R.E.D [ReState Records]
Rockka – Floating Window [Mystic Carousel Records]
Rojan – Beam of Light [Sinedie Records]
Stan Kolev – Ahimsa [UV]
Tiziano Ghezzo – Diamonds & Pearls [Stereophonic]
VA – After Hours – The Remixes 9 [AH Digital]
VA – Sulphuris ,Vol.10 [Lamp]
VA – Vibrant Vibeland #9 [Soundteller Records]
Yashar – To the Moon and Back [Superordinate Music]

Tech House

Andrey Exx & Airsand – Losing My Mind (Remixes)
barbeX – No Rush [Delicious Rebels]
Benjermain, Blissari – Incorrect Va [Price Incorrect]
Bohemien & Raf Parola – Crank That [Hedonism Music]
BOOLIT – Bullet Hole [LowFreQ Records]
C_Sky – Drive Me Crazy [Street Habitat]
Catz ‘N Dogz – Body (feat. Simon Black) [DIRTYBIRD]
Çesc, Figio’s – Give My Music [Playmobil]
Gartzz & Maxbeat, Mikel GH – Cracking
Giacomo Goffi – Opportunity [Kleos Recordings]
HELAY JUDAS – Et Ritus [DTL Records]
Jardz – Maceo’s Mantra , Ain’t Enough
Javi Bosch – Nena [Shibiza Recordings]
Javi Viana – Fresh [Jet Alone Music]
KC Anderson – Tucka Bear [play music group]
Kevin Rodriguez – The Rich [CrackHouse Recordings]
Koltech – Vamoh a Celebrar [Wajiro]
Kuestenklatsch – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 (Remixes)
Landlord – We’re Sorry [Legendary 404]
LuK Ros – Rythm [Digital Room Records]
Mirko Boni – Conga 2k20 [Yuppies Records]
Neens & Lito – Rattler [SevenSeven Records]
Nomask – Tokyo [Noexit]
RICHX CAMP & Rafael Macias – No Puedes Ver
Rin F – Shy Or Not [Sticker Music]
Sandor – This Sound [NØID]
Shavezz – El Valor [Uranobeat Records]
Sr. Funkie – Preassure [Futura Groove Records]
Stereotipe – Call You [Habitat]
The Doberman Club – Crime & Candy [Supertunes]
VA – Marzziano Pres. Best of 2019 [Aparenzza Music]
VA – Old Vibe, Pt.13 [SAFEWEAP30] [FLAC]
Yael Arrieta – Teresa [Heavy Vibes]

Techno & Minimal

21 ROOM, Techno Red – Virtual World [Techno Red]
69 Starfighter & Dona King – The Darkness Will Reign
A4 (ES) – Point Position [SUB TL]
Acutech – Destroid [Luminar Records]
Afropino – Around the Bonfire [mGrooves Music]
Albedo 067 – Dancing to the Sun (Special Disco Sound)
Boy Next Door – Chaos [Frequenza]
Buben, Buben, Assuc – Possible Attack Remixes [Technz Records]
Cam Lasky – Tokyo Hyaku Synchronicity #101 Piece Fortune
Cam Lasky – Tokyo Hyaku Synchronicity #106 Frozen
Christian Lazzara – Galaxy [Lazar Rec]
Cliche Morph – Molestation [Edit Select]
D.Taylor – Flip Flop [Nustromo Music]
Dani Bosco – Tommy The Tom [In Your Moods]
Danny Kendall – Crazy Etop (feat. Javi Level) [X-Swing]
Dave Wincent – Unmounted Lungs Series 02 [Cryptic]
Deano (ZA) – Prog [AWRY]
Denevrelizator – Gofra [Dub Doze Records]
Dennis Siemion – Sunshine Child [Ballroom Black]
DJ D ReDD – Mathematics [Oyhopper Records]
DJ D ReDD – The Return of Mr Cartel the Remixes
Dj Jassa – Seaser [Rhythm Records]
DJ Jordan – Acid Delight (Superstrobe Remix) [Fe Chrome]
DJ Jordan – Natural Beauty [Hungry Koala Records]
DJ KoT – Discography – DJ KoT [Mono Repeat]
DJ Loser, DJ Varsovie – Nothing To Declare [Medieval Heresies]
DJ Sedatophobia, Federico Alesi, Manuel Ribeca – Wired
DJ Tommy Noir, Scott Costello – Get Down
Dreadmaul, [[-CRBRL-CTS-]] & Dreadmaul – The Unnamed
DT-BEAT & Jhonny Sanchez – Enjoy Silence (Extended Mix)
edetto – Jack Daniels Ain’t Bourbon , Choking on Chanel
Ellle Fach – Underpass [YoD Recordings]
Ende – Psychopure [Abstract State]
Escobar G. – Adieu au langage [Tensa]
Fractal Disorder – Hell Bells [Raven Black]
Garett White – Sirens [Skull Destroy]
Ghazi – Walls [Oxytech Records]
Goncalo M – Criminal Activities
GraySP – Deeper Space [See The Sea Records]
Hauknecht – RU Citric [Rave Point]
Haze – C – Endgame [Syncopate]
Holldën – Xira Brief [Affekt Recordings]
Jason Laake – Learn from Your Children [Dark Distorted Signals]
John Kah – Malaysia [You’re Next]
JP Lantieri – Monochrome [Lost Crate]
Kevin Call – Deconstruction (feat. Tiko (DE), Natalino Nunes & Michael Cerda)
kLines – Acquire [HASH Records]
Kreisel & Yfirum – Pararells [KRSL]
Lee Yen – Dirty Women [7th Cloud]
Legorythme – Biruceguo [Maidens Tower Records]
LFOS0 – Plutonic [Neonius Records]
Lilson – First Step [Techsturbation Records]
Little by Little – Vactrols [Seafront Recordings]
Luca Napoli – We Are Back [Silent Space Records]
Lukas F – Mefistofele [ZFF]
Marco Bänder – Root Cause [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
Martyno – Shadows [Diskonnected Records]
Max Pollyul – Stay Live [PLLL]
Mediane – 2072 [Affute]
Merouj – Drums of Wizard [Medium Raw Records]
Mirrørmask – Space and Time [Airsound Records]
Mode_1 – Mainframe [Knotweed Records]
munfell – Sadica [Catamount Records]
Murdob – 93 [Nomer]
Nobots – Take a Trip [Fehler-Musik]
Obverso – Destructive Society [Nomad]
Panthera By B & J – Techno Sounds from Heven
Placo – Voyager [Votiva Records]
PML Beatz – Pedra de 800 Kg [Principe]
Prodigal Filio – Time Goes Away [Prodigality Records]
QUEENITHA – YOU’RE MINE [Flux Inc. Records]
Schacke – Artificial Intercourse [Instruments of Discipline]
Skeef Menezes – Edge of Daylight [Music4Clubbers]
SLT – Poison [Acerbus Records]
SoleilGoddes – Refresh [Izmir Records]
Stitxhes – Lucid Social Disorders [Elastic Dimension Records]
Stopcode & Following Light – Exit [Dog And Man]
The Southern – Raw Culture [EI8HT]
Theo DJ – Activate [Groove Influence Records]
Thommy Fusion – Iom 002 [i occupy music]
ToolBox – Important Trust [Bring Back The Groove Music]
Tramtunnel – Found [SMSH]
UHNK & Moonsplatta, Wreckno – DIY Reality
Ulrik – The Phantom [Keep On Techno Records]
Uto Karem & Hollen – Code Black , Damaged
VA – Abound of Techno, Pt. 11 [Abound]
VA – Black 100 [Black Reverb]
VA – Bud Sampler 6 [Etruria Beat]
VA – Compilation 005 [UTCOMP005] [FLAC]
VA – Cpva02 [Crazyplug Records]
VA – Essence 03 [Opium Muzik]
VA – Herdersmat Part 23 – 29 [Mord]
VA – House Kitsune America [KMC075] [FLAC]
VA – Nemasis [ART21004] [FLAC]
VA – Rave Me Hard #03 [7th Cloud]
VA – South for the Winter [Decadencia]
VA – Space of Flows [DIGITALMAN06] [FLAC]
VA – Swingeing [Second Chance Music]
Vaeg – Ultima Arbitrium [Analog Solutions]
Vegim – Lyth [Emphatic Records]
Virox – Nature Smile [Strakton Records]
Voga – Sancreu [LETS TECHNO records]
WILDNOISE – Sirius [Deadflower Records]
Wolters & Don6667 – Eat Sleep Rave Repeat [recordJet]
Yigitoglu – Acid Dungeon [No-Match]