Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

2fox, Nandi – Sky (feat. Nandi) [AR002]
88Dubs – Mature Nature [SFR008]
Agoria – Lucky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2020)
Alleged Witches – Initiation Rituals [DIREC008]
Angélique Kidjo, Pablo Nouvelle – Milambi
Brts – Eclipse [SNG001] [FLAC]
Budakid – Walkman [EXPDIGITAL195]
Chevals – Funky With Me [TDR082]
Chris Peker & Night Shift Master & Meital – Phoenix
Christ Malvin & Ivan Sandhas – Berlina [PURR233]
Dave Aju – Dave Aju – Ciao Sun [MM250]
David Salow – DBR004 Luxury [DBR004]
Dawad – Carcasse EP [BIM008]
Deepear – From The Past [GDF075]
Deorbiting & Pølaroit – Depolar [SVT271]
DP-6 – Renegade EP [DR177]
Durante, Lubelski – What I Would Do to Teleport to You
Dzo, ProSoul Da Deejay – Sunset [CAT358228]
Eagles & Butterflies – Can’t Stop (Gerd Janson Remixes)
Electricano – Movin On [WHO215]
Felipe Puertes – Niyama [GDC031]
Firephly – Safe In Sound [CAT362862]
Frank FB – BCN [CAT344890]
German Brigante, Thomas Gandey – I See You [MAN025]
Gina Breeze – Live for Love (Me Me Me)
Harmonix, Stephan Roach – In Love [GGM011]
Ian Pooley – Good Things [KWR027]
Jay Fm – New Dimension [SILKM245]
Jim Rider – El Escorpión [SIGNS001]
Jimpster – One EP [FRD250]
Kek’Star, Stickman – MATURED FEELING EP [CAT361324]
Le Babar – No Deeper Love [10165515]
Lerr – How Did I Get Here [TRNDMSKFREE06]
MANDA – Make It Better [ETR187]
Marina Trench – Waterside (Wolf Music)
Matteo – Maraybò [UMAS146]
Matthias Tanzmann, Black Circle – Runner [MHD083]
Matthieu Faubourg – Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication [FLAC]
MEUTE – Gula [193483360324]
Native Tribe – Visions [SP328]
Omar S – You Want (Fxhe)
Panorama Channel & Pletnev – Blavatsky [BIO037]
PaperMacheTiger, Nuala – Searchin (feat. Nuala)
Pedro Capelossi – Love Me In The Rain
Peter Makto, Gregory S – Love in the Rain [HOOM010]
QUIET & LISTEN – Unknown Deep
Roman Flugel – Garden Party [RB088D]
Rony Seikaly – Feel Good [STR010]
Sam Rotstin – Doors Of Heaven [GLFR105]
Samsilva & Nick Bennett & Wilhvlm – My Spirit – Spring Love
Tensnake & Fiora – Automatic (Armada Music)
Theus Mago – Carrier People [FT020D]
tourdefrance – Your Love [NUR24903]
Trulyors – Casual Encounters [KIK157]
Tuff City Kids – Beau-Tan Remixes (Suol)
Ursula Rucker, Qess – Spaces in Between
VA – Axiom, Vol. 2 [AMB025]
VA – Nothing But… Deep House Vibes, Vol. 06 [NBDHV06]
VA – Space Systems [STT068]
Via Vere – Circle of Story [SOUKSONIC003]
Vicky Montefusco – Freezer [DVR012]
Wajatta & John Tejada & Reggie Watts – Don’t Let Get You Down

Electronica & Downtempo

9th House – Starworks [WO078]
Andrew Bayer, Alison May – Open End Resource (Leaving Laurel Remix)
DIY 1990 – Me Me Me Present Now Now Now 14 – DIY 1990 _Odisea EP
Erik Holmberg, Menke, Willelm Bleeker – Youth (Satin Jackets Remix)
EWAVE – Front 2 The Back [ZD145]
Joseph Ashworth – Breathe [DH022D]
Lowpaz – Dreaming [10164677]
Madhu – Can Give Up [HMR040]
Manuel Ibáñez – Fuerza de Dios [INDUSHE196]
MEUTE, Daniel Bongard, Thomas Burhorn – Slip [194491856922]
Mr. Tophat – Time Lapse [LAD048D]
Nina Missy – It’s Fine [BBR032]
Smagghe & Cross – 1819 (Offen Music)
The Mauskovic Dance Band – Shadance Hall (Dekmantel)
Zohar – Perfect Love [BBR033]


Alaia & Gallo, DJ Rae – I Will Pray [4050538600353]
Alex Gaudino, Blush, Bottai, Moncrieff – Remember Me – Extended Mix [UL01274]
Alok, Sevenn – Symphonia [190295262129]
Amine Edge & DANCE – Turn It Up [SOLOTOK052]
Armand Van Helden, A-Trak, Duck Sauce – Smiley Face [194491908461]
Bancali – Don’t Wake Me Up [SPNEXT0026]
Clubland – Love Strain 2020 [TEKK12D]
Confidence Man – Does It Make You Feel Good_ (Greg Wilson & Che Wilson Remix) [HVN531DIGR2]
Daniel Avery, Alessandro Cortini – Illusion Of Time [COOPD783]
David Jimenez, Matt Caselli – All Around The World [FREAK106] [AIFF]
DayandNite – Sign Your Name [10160549]
Dennis Cruz, Leo Wood – To Burn – Extended Mix [DFTD595D2]
Dj Gary B – Show Me I’m The One [CMG0028]
DJ Odyccy feat Nodoli Nelle – Impumelelo [5056197491270]
DJ Ponz – Got Love EP [M4T026]
DJ Vianu – Driving Me Crazy [KZ208]
Earth n Days – Just Be Good To Me [HOUSEU097]
Echo Deep – Mizimu – Original Mix) [0757572903283]
Edu Natored – My Body Ep [BSC139]
EP1 [FIREC001]
Fabrique – Never Gonna Give You Up (Extended) [SM2256795152]
Fathers & Sons Productions – FAS008 [FAS008]
Felmz – Needle [053000451655]
Fort Arkansas – The Deep End [ETR524]
Inner City – Save Me [ARMAS1693]
Jonny Lexxs – Latin Fever [DM145]
Ken N, Delvino – Losing Control [PDR18]
Kid Enigma – Give Me Love [CUFF109]
Laesh – So Free So Good [MVREC021]
Late Nite ‘DUB’ Addict – B-Sides [DND051]
Leeb – Ella Ya Me Olvido (Dayvi Tribe Bootleg) [PRIX010]
Majed Salih – Feaploved [394676]
Mark E – Outdoor Pursuits (Studio Barnhus)
Martin Badder – DEEP AT NIGHT EP [BB086B]
Martin Kohlstedt – JINGOL (Henrik Schwarz Recurrent) [190295287436]
Meduza Music – Born To Love – Extended Mix [DFTD598D2]
Mike Vale – Just A Friend [GU466]
Novacloud – Stereo Nation [BLV7034610]
Oliver $ – Another Day Another Dollar Remixed (Classic Music Company)
Opal Sunn – Laika EP [TFAD8D]
Osunlade – Same Same Remixes, Pt. 2 [YSD101D]
Siks – Take Me Away – Extended Version [GENHEX018B]
Sllash & Doppe – I Want You Too [GSR384]
Sophie Francis – Roll Up [HELDEEP078]
Spikey Tee – Between Wake and Sleep
The Terri Green Project – Dance Tonight (The Remixes) [EMTGP10]
Tobtok, JLV – In The Zone – Extended Version [HEXAGON134B]
VA – Magnetik Selection 01 VA [MG020]
Yousef – Super [CIRCUS117]

Progressive House

3Lau & Xira – Tokyo (Le Youth Remix) [ANJ591RD]
Ancodynew – DreamState
Bojan B – Monsoon [OOAK093]
Brunoh – Punished [CLR331]
Darrel Novellino – Kiotto [SNA011]
Distic – Durban Sauce – Low Balance – Wonder Fall [BCSA0445]
Edvard Hunger – Lights of a Dreams EP [LA215]
Edvard Hunger feat. Flamey – Mine [MYC868]
Emod – I Found My Voice (Remixes) [VEST013]
Ethen Bass – Continuing [IN2U029]
Ezek – Chaos and Order [TH236]
Frankie M – Dark Butterfly [3XA407]
Frezel & Kellar – Rock That Proggy [ND24B]
Gamba – Victoria [ST245]
Glenn Molloy – Empathetic Desires [GSREC209]
Highjacks, Chaum, Hannes Wiehager – Declare It (Original Mix) [253SR]
Jam & Spoon & Plavka – Right In The Night (Remixes) [BH9790]
Jelly For The Babies – Neon Nights [BCSA0446]
JFR – Beautiful Loneliness EP [CONS051]
Joc H – Momentum [BP9192020]
Jody Wisternoff & James Grant – Nightwhisper [ANJDEE462D]
Kandar, Nick Newman – Simplicity
Katrin Souza – Calm Before the Storm (Ampish Remix) [YANG114]
Katrin Souza – Calm Before the Storm (Lily Pita Remix) [YIN114]
Kay-D – Lunar Journey [MHR358]
Kettenburg – Megika EP [INB1DIGI020]
King Joshua – Aurora
Kliment – Origins (Remixes)
Leila Scheiwe – Estigia
Lucas Degiorgi – Late Night EP [BALKAN0605]
Lumidelic & Cosmaks – Bon Voyage [ESH183] [FLAC]
Maktow – Epitome [ETX058] [FLAC]
Mark & Lukas – For You [MM012]
Matous – Push Me Deep [RM032]
Max Freegrant – Nazar [FG383]
Miguel Angel Castellini & Javii Wind – Celine [PHW383]
Minimize & S’il Vouz Play – Panorama [PRFBL058]
Modest Crow – Kodama EP [AR045]
Mr. Bizz – Back to You Again EP [BF242]
Panik Pop – Isolated (Stil & Bense Remix) [194491954864]
Paul Thomas & White-Akre – Vyote (Grum Remix) [FSOEUV100P4A] [FLAC]
Ri Za – Shinobi
Ron Flatter – Amantes Amentes [PLV040]
Sasha White – Feel That Way EP [MF031]
Sinan Arsan – Fabulous EP [MIST756]
Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi – Barakah – Jagrat [OL347]
Stefano (SL) – Imagination EP [EST183]
Subconscious Tales – Magnectares (James Monro, Kasper Koman Remixes) [PROTON0456]
Sunflare – Eclipse EP [ETREE358]
Theory-M – The Overview Effect [DPM040]
Touchtalk – Agreement [CAT364044]
Undertale – Alive But Dead [BP9182020]
Will Vance – Desperate Only [ESM396]
Zgoot – Movement of the Universe [SMLDF02]

Tech House

Abel Ramos, Sansixto – More Paper Please [CR2T095BP]
Aldo Cadiz – Inept [NUM007]
Alessandro Diruggiero, Rone White – Make It Clear THE REMIXES [BS171]
Alvaro AM – Many Come EP [VIVALTD104]
André Salmon – Salmon – Snorkman [LPS268]
Armandd G – Mohana [HBT276]
Carlos Call, Jose Antonio eMe – Rave On [URB304]
Cele – Fuck That [FM070]
Cele, Jaime Soeiro – Real Funky EP [4056813124620]
Deeper Purpose, Intrusive – The System [RPM073] [AIFF]
Deeperwalk – Just Shadow Of The Shape, Pt. 2 [SUPDUB203]
Delux Twins – Tonight EP [EP0006]
Disaia – Nobody [HTM110]
DJ Moi – Pink Dress (LexiMix) [BR102]
Enrico Caruso – Hearted Snake [MATERIALISM166]
FEX (IT) – The Masterbreak EP [FMR147]
Gaminow – The Midnight [MRCARTER126]
Gerva – Stomp You [DPB656]
Haechi, DJRuin – Cave Puddle [MR0555]
Hot Bullet, Evoxx, Joy Corporation – Unbelievable [1769PKK139048]
Jee Bear – I’m Your Friend [NHR002]
Joeski – Montes [MAYA179]
JP Torres – Feel It EP [MBTE36]
Kevin McKay, Nader Razdar – Get Ur Freak On (Moreno Pezzolato Remix) [GU467]
Kink – Nagore [SOF002D]
Late Replies – Encona EP [LR07801Z]
Leo James – Salvation [BL003]
LouLou Players, FeelGood – Move Me [CAT361762]
Luca Rubis – Feelin It [MFR216]
Luis Fruelas – La Guayabita [TSL125]
Marco C. – Ghetto [SN052]
Matt Linsdell – Take A Trip [SM029]
Mitch Dodge, Porky (DH) – Chameleon [DH074]
Mrodriguez – EL CONGO EP [TRC023]
Narciso & Gerundino – To Be Free (Extended Mix) [VUDU064]
Oliver Knight – The Factory EP [UNI156]
Patrick M – Capture [TFR005]
Prok & Fitch – Where’s The Party [RPM074]
Riccardo De Polo – Cop Dance [NP0305]
Rob Circuit – Lamella [DRBGN106]
Santiago Bejarano – Abusadora [1994MUSIC0586]
Sergiodnine – Searching My Rhythms [MYR024]
Skapes – Flow [FREAK108]
Toomy Disco – Close To Me EP [WSTD004]
Tough Love – Give It Up [SUB418]
VA – Material Trax Vol.26 [MATERIALTRAX26]
VA – Trip 02 [BTR250] [FLAC]
Vallilo – My House [DPB657]

Techno & Minimal

2phargon – Madrid EP [NEM01301Z]
A503X – All In [DKR102]
AB+ – Elixir [D017]
Adiru – Taiga [MM004]
Aiskeivi – Abstract [7CLOUD987]
Alberto Ruiz – Hidromatic [399606]
Alex ll Martinenko – Concrete II [BQ429]
Alexander Johansson – Bipolar [FLOAT041]
Amirali Shakoori – Ivory [WOUT081]
Amount – Beach Boy [URSLINT031]
Ancestralis – Novaraptor EP [SUPER228]
Andre Sobota – Chasing EP [ARTD200009]
Andrea Signore – Paranoia [ORANGE124]
Andrey Djackonda – Ave [MONO043]
Andro V & Alex Nikolov – Abungu [GR9031]
Anrilov, Bvoice, Sickdisco – The World Playground [RARO002]
Arkady Antsyrev, Legit Trip – Perestroyka [BSSM0045]
Arnaud Le Texier – Telepatic [RVLT07]
Arrioondas – Animode [365013]
Aya.B – Toxic EP [FREQ2009]
Balata – Just Made Love (feat. Myoon) [ACR049]
Behache, Lionel Escobar – Wachufleiva 29 [W029]
Bek (DE) – The Wisdom EP [AURM078]
Benjamin Mull – Jaakiekkotuomari [HPX111]
Berkel – Nolite Mundi EP [PRRUKD20025]
Braunbeck – Montornes EP [SOL011]
Caravaca – Mano Negra EP [IML098] [AIFF]
Carlos Perez, Gaston Zani – Put Your Hands Up EP [WERAW004]
Carlos Pires – Hold Me [008]
Chris Willow – Collateral [NUON089]
Clay Smith – Jakarta Jam [PSDI074]
Clouds – Opera 2001 [HS005]
Colyn – Concepts of Love EP [093624893387]
Company Is Family – Down Goes The Mist [SLT023]
Corren Cavini – Origins [DLN031]
Cross, VAPA – Voyeur [CROSS011]
Cv313 – Satosphere Sessions [Transmission III] (Echospace)
D.dan – Mutant Future [LT065]
Dance Spirit – Famous Last Words [DHB007]
Daniel Sbert, Big Ran – Konflikt [UFO259]
Daniele Di Martino – Phantom [NOIS018]
Darwin, Larkynbros – Trainspotting [HKR2019087]
David San – Tetripx EP [PSL0329]
David Schaffer – Passion For You [CAT358510]
Deborah De Luca – Ahno (Sopik Remix) [SOLAMENTE066] [AIFF]
Declan – Antwerpen [10165095] [FLAC]
Del Fonda – Supreme [FM069] [AIFF]
Denis Horvat – Extension Of Base Notes [VOK001]
Depeche Mode – It’s No Good (The Blockchain Remix)
Derrick May & Mayday & Rhythim Is Rhythim – Innovator – Soundtrack For The Tenth Planet
Diabla Diezco – Memento Mori [MORD066] [FLAC]
Dino Maggiorana – Save the World [4056813043877]
DJ Disrespect – Classic Cuts Vol. 1 [777_666]
DJ Jock – Magia [UNRILIS059]
DJ Murphy, Atze Ton – Vision [DMR088]
Don Weber – Abominate [ORANGE123]
Donna-Marie – Hallucinate EP [ZMR080]
Drumcomplex, Uncertain – Future [CODEX053] [AIFF]
Dubet – Make A Move [MGL115]
Dubphone – The Nature Of Impurity [VBSD052]
Dustin Nantais, David Hohme – The Predicament [WTHI025]
Elegant Forcing – Elegant Forcing [AL071]
Emanuel Satie – Rivers [CRM230]
Eme Kulhnek – Identity Module [SYMB043]
Empath – Coexist [TRANS185]
Enzo Siragusa – The Lost Dubs EP [FUSE041]
Fairmont – Agony and Exstacy [ATL035]
FBK – More Stories From The Future (Len Faki Remixes)
Felix Raphael, Brascon, – Doorstep [RBS182]
Filter Bear & Luka Sambe – Aether [DTD006DEP]
Filterheadz – Frontiers Ep [SW2201Z]
Findike – Untimely [BSD2020099]
Following Light – Earth Day EP [LIN226]
Freemann (IT), Amiti – Monica [TH289]
Gaudier – Our Vigour [4061798476138]
Goncalo M – Racing Extinction [GTM00105]
Hakan – Iz [MW004]
Hollen – Strident Bells
Hraach – Monkey Mind Ep, The Remixes Part 1 [NAZCA017]
HVL – Orphin Spill [HYPE083]
Ivan Endarov – WEQ [PHR146]
Izov – Manifest [0880598846163]
J.A.K.A.M., Marcus Henriksson, Kunyiuki – The DNA Session
J.blofeld – Gulu [BUR002] [FLAC]
Jaimee – Midwinter Remix E. [FLATDIG035]
John Osborn & Ena Cosovic & Josefine Hellström – Pisces Moon
Juanma Martinez – Cultura De Clan [WHW149]
Juliet Fox – Hologram [FOA072]
Jump Source & Patrick Holland & Priori – JS02 [JS02]
Kaiserdisco – Snakes [KDRAW036] [FLAC]
Kapibara – Bos Taurus EP [MAN287]
Karada – Imminent EP [AWEN096]
Kareem Zadd – Midnight Dreams [GR001]
Kater Tobi – Hypnose EP [10166522]
Keith Carnal – Body Brain [ARTSCORE010] [AIFF]
Kenny Kelly – Dub Bud [EST184]
Kgiv – Regulatory Capture [TEETH8]
Khaled Abdrabo – Mr.K [TH271]
Krestovsky – Feel My Beat [LR1577837]
L&F Projekt – Tarida [PH169]
Lag – The New Social Norm [UB001]
Lalo Angeles – Gemini [STH125]
Le Croque feat. HRRSN – Melancholia [CONNECTED050D]
Limited Series 004 [SLS004]
Love Regenerator – Love Regenerator 2 [G0100042616438]
Lowerzone – Take A Rave [RIOT114]
Luca Gaeta – Cosmic Transition [HDRZ049]
Luigi Rocca – Love Shots, Vol. II [303L2004]
Manuel Meyer – Same [3000080]
Marc Houle – Scalery (Items & Things)
Marcal – Seargent M [SAWH095]
Marck D, Buitrago – Second State E.P. [BITT160]
Marco Bedini – Crow Land [SMTR001]
Markus Homm & Benny Grauer – Dubrutsche EP (Acker Dub)
Massano – Go Back [RC17]
MasterSlave – Akira [NATBLACK232]
Matthias Schuell – Damascus – Azelot [JEAHMON033]
Mayank – Deep Blue EP [AW160]
Menico – Vision EP [BMR010]
Mike Shannon, Ohm Hourani, OHMS – Nova In The Sun [CYN087]
Modal & Mihølnir – Mental Machine [RVL090]
Monkey Safari – HI (Remixed) [HOME040]
Mr Morek – Amperage EP [PLY001]
NALL – Gliese 581 [RW42]
Natural & Electronic.system. – Mediterranea [TIKITA011]
Nicola Cruz – Hybridism (Multi Culti)
Niki4 – Knight Rider EP [TH293]
Nino Weber – Seelen EP [VGB022]
No Distance – Metropolis [AN007]
Nüur – Far From Home [OLDSQL582]
Ortis, Khaan – Stickle Wickle [THCD188]
Oto #2 [OTO002]
OuiOui – Neverthought [BYK039]
Pana, Ignacio Morales – Free Entry [MHYHD013]
Pat Wilson – LCN 006 [LCN006]
Peer Kusiv, Lenny – Toxic Temptation [4251625984688]
Pfirter, Oliver Rosemann – Alpha [MT27]
Pieralberto Valli – Salomè (Ivory Re-Vision) [BF035]
Praana & Levv – I Am [ENCOLOR220E]
Prince de Takicardie – Matrix Computer Poetry EP [SSL-009]
Prins Thomas – Graut (Prins Thomas Musikk)
Redentor – Redentor (Live Cuts) [4061707277191] [FLAC]
Rog De Prisco – In My Mind [RSZ193]
Rollo (BE) – Stratosphere [BSD2020098]
Rone White, Rowen Clark – Little Helpers 362 [LITTLEHELPERS362]
Ronnie Spiteri – Gravity EP [TR351]
Roy Rosenfeld – No Drama [RMS016]
Rustek – Total Eclipse
Ryan Murgatroyd – We Go Walking [SWOON04]
Sam Arsh – Alignment [LECB008]
Sebastien Leger – Secret [ADID054]
Sergio Parrado – Osm [BRISE123]
Shamans – Reale [TH273]
Simone Tavazzi – Extraction [STG036]
Sobek, Soulholic, 7Options – Gin [MBR372]
Solid Stone – Veritas EP
Sqnc.d – Aural (Morning Mood Records)
Stefano Crabuzza – Let It Go [LAM178]
Stefano Noferini – Dance U [DPE1665]
T-78, Raito – Acid People _ Make Me Feel [ATK056]
Techu – Aurora [RFC026]
Tecnica – Blockchain [IBOGATECH048]
The Alchemical Theory – Fog over the Lake [AFFIN159]
The Reactivitz – Space Trip [IMRSN013]
The Second Wave – Outer Rim [SSR052]
The Sickbeat – Atropine EP [AWT022]
Thor – T1 _ T2 [THL009]
TiM TASTE, Earl Grau – Rotation [BB380]
Tiree Automatic – Elastic Tiger
Toman – Feel For You EP [MOSCOW033]
Toni Alvarez – Micetal EP [PRRUKD20023]
Triad – Chong Ji Pai [VBS005]
Triart – Life Cycles [EFM020]
Unklevon – Thrilled Since 93 [BNRTRAX059]
Unpleasant Behaviour – Pride & Prejudice [AM027] [FLAC]
VA – 8 Years Of Moan Part 1 [MOANV27]
VA – Abilities IX [PHOBIQ0228D]
VA – Diagonals EP [PGR186]
VA – Elementary, Pt. 1 [FE001]
VA – Extended Play 01 [289SD]
VA – Free Cloud Season 1 [TGNR069]
VA – P E R C E P T I O N S
VA – Suprematic Sampler 01 [SP035]
VA – The Renaissance, Vol. 1 [NAM024]
VA – Various Moods 001 [VM001]
Va O.N.E. – Carcosa EP [ADR417]
Vohkinne – Inertial Frame Ep [INN012] [FLAC]
Wesley Martins – Compress [RR307]
Whirl – Movement EP [SYYKBLK057]
Will Silver – It’s The Way U Make Me Feel EP [NA029]
Zan Heimer – Damage Kontrol [DK001]