Afro House

Bekzin Terris, Kususa & Argento Dust – The Ghost
Black Toes Sa & Tshepang, Black Toes Sa – Eclipse
Brigado Crew & Ubbah, Brigado Crew – Jena [A Tribe Called Kotori]
Darksidevinyl – O Ba [SP Recordings]
DJ Kev Karter – Made in Africa [Offering Recordings]
EKstatiQ Tone – The Deep & the Dark, Pt.1 [AfroMove Music]
Individualist – Commando Hypo [Bush Doctor Recordings]
Izzy La Vague – Hamba Remixes [Laitra Sound Inc]
Kevin Makhosi & Miss D, Novuyo Seagirl – Nyimbo Za Ku Afrika
P.M Project, Janice B & N’dinga Gaba – Walking in the Light
Peezy Beatz – Selvagem [Black Mambo]
Pl4net Dust – Pimientos [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Quajow & DJ Nekzen – Apes of the Neverland
Silvano Del Gado & Wlady – Makuta [DEL GADO REC]
Sureno Beatzz – Futuristas (feat. BradFlash) [Guettoz Muzik]
Team Distant – Istari Order [Arrecha Records]
Tommy boccuto & Giampy Romita – Funk Samba
VA – 2nd Belief
VA – 10 Years of 659 Records, Pt. 1 [659 Records]
Yass & FNX OMAR – Fema [MoBlack Records]


A Pale Son – Fishing Mermaids [recordJet]
ACUA – Keep Spinning [Papercup Records]
Ancalima – Twisted (feat. Imai) [TRAK MUSIC]
Balt Getty – Loser [Purplehaus Records LLC]
Boudi Aridi – I Miss You [Deep Strips]
Daniel Pozo – Riding a Star [Acqustic]
DJ Bum Bum & Simon Finix – Believe [Venus Records]
Dj Zavala – Go Back [LoveStyle Records]
DYLN – The Light [DYLN]
Echo Deep – Neo [Blaq Diamond Boyz Music]
Ecstausa – Cocaine [Spinnup]
Ellez Ria – Echoes [Black Sunset Platinum]
FROZT & Ken Takano – Set Me Free (feat. Ozimede)
Gary Taylor – Peace [Waveskin White]
Gianpiero XP – Adelante [Dance Republic]
Greenmamba – Oh Yeah [Pink Dolphin Music Ltd]
Hangover Boss – Two Beers One Sample [Fantase]
Jay Dallenback – Triad Hawaii [Karia Records]
Joe Lepler – Get Ready for the Weekend (Remix)
Joseph Lawrence & The Garden – Fade
Josha Daniel – Open Up [Enroute Records]
Lawine – Discofieber [recordJet]
Les Gordon – Le nord [Arista France]
Lorjs & Palma – Safari (feat. Suray) [Lindagrooves]
Louka – Feine Gesellschaft [recordJet]
Lucy Dalton & Cook & Stans – I Live My Own Life [Cook & Stans]
Mark Deluxe – Let It Go [Club 33 Music]
MARTIERA – Goodbye [Intergalactic Cat]
Marty de Lutece – Comment Faire [Jeune a Jamais]
Matt London & FP – Smash [Megadrome Experiment Records]
Matteino DJ & Alessio Carli – Baby…Oh Yeah [Keep!]
MKJAY & Das Kapital, MKJAY – Never Change [Elevation]
Noaz – Over Mind [recordJet]
Nollan – The Bluesman [XMOD Records]
OMfG – Toast Bear [TurtleDog]
Pizza Bro – Delivery Music [GusMusicRecords]
Popsicl3 – Frosty Day (Vltn Remix) [Nocolors]
Q-Mark – Dikoloto [Soultribe Entertainment]
Sj & Rynn – Before I Loved You [Enhanced Recordings]
Steve Modana & Samantha Cole – Weekend Love [Lit Bit]
Suzan Köcher – Suprafon [Unique Records]
Vaski – Squad [Vaski]
Vicktor – Nobody Knows [Worka Tune]
Vintage Culture & Fancy Inc – In the Dark [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Aex – Running Away [Dbeatzion Records]
After The Cutt – Warehouse Days of Glory, Pt.2 [Kuudos]
Alexis Nohra – Hudson Street [Inkognito Records]
Alexny – To the Front [Moiss Music Black]
Almad – Deep Deep [PlayHouse Time Records]
Anthony Mea – Party Of One EP [LAR313]
Arno E. Mathieu – Circumstances of Chaos, Phase 1 – Introduction to the Process
BCKSPN – Healed Me [Del Sol]
Brian Boncher, Dave Goeske – Music Takes Me Higher [TRU052]
Cammi – Look at the World (100% Silk)
Cassettes For Kids – Goldfish Feelings [Moment Cinetique]
Chateau Denoire – Black Fish [Grooveless Recordings]
Clean Is Good – He Loves Deep [Gents & Dandy’s]
Colin Callahan & Hartstopper – Be with You [Breeze Records]
Dachshund – Major Shift [Gruuv]
Dana Ruh – 4 Leaf Clover [RDV Music]
Deep Hole & Supreme – Overflow [Uno Mas Digital Recordings]
Deepear – Deep in Your Love [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Derek Christopher – Jaxon [Floor 13]
DJ DIVO & OliO – Closer Than Close [Music for Clubs]
Dj Sa Correia – A Void [Atmospherica]
Domenico Albanese – About You [Soulstar Records]
Duality of Duality – No Balance [DOD Music Record]
DuBeats – Didn’t Ask [Oh So Coy Recordings]
East of Eden – East of Eden (Distant Hawaii)
Enyon – Words You Say (feat. Marcus Pearson) [Enyon Music]
Espiritus – Lie To Me [Agua Blanca Records]
Force Placement – Vibe Repair [100% Silk]
Frank Ru – Forever n’a Day [Candid Beings Recordings]
French La Touche – When I Think of You [CLR0036]
G-Souto – Want You [Braslive Records]
Hlasi & Mike-Deep – Hooks & Loops [Deep Clicks]
Irdi – Beer Foam [Intricate Records]
Jaffer – Intimite [CAT326470]
Janelle Pulo & Melchior Sultana – Profound Sound [Profound Sound]
Jazzuelle – Yinyang [Basement Art]
Joey Chicago – Up in the Sky [BM236]
Josh Charm – Cray – Extended Mix [STMPD228E]
Julian Kay – My Sister [Veksler Records]
Jullian Gomes – Slow Poison [World Without End]
Keen Champ – Your Love [Mr.LoveYoTube Records]
Mantu & Roland Clark – Changing [1st Strike Deep]
Manuel Costela – Sun Waves [Cyanide]
Manuel Sahagun – Awake EP [FRD252]
Matthias Zimmermann – Searching Everywhere [Back Office Records]
Mista Nugget – My Sweetness (feat. Louise Golbey) [Makin’ Moves]
Moodena, Sartorial – Come Get It [TDR062]
Mount Kismet – Teenage Fantasy (Remixes) [feat. C.A.R] [Disco Halal]
Nick Neiman – I Want To Be [So Tight]
Nollan – With U [Sensoria Records]
Oxygenbuntu, B’utiza – We Bafana [SNK100]
Panjabi MC – Mundian to Bach Ke (Babert Remix) [Tinted Records]
Parlando – Ashtad [Muak Music]
Pezzner – Body Language, Vol. 22 – EP1 (Get Physical Music)
Rob T – Schillern [Deep Hype Sounds]
Roman Tkachoff – To You [DBR1182]
Samba Mapangala – Matadi [Rebirth]
Satin Jackets, Panama – Electric Blue [541416511065D]
Secrets Remain – Yesterday’s Silence [Konevova]
Sgt.Elias – One Way or Another [Strange Stereo Storm Records]
sh4m4n1sm – Sidekick [Play it Loudly]
Soyuz 38 – Gravity [Turtle Musik]
Spin Worx – Take That [Pasqua Records S.A]
Steve Hammer – Ancestral [Tentacle Records]
TB – Drop Wet Gorgeous [Permanent Vacation]
thatmanmonkz – Non Zero Sum Game [Shadeleaf Music]
The Guidance – Overs [Brooklyn Fire]
Theus Mago – Osla [COR078]
Tibasko – Cultivation [W&O Street Tracks]
Uj Pa Gaz – Highsocks [Tici Taci]
Underline – A.T.B.G. [A Little Music AB]
us & sparkles – Close [Delicieuse Records]
VA – ADE Sampler 2019 [Bewild Records]
VA – Best of 20-Neinteen [Nein Records]
VA – Indie Disco [Young Society Records]
VA – La Dame Noir – X [La dame Noir Records]
VA – Lazy Days ReMixed (Lazy Days)
VA – Street King Autumn EP [SK533]
VA – Sub_Urban ADE Sampler 2019 [Sub_Urban]
VA – Virage Airways [Virage Records]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

A dan – Toxins [Sunny Moves Records]
Anxious – Chaka [MKMZ Records]
Artilect – Rhythm Seeker [Samurai Music]
AYM – Piece of Heaven [Hyperactivity Music]
Bad Influence – This Is a Test [Hustlin Beats]
Basstripper – The Moon [Basstripper Music]
Bayza – Mirage [Bounce United]
Beatnok – Aptima [AGN7 Audio]
Coverk – Back 2U [Indivision Music]
Crystal Sirens, Dian – Echoes Issue 001 [Echoes Collective]
Cyclopian – Cell [Vomitspit]
Deploy – Isolation [Dance Concept]
DJ Rancid – Cascade [Evolution Records UK]
DJ Rancid – Positive Steps [Suburban Chaos DnB]
DMPR – Cicada 3303 [Incursion Recordings]
Eastcolors, Eazy – ProgRAM 100 Sampler [Program]
ELSP – Gotta Boom [Vinebeat Records]
Es.tereo – Ra [Cosmic Bridge]
Exit4 – Face Gone [E-Form Records]
Forge – No Matter What , Safety Beach [Silk Recordings]
Gino & D-Nasty, Gino & KLAY – Unsafe Universe
Hexa & KL, KL – Mortal [Incurzion Audio]
Indivision – Survive or Perish , Thicker Than Blood
Inmachineswetrust – Insight [Modular Carnage Recordings]
Jack Boston – The Place , Always There [Symmetry Recordings]
Jaskin & Uneven – Safe Edge [None60]
Jedi – One Step Ahead (feat. Reeality) [Dubstomp 2 Bass Records]
Jinx – Panic Zone [SubSine Records]
Kanine – Face Away (feat. A Little Sound) [UNLEASHED]
Klute – Whatever It Takes [Commercial Suicide]
Linear – Peripheral Vision [Detached Audio]
Looperz – Strange [Looper Records]
Lunatick – Axe , Trampoline [DNBD Recordings]
Macky Gee & Jay Eskar, The Prototypes – Games Remixes
Martin Hygård & Andy Rozz – Rocket [Ocean Music Group]
Matt Deco & Subtle Mind, Matt Deco – Fade to Blonde , Rope
Michael Schack – Order [FATKick]
Mike Van Dee – Don’t Bleed [Planet Trax]
Mountain – Syncopation , Pierrot [Skankandbass]
Nick The Lot – Over the Moon [Sub-liminal Recordings]
Nicky Havey – Burning In My Soul (feat. Vechal)
Pastel Planet – The White Room [Liquid Lab]
Sinprint & KLIMAX, Sinprint – Journeys [Pulse Audio]
Slider & Expose – Lead Them to the Well [Lossless Music]
Tekel – Spire , Maroon [Subtitles Music (UK)]
The Upbeats – The Lost Tapes [Non Vogue]
THUGWIDOW – Hard Rave Aesthetic [Western Lore]
Tsuki – Away [Crucast]
VA – Lime Records Summer Best [Lime Records]
VA – Ready for the Train , Vok. 4
Was A Be & Visages, Was A Be – Passive Aggressive
Wilkinson – Machina [UKF10] [UKF]
Zero G & Sublow Hz – Raggamuffin [Dub Shotta]

Electronica & Downtempo

1979 – Overload [HANDS]
16Pad Noise Terrorist – Eunoia Remixtape [HANDS]
Anthony Baldino – Twelve Twenty Two [MethLab Recordings]
Arthur Reynolds – Funky People [Etznab]
Baltra – Celestial Spheres [lwlvls]
Black Marble – Bigger Than Life [Sacred Bones Records]
Blank & Jones & Jan Loechel, Blank & Jones – Magnolia
Boblebad – Kontemplasjon [Eskimo Recordings]
Bro David – Bro David (Remixes) [Cultures Of Soul Records]
Ccismo – Laso [Sol Eterno]
Ccismō – Laso [Sol Eterno]
Conformist – Lifestyle Bible [Consumer Consumer Records]
David Harrow & James Hope – Ode [Workhousedigital]
David Ross Benson – Paranormal [Teknofonic Recordings]
Dead-Tones – Delusions of Grandeur [BAR25106]
Deathprod – Occulting Disk (Smalltown Supersound)
DJ Style & Beluga’s Trio, DJ Style – The Real Sound of Style
Donato Dozzy – 12H (Presto!)
Dr. Deep House – A Solid State [Sine Music]
Ebende – New Chemistry [Lima Express]
Edendo – The Naked Sun [Matsuri Digital Chill]
Francis Plagne – Rural Objects [Black Truffle]
Frank Latanika – Sometimes [ETZ113]
Greyhound – A Storm Is Coming [HANDS]
I.M.D, Lauge – Mensaje Al Corazon [Altar Records]
Jon the Dentist & Sunshine Rockerz – Blue Sun (Laslo Nemeth Chill Remix)
Ka Baird – Respires [RVNG INTL.]
Kamala – Tonight [SHADA]
Keoné – A Kindness [Cala Bassa Records]
Kevin J. McKenna – New Green [Instate]
Kreidler – Flood [Bureau B 1]
LA Vampires & Cologne – 10 Outta 10 [100% Silk]
Lacey – All Night Long [Agua Blanca Records]
Last Days of S.E.X. – Close to Destruction and Still Beautiful
Lindstrom – On a Clear Day I Can See Forever [STS346LP]
Locked Groove – Sunset Service (Remixes 2) [SUN006]
Lonely Man – Charmolipi [Kaiseki Digital]
Luis Lupe – My Body [Coral Gables Records]
M.Curtis – Yomi (Remixed) [Kraak Records]
Max Jones – Drain [My Favorite Robot Records]
Max Jones – Drain EP [MFR181]
MDR – Best Friend [Octiive]
Mono No Aware – Mujoo [HANDS]
More Ghost Than Man – So Soon the Dark [8D Industries]
Nina Missy – Real Life [Agua Blanca Records]
Oberhon – Midnight Hours [Classè Records]
Oliver Koletzki, Temple Haze – Let Go [SVT263Y]
Pastel – Moon Landing [Very Jazzed]
Pita – Get On [Editions Mego]
Planco – Escape.The.Woulds. [YouTunez]
Povoa – Layers [Moshi Moshi Records]
Rezzonator – Separation Anxiety [Rezzelectro Records]
Roberto Pedoto – Love Me [9th Chord Recordings]
Rudy Adrian – Woodlands [Spotted Peccary]
Syntech – Shadows Above Me [HANDS]
Tasos Stamou – D.A.D [Discrepant]
Tempers – Private Life [Dais Records]
The Arcadian Lover – Reflections [Conceptual Music]
The Pendletons – Keep It Working (Jacques Renault Remixes)
TT-ram – Peace and Harmony [Versatile Productions]
Volodymyr Versta – Crescent [MRIU Publishing]


120 Dance – Nothing Else Matters Revisited
Alex Peace & Brian Boncher – Appreciate
Alison Candy – I Take You Down [Birkin Records]
Andre Salmon – Work EP [SG061]
ANZU – Rhythm Player [Lisztomania Records]
Barbara Mason – Another Man (Opolopo Remixes)
BBwhite – Keep On [Star Funk Records]
Billy Mac – One More Day (feat. Hayley Jayne)
Block & Crown – This Moment (Bigger the Life)
Bruno Reis – Las Chica Sexy – [Freak StarZ Records]
Bunch of Frequencies – Shards of Summer [KLNQMZK]
Da Funk Junkies & Sordid Soundz – What Time Is It
Danilo Monteiro – Let’s Jack [Uba Lua Records]
David Novacek – Dark Mode [Tactical Records]
Dirty Disco Stars – Can’t Take It [CRMS Records]
Disk Nation – Special Funk [Dafunk]
Dj Frankie D – There Is A Woman EP [VR180]
Eico – Down Town [MojoHeadz Records]
Elementic Soul – End of Time (The Remixes)
Enrico BSJ Ferrari – Keep On Music [Traktoria]
Even Tuell – Workshop 27 (Workshop)
Filta – Japan Horns are Gruvy [Red Lamp Records]
Filta Freqz – Definition [Craniality Sounds]
Fond8 – Your Desire [METPO151]
Gianluca Manzieri – Belive In Me [BTR144]
Hawksburn – No Love [Hot Sunday Records]
Hudson Cerone – Keep on Loving Me [Casa Day Pots]
Hudson Cerone – The Way I Feel [Casa Day Pots]
Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax – Black Jam [One Track Mind]
Jasper Street Co. – Praying For You (Remixes)
JazzyFunk – Deep Inside (Sammy Deuce Remix)
Jeff Haze – Locked Down [Jacked Out Trax]
Jimmy Switch – Your Loss EP [UP007]
Joey Majors – Deep Inside [Smokin Joe Records]
Kejam – Diamonds (feat. Terry Harris) [Bedfunk]
Kenny Brian – LET’S DREAM TOGETHER [JT148]
Klingande, Bright Sparks – Messiah – Tony Romera Extended Remix [UL00871]
Korsakow – Neurotic EP (Forms & Figures)
Larry A & Sara Excellent – Stay Another Night
LTO & Luciano FM – Underground [Funky Floor Records]
Michelino – I Know You Need Me [Juiced Music]
Mike Chenery – Shadow Dancer [Funky Revival]
Mousse T., Peven Everett – Pleasure [PJMS0232]
Nash Cedar – You Make Me [Pongo Records]
Painterly – Make Nice [Pretty Young Thing]
Peter Palace – Evermore [Sundries Digital]
Potions – All the Way Up [Parrot Dice Records]
Ralph C – Bring the Funk [Moiss Music]
Rhythm Staircase – Remember (4Peace Remix)
Riva Starr – Feel It EP [SNATCH140]
Sebo K – New Steps [Kwench Records]
Serge Gee – Minerva [Selecta Music]
Silverfox – Fundamental Diggers 2 [FOX Pukka Kutz Records]
Simun – Wannabe [NFTY]
Softcore Express – Electrostones [Eternal Sunday]
Stace Cadet, KLP – Get On It (Extended Mix) [CLUBSWE214]
Tevo Howard – For All Occasions
The Lab Wizard – Promises [PR Records]
Tlim Shug – Selenicereus grandiflorus (Cactus Traxx)
Wayward Brothers – One Thousand , Baroque [Wolfrage Recordings]

Melodic House & Techno

Art in Motion – Orange Not Black [EKORD]
Carlos Francisco – Dusty Roads [SP Recordings]
Costa Mp – Another Life [APTANG]
Fredi Vega – Polaris [Wanderlust]
Freshair – Close to Me [Young Society Neon Edition]
Hannes Bruniic – T R I P [DJ Culture Records]
J.Moure – El Cielo [Beat Or Die Records]
Jenkins – Beirut [Trippy Code]
Joan Alvarez – Shift [Palace Rec.]
Just Doc – Actiph [Sulino Records]
Lunar Plane – Phantom [Desert Hearts Black]
Märtini Brös – 20 Years of Poker Flat Remixes
Nicky Miles & Adam Omari, Monvol – B-Side
Oliver Schmidt – Trigger [Monkey League]
Seba Silva – Origins [Elastic Dimension Records]
Vietmens – Pocahontas [Extravaganza]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Betatone Collective – George Peace [Marba Records]
Charlie Banks – Flight Mode [Moscow Records]
Deep Root 7 – 7 Years from Now [Mrali Recordings]
Dennis Bune – There She Is [Fatal Music]
Disobey – Aztec [Daze]
Falcos Deejay – Life 2100 [Alveda Subject]
K-Mack – Deeper [Clover Records]
Lampe – Sweet Voice [Alula Tunes]
Masomenos – Hotel Costes presents…STUDIO HC #03
Mike Morrisey – Chopper [Lemon-aid Music]
Morpei – Spacedisco [Percomaniacs]
PAWSA – Roll Play [PAWZ]
PSTW & Chris Whittaker – Lies [Detic Recordings]
Season Deep – Rough Side [Fate Mercy Records]
ÜNAM – The Wizard [ElectronicMusic.FM]
Zura & FrenzyDreamz, Zura – Safe Place

Progressive House

Andrew James – Gymnopedie No. 1 [Teknofonic Recordings]
Avexi & Vaivada – Ketamine [GERVE RECORDS]
Blue Cell – Corpus Aqua [Stripped Recordings]
Deejay Virus_Soulkid – Human Wave [Heart N Soul Records]
Dirty Doering, Einmusik & Dirty Doering – Centaurio
Evernaya – Sunset [First Impression]
Facto – Under the Moon [Vesta Lux]
firastical – Magic Comes With the Rain [Noobish Records]
Flo Circus – Power of Thoughts [Circus Music]
Foggy Guys – Organikk Stream [Figura Music]
Kroman – When It Rains [Elliptical Sun Recordings]
Masahiro Narita – Leap [MojoHeadz Records]
Oreason – Touch the Sky [Music Department Label]
Orkidea – Nana (Jerome Isma – Ae in Search of Sunrise Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
Parralox – Genesis [Subterrane Records]
Sander Bastiaans – Feelings in the Sun (Sander’s Sunny 2019 Remaster) [Exia Recordings]
Skylne – Time [NoAnwer]
The Loco – Linked , Reboot [Early Origin]
Tildbros – Surrender [Tildmusic]
VA – Colorscapes Sampler – Part One
while_e – Eunomia [While (Everyone’s Rec.)]
Z8phyr – Stirring in Silence [Cool Breeze]

Tech House

Aday Hernández – Diva [Beats Recordings]
Albert Aponte & Chris Groovejey – Let Me Do It
Albert Garcia, Manu Fuentes – Calocha EP [4056813124583]
Alvaro AM – Repeat [RAW038]
Bilel Gargouri – Just (Alexander Ben Instrumental Remix)
Caal, Baum, Menesix – Pop Yo Booty [RLM020]
Camilo Do Santos & Drumkraft, Camilo Do Santos – 200
Casmalia – Disco Nightmare [MTWAT156]
Cloonee – Funky Funky [SOLOTOKO038]
Cloud sweet – Happy in the rain [Music DJ Academy]
Dan Zalot – Basement Jack [Tächno]
Dapte – Up and Down [Climax Digital Recordings]
Dateless – Funky Levan EP [VIVA163]
David Gtronic – Duplicitous [Capadi Music]
Davide Mazzilli – Realy Hot [REFILL MUSIC]
De’Lacy & Rainie – Hideaway 2019 (Brixxtone Remix)
DJ Christopher – Believe Me [No Definition]
DJ Dove – Street Love [PHXBLK]
Dj Joel Cabana – Tech Addict [The Psycho Social Club]
DJ KK & Gianni Ruocco – Bailame esa Conga [Line Box Records]
DJ Nanni – Dominator [NOISE CUTS RECORDS]
DYRANGE – Get on the Dance Floor [DYRANGE Records]
Erik Bonaldy – Elegua [W279]
Felipe Rabi – Johnny El Juan [Deep Bear]
Forgotten Modern – Warm Glow [ALXNDR]
Hassio (COL) – Receptions – Reverend – Blooms [WT354]
Hypside & Gemra – Little Joe [Chub Rub]
Ian Cou – Coast to Coast [Groovy Bone]
Ibizamotion – City Beatz [Ibizamotion]
Imanol Molina – Patiala [Superstitious]
Insomnia – Madness [Remind Recordings]
Ivan Luceri – In My Nightmare [Labdab]
Jaden Thompson & Solo Tamas – Control Freak [Cuttin’ Headz]
John Blackwood – For the Streets [Moog Modular]
Jonatas C – House Tool EP [OFD064]
Julian Collazos – Jeambo EP [DM175]
Kevin Knapp – He’s on Fire [HotBOi Records]
Le Roi Carmona – No Pasa Nada [Jekos Music]
Level Groove – Losing Control EP [TRSMT153]
Luca Donzelli – Realize [ORIGINS20]
Luca Lazza – Fake [Lemon Juice Records]
Luis Rodriguez – FRATM [RUN DEEP Records]
Luthier – The Joker [EBR0007]
Matthias Tanzmann, Mathias Kaden – Dizzy [MHD072]
Mirko Di Florio – Revolution EP [RR2207]
Ocean Roulette & VNSSA – The Magic [Holy Molé Music]
Peter Gc – The Best Track In the Whole History of the Entire Universe
Reblok – Smile [Hot Creations]
Salva Di Nobles – 2CB [27FS Records]
Sam Girling – Acid Drops Part 1 [SubSoul]
Sean Doron – Illuminati [Flying Circus Recordings]
Seb Zito – Theory To Start EP [FUSE039]
Taleena – Mutual (feat. Cultra) [Extended Mix] [Hot Sunday Records]
Tommy Capretto, Richard Fraioli & AU-1 – Trapped In a Bassline
VA – Halloween 2019 [PERA157]
VA – Judi Sampler 025 [Judi Records]
VA – The Remix Compilation (Raoul)
Wally Lopez, Samuel Dan – Work EP [GSR376]
Walter Vooys – Chicago Groove [The Warehouse]
weareinwave – Hunting Breath [weareinwave]
Will Heff – Flavour [Feel The Fruit]
Zumzumbang – Go [Pura Music]

Techno & Minimal

Ackermann – Love Plays Drum [Ignite! Records]
Adriana Lopez – Embera (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Affective Sauna, DJ Ronny Lite & Impala – 001 [Galaxunity]
Airod – Rave Cycle [Lenske]
aka Bob Molly – Hamsterdam [Root System Records]
Andres Campo – Dan Says [EI8HT]
Anew – Anhedral [Anew Records]
Asio (Aka R-Play) – Dada [SOUS012]
Asymetrik – Asymetrik 001 [ASYMETRIK001]
Bassel Darwish – This Is What We Do EP [LBR011]
Big Feta & Doctor Boom – Replicant [Terminator Records]
Bluetrain aka Steve O’Sullivan – Babylon Paralysis [Future Primitive]
Conforce – Dawn Chorus [Delsin Records]
Craig & Grant Gordon – Plus One EP [DM079]
Damian Cassar – Wanderer of the Cosmos [Bubblejam]
Dan HabarNam – Major Blinks [Idle Hands]
Dany Rodriguez – Green Source [RMR]
Deetron – Photon (Gerd Janson & Carl Cox Remixes) [Character]
Dimitri Hagee – Hey Techno [THaF Records]
Dip, Farid Odilbekov – Contents [BYK031]
Distørshn Shape – Collapce [ATMO Prod. Russia]
DJ AmoSSS – You Are Marvelous,,H8 Me, Just Need It [MojoHeadz Records]
DJ Lily, Sandra Mosh – Lilies4 [LILIES]
DJ Richard – Eraser [Flexxseal]
DMX Krew – Libertine 12 [LIB12]
EDND – Rupture of Plane [Paraiso]
Elek-Fun – Big Fat Load [AMMuzik Records]
Fausto Arduino – Mistaken [Toxic Recordings]
Fractal – Antifema [MojoHeadz Records]
Francisco Aguado – Retrospective [Apnea Label]
GRIFE – Substance [KLUBINHO]
Henry Saiz – The Bard [NS095]
Ironfist – Teknikcolor [Rabotat Records]
Josh Tan – Riu [ORO]
Loco & Jam & Gaston Zani – Enter the World [Agile Recordings]
Luky & Matteo Cabassi – Neweeloo [Soundzrise]
Maertini Broes – 20 Years of Poker Flat Remixes [PFR222]
Mai Takemura – Skincare [Right Music Records]
Mandar – Poisoned Words (Ricardo Villalobos Remixes) [OSC16]
Markantonio – Frames [Codex Recordings]
MartinoResi – Yarde EP [PGR178]
Matt Saderlan – El Futuro Es Nuestro [Dancefloor Impact Research]
Metodi Hristov – Unfriendly Medusa [OCT163]
Moe.ritz – Fort Nox [Sick’N’Raw Records]
Motormännen – Samhällsinformation [Lamour]
Mr Rog – Replicant Entities [New Robot Rec]
Optics – Planet Us [K S R]
Patrick Topping – Dungeon Freak EP [TRICK004]
PUSHMANN – Dreamin (Be As One)
Ramioul, Miotti, Rbn – Exidium EP [KNV002]
Sascha Braemer – Vela EP [4056813156157]
Shun – Dreamland [Insult To Injury]
SIDE B – In Way [RTK016]
Sidetrax – Rewire [Eternity Sounds]
Signal One – Beyond [OPAC Records]
Sofie Sapuna – Jungle Of 303 [Plazma Records]
soundhulk – Transcendence [Complex Destroyerz]
Stefan Alexis – Mind Dweller [Counterchange Recordings]
Systm B – Random Mode Playlist #2 [Atjazz Record Company]
Ton&Jhon – Chamacid [Osler Records]
Tripster – Space Crime [Richy Records]
Uj Bala – Energol [Nona Records]
VA – ADE Showreel 2019 [FFGR042]
VA – Melodies of Techno, Pt. 7 [Kollektor]
VA – Techno Essential [CamelMusic Records]
VA – The Wide Range of Electronic Music
Weirather – Zundap [Eichtal Recordings]
Will Clarke – Listen Linda [Kneaded Pains]
William Kiss – Afterdark [IAMT]
X Da Maestro – Plateau , No Heathen