Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Africanism Allstars – Talibe – DJ Angelo Remix [YP373]
Allen Craig & Homero Espinosa – Monsieur – 2019 Remixes [MM179]
Andy Bach – For You [SKB033]
ANIL YILDIZ – Dream [Road Story Records]
Arjoon, Nobounds – Psychedelic [SIZZLED004]
Axel E – Silverhojd (Etttrettioett Remix) [Lamour]
BadWolf – Hipnótico [NUFF004]
Beats Republic – Antares [SIM043]
Benediction – No Break EP [Way Up Music]
Billydon Mokantas, Record L Jones – Ontse Omo Phendula [BLV6757205]
Carl Fons – Marmelade [Survivor Records]
Carlos Montilla & Irwin Romero – El Sonido Del Silencio
Chemical Disco – Stranger [One Stamp Records]
Citizen Deep – ENERGY [TGP005]
Creative Ades – Heart Beating [CA Records]
Curtis Scott – Prospect EP [HOTDIGIT061]
D. Briggs – Cuts Part One [Love Tempo Records]
Da Vynalist – Ne Oreng [Vynalist Records]
Dast & Dylan – Opine [About U]
David Morales – Izizwe (feat. Shota) [DIRIDIM]
Demian Muller – Fox Machine [DECHAPTER]
Deni Astera – Reason To Dismal [Graba Music]
Dionigi – Como Uma Samba [Quantistic Division]
Disco Morato – Convocazione [Nein Records]
DJ Scoob – Zimbabwe [Amarrage Recordings]
Dramanovel, Elinna – In the Know [DRAMANOVELMUSIC002]
Elias Kazais & George Nikolaou – Burning Sand [Sunclock]
Emory Toler, Ewonder – Erase My Fears [ERI0034]
George Lesley, Kelly Khumalo, Museeq IQ – Noma Inini [PRSA11]
Guy Maayan & T-Puse – Going to Mars [2030]
Hallex M – Pull Yourselves Together [UR135]
Hermann – Angel In The Night [Mojear Records]
Hotel Rubio, Roocklast – Ritual & Antepasados [TOTUM Music]
Ikka, Lisandro & Ikka – Mode [Dream Culture]
J Maloe, Tashan Venicini – BETTER DAYS (feat Kayenne) (FLIPSIDE REMIX) [CAT327628]
Jackkerson – I Feel Good [SSD178]
Jason Heat – Era Divine of Love [Discovery Divine]
Jay Aliyev – Cry [Baijan Records]
Jorkes & Hard Ton – Cross The Line [Freeride Millenium]
Julian Sanza, Andre Espeut – Night And Day [LAR311]
Junior Capriati – The Wrong Move [Barbecue Records]
Just Rob – I Got You [OHR192]
Kev Dot Kruz – Ashram [AFRO0020]
King Zorba – Motitinti [MABABU RECORDS]
Kvinn – This Feeling [Bohemian Tunes Records]
L.D.F. & The Butcher – The Match (L.D.F. vs. The Butcher)
Last Train 2Bankhead – Dzogchen [MDCCCVI Music]
Lel – Affection [Flip-Flops Records]
Leonel Castillo – Electra [Groovear]
Local Suicide, Franz Matthews – Meditation – Tutan Jamon Remixes [541416511114D]
Lorant – More Freedom [Royal Advisor Records]
Magnifik – Dance with Me (feat. Mickey Sulit) [Bobbin Head Music]
Marco Tegui, Night Vision [ca] – Transitions [BAR25104]
Mariano Mellino – Marxaclox [MOD049]
Mauri O’Mas – Vicious Circle [Delay Music]
Max Martinez – Deep Excursion [FCR002]
MIGUEL VILLARREAL – Momentos [Andromeda Records]
Mik Kartl – Fantasia [Hidden Vibes]
Mr Nofo – Perfora [Moore Dancing]
Musical Vine – Championships [SR9067]
Musumeci & DJ Sisio, Musumeci & Phunkadelica – Arcade
Nautica (UK) – Distant Memory [WHO195]
Nautiq – Waves (Deep) [recordJet]
PHCK – More Than a Machine [ADIDA003]
Piprectron – Wake Up [0103Records]
Psycho Weazel – Ivacello Ep [Rumba Bisnes Music]
Pudell&Blank – Atlas [LOWPRESSINGS244]
Quarion – Shades [DPC0733]
Ramah – Breathe [G-Mafia Records]
Rhode & Brown – Nine to Shine [TOYT101X]
Rick Eckboch – Unlimited [dZb Records]
Rogue D – Tears EP [SNATCH139]
Ruthes Ma – Inkari (Afro-tech Mix) [MABABU RECORDS]
Sampladelic – Never Without You [Whoyostro White]
SamRAS – Deepok [Pingvizie]
Scan 7 – Between Worlds [DPTX021]
Scavazza – Power (Extended Mix) [UCR152D]
Semsa Bilge – Dancing Witches [48 Records]
Seryoga Force – Unusual [Mixupload Deep]
Shubostar – The Orion Loop [uju Records]
Simon Shaw – I Dont Wanna EP [FLAC]
Sir Vee The Great – Around You Ep [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Soul to Sound – Primitive (Running Mix) [164]
Spieltape, Dave Pad – Space Chants [HWD102]
Tekniq – Transitions Second Chapter [CAT333539]
The AquaBlendz – Horizon [DWUC054]
The Lost Hours – Lonely Love (Confessionals Remix)
The Music, RejazzSA – Ashamed EP [LM046]
TheDjLawyer – Remember [BRV30]
Tommy Deep – Way Of The Vibe EP [AfroMove Music]
Tommy Glasses – Feel Good [MIDRIOTD208]
Tommy MRali – Rural Estate [Mrali Recordings]
Twin – Turb – The Alter Of Incense (Afrolystic Dub)
Ubblahkan – Odyssey – Art Of Tones Remixes [Seven Music]
VA – Crosstalk EP [THEOM025]
VA – Wolf 10 Years Deep in the Game (Wolf Music)
VA – Wonder Buds, Vol. 2 (21 Oct 2019) AIFF
Vytis – Gliding [CTR121]
W.O.L.F., Atlas 221 – BeenTouchedSeries 42 [SYNCBT42]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

2Whales – Skeleton , Kill Human [Drumatch Records]
3RDKND – Remnant EP [Forbidden Society Recordings]
AC13 – The Virus [DNB Allstars Records]
Bomber Man – Chuck , Deuce Crew [Within The Woods Records]
Brederz – The Daze [Smooth N Groove Records]
Deficit & Wreckless, Deficit – Eternum (Wreckless Remix) , Smoke & Mirrors
Disphonia, Grey Code & Submarine – SENTINEL 003
DjSchluetex – Vokal Inspiration [NorwaySounds]
Emre Cizmeci – Typhoon [NESO Records]
Ewol & Skylark – Dyad [Dispatch Recordings]
Follow the Sun – Sun God EP [Divination Recordings]
Freaks Out Sound – Fabrication [Play Me More]
Freaks Out Sound – Nightmares EP [Interesting Music]
Futuristic Polar Bears, Yaksa & Busta-Row – Shiva [CMMD Records]
Gravity – Barely See [Totally Liquid]
Hasuwa – Ludens [Hasuwark]
Hazey – Coincidence , Transcendence [Urban Wildlife]
Jose Cunaro – Life [TickleTRAX]
Juan Trompis – Fuego [Guareber Recordings]
Le Twan – Shining Through [Primal Flow Recordings]
Loop Stepwalker, DjAssassin & Erre – Terraformer EP
Mindset [NL] & Despersion, Mindset [NL] – Stopping Time
Mistify 88 – Ddance [Mistify 88]
Mofes & Diskrete, Mofes – Geiger [Incurzion Audio]
Oat – Confessions [T3K]
Posij – Pulp [Vision Recordings]
Ralph Oliver – Go (Remode Remixes) [EPride Music Digital]
Rasmich – New Life [LowFreqMX]
Risk Label – Disable [Deep Bear]
Rodolfo Barasca – Wet [1Tribal Records]
VA – We Love Drum & Bass (2019)
Virtual Riot – Save Yourself EP [Disciple]
Void Stalker – Heartbreaker [Sonic Terror Digital]
Vytol – Elevate [Ruffneck Ting]
Wake & Bake – Back 2 Black [FMR – Forbidden Musical Rites]
Wild Joker – Brighter Days [Total Freedom Recordings]

Electronica & Downtempo

AA-Shaa – Wonder [BTZ119]
Abhaya – Ode to Impermanence [Merkaba Music]
Adaptationes Mirabiles, Ambitio Mentis – Live Your Life
AkizzBeatzz, Aroma – Rudraksha [Kosa Records]
Appropriate Savagery – Spatters of Paint, Bloody Wrist
Ard de Jong – My and My Horn [Stuckmusic]
Augusto Casella – Zerone [GusMusicRecords]
Cee ElAssaad & Hot Oasis, Chris Tiebo – Aria [Pipe & Pochet]
Cesare Beretta – Running Through the Night [Infrasuono]
Dallas Acid – Vacker (Edit) [All Saints Records]
Destination Unknøwn – Twin Dimensions [Sunora Recordings]
Ed Dejon – Mystic Forest [Percep-tion]
Elias Fassos, RisK (Gr) – Summoning the God [WDRM018]
figital – 18262 days [Woodwork Recordings]
Filmmaker – Unregulated [Opal Tapes]
Florian Deshoux – Christiane [Monturaqui Records]
Germind – Thoughtform [Cosmicleaf Records]
Giovanni Lucchetti – Rione Monti [SNR102]
Greentea Peng – Mr. Sun (miss da sun) [Different]
Hadas Pe’ery – The Secret Lives of Electromagnetic Transducers
Heavenchord & ashawa – Fractalization [Russians Did This Records]
Hoesh – Mine Line [recordJet]
Hot Mess Posse – Frat Boy Ballet [Valiant Horizon]
Ian Barras – Bells Ring in Heaven [Azra Digital Records]
James Chang – What I Got (Third Of The Fourth 2019 Edit)
Joy Legend – Pearly Tears [Be Adult Music]
Juanjo Andujar – I Can’t Give You the Moon (feat. Damla)
Kasst – Breathe [Flyance Records]
Kidnap – Grow [AREE082]
Kleintierschaukel – Drum ‘N’ Feels [Akumandra]
Lab’s Cloud – Remixes [Bloodsugar Records]
Madd Rod – The Chase [Inner Shah Recordings]
Mar io – We’re Living For [Form & Terra Records]
Marvin Horsch – Baby Shark [PCR023]
Max Cooper & Six Sigma – Parting Ways (Edit) [Mesh]
Monoscope – Heimat [Diametral]
Mr Rog – True Day [Experimental Rog Rec]
Murlo & Object Blue – Limbo (object blue’s Flashback)
New Sincerity – Fiberglass Pools [Opal Tapes]
Nicom – Evolution [B72]
Pat Lok – Know Me (feat. Kate Stewart) [Rony Rex Remix] [Kitsune]
Plasma Orchestra – I Feel It [RKI Records]
Ryan Murgatroyd – Is That You_ [SWOON02]
Salty G. – Too Far Too Fast [Beats to the Streets]
Scott Nice – It Takes a Village [Jumpsuit Records]
Silicone Eyes Lovers – Be My Sunshine [CLR0034]
Soire – Soul Therapy [BEATZ]
Space Above – Stolen Days (feat. Alisa Xayalith)
Sungmin Park & Seungsoon Park – MUSIC FOR VEHICLES
Tambura & Dazion, Tambura & Tornado Wallace – Tikitaka
The Aircrash Bureau – Harlequin Tears [WEATNU Records]
Trentemøller – Obverse (In My Room)
Unbekannter Interpret – Freezing Motion [Traumnovelle]
VA – Nuage Presents Longest Hour [Q27667]
Vaenz – Believer EP [XION]
Vega Lee & John Nova – I-Space Dramas [Blue Spiral Records]
Vince Watson – DNA (DELUXE EDITION) [ESOL016]
Weirddough – The 12th Letter [24 Karrot Records]
Woof Logik – Vendetta [Barong Family]
Yagami Koro – Heat Death [Ledokol Records]
Yeophis – Fruit Of Ruination [EXF091]


Aantigen – Insights Out [KlangWild]
Adam Hendrickson – Last Night [RF076]
Adrian Zenith – Running [Hotmind Records]
Adrian Zenith – Wider [Hotmind Records]
Aemilian, Alex Deeper – Future,Deep #10 [RH2]
Aibohponhcet & Boiler K – Flamingos (Boiler K Dub Mansion Mix)
Akif Sarıkaya – Climb My Pole [Glactro Music]
Akif Sarıkaya – Stanga [Glactro Music]
Alberto De Ibar – Madtrib [Check In Recordings]
Alessio Pizzati – Body Funk [Big Tunes Records]
Alex Rai – Jam a Funk [HFS1928]
ANNIO – Midnight Express EP [Soar Records]
Arminoise – Back To The Rules [Electroscene]
Askjell – To Be Loved [Universal-Island Records Ltd.]
Audiosonik & Leo Diaz – Chaka Cheke Choko [Bryndák Records]
Ben Kyps – White Melody [Massive Digital Records]
Blu Inc – Lonely , At Night [Vamos Music Talents]
Boy Funktastic – Futurrrr [7]
Buex – Toolbox EP [Bandaid]
Buscabulla – Vamono [Ribbon Music]
Carlisle – AVIDITY EP [SIR1123]
Carlos Maza & Juan Ferreyro, Mike Bravo – Summer 2K19 Bombs
Cassian – Magical (feat. Zolly) [Rose Avenue Records]
Christian Burkhardt – ENDZ030 [ENDZ030]
CityBoyz, M.K.D – MilkShake [NTN019]
Coma Baby – Love games [PR Records]
Cript Rawquit – Sinais [RENEWEST-ENTER RECORDS]
Cut Snake – Set Me Free EP [BIG BAM BOO]
Dadematto – Water Games [Firstplanet]
Darren Studholme – Distant Lovers [DBR1035]
David Caetano – The Test [Far Down Records]
Denis Rublev & Dj Anton – No More [Mood Funk Records]
Dennis Quin & Edwin Oosterwal – Piano Occasion [Rejected]
Detroit 95 Project & Terry De Jeff, Jason Rivas & Old Brick Warehouse – Analog Rabbit
Dian Solo – Delio Haidutin [InMotion Records]
Diego Mendoza, Fox Intoned, Jhon Stik & Mario Suaza, Dj Juan Salcedo – Pablo Escobar en Chile
Dinar – Beginning [Multiza Distribution]
Direct & Matt Van – Cold Ground [Monstercat]
Dixmount – Liaison Orbitale [Far Down Records]
Dj Face Off – Hey Boy [Electroscene]
DJ PROJECT – Retrograd (feat. Andia) [Global Records]
Dr Mendez – Get Me [194491217099]
Drozďo & Demex – I Don’t Love You ( Remix by Philipee ) [Bryndák Records]
Enton Biba & Nu Sol – Tornado [Vinebeat Records]
Erza Muqoli – Erza Muqoli [TOT OU TARD]
Fake Tattoos – Bloom [Golden Moon Recordings]
Fonzerelli – Love One Another [Mena Music]
French Kiss, Sanya Shelest & Alexey Partisan – 4 DJ UnDiscovered Weekly #85
H.m.s – Palbangmiinhopi BuySong [PalBangMiInHopi]
HAFT – Nite [053000950219]
HDSN – Lover II Lover [NBAST]
Howz – Psycho [IND5D66E02F759]
Ian Pooley – Balmes (A better life) feat. Esthero (Pooled Music)
India Jordan – WARPER [Local Action]
J&M Brothers – Party Time [MIDRIOTD207]
Jac & Harri – Ready For It [REVR463B]
Jason Rivas & Old Brick Warehouse – Everybody Is Nice Tonight
Jay Frog, E.M.C.K. – Your Love [DOT144]
Jennifer Vanilla – Space Time Motion [Beats In Space]
Juan Valencia & Esneider Cadavid – Oh LaLa [Love2Drums Records]
Juno Disco – Give It,Get It [Inertia Access]
Juno Mamba – Flicker [Soothsayer]
Kaladroid – Hijo De Chango (Oba’s 305 Hous Mix) [MIM077]
Karl Evans – Spring Theory [The Groove State Of Mind]
Le Tusch – Twiki [Kapelle]
Lukas Vega – Sex Rocks [Sub Smackers Records]
Manu Barbeito – My acid is deep [Beathey Recordings]
Maria Spiteri – Vucijiet [CAP-Sounds]
MD Dj – Baiana [MD Music]
Micon – Ibiza 2019 [Koda Recordings]
Mishel Dutch – Orgasmic Slide [Connected Records Holland]
Moon Rocket – Eclipse [MOON092]
nEST – Fire Dance [Big Tunes Records]
NUBIG – Just Believe [KIMA Music]
Paul Adam – Love Is Back [NUR24744]
Pool Attendant – Hold Me – New Groove [NER24754]
Randy & Renect – Here We Go [Blue Records]
Rauq – Chaos [335.Recordings]
Rey Pila – Lucky No.7 [Arts & Crafts Mexico]
Ricky Montana – Honey [Vamos Music]
Roman Lars – Summer Ride Beat [Rootkap Music]
Runaway Droid – Memory Core [Overwrite Records]
RVPTR – Hustle [RVPTR]
Seal, Polytonics – Killer [00602508286728]
Sebastian Tobon & Guaracha – Ahora Que Hacemos [Guaracha Chile]
Secluded – DIMENSION EP [ETG002]
Sergedeelay – Love In The Sky [Evaluation Records]
Shredder 1984 – Los Angeles 2019 [LAZERDISCS Records]
Shutterz – Seize The Night [Que Pasa]
Sparrow & Barbossa – Ziyon [W209]
Steve Hiett – Shadows Across The Path [Efficient Space]
Stylo – Playa de Long [mGrooves Music]
Sultan + Shepard – Hold On _ Scuba [ARMAS1628]
Susazi – Shuffle [Vinebeat Records]
Suyano – Playing In The Sun [REVR461B]
The Carbonfools – Sunshine [Gold Record Music Kft.]
The Distance, Igi – In Your White Noise [DS000056B]
toucan sounds – m.p.b. (feat. Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue)
Tru-York – Homage [MAYA170]
UFO UpDaTE – Szerelemdoktor (feat. Adam Ajkay) [Hardstyle edit]
Underworld; Rick Smith; Karl Hyde – Tree And Two Chairs (Film Edit).mp3
Universe of Sounds – Froth [The Rust Music]
VA – Watergate Records 2008-2018 [WGDIG1]
Viana – Balanza [Soundrepublic]
Waajeed – Let Your Love ft. Ideeyah, DeSean Jones & Khristian Foreman
Walter Gardini – Do You Wanna Dance [Fly Night Records]
Wilder – Is This Love (feat. Del) [Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Records]
Woody – Heaven of Wood [Octiive]
Yves V – We Got That Cool (feat Afrojack & Icona Pop) [190295357825]

Melodic House & Techno

AB+ – Viscious [TYC344]
Alex Progress – Sound Frequency II [Sound Progress]
Alican, Enzo Elia – Mutations I [ISOLATE]
Ambient Soul – Lake at Night [7th Cloud]
Artificial Minds – Proibito [Emergent Textures]
Aryozo – Inkworld [Wonderfly Records]
Audio Mill – Infinite Dark Capacity [Purple Desert Records]
Black Peters – Renaissance Diner [ODT007]
Black’H – Whisper [Ballroom]
Delhia de France – Spin the Wheel Styx (Janus Rasmussen Remix)
Dmitry Kostyuchenko – Heavy Water [Summer Melody]
El Mundo, Zazou – House Of Lights EP [DNSOTF012]
Elleventuno – Overspace [LA196]
Enrico Amari – Love Me EP [Monkey Stereo Records]
Fanatic Funk – Save the Children [Black Bubble Records]
Flky – Katzenpfoten EP [STIG]
Hugo Heynard – Jericho EP [Uzons Records]
Inkfish – The Calm [Inkfish Recordings]
KADhEM – Marwah [Cause Org Records]
Lane 8, Polica – Brightest Lights [TNHLP002S1BD]
Luktek – SPACE TRAVEL EP [TRES14352]
Made By Pete – Hawkins EP [YR265]
Nico Morano, Tom Zeta, Tony Casanova – Cortado Zatea
Oddcs – Texturas [Three Hands Records]
Out_Ctrl, Pirate Snake, Jhon K. – Apologies [MZC086]
Pao Calderon – Just Today [DTL Sounds]
Pergola – Polymox [Three Hands Records]
Qplex – Valencia EP [TDG038]
Rafa Serato & Allans Marquez – Babatomic [Techara Music]
Renga Weh – Inuit [PR011]
VA – Broken Memories [JUSTTHIS033D]
VA – Melodic Techno Essentials Vol 05 (2019)
VA – Organica Tribal Sounds Vol. 1 (2019) [AIFF]
VA – Variety Music pres. V [Variety Music]
Who Else & Zac – Renegade Explorer [Dear Deer White]
Yotto – Is This Trance_ [OOO03BP]
Zulu Natives – Crazy Shout _ So Electric [BLV6395800]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Alex Deft – Hey [Manicomio Music]
Anta Bramov, Chester Aleman – Celestia [Bacteria Records]
AWSI – Paolo [Rendr Records]
Azire & Syreeta, Azire – Shift Patterns LP [Moon Lake Records]
Basti Grub – La Notte _ Psalm [SPARK01]
Bionic Escasso & Ismaso – Celebrities EP [PerfectBeats Records]
Bruno Bernardes – Last Step EP [Cabana Music]
Bruno L – Subsuelo [Tictak Records]
Chris Gialanze – Food for the Soul [Monocord Records]
Cisco Barcelo – Extasis [Sonambulos Music]
Crooked Flush – Lancet 15 [Agua y Sed]
Cubex, Eric Schaich & Freddy Hetzinger – Synergy EP, Pt. II [miniMahlzeit]
D´Andrelo & Vilsag – CR005 [Craft Records]
Damienn & Shane Fontane – Signal Dark [A Deep Within]
Darkrow & Jesus Galan – Botswanna [Datagroove Music]
Dean Cardenas – Space Tourism [Frost Plates]
Dee Green – Ask yourself [TECHNOID Recordings]
Dio5 Rumor – Pot & Sex [Mus1c Furor]
Dragusanu – Balada EP [Tzinah Records]
Eddy Malano – Turqueta EP [Basement Music Records]
El Fabiiani – Energy [Give And Receive Records]
Fer Torres, Muse Groove – 014 [SLOH]
Feta – Armored Duck [Acilectro Recordings]
Franco Rossi – Baguales [dZb Records]
Gaida – 90’s Kid [Sweatbox Records]
George & Charles – Microtop 03 [MICROTOP003]
Guti Legatto, Paniz69 – Tequila Kisses EP [PSL0308]
Jackspot – Floated _ She Doesn’t Talk [BRISE116]
James My & Criss – Get Fucker Ep [Mooncircles Records]
Josh Lee – Santa Rosa EP [Libero Records]
Kellie Allen – La Vie en Rose [SLM001]
Ken Aoki – Iton [Undeliving Recordings]
Lcaise – Got It [Tanztone Records]
Lee Bryan DJ – Red Lion Voodoo [TwistedVintage Records]
Lee Guthrie – Body Sensations EP [New Violence Records]
Madal & Ramsee, Ramsee, Madal – G- Vibe [We Hustle Harder]
Magnus Asberg – Wachufleiva 18 [Wachufleiva]
Mattias Coll – LITTLE BOMB EP [Tres 14 Music]
Minimal Duo – Santa Monica [Planet Earth]
MINT (JPN) – Breeze [Black Turtle Deep]
mitti – LCN 003 [Lacuna Recordings]
Mogo – The Depth Of My Promises [Mothr Music]
Mr. Sid & Van Snyder – Nightcrawler [Undgrd Music]
Myles Diverse – 12111 EP [Rawsum]
Narcos – You Here With Me [Joke-R MNML Records]
Operandum – White Collar , Palm Beach [Hügel Records]
Patrick P. – To Love of Love [MT Musik]
SAC – Voices [Sticker Music]
Son of Elita – Spicy Groove EP [Muka Records]
Tod Senvanz – Geminate [DTL Records]
Vimala – Home (Aparde Remix) [Allo Floride Artist Services]
W0rm – Intoxication [Poolside Deep]
Zgaav – Bound [Peculiar]
Zocca – Package Groove [OuiOui Concept]

Progressive House

Aerium – Moon Waves [OLD SQL Recordings]
After Sunrise – Never Give Up [See The Sea Records]
Andrew Modens – Sunrise [INDEPENDENT RECORDS]
Boskii & Abstract Silhouette, Boskii – Hallucination
Bynomic – Misunderstood Technology [ALM010]
Carl Conky – Spectro [Cause Org Records]
Darksidevinyl – BLACK MIRROR [RMR181]
DJ Erika – Save… [Stazis]
DJ NaTan ShmiT – My Dream [7th Cloud]
Doan – Love Regime [Holy Grail Music]
Exoplanet – Island Universe [PHW Elements]
Fat Sushi – Absolom [PARQUET205]
Fijne Vent & Mr van Empel – Lost Inside
Grum – Stay [Anjunabeats]
Huminal – The Fox in the Middle [POM087]
Kay-D – Without Delusion (2019 Remixes)
Leo Baroso – Wandering Soul [Estribo Records]
Majed Salih – Progressive [Medievil-Music]
Neptun 505 – Infinitude
Oliver Costa – Prepare for New [Friends of Space]
Paul Solari – Ocean [interflow progressive]
Praveen Walker – Feel This Good [Musata Music]
Spencer Hawthorn – Atlantic [Sunstate Records]
Spirit Tag – Ecstasy [Progressive Time Records]
Spirit Tag – Voices In My Head [Progressive Time Records]
Tamu – Express To The Future
The Loco – Priority & Vector [Mystic Carousel Records]
VA – Best of 3rd Avenue, Vol. 15 [3AV037LP]
VA – Hidden Selects, Vol. 1 [DDHS001]

Tech House

2Acid – Se Yeah [UR000036]
100to & D-Mile, 100to – Buena Vida [CrackHouse Recordings]
219 Boys & Aylen, Codes – Club Cuts 2
ACAY – Yoruba [P&S Music]
Alchemistt – Balance [Shield Records]
Andrea Graziani Dj – Drink & Btches [Cardina Records]
Andy Himself – Foolish Games [Day&Night Recordings]
Animmik – Get Away EP [Snake Beat]
Bad Panda – Playa [NastyFunk Records]
Basic Shapes, Dan Rubell – Ghost Beatz [Stammtisch]
BASS 55 – Wild Party [CMR188]
Ben Hemsley – NE29 [SOS001]
Bruno Furlan – Everybody [Whistle]
Bruno Mattos & G DOM – All Of You [Muzenga Records]
Bryan Rizzitelli – Paradise [Fluid Music]
Caique Carvalho – Just Baby [Louv Records]
Camilo Do Santos – Trip Trip House Music [NER24611]
Chris Di Perri & Domenic D’Agnelli, Lorenzo De Blanck – Orbiter VI
Cloverdale – Trippin out EP [Tons & Tons]
Cris Celiz – ONOMATOPEYA EP [99 Recordings]
D-Martinez – The Fakir [Dacusan]
D. Noriega – Ponchik [Clvb95 Music]
Dale Howard – Pumpin [SF028]
Dan Corco – The Decision [Playpo]
Daniel Levak – Popping Bottles [Formatik]
Dasero – Foam [Thin Records]
Dave Bregoli – Happy Accident Machine [Trivium Records]
Demuir – We Be Houzeln [ORIGINS19]
Dive Deep & GiddiBangBang – Kk… Goodnight! [OFDM Records]
DJ Baloo – Gofres [Friky Bears Recording]
DJ Luis Patty – Belltech [Under Productions]
Elternhouse – Little Hippie , Relax [My Techno Weighs A Ton]
EROZ & Alessdy S – Morenita [Delicious Rebels]
Fabio Spzz & Mario Conte, Fabio Spzz – Menostar 79
Frondorf & Eddie Feel – Duality EP [DataTech]
Fumanchu – TechnoAndHouse [Valencia Records]
Gees – Solitude [Lavenir Music]
George Marshman – Blaze EP [Jacky & Friends]
Hannah Wants, Kevin Knapp – Call Me [TOOL84501Z]
Hassio (COL), Sammy Morris – Heaven EP [GSR375]
Hippocoon – Power Of Rhythm [Eleveh Records]
Holt 88 – Boys [Shield Records]
Hoodka – Perseverance [Techara Music]
Iglesias – Don’t Ya [NEM00301Z]
Ivan Vela – Underground [Nyumba Records]
James Riley – Does Tha Want It [HW472]
Jay Peq & Bozmak, Jay Peq & Golden Boy – Always Fresh [Mallorca Records]
JC – Chasing Shadows [13lackDiamond Records]
jeaneiffel – Fernweh [Catslovebass]
Jeremy Moore, Manu Gonzalez – Acuerdate [KD089]
Joshua Sommer & Arthur Riske – Knew [Moom Records]
Julio Binci – Password [Three Sounds Records]
Jurriaan – Let It Go [Moon Island Records]
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