Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Abriviatura IV – Touch Me [CM213]
Alejandro Mosso – Sirocco [013]
Ame Vent – Home [NYLR005]
Ayala (IT) – Ecoute _ Primal [LOOTREC025]
bjb, Saxy Mr. S, Nathasja Fredriksz – Come With Me [DGR015]
BNinjas – SUBJECTED TO YOU EP [PR2020520]
Cotonete – Remixes #1 [HS197]
Dachshund – Feel (Fantastic Friends)
Darksidevinyl – Yama [OCH095]
Dave Seaman – Donkey Engine [SEL112]
Distinct Motive – Hamburg _ Haste [NC012]
Doug Gomez, Lizwi – Zanini Kimi [MREC0104]
Echonomist – Modern Wonder EP [TAU012]
Evren Furtuna – Enceladus EP [SAISONS010]
Felipe Gordon – The Semimodular Bird of Jazz [TOYT105S]
Ghoulfive, Ben Hixon, JT Donaldson – Remember Me_ [SSR002]
Gluck (Arg) – Ego Suicide [WHW144]
I-Robots – Laws Of Robotics [2020] [FLAC]
Imanol Molina – Ignition [SP274]
Jozef K – Ladies & Gentlemen We Are In Descent [KNG827]
Kek’star – Hands [CAT322970]
Lemelle – You Got Something Special (Glitterbox)
N2N – Sweet Darlin [CMS241]
Sam Goku – Every Step EP [ATM074]
Subb-an – Access (Constant Sound)
Takiru, Dor Reuveni, Mosko (IL) – Daria [MTD005]
VA – Adult Only Records 02 [FLAC]
VA – Crosstown Rebels present SPIRITS III [CRMCD042] [FLAC]
VA – Robsoul Recordings Best Of 2019 [RBCD75] [FLAC]
VA – Seamus Haji Presents Re-Loved, Vol. 4 [RLVD029] [FLAC]
VA – Soviett Winter 2020 (Compiled & Mixed by Max Lyazgin) [SOVCOMP008] [FLAC]
VA – The Round Up Pt. 6 (Heist)
VA – This Is Colour In Music, Pt. 3 [CIM036] [FLAC]

Electronica & Downtempo

Adaptationes Mirabiles – Mademoiselle [NOV112]
Chris Maico Schmidt – Automation [BFCD046]
Danit – Naturaleza (Mose Edit) [843357174150]
Erol Alkan – Spectrum (Special Request Mixes) (Phantasy)
Four Tet – Baby (Text)
James Alexander Bright – Lead Me Astray [K7392S1]
Jesusdapnk, John Avery – Chula Jazz EP [TO004]
Orion – The Night Rider [ORN003]
Passendale – Street Hallowed [d76 Records]
Penya Na Msafiri Zawose – Penya Safari. [On The Corner Records]
Porcelain – The Cinnamon Rub [Driven AM Recordings]
Quidd – Diskinekt [Scapegot Records]
Rada Sounds & Rada – Need. Be. Sane. [QM Allstars]
Rayan Myers – Sound Injection [Nicksher Music]
Ready, Steady, Die! – Pleasure Ride [Human Label]
Roy of the Ravers – Roy’s Revenge [Winthorpe Electronics]
Saib – Samui Sunrise [COOKIE026]
Saleh – Into the Night [Easy Summer]
Shpongle & Eat Static – Shpongle Static (Live at Ozora, 2019)
The Oddness – Road to the Congo [SOFABEATS26]
Thylacine – Versailles [INT01A141]
Tristan Arp – Specie [HP014]


Blak Emoji, Larry Peace – Lust Love Above (The Remixes) [194491721541]
Cesar A, X – Into the Light [Plush Label]
Champions Elect – Radiant Rush [Maison Hot]
Cinthie – Beste Modus 09 (Beste Modus)
Clive – Who’s Aretha [Solid State Disco]
Clubbers, Emperors Music – Lost in True Devotion [7891430427276]
Deeckz & Vinal – We Do [Uba Lua Records]
Deepsto – The Beat [Quad-Core Records]
Disty – My Eyes [Sirup Music]
Dj Windows 7 – Raw Aura Christmas Special [LDER004]
Hatiras – End of the Universe [Spacedisco Records]
Intern Hook-up – Do It Now [SCUFFED016]
J-Rob MD – Feel This Love [Grade One View Music]
James Deron – My ROHM [ROHM Records]
Javi R – Rocky Vip Mix [KeyBreak]
KAYLiTO – Paradise [Sunrising Records]
Keah – Perfect [Big Drugs Music]
Longflexion – Mistake [Falling Recordings]
MK & Sonny Fodera – One Night – Extended Remixes (Ultra)
Nothing But… Future House Selections, Vol. 02 [NBFHS02]
Out_Ctrl – Spirit of Jungle [TRANSA073]
VA – 8 Years of Vamos Music [Vamos Music]
VA – Best Of 2019 [Too Many Rules]
VA – Constancy
Vanetty, Tanya Michelle – Never Give Up [KSS1803]
Yorkston_Thorne_Khan – Navarasa Nine Emotions [WIG439D]
Yuri Eleven – Eat This [Blue Records]
Zak Leever – Alone [Mistral]
Zonatto & Larissa Lahw – I Can’t Be Lonely

Progressive House

Cedren & Manu-l – Relief [3AV180X]
Daniel Glover – Like No Place in the World [SFR391]
Dmitry Kostyuchenko – Sagittarius [Marleko Music]
Franco Tejedor – Little Butterfly [Droid9]
Gabriel Amato – Astral [MOVD0195]
Gastón Sosa, Jorge Viana – Water State [Usanza]
Grant Saxena – Portals [Ruckus Records]
Graumann – Zohre [Grau Recordings]
Graviton – My Myths [Mistique Music]
James Monro – Voyager (CJ Art Remix) [YIN113]
Lucas Rodriguez – The Voice of Reason [Astrowave]
Luman – Cantabria [Bevel Rec]
Manubis – Expansion [LAIKA Sounds]
Marco Bedini – Other Side [PS164]
Mark & Lukas – Our Home [The Remixes]
Massano – Function [PDR009]
Maty Owl – Spiritual Lesson [Mango Alley]
No One Name – Mother EP [NOIR059]
VA – Black Hole Trance Music 01-20 [BHDC577]
VA – The Best of 2019 [3XAB005]
VA – The Best of 2019 [BQB005]
VA – The Best of 2019 [CLRB005]
VA – Unified Vol.11 [ZT15701Z]
VA – Vibrant Vibeland #9 [ST242]
Z8phyR – Butterfly Dances [CB035]

Tech House

Brett Gould, Rion S – The One [FWR173]
BRK (BR) – Technologic [NL010]
Chriss Matto – Simple & Good [Chichi Music]
David Bradshaw – Luce Bree EP [SEQ030]
daZZla, Natalie Page, G-SPEC – Crazy
Dylaw – The Universe [Euanthe Records]
Eran Hersh – Flipped Out [Which Bottle ]
Fichi – Groovebox [World Up Records]
Gabriele Dila – Get Funky [ORGASMIxxx]
Gigi Camporeale – Let Me [DQ023]
Gruuve – Krush EP [MUSE008]
Haynes – Bend It & Coup [MNG80]
John Tejada & Tin Man – Acid Test 12 (Acid Test)
Josu Freire – Stop the Hate [BOR308]
M.F.S Observatory – All Your Dream
Manu Fuentes, Albert Garcia, DJ Morebeat – Lownoise [PERA162]
Mason Collective – Art Is Long EP [PLAY049]
Mene, Jovan Vucetic – My Part
Nyx Ponce – Moving [Trendy Recordings]
Panos Gerontakis – Sonus [Maniana Records]
Paul Stenn – Trace [Rave Cave Records]
Point Set – Hood Vibes [Slightly Sizzled Records]
Ramon Bedoya – To Brasil [High Quality]
Ricardo Espino, Alvaro Smart – I Want Skill (Alvaro Smart Rmx)
Sera De Villalta – Get This EP [HUAM311]
Sloth – Tonight [TS202]
Stephan Duy – Beating [ARTWRK014D]
Sven Kerkhoff – Get High _ Seems Like [NER24830]
Tyler Coey – This Funk EP [303L2002]

Techno & Minimal

aka Bob Molly – Dividend [RSR0037]
Alborythme – Innocent [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Alro – Space Travel to Jupiter [Althea Records]
Anastasis – Estasi [Vigil Records]
Ancel – Heavy Nights [MTZ Noir Records]
Archivist – Black Cascades (Incl. Viels Remixes) [feat. Viels]
Ari El – Smooth Operator EP [NER24818]
Augusto Gagliardi, Aske Izan – I LIKE EP [TRES14375]
Ayako Mori – Gegen Hell [Techno Vinyls Records]
Ben Teufel – Denkma
Big Bunny, Music Atom – Ability [Techno Red]
Bläckzfire – Travel [OAXUS Records]
BOA – Sus033 [Styles Upon Styles]
CamelPhat, Jem Cooke – Rabbit Hole (Bontan Remix)
Ceili – Rough N Ready [OBSCRV002]
Dani Sbert – Confianza [BB376]
Danny Serrano, Lu – Golden Nights [SEK017]
Dj Elaya – Komodo [KP466]
Dsum – Stone Chords [ISSUE03]
Duque Di Prima – My Kingdom For A Horse [ADR10002]
Enamour, Nox Vahn – Sleep Paralysis EP [YR267]
Garpo – Numeros [287SD]
Ghost In The Machine – Breaking The Seal (Perc Trax)
Glaskin – Ratunek [YT003]
Jay Haze, Kareem Da-Li – Cameroon Boogie [CNTXTS1017]
Julian Jeweil – Schema EP [DC218]
Kreisel – Paralelism [VPTR103]
Local Product – Dolores del Río Remixes (Radio Bongo)
MadChords, Anthon – Confusion [PMR037]
Marc Romboy – Voyage de la planète (New interpretations)
Marco Bailey – Connected Acid Winter (MB Elektronics)
Mari Mattham, Hektor Legion – Reborn [SLEAZE157]
Matt Altman – Genotype [TRM109]
Michał Wolski – Primeval EP [SL006]
Modular Phaze – Earthly Captives [MPHTALBUM09]
Mooglie, Sasson (FR) – Hillside [KIN029]
Nervcell – Libre Albedrio [CAT355731]
Nestor Arriaga, Vinn-E – Traveling Down Under [CWA330]
Nick Devon – Monochromatic World [SYYK105]
Parsec (UK) – ONEFIFTEEN [SUS005]
Ramon Tapia – Out of Control EP [SUARA384]
Raos – Memory [Puntazo Label Records]
Reindeer – Regression [BF280]
Rewx – Reality (Rawax)
Roberto León – Techno Mind [73 Muzik]
ROBPM – DPD [Autektone Records]
Roominsky – Purgatory [Basse-cour]
Rossi. – Nova EP [META009]
Ruimte Vogel – Chaoks , CLRCK [Space-Echoes Records]
Rygby – ENV022 [Encrypted Audio]
Rylan Morgan – Insomnia [Arcanum Music]
Sabry (BR) – Magari [Tanama Records]
Shekon – Infinite Union (Skryptom)
Shuski – Rotate [BOL128]
The Willers Brothers – Possibility [AVOTRE070]
The YellowHeads – Aphelion [WATB045]
Third Person, Intara – Evolution [TYC441]
Ucha – Future Karma EP [W219]
VA – 30 (A_Files)
YA – Cycle Of The Mental Machine [PLS001]
Zefzeed – Watermelon Effects As Viagra EP [NAU008]
Zoo Brazil, Nassim Mehran – Favour [PAM117]