Afro House

40D & Dj Caipirinha – A Spell in the Wind [Guettoz Muzik]
Afro Exotiq, Nitefreak – Africa Is Electronic [BSTD030]
Arol $kinzie, Gumete De Dj – Dzz Dzrr Ep [SNK119]
Bakongo – Bopster _ Anytime [MR111]
Be.Lanuit – Santë [Afroterraneo Music]
Blakey – Runaway EP [DUTCHIE318]
Boddhi Satva, Maalam Hamman – Zid Lmel [AM012]
Breyth – Coringa [Bstudios]
Cisco De Sol – uJaama [SRPDS]
Claude Monnet – La Danse (Piano Version) [AZZUR]
D-Malice & Kususa – Yana [DM.Recordings]
De’KeaY – Happiness In Music [CAT049]
Disco Incorporated – Samba Magic [South American Grooves]
DJ Vivona & Monique Bingham – Over Him, Under Him
Dom Donato – Congolese EP [SM047]
Ecto Maver – Snake Charmer [RKI0420]
EdOne & Martin HERRS – Tatalina [MoBlack Records]
El Manga – Playa Nostalgica [Issa’min]
GusTIzzy & Naldy Ferreira – Indian Lords [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Heidi B & J Maloe – New Life [MAY RUSH Music]
Kaysha, lynnsha & Pedro Melo – Upside Down (Amapiano)
Kee ana – No Distinction (feat. Katy Svec) – Singl [Ocha Mzansi]
Kinetic T – Innovative Thoughts [Merecumbe Recordings]
Ma-B – The Kharga Oasis [HPSA0133]
Moon Rocket – Reciprocity (feat. Paula) [Foliage Records]
Musical Vine, Thee Untitled – Amazing [SR9008]
Nuzu Deep – Angsakhoni [Do You Be You Records]
Peezy – Artefacto [Pablo Entertainment]
Raul Bryan – Afro Technics 3 [Seres Producoes]
Rony Seikaly, Black Circle – What For [STR012]
Roque – My house Volume 1 [DeepHouse Police]
Shona SA & Mwenje Mathole – Onai [Celsius Degree Records]
Sizwe Sigudhla – Kokota Piano [Dansing Records]
Skeptical Kevo & Benni Opalhn – Forbidden Kindom
Tswex Malabola – People Like Us [Open Bar Music]


Aiden Francis – Connection Departure [Jerk It International]
Baymont Bross – Tongue Tied (feat. Darrison) [Fresh Tuna Records]
BebeBreaks – High Above [Breaks Yo!]
Benwar – Red Line [SPUNK Records (PTY) LTD]
Butbass – City 17 [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Codex – Suction [AP Digits]
eMonei – Dip it Low [Black Rose Club]
Guau – Roots (2020 Remix) [83]
Henry Sparkz – Desert Storm [PointBlank Records]
Jaga – Inter Alios We Once Knew [Echo Train Records]
Lux Groove – Let Go [Punks]
minor – Mindset , Drip [Rune Recordings]
Nuff Pedals – I Am Nuff Pedals [Gutterfunk]
Randy Peterson – Let Go (feat. Carla Prather) [Punks]
Teknoaxe – Mind the Chaos [TeknoAXE]
Tommy Farrow – Let’s Just Can’t Explain [Stress Records]


3PHAT – Illusion [Ocean Music Group]
22Bullets – Looking At The Moon [Spinnin’ Records Asia]
A1aska – Unstoppable [A1ASKA]
A77 – Signal [Big Hard Records]
Ahmet Kılıç – Forever [DJ008 Records]
AHTOH SKALD – Noone. Never. Eternal. [Multiza Distribution]
Akcent – Lost in Love (feat. Tamy) [Sisterhoodlive Records]
Alwz Snny – Love Revolution (feat. Jennifer Chatham) [Alwz Snny]
Andrei Rinaldi – Love Got You [Deep Bear]
AndrewP, Escadia – Poolside Chill [Elektrify Records]
Arthur Geordan – The Pandemic Soundtrack [Multiza Distribution]
Audiopool – The Music [Midnight Language]
Back N Fourth & MOSE UK – Movin’ Too Fast [Blindsided]
Ben Haddad – Syncing Ship [NaNa Disc]
Beppe Giampa’ – La porta del mondo [Senza Base Records]
Bogenhausen – Make It Better [ablaze.]
C-Ro – Coming Home (Remixes) [1st Strike]
Celso Fabbri – Energy [DeepWit Uncovered]
CiG – Time capsule [Bit Records]
CJ Cold – The Search [DNA Revolutions Recordings]
Claux – My Heart Stop Beating for You [StreetVoice]
CRÜPO – Your Star [2Dutch Air]
Danny Darko – 50 Shades of Blue (feat. Hannah Koski) – [Oryx Music]
DAZZ, CALVO & Salena Mastroianni – I Just Got 2 [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Deadline – Show Me How [Sosumi Records]
Deepend – Desire (feat. She Keeps Bees) [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
DJ CPtiK – Hollow [CPtiK]
Dj Slim – Dance Queen (feat. Hazel E, Rio Santana, [Girl Code Inc.]
Dubdogz, Jetlag Music & Vitor Bueno – Atomic Bomb – Singl
Eddie Brock – Ti Salverò [Hit Beat Records]
Elemental Sleeping – Apep’s Strings [Multiza Distribution]
Foxes – Love Not Loving You [[PIAS] Recordings]
Frase & SkiiTour – Too Hot, Too Cold [Westwood Recordings]
Gankwat – Tower of God [Multiza Distribution]
glaswen – Chapter One Revelation [Multiza Distribution]
Gothic Prophet – Perfect Perfidy [Unable Records]
Heavy Boys – Darlin’ (feat. Marianna) [Panik Records]
Hoisin Sauce – Back Heavy [The Spice Rack]
Hollaphonic & Xriss – Save Me [Dance And Love]
ILIACR1ST – N. D. R. [Multiza Distribution]
Innestengt – Neste Sommer [Act Creative AS]
JOHH RINER – Gang Style (feat. Steewhite) [Multiza Distribution]
Julia Kahn – Light On (Lynx Remix) [2220 RECORDS, LLC]
Karina Flux – Freedom [MRIU Publishing]
Kids At Midnight – Mary Queen of Scots [Square Pleasure]
Klaas – Big Girls Don’t Cry [You Love Dance]
Kori Cosby – I Like Ya [Mental Madness Records]
Kupol Neba – Chernobyl [Multiza Distribution]
KYMYA – Amore Tic Toc [Hit Beat Records]
Lefragole – Mascherina [Miraloop Hearts]
LeGround & Kevin Belushi – Runaway [APEX Records]
Lil Avenue – Be Better [Multiza Distribution]
liza kid – Great+Terrible+Lizard+King [Multiza Distribution]
Loris Scomazzon – Fire [Dezibel Music Productions]
LOS ANONIMOS & Azymaster – Pentru Ce Luptam Asa [Norvis Music]
Lulleaux – Empty Love (feat. Kid Princess) [Lulleau [Be Yourself Music]
Marc Vedo – Favourite Obsession [Perfect Havoc]
Mat Zo – Love Songs [Anjunabeats]
Matteo Fagone – Dreams and Reality [Bit Records]
Matteo Fagone – Mission to Red Planet [Bit Records]
Maxim Kuznyecov & Andris Jasz – You Got Me [Inkognito Records]
Monetary Justice – Call Me [Dirty Soul Music (Be Yourself Music)]
Morkehtts – Giant Bee [Morkehtts Records]
Mou5zyzz – Ddo-Do Ddo-Do Chasing U [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
Move & Motion – Movin’ Too Fast (feat. Claudia Svitlana)
My Secret Garden & Oleg Xaler – Following Ways
Nébuleuse – Rien Demander (feat. Jean Castel) [Osow Music]
Nicky Finesse – Summer Chill [Smile Creations Music Label]
Nicola Fasano & Carmine Sorrentino – It’s A Fine Day (feat. Miss Jane) – Sing
NO NAME PLUG – Straight Outta Phonk [Multiza Distribution]
Northern Lite – Piano Sessions [UnaMusic]
NSH – California (feat. Jaksch) [Jewl Remix] – [Be Rich Records]
NXRTES – Decay [Multiza Distribution]
One Model – Tiny Town (Radio Edit) [Multiza Distribution]
Phoenix One X – Light [Multiza Distribution]
Populous – W [Wonderwheel Recordings]
PVRTSMSH – Never the Same [Elektrify Records]
Quiet Storm – I Could Almost Cry [Made2Dance]
Rinat – The Same [Waiting For Apollo]
Rio & Mars – I Don’t Wanna Lose You [Dome Records]
Robby East & Rolipso – Breakaway [Found Frequencies]
Rui Oliveira – Estou Afim [Rui Oliveira]
S for 7 – Origin Myth [Multiza Distribution]
San Juno – W.O.W. [Rocket Launch Center]
SECAL – When the Sun Goes Down (Remixes)
Semitoo & Marc Korn – How Do You Do [You Love Dance]
Spray – Offerings from the Algorithm [AnalogueTrash Records]
Tolga Mahmut – Across the Room [Epic Tones Records]
Tommy Fredvang – Danse Som Ein Gud [daWorks Records]
trashi – No me ves ( [Mushroom Pillow]
Tritonal & Brooke Williams – Someone to Love You [Enhanced Recordings]
Two Friends – Looking At You (feat. Sam Vesso) [Dim Mak Records]
tyDi, Wish I Was & Brennley Brown – Start Again
VAVO & ZHIKO – Day N’ Night [b1]
Wender – 2Am [Bang Record]
Young Brother – Ah Shit [Multiza Distribution]
Zda – Algoritm [Uninvited Artists]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Active Surplus – Active Surplus [PR009] [FLAC]
Adolpho & Franky & Holger Zilske – Laboratory [Folklor Nation]
al l bo, Clouds Testers – Synth-Pop Remixes [HUB]
Aldi Be Cool – Summer Days (Dasto Remix) [Leaf Records]
Alex Arcocha – The Night [Spa In Disco]
Alex Pich – Fast Thoughts [Emergent Textures]
Andy Buchan – Kosmick [COV016]
Arnaud D – Chasing Dreams (feat. Rescue Poetix)
Aux Cable & Refi Singz – For Me [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Babah – Lights [Mutant Bit]
Baris Bozan – Makes Me Feel [Road Story Records]
Big Bach, Deep Tune Musiq, Sakmen, Sedi b – Completed (Deeper Mix)
Boddhi Satva – Raw Spirit [195081470030]
Booka Shade & Kaktus Einarsson – Perfect In A Way (Remixes)
Brett Starr – Quartz Ship [Rhythm Vibe]
Bruno Merlin – Jackpot [Native Wolf Records]
Bubblegum Pop – Get Down To It [BGP008]
C. Da Afro – Basic Element [BLM016]
CALV (UK) – Morning Rays [Run Free]
Cavego – Huldra [Eskimo Recordings]
Cedarwood State Trax – Stockroom Jamz [Koma Recordings]
Celestino – Sehnsucht [Espacio CIELO]
Custa – Uncalled [Plastic Frequent]
Dachshund – Slow Deep Breath [Gruuv]
Damon Hess – Find a Way (feat. Lauren Rose) [Gameroom Records]
Dani Corbalan – Never Go Down [Cherokee Recordings]
Danny Chunga – Es Todo Para Ti (Daniele Danieli Extended Mix)
Dapayk Solo & Vars – Fire (Dirty Doering Remix)
David Marques – MYSTERY [MC0018]
David Oniani – New Dawn [Little Angel Records]
Daylotz – Come On [Antilope Label]
Daylotz – She [Antilope Label]
deep city soul – The Future [Electric Mode]
Deepest, AMHouse & DJ SP – With Me [DeepShine Records]
Deeplomatik – Deep Drop [Salted Music]
Despa – I’m Here [Houtune]
Die Orangen – Ride [Orange Editions]
Dirty Doering – Gezwitschert [MUKKE046]
Don Dayglow – Analog Drift [Particle Zoo Recordings]
Doubutsu System – Reamp Dub [0103Records]
Early Jacker – Promessas [PRCBS003] [FLAC]
El Dragón Criollo – Je Pense à Toi [EL PALMAS MUSIC]
Eli, Rada Sounds & Rada – Falling Into Me [QM Allstars]
Érebo Project – Hydra [PNL40] [FLAC]
Foby & Giangi Cappai – Summarize [Blessed Cross Records]
Forteba – Airspot [PLAC1010]
Funky Fruit – Summer Road (feat. Lana Lubany) [Yaya]
G. Markus – diggin4dayz [Monologues Records]
Gabriel Rocha & DJ PP – My Love For You [DECHAPTER]
Gavo BR – Voices [G-Mafia Records]
Gianluca Motta, TheDjLawyer – Satisfied [BRV43]
Gioli & Assia – Darling [BLV7397822]
Girls of the Internet – Infinite Harmony [Drab Queen]
GLOBAL BUSINESS – Tony 2 Times [Bænger]
Graeda – Vacate [NDYD038] [FLAC]
Hear & Now – Alba Sol [C56LP016] [FLAC]
Higinio – This Is Not the End [Chaman Records]
Howling – Bind [COUNTDNL211S]
Ida Flo, Costa UK & Yescene – The Traveler [Deep V Records]
Indysoul – Love in Stereo [Nylon Trax]
Inessa – Nomade Electronique [Syncopate Afterhours]
jahjaylee – Jah [Fantastic Voyage]
Jasev & Jasev, Nnatn – All in One [Piston Recordings]
Jassie – Here Comes The Night [DD015]
Jorge Bejarano – Nite Dance [Good Luck Penny]
Kalophain – All as It Should Be [Garden Groove Music]
Kanedo & Susana Lee, Kanedo – Understanding Deep
Ken@Work – Drop It Hot [Moiss Music]
Kile – The February Project [TID Recordings]
King Smandi – UMOKS [DPM023]
KLANGPLANET – Dream [recordJet]
Klein & MBO – Wonderful [21C002]
Kokko Perelli – It’s Going Airborne [Bif Records]
Kusko – Fooling Me [Jendex Records]
L.E.D – Silicon Touch EP [FAR043]
Lane 8 – Keep On [ANJDEE483D]
Leex – Big City Life [recordJet]
LKA – Shaka Zulu [SAE00006]
Lomezz – Scissorhead [Sirup Records]
Lukado – THE MIND BENDER [TMB2020]
Maple Syrup – Jazz Attack [Mutombo records]
Margherita Cecchi – Words Thrown [10171483]
Mark E. Quark – Moonshake Edits [JJ057] [FLAC]
Martin Den Hollander & Josua – Transforma Tudo em Paz (feat. Mel)
Marttin – The Dubman [Elegant Music]
Maryag – Seasons [Full Flight Records]
Massimo Vanoni – Winner Takes All [10171470]
Maurice Business – Songs for the Office [Burning Rose]
Max Grand – Next To Me [29 NET DEEP]
Miguel Campbell – You and Me More [Outcross Records]
Milky Bass – More Love [Zoonami Records]
Mirco Caruso – Dreams (feat. Liu Bei) [RAMA Music]
Mood II Swing – Move Me [MF-02]
Moodymann – Taken Away (Kdj)
Mr. Falcon – Go Stupid [Chub Rub]
Munky Fike – In the Sky [Villes et Fleurs]
Muşta – Carosello [Viaggio Recordings]
Naitus – Hold On To Me [Gloamed]
No Regular Play – Room Keeps Spinning [LEFTLTD052]
Nohan – Four Walls [TRYBESof]
NORR – You Better Smile [LOK009]
Nude Disco – The Good Times [NDR027]
Nuki – Blue Lake [Make A Records]
Nykoluke – Sunset Lover [Luxury Night]
Oblomov – Kamchatka [Muza]
Old Culture – Take Me Down [Lolapad Recordings]
Panos Pisitelis – Passion [Uba Lua Records]
Paul Older – Mondodisco EP [FEP008]
Pedro Campos – Quarantine Part 1 [Pehuen Records Unlimited]
Phaze Dee – Magic Mind [True Deep]
Prince Mingus – LUV U Mo’ [Turquoise Records]
Psychic Powers – Everything Is Chemical [Simballrec Music]
Psychic Powers – Glide [Simballrec Music]
Psychic Powers – Islands [Simballrec Music]
Ralf Urland – Far [Highway Records]
Rares Romanov – RRM010 [RRM010] [FLAC]
Reggie Steele – One Day (Mark Francis 201 Remix) [feat [Makin’ Moves]
Revels On Poolside – Piano for Love [Safe Ltd.]
Rhythm Of Elements – Global Soul Session E.P. Plus [R2028] [FLAC]
Rianu Keevs – Flight of Being [Rianu Keevs]
Ricky KK – Alive [Azucar Distribution]
Rob Tirea – The Storm Front and the Sea [TGR Music Group]
Robi Uppin – Coffee Bar Discussions [Plastic City FX]
Rotem – Metropolis [TOSSA DEL MAR]
Saison – The Art Of Optimism (Extended Mix) [FUDIS025]
Santai – Lava Beds [Human Resources]
Shari Vari – Now Remixes [Malka Tuti Records]
Shiny Happy People – Into the Rocket [SouthTech Music]
Siggatunez – Equality [Suol]
Sirxam – All That Matters [Fatal Music]
Slap – Mr.Funk [Young NRG Productions]
Somethin’ Deep – Nyctophilia [Ababili Recordings]
Standub – Saturdays [SOV141]
Tennis Pagan – GALAXIES A MESS [Spirit Level]
THYPONYX – Close To Me [TX Records]
Tim Dian – Dangerous [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Tom Boxer – Self control [Tom Boxer Music]
Trino Trevino – Metro [PRDS Direct]
Trip2 Universe – Into the Blue [Deep Inside Sound]
Urbanite – Blue Ruby [Smashing Trax Records]
Urvin June, Chris Simmonds – Detour [10170961]
VA – Dial 2020 (I) [DIAL78] [FLAC]
VA – Empatia [BIM005CD]
VA – Fievre Disco De Saint Tropez [10165241]
VA – Focus On #2 [Cenital Music]
VA – Hive Audio The First 10 Years – Part 1 [HA110]
VA – Permanent Vacation 6 [PERMVAC2001]
VA – Talking House, Vol.8 [LTP008D] [FLAC]
VA – The Dancefloor Cuts 2 [SPA081]
WAX – Solaris [LunaMoon]
Yves Tomas – Pilot [Rekids]
Zyqs – You Know It [Barvy]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

11moi11 – In a Daze [Moi]
Adred & Jamal – Complicated [Commercial Suicide]
Akcess – Gothyk [UberDanke]
Akma – Abaddon [Battlefront Records]
Alex Slk, Pseudonym – Skitz [Parallel Depth]
Andy LaToggo – Manitou (Remixes) [TB Media]
Arkaik – Stay Inside [Flexout Audio]
Arly Joi – Rinuncia con me [Nuova Records]
Ashflo – Concrete (Remix) [Patrol The Skies Music]
ATLAST – Torch [Lowly]
ãustė – Catch Me (feat. Aurora Tetto) [NoFace Records]
AV4RA – Wildfire [DENAR RCRDS]
Axxolotl – What Is That [Rave Gun Records]
Ayberk Cin – Run Down [Lowded Recordings]
Bamboo Busters – Communism [Big Hard Records]
Bassjackers – Want You (So Bad) [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Bassnectar – All Colors (Preview 2) [Amorphous Music]
Beat Merchants – Different Styles [Chronic]
Beat Up – Freaking the Freqz [Dreams Come True]
Berox – FTB [Alveda Pulse]
Biomechanimal – Haksal [HYBRID BLAK Records]
Blinders – Right Behind [STMPD RCRDS]
Borgeous – Underground [+31 Music]
BSN Posse – Rituals [recordJet]
Bugatti Music – Button Bitch [Deep Bear]
C.H.A.D – Bossed Up (feat. Kid Swamii) [Kundry Music]
Candy Sax – Rotation [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Carlo Bari – Cri Minal [Plasma.Digital]
CHIKAGE – Fall of Light [Iron Shirt Recordings]
Chris Burke – Falling Awake [Chris Burke]
CODENS – Isolation [PRIME]
Coll3rk, Worth & Jess Sarubbi – Reminds Me of You
CREEPT – Interstellar [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Cyclops – Occulum [Disciple Round Table]
David Ylias – Break It Down [VIGORUS RECORDS]
Degrise – Costroma [SLASE Records]
Diasiva – Microplastic [Arboretum]
Dino Sor – Last Dream [Royal Music Paris]
Dino Sor – Pandora [Royal Music Paris]
DJ Andy – So Much Love Better Days [Liquid V]
Dj Chapul – Oxitocina [Turtle Musik]
DMPR – Covid-19 [Gysnoize Recordings]
Donkong & Z A K – Logic Bomb [Jadu Dala]
Dopamine, Gloryowner – Dopamine [SLASE Records]
Dotan Janana – Indika [Artists Network Revolution]
Ego Trippin – Chocolate [Low Down Deep Recordings]
Enium – Secrets [Tarr Records]
Eusebeia, Arlow & Atiq – Transfiguration [Mindtrick Records]
FD – Lie to You (feat. Akemi Fox) [The North Quarter]
Fedor – Circus [GAWDMODE]
Freakz United – Relax Time [Groovepool Essentials]
Freshcobar & Lavelle Dupree – That Vibe [Which Bottle ]
Funsta, Jack Jackal – Horde feat. Mic Righteous
FX909 – Meltdown [FX909 MUSIC]
Gapz & Brute – Evacuation [Buygore]
GavGStyle – Music Machines [GSP]
Geety – Be Anything in Love Before (VIP Mix)
GLD – I’m Sick of Your Shit [Circus]
Godslla – Kyoka [East Records (CN)]
Grafix – Zephyr (feat. Ruth Royall) [Hospital Records]
Greekboy – Jungle Drops 20 [Liquid Drops]
Grinder – Hypno [Grinder]
Hamed – Lightning [Revkon Records]
Harka – Badman Bible [Elastic Rhythms]
HATI & Skoll – CYBERFUNK 2020 (deathszn Remix)
Hellcutter – Digitally Hypnotized [We are Overdriven]
Heymac – Night Garden Ode To What Was [Bay 6 Recordings]
Hugh Hardie & Pola & Bryson – 7 Tunes in 7 Days
Illnest – Going Up [d3ip Records]
Inodi, Pholo & Kareful – Second Sword VIP [Liquid Ritual]
InsertFX & Soulzkillers – Devil’s Crossroad [Bong Killa Records]
Internal ERROR – Brain Damage [Cyber Audio]
Ish D – Show Me Love (feat. YUNG NATION) [Composition Room]
J-Raj – Gimme Di Mix [J-Raj Music]
Jantsen & Mersiv – Get Crazy [Wakaan]
Jgasp – Puck [Hydra Music Records]
Jonas Marty – Bounce [recordJet]
JORDVN PRINCE – Evrthquvke [Lowded Recordings]
Julius Beat & Madstring – Orion [Dragon Records]
Jyderne – Det 100 [disco wax (Sony)]
KC – Let’s Get Rowdy [Dutty Bass Audio]
KERIMKAAN – Feel the Life [Talent Records]
KURA & Nevlin – Poetry in Motion (feat. Kris Kiss)
Limit, Asymmetric & Diligens – Dissymmetrical 10
Lochlainn – Your Love [Proximity]
Lotic – Burn a Print [Houndstooth]
Macky Gee – Demand [Down 2 Earth Musik]
Maduk – Back to Life (feat. Dan Soleil) [Liquicity Records]
Malaa – OCB (Remixes) [Confession]
Martyn Nytram – Sensation Bonnet de douche [Nurtured Beatz]
Meroman & Kaala, Meroman – Divine Intervention
Midik & PRNT SCRN – Gen Bomb (PRNT SCRN VIP)
MidKnighT MøøN – Pure Wonder [Kos.Mos.Music]
Mr. Baskus & Garage Crew – Throw the Universe
Navigare – Yoo Hip [64 Recordings]
Nick Aber & Aldimar – Better of My Own
Nick The Lot – The Gill Man [Pick The Lock Records]
Nicky Havey & TygerTyger – Nebula [Electronic Alliance Records]
NoGutt – 3rd Year Jubilee Remix Contest 1st Place
nokia cash – 3330 [Deep Well Music]
Nosenko Ame – On My Way [Song Mintero]
Nurve – Centipede [Nurve Music]
OK. Kevin – Hysteria [Obskure]
Oleg Xaler – Behind Closed Eyes [BMP Music]
Onur Ormen & Reaktive – Love Got You [Lowly]
Oz1 – Creepy [Wow Signal Records]
Parallel – Absense ,, Free Your Mind [Fuck About! Drum & Bass]
Particle – Thermal [Critical Music]
Patrick Hofmann – Realize [1st Strike]
Pete D. Moore – Music Takes You Higher [Nimi Records]
R!CH – Metal Throat [Huge Hype Audio]
Ravage – Get Closer [Alphabeat Records]
Ray Uptown – Wdiam [Minority Dnb Recordings]
Reflex & Nekst – Double Whammy [Scanline Records]
René LaVice & Benny L – 1000 Days [device]
Ricky Tuff – Drop Me Down [Dub Shotta]
Row p i e c e s – Beech Grooves Extended Player One
Ruby Phoenix – Where We Belong [DSTR RCRDS]
Sae & Lavand – Protheus [Overture Recordings]
Sergi Grau – Oliverbenji [Wikolia Music]
ShemoW & Michael Enyo Carey – The Prophecy [Danceclusive]
Shilljuzz – Fragments [Versatile Productions]
Simon NTRG – Midnight [WE WORLD]
SMS Maco – Sms Maco [Power In Creativity Records]
Sonic Rain – Unity [Peer Pressure]
SpaceArt – The Flow [Alphabeat Records]
Starbrain – Pick It Up (Extended Mix) [Starbrainrecords]
Stefano Pozzi – Il Padrino (Remix) [32 Recordings]
Subminimal & Tranquil – Kinematics [Moller Records]
Sullivan King, Kai Wachi & GG Magree – Flatline [Kannibalen Records]
SVD KID & Aggresivnes – Loot Bag [Galaxic]
SYN – Warcry [Welcome Records]
Talon – Nostalgia [The Half Heart Project]
TattOne – Chase [Dragber Records]
Thoro – In the Ghetto [TRIP AND CHIC]
Tim Reaper & Yorobi – Shefftrack Drum Tree [Disc World]
tylo & Evilside – Summoner [Vibes Records LLC]
VA – Hidden Gems Comp 01 [QR8ER Records]
VA – Voidout Pt.2 [Live History Records]
Vebrik – 8I [Frostfyre]
Volt – Trap (feat. Lil Baby) Volt Remix [24-8 Records]
VVO – Reckless! [Atmospherica]
WILDE THINGS & Phaura – Reaching Out [Simplify.]
Wilderness Crew – Street [Trapking]
Yaro – Know You [Record Company TEN]
YATIX – Dismember [Poltergeist Records]
YDG – The Shape [Kannibalen Records]
Yelle – Je t’aime encore (Montro Remix) [Recreation Center]
Zackane – The Rave [AIDC Records]
Zubah – Demon Hunter [DirtySnatcha Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

4nzek – Times Past [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
8XD – Bora Bora [Lolou Records]
Amritone – Mental Underground [Merkaba Music]
Andrea Cortez – The Secret Song of Plants [Aural Canyon]
Axcel Lence – Changes [eeprecords]
Babak Haleky – Never Let You Go [Melmin Records]
Bam Ex – Glasses (feat. Arttra) [Print Screen Lab]
Bastard Boy – Natural Purge [Hated Music]
Blueroom – Surprise (Electro) [Quarantine Records]
CH40 – Tales of Black Sea [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
Chevel – B4 GB [Enklav]
CJ Noks, Dr. Pause T & Bohdan Kharchenko – Inaccessible Land
Corosun, Shizo Van De Sunflower – Simple Mind
Cosmonic – Carisma [Tranquility Sounds]
D-Trancer – Infected World [Relaxorica Records]
Dear Humans – Harvest Moon [MOONHO003]
Dimitris Dagas – Waves of Serenity [Retrolounge Records]
Discoscuro – Vitriol [Discoscuro Factory Records]
DJ en rhtyme – I Will Beat You [recordJet]
Electronic Fluke – Riddle [Wonderfly Records]
Futuristic Polar Bears & Lux. Us – Faith [Record Union]
Geju – Miros Placut [Leveldva]
IV-IN – Alter [195081554129]
Jasper Tygner – I’ll Stay [Jasper Tygner]
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Door with No Sign
Jessica Winter – Chasing Nightmares [Roya]
Jose Ramos – In Peace [Contrasena Records S L]
Julia Mour, Kelon – Abstract City 2 [Flexibilia]
Kingbastard – Brainzap [Odd John Records]
Kuno – Uppercut [777 Recordings]
L3fthand – Emotions [Strange Matter]
LAGASTA – Driving [Lagasta Records]
Longo – One More Time (feat. Martina Corona & Crucio)
Luxs Buggs – Raindrops [2 Steps To Chill]
Magister – Eretika (Elohim) [feat. Mauro Biglino] [Unika Lab]
Marian Hill – Like U Do (Clear Eyes Remix)
Melody Lines – Sunflowers [MHSM Records]
Micah Pick – Brighter Than I Thought [Audiobulb Records]
Minddigger – Everything [AstroPilot Music]
Moon Effect – Frowned Upon [Moon Effect Records]
Nro – Breeze [2 Steps To Chill]
Odd Space – The Conception of the Universe, Pt. 2
Oliver Koletzki & Niko Schwind – Agitation [A Tribe Called Kotori]
OMMA – DOMA [Antinote]
ONUMM – Sorry [BlakEvva Records]
Oscar G – Lost (feat. El Chino Dreadlion) [DistroKid]
Pikomos – Gentle Chimes [Traumnovelle]
project rubikon – I [recordJet]
Radiocuts – Momentum [Anarchy In The Funk]
Raiwa – Blooming Gloria [Deep Strips]
Ramzes Music – Bubble [Skipe Records]
ricky retro – Rock N Rik [ricky retro]
Rob Otnik – Different [Attic Studio]
RUFUS DU SOL – Solace [054391938152]
Somni – Home – Sweatson Klank Remix
Soulwax – E Talking [Pias]
Swarmm – Extract , Transform , Load [Holotone]
thelittlehouseofg – Never Knew [Diggers’ Delight]
Third Son – 20 Days [PLP01]
VA – Arabian Nights 2 [CAFEDEANATOLIA190]
VA – Cosmic Nature [Nidra Music]
VA – Glitterbox Accapellas Volume 1 [DGLIB28D]
VA – Nothing But… Electronica Selections, Vol. 12 [NBES012]
VEKY – All Will Pass [Amind Two Guys Records]
Vlisa – Canadian Clouds [data rec.]
Yoe Mase – Bitter (feat. sad alex) [Seeking Blue]
Zac, BAKKA (BR) – La Culebra [EKV045]
Zach Ando – Dancing Distractions [Satta Records]
Zalikha – Don’t You Forget [Yeiskomp Abyss]
ϙue – Hello New World! [2064 Recordings]


4 Da People – 100K Beats [Grey City Records]
9Th House – Lyra (17 Steps)
10 40 – Wild Life [10 40 Productions]
AAP – Back to the Basics (Acapella) [feat. Gabhz]
Allan McLoud – Creid Annad Fhein [Allanation Records]
Alternative Kasual – The Switch [Braslive Records]
Amanch – Leading My Eye (feat. Victoria Fisher)
Andrey Reshetnik – Evening Sky [Richy Records]
Aron Scott, Edwin Geninatti & Yan Garen – Reach Out [Groove Defined]
Atroxity & Sorry The Hedgehog – Tear It Down [Beatradar]
Austin Jarred – Fall Into You [My Wife Records]
Avarro, DJ Jazzy James – Housegezeichnet! (feat. Lil Luffy)
Azanda – Heart (Kempton Remix) [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Baseek & Carmen Nophra – Missing You [Clipper’s Sounds]
Bassminers – Slip (Radio Edit) [feat. Alina Renae] – [Streetlab Records]
Bersinger – Audio Bit [Paradise Music Production]
Birdee & Nick Reach Up – Free Yourself (feat. Barbara Tucker) (Jack Burton Remix)
Black Villain – Asante [BVW002]
Blaque – Fragments Remixed [Elle Tone Recordings]
Boix & Breakloop – Never Letting Go [Blanco y Negro Music]
Bootie Grove & A Most Wanted Man – Ltdblbl007 [Ltd, W,LBL]
Brokenears – Dancin’ Around [MOT038B]
Brooks & KSHMR – Voices (feat. TZAR) [Ace Face Records]
Catz ‘N Dogz – Inner Revolution [DFTD]
Chef De Party – Feelings [Hot Sunday Records]
Chris Carrier, Guillaume La Tortue, Jef K, Cyril K – Adult Only Records 04
Chris Nasty – Rising Up – Extended Mix [UL01725]
Danny Marx – Materialize Groove 2 Me [Simma Black]
Darryl Loxton Music & Lisa Love – I Just Wanna
Deep Mojo – So You Need [DC Records]
Digital Koala & G.Rizo – Grind & Stack [Sight By Sight]
Dirty Disco Stars – Like You Do [Starwalk Records]
DJ Landan Time – Get Your Love [Urban Penguin]
Dj Spin 659 – Way to Your Heart (Remixes), Pt. 2 [feat. Darian Crouse]
Doorly – One for the Crew (feat. Thabo) [RLM041]
Dovley – Be About It [1900300]
DubRocca – Deep in Our Hearts [BROKEN027]
Eddie Amador, Milk & Sugar – Holding On (Cassimm Remix)
Electro France – Electro France – The Remixes [Four Stripes Records]
eXotic, VALKA & Sebastien Rebels – Me Elevas [Break It Music]
Ferdinand Weber, Kelli-Leigh & Fabich – What They Call Love
Ference – (Love Me) Honey So [Material]
Fishela – Mystery Lp [Severa Records]
FIT Siegel – Track 911 [Fit Sound]
Freaky DJs & Helgi Walker – Change My Mind (feat. Jeffrey Graham)
Frrra – Complex Zero [welofi]
Fudjicado – 1983 [Rakete Records]
G.Roy – Go Go Electro [SUB027]
G.U.R.I – Where Is the Time [Sundries Digital]
Gerry Verano & DJ Daniel Wilson – Mauritius [Digital Room Records]
GLN & Mark Vox – Body [Wildrun Records]
Grebeau – Frisco [Digital Duvet]
GreySides, DiMo & Sam Stone – Cross That Line [BeLove]
Guux & Mr. Ites – Conectado Com Jah [Jah Tallawah]
Haamiah – Me Abrazas [Keep Out Recordings]
Harrington, Gustin & Zahn – Tura Lura [Cascine (Redeye)]
Heart Saver – My High [Lip Recordings]
HP Vince & Divine – Life Is Beautiful [Phoenix Music Inc]
HP Vince & LoMalo – Brooklyn Groove [Groove Culture]
Hugo Villanova – Disco Returns [DIFF Records]
Hyperion – Amorphous [The Half Heart Project]
Imran Mwangi – Happy Music [Tanzgemeinschaft]
J Vin – Sensation [K-Noiz]
Jack Flash – Feel So Alive feat. Desney Bailey [Flaneurecordings]
Jaxx Inc. – Happy People [Jaxx white]
Jefer Maquin, Dayvi & Bombsjackers – I’m Free
joaco serruya – Green Dragon [SonicBass Records]
Johannes Albert – Yoga At the Dream Haus [Renate Schallplatten]
Joshua Roberts & Jackfruit – Havana 5 [Alveda Music]
KARROW – Back To Love [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Kasper Bjørke – Nothing Gold Can Stay Remixes (Part A)
Kidd Cuni – Love [STMPD RCRDS]
Kiras – Inside My Dream (Remix Pack) [feat. Roberta Orrù]
Kriio – Roll the Dice [One Stamp Records]
Krispi – You Want Me [EAX126]
Late Than Ever – The Devil s Club [Supertunes]
Lisa Jane – Don’t You Wanna (Lizzie Curious Remix)
Lo-Fi – Sane [Flaneurecordings]
Lorenzo Chi – Title [Valencia Records]
Machomovers – Bare, Deep & Long [Flaneurecordings]
Machomovers – Sexy [Flaneurecordings]
Maegon – Infinity [Spiralation]
Massive House – Stay Here [No Definition]
MastroMauro – Trust Me (Sauro Mix) [kluBasic Records]
Matcha – The One [Wolfrage Recordings]
Matush & Luccio B – 1995 [Groove Tom Records]
Mazzl – Breeze [recordJet]
MBO Music – Come In [Blacktone]
Melodymann – Arkives 003 [Melodymathics]
Mirelle Noveron – Love Is Passion [SSR2001400]
Monaus – Why Don’t [Soundrepublic]
Mr. Eclectic & Sean Ali – F-An-Maze [Pasqua Records]
Narciso & Gerundino – Harmony (Vertigini Remix)
Off Da Clock – Where’s the Love [Bobbin Head Music]
Orienta-Rhythm – Get Back To Love (feat. Dawn Tallman)
Oscar K – Deep Nights [29 DISCO]
Paco Caniza – Ten Years Ago [Jango Music]
Paul Gannon, DayNight – Feel It (Extended Mix) [195081152684]
PEZNT & Brown Sneakers – Am I Wrong [Blacksoul Music]
Plaztik – M3 (Extended Mix) [Beatbox Records]
PONY – Sahara [DeepShine Records]
Pray J – When This Song Comes On [Eton Messy Records]
Qubiko – No Fear [Glasgow Underground]
Quin Pearson – Bum [Run Free]
Rafael Rosa – Coronavirus [Pump Records]
Ras Martin – Get on Down [Ras Martin Productions]
Rob Threezy – PROJEKT 88 [Ghetto Division Records]
Robin Masters Orchestra – Illusion [Flaneurecordings]
Sam Span – Bubble Stone [Nimi Records]
Sexgadget – The Best I Ever Had [Alveda Gold]
Snowx, Pirate Snake – I Love [MZC100]
Soldera & Out Ctrl – Body Trembles [Supertunes]
Soul Clap – Jussa Come (Soul Clap)
Starwoodz – La Vida [Vamos Music]
Sterkøl – It Ain’t Right [TGR Music Group]
Steve Lawler – Don’t Ask [NEM01601Z]
Steve Silk Hurley – Jack Your Body [SSR2001800]
Swoose – Introspective [PALMS027]
The Ard & The Pianoroad – Unter [Stuckmusic]
The Space Knights – Be There (You Got To) [Jo Paciello Remix]
THYPONYX – True [TX Records]
Time To Talk – Know It All (feat. Laila) [Mixmash Bold]
Tremonjai – Suspiro [Valencia Records]
VA – Future Disco Now – Pornostar Comps [PSR80]
VA – Robsoul School Vol.6 [195081494326]
Victor Ruiz – Freedom [DC225]
Woolta Gee – Art of Tones [Sanelow Label]
Yustin NR, Topo La Maskara & DJ Pelón – Flay Flay
Zebob – Pop Dat [REJ039]
ZerøCode – Fire [PM Recordings]

Melodic House & Techno

2A (UKR) – Chi [YoD Light]
A SKITZO – Abyss [Grey Bar Hotel]
Adam Gain – Minimal Life [Dog And Man]
Amrath – Rise of a Populist [Mother International]
Artifvct – The Awakening [Inward Records]
ASAS, Meastral – AALAYN II [ETR029]
AXBLA – For Her [Astral Void Records]
Bimma – Bingo [Stereofly Records]
Bistro Boy – Svartir Hundar [Moller Records]
Bog – Corso Juno 99 [Bedrock Records]
Burak Başar – Hell Is Empty [Karia Records]
Carsten Halm – Kira [EUVIS027]
Carsten Halm – Kleeblatt [Ballroom Purple]
Casta – El Viaje [CUBEREC]
Dani Dimitri – Dancehall of Fame
Dase – Reconect [Abstract Line Records]
DIPNOI – Silhouette [Uplay Recordings]
Doyeq – Sdfg [Kindisch]
Enoc V – Dutch Braids [Space Buns Recs]
Ernesto Ortega – Ultimate [Syndicate Music]
Fappe & Bru – They Don’t Know (Alfred Heinrichs Remix)
Hans Morlier – Eagles [Right Music Records]
Hidden Face – When Comes the Night [Lowly]
Initial Eyes – Awakening The Infinite Climb
Javago – Engine [Capalbio Beat]
Kolnizer – Zdreda [Am Strand]
Laroz – Out of a Dream [Hey, location!]
Major Scale – Flavour of Sunset [8620 RECORDS]
Mångata Projekt – Reflected Ray Incident Ray
Michael Simon – Oud Imperial [Aversion Records]
Mid & Low – Selene [Tiefdruckgebeat]
Mr. Progressive – Evening In Heaven [Shine Om Records]
Murteza – Dalyan [ThreeRecords]
Nalex – Raising the Groove [Boys & Girls Records]
Nico Pusch – KayCee [1st Strike Deep]
Nikko Mavridis – Senseless [INU]
Ormatie – Taifun Uragan [Proton Music]
Pure Inch – The Feeling [Rollerblaster Records]
Purson – Persistence of Vision [PDD Tamed]
Ray Le Fanue – Higher Empire [Digiment Records]
Reenday – Realilty [Blanc Stone Digital]
RezQ Sound & Linmin – RobotOrgy [YoD Dark]
RONN3 – Pleasure (Remixes) [Elyontro Records]
Rosario De Prisco – Illuminados [Votiva Records]
SHMN – Guilty Crown [Click Records]
Stanny Abram & Cruise [Ctrl] – Imperio [Eichtal Recordings]
Stelios Vassiloudis – Videotape [Balance Music]
Thomas Lizzara – No Longer Human []
Tomy Wahl – Koro [Bibliotheque Records]
Valdovinos – Grizzly [All Day I Dream]
Valerio Laz – Expand [Lost Crate]
VanNeel – Radius [BeisN Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Adrian Niculae – Electrip [Motif Records (Romania)]
Adrian Niculae – Fundamental [Motif Records (Romania)]
Albert Azar, Gabriele Volpi – V.A [Wood Imprint]
Alberto Cristian, Educ & Tavii Mihai – Flawless Groove
Alex Clap – Lere [Check In Recordings]
Alex Sadman – Toro Loco [Scratch Style Brothers]
Alpha Hz – Battles [Minemal Records]
Arapu – Connection EP [PTX 017]
Archie Hamilton – Ease My Mind [Moscow Records]
Béhache, Nestor Arriaga & Jorge Cary – Wachufleiva 36
breman – Multiple Games [Asterism]
Caravaca – MISS U [Lemon-aid Music]
Debussy – THE ENTRY [EWX013]
Enivrèz Vous – Anonymous [Elarum]
Francesco Bottalico – Back To Basic [BYK044]
Gioli & Assia – Breathing [BLV6759814]
Guedes – Ascending [Midnight Movement]
Hypnotrixx – Decipher [Hypnotrixx]
JJ Fortune – Intake [Microgravity Music]
Jonh Grip & Rory Hope – Moments [Real Rhythm]
Josh Roberts – Rave [Array Music]
Kenny Kelly – Jah Fire [Catamount Records]
Lautaro Mauti – Il Mio Primo [Urban Garden Recordings]
Macma Kore – Mercado Troll [Bass Zone Music]
Matier – Favmin [Weirdtracx]
Mike Mauri – Inox [Elments Records]
Moog Sane & Dan Cutoff – The Fattest 1 [Maximal Records]
Nazt – Diatriba [Tren iki]
Neuromanzer – Traveller [Mutterkorn Records]
OMUL.MACHATA – Twisted Sister [Tip Tap Records]
Patrick P. – Last Time [MT Musik]
Promet – Dimension [Promet Records]
RezQ Sound – Saura [YoD Dark]
Rianu Keevs – Unknown [Microgravity Music]
Sakro – Supersymmetry [Visionquest]
Simon Shreeve – The Healing Bowl (2020 Remastered)
Soundopamine – We Should Talk [EVPS005]
Stefano Noferini & Leonardo Gonnelli – Airgoose [Jonk Records]
TiM TASTE – Last Lap [Alula Tunes]
Toman – Endz035 [Eastenderz]
TSN – CVS002 [CVS002]
Unknown Artist – Untitled EP [TELUM002]
Untangle – Fukuro [Palor]
VA – 5 Years Techno Brothers [Techno Brothers]
VA – Nothing But… Minimal Style, Vol. 12 [NBMS12]
Valentin G & Federico Sebben – Diving Into Rhythm [Late Ninety]
White Off – No Way [SM115]
Woki Toki – Soul [NoAnwer]

Progressive House

7Kingdoms & Rytro – Run Home [The Million Shades]
Ajayu – Sa Jama [Tezana Records]
Anden – Fires In The Sky [ZT16601Z]
Andre Sobota – Early Sign – Leaving [GM001]
Antony Waldhorn – Shangri-La [Waldhorn Music]
Anuqram – Monterrey – Sirocco [STM316]
Bobryuko – Non-Working System [See The Sea Records]
Celal Yavuz – New Message [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Deep Finback – Eucalyptus [Lincor Apex]
Dhany G – Momo [FG395]
DJ AroZe – Una Vita Segreta [EMH007]
Dmitriy Timofeev – Fly To the Sky [Yeiskomp Leisurely]
Edvard Hunger – Strange Time [Estribo Records]
Guys In Trans – Fringer Destiny [Discotrans]
High On Mars – Gravity [AVE028]
Ian Kay HQ & Toadstool Ngema – Orchestra
Ivan Starzev & ANTON%%F – Creme Brulee [FIGURA132]
KLAIRE, Santti, ONA BEAT – Better Days [1769PKK132769]
Lumidelic – Dreamlike [Emergent Shores]
Majed Salih – Pekselvosk [Medievil-Music]
Max Averbach – Stars [LuPS Records]
Melchi – Sounds from the Valley [Progressive Dreams]
Octavio Gimenez – Dreamers [Mystic Carousel Records]
Pablo sosa – Life [PDR022]
Pashaa – At After [Something Melodic]
Paul Thomas & Dylhen – Unite [FSOEUV108A]
Sam Hopgood – Lobster [PSI2010]
Sebas Ramos – Eurelya [Estribo Records]
Tenerfuse – Perseidian Dawn [Another Life Music]
VA – Best of BCSA, Vol. 14 [BCSA0452]
VA – Nothing But… Progressive Vibes, Vol. 06 [NBPV06]
VA – The Great Awakening [OL360]
Xan Castel – Falling [Planet Dance Music]
Yashar – Achaemenes [XerXes]
Yudi Watanabe – First Look – Hoshi [BFL054]

Tech House

Allans Marquez – Amelia [Kore Music]
Amos Alving – Cycle [REJ040]
B.T.B. Blue Tone Boy – The Last Memory [LADAL20A08]
Brandon Caballero, Jordan Allinor – Feel Good (Incl. Reblok Remix)
Bruno Mendoza – Grecia [SuperMatrix Buzios]
Can Sirin – Close Your Eyes [Ray Collect]
Cheroky Jr – Dreams [Bass Box]
Collective Machine, Jeeten – Spectrum [Fuse Records]
Dandy Gioia – Melody [Beathey Recordings]
Deep Factory – Quarantine [Auraviss]
Derek Muller – Ice Cream [RIM012]
E.R.N.E.S.T.O, Arango – Cyberspace [STRANGE03701Z]
Eagles Trip – Quarantine Dance [Sr. Events Music]
Eddie Amador, Ben A – Mr. Acid _ Dolomites [WT363]
Eder Tobes – Calling [MRCARTER132]
Elysia – The Vibe [Vivifier Records]
Ernest & Frank – Acid Baths EP [VIVALTD108]
Fabrizio Ragone – Rumble [Small Town Big Records]
Fatty – Bag (Original Mix) [NOTP016]
Felipe Fella, SIQUEIRA – Guess What [RIM008]
Fishbird – Desire [Houseworx Sessions]
Franky Rizardo – Sprinkler [KD105]
Gaarcia – Shine [No Topo Music]
GIORG & Santez – Love the Way [Great Stuff Recordings]
Hardmix – Timeless [MPM0183]
Hector IbGar – 4Am [Bonum Vibe]
J.C. Morales – Lockdown [Alveda Subject]
James Curd, KE – Nasty [PD002]
Jholeyson – XWay [Recreo Music]
Junior Sanchez – Division EP [SAVED21201Z]
Labium – Shaping Ep [LBM068]
London Bridge – Listen To Me [Futurefunk Recordings]
Lorenzo de Blanck – Make Me Feel [SF037]
Low Disco, Lucca Enzo – Body Rock [MZV062]
LUBECK, Murotani – Shake Ur Heads (Extended Mix) [SG0035]
LUCASMB – All You Got [Traxford Records]
Mauro Spano – Brain Off [Desperadoz Records]
Mavra – Bassline [Underxpression Records]
MTZ & Basstards – Worthit [Green Deep]
Nacho Rojas – True Pueblo [Mountains Records]
Nathan Barato – Music in the Sky [DH083]
Nelson & King-D – Backwoods In the Bentley [THUNDR]
Nii.Vs – Grovi [DeepSkyline]
Odyffe – Keep On Doing EP [FMR154]
Pleight – Like What [404646]
Reechar Nills – Super Cool [Lemon Juice Records]
Reflux – Pressure [Tech City]
Renato Pezzella – Reflexion [Zenith Recordings]
Romero Sanz – From the City [Subliminal Senses]
Ross Roys – Liz [K-Noiz]
Sage Armstrong, Pheezy420 – Fukitup [DB228]
Sambrns – Drummer EP [TAR010]
Simon Erar – U & Me [Spira Music]
Simon Garcia – One Hour [COMBINED]
Sllash & Doppe – Party With Somebody [BBR006]
Someguy – Rock the Beat [303L2010]
Stanny Abram & Warehouse Rats – Just Be [Marba Records]
SuperHuman Newman – Nitrogen [Bag Of Bones]
Tiago Rosa & Zanard – Gonna Music Go [Valorize o Groove]
Trizzoh & Vinny The Chin – Strong Island Anthem [Subsolar Music]
Tuff London – Rhythm System (Extended Mix) [SOLA113]
VA – Street King House Grooves EP 4 [SK550]
Vinyl Boy – Star 86 [Chola Records Group]
WickedSeal & Lovacc – Lek Lek [Shield Records]
Yudzhin Tech – Giving Up [Music Destinations]

Techno & Minimal

909 Resistance – Detrone [A-Traction Records]
Abstract Force – Azteq Ceremonies [Potti Records]
Acia & Juane – Espoir [Impressum Records]
Alberto Costas – Black Deamon [Emperor Recordings]
Alec Di Largo & Tim Gläser – Champagne [House42]
Alex Breitling – Nefarius EP [ZEHN0030]
Amby Iguous – Tales of Cheburyat 2.10 Bh [Secret Keywords]
Aney F. – Stay Awake EP [IM148]
Armin Van Buuren – Blue Fear (Eelke Kleijn Remix)
Asquith – Rave Til Dawn [ASQ005]
Axones & E-Runner – Gravity [Android Muziq]
Bad Teckno – Pandemic [Radiator Of Sound]
Bellamy Duo – Music [Machine Control Records]
Ben Balance – The Peanut Butter Falcon [SOISHOT1]
Ben Candel – Short Dick Man [PAIN BENIT]
Blue Collar – Corktown [Stencil Recordings]
Boskii – Nucleobase Classification [MUK102]
BOXXER – Flashes [Oxytech Limited]
Broken Leisure – Transparent Look [Roughtops]
Brostor – Telescope [Go Weird Productions]
Chris Sen & Guy Herman – Fundamentals [EINMUSIKA171]
Chus & Ceballos, Leonardo Gonnelli – Abisinia (2020 Remixes)
Cirez D – Valborg The Raid (Mouseville)
Cosmin Horatiu, Brad Brunner – Bad Boy EP [NVR127]
Damien Fisher – Building Bridges [TEC219]
David Keno – Asteroid EP [BF249]
Deep Space Communications – Radiation Cosmic
Dekeyden – Unspoken Attraction [AWRYBA008] [FLAC]
Delano & Enrique Calvetty – Yucatan [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
Derek Farnan – Corpus Alienum [ultrawave records]
DJ Hugo Enrique – Underworld [Machine Control Records]
Dok & Martin – Paralysis [CODEX066]
Drvg Cvltvre – Cities in Dvst [FLAGELANTE]
E-GZR – Unused Mixes 1 [SO-PHAT]
Earthnut – Longform [Strictly Flava]
Eco3 & The Trooper – Ten Horses [Beat Warriors Rec]
Ekman – Midnight Hillside [CELTD001]
El Mundo – Wandering EP [DNSOTF021]
Endre K & Nexgar – Maximum Entropy [Oxytech Records]
Enivrèz Vous – Anonymous [ELD001]
Eraserlad – Changes In Consciousness [Muza]
Erta Ale – Violator [TTR]
Eugen Menjaev – Spit on your Grave [Horus Music Limited]
Fear The Priest – Your Ex Does Meth [BBR0036]
Flashmob – Pacific [TIN007] [FLAC]
Fonso De Frutos – Macrocosmos [Merkaba Sound]
Frederick Ansgar – Brainwave [DataTech]
Funeral Future – Blue Euphoria [EUROMANTIC005] [FLAC]
Gaga, Mateo! – Bring It Down [DFR303]
Giri – Ilizia [Antiterra]
Greenjack – Underframe [IAMT206A]
Greg Soma – Intakto [The 5th]
Human Experiments – Non Conservation of Parity
Johao Bodj – Future [Musical Minds Records]
John Baga – Knowhere Poursuit [Divinorum Recordings]
Jokasti & Nek – Celestial Bodies EP [MORD068]
Jonny N Travis – It’s Just a Dream [195081555027]
Juliche Hernandez – Wasoski [MHYH0018]
Katarakt – Everything Was Fine [ERROR Records]
Kaufmann (DE) – Black Horsey [EIN2054]
Lime – Comiensa (feat. Elektroshit) [Oh My Gosh]
Luca Eck – Walking the Edge [Luca Eck]
Luca Gaeta – Shape Mode [CODEX067]
Luke Mandala – Gamma [Wulfpack]
MAN POWER – Economy [Me Me Me]
Martin Landsky – Triage [Rejected]
Matheus Abrahão – Lendary [Clan Club Rec]
Matt Ledcher – Exodus [Figura Music]
Milion. – Population [WHO226]
Mr Brico – Phreak Storm [Rhythm Robot Records]
Nano Rinnegato – Kurayami No Sonata [OBSCRF003]
Neil Landstrumm – Dragon Under (2020 Reissue)
Nico Cabeza, INGRID (IT) – Miles From Mars 33 [MFM033]
Nollie & Phyrgian – Deja Vu
Panasonic – Remix [SAHKO032] [FLAC]
Paolo Fanelli – ST3RE0 [Zuno Recordings]
Papaverhof – Bonker [PulseWave Records]
Paul Adam – Let It Go [We Love Techno]
Raul Manso – Be Reborn [Tecnologic Records]
Rave Syndicate – Remain Nameless [Alienator Black]
Red Rooms & Georg Fischer – CLI [Otomo Trax]
Relativ (NL) – My Baby [NP0318]
Ren Ascutt – Wotan [Reload Black Label]
Richard Holhburn – Terminal Nation [Diffuse Reality Records]
Rob Lewis – Eye Contact [Beaufort Beats]
Robots With No Soul – Rose [KPLP06] [FLAC]
Secus & Amnesiac Host – Isomorphic [Darkroom Bureau]
Sergio Trillini – Without You [AUTEKTONE DARK]
Skaarl – Shadows [CAT341324]
Spektral – Las 8 Rosas [Underground Family Records]
Spraycan Attack – Steam [Lodjiya]
SQNCR69 – 200521 [SQNCR69]
St. Jean – Confinement, Pt. 5 [Stereofly Records]
Station Rose – 809 [SPTM003]
Theo Komp – Je M’en Fous [Minimal Force Records]
Thomas Hoffknecht – Gravity Mutations [STRGHTX011]
Tom Sue – Trias#006 [Trias Records]
Tymotica – Incoherent Death Experience [RUFFHOUSE003]
Uakoz, Stephen Disario – Manipulate EP [PRRUKD20037]
VA – Deeperfect Picking, Vol. 03 [DPE1684]
VA – Deliberate Mistakes 25 [WHLTD152]
VA – Oddyssey, Vol. 4 [ODD040] [FLAC]
VA – Rest in Peace [Ätzend Records]
VA – reWORK, Pt. 1 [TENA097]
VA – Rv Trax, Vol. 5 [RSRV05D] [FLAC]
VA – Steyoyoke Paradigm Vol.7 [SYYKPARA007]
VA – The Past & The Future [VAPF] [FLAC]
VA – Tizzy ,Vol.17 [Lamp]
VA – V , A 2.0 [Knowledge Imprint]
VA – Various Artists 4 [UTVA004]
Vertex & R3Cycle – Walk on Water [SOLM090]
VØLT3K – In the Air [Solarium Records]
VSY – Altered 1 [LR1580142]
Will Taylor (UK) – Touch It! [LPS274]
Yamil – Agua (Original Mix) [OCM003]
Yesero – Check [Soul Room Records]