Afro House

Afro Pupo – Missionary (feat. Silva DaDj) [Afrocracia Records]
DarQknight & Silent Predia – No More (feat. Mujo Deep & Nkanyezi Yezulu)
EKstatiQ Tone & Yanco Deep – Touch
El Bruxo – Valerie [Africa Mix]
Gees – Yeti [Lavenir Music]
Globally Local Music Factory – Big Shiny Heart (feat. Shannon Maree)
Koichiro Okada – Kizashi [Figura Music]
Leo Megma – Alex 11th Avenue [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Obdurate – Khuzani (feat. Kwanele) [Arawakan]
Ronny Santana – Los Santos [Futura Groove Records]
Stones & Bones – Kwanele (feat. Bukeka)
Wilson Kentura – Elevation [Bstudios]


Bored Lord – Cybernetic Romance
Cut Snake – Change Will Come [BIG BAM BOO]
Dj30A & Huda Hudia – Shake N Break [Kaleidoscope Music]
ElectroGorilla – Check Out the Sound [BBZ]
Particle Farm – Quadrant [Glitch Hop Community]
Tioan – Come Closer [Mistique Music]


Model Home – Grip [Disciples]
Active Visions – Morning [Time Leap Records]
AudioJunkie – Ghost [Biggish Records]
Chain Bridge Pop – Engedd szabadon
Charlotte – Classe comme moi [Gun Records]
Cuco Valoy – Mountain [Future Sonar]
David Dark – Dory [Senza Base Records]
Devault – Velvet [More Is More, LLC , EMPIRE]
DJ AKS – Nesha Nesha (feat. Parvez Sazzad & Neha Kakkar)
Furkan Gulden – Karma [Caretta Records]
How to Loot Brazil – Nothing Can Beat It (Jesus Mendez Remix)
LNY TNZ – (Not) Going Home [FVCK GENRES]
Luca Debonaire – You Got Me Down [Which Bottle ]
Mak5ast – Warm Night [ARVEG]
Ninjury – Rewind Series Ninjury – Hi de Ho Mixes
Ninjury – Rewind Series Ninjury (Brain Washed Mixes)
Novaspace & Vade – Safe & Sound [Proximity]
R.N.M. – Introducing First [6dimensions (PIAS)]
Remi Blaze – Unicorn Trails [Redline Productions]
Resting Cell – Skelettstute [Virtual Urban Records]
Sarah Spielman – Time [Digistage]
Syence & Andreas Moss – Universe (feat. Andreas Moss)
Tee Mango – Cityspell EP (DOGD79) [FLAC]
Tekkla – Rhythm & Soul [TEKKLA MUSIC]
Trance Arts & Mark L2K – Cross the Ocean [Pure Energy]
VA – Global Underground – Afterhours 6 – Ibiza – Unmixed (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Out on the Town [Dad Media]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

DemarkusLewis – Past Due [Bubble ‘N’ Twist Records]
A1aska – Pandemic (Covid-19) [A1ASKA]
Aldeveldis – Gaia [ChillRecordsMusic]
Ashlee & Felea Emanuel – Don’t Call Me Crazy (Felea Emanuel Remix)
Azaria – Control Your Temper [Espacio CIELO]
Bongani Zulu – Die Voortrekker [Round Robin Recordings]
Brett Starr – The Art Official Intelligence [Jealous Records]
BS As Deep, DFRA & Kuraitis – Trip to Music
Crystal Rock – Powerless (Say What You Want)
David Marques – Inmate [Movimento Casa]
Deephope – Carpe Diem [Deep Clicks]
DEKU, ITLP & Igor Pumphonia – Lost
Dima Isay – Last Day [29 NET TECH]
DJ Silverado & Antonio P-One Petrone – At Home – Io Resto a Casa
Filthy Rhodes – Mar Jahle [Funduzm Records]
Huge Space – Kiss [Cherokee Recordings]
Igor Pumphonia – Getting Louder [ChillRecordsMusic]
Ijan Zagorsky – It’s Your Chance [DeepShine Records]
Just Her – Quiet Anguish [Motek Music]
Kooda Dyed – Late Pill , Ms or Madam [Hum Publishing]
Kvinn – Tears [Bohemian Tunes Records]
KVRVBO – No Boundaries [Closer To Truth]
LaTech – Dime Como [Veneno]
Luyo – Palma Ja22 [BALLLOOM]
Mike Invito – Lose Myself [Dimka Records]
Mr Wu – Supervisor [Unpause Records]
Nimbuster & Goosebump – Magnetism [Club Mixes]
NODO & Mule – Ashitaka [Mirrors Label]
Ranan Maniac – Ring My Bells [Brazility]
Roald Velden – Reflections [Minded Music]
Rodrigo Djedjeian – Friends [Bevel Rec]
Selfart – When the Stars Fall [DOD Music Record]
Thulane Da Producer – 44 Magnum (Da Producer’s Classic Mix)
TimAdeep – First We Fall, Then We Feel
Tom Wilcox – Touch Me (Remixes) [feat. Sabrina]
Toshiki Yoshizawa – Simple Dream [Grace Note Music]
Toshiki Yoshizawa – To Mode to Ambient
VA – Contribution [Pink Panties Records]
VA – Deephouse Miami WMC 2020 Favorites [Nidra Music]
VA – Go Deeva Classy Miami 2020 [FLAC]
VA – Milk & Sugar Miami Sessions 2020
VA – Pornostar Sessions 2020 Miami
VA – Retour Au Club Meduse Compiled by Charles Bals (2020) [FLAC]
VA – The White Collection (Eskimo Recordings) (2020) [FLAC]
Waft Of Myst – Landscape (Vocal Mix)
Watky – Solar [ILLICIT Music]
Wydad Kamka – Evo [CODI records]
Znas – O O [Znas Music]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

C.H.A.D – Comfortable (feat. KID Mystro)
12th Planet – Opus In Eminor [Disciple]
AfterAphex – Junglist [Deeper DNB]
Amplify – Lonely [Hydrated Audio]
Axs – Cursed Floor [Poltergeist Records]
Beatmool – Fixated- [Pulse Palace]
Beock & Kamus – Swag [Yah! Music]
Bianca, Boston Switch & Press Play, Jesse Bloch – Fight Bout Nothing (Remixes)
Broke & AnnicK – Don’t Wanna Die
Chrizz Luvly – Love Is the Answer [Dreamdealers]
Coda – 3 Of a Kind , Filter Bubble [Natty Dub Recordings]
Code Pandorum – Fade To Black (feat. Vulgatron)
Conflate & Kickback – Magnified [AFT Records]
Dan T – I’m Sick of It [Captum Records]
Daniel Barross – Vibes [Subway Soundz]
Dark Ops – Warlock , The Maze [Locked Up Music]
Dave Owen – Wolf Brigade [Exiled Recordings]
Deformaty – Cataclysm [Badkill Records]
DJ Major, DJ Prime Time – Mixed Artist [Underground Major Audio]
DJ Starfish – You Know It [Glitchworld Recordings]
Esym – Universe,Desolation [ProtoCode]
Evil Orchestra – Toulambie [Evil Beat Records]
Filta Freqz – Greenz [Seventy Four]
Frsmn & Fynxx – The Eclipse [Flexagon Recordings]
Hiraeth – I Will (feat. Phoebe Freya) [Galacy]
Hybert Phillips – Ritual [Kos.Mos.Music]
In most, WALKR & Carasel – Embers
Jedi – Bleed You [Nuclear Bass Records]
Jey Vazz – World in Flames [Lowly]
Karinzio – The Pro Gamer [Ghostwork]
Kashwell – Zero [Dinastia INC]
Kevin Deekay, P4sc4l & Slydee – F—- Hands Up [Sound Real]
Mr. Bill & Frequent, Gater – Halftime [19K]
NCT & Futurebound – The Feeling [Liquicity Records]
NEKKST – Ocb [Penaut Butter]
Nlp – Bang On [BBZ]
Nucleus & Paradox – LSD Jazz , Rocksteady [Esoteric]
Okee – Hyperborea [Kriterion Recordings]
Orion Concept – Critical [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Perylian – Voices of Paradise [Nova Lotus]
Peshay – Stealth [Peshay Music]
PROJ3CT 7 – Move Ur Body [Run Free]
REAPER – Heatseeker [Monstercat]
Rob Nilsson – Wonderful Time [Kundry Music]
Rowney & Trigga – Dun Dem [Shadow Demon Coalition]
Samath & Dedman – Roadblocks ,, Astrophe
Sayto & Kleopatra – Payback [MMXVAC]
SEEING DOUBLE & Kryture – Rudeboy
Shambs – Ingen Pass [Riotville Records]
Sonic Art – Dissymmetrical 06 [Dissymmetrical Music]
Soulculture & DJ Choppah – 99 Style [RIQ Yardrock]
Special Victims – The Journey So Far [Drum Army]
Stampatron – One Fire , Sublimate [Perennial Recording Network]
T-Phonic & Sense – Good Vibes (feat. Yush) [Jungle Cakes]
Teacha – Dimantu Kaste [New Wavy]
Teknoaxe – Anthem for the Tables [TeknoAXE]
Tenzin – Crazy [Mr. White]
The Black Lighters – Perfect Timing [Funk You Music]
Trinisha Browne & Black Apollo, Cali – Red Roses
Turno – Osiris [Time Is Now , Turno]
TVBOO & DMVU – Eat My Sass [Wakaan]
VA – Act II Judgement [Baku Records]
VA – Juicy Gang 2020 Part 2
Vitess – Missed Fly EP (2020) [FLAC]
Voxkash – Outline [LESS IS MORE Records]
Zaenex & Priyank – Atmosphere [AIDC Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

Auditory Pathways – Noises of Life [Akan Recordings]
3RENSA – Another World (feat. Merzbow, duenn & Nyatora)
Alberto Olea – A la Tierra (SNCHZ Remix) [feat. UndrDoo]
Amir Telem – Seek No Further [Wildfang Music]
Ams, The Poet & Golden Flora – Throne [Strange Media]
Andrea Jeannin – Memories of You [Solivagant Records]
Anima Infinity – View from the Moon [Produktivmusik]
Antoni Maiovvi – Electro Muscle Cult [Hard Disk Dust]
Asymetrik – Asymetrik002 [Asymetrik]
Becksy – Beer [Deep Well Music]
Boeklin – Lullaby Memories [Otium Garden]
Brains – Sivatag (feat. Mc Zeek) [Supermanagement]
Ceefon – Walk in Helicopter [Sweet Harmony Records]
Chris Flowers – Cf [Eckbank Records]
Christian Patti – Sequences [Amber Recordings]
CROW CVLT – Vacancy [Untitled Burial]
Dani Vars – Drinking Champagne [Pedroche Recordings]
DCT – Ftp [Dream Catalogue]
Earth Connect & Tamir Shemesh – Body Sleep Mind Awake
Electronic Fluke – False Visions [Wonderfly Records]
ElectroPayback – Quarantine [recordJet]
Electrostatic Nightmare Disco & Bonnie Legion – Anarchy
FatKid – Drift Off [PointBlank Records]
Francois – Mad One (V.I.P) [feat. Louis Benton]
Greyson Pure – Clear [Solitone Music]
Hiyo – Shoegaze [Seeking Blue]
Hysterism – 1984 Escape From the Otherside (feat. Unleax)
iconDARK – Project Sign [Electronic Alliance Records]
IDiot Electronic – A Song for You [IDiot Electronic]
Iorie & Geju – V Forme Roz [Leveldva]
Ireneus – Medison [Naucrates Music]
KurMarshal – Bunch of Parsley [Diana Recs]
Magmot – Nara [Wellness Life Records]
Mandarin Plaza – Happiness [Different Twins]
Manuel Seith – Opfer [DIMASI Music]
MartyParty – Turbo [MartyParty Music]
MAY BBY & Chris Hue – Euphoria [Spinnup]
Mercenio – Que Empanadas [less is nice]
Mixender – Adventure [Tonetunes]
Moontricks – All I Know [Westwood Recordings]
Narval – No Guts [trndmsk]
Nathan Fake – Vectra [Cambria Instruments]
Nozzlin – Sweden [Teknofonic Recordings]
Panda’s Dream – Fantastic North [Panda’s Dream Music]
Peter Pearson – A Piece of Dream [M-Sol Records]
Phaeleh – Halo [Undertow]
Rada (VE) – Solar Concert For Baghavan
Retroism – Miami 84 [Attic Forty Nine]
Røttar – Emotions Without Feelings [Hardwork Records]
Shabboo Harper – Dedicated To You [Mojear Records]
Sidi – Daymare [Pitch the Noise Records]
Skyrip – Dreamer [Spiralation]
Sphinx – In the Beginning [MMD Records]
Sphinx – Lunartrix [MMD Records]
Stergios – Dream Sky(Love Mix) [Regeneration Music]
Stoik – Adversity Everytime [The Funky Cat]
The Asteroids – The Start [Hussy Records]
ToffoBean – Choclatism [Rubber Taxi Records]
Tuxa – Mr. Musu [MLP Music Label]
Tyema – T5q3 [Oyoda Recordings]
Unbekannter Interpret – Eastern Point [Traumnovelle]
Vinylshakerz – One Night in Bangkok (Remastered Edition)
Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) – Funk PiCi (Album-EP)
Zanias – Extinction [Fleisch Records]


Bo Scott – Miami Funk [Jendex Records]
Adri Block – Suck My Candy [InStereo Recordings]
Agguiar – Gravity 2.5 [G-Mafia Records]
Agridulce – Fugaz [Unnamed Distribution]
Alex Van Sanders – Singapore (Lastfragment Remix) [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Alexander Cruel & Alonso – So Sensual [Groover Records]
Andile Andy – Keep Me Hoping [Get Loud]
Andy Wave & Fierce City – Straight from the Brain
Arkell – You Can’t Sleep [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Aus Aus – Move Your Body (Garage Mix)
Blueice DJ – Dreamer [Blueice Records Independent]
Cristian Poow & Late Than Ever – Make This Happen
Daniel Campbell – AACCIIDD [Jackie Knows Karate Records]
Dark Appointments – Smile [New Creatures]
Deryk Rossen – Live in LA [Groove Tom Records]
Dickiej – Too Sax [TaiJi Red Records]
DJ Csemak & Norberto De Angelis – Long Days
DJ Rob – Shake [One DJ Rob Music]
Enrico BSJ Ferrari – Monia [Body Heat]
Erika – I Think About You [Bang Record]
Fars8ad – 16bit Disco [Houserecordings (Plasmapool)]
Frank Cavalieri – When I Jackin [Uba Lua Records]
Hazzaro – Amor [Azzura Trax]
Hetno – Slow Down [AK Cartel]
HugsnotDrugs – M a R R Y [Bishops Bloc]
Iberica – La Trompeta Loca [Ghostwork]
Illusion Collective – Come With Me [Oh Oui – Production]
Ivan Kay – Don’t Put Yo Back Against the Wall
JedX – Dance Floor [Music Marks The Spot]
Joe Ventura – Where Were U [Whole Story Factory]
Jolly Rogers – Follow the Path [Arkham]
Juonne – All I Need [Sirup Music]
Kiko Navarro – Olwakhuthando
Luke Caspi – Babe Don’t Cry [Brook Gee Records]
Luna Fields – Criminal (feat. Lya Adams)
MAHT – Equeyze [Cool 7rack Records]
Marc Satseg – Current Change [Marc Satseg]
Marc Satseg – Rave Resistance [Marc Satseg]
Marrz – The Master of Disguise [PointBlank Records]
MD Dj – Whoomp [MD Music]
Norberto Acrisio – Shine (feat. K-Bat) [Bit Rule Records]
NowInSky – Love In Other Day [Yeiskomp Abyss]
OLWIK & Willemijn May – In My Head [WEPLAY Music]
Peter Luts – Made 2 Move [Big & Dirty (Be Yourself Music)]
Rooftime – Blind [Ego]
Rory Hoy – Give and Take [Poolside Recordings]
Ruben Naess – Give It to Me [Pocket Jacks Trax]
Sean Bartana – Sunday Skoolin [Rump Records]
Sexgadget – Bamboo (Extended Mix) [KIMA Music]
Sphinx – The Secret of… [MMD Records]
VA – 2020 House Music Visions Volume 3 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Abound of House, Pt. 8 [Abound]
VA – DeepDownDirty Acid, Vol. 2 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Dowry [ZNMK Records]
VA – Funky Disco House Selections, Vol. 10 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Jackin’ House Selections, Vol. 13 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Kontor Top of the Clubs – Electric 80s, Vol. 2
VA – Miami Rooftop 2020 [Vamos Music Talents]
VA – Rhythm 044 [Fingers Crossed Records]
VA – Studiolo – The 90’s Afro Cosmic Era (2020) [FLAC]
Varkid – No More Tears [Yosh Pit]
Vlajić & Dedić – Cold Rain [Disco Records Croatia]
Watch the Ride, Prima & EMZ – Stop Lights (feat. DJ Randall & DJ Die & Dismantle)
Wen – MMHMM – Swerv – Blitz (2020) [WEB FLAC 16]
Whitenoise44 – Glowing [Highlander Music]
Willi@m Moore – Keep On [Moore Undergrounds Records]

Melodic House & Techno

Simón Duhalde – Black Jesus [Mystic Carousel Records]
Ander – Awayday [Unalike Music]
Branzei & TZEN – Don’t Follow
Brunski – Black Hole [Tantalum Records]
Carlos Benedetti – Tunel [Port 81 Records]
Cut N Glue – Treasure Island Woodhead
Dennis Engelhardt – Oceans [Moon Rocks Schallplatten]
Djeep Rhythms & Undersugar – Under
Flightcraft, Mikalogic – B Sides [Live Productions]
Furia – Metamorphosis [XTR Records]
heatscore – Frequency One [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Isaac Shake – I Love Living [Astral]
Levithar – Native Thought [B4U Records]
Madd Rod – Narmer [Inner Shah Recordings]
Neftali Blasko – Belong to Us [Mind Connector Records]
No Kompass – Light Echo [Connected Sounds]
The Wooden Cross & Hugo Cantarra – Runaway
VA – Beatfreak Miami 2020
VA – Del Barro Animista [Dstorsion]
VA – Guanine ,Vol.6 [Lamp]
Zirkuskind – Ich Knall Mich Weg [Flair Berlin]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Paul Haro – Soul [Irregular Musik]
Alann M & Wayne Madiedo – Naviu [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
Alffie – Just Take It [Island Beats]
Ark Ryl & Mikey North – Horizons [We Hustle Harder]
Datamode, Deep Square – 003 [Raro Music]
David Hernando – Status [Mystic Carousel Records]
DLPIN & SRCS – Groovin [Chola Records Group]
DYI Mob – Report [Dirty Humans]
Fhaken & Wayne Madiedo – Cry Me a River [Beachside Records]
German Agger & Ito Cann – Manhattan [Bass Zone Music]
Hannan Hakim – Oiet [Soupherb Records]
Jamie S. & Iwizz – Bassline Master [Feel The Fruit Records]
Mancini – Remixed with Janeret, Michael James, Swoy [MNCN]
Max Polizzi – Your Mind [SiculianGrooveCulture]
Miguel Serrano – Planet G [8Funk Records]
Minube – Rayons Du Soleil [Conceptual]
Planctophob – Coma [Plankton Repellent]
Reenday – Fusion Froide [Blanc Stone Digital]
Rob Circuit – The Greys [Dreibergen]
Stanislav Sqai – Out of Space [Techno Brothers]
VA – 5 Years, Pt. 2 [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Wave Cooper – Flip the Switch [Hungry Koala Records]

Progressive House

Nabroc – Iom 004 [i occupy music]
Agophone – Magic Ball , Looper [Exia Underground]
AlexK – 35Roads [C.A.Y. Records]
Astiom – Urbanization [Morillas Records]
Ben Coda – Chemical Code (Remix Album)
E.F.G., Neptun 505 – Love & Sunshine
Enzo Muller – Transition Lines [TECHNO NEVER DIES (White)]
Flight Code – Timer [Day Dream Records]
Joy Marquez & D-Fake – Stone In My Body [76 Recordings]
Kajis & Blaumar – Smoke [Emergent Textures]
Kiqmoto – Gamma Ray Burst [KIQMOTOPIA]
L.C.D – Hyadum [Future Scope Recordings]
M3SIA – Cockaigne [Big Bells Records]
Nato Medrado & Safinteam – What I Need
Ndub – Crystal Clear [Mirage Recordings]
Room47 – Garden of Madness [Naturall Products]
Shyro – Wanka [Elastic Dimension Records]
SpArk [EG], Amr Darwish & Marwan [EG] – For So Long
Stergios – Utopia [Regeneration Music]
Sun Shower – Deluge (Marcel Vautier Re – Animata Remix)
VA – Armada Music Miami 2020 – EXTENDED VERSIONS
VA – Eternal Rest, Vol.5 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Sudbeat Showcrates 8 (2020)
VA – WMC 2020 Sampler [19Box Recordings]

Tech House

Jota Music – Presidente P [The Prison]
ANNBLIF – Energyr [R3 Life & Music]
Blaqwell – Let’s Dance [Brobot Records]
Daniele Allegrezza – Dance To My Beat [Beatrain Records]
Dave Jefferson – Hundreds of Life ’20 [Futurefunk Recordings]
Duane Lea – Love Is the Answer [Dividual Recordings]
Estevez – Dance Gangsta’s [DRY GANSTA]
Fumanchu – Agua de Valencia [Valencia Records]
Fumanchu – Fallas2020 [Valencia Records]
Gaetano Visconti – Trust [Marba Records]
Gordon Raddei – Bodysoul [Frequenz-Wechsel]
Guray Kilic – Happiness [Peak Digital]
Jey Kurmis, Kricked & Dahveed – Nowhere
Jonathan Jaramillo & Juan de la Torre – Gang
Jorge Mattos – Typical [Poseidon Records]
Joybiza – Stand Firm [Ghostwork]
Libertas – Dancing Astronaut [DataTech]
Lorenzo Chi – We Do Thiz [4Matt Productions]
LucaJLove – Excuse Me [Play My Tune]
LUCASMB – Shaggy [Acid Fruits]
Marcos Leandres – Foundation [Mooncircles Lab]
Mr Dozzy – The Flow [Futurefunk Recordings]
Nav Knight – Sex, Love & Other Drugs
Nexon & Daniel Kazuo – Body Everybody [Sibote Music]
Nick Siarom – Sprite [Whistle]
Omar GM – Bravo Tango [Noexit]
Ozgur Uzar – Playboy [Desperadoz Records]
ShinyMirror – Memory [Naucrates Music]
Swagger & Kenya Ando – Day Tripper [DataTech]
Theo Short – Frost [Richy Records]
Thomaz – Everybody [Shield Records]
Totonno Jr – My Love [New Horizon Recordings]
VA – All Types of Tech [Dark Gadgets Recordings]
VA – Dance to the House Issue 9 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Dirtybird Miami 2020 [FLAC]
VA – Medellin Music Week [Ointe Records]
VA – Sublime Tech House, Vol. 10 (2020) [FLAC]

Techno & Minimal

Chemical Play – Do Not Sleep [Hypnotic Skull Recordings]
^L_ – Trump Is Voguing [Basics Avenue]
Alex Reguara – Grey [Sektor Black]
Analog Berlin – Reality [Amalgm8 Musiq]
Avox25 – Nx1001 , Nx1002 [Refluxed Records]
Bad Boy Pete, Ganez the Terrible – Interruption Records 001
Bahkony – Piano Bahk’s EP (2020) [FLAC]
Begez & DJ Balu – Attack from the South [Helrad Limited]
BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm) – Momentum
Brock – Under Streets [Brock Music]
Brothers Black – Justify [Bade Records]
Carl Cox – PURE (El Rancho Mix) [23rd Century ME]
Cayve – WTLB [Basics Avenue]
Chris Lehmann, Dennis Engelhardt – Wobble
Dark Matter Space Assembly – Screams of Hate [Marked]
Dasq – Scorpio [Botanica Records]
DJ Overtaken – Cruising [Duo Box Understream]
DJ Surgeles, NEZNAN – Troncami [EVOD]
Drumstone – Serendipity [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Enrico Ponti – Saturn Night Live [nuOn Music]
FMS – Make It Happen [Dancefloor Impact Research]
Franky Richards – Shake That ’20 [Futurefunk Recordings]
Gärtner – Espeletia [Analogue Texture Records]
Handsome Audience – Drumomatic [White Line Music]
HDT67 – Elements [Shut Up & Listen]
J.Lost – Worship Your Goddess [KOMPONENTI]
John P – Metano [Affluenza Records]
Johnny Golden – Death [Morning Sun Records]
Julius Beat & Madstring, Julius Beat, Vic Rippa – She
Juss B & Ourman – Sandman (Ourman remix)
Kevin Rolland – Acided [Freaky Music]
Kmoba, Patrice W. – Freak [Delude Records]
Krysenstern – Poltergeist [TECHNO NEVER DIES]
Leonardo Luiz – M42 [No-Match]
Lesser Of – First Affair [Revok Records]
Lethal M – CXLVI (2020) [FLAC]
Machine John – Marbles [Ingra Records]
Magic Arp – Mission Into the Deep [After Recordings]
MAIKIMAIK – Combatiendo el Gobierno
Master Master – Circle 23 [Hyper Master Recorders]
Mauri Azari – Illussion [73 Muzik]
Mickey Nox – Stomping On A Dream (2020) [FLAC]
MIINDII – Sonata Di Gatto, Cranky Kitty [909 Recordz]
Mimram – Empty Moon [Eutopia Music]
Naarky – Obsessive Picking Updust
Olivs – Selvagem [Marktek Records]
Pan El Diablo – Charon River [Nigal Records]
PANTHA PANG – Drive [Lodjiya]
PEDRO & Branko, Magugu – Da Linha [Enchufada]
Peter Jay & Erik Knob – Rary [Ingra Records]
R.Bot – The Bubble [LAMP , PUZL Records]
Razzaro – Ixobrychus Minutus [Uoco Records]
REDD 42 – Energy Overdose (Dark Remix) [REDD 42]
Rick Dyno – Tidal Wave [Flash Forward Presents]
Ricky Chopra – Take the Third Hit [Spectrum City]
Ron Ractive – Tanz im Steinkreis [Styledriver]
Salazar – Borning [Althea Records]
Sergio Batista – Hollow [Khulu Records]
Sergio Mañez – Bkxs.08 [Blackxess]
Siguiente Tecnologia – Feel So Nice [Plastica Music]
Silvina Romero – Defend [LeMondo Music]
Skin on skin & Willaris. K – Get Some Understanding!
Slavefriese – Five Minutes After the Pill , Wonderpill
SoleilGoddes – Dive [Izmir Records]
Substance and Program – Narcoterrorism [Nomad]
T-78 – Retro Future [Autektone Records]
T27 – Glubina [La Papillon]
Tan House – Charade [Raise Recordings]
The Kech – Slow Acid [Oxytech Limited]
Toru Ikemoto – HHHHHHHHHHotabi [Minihard]
Toshiki Yoshizawa – Blue Detroit [Grace Note Music]
Toshiki Yoshizawa – Stripped Down [Grace Note Music]
TR060 – Tr060 [TECHNO NEVER DIES (White)]
TW84 – Synesthesia State [SMSH]
Underground Tacticz – Psychedelic [PulseWave Records]
Unpleasant Behaviour – Abducted by Things
VA – LOBSTER PLUR Volume 1 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – LOBSTER PLUR Volume 2 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – LOBSTER PLUR Volume 3 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Viral Syndicate Vol. 1 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – We Are One 3 (2020) [FLAC]
Xerosorex – Mechanical Life [Dark Distorted Signals]
Yacoob – Abyss [TECHNO NEVER DIES (Black)]