Afro House

REYSIS, SIS & Rey&Kjavik – Tasi Lua [AIFF]
Alex Spite – Mystical Place [AIFF]
Analog Sol – Trinidad Dreams (Djuma Soundsystem Remixes) [WAV]
Buddynice – April 14th [AIFF]
De Major & Darqknight – Imvula (feat. Lungi Mandebele & Futhi Mahlasela) [AIFF]
La-African Musique – Venus Scorpion [AIFF]
Nylo M – The Drums [AIFF]
Sniper SA – Tunnels [AIFF]
Tronic – Up to Heaven [AIFF]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

JazzyFunk – What You’ve Done To Me [AIFF]
Adrian Zenith – Deasil [AIFF]
Atjazz, At One – We’re Still Here (Original Mix) [WAV]
Balcazar – How To [AIFF]
Baltimore Chop – Outta Sight [WAV]
Bodaishin & Ohmz – Chen Li [AIFF]
Brian Finn – Long-Quan Lou [AIFF]
Carter H – Seeking Infinity [AIFF]
Chez Moon – Light’n Up [AIFF]
Chris Stussy – Nunchi [Moscow Records] [AIFF]
Claevis Vairon – Kavara [AIFF]
DJ T. – Remish [Get Physical Music] [AIFF]
Dosem – Extraction (Extended Mix) [WAV]
Felix Raphael – Cover of My Sins [AIFF]
Forest Louche – Inside Us [AIFF]
Jay Aliyev – Marry Me (feat. Roudeep) [Baijan Records] [AIFF]
Juarez – If I Were Yours [WAV]
Kito Jempere – A King of Comets (feat. New Composers & Lovvlovver) [AIFF]
Lauhaus, Mario Franca – Two Love Wise [WAV]
Lighthouz – Deep Inside [AIFF]
LITOK – Vibes [AIFF]
LOSTIN – Skylines [AIFF]
Mark Slee – Mirrorpond [Suprematic] [AIFF]
Michael Ritter – Zeitgeist [AIFF]
Omar Essa – Hanna [AIFF]
Onur Ozman – Out of Distance (feat. Rumex) [Constant Circles] [AIFF]
Pablo Bolivar – Kuiu Infinite Rainbows Remixes [AIFF]
Pete Walk – Celeprino [AIFF]
Renato Cohen – Sweet Nightmare (Extended Mix) [WAV]
Rick Wade – Techcreep [AIFF]
Ricky Chopra – Unidentifiable Frequency [AIFF]
Ritz – Still Remember EP [PR2020533]
The Godfathers Of Deep House SA – The 4th Commandment 2020 Chapter 09 [AIFF]
The Soul Brothers – Talavera Records 13 [AIFF]
VA – Deep Rooted (Compiled & Mixed by Art of Tones) [FNDC005] [FLAC]
VA – From the Vaults [AIFF]
VA – House Mood, Vol. 2 [MOISS085] [FLAC]
VA – Muy Duro, Vol. 3 [MD03] [FLAC]
VA – Smokin’Beat Compilation, Vol. 2 [SKB042] [FLAC]
VA – Sound Of Good Voodoo 2020 V.2 [GVMLP051] [FLAC]
VA – The Flavor Saver, Vol. 29 [SLT179] [FLAC]
VA – Various Artists i [SBM001] [FLAC]
VA – Vincent Inc presents Sound Of The Underground Vol.1 [ARCHIV15] [FLAC]
Viktor Gerk – Quarantine 2020 [AIFF]
Whitesquare – Zingaro [Whitesquare Series] [AIFF]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Aardonyx – Cathedral , Kingdom Fall [The Tech Collective]
ABLE – The Rough of It [Monk Audio]
Acostadetodo – Ilegal [Monotonias Music]
AdamMaca – Drop the Bass Bombs [Adam Maścianica]
Aelane – Falcon Mars [AY YO TRIP! Records]
AK Beats – Danger Through the Night [MojoHeadz Records]
Alex Reid – Pyramid [Alex Reid]
alexander orue – DRNK N HIGH [Fattie Music]
Ancilla – With My Fist [Aesthetica Records]
Andry Fokker – Wobble [Exlight Records]
Antares, MAC-V – The Four Raw [Ballpark Recordings]
art3mis – Bassgasim [AY YO TRIP! Records]
BCee – Griffins [Liquicity Records]
Beterror & Altface – Nonsense , Perch [Sinuous]
Bios Destruction – New Order [Tesseract Recordings]
Blue Soul – Hedonic Adaptation [Aphorism Recordings]
Bokeh – Mars & Blaze [UVB-76 Music]
Brian Brainstorm – No Ordinary Sound , Concrete Jungle
BVHVMUT – Spiral [AR Records]
Ciava, DaweOne – Tell Me [PinkStar Records]
Clambake & Rav3era – I Want [FRKNTN]
ColedRich – Stockholm [Lolapad Recordings]
Conrad Subs – Soundboi [Fuck About! Drum & Bass]
Craze & CRIMES! – Push Em Up! [Slow Roast Records]
Cricced – Zer [Alatoran Music Entertainment]
Crossthy – Philippians (Extended Mix) [Pure deciBel Recording]
Cutoff_Sky – Last Dance [BMP Music]
Dack Janiels – System Shock [40oz Cult]
Daniel Allan & Jake Neumar – Bluff (Rob Gasser Remix)
Dario Rodriguez – Rollin’ [Fanfare Records]
DeeJaVu – No More Lies [Shape Network]
Destrogj – Involve [Prime Audio]
Dgohn – Undesignated Proximate [Love Love Records]
Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman – Pacifier [WAV]
Distortion Disorder – Black Line [Distorted Records]
Dj Gas – Move Your Body [Lovertrax Recordings]
DJ Rusty – Caracal , Deep Right now [Promo Audio Music]
DJ Sakin & Stereoliner – Drones Coming [Clone 2.1 Records]
Dosschy – Cyborg [Equatos Society]
Dub Beans & Oddkut, Dub Beans – No [Samsara Beats]
Dunk & Yatuza, Dunk – Deep Shadows [Hyperactivity Music]
Dutta – Conversations [Informal]
Ed Solo & Deekline – Junglist (feat. General Levy) [Jungle Cakes]
Edmel Diaz – You & Yourself [SUM R&R]
ELEKTRON.noise – The Contact [recordJet]
Era – Lizard Blood [Be Happy]
Escapism Refuge – Over Time [Deep Heads]
EsteticGalaxy – Only You [Citate Forms]
Eternal Hunger – Redemption [Heavy Artillery Recordings]
Euphorik Twins – Ape [Sound Management Corporation]
Evvol – The Power [Silky Tones]
Exile & Mark XTC – Obsession [Chronic]
Exit4 – Nucleosynthesis [E-Form Records]
Exploid – Ultrasonic , Plastic Memories [Play Me Too Records]
Fatal-M – Black Subitum [Fatal-M]
Figure – Does Not Compute [Kannibalen Records]
First Gift – Abandonment [Durp Supera]
Florian Picasso & GRX – Restart Your Heart [STMPD RCRDS]
Forever 80 – Seven Nation Army [Crown Of Music]
Frapp – Curfew [WEATNU Records]
Freqax, Freqkid – Proper Drug [Pulsatil Records]
GASBOMB, AlanMothaFuka & Spirit – Antidote [Songtradr]
Gazz & Unisoner – Crystal Sun [Electric Wave]
Gentlemens Club – Moments [Current Records]
Ghin – Kuba [3FAITHS Recordings]
Gimmy Weaver – This Is Your Life (Remixes) [feat. The Soul]
GMAXX, Detunne & Revealed Recordings – Kunai [Revealed Radar]
Gohma – Power [Indiefy]
Goldfinger – Brick by Brick [Caseload Records]
Golosa Predkov – Nekto Pozadi [Kaprimula Media]
Gordon Garro – Day Trip to the Jungle [Safe As… Records]
Gustavo Mota & Jumper – Okey [CICLO Records]
H2U – Alive [Shape Network]
Hip Hop Sapiens – Club del Underground (feat. Kenedy, Arnache, Lg Garcia & Chapaz Rojo)
Illarea – We Don’t Stop [29 DNB]
Indivision – Obsession [Indivision Music]
Infekt – Disruption [Disciple Round Table]
Ingenuity – Spork [HI-DEF]
Isaac Maya – Psychedelic Fx (Yatuza Remix) [LowFreqMX]
Jack the Ripper & Quantix, Quantix – Mr Brown [Space Records Be]
Jason Ross – 1000 Faces (Remixes) [Ophelia]
Jaycen A’mour & Rave Radio – Make Me Feel [Uprise Music]
JazzInpsired – The Last Dance [Sheer Velocity Recordings]
Jenil, Kevin Krissen & Revealed Recordings – Get Down (feat. Starboy)
Jinx – Bubblin Sound [Straight Up Audio]
Jkyl & Hyde – Shields [SUBCON Official]
K Jah & Coda, Euphonique – Dutty Like a Bumbo Remix , Ah Weh De Remix
Kadir Germeyan – Once Upon a Time [Ray Collect]
KAMIRV – Heartless [Onionwave]
Karma Kingdom & Echo Motion, FearBace – La Nuit Marche Avec Moi – Remixes
Laera & Dylan Naylor, Laera & Guys In Trans – Plus1 [Laera Tunes]
Laidback Luke & Steff da Campo – We Found Love [Mixmash Records]
Leo Cap – Lost In Rave [DUB’RAW]
Love Lies – Stereo Lines [AY YO TRIP! Records]
LTR – Time Bound [Ruff Cut Records]
M4RO & JND – In the Darkness [Black Lemon Records]
Mad Vibes – Lucifer , The Chance [Revolver Sounds]
Magenta – The Box , Happy Land [Subway Soundz]
Maggie Szabo & Abstrakt – Back Where We Started (Abstrakt Remix)
Mancha ES – Expand [Nu Error Audio]
Manuel Seith – Fireflies [DIMASI Music]
Mark Dreamer – Freedom [Ensis Records]
Martin Noiserz – Let’s Get Down [S2 Records]
Mashur – Synthetique Fire [Heavy Artillery Recordings]
Matt Portelli – Take It Slow [PortelliProductions]
Matt View & Marvel Cinema, Dan Guidance – Override
Mauwro – Stinky Giant [Behavior Recordings]
Maze – Yeah , Mindbreaker [Octave Recordings]
Megalodon & JOOL, Megalodon – Genetics [NSD Black Label]
Mollie Collins – Try More (feat. Yzer) [Right Good Records]
Mønic – Beyond the Bounds [Osiris Music UK]
Monocherry – Three Systems Six Stars [Skyshape]
Mourin – Come & Meet Me [AIDC Records]
Mourin – Syntheffect [Blutonium Records]
Ms.AZU – Splash [Musata Music]
MVLDER & JY Akari – Mvkari [CHAPTERD Recordings]
N-Fluence – Silence (feat. Rreverbb) [N-Fluential Productions]
Not Your Shadow – Coronalicious [Tail Shaker Records]
Olympc – Night Howl [NoCopyrightNation]
Paz Shina – Air Cycles [1991 Global]
Peshay – Zodiac [Peshay Music]
Phantom Warrior – Needin You , Don’t Leave Me [Zombie Recordings UK]
Phase Control – Doomed [RustOut Records]
Plurthlings – Karmalien [PlurthONEarth Media]
Proper Vibe – How We Live [Orphan Music]
Pyxis – Onyx [Liquid Drops]
Rainforest – Volatile [AGN7 Audio]
Ramba Zamba & Jason Anousheh – Back to the Start (Remixes) [Fadersport]
RevoideN & Revealed Recordings – I’m Back [Revealed Radar]
Ricky – Going Crazy (Instrumental) [NoCopyrightNation]
Rutra – Into the Floor [LoudX]
Rylan Morgan & Starling, Rylan Morgan – Mixed Up! [Arcanum Music]
Sakari – Aaarhus [East London Bass]
Sfrisoo – Illogical Bounce [Sfrisoo Records]
Shinbu – Initiation [Inception Audio]
Sidney Samson, Killfake & Bobso Architect – Raise It Up [Skink]
Skeemr – Bitches [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Sol N Beef – Roots [Carrillo Music LLC]
Soukah – Swallow Your Tongue [DRKN]
Space Alias – Sound System Serial Killer [In Da Jungle Recordings]
Stenchman & Obeisant – Killswitch(Obeisant Remix) [Shadow Net Recordings]
Stoutty – Hold Up [MMXVAC]
Stunna & Calculon, Depth Range, Hp.Ritch, Kid Kun & ReDraft – Shoot013
Sub Killaz – Feel Ya Vibe , Riddim [Organized Grime Recordings]
Subdue – Khagan , Get to Me [Skankandbass]
Supamono – Comic Book [Gyaku Tunes]
SweetTooth & YKES, SweetTooth – Corvus Memoirs [Circus]
Tesla Coil – Delusion [Blu Saphir Limited]
Thahanee – Attitude [Smile Creations Music Label]
The Butterfly – I’ll Fly with You (feat. Alexi) [Crown Of Music]
The Fitter Mood – Not Riddim [Sound Real]
Tim Ismag – Rockit [Simplify.]
Tong8 – People [MellowGang]
Tony Vendder – Tony Vendder [The Dance Division]
Transerfing Project – Object [Gysnoize Recordings]
Traumatize – T3 [Biological Beats]
Tribeleader – Alive 6 [Tribeleader Music]
Twintone – Yukon [Default Recs]
VA – Deep In the Conflict LP [Shell Shock Recordings]
VA – Empty Streets [DanceMania Recordings]
VA – Gridlocked [MMXVAC]
VA – HELDEEP DJ Tools, Pt. 11 [Heldeep Records]
VA – Mechatronica Aid [Mechatronica Music]
Vypes – Bushido [Scapegot Records]
Wonk – Rewind Series WoNK – Oh Really Mixes [WoNKed Music Group]
Wuki – 2 (Remixes) [Confession]
Yenn – Jaunt [Noobish Records]
Yoshi Sushi – Out going [Mountain Bird Records]
Yoshi Sushi – Square [Mountain Bird Records]
Yoshi Sushi – Subligal [Mountain Bird Records]
Ziek – MeLK [Surrealist Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

Technogen – Slow Attack [AIFF]
Anthony Louis – Siroco (feat. Iri.Chic) [AIFF]
Electronic Fluke – Fate Wills It [AIFF]
Fabio Vee – Voice of Angels [AIFF]
James Trystan – Utopia REMIXES [AIFF]
Melodic Brothers, Bryan Milton & Natune – Lethargy (Remixes, Pt. 1) [AIFF]
Midub – Sleeping [AIFF]
Omerar Nanda – Huma Kusu [Kybele] [AIFF]
Shunkan Idou – Outworld Breeze [AIFF]
Traumer – Gettraum Hors Serie 002 [WAV]
VA – Abound of Techno, Pt. 13 [AIFF]
Victor Norman – My Heart [AIFF]


VA – After Hours Miami 2020 [KSD419] [FLAC]
Andrew Perera – Soul Harmony [AIFF]
Aqvarama – Spirit (Menini & Viani Remix) [AIFF]
Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa – Creeps so Deep (Original Mix) [WAV]
Bottai – Hodor [DOORN RECORDS] [AIFF]
Charles Gatling – Revolution [AIFF]
Curly Tonic – Gather the Lost (feat. Bob Spring) [AIFF]
Delfonic, Kapote – Illegal Jazz Vol. 2 [TOYE002] [FLAC]
Flashmob – Deeper Underground (Extended Mix) [WAV]
Gorillag – Narcotic [Moog] [AIFF]
Jaques Le Noir – Moving Closer EP [WAV]
Jois L – Breheimen [AIFF]
Luca Debonaire – Be Yourself (Original Mix) [WAV]
Mason Maynard – McLovin [WAV]
Mike Catherall – Visions EP [WAV]
Morelia & Boondok – On the Dancefloor (feat. Sang Froyd) [AIFF]
NAT TYPE – Revolution [AIFF]
Norman Doray, Sneaky Sound System – Tell The World (Extended Mix) [WAV]
Rezzals – My World [AIFF]
Rob J. – Hypnotic [AIFF]
Robbie Rivera, S-Man – Wake Up [WAV]
Sebb Junior – Music Comes First [WAV]
Simon Fava, Yvvan Back – Sway (Mucho Mambo) [WAV]
soaringjupiter – Wanna Hang Out! [Soaring Music] [AIFF]
Timmy P, Scott Diaz – Give It Up (Original Mix) [WAV]
VA – Disco Van, Vol. 15 [VCS1221] [FLAC]
VA – Fairrecords Local Sampler [AIFF]
VA – House Afrika Presents Mzansi House Vol. 11
VA – Nervous Brooklyn Sessions 2020 [NER24720] [FLAC]
VA – Vintage Gold Vol.4 [RBCD77] [FLAC]
VA – Volume Two [DGTL010D]

Melodic House & Techno

GNTN & Artche – Plastic Paranoia [Yoshitoshi Recordings] [AIFF]
Agustin Giri – Hidden Voice [AIFF]
ANMA – Destiny [AIFF]
Antonio White – Be yourself [AIFF]
Arash Shadram & Sophijan – Parsek [AIFF]
Basement Scene – Riding the Storm [AIFF]
Bionic Vibes – Infected [Groove Sensation Records] [AIFF]
Bionic Vibes – The Infected [AIFF]
Bohorquez & Joan Alvarez – Greenlights [AIFF]
Browncoat – Twins [Submerge Music] [AIFF]
Daniele Di Martino – Drips [WAV]
Daniele Di Martino – Raider [WAV]
Danske Beat – The Evidence [AIFF]
Don Son – Gatto Nero [AIFF]
Downpour – Aquila [AIFF]
Eke – Midnight Point [Abstract Line Records] [AIFF]
Elefan – Bells [Connaisseur Recordings] [AIFF]
F.E.M – Sauvage [AIFF]
Flying Point – Karma [KDB] [AIFF]
Giordan Battaglin – Calling from Inside [AIFF]
Hansi – Abyss [AIFF]
Hermeticus – Lucis [AIFF]
Inopia (IT) – Solitude [Click Records] [AIFF]
Issac – Clavel [Last Night On Earth] [AIFF]
Jamie Stevens – Titans [Manjumasi] [AIFF]
Jorick Croes – 12 Inch Gold [AIFF]
Kiarash – Dispersion of Melodies [AIFF]
Kilany M – Babylon [AIFF]
LAB-909 – Existir Es Confuso [AIFF]
Marcex – Long Journey [AIFF]
Martín Dubiansky – Coraje [AIFF]
Maurin – Mindreader [AIFF]
Max Wexem & Amaton – Remember Me [AIFF]
MERO – Nyctophilia [AIFF]
Mia Zedan – Infinity [AIFF]
Nassim Ghribi – Mesosphere [Bak Records] [AIFF]
NICKO – Cycle of Life [AIFF]
Paralel – Tongue Of Butterflies [WAV]
Prymate – Solid Roots [AIFF]
Ralf Urland – Beam Me [AIFF]
Ramiro Moreno – Tessitura [Erase Records] [AIFF]
Raxon – Loop Machine [WAV]
Raxon – Loop Machine EP [FLAC]
Redspace – Bad Habits [Redspace Sound] [AIFF]
René Miller – The One for Me [AIFF]
Rhodas – Seventh Door
Roam Freely – Citizen [Mioli Music] [AIFF]
siFa – Actarus (Remixes) [Depth] [AIFF]
Solink – Recondition [Vision 3 Records] [AIFF]
Stazam – Hipocrates [Stazam] [AIFF]
Sugarman & Tim Kiri – Stay [AIFF]
Tamas Skafar – Dear Molly [AIFF]
The Loco & Octar – Hydra [AIFF]
The Rivet – Isabel [AIFF]
VA – 10 Years, Pt. 2 [AIFF]
VA – F….U Corona [AIFF]
VA – MeloTechTraxxx 02 [AIFF]
Valencia M – Scalade [AIFF]
Victor Kesiora – 0005 [AIFF]
Wolfbang – Some Hope [AIFF]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Sergey Grit – Study [Conceptual Deep] [AIFF]
Andrea Jeannin – Hidden Moments [AIFF]
Andrew Shepherd – Diffusion [AIFF]
Brad Brunner & VRX – Ice Cream [AIFF]
Der Mexikaner – Zwrbldrs [AIFF]
Dip Treep – Head Out to the Trip [AIFF]
Dope Meduza – B2b [Space Bird Records] [AIFF]
Emaxx Cost, Mauro Kiu & Franco Deracco – Omega [AIFF]
GruuvElement’s, Gianluca Rattalino – Relax EP [WAV]
Haluk Sirma – Hypothes [AIFF]
Hernan Cerbello – Sublime [Low Pressings] [AIFF]
Ironpaul – Edge of Suicide [AIFF]
Juan M & Lu George – Sloss [High Contrast] [AIFF]
Juan Panza – UnknownBlack [WAV]
Kelly Laice – Drum Service EP [WAV]
KiRiK – Vertigo [WAV]
Lotrax, Jennings. – Dream Scheme EP [WAV]
Marco Calanni – In Music We Trust [AIFF]
Mi MA – Emotional Conflict [AIFF]
Mi-Ma – Insane [AIFF]
Oravla Ziur – Vulcanized [AIFF]
Sequentek – Low Sequence [AIFF]
VA – Achtsam 6th Edition [AIFF]
VA – Minimal deep Tech Vol2 [AIFF]

Progressive House

Kajis – The Ocarina Reloader [AIFF]
Abbelard, Modor & Another Mind – Metamorfosi [AIFF]
After Sunrise – Discovering the World [AIFF]
After Sunrise – Touch the Sky [AIFF]
Agustin Sasson & Felipe Gonzalez – Uhuru [AIFF]
Andy Woldman – Fadeaway [AIFF]
Around Paradise – Form Factor [AIFF]
Art Object – Progressive Object [AIFF]
Arthur Minnahmetov – Zodiac [AIFF]
Axel Black – Illusion [AIFF]
B.A.X. – Serenade to Earth [AIFF]
Beat Monkey – 31 Years [AIFF]
Blackfeel Wite – My World [AIFF]
Bootes Gray – Healing Trip [Balkan Connection] [AIFF]
Boskii – Interperotations [AIFF]
CannaKid – Kambo Synth Train (Remixed) [AIFF]
Daph – Utopisch [AIFF]
Dark Matter – Shiemi [AIFF]
Dimitri Skouras – Contact [GLF Records] [AIFF]
Dj Arturo – Cooler [AIFF]
DJ Odette – Avesha [AIFF]
Donna-Marie (NZ) – Reflection [AIFF]
Dynacom (ARG) – Coracle [AIFF]
Edvard Hunger – For This Time [Estribo Records] [AIFF]
Fran&co – Symphony From Outer Space (fran&co’s From Disco To Disco Rework) [AIFF]
HaruMuzik – Skylard [AIFF]
Hassan Rassmy – Harper [AIFF]
Joseph Crime – Polaris [Trippy Code] [AIFF]
Larsson (BE) & Gil Zambrano – Gods & Kings [AIFF]
Libertas – Phoebe [Manmademusic Recordings] [AIFF]
Lucas Rodriguez – High in the Sky [AIFF]
M3SIA – Arugam Bay [AIFF]
Mark Walter – Not Today [AIFF]
Mattlows – Burning [AIFF]
Max Averbach – Safari [AIFF]
Max Blade & Martin Andrioli – Ambar [AIFF]
Midnight Traffic – Light Year [AIFF]
MLDJ – Eventide [AIFF]
Moudy Afifi – In the Shadows [AIFF]
Moudy Afifi – In the Shadows [Disclosed Records] [AIFF]
Nahs – Meditation [AIFF]
Nasser Tawfik & Sione – Synthopia [Sinedie Records] [AIFF]
NeoTraffic – Earth Day [BC2] [AIFF]
Nick Kaniak – The Worst Is Over [AIFF]
Nicolas Benedetti – Paradox [Superordinate Music] [AIFF]
Parallel Universe – Nebulosa [AIFF]
Plus Thirty – Voice of Freedom [AIFF]
Ryan Wallace – Home Town [AIFF]
Sasheen – Tenton [AIFF]
Solr & Alexandra – Drive Me Home [AIFF]
Sound Quelle – Hung [Colorize (Enhanced)] [AIFF]
Stergios – Shine [AIFF]
Tube & Berger – Free Tribe 2.0 (Original Mix) [AIFF]
VA – Spring 2020 – Best of Inception [AIFF]
VA – Spring Clinique 020 [AIFF]
Vaxio – Fertile of the Valley [AIFF]
Waxman – 7 Years 3rd Avenue [AIFF]

Tech House

Ramon Bedoya – La Tribu Uitoto [AIFF]
Alessio Oldani – Hindi Dreams [AIFF]
Amorhouse – How Do U See Me Now [WAV]
B-Kubick – Runberg [Sonambulos Music] [AIFF]
Benn Ellan – Into the Night [AIFF]
Bongo Beat – A Women Anthem [AIFF]
Daniel Aguilas (ES) – Shar Pei [AIFF]
Dompe – Coke [WAV]
Farshad Ferry – Flames [AIFF]
Gianni Ruocco & KlaussDJ – Malaguea [AIFF]
Gorillag – Get Twisted [AIFF]
Hector Couto – Trapezium [Saved Records] [AIFF]
Jacopo Ferrari – Bangs [Worms Records] [AIFF]
Kuestenklatsch – Burning Inside [WAV]
Kuestenklatsch – Garage Tape EP [WAV]
Low-G – Freakin’ [Green Kiwi Records] [AIFF]
LucaJLove – People (Alex Twitchy Remix) [Play My Tune] [AIFF]
Monki & DJ Rae – I’m Free to Love You [Toolroom] [AIFF]
Newball – Lucas [AIFF]
NicoRozas – Whip [WAV]
Piem – Journey [WAV]
Piem – Your Mind [WAV]
Risk Label – Herect [AIFF]
S-Donz – The Guitarrist [AIFF]
Sajith Prakash – Yourself [AIFF]
Sarah Miller – All Night Long (feat. Saara Hurme) [AIFF]
Sebas Ramos – Botza [AIFF]
Sergio Bennett – Black Hole [Smiley Fingers] [AIFF]
Silkeepers – Party On (Original Mix) [WAV]
Sonnie Mancino – El Barrio [AIFF]
Telekinezz – Let’s Play [AIFF]
Tom Shopper & Sektion Tanz – Board (Remixes) [AIFF]
Tough Art – Introducing [WAV]
VA – Headshots [AIFF]
VA – Snake Is Back! [AIFF]
Vakabular – Over My Life (Original) [Tech Warriors] [AIFF]
Vaxx – Disco Feet [WAV]
Vegaminds – We See [WAV]

Techno & Minimal

Julian Iannone – Extasis [Avenue Recordings] [AIFF]
Arah – The Void [AIFF]
Arif ONER – Code [AIFF]
Aumer – Acid Circle [AIFF]
Christian Sollardo – Berliner Echo [AIFF]
Dani Sbert – Anorak [WAV]
Deeperwalk & Nae-Tek – Individuation [AIFF]
Di Martinelli – Alta Viskosa [AIFF]
Diezel – Suffocating – Tocar [WAV]
Dover – Fall In Love [AIFF]
Egbert – Warpspeed [Set About] [AIFF]
El Brujo – Tu Noche [AIFF]
Enrico Hubert – Finite [AIFF]
Ever-L – Bitch – Kiss Me First [AIFF]
GiusvaB – Hipnotize [AIFF]
hetBenna – Rhythm Technology [AIFF]
Hidden Culture – Panacea [WAV]
Horacio Cruz – Two Little Angels [AIFF]
Huseq – Jackal 454 [AIFF]
Jaydee Electronica & Following Light – Danger [AIFF]
Karel Kösttal – S46 [Botanica Records] [AIFF]
Keitz – Broken System [AIFF]
Kevo Krows – Twisted Voices [AIFF]
Klanglos – The Breakdown [AIFF]
Linus Quick – ROOM 2 MOVE – ACID FREAK [WAV]
Luke Zwolf – Codex [MK837] [AIFF]
Matt Hayes – Domain [AIFF]
Michael Klein – Inspiration [WAV]
MNLR – Consciousness [WAV]
Moda (IRE) – Complex Orbit [IAMT] [AIFF]
Modus Operandi – Peccatorum [AIFF]
Nicystemo – Cygnus X-1 [AIFF]
Paul Infrasonic – Rhombus [Diana Recs] [AIFF]
Rame.col – Ard003 [AIFF]
Shekon – Guardians Of Heaven – PART 1 [WAV]
Simina Grigoriu – Infinitrix [WAV]
Spartaque – Feel Burning [WAV]
Sterk & Alex Greenhouse – XP Never Die! [AIFF]
The Technocrats – Elipsis [AIFF]
VA – Ballroom Black Gems Vol.II [AIFF]
Violetta Wicca – Melody [AIFF]