Afro House

Berny Manfry – Feeling Hey
Bumcello – Ra Lontano (David Walters Remix) [Heavenly Sweetness]
David Morales & Timmy Regisford – Nini Part 1 (feat. Toshi)
Frank Zorzetto – African Suite
VA – Go Deeva Classy Dj’s Exclusive Vol.2 (Tulum Edition 2020) [GDC027] [FLAC]
VA – OBENAFRO, Vol. 3 [OM050] [FLAC]
woody Rose – My Jungle


Dave Bregoli – Rain Drops [Trivium Records]
Cosmo – Spiral [X-Tapes]
J-Double-U – Come Back [Juu Productionz]
Nightdrive – Peals of Thunder [Figura Music]
Poor In Spirit – Nostalgia [Interesting Music]
Rudy Mycology – Tear In Your Eye [Twoja Stara]


AIBAT – Depression [Multiza Distribution]
Coma Baby – Two Hurts [PR Records]
Deltoid Curve – Push the Dub [Hot Sunday Records]
Dj Quba – Make You Say (Wrigley Remix)
Elaic – Try Me Baby (feat. Xent) [NEXIMA]
Linkless – Psykotik [UGT Core]
Majed Salih – Grinosevans [Medievil-Music]
Piero Farinato & Elisabeth Six – Atman [Post Age Music]
Pretty Drama – Give Me Your Love (Remixes) [feat. Fancy Colors]
Rousseau – Bohemian Rhapsody (Piano Cover) [Proximity]
The Dreamers – Yamato [Blue Thunder Music]
Tie Dye – Summer Blues [Blankhaus Music]
Trakwell – Abstract [M&A Records]
Unplaya – To the Light [Multiza Distribution]
VA – VIP Mixes, Vol. 31 [WoNKed Music Group]
Zafrir – Hena (feat. Dikanda) [Maxximize]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

& lez – Kevlar [JEAHMON032]
ALAMPA – Lush Dance (Ryan Shepherd Extended Remix)
Animal Trainer – Crucita EP [HA107]
Aracil – Mangetsu [7V080]
Arie Mando – Nobody [PPD134]
Artful Fox & KastomariN – It’s True
Auxthentic & Reven – Gravitate
Beatamines – Amica EP [POM096]
Beije – Transience Of Life [MANDEEP008]
Bob Singh – Keepin’ It Deep [Sunclock]
Brooklyn Bounce – Bass, Beats & Melody (Sergio Marini & Luke Remix) [4040217016759]
Cabanni Dosche – Electronic Tribe
Charly O-F – Roma [Brigantia Records]
Dal Segno – Kaliber [ITR017]
Derrek Carr – The Matter at Hand EP [JJR011]
DJ Linus – Minga EP [BSM261]
Dorian Craft – Sei Koya EP [SAVED20401Z]
Dreamer – Capo Legend [REF58]
Drega – Kali Koi [AR00032]
Erik Christiansen – Ephia [NF146]
Ernest Kalinin – Lollipop Lady [BG 049]
Fabio Me Llaman Soltero – Secreto Infiel
Gavio, Medsound, Nic Joseph – Crossed Signals Vol. 9 [SLT173]
Greg Kozo – You Could Be the One (Larry Heard Remix)
Hard Fix & Carlos Grant, Hard Fix – Ecology – The Remixes
J Lauda – The Light [MKE181]
James Cole – Don’t Stop The Feeling [BRISE121]
Julian Rodriguez – End of The Ocean [JDP031]
Kag Trinity – Love Is Gone [Deep Clicks]
Kantiko – Move Move the Head [Acetic Records]
Karl Dee Bee – Magic in Your Eyes [Acetic Records]
Ken@Work – Fab Five Freddy [Hot Sunday Records]
LaErhnzo, TooZee, Kaytah – The Beginning [GR024]
Lamadrid – DW017 [DW017]
Leandro Caceres – Zoe [AHD156]
Mangabey, Kosmo Kint – Time No More _ Get Lost [TOYT102]
Matt McLarrie – Vegetable Jacuzzi [MOISS071]
Midnight Gear – Zambezi [Hot Sunday Records]
Monodeluxe & Jaidene Veda – Don’t Stop
Murat Özkaya – Something About You
NuSisco – Rise Again [A697]
OKTAY OZPRCN – Hear the Music [Maidens Tower Records]
Ona M, Rocío Starry – Beauty In Me [UPRSA009]
Padre – Greater Love _ Flower and Willow World [CNS106]
PRAANA – Iridescence [ENCOLOR215E]
Richard Bång – I Wanna Fly [Sk.Pro-Records]
Sacha – The Illest EP [PR2020518]
Sam Kurly – Express Love (Vocal Mix)
Sera DaDj, DJ Senny – Indlan Prayer [GR021]
Somelee – Cloudy Island [TLQ001]
Subtle Houzze – Controversy EP (Running Back)
Tevo Howard – Politics and Romance (Tevo Howard)
The Stoned – Jive Dreamin’ EP [MHR105]
Thulane Da Producer – Studio Sound
Twism, Wavy dot. – Do You Want It_ [SL117]
Twolegs – Introducing [TRUE011A]
VA – 2020 House Music Visions Volume 1 (2020)
VA – 2020 Springbok Records Celebration [SBK179] [FLAC]
VA – Beautiful Hearts (Electronic Chill out Beats), Vol. 3 (2020)
VA – House & Garage Vol.1 [PPHGC01]
VA – Laws Of Robotics 2020 [194491236304]
VA – More or Less Disco (Partyfine, Vol. 5) [BLV7044663] [FLAC]
VA – Nothing But… Deep House Vibes Vol 05 (2020)
VA – Nothing But… The Sound of Nu Disco Vol 02 (2020)
VA – Sweet Chillout, Vol. 4 (2020)
Ze’s – I Want a Dream (feat. Saa Pink)

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Angemi – War (feat. Jeffrey Jey) (Original Mix).mp3
Apokryph – The Law of Causality [Eremit]
Audrey Vixen – She’s My Destroyer 2020
BLIND – Americana Exotica 2 [BRAILLE RECORDS]
BonRen & NAEMS – Ryujin (Extended Mix).mp3
Callan Maart – On a Break Presents Callan Maart
Can Ates – Feed Me Enery [Talent Records]
Castion – El Zorro
Costel Van Dein – Turn Up The Bass (Original Mix).mp3
Coudda B – Too Much [Benton Records]
CRKD & THRML – All I Want (Original Mix).mp3
Dave Mak & Drifter5 – Headshot (Extended Mix).mp3
Derrix – Give Back (feat. Okhey) [Deep Bear]
Dirty Ducks – JuIce (Extended Mix).mp3
DJ Yameel – Making Noise [Future Generation Records]
Downlowd – Origins [Lowdcraft]
Dyro – Bombai
EmpireB – Mint (Extended Mix).mp3
FineRefined – Blazes (Extended Mix).mp3
Forreign – Twisted On Em [Get Heavy]
FreeZ, Megacity House, GROOMING94 – Neck! Drop! (Original Mix).mp3
Fusion 47 – No Sleep Tonight [WORKROOM]
Futurenova – Jungle (Original Mix).mp3
Futuristic Polar Bears & LeNERD feat. Love Letters – After Party (Original Mix).mp3
Galantis – Faith Remixes
Ganesha Cartel, Jonny Lexxs – Rave Slave
Graysound – Feels So Good (feat. Camo MC & Matt Owens)
Ignition – Rababah (Extended Mix).mp3
Jaqen – Trauma [Cross Faded Records]
KEVU – Pull Up
Kursiva & Isaac Maya – Mashup di place (feat. Lady Chann) [Jayline Remix]
LENNYMENDY – Team (Original Club Mix).mp3
LUM!X x MOKABY & D.T.E x Gabry Ponte – The Passenger
Maddix & SaberZ – Follow Me
Marlo & Feenixpawl – Lighter Than Air (SaberZ Remix).mp3
Max Lean & Lucas Butler feat. Max Landry – Meet You There (Olly James Remix).mp3
Mindex – Nosorog [Time Resonance Music]
Necrotype – Fools Wisdom [Mettasonic]
Olly James – Amsterdam (Extended Mix).mp3
Porn and Chicken & Steve Gerard – Weed
Randall – Zabana (Extended Mix).mp3
Rave Republic & Reggio – Deep Love
Sandro Silva – Raise Your Flag (Original Mix).mp3
Skytters & Window – Dirty Bass (Original Mix).mp3
Steve Aoki x Ummet Ozcan x Dzeko – Popcorn (GATTÜSO Remix).mp3
Steven Solo – At Play [HearTheLabel]
SuperJam, Seemann – Idk (Go Ahead and Try) (Original Club Mix).mp3
Takahiro Yoshihira – Night (feat. Simon Jackman)
Taygeto – Cadence (Extended Mix).mp3
TBR & Ragunde – Final Destination (Original Mix).mp3
Tony Romera – Heat Wave (Original Mix).mp3
Tuerano – Ministry [FAM]
twoloud, Stupid Goldfish – Next Round on Me (Extended Mix).mp3
VA – Privelege Music 3 Years [Privelege Music]
VA – This is MAD TOO (Album)
Viperactive – Heretic [emengy]
Wyko x Maski & Banga – Voodoo Child (Extended Mix).mp3
Zedd & Kehlani – Good Thing

Electronica & Downtempo

Credit 00 – Beats For The Streets EP [MTRON017]
Ariel Dylan – Western Sun [LO-FI 4 AM]
ERP ‎– Exomoon [LP 002]
FTampa – InstaDJ [5059435483433]
Gregory Paul Mineeff – After Today [Cosmicleaf Records]
Hvitling & Kapoor – Prometheus [Akumandra]
Joshua Corallini – Fall of Babylon [Twizted Movements]
Juno Mamba – Blossom [Soothsayer]
Kalardiak – Stroke [Arache Records]
Koorow – Lover [Ozran Sunset]
Majnoon – Kanundan Kacilmaz [Rist Records]
Mangaboo – Sienteme (feat. Enzo Avitabile)
Nick Neiman – Lost Sensations [Barbecue Records]
So Takahashi – Flora and Fauna [Take it Easy Policy]
SymphoCat – Drone Plane [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
VA – 2019 [AstroPilot Music]


1Farshad – Disco Shuffle EP [SNATCH145]
Adam Holiday – Feel It [Lemon Juice Records]
Ajeeb – Toss and Turn [El Hombre Bala]
Alessio Cala’ – Voices [SBR067]
Andrea Verona – Ezekiel [HB199]
Atiye – Tom Tom Remixes [Planet Hum Records]
Black Major feat Lizwi – Zolalela [194491856823]
Broosnica – Molecule [Welofi Recordings]
Cara Marrón – Soda Pop Days [Y.Salomon Music]
Catching Flies & DJ Seinfeld – Silver Linings (DJ Seinfeld’s Drum Dream Remix)
Chrissy – New Atlantis EP [17STEPS029BD]
Cupertino – Long Ride [Check In Recordings]
D’Space – Do ya wanna funk (Marco Fratty Club Remix)
Dale – Funky Train (Moon Rocket Remix) [BLV6914232]
Dan & Tom – Robots [XMOD Records]
Dastic – Figure It Out [FHM113D]
Davide Toschi – Reborn [HB196]
Dino Sor – Flood of Flutes [Royal Music Paris]
DJ Gomor & D.T.Y. – Deep Pressure [LoupBlanc Recordings]
DJ Lora – Deep In My Soul EP [SIMBLK193]
DJ Rubato – Cafe Del Mar (Club Mix) [CIAT0022]
Ellery Cowles – 36 Chambers [SYNCRO32]
Eytiex & Luisjause, Luisjause – In the Neighborhood
Filta – Japan Horns are Gruvy Remixes [Red Lamp Records]
Gino Love – Drum Fever [VR190]
H.m.s – Buy Me That Song (Hopi Choi Solo Trot Version)
Hazzaro – Soul Mate [Azzura Trax]
Horatio – O Seara De Jazz [DCYDIG027]
Jack Back & Cece Rogers – Freedom (Low Steppa Remixes) [DFTD578D6]
Khansolo – Waves [SpinCat Music]
La Riff – Think Twice [MOISSB026]
Love Regenerator, Calvin Harris – Love Regenerator 1 [FLAC] (2020)
LT – Staminize [X-Kalay]
Marco Anzalone – Positive Pressure EP [MOT026]
MITCH L. J. & Carmine Sorrentino – EASY (feat. JAD)
Mr. Jazzek – Gogo [Electro Swing Thing]
OLIXX – Break Your Hearth [MOSP Recordings]
Piran – Running Scared [WLR017]
PunkPhunk – KEEP GOING, PT. 1 [WLU007]
Ranvik & Ardhy Saputro – Reve [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Shur-I-Kan – Generations (Freerange)
Steve Hammer – Position [CHI020]
Tete De La Course – On Time [MFR211]
Tiesto – Together (2020)
VA – 15 Tracks from 2019 [FLAC]
VA – Armada Subjekt 3 Year Anniversary Extended Versions [ARDI4193] [FLAC]
VA – Future Winter Essentials 20 (2020)
VA – Future,House #15 [RH2]
VA – Guesthouse Music Best of 2019 [GMCD101] [FLAC]
VA – Intease 0102 [INTEASE0102] [FLAC]
VA – Juiced Music Best Of 2019 Pt 2 (2020)
VA – Music To Make You Dance, Vol. 1 [SNFC004] [FLAC]
VAEN – TWISTER EP [10164557]
Valerio Bianco – Step One [Penaut Butter]
Velasquezz & Zaark – One Dance [Notyon Records]

Melodic House & Techno

Ambient Soul – Melody Wind [7th Cloud]
Badin Brothers – Archangel [Crossings]
MAXI MERAKI – Basic Instinct , Always There
monarch – A Night in the Wilderness [Late Night Music]
PARALEL – The Darkest Rooms of Subconscious
Seel – Centered [Camel Riders]
VA – Bar 25 Music Remixed Vol.2 [FLAC]
VA – Electronic Elements 2020 Extended Versions [ARDI4191] [FLAC]
VA – Essential 2019, Vol. 3 [Maintain Replay Records]
VA – My Melodic Tech House, Vol. 3 [PUSH069]
VA – Thito Fabres Presents Evolution III [Prisma Techno]
VBROTH – Now Remember [Exigua Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Cotto (Remind) – Flowstyle [Tres 14 Music]
Liquid Static – Aglaia [White Line Music]
N-Telekia & Uriah persie – El Congo
Pedro Costa – Insane Feeling
Raul Ron – The Good Old Days
VA – Minimal Challenge [Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings]
VA – Various Artists NYE 2020 [UN078] [AIFF]

Progressive House

Airbas, Seige – Bushido [OOB039]
ALHYD & DEMERFYKE – Worlds Collide [Musata Music]
Carlos Tk – Changes [AMH228]
Connor Mac – White Shadow [Recovery Collective]
DJ Combo & Sander-7 – Losing My Mind
El Bajo – Kronos [Alveda Subject]
Enzo Vood – Breath [Estribo Records]
Freefade – Circles [Freefade Records]
H2U & Wolfrage – Follow [Wolfrage Recordings]
Katoff – Other Stance [OOB040]
Kay-D – Drive [PHW Elements]
Lauren Schrader – After Hours [Emergent Shores]
Nuta Cookier – Theta Columbae
Project.74 – Milky Way [74 Records]
Rick Pier O’Neil – Atlantis Remix [RPO Records]
Rokazer – Cosmos [MIRA135]
SICHI – Cry for Me [LIN225]
Theus (BR) – Get Away [BP9092020]
WYE – Purple Sail [Skipe Records]

Tech House

Aitor Astiz – Keep On [Cocoa]
Alan Nieves – What Are You Saying [RSH169]
Aldo Gargiulo – Alien Dancer [BML292]
ALECS (US) – Feel the Rhythm [High Quality]
Alessandro Arbola – Pump Up [MATERIAL173]
Arn – With You [BZM089]
Black Girl, White Girl – Raw Trax 888 [YUM059]
Brian Thabault – Make It Work
Caique Carvalho, Bruv – Smith (Extended Mix) [CAT330466]
Catz ’N Dogz feat. Simon Black – Body EP [DB217]
Charlo – Festival Anthem [HIP028]
Conwell Minolta – Party [Electric Wave Records]
Daniel Steinberg – Days Go By (Arms & Legs)
Davide Mazzilli – House Train [KBP018]
Deejay Willi – Keep Calm [Hot Squad]
Deep Factory – Gipsy (Maxi Single) [Auraviss]
Deewar & Andrea Matteu – Belive
Diego Asbell – Detroit Girl [Digital Under Records]
DJ Entwan & Alberto Cristian – 7am
Dlc – 33 [RUNS200]
Dub House – To The Music
Floog – Isis [TARTOUFFE012]
Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona – Music To Love You EP [SWM0146]
Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (Al – Faris & Carmelo Carone Remix)
GMZ – Press Start [Deep Bear]
Graymatter – TERMS & CONDITIONS [OFDM052]
Hoten – Surrender [43D036]
J Matin – Yeah [SHK096]
Jacq (UK) – Where Do I Go [TRX12801Z]
Julez Cordoba – Wow EP [SNOE048]
Koelsch – Shoulder Of Giants – Glypto [KOMPAKTDIGITAL114]
Koltech – El Tiburon [Burundanga Label]
Landis Sin – Masters Of Delay [KM0037]
LEWIS (UK) – Off His Rocka [SST011]
Lexx Groove – Trippin [CUFF107]
Litmus – Hygiene [NOART026]
Lorenzo De Blanck, Vincenzo D’amico – My House [DCM85]
Louie Cut – When I Need [Rare Youth]
Low Disco – Low Disco [ELE41B]
LUCASMB – Close My Eyes [SHK0115]
Mata Jones – I Hole EP [LA026]
Mihalis Safras – Soul 2Soul [MATERIALX202]
MK & Sonny Fodera feat. Raphaella – One Night (Remixes)
Nice Girl – Take A Step (Public Possession)
OSC3 – Bring On the Sound [XMOD Records]
PCP, Olivier Pieters – Boccaccio Life (Chapter 1) [BP9082020]
S.M.I.T.H – Ridin’ Low [WHO210]
SPNCR & Elvis Suarez – To The Music EP [SOS008]
Svan Gianz – Freenetik EP [VIVA166]
Tektonauts – Rollin Riddm [SHK0109]
Thomas M, FGNL – Dancin’ [SLR55]
Tom Trago – Whisper Belltower (Jong Nederland)
VA – Gaia [Les Enfants]
VA – Moustache Label World Vol. 12 [ML207] [FLAC]
VA – Opening Track 2020 [RSH166] [FLAC]
VA – Sound System, Vol. 2 [STT065]
Valerio Bonfa – One Day [KOBU005]
Vowtage – Drop That Be [Deep Bear]

Techno & Minimal

3Xy – Constellations [Spiilbuub Records]
Adellacosta – Nightmare EP [OS023]
Aitor Ronda – The Rise Of The Phoenix [ELV134]
Alden Tyrell – Vorm Variaties 4 (Clone Basement Series)
Alejandro De La Cruz – Ginger [ANJ004]
Alek S – Far Outside (Made Of Concrete)
Alex Twitchy, 9claws – Baby Please _ Stayin’ Alive
Aquarian – The Snake That Eats Itself [BDNX004]
Barbur – Modular [FREQ2003]
Beneath Usual, Max Cohle – Pumper [MIC026]
Booka Shade & Lazarusman – Dear Future Self EP
Boris Brejcha – Space Diver
Bouzidi – Lazy Monday [TGMS010]
Brad Goddard – Afterglow E.P [DSYN018]
Carlo Caredda – Krisalide [PASRE059]
Chris Simon – Clang EP [WO074]
Destination Unknøwn – Tension
Divide, Evod – Nato Ieri [EVOD]
DJCybertsai – Farout Land [DM167]
Dont Wait Me – Poetryverse Four Elements
Duca (MT) – Hydra EP [CR076]
DZM – Gorgeous [Electronic Alliance Records]
Eissel, Osccult – IAKXNE EP [PRRUKD20022]
elektrik rhyno – Phone Disco [elektrik rhyno]
Escape Artist – Digital Natives [OYSTER19]
F.DJ F – Storm , The Sahara Storm
FADI – Signal [MS088]
Federico Guttadauro – Rewind [Ara Limited]
Ferdinger – Sog EP [ARTSX011]
Fernando Garrido – Week [Mystic Carousel Records]
Filterheadz, Lowerzone – Mindtrip [UNI169]
Fonsekas & Jason Orfan – Chake Down
Frankyeffe – Maximizer [SENSO062]
Gruuve – Amore [BLA117]
GruuvElement’s – Dope Groove EP [PGR185]
Gustaff – Mind Treasures [CNS095]
Howiezi – Obscure Shadows [Oxytech Records]
Huma-Noyd – People Running
Hypijump – Acidulous [Cosmic REC]
Ian Axide – Glycerine (feat. VIL) [INNSIGNN]
Ignacio Arfeli – Echoes In My Mind
Jean Bressan – Acidata (Kina Music)
Jerome Steam – Deductions [Figura Music]
JfAlexsander – Relaktion [Survivor Records]
Karim Alkhayat – Digital World Remixes
Karlheinz – EP 1 [PT01]
Kiz – Insane EP [REN2001D]
Klon Dump – Do The Dump [ACOLOUR020]
Kristian Heikkila – Strobe [SAWH093]
L!to – Bit Extra [LNJ043]
L’ombre – CXLI [Otomo Trax]
Levo Black – Volksfeind [FEIND Records]
Liquid Limbs – Household Trax [WMMD]
Lorenzo Bianco, Andrea Verona – Paranomix [HBR023]
Luigi Tozzi & Pris – Automa Lilith (Non Series)
Max Bertolesi, Frankye Lova – Right Side EP [SB005]
Max TenRoM – Revolt [ARTD200007]
Medu Jumel – Quantum [Egothermia]
Metrocat – Tar42 [Taro Records]
Michelle Sparks – Gloom [OCTBLK075]
Microlab – La Mantra In Sat [MDL015]
MINT (JPN) – Burrow EP [MSR0071]
Mittens – The Calling [Mechanikal]
Molecule – Nazaré (Ed BangerBecause Music)
Mori – Ufonico [Affluenza Records]
MTD – Essential 013 [Methodical]
Mudrost, Non-Linear – Reality Switch
Nandez – Pear of Anguish [STIG]
NeoTraffic – Asteroid [FIGURA090]
Nico Morano, Radeckt – Resilio [RDM006]
Nkarsia – Beneath the Hate [The Seed]
Othmane Nobyty – After Wave [Klinik Room]
Ozzie Guven – Soul Clap [LFR027]
Pablo Bolivar – Low Ratio _ Evolve [7V076D1]
PALMFooD – Bogogan EP [GPM561]
Phase Fatale – Scanning Backwards
QUINCY & THE MACHINE – Summit [Hold records]
Raw Input – Spectrum [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
REÄKTTOR – Arabian Legend [Groovy Sessions]
Saumeth – Thema Reworks – Reworks [TRIAMB009]
Seany – Underneath [DTL Records]
Secus – Interlinked [Ascetic Limited]
Smilla – Earthly [TAKT008]
Spraycan Attack – Fall , Bathe [Microbios Records]
Stoian – Dark Matter [Oxytech Limited]
The Rhythm-Fixxer – Summer Dreams
Tolax – Danger [SK250]
Ton Noise – Spiral Rotor [Groove Manipulation Recordings]
Toni Alvarez – Fase 1 EP [SUARA383]
Trippin Fox – Main Brain [Zuno Recordings]
Troste – Rabiosa (Florian Kruse Remix) [PSB132]
Unknown Motive – Kouame
VA – Agile Recordings BEST OF 2019 [AGILE106] [FLAC]
VA – Black Raven 04 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Bud Sampler 6 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Construction Tools Vol, I,II & III [BERGAMON10] [FLAC]
VA – Entity Vol.1 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – From Ambient to Dub 2019 [FLAC]
VA – Hi-Techno 7 (2020)
VA – LF RMX 021 [LFRMX021]
VA – Music4Clubbers Best of 1 Year [Music4Clubbers]
VA – Naked Lunch 500, Vol.7 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Off Recordings Best Of 2019 [OFF214] [FLAC]
VA – The Best Of Healed Wounds 2019 [FLAC]
WhoMadeWho – Obstacle [BS005]
Wisna – Lost Generation EP [KDRAW040]
XAB – White Pearl [TRAPEZ220]
Yulia Niko – Man Like Star [DPE1663]