Afro House

Africano – La Bateria [ShockIt]
Afropoison – Havana [Guettoz Muzik]
Andreas Horvat – Out of Africa [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
B Show – Matcho [Africa Mix]
Boddhi Satva & Zano – Juju [Offering Recordings]
Cheikna – XX1-I-19LXXVI [Pilum Musicz]
Da Cord & Authentiq Soul, Da Cord – I Am Tech [036Records]
Dany Cohiba – La Fiesta de Don Pablo [SP Recordings]
Demi Case – Voise of Silence [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Dj Sona SA – Brothers Piano [The November Man Music]
dumama + kechou – buffering juju [Mushroom Hour Half Hour]
EdisonSoul – Ethnic People [Do You Be You Records]
Eran Yaari – Komanta [Seres Producoes]
Eunique – S.T.A.D [Eunique Soundz Records]
Freddy da Stupid & Acizzy – Not the Same (feat. Ozana)
HyperSOUL-X – The Aborigines [Hyper Production (SA)]
InQfive & Thab De Soul – No Trust in This World
Jalal Ramdani – Meyla (feat. Yeronimou) [Safe Ltd.]
Jozified ManiK – Time Moving On [La MuziQue Afreak]
MAB, HyperSOUL-X & Sabrina – Shooting Stars (Main V-Ht Mix)
Masta Luminary – The Black Oracle [Kundalini]
MicSoulSA – Origin [Black Mambo]
Ng Amos – Set Me Free (feat. Lelo Kamau)
Nuur – El Soltilicio [Syncopate Afterhours]
Parsifal – Signs of Light [Connected Frontline]
Satelite & K.O.D – Zona Vermelha [Seres Producoes]
Sebjak & Fahlberg – Regarde Moi [Bibliotheque Records]
Skaiva – Testify [Grooveland Africa]
Splashfunk – Morenita (Fabrizio Delgarco Remix)
Thabza Berry & Mr. Jozzers – Koti Koti [CIM Records and Entertainment]
VA – Afro Skulls [Skull And Bones]


Dan Sonic – Entity [Artificial Acoustical Ambience Records]
Kibosh – Loopback [Bombstrikes]
Local Group – Fresh Rhythms [Human Concrete Block]
MACHATA – Must 37 [OneSun Yellow]
Monolithic – Planet [Platonic Solids]
Pecoe & Rockmaster Rus B, Pecoe – All For the Beat [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
VA – Neglect [PRIME]


Dark Sanctuary & Ann Lee – Pandemonium [Future Sonar]
Adrian Hibbs – One More Time [A Hibbs Joint]
Burak Cilt – She Said [Road Story Records]
C-Ro & Perttu – Compass (Marcus Brodowski Remix) [1st Strike]
Cabuizee – Alive [Raijin Recordings]
Calling All Astronauts – Give Them a Leader [Supersonic Media]
Christl Prager – A echtes Weana Kind [PRDS Direct]
Chunk & Law – Klopp’s Dream [Sublime Recordings]
Colin – New World Order Donyaye Jaduiy
Daddy Zé – You Said [ToCo Asia]
Damon Steele & R.O – Destination Anywhere (feat. Ro)
Dasco – Senza dire niente [Kalabria Records]
Deformaty & Lightspeed – Recoil Mixes [WoNKed Music Group]
DJ AKS – Miss Universe Bangladesh (feat. Muttaque Hasib & Nowsin Brinty)
Federico Lobrano – Dimmi se c’è [Orange Park Records]
Giolì & Assia – Habibi [Diesis Records]
Igor Pumphonia, DEKU & ITLP – Bad Boy [ChillRecordsMusic]
Inas X & Suark – Lonely (Teddy Beats Remix) [Dance And Love]
Inci3ion – It’s Over [Abora Symphonic]
Jack Back – Superstar DJ [Positiva]
Joakim Molitor – OK (feat. Matt Wilson) [Uniform Beat]
Kauf & Overjoy – Am I Crazy [One Half]
Kydus – Gravity (feat. Jack Wilby) [Big Beat Records]
Late Than Ever – The Power of Soul [Deep Strips]
Lazers & Stuff – Bagels for a Hangover Lunch [Silhouette Music]
Le Fasi – Edèra [Alka Record Label]
Leena Voxx – Never Goes Away [51den]
LEROCQUE – Veneno [Muve]
LIZ – Cloudbusting , Laguna Nights (Remixes) [Moving Castle]
LVNDSCAPE – No One Nobody (feat. Tannergard) [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
MAB – L’abondance [Colligence Records]
Maike Zazie – Seismopsychollage [7K!]
MELOLIFE – The Sound of Discovery [Euphoric Frenchcore]
MÒZÂMBÎQÚE – Just for a Moment (Komak Remix)
Neumatic Parlo – All Purpose Slicer [Unique Records]
Nick Ledesma – Believe (feat. Heather Sommer) [Proximity]
Nick Ledesma – The Sound (feat. Michael Dupon) [Proximity]
Nick Ledesma & Meredith Bull – Castle [Proximity]
Nihiloxica – Tewali Sukali [Crammed]
Nikyrez – Crazy Love [DSTR RCRDS]
Nothing In Common – Kicking Myself [FLAK Records]
Otnicka – Addicted [Supertunes]
OVERJOYED & Isabella DiNoia – Lilac Sky (feat. Isabella DiNoia)
Phantom of Anton – Hmk [SEUA Digital Records]
Rami Feinstein – Would That Be Enough [NaNa Disc]
Ray Le Fanue & NT Rozalie, Ray Le Fanue – Do It Again
Reebs – Nights [Mixmash Deep]
Ricardo Richaid – Travesseiro Feliz [Far Out Recordings]
Saint Of Sin – Ray of Light [Sky Waves]
Shahead Mostafafar – Spiral [Avalon Music]
Soniqua – Burning Fire [Rainbow Music]
Supernaive – Forget Me Now (feat. NAL) [Shlo Music]
Tanger – It Is the Time (Instrumentals) [Modernsoul]
TECHcontrol – The Cure [Urban Distortions]
The Emperor Machine – Music Not Safari [Skint Records]
The Glitch Mob – Chemicals [Glass Air]
The Greatest Bits – Gerudo Valley (Dance Monkey Remix)
The Moods – Remixing Peace [A1M]
THROWING SHAPES – Tranquillity Base [Green Media,MGM]
Uppermost – When the Birds Start Singing [Uppwind]
VA – La Dolce Vita [Azurro Dancea Recordings]
Warriors of the Dystotheque – Thou Shalt Not Follow [Glasstone]
Zannon – Irreplaceable (Remixes) [Crookwell]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Boy 83 – Everlasting Beauty [Dirty Lane Studios]
4 Da People – New Reality [Grey City Records]
80NP – Arthur [Nimi Records]
Adam Germaniuk – Endless [Grey Bar Hotel]
Ala Chokri, Deepest & AMHouse – Louma
Alexandra Shae – Step Forward [Agua Blanca Records]
Ali Kuru – Anemo [MoBlack Records]
Ancient Deep – Synthetic Levitation [Ocha Mzansi]
Aras Kutay – The Mirror [Cayman Records]
Bayza – Exaltation [DeepShine Records]
Bee Yell – Get In Love (feat. Yuri Gomes)
Black Devii Disco Club – Six Six Sex [Lo Recordings]
Bobina & Natalie Gioia – Wild & Free [Magik Muzik]
Bubblewrappe & Rosebud – Ego (feat. Rosebud)
Chris Carrington – Outer Rim Boogie [Gatto Rosso]
Cottam – Municipal Rhythm (Inc. Elles Remix)
Deniz – Go Back [Road Story Records]
Doc Martin & Homero Espinosa – And the Beat
Elliot Hollins – Tootsie [Atjazz Record Company]
Evvol, J. Fenix – The Power [Melodymathics]
Finest Wear – Lo-Fi Grooves [Colour and Pitch]
Igor Pumphonia, DEKU & ITLP – Bubble Gum
Ilya Santana – Hard Lovers Sweet Dancers [Spa In Disco]
Jacssen, Ufuk K – Sun Goddess [Mole Music]
Jerem A. – You Got the Power [Nu Monkey Records]
Jex Opolis – What Am I Gonna Do (Radio Edit)
Jimy K – She’s Gone Away [Disco Matto]
Kendal – Inferno [Dischi Autunno]
Khemikal – The Khemikal [Bassball Records]
Legendarian – Metoire [Diptorrid Recordings]
Leko On Pluto – Her Kiss [Piston Recordings]
Lost Boy 1984 – Rainy Days [Back to the End Records]
LTK – UwU , Zenith [Try That Records]
Malcolm – Baptem [Biologic Records]
Man2.0 – Vacuum of Noise [Audiophile Deep]
Manuel Kane – Everyday [Lisztomania Records]
Mark DVB – You Wanna Dance [TID Recordings]
Mr. Lopez – Love the 90’s [Deep Rhymes]
P-Sol – We Can Make It [Wall Of Fame]
Pattern Drama – Lazy [Music is 4 Lovers]
Pedro Lima & Frazon – My Universe [Cool 7rack Records]
Rafael Acryl – Heartless [MojoHeadz Records]
Rawdio – Soft Mood [Gents & Dandy’s]
Real Kue Soul – Let Me Do Me , Special Plan [Batavia Records]
Remywest – Inner Touch [Veksler Records]
Robert Burian – I’m Nothing Without You [Enormous Chills]
Sebastian Grey – Lets Move On ’20 [Ministerium Records]
Sgt.Elias – Just Music [Strange Stereo Storm Records]
Shilenge & Retang – High Emotions
Soul Avengerz & Glamma Punx – Round & Around
Stefre Roland – Time To Ride [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Superstar – Altea [Deep Well Music]
Tommy Del Mar – Bits on Brooklyn [Sua Music]
United Rhythms of Brazil, Hernan Nunzi & Os Digitalistas – Garota de Ipanema
VA – #Stayhomeparty [Rainbow Music]
VA – 2020 R3v0lut10n [Jackalope Music]
VA – Retour Au Club Meduse Compiled by Charles Bals [Spacetalk]
Vanderkraft – Le semainier [De La Groove]
Vasily Umanets – Torsion [Smashing Trax Records]
Vertigini – Magic [Myriad Black Records]
Vhyce – L.O.W (Renato Cohen Remix) [Future Disco]
Villes Wax – Jazzy Et Synthe [Papa Records]
Yannick Labbé & Dominik Marz – Yandom [VOD]
Zweig – Daydream [Society 3.0]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Command Strange & Danny Wheeler – Golden Era, Return of the Funk
25Segments, Bongonation – Stuck in the Jungle [GWR]
Aero Chord – Lambo [Aero Chord]
Alex Reid – Come Alive [Alex Reid]
Aubreyszn – Too Broke For the Club (feat. Petrah) [Remix]
Bagha – Balam [A Records]
Cashtronaut – Systems Go! [Sunday – Records]
Cesco – Angry Waves [1985 Music]
Chimpo – Get So Mad [Box N Lock]
Chris Burke – Crash and Burn [Chris Burke]
Cowboy Ras Ranger & Pablo G – #BAMSON Remixes
Dadub – A Sun Called Moon [Ohm Resistance]
Dan Guidance – When You’re Around [Bay 6 Recordings]
Danger & Magenta, Danger – Armoured Division I [Logikz Audio]
Den Venn – Ascension [DEN VENN]
Dexcell – Ghost Notes (feat. Emily Makis) [Spearhead Records]
Dj AgosFree – Next Movie [Gar Disco Records]
Ellise – Angels Don’t Cry (Sweater Beats & Bumbasee Remix)
Erritate – Chi [Echo Chamber]
Eusebeia – Equal Rights & Justice [Western Lore]
Exploid – Cosmic Center Stage [Raw Audio]
Eyes Faces – Sorry I’m Busy [Stereophonic]
Figure – Space Swamp [DOOM]
Futical – Dark White [IN DEEP Music]
Future Proof – Mantra , Shockout [Wrec Records]
Futuristo – Take Off [Faded Music]
G.A.W & Tek – Get Burnt [Blazing PhreakQuency]
Gawm & Foreign Suspects, Runnit – The Resurrection
Hodge – Shadows In Blue [Houndstooth]
Hybrid Screech & 55×55 – Realize [Techenies]
Indo, Sorse – Dusk [Locked Concept]
Ink, Loxy & Resound – Stop Motion [I.L.R. Studios]
it-nick – Rhythm [29 NET MUSIC]
Jack the Ripper & Master Error – Directions [Digital Terror Records]
Jantsen & Conrank – In the Dance [Bassrush Records]
Jedi – Bass Defiler [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Jeopardize – Amnesia [Low Down Deep Recordings]
Josdam – Flying [Space Buns Recs]
K3Bee – Zoot [Next Phase Records]
Kai Wachi & Dylan Matthew – Run [Kannibalen Records]
Karim Le Mec – Pallas [Ghostwork]
Kill Feed – Valley of Death [NSD Black Label]
Kill This Kant – The First [Word Up]
Koax & Sublimit, Koax – Corrode [Modular Carnage Recordings]
Kop-Z – Game Based Horror [Ortem]
Kumarion – Stuntin [Play Me Too Records]
Laidback Luke & Funky Craig – Hot Sauce [Mixmash Records]
Laidback Luke & Swanky Tunes – The Illest [Mixmash Records]
Laidback Luke & Swanky Tunes, Funky Craig – B2b
Last Heroes & Monika Santucci – Underneath the Waves
Laura Temple – Feel My Love ’20 [Groovepool Essentials]
Lazy K – Peekapoop [Beatdown Bass]
LNytho – The Ambitious Boy [Wavebox Records]
LTMTV – Aurora Borealis [Jendex Records]
Manse & Rich Edwards – Quiet Sound [Revealed Recordings]
Mario Penati – Château rouge [Coquelicot Records]
MC J.O.K, Project Lando – Drop the Knife Drop the Knife (Hip Hop mix)
Mete Mano, Craze & SpydaT.E.K – Sexo Sucio (feat. Ma-Less)
Misshin – Engine Number 9 the Remix [Feral Inc Audio]
MOLLY FIVE – The Dream [Gar Disco Records]
MR.BLACK & Zafrir – Maya [Revealed Recordings]
Mystical Sound – Situation , Alien Hub [Promo Audio Music]
Paul Jockey – Wanna Be (Remixes) [feat. Frobaby] [WEPLAY Music]
Prestige – A Gift [Calypso]
Ramba Zamba & Jason Anousheh – Back to the Start [Fadersport]
Replicant – C.R.E.W , Mind Games [Octave Recordings]
Riot Ten & Shaquille O’Neal – Ultimate (feat. T-Wayne)
Routes & Dots Per Inch – Jack Daniels (feat. Tantrum)
Rüzgar – Unuduram [Alatoran Music Entertainment]
Scratcha DVA – Drmtrk IX [DRMTRK]
She Was Silver – Apocalypse (feat. Jeremy Strickland)
Skylar Bass – Broken Sky , Driving At Night [Trainspotting Music]
Soul Kid – Full Circle [Elle Tone Recordings]
Southlee & Mezii – Dilee [TaiJi Red Records]
Submorphics – Kodak Dreams [The North Quarter]
Total Recall – Summons [Bagged & Tagged Records]
Upgrade – What It Means , Thunder [RAM Records]
V3NUM – Constrict [Sunday – Records]
VA – Pinecone Moonshine Vector Space
VA – The Melting Pot Chronicles, Pt. III [Melting Pot Records]
VA – Year Zero [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Vrum – Move [Subplate Recordings]
Yumna Black – Believing [Wang Records]
ZeroZero – Badger , Shake Your Booty [Program]

Electronica & Downtempo

ĂVEM – Nocturne [Underyourskin Records]
Abstract Silhouette – Void [KIQMOTOPIA]
Amoraim – Cape Point [MMD Records]
Amoraim – Lunar Shift [MMD Records]
Amoraim – Rainmaker [MMD Records]
Amoraim – Rez Chill [MMD Records]
Amoraim, Divan Japonaise – Acid Rain [MMD Records]
Andrea Senatore – Space & Time [ONDE Electronic contents]
Andy Craig & Moses Murphy – Higher It Up 2020 [Shivar]
Async Ross – Is Nostalgia an Emotion [Memoir Music]
Avril Spleen – Thumbs Cut [Opal Tapes]
Beatriz Ferreyra – Echos+ [Room 40]
Boge – Sunsettlers [Night Owl Music]
Bosa – Off the Grid [Gravitas Recordings]
Brazilian Dog – Want You [Tratore]
Daniele Frate – Alarm [AREA 94]
DegreeZero – Hype for Christ [Embark Music]
Earl Beats – The Answer [Elle Tone Recordings]
Editors – Upside Down (Joris Voorn Remix)
El Búho & DJ Raff – Resiliencia [Wonderwheel Recordings]
fade – Streets of Life [Sine Music]
Frameworks – Breaking Down (Tor Remix) [Loci Records]
Gloryowner & Rave Criminal – The Other Plan [Wolf Beats]
GodEvil GoDevil – The Seduction of the Innocent
Gregory Berger – Complicated [Moiss Music Black]
Hoshina Anniversary – Odoriko [Alien Jams]
Hotel Garuda – Mutual [Mom+Pop]
Igor Pantereech – Initiation (Alitaumas Remix) [Zeitlyserg]
Jordan (IE) – Believe [Loose Fit Records]
Julien Minet – Plaisir miroir (Remixes) [Boxon Records]
Kate NV – Sayonara [RVNG INTL.]
Koloto – Ioa [Interstellar Music]
Lacrima – Candy [Opal Tapes]
Lyra Pramuk – Fountain [Bedroom Community]
M27 – Absorption [ZBM Recordings]
Matsu – Nosotros [WeAreWolves Records]
Matthias Vogt – Polytonality 1 [Polytone]
Max Lake – Call Me Baby [Giantbeat]
Neuroactive – Minor Side-Effects [Alfa Matrix]
NNTH – Darkest Hour [ZBM Recordings]
Onipa – We No Be Machine [Strut]
Pablo Rey – Supernova [Imploxion Records]
Paper Dollhouse – Coney Island Ice Cream Techno Series, Pt. 2
Peder Pablo – Exstatic [Nustromo Music]
Protege Debauch – White Noise Lullaby [TAKOE]
Raz – SuperNova [Imploxion Records]
Redsea – Convolute [Fayer]
Samurai Guru – Enter the Dojo [Alpha Pup]
Sigesmundsen & Gregory Paul Mineeff – Crossing Worlds
silént phil – Holy Six [#internetghetto]
Star Searchers – Avatar Blue [Discrepant]
STL – Brainshift [Solar Phenomena]
The Ambientalist – Betelgeuse [MQY Music]
Theo Gramal – Oya [trndmsk]
Tom Terrien – D Major Study [Plug Research]
Toria – Ncinzas [Clan Destine Records]
VA – Dust (Vol. 1) [Ninth World Recordings]
VA – Quinze [Lapsus]
VA – The Color of Passion [Nidra Music]
VA – World Rhythms [Good Vibes Only]
Vitaly Lalia – Medium [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]


Andy Cley & Slydee – That’s OK with Me!
Angela Puxi – Isle of Fire [4MPO]
BBwhite – The Masters Talking [Bid Muzik]
Binary Hertz – Everyday Funk [Hard Coded]
Blanee & Jarah Damiel – About You [S2 Records]
Block & Crown & Luca Debonaire – No More Emotion
Bobby & Steve – Let’s Stand Together [Groove Odyssey]
Cabbie – Jim Sayin’ ep [droorshouse records]
Carlostella – Burn My Soul [Metropolitan Recordings]
Carlostella – Other Side [Star Funk Records]
Chujo – Don’t Look Back [Soul Revolution Records]
Conde – Connected [Kazukuta Records]
Cylink – Anywhere You Go (feat. Alessia Labate) [Sirup Music]
Daniel Wanrooy & Emma Lock – Echo Chamber
David Lopez & Keke Minowa – Roxane [Yumah Records]
Di Saronno – Downtown Vibes [Disco Explosion Records]
Disk Nation – Feel Alright [Hotfingers]
Divolly & Markward & No Part – Lost My Mind [Darklight Recordings]
DJ Thedo & Trio Improvviso – Shulligum
DKDM – Moving Parts [Lefty Shades Records]
Donald Leicester – Flying Salsa [Nurvous Records]
DubRocca – You Make It Alright [Broke N Glass]
Enrico BSJ Ferrari – Good Vibration [CRMS Records]
Evernone & Colourveins – For the Night (Remixed)
Fabien Pizar & Smerling – Olè [Dance Republic]
Fabio Solardo – Believe To the Rhythm [Lolipop Recordings]
Fabo – Computer Blue [Playperview]
Fizzikx – Smooth Cafe [Vibe n Soul Music]
FunkU – Move Your Body [Smile Creations Music Label]
Funkzelle – Dirty Business (Album Sampler)
Gabi Newman – Dier [Treinta3tres]
Gabriel Waves – Life & Times [VRBL Records]
Gorillag – Tesla Tower [HyperBlast Records]
Hardmix – Your Soul (Sonick S Remix)
Hoda & Eloquin – Banzai [Crucast]
Housego – What You Feel [One Track Mind]
Husky & Shyam P – Treat Me Right [Vicious]
IKKI – Shots for All [Clipper’s Sounds]
Jaymie Silk – Diasporave 2,3 [Pelican Fly]
JP Candela & Mosimann – Shake It [Protocol Recordings]
Just Geo – Award Winning [DWNTHRD]
Kiras – Inside My Dream (Extended Mix) [feat. Roberta Orrù] [Alveda Gold]
Krewcial – Joy [Robsoul Recordings]
KuntyBeatz – All Be Free [Bass Off Records]
Le Chat Rouge – Make You Happy [Effigy Recordings]
LeBaron & Pheek – The Toys Do Dat
Legna & Draco – Oh Eh Oh [Get Down Recordings]
LEOSOLAR – (I Am) The Dream (Rendez-Vous Space & Galaxy Mix)
LTO – Basics [Natural Rhythm Music]
LutchamaK – Come with Me [Egocentric Records]
MADVILLA & Timmy P – Find a Way [Seven Dials Records]
MagicBe – Nu Life [Bif Records]
MAKITO – Give Up the Funk [Juiced Music]
Marc Benjamin & DNMKG – Horizons (feat. Able Faces) [Heldeep Records]
Marc Brauner – Love Triangle [Bellissima! Records]
Marcus Mixx – Don’t Put My Eggs on the Bottom
Marian Hill – was it not [Marian Hill Music , Platoon]
Mark Dawdle – Nostalgia Flavor [Atomes Records]
Markiss Knobs – Maui [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Maurid – From Across the Crowded Room [Curvilinear]
Michael Moog – I Get High [Delete International Records]
Mike Newman & NWN – Re-Chords [Blockhead Recordings]
Mikki Afflick – Thunder Drum Dance (David Morales Remixes)
Monamour – Vip [Total Freedom Recordings]
Mr. Mikeed – Do What You Want [Praefero Music]
Myka Rose – Next Trip [Myka Rose Records]
Nicola Nisi – Believe Me [Dafunk]
Nivek & Simon Adley – Cruise Control (feat. George Gleeson)
Pjonax, RickFire & ctrsk – Moving On (The Remixes)
Reveh & Drezza – Slave To Bass [Karioka]
Riccardo Zaffaroni – Jazz’apposizione [This Is Not]
Rio Dela Duna & George Kafetzis – The USA 2020
Robert W. – Too Hot [blue]
Roberto Parisi – Swing & Jazz [Believe In Disco]
Robin Feelgood – The Power ’20 [Ministerium Records]
Robin Richards – Haga [PRAH Recordings]
Sabatini – I Just Love [Sadie Records]
Silverfox – Love 4 da Brotherz [FOX Pukka Kutz Records]
Silverfox – True to Yourself [Anonymous Black]
Sinner & James – I Need U [Phoenix Music Inc]
Souls Groove – Deeper and Deeper (feat. Nadyne Rush)
Stefano Tirelli, DiMo & KAI – Over Me [BeLove]
Super Paolo – Cosmic Trip [Disco Milk Records]
TC4 – Tranquilo [Safebro]
Terry Hunter – Madness (Reissue Incl. Emmaculate Remix)
That Kid Chris – Double Down [Henry Street Music]
The Fabulous Joker – Feel Like Dancing (Jo Paciello Rework)
The Fitness – Boy Vs. Girl [Wolf + Lamb Records]
TMX – I Like This [MoodyHouse Recordings]
Twenty Feet Down – Funky [Blue Crane Records]
Umbree & Louvai – Walk Away [Worka Tune]
VA – Miami 2020 [In It Together Records]
VA – Miami Downtown 2020 [Check In Recordings]
VA – We Stand 4 Groove – Miami Music Week 2020 [Jango Music]
VA – Who’s in Da House Miami ’20 [Downtown Underground]
WTN & Ridzwan – Chasing Summertime [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Yann Polewka – Feel the Energy [Esuoh]
Youknow – Techspace [Barbecue Records]
Yvvan Back – Ladies Night [HouseU]
Z_RO – Hidden [Cool Contest]
Zone 2 – The Sneaky [Street Recordings]

Melodic House & Techno

Mastrovita – Lei , Anima [Enormous Tunes]
All Living Things – Programme Music
Andy Kulter – These Things [HYMNS]
Art Sparks – Breath [Am Strand]
Burak Basar – First Tomorrow [Karia Records]
Chris Mindel – Free the Fall [Wulfpack]
Cowlam – Vormir , Bionic [Freegrant Music]
Digitale Analogik – Run Away [Weirdos Records]
Echevo – Sunrise [Atmosphere Records]
Findike & Ramus – Don’t Stop [IN2U Records]
Gaty Lopez – Let Me Be [Claps Records]
GusGus – Remixes Are More Flexible, Pt. 2 [oroom]
Jeremy Olander – Karusell – Reimagined [Vivrant]
Mattia Nicoletti – Rear Window (feat. Dr Mabuze)
Mononoid – Orbit Rain [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Mukk – Fairytale [About U]
Nada – She’s in Heaven [DJ008 Records]
Natasha Wax – Hong [7 Armies Music]
Sinan Çelik – Decadence [MyPrimus Records]
Slef – Music Is a Language [Depth]
Throwing Snow – The Death of Pragmatism Remixes
Uone – Emperor’s Robe (feat. Ant Smith) [Beat & Path]
Uven – Black Magic [City Wall Records]
Wabe – Night Sky [Teoxane Production]
Walid Rammadan – Lightness Fall [Elastic Dimension Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

VA – The Hundred with Conscious [Conscious]
Annonhakhi – Short Time [Atmospherica]
Chibba – Rock Like Most [Lemon Juice Records]
Chris Maico Schmidt – Amazination (feat. Gospel Choir All Stars) [The Remixes]
Craftman – Chaman Chaleao [Blasa Records]
Esteban Calvet & Juli Carpanetto – The game
Flat31z & Skarlett – Dump Team [Menomale Records]
FunkyTino – Get Down [Level Records UK]
Glenn Gonzalez – Helena [Midnight Movement]
Hamza Rahimtula & Mehul Pant – Tonemes
Kled Baken – Get Dirty [Laguna Records]
Lautaro Gabioud – Black Wall [Subios Records]
Leo Christopher – Galactic Credits [Blind Vision Records]
Lleu – 1956 – [Plastic Lines]
Osiris4 – Mind Decay [Alula Tunes]
PlayBeah – Killergirl 3Mod3 [G-Mafia Records]
Tripmastaz – Tripmastaz 03 – [Plant 74]
Xara-T – I Want [Wildisc Underground]

Progressive House

Julian Gray – Eventide. [mau5trap]
Alex Nail – Voices [Ibiza-Unique]
Blackwater – Terminal [Above The Storm]
Dennis Buné – Halfway [Fatal Music]
Derarri – Politics [Good Story]
Dion Anthonijsz – Dysnomia [AAAMSOUND]
DJ Meks – Happy Time [Wanderlust]
Dr. Vice – Love Got You [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
Fabbrix – Rocket [Ensis Records]
Facu Arjona – Aether [Sky Sine]
Fher Vizzuett – Until We Meet Again (Rocky)
Hudson Biondo – Apologize [Pyramid Waves]
Jaded Soul – Kontact [Inspirado Records]
Jaskyne – Stale Air [INU Musika]
Jeco Ivan – Heartbreak [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Kiqmoto – Galactic Collision [KIQMOTOPIA]
M4SONIC – Elevate (Extended Mix) [Global League]
Malikk – Brave Babe (feat. Baridi Baridi) [LouLou Records]
Miguel Serrano – Sticky [8Xclusive]
Mike Beran – Last Time [Exlight Records]
Mon K – Murky Creatures [Miraloop Clubs]
Movement Machina – Love Me Back [Statement!]
MVLDER – Closer [CHAPTERD Recordings]
Niko Freij – In Other Side [Moai Tech]
Roxanne – Desert Rain [BEATER RECORDS]
RSLV & Seri – Fantasy (Extended Mixes) [VRTN]
Sala – Groom Lake [Presscode Recordings]
Tosch – You Are the Fairytale [ToschMusic]
VA – Colorize Miami Sampler 2020 [Colorize (Enhanced)]
VA – Dissident Miami 2020 [Dissident Music , EMG]
VA – Intricate Records Is Going to Miami 2020
VA – Next Stop Paradise! 3 [Flower Power]
VA – Nu Breed Miami 2020 [UV]
VA – Stellar Fountain Presents Spring 2020 [Stellar Fountain]
Woodchopper – Road Closed [Woodchopper Records]

Tech House

Houser – Find Sound [Complex Destroyerz]
Alex Clap – Inside Sound [PPMUSIC UNLIMITED]
Axel Gaultier – Voyage (King Size Mix) [Speed Of Life]
Chus & Ceballos & Dario D’Attis – Heart [Saved Records]
Chxx – Nice & Groovy [Positive Electronic Music]
collelo – Toxic Serenade [UFO RECORDZ]
Deebesh & Withoutwork – Good Morning Sir
Deljoi – Pulse To the Rhythm [Del Sol]
Dennis Beutler & Diego Lima – That Beat [Skullbusted]
DJ Danjer – My Danjer Sound (feat. Ash)
DJ Lorren – To the Funk [Abstract Channel]
Dubjoix – I’m Dennis [Spira Music]
eCost – Night Lovers [Baikonur Recordings]
Emlyn BPM – Am Vibes [Hi-Tech Records]
Flavio Martini – You Can’t Tell Me [Jekos Music]
Folk Art – Find Infinite [Brazuka Music]
Friends Cortese – Why [CUFF]
Fumutian – Toques [Blackbird]
George Acosta – Listen to Me Mama [SO GOOD]
Gezvolt – Kinda Creepy [Gezvolt Records]
Hosse – Bring It Back [Daylight Robbery Records]
Ilhan Gumus – What Is Yours [Pro Clubbin Records]
Kaiyer – Tokyo [Beathey Recordings]
KIKA – Fell Alright [Good Time Records]
Kinnerman – Like Us [Lost Records]
Lorenzo al Dino – Black (feat. Lion O. King) [lorenZOO]
Maxinne – Let Nobody [Toolroom Trax]
Midknight Thieves – Its Not Over [Kukushka Records]
My Cat Snoop – Yo Mama [Cr2 Records]
Pasquale Caracciolo – Vision [Sola]
Pierre Codarin – Adult Only 48 [Adult Only]
Remi Blaze – Get Physical [Redline Productions]
René Amesz – Colibri [Art Reap Music]
Right Mood – Okay [Labdab]
Sheps – So Much [Sheppard Records]
Sherm & Flynninho – Worry [Tru Musica]
Spatt – Rap Holiday [Phaze]
Stefre Roland – Coconaut , Uppercut [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Thomas Radman & John Beaver – Let Me See
VA – Chemical Composition 9 [Kyanite Rec]
VA – Fine Mode Essentials Miami 2020 [Fine Mode]
VA – Miami Wmc 2020 Best of Techhouse [Stereoheaven]

Techno & Minimal

DJ Scale Ripper – Skiff Slug & Wandschrank [Technodrome]
2WB – Infected New Tones [Kommunikation Records]
Aleg Zander – Cloud City [Caterpillar Audio]
Andy Mart – Simulation Complete [Reload Records]
Ann Garcia & Keah – In Distant Points [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
ASC – Zenith & Nadir [Auxiliary]
Audiomatiques – Interferencias [Codex Recordings]
Because of Art, BluePrint – Generation Z [Nothing Else Matters]
Black Cadmium – Muted Chaos [Vault Wax]
Blockspot – Nowhere [Wave Signal]
Cesar Ascoy – Take Control [Hotmind Records]
Christopher Kah – Thrust [Highwav Records]
Da Bug – Dark Skies [Da Bug Records]
Dankz – Visyon [TECHNO NEVER DIES]
Dep Affect – Magnetophosphene [Kallkällan]
Deteste – Thousand Eyes [Tonleiter Records]
Devis Jay & Andrew Novelli – Enjoy (David Bordalàs & Dani Maltinti Remix)
Diego Ramos Gonzalez – Hope [Run Free]
DJ Agora – To the Red Planet [Gobekli Tepe]
DJ LX & Leona – Troublemaker [Rotterdam Records]
Ejeca – Another Love [Kneaded Pains]
Emirgan – I’m Scared Boss [Plaktone Records]
Fars8ad – Tecno & Acid [Raise Recordings]
G3 – Who Doin the Drums [Slit Jockey Records]
Geist – Hallucinate [Sapyens Records]
Hellotrip – Odd Metal Shapes [SURO Records]
Jairo Hidalgo – Incipi3nt [Inmutable Records]
Joe Impero – Covid19 [Muneko]
Joshua Corallini – Made in England [Twizted Movements]
Kaizer The DJ – Heads Off [Newra Records]
Kazaz – Dna Disorder [Neurom Records]
Klo – ‘Bout Time (feat. Kursa, Lone Drum & Osmetic)
Knowlton Walsh – Hyperloop [The Seed]
Kutmah – New Appliance [All City Dublin]
Limbo Slice – Contagion [Moretin]
Luz1e – Ridin [Shall Not Fade]
Massimo Gabba – I’m Going into Techno [Graba Records]
Maxime Iko – Pray for Us [Bpitch]
Michael Wells a.k.a. G.T.O. – Smoke da Smoke
Miss Adk – Views02 [Toxic Recordings]
MNLR – Consciousness [IAMT]
Mr Rog – Hardgroove Bombaaa!!! [Experimental Rog Rec]
MTD – Sinapsi [Monocline Records]
munfell – Bakala [CREAM]
My_Initials, Scorch – Remedy [Scandark Recordings]
Nilsson – Dark Pattern Light Pattern [Trebuchet Music]
Omega Drive – Big Back [New Robot Rec]
Óscar Sánchez – No Tech [Lazuli Records]
Oxossi – Sama [Subaltern Records]
Peakland – Pure Black [Peak Digital]
Psychotic – Armageddon [OUTWORLD]
Punk Bank, SubSoul – Acid 133 , Runaway
Rawl – Panspermia [MOTUM]
RDG & K Man, Monti – Planetary Sound Fiction
REDD 42 – Invasion [REDD 42]
Rees – Bamboo of Kyoto [Me Me Me]
Rhyw – Sing Sin [Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin]
Rialians on Earth & Cafe De Anatolia – Inferno
Rick Roblinski – Puma [Secondsun Records]
Romain Dulcet – Tekwood [Junky Robot]
Scalameriya – Blueprint for Disaster [Perc Trax]
Steven Blair – Asymmetric Response (Remixes)
Stijn X Grøssand – Uncertainty [TECHNO NEVER DIES (Red)]
STRACID – Poly [Reload Black Label]
VA – Deep Dark & Dangerous Trilogy, Pt. 1 Deep
VA – Experiments 1 Compiled by Alexander Koning [Percep-tion]
VA – L’evoluzione Del Suono (Parte Ventitreesima) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
VA – Leaving the Land of Extasia [Listening Blue]
VA – Melodies of Techno, Pt. 9 [Kollektor]
VA – Selection. V.2 [District Underground]
VA – Very Important Tracks [Technosforza]
VA – Wmc 2020 [VapourTrail Records]