Afro House

Afro Carrib – Wolf Flute
Camblom Subaria – My Desire [Ocha Mzansi]
Dany Cohiba – Madame Et Monsieur
DJ Flaton Fox – Union [Afrocracia Records]
Dj Vuddu – 112 [Bstudios]
Gabriel Rocha & DJ PP – Die Stam [DECHAPTER]
Kay De Soul & eSoreni – Im Losing All I Had
Kay De Soul & Junior Paes – What Is the Love
Laerhnzo & TooZee – Indefinite Rocka
Manybeat – Se Prendio (Jack N’ Brothas Remixes)
Minus 8 – African Queen (Instrumental) [Beyond 8]
Muzarco – Is Your Name Tang Lung [3-4-1 Cuts]
Pietro Nicosia – El Gato [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Sonikem – Panafricain [Fines-lames Productions]
Thab De Soul – Kubu [Celsius Degree Records]
Zakes Bantwini – Amanga (feat. Nana Atta)


90’s team – This Is.. [71 Records]
Accuface – See the Light (Remastered)
Alena Pol’ & A.ş.k. Trio – Summer
Alex Spite & Eywa – We Must Save It [Deep Strips]
AMARI, Iova – Hands All Over Mine [BIP Records]
Axell 4X – Tears [NoCopyrightNation]
B-Strot & EMAX – Eternally [Lindagrooves]
BOHEI – Der letzte Daach [Zoundr]
BRDI – Keep Me In the Dark [Sirup Music]
BurLuzhnik – Feel It [Multiza Distribution]
C2 Music – Galaxy [Multiza Distribution]
Calvin Logue – Aftermath [MDNGHT Recordings]
Da Buzz & Anton Ishutin – Show You Love
DAKAN – My Life [Talent Studio RCRDS]
Daniel Bracket – We Own the Night [Deep Strips]
Dark Intensity & Angelica Joni – Comfort Zone
DJ Phellix & Rohaab – Hayahoo [KudoZ Records]
DLMT, Kopa, GATTÜSO – Younger (Remixes)
Elfika – Secretum Secretorum [recordJet]
Feierabend – Jung wild und sexy [Zoundr]
Kay De Soul & Junior Paes – Tell Me
Kira Mazur – Zhyva Remix [UFO Attack]
Kitsuichi – Cyberbrain [Multiza Distribution]
Klangkrise – Grossstadtlichter [Flugmodus Records]
Kraver – Million Like Me (feat. Colin Lee)
Limits Of My Mental Constitution – Always
LIZOT, Holy Molly & cocomo – Menage A Trois (cocomo Remix)
Lode & Rakan – Feel Right [Ocean Music Group]
LTMTV – Tremor [Run Free]
Lucifour M – Fox [Sonar Kollektiv]
LVNDSCAPE, John Adams – I’m Like A Bird
Ma.Bra. – Estoy Loca [Mabra Records]
Mainrize – Beats of Love [V Records UK]
Maschera Franck – My Old Videogame (feat. Amon Fly)
Maviero – When Worlds Collide [Filthy Sounds]
Mereseft – Vas Vas [Discos Fiera]
Miiilö – Lose Myself (feat. Annabelle) [Black Lemon]
Mike Williams – Make You Mine (feat. Moa Lisa)
Munky Fike – Funky Disco Queen
NERVO, Plastik Funk, Tim Morrison – Dare Me
Nyasia – This Is Me [Tazmania Future Freestyle]
OTSTADOSTA – Nonprofit [Multiza Distribution]
Pearl Andy – Ubumnandi (feat. DJ Ex)
Perfect Pitch – Weird (feat. Luna Genevois)
Philip Stevenson – Where’s My Mind (feat. Emarie)
PIPO SALTY & Del’Sarto – Move [Sony Music Entertainment]
Ray Dalton – In My Bones [Epic Germany]
Revelries, Boyboyboy & Will Church – Fall-Out [Raison]
Ricardo Alcantara – In the Dark (feat. Brown) [Pixi Remix] [SPINNIN’ DEEP]
Roda – Part of Me [Adorma Records]
Soleil Vert – Souvenir (feat. Mina Tindle)
Teknoaxe – All Time High Jump [TeknoAXE]
The Lost Hours – Shiver & Shake [High Tribe Records]
Tori Alamaze – Don’t Cha
Uberdrive – Surrender (Radio Edit) [PLS+TRX]
Vintage Culture & Adam K – Deep Inside of Me (feat. MKLA)
Willcox – Over (feat. Myra Monoka) [Gold Record Music Kft.]
Zenna Nomi – Ultrasound (Zenna’s 2020 Rework)

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Alej – Torim [Alej productions]
Alland Byallo – Dilatant (feat. Matt Paull)
Arno E. Mathieu – The Existence Project [Solarism]
B&S Concept – Destination y [Gents & Dandy’s]
Babis Kotsanis – Voices in My Mind [Society 3.0]
Basic Instinct, Basic Instinct, Andreas Rund – Jazz
Bmono – I Was Wrong [Wold Records]
Brookside Chase – Circle Street [Plenitude Records]
Cava Grande – A Room Above the Earth
D-Ribeiro & Gui Marques – Set You Free
Dave Matthias – Story Told [Dave Matthias Music]
dbasser – Experience [Agenda]
Deeplastik – Take Me Home [Be Adult Music]
DJ Aakmael – Blazewon , Dearest One (Remixes)
Double Discone – Géant de Fer [Invisible Inc (UK)]
Drunx – Neutron Bullets [Fugazy Entertainment]
Equal – Forget My Love [Calabasas Records]
Fashion Boyz – Maccabiah [Mivushi Minus]
Fashion Lovers – Vaquero’s Wow [Mivushi Minus]
Fashion Motel – Match for Four [Mivushi Minus]
ImButcher – Emperor [ImButcher Music]
Joel Forsberg – Glyf [Fuchsklang Musik]
Joy Rainman – Closed In the Hole
Keiks – Every Little [Pukka Up Records Deep]
Ks French – Supergroove 11 [FKR]
Ksky – Multy Wet [KSKY TRX]
Kuzey – Dorylaion [Syncopate Afterhours]
La Bors – Grey Wolf [404 Records]
LORENS – Close (feast. Remix) [recordJet]
Marco Bottari – Surreale [Shamkara Records]
Matsu – Atlas [WeAreWolves Records]
Metric Grade – Quantum Entanglement Theory
Mirage Club – Horizontal [Sidekick Music]
Mo’Cream – Look Inside [No Fuss Records]
N3KRUZ – Alone [29 NET DEEP]
Nacho Padilla – Better Keep Down [Fly Or Die]
Nephase – Cyan [Bellissima! Records]
Neritaan Selector – Subway [Midcentury Music]
Onour – Confess [DeepShine Records]
Paul2Paul – I Caught a Glimpse [UM Records]
Pfeffermouse – Hero’s Journey [Audiolog Music]
Pierre Reynolds – Easy Street [IAH Records]
Quincy Ortiz – Life of the Scene [Tropicaly]
Rada (VE) – Alien Bazar [EL PALMAS MUSIC]
Riko Forinson – Darbuka Dance [DPE]
Ryochin – After Dark [unquantize]
Sacred Soul – Facade [Sfithah Entertainment]
Sam Rotstin – Wanna Fly [GLF Records]
Smitty & Davenport – Rebirth [Adaptation Music]
SOAME & hannes bieger, SOLOK – Diffusion
Stranger Tourists – Call of the Ancients
Taig – Let Me Go [Local Family Records]
The Jungle Giants – Sending Me Ur Loving
The Stoned – We Real [Spiritualized]
Tom Karlek – Flavors from Another World
TownshipSoul – Kasi Style [Ohman Records]
Turntable Actor Chloroform, Two at night – How I Take My Break
VA – Alexander Koning’s Choice [Percep-tion]
VA – Deep 4 You [Weekend Warriors]
VA – Enjoy the Deepness (Groovy Deep-House Tunes)
VA – Streamlined 2019 [DeepWit Recordings]
VA – Various Artists [Moiss Music Black]
Vasily Umanets – Solid [True Deep]
Vedat Unal – Survive [Night Light Company]
Victor Arruda – Just Drums [Boston Underground]
Von Krup – Desde [Freude Am Tanzen Recordings]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

4Amf – By Any Means [Sharkscartel]
Abstra – Walking [Grathious Records]
Agar – Deus [Mxximus Records]
Audialist, Congi & Occult – Audialist Select
Bitsune & Wake&Bake! – Chromatism the Remixes Part One
Bonsche – Go [YouTunez]
Caustipher – The Eternal Storm [Izonautic]
Chris Rain – My Life [Mighty Dance Records]
Clumsy Hypnosis – Let You Go [Force Energy Records]
Crazy Conzz – Babylon [Warrior Camp Records]
Cyg’n – Please [Cyg’n ElectroMusic]
D-Mak – Get What [Mak Recordings]
dEEb & Chilly, Falco – Haunts of the Crypt Remixes
Dezolent – Introspection (feat. Rapzor)
DJ Fenix – Welcome to my world (feat. U.R.A.)
DSurr – Ta-23 [Tactical Audio]
Dumplex – The Beginning [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
El-Rocc – Watch Me [Phunk Junk Records]
Eschaton & Rainforest – Safety in Numbers
Exodus & Joey Antonelli, Paulyno – Rewind
Exploid – A Legend Will Rise [Raw Audio]
Flite – Joy , Fairy [Liquicity Records]
Fuego Lit – Breakin Up [Psycho Ward Records]
Gunston – Cold Bluntz [Weapons of Choice Recordings]
Htet Arkar Shein – With You No More [Mxximus Myanmar]
Inao – Color Shapes [Genome Rec]
Janery – Forever [Run Free]
Jason Chandra – Fusion [Loch Recordings]
Jeco Ivan & SalexuS – Millenials [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Kalardiak – Visione [Arache Records]
KarmasynK – Central Charge [Formation Records]
KATRIX – Mythos [Recall Records]
Ken Takano & Patrick Moreno – Antidote (feat. Nico M)
Kepler – Call of the Dead [Poltergeist Records]
Kirill Cherkasov – Shiver [Soundserfing Records]
L-Side & Sl8r – Look at U [Chronic]
LennyMendy – Team [S2 Records]
Light Monday – Ocean Blue (feat. Katerina Letto)
Lil_HusSlee – Ride Wit Me [BreakONE Records]
Malzsson – Post-Truth Hell [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Mark Fresh – Immune [Eat My Records]
Mat Zo – Blessed Be Thy Name [This is MAD TOO] [Mad Zoo]
Michael Mysterio – Back For More [Houseworx Sessions]
Millbrook – What Now [Viper Recordings]
Mr. Fink x Bury The Dead – Losing Myself Remixe
Mrs. Audio Boy – Polymelancholy (Freebird Remixes)
Mukade – The Leagues , 5th Kind [Onset Audio]
Nalifi & ItzNoReal, Nalifi – Land of Dreams (Ft. Luke Coulson)
NATS – Automatic Revolution [Chilling Bee Production]
NClear & Electrosoul System, Eugenics Eight – Eastern Trip
Neibro – Journey [Kemical Records]
Ńemy & Baboon, Ńemy – Pleasure [Drum Army]
Om Unit – Patterning [Submerged]
ORGXM BOY, Reyhvnt, HardBump & Afnunnas – Omega
Party Popper – Rat [Behavior Recordings]
Perry, Wayne – Slap [MMXVAC]
Philstep – Insomnia [Simplify.]
Prūf – Deadliner [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Prynce Khonsu – Never Thought [Valor]
Puffin’ Billy – Hardcore Madness [Meditator Music]
Ragash – Tempo [Xoni Records]
Rebus – Weatherking [Nocolors]
Red Chain – Sweet Rain [Infinity Makers]
Rinzsulin – Moonshine Deep [MojoHeadz Records]
Rizky Raihut – The Begin [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Roonie – Mushrooms (feat. KD & Wolfrage)
Runner – Red Giant [Elm Imprint]
RVNHRT & Outtrtd – Rave N’ Rabid [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Ryus – Obsessions [Big Tunes Records]
Scottish Force – Gus Bhith Saor [Figure & Ground]
Seba & Paradox – Hexagon , Love or Death [Metalheadz]
Serge Govor – Lets Get Fashion (Deluxe Edition)
Shockz – Bring That Down [Run Free]
Sick Run – Taken , Sentinel Island [Dubstomp 2 Bass Records]
Siklef & Wolfrage – Strong Progressive [Wolfrage Recordings]
Simone Speranza & Twosouls – We Are Here
Simply Sosa – By Myself [Benton Records]
Skytune & Heartjump – Next Level [Indiefy]
Takeru Togo – Blast [Alveda Pulse]
Teknoaxe – Simple But Effective [TeknoAXE]
Terry Zhong – Home Alright (feat. Jack Newsome)
The Boogie Monster – Riddim Dubs
The Upbeats, Workforce & Tiki Taane – No Sleep ‘Til New Zealand
Thomas Gold, Kosling & David Shane – Escape
Thyse – Antidote [Ensis Records]
Tribeleader – Thunder [Tribeleader Music]
Tropcy – Set Up [Filthy Sounds]
Uppermost – Fire Starter [Uppwind]
VA – Most Addictive Treatment II [Most Addictive]
VA – Park Sessions 02 [Cat In The Bag]
VA – Rustout Annual 2019 [RustOut Records]
VA – The Biggest EDM Anthems, Vol. 3 (2020)
Valentino Khan – Pony (Eliminate Remix) [Mad Decent]
Vicente Guevara – Dope [Go Reala Music Group]
Victordj – Alone (feat. Amber Skyes) [Chris Burke]
Vorso – Constellation (Wanderer) [Pilot Records]
Whyel – Trench [Welcome Records]
Will Fast – Enemy [Suburban Noize]
XORCHN & Z-Project – Assassin of Love

Electronica & Downtempo

A-Sim – Weird Dreams and Trouble Sleeping
Alex Romane – Orbital [EMP]
Anselmo Torres Neruda – Nadya (Durga Amata Remix)
Ant Antic – Yellow Press [Whoop]
Artenovum – Voyage (Enigmatic Spirit Mix)
Aural Imbalance – Instant Migration
Aviz – Logi [MojoHeadz Records]
Babilu – Spirit Fragments [Mindspring Music]
Bistro Boy – Evolve [Moller Records]
Blind Poses – Waterfall Cavern [Solar Phenomena]
Bufiman – Albumsi [Dekmantel]
Ceri Evans – Home Safe [Sunship Recordings]
Classemotion – Morning Lights [Pop Label Records]
Corbin Roof – Rewired [WEATNU Records]
CVesth – Metro , Electronically Simplified
Dainel Pozo – Wait [Connected Sounds]
Dalton Trance Teleport – Oriental Chillstronomy
Dan Chi – Metamorphose [Schalldruck Music Records]
Dean Rodell – Perceptive Nature [Compound]
Dense – The Green Sheep [Cosmicleaf Records]
Derek Strike – Capacitor [Auryn 64 Music]
Dinkis – Lo Specchio [Wout Records]
DJ Deviance, Marc Hartman – Blue Notes & Jazzy Grooves
DJ Lounge del Mar – Borderland [Ragibeat]
Electronic Fluke – Soft Mask [Wonderfly Records]
Equinoxious – Demos (2014 – 2018) [Mecanica]
Eugeen – Lotos [BlockFour Records]
Eugene Carchesio – Figments [Room 40]
Fabio Tronik – Remember [Prix Records]
Ian Moi – Time [Pink Palm Records]
J.J.Mc.Crus – Nightskye [Behavior Recordings]
Jon Kennedy – Mmxx [Jon Kennedy Federation]
Kodek – Hyper-Motion [FUTURIST RECORDINGS]
Komka & Nina Mess – Disconnected Rails
Lavid – Stille [Springstoff]
Le Mott – Strange Beings [recordJet]
Limbani Nor – Let You Go [TOSSA DEL MAR]
Living Room – God’s Pose [GMM]
MemeBrane – Gravitas [WEATNU Records]
Michael Rogel – Evoke [District Eight]
Monocherry – I’m Going to Mars [Skyshape]
MSTNG – Summer Vibe [recordJet]
Nick Malkin – A Typical Night In the Pit
NOMÅGIK – Taqadam [Souq Records]
Ohmz – Multiversal [RYNTH]
Phuc Long – Pearl of Vietnam (The Remixes)
Pixfoil – Atlante [Eklero]
Qeight – Lactefica [EQM]
Radar Detector & Iriser – Revelation [Nicksher Music]
Random J – January [Explosion Recordings]
Ribas Abbas – Red Roses [trndmsk]
Samuel Rohrer – The Climber [Arjunamusic]
Secretnc – Future Traveler [Secretnc]
Sigesmundsen – Sofa Crash [Cosmicleaf Records]
Sine – Tiefrot [Sine Music]
Skybot – Skybot [Forms & Figures]
Sorä & Massam – Mava [Underyourskin Signature]
The Editor & Budda Bar Dinner – Deep Masala
The Outside Agency – The Opposites , More Primitive
Titi – Holidays In China (feat. Steo Le Panda)
Underground Canopy, Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity – Nebrasko
VA – A Healing Bond [Nidra Music]
VA – Chakra Meditation Nature Sound India
VA – Cowpilation #6 [Copycow]
Wohltat – Hyperbolically [Otium Garden]
Worriedaboutsatan – Crystalline [This Is It Forever]
X2Sound – Chrystal Lake [Redux Sunset]
Zenyatta – Strange Behaviour [Ragibeat]
Zetandel & Tiff Lacey – Cosmos [PureBliss]
Zhong – Searching [Kamari Records]


0113 – Instinct 08 [INSTINCT]
Aaron Lowe – Dont Complicate It [Rhythm Culture Records]
Agent Stereo – L.A. 2 Chicago [La Casa Recordings]
Aleexs – From Me [S2 Records]
Alex Herrera, J Paul Getto & Lee Wilson, Mariana BO – Feeling Good
Alexny, Alfonso Bottone – Best Of 2019 [Robsoul Recordings]
Andrea Belli – You Gotta Feel (feat. JD) [Remixes]
Ashwin Srinivasan & Chandreyee Bhattacharya – Haariyechi
Dan T – Come to Mine [PointBlank Records]
Dongle Brothers – Read Up [Houseworx Sessions]
Ed Prymon – Through Day (Tribute Robert)
Eleksoul – Forest Hill [SideFunk Recordings]
Eventual Groove – We Love Funk [Konura Recordings]
Fabrizio Monaco – Looking Beyond
Fane – Bucharest (feat. Titi) [TaiJi Records]
Form Follows – La rana [Fresh Yo! Label]
Funky Trunkers – Chances [Pocket Jacks Trax]
Gabriel M – Faith (feat. Tobi Ibitoye) [NA-NO Remix]
Groove Boys Project, MLM – 75020 [La Menace Records]
Gunther Beats – Gang Alert [Moustache Label]
Hello Machines – Hey (Remixes) [Blue Town Records]
Jason Rivas & Fashion Vampires From Louisiana – Stranger People
Joe Dasilva, Joe Martinez – Anthology 1.0 [Mode Records]
Jozels & Jon Hazel – Uplifted [Selected.]
Just Geo – There She Is… in the Rave [DWNTHRD]
K.E.N.T. & DRACO – Ciao [El Muerto Records]
KAYLiTO – The Greatest [Craniality Sounds]
Labora Trixx – Money [Uba Lua Records]
Leandro Fachinni, TRIMOX – 1 5 6 [GUFO RECORDS]
Lee Cabrera & Kevin McKay – Gimme Gimme (feat. Bleech)
Markuz – Get Naked [Cool 7rack Records]
Matt Caseli & David Jimenez – Beautiful (feat. Funeka)
Meat Katie – Thirteen Coils [Lowering The Tone]
Mined & Forrest – Fire Back [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
Mk Noise & Strings Live – Coming Back [Dbeatzion Records]
Modern Brothers – Around [Life Town Records]
Mormel – Welcome Back [71 Records]
Neon City & Less Than Nine – Walk Away [TurnItUp Muzik]
NightFunk – The Bay [Underground Audio]
Nilanjan Samadder – Kemon Acho Sondha [Ditto Music]
Noize Burner & Dishock – Mi Suerte [Get Down Recordings]
Orlando Magik – Just a Minute [Dish Of The Day]
P.A.F.F. – Forlorn [Onionwave]
Patrick Legont – Someone Else [TB Media]
Pedro Piu & KBG – Balacubaco Pills [Perception Corp]
Peter Czak – Africa Jeff [CZAK Recordings]
Peter Paul – Home Alone (Broken Techno Autoremix)
Ras Chamu – I Roots Riddim [Warrior Camp Records]
Rick Villena – O Pizeiro [GUFO RECORDS]
Rio Soldierman – Dealing With Fire , Wreck the Disco
Rush & Hydro & F3DE – Back Around [NoFace Records]
S.e.l & Tom Glide – Teach Me (Sean Ali & Munk Julious DSS Remix)
Saint Misha – On Fire (Patrick Smyth Remixes) [Enormous Chills]
Sara Martin & Dudu Capoeira – Celia [Made In Miami]
Sharmi Chakroborty & Nilanjan Samadder – Chol Na Re Mon
Simon Shaw – Rio [Refuge Recordings]
Simone L – Somebody [Soundrepublic]
SMHRS – Mama [Tru Musica]
Some Black Cat – Weekend State of Mind
Soneec & Thomchris – Different Paths [Lip Recordings]
Sonny Zamolo – You & Me [Tactical Trax]
Steve Dunlop – All In the Mind [Sonic Music Division]
Stuuks – Disturb [CUFF]
Sunner Soul – Let’s Dance [Vintage Music Records]
Tengu – Factory (feat. Burt Cope) [YosH]
Tough Love, Manny – Around [Glasgow Underground]
VA – Abound of Songs, Pt. 2 [Abound]
VA – Crossworlder Universe 5 [Crossworlder Music]
VA – Technical Progress [Compressor Recordings]
Veronica Lanelly – Passion Time [Coco Beach]
Ziggy IT – Get That Body Movin [Metropolitan Recordings]

Melodic House & Techno

2Qimic – Gamble of the Life [XTR Records]
2WB – Six [Kommunikation Records]
Alberto Remondini – ResuRection
Analog Context & Meither – Osgiliath Alley
Ben Archbold – Mr Bister [Little Gremlin Music]
Braincave – Snake Charmer [Lauter Unfug]
Buran – Agena [Cut]
Connor – Kokoro [Althea Records]
Fotis Konfusion – Sunflower [Oxytech Limited]
Gatto – World’s Collide [BQ Recordings]
George Morley – The Black Flag [White Line Music]
Had Matter – Inner Flow [DTL Records]
Hotwayzer & Yougaslava – Going 2 Bam [7th Cloud]
Indigo Man & Diego Alvarado – Two Dimensions
Intox – Prey [Roxxx]
Luthor – Waiting For Tomorrow [Virata Music]
Massano – Visitors [Eternity Sounds]
Matija & Richard Elcox – Tall Tales of Unknown Places
Matt Watkins – We Just Don’t Stop
micFreak – Warm Up [MK837]
Montanelli Leonardo – Tripping [Digital Under Records]
More Than Human – Acid Dream [Superordinate Music]
Mr Rog – Renaissance of Life [New Robot Rec]
Murge – Climbing (Max Ulis Remix) [Loci Records]
Nassim Ghribi – Singularity [Bak Records]
Ramea – Hypersensitive [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
Samihe – The Heart Rattles [Minds Alike]
Simon Vuarambon – Morgana , Toscana , Kaskazi
Taiga – Caving In [Hydra Music Records]
Tom Watt – From Two to Four [Vision 3 Records]
VA – Amber #Throwback 2019 [Amber Recordings]
VA – Best Of 2019 [Purple Sun Records]
VA – The Best Of 2019 [Auditen Music]
VA – Vagabond 07 Berlin [Vagabond Recordings]
Vadim Ketsky – Mercury Transit [ADRO Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Bee Lincoln – Above & Away [Sibil-la Music]
Benny Johnstone – F ck This [Darksound Recordings]
Deeperwalk – An Angel’s Line
DP-6 – Lone Moon [DP-6 Records]
Frans Vander Hoek – Greed [Herloop Records]
GruuvElement’s – Dope Groove
Lautaro Scavuzzo – En Efecto [Island Beats]
lefthandsoundsystem – Zuimurn
LTO – Bit Extra [Late Night Jackin]
Mattia Schillaci – Alegio [Floorpiece Digital]
Mila Dietrich – Human Fate [Techgnosis Records]
Mobile soul system – Sundown
Narcotex – Wonderful Smile [Joke-R MNML Records]
Priimo – Sensei [Klangwerk Records]
Thomas A.S. – Last Perc [ACHT]
VA – Best of Tonic D 2019 [Tonic D Records]
VA – Rooted Minds Movement II IIX [Rooted Minds Music]
Xenso – Procura [Sonambulos Music]

Progressive House

A1bert – Leave [Mystic Carousel Records]
Awangga Bomb – Stride [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Belly Blanket – Moonwolf [ReState Records]
Blue Cell – Fiber Brain [Vesta Records]
Brotherhood Sled – Rewind Line [Big Tunes Records]
Denny Roger – Omen [Neonius Records]
Doble Kick – Hot Blood [Smart Phenomena Records]
Edvard Hunger – Bass Sound [3xA Music]
Enium – Coma [Explosion Recordings]
Eric Lune – Benji (Remixes) [3rd Avenue]
Eynorey – Cyan [Reytunes]
Freq 2 Vibes – About Me [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
John Keding – Stronger [AND records]
Kautsar & Hatsune Miku – Cinta [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Last95 – Returna [Last95 Records]
Lio Q – Behind My Soul [Droid9]
Marco Bedini – Formations [Sinedie Records]
Masashi Miyamoto – At One’s Own Pace (feat. Chipappa)
Michael Meldoy & Strømwrts – Rhapsody
Nautica & Enigmatic Anomaly – Moonlight
Neritaan Selector – Yonaguni [Midcentury Music]
Odyakmaz – U.R. [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Paul Arcane & Aerotek – Save Me [Elliptical Sun Recordings]
Peter Li – Genesis [Dark Horse Music]
Radical Fantasy – Far Away [Stellar Fountain]
Ri Za – Spiral Tension [Modern Agenda]
Rianu Keevs – The Change [See The Sea Records]
Ricardo Elgardo – Elevate [Boomtic Records]
Roby B – Electrotecnica [IDP Records]
Ryan Raya & Zegax – You Are My Life [EML Recordings]
Sculptor – The Doors of Perception [Magnitude Recordings]
Sem Thomasson & Analog Sol, Marcus Santoro – Grey Zone (Remixes)
Shyro – Breathing Space feat. Shane Jay [Atmospherica]
Shyro – Space Jungle [Elastic Dimension Records]
Soulvation – Interconnected [Which Bottle ]
Southern Tier – Visions From the Past [Soluna Music]
Space Motion – Voices in Galaxy (The Remixes) [Freegrant Music]
Spiffy Man & Flex Bormarr – Eden 2 Mi-Go
Stasik T, Mindmusik, Puuc & Fernando Calvillo – Sonaris
Stergios – Aurora [Regeneration Music]
Stiven Rivic & Michael & Levan – Filthy Shadows
Sundrifting – Abracadabra [Wavebox Records]
Surmillo – Eilatan [Astrowave]
VA – Best Soundscapes 2019 [Soundscapes Digital]
VA – Progressive Animals [Urban Gorillaz]
Vitalii Gridnev – Gossamer Remixes [Figura Music]
Wesper – Wesperized [Estribo Records]
Zairi Torrez – Wayra Incl. FMENEZS Remix

Tech House

7 Vibes Journey – Vibe 4 (Above Talking)
Alberto Olea – Danza en el Fuego (Yoshuaa Remix)
Aldo Cadiz – This Also Is Bomb [Numerique]
Arel Yano – Aguardiente (Remixes) [76 Recordings]
Blaine Connell – Leave Me Alone [Deep Bear]
Brk – Technologic [N.L. Recordings]
BYOR – How It Feels [Get Twisted Records]
Cem Gulalp – Groover [DataTech]
Champions Elect – Kinetic [Maison Hot]
Champions Elect – Staying At Home [Maison Hot]
Chedey Garcia – Baby Don’t Stop [RIM]
Colossi Rah – Dense [Rock Bottom Records]
D.I.N.O aka Rhinecarbon – Concept One
D.Noriega – Di Soul [Knuck!]
Danny Nectar – Is What [Wajiro]
Dario Trapani – About It [Which Bottle ]
Denace 2 Society & Cris Ruiz – Groover
Derft – Little Lies [Love to Love Records]
DominicG – Frikandel [Marktek Records]
Dostech BeAT – Fly D [Red Delicious Records]
Double Face – Turbolence [Mind The Gap]
Enrico Bigardi – To the Rhythm [Atomika Records]
Filthy Rhodes – 10am Vodka Martini
Flaneur & Soulsby – Feels Like (Dancing)
Franco Schmidt – Wtf [Beachside Records]
Gemini 529 – One Gun [Griffintown Records]
Hippocoon – Miracle [Acid Fruits]
Iltoro – Animusic [Defora Records]
Iñigo Parra – Bosa Mea [The Society]
Jeff Garcia & Miguel Villa Sax, Jeff Garcia – Get You
Klum Baumgartner & Die Fantastische Hubschrauber – Far Away (Edit Mix)
Koky – Find Your Destiny [MojoHeadz Records]
Livan Gaos – Something Like This [Mind The Gap]
Lorenzo Chi – Exciter [Btec44 Black.Gold.Edition.SubprintzNYC]
Macrolev – Dancing Under Starry Sky [Vivifier Records]
Markiz De Marc – Fluent Fall [Forward Thinking]
Marko Markovic – Made in 420 [Futura Groove Records]
Mike Sulu – Gtv [Ferrini Records]
Mixed Culture – Interact [Preda Records]
Nacho Molina – Why You Think [Arizonica Music]
Nino Bellemo & Steven Zor – Children of the Night
Nopopstar – Say Wha , Tash [90watts]
Nymeos – Arabica , I Was [Complex Destroyerz]
PaperMacheTiger – Satisfaction [Kenpo Recordings]
Pepe Mateos – DMT (Remixes) [Circus Recordings]
Peter Pizzutelli – Letters [Cheeky Trax]
Remady – Plata o Plomo [Kallias]
Ricky Rough & Laura Liiv – I Feel Loved [Suicide Robot]
Rob Circuit – Underwaterlove [Dreibergen]
Rodrigo Ferrari – Double Trouble [Dancing In]
Russell Trent – What Da Funk [Perfect Driver Music]
Sam Girling – Give It Up [REALM Records]
Save As (US) – Maestro [Nulab]
Scottish Force – Wtf! [Beachside Records]
Space Jump Salute – Run to Me [Stashed]
Strong R. – Let’s Jack (2020) [Strong Music Records]
Sunshine – Break of Dawn [Disco Faith Recordings]
Talal – Make It Real [1980 Recordings]
Tomas Bisquierra – Technique [Sousa-Label]
Tricky Moreira – Babygirl [Blue Elephant Recordings]
VA – Audio Bar (Shake It Tunes) [Weekend Warriors Night]
VA – Caminando 9 [Flower Power]
VA – Club Beats [Urban GorillazY]
VA – Hit This City (New York Tech House) [Urban GorillazY]
VA – Honest Clubbers (Only Pure Grooves)
VA – Push Yourself [Stereoheaven]
VA – Techhouse Raw Beatz 2020 [Stammtisch]
VA – Voltaire Music Pres. X [Voltaire Music]
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Techno & Minimal

#74185 – Global Death Wish 01 [Global Death Wish]
A S Y S – No Tech [Filth on Acid]
A Sacred Geometry, Craft – Lf Rmx 021 [LF RMX]
Abstrat – Dsub [Nomad]
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Alex Oliver – Generation [Signal LTD]
AquAnatolia – Decision [Tommy Vega Music]
B-Tone, DJ BL4CK & GRY – Close Your Eyes
Ben Champell – Jetstream [Sonusfield]
Biagio Lana – System Unknown [iElektronix]
Blixaboy – Databreak [Stereo On Strike]
Blovk – Time is pressure [Outside Noises]
Brad Goddard – Afterglow [Det Sync]
Carisya – Earth [Real Things]
Charlie Sparks (UK) – Police [AUTEKTONE DARK]
Chok Dee & Loud Carnage, Orian – Back to the Future [FOOTWORXX]
D.Taylor – Firewater [Nustromo Music]
Daniela Hensel & Leandro Taibbi – Dark Vibes from Our Soul
Destination Unknøwn – Andamento [Sunora Recordings]
Devil Maurini – Is Acid [Ushuaia Music]
Diego Simeone – Pure Bass [Skull Destroy]
Dip – Strawberry [MixCult Records]
Distinct Motive – Hamburg , Haste [Navy Cut]
DJ Cali – More Life [Club Sweat]
DJ Vargas, DJ Woski – Sharp Eyes [Electric Pulse]
DominicG, Joseph Dalik & Andrew T Dorn – Genetic Code
Dunkler Klang – Mono Tech [iVAV Recordings]
Elay Lazutkin – Let’s Rock [Sync Fx]
Endplate – Gemini [Warm Up Recordings]
Enzzo – Whatsapp [73 Muzik]
Fernando Tessis – Pandora [Kombo Records]
Gabenz – Re-Connect [Serena Black]
Gabriel Evangelista – Information Control [Techno Parade]
Gatara – Intelligent Control [Novus Records]
Giordan Battaglin – Mothership [De-Konstrukt]
Grapha – At the Port [Kommunikation Records]
Hardox – Luz Oito Lpd [Nucleo Records]
Hasan Pirmuradov – Sphinx [Archon Records]
Hellfish – Speed Drinking [Deathchant Records]
IDRISS D – Shams [Memento]
Illektrolab – Paranoid Android [brokntoys]
Ineas Wagemans – The Shaman [Deepin2music]
Jaydee – Indecentos [Flash Forward Presents]
Joseph Row – Illusions [Osler Records]
JX-216 – Fluoxetine Scene [Devotion Records]
Kevo Krows – No Death [Musical Minds Records]
Kuvoka – Discovery [No-Match]
Luedenscheidt – Church [recordJet]
Luke Caspi – You Gone [Brook Gee Records]
M. Rodriguez & Karol Melinger – Let’s Work
M0B & Gustavo Peluzo – Dropness [Noise Music]
Mado0o & Kaponkki – Deep In My Veins [Kaponkki]
Manatane – Brother’s birth [Ghettomaniatek]
Manu Kenton – Terminator [Ghettomaniatek]
Mario Gisoldi – Phreaker [Beenoise Records]
Martyn Seeds – Air [71 Records]
Matt Sawyer & Everything Counts – Sunday Morning
Mauricio Campana – Schizophrenia [Black Habitat]
Max Darmagnac – Kiss Me [CZ]
Mha Iri & WISER. – Aetheria (Remixes) [Mavic Music]
Michael Klein – Hoisin [Second State]
Mor Elian – Clairvoyant Frog [Visible Spectrum]
Mox – Pollux [Mad Made]
Mr Moodie – Without You [71 Records]
Mule Jalard, Sehr Krank – Variations 002
Nicolas Mazzo & Marcelo Carvalho – Dilema
om10 – Range Anxiety [Kaneda Records]
Omega Drive – Rwanda [Unique Sound Records]
Opal – Dominator [voxnox Records]
Pasha Like – Nudyatina [VapourTrail Records]
Paula Maria Lara – Awake [AudioLabs]
PEDRO – Calores [Enchufada]
Phalcon – Desertion [2RB Records]
R&Ber – Milenio [WeLikeMusic Records]
Radiorobotek – Sinusoid [Crossworld Academy]
Raul Ron – Lockdown [Hungry Koala Records]
Rave Syndicate & Zephixx – Telepathy
RDoldan – Jmportobello [WAFO Music]
Reka & Imperial Black Unit – Todo Avaricia
Ricky Sinz & Jake 303 – Life on Mars [Oxytech Records]
Robert Furrier – Robert Furrier Dreams [Furrier Records]
Robo-Ruckus – Extra [Raise Recordings]
ROMBE4T – Rock To the Rhythm [UFO RECORDZ]
Rudy Mycology – I Am Fine [Twoja Stara]
Saif – Nuclear Reflection [Ether Collective]
Sarah Strandberg – Scorpio Stinger
Sergio Dotto – Kepler Drone [Sarga Records]
Shoko Rasputin – Kaho [U.G.JAMMIX]
Skeef – My Syndicate [Techmate Records]
Speed Mode & Unosti – Priest of Blood in Sand
Styro 2000 – 42 Is the Answer [Unalike Music]
Tanzprognose – Daemonium [Zeitraffer Records]
techdiff – Service Pack 01 [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
techdiff – Service Pack 02 [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
techdiff – Service Pack 03 [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
techdiff – Service Pack 04 [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
techdiff – Service Pack 05 [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
techdiff – Service Pack 06 [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
techdiff – Service Pack 07 [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
techdiff – Service Pack 08 [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
techdiff – Service Pack 09 [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
techdiff – Service Pack 10 [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
techdiff – Service Pack 11 [Hell Has Wi-Fi]
The Kln – Carla [Unusual Records]
Tony Zverin & NMD Guru – Cobras Dance (Tony Zverin Mad Mix)
VA – Elektrax Recordings Best of 2019 [Elektrax Recordings]
VA – Fascic Techno Music 5 [Cieli Di Orione]
VA – Hard Drive 12 [DSR Digital]
VA – Jaelos Various Artists #2 [Jaelos]
VA – Skullbanging 6 [Skull And Bones]
VA – Techno in Berlin 2020.1 [Pink Revolver]
VA – Triginta Duae [Panem Et Circenses]
Vande Putte – Barcelona by Night [Schmutzig Records]
Woshi – Stranger Synths [Schallinterferenz Records]
Woshi, Boeseman – Harder Waves [Schallinterferenz Records]
X23 – Contortion [Battery Park Studio]