Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Breakbot – Be Mine Tonight (Ed Banger)
Addis Posse – Let The Warriors Dance Retrip [WAFT14]
Afrikan Drums – Fiction [BSTD016]
Anton Kubikov – Rhythm & Chords (Pro-Tez)
Apex Souls – Apocalypse EP [HJA16]
Ben Hixon – Lost House [DH011]
Biesmans, Vandesande – Inglorious Express EP [TAU014]
Charly O-F – THE GROOVE MAN [BR0006]
Chloe, Vassilena Serafimova – Balani [LN028S]
Christian Loffler – Lys [KI025]
Chromatic Filters – Past to Present [REB044CD]
Cody Currie & JoeL Holmes – Metropolis (Toy Tonics)
Color Blind DJ – Breaking Curses [CBM002]
David Aurel, Rion S – We Got Time [HA109]
David Lowell Smith – Randomized [CWV298]
Deephope – To Sleep [148]
Delano Smith – Deeper Fundamentals I [MM14]
DJ Kev Karter, ViiiictorMay – Ang’tholakali [ARM002]
DJ Lamor – It’s Been A Minute [LM048]
Dominic Aquila – Pobra EP [PR2020527]
E-Jay, Over12, Twizzy, Zama, Fabio Freitas – Your Fan [GM128]
Ejaye – Moment’s [BT44010]
Enchanted Kids – Story of Consciousness [AMP098]
Enduro Disco – Luv Me More [EXPDIGITAL197]
Fresh Grooves – HOUSE OF USHER – EP [8050030263199]
Fuentes (CA) – Fortune Tella EP
Funky Blackman – One Life [CAP055]
Harks & Mudd – Susta (The Emperor Machine Remixes)
Holy Rider – Mr. Botfly [SEPIAMUSIC002]
HomeHome – No Emotion [EYE010]
Hostox – Full of ice please!
Inaky Garcia – KAPAXXX [HTR218]
Itu – Life Is For The Living [DBRSA066]
Ivan Dbri – Nebula [HCR078]
Jacssen – Classiques [CM065]
James Curd – High Tower (Exploited)
James Deron – La Trompeta Revolucionaria [CCMR009]
Janeret – Critical EP [OMK001]
Jeremy Sylvester, Dj Whoosshhh – Beer Garden _ I’ll Be Your One Tonight
Jody Wisternoff & Jinadu – Blue Space [ANJDEE467D]
Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli, Thallulah – Feathers [SM06]
Joss Moog – Ondulations [195081056708]
JYYE – On My Body [CYM047]
K-effect – Sextant [ROM082]
Kek’Star – Episode 1 [CAT333918]
Kimshies – Treets [NEIN2010]
Kyelah – Down Tempo [GSO64]
Loves Last Episode – Larry The Legend [SLT176]
M.o.s. – Loma Linda [SOUKSONIC004]
Marco Berto – Defex [SIRION048]
Mario Dubbs – Control Of Me [DBD070]
Matt Rowan – Times 2 [RYNTH020]
Metronomy – Whitsand Bay (Remixes) [Because Music]
Michael The Lion – Michael The Lion x Amy Douglas (Soul Clap)
Moodena – Deep Fried Funk [TDR088]
Mr Raoul K, XtetiQsoul – Trip To Durban [MBR374]
Mr. Vice – I Can Hear Your Voice [RMM015]
Nebraska – Y’miss Me Baby_ EP [HEIST044]
Nicholson – Coldwater (BLOT! Hot Springs Remix) [OFA002]
Odeba, Almoon – Misterios [NQ009]
Pablo Bolivar – Kuiu – Infinite Rainbows [7V076D2]
Pablo Moriego – Deep House Collection [ADR420]
Parasols – Diaz [POWVAC024]
Phunk Investigation, Vinjay feat Jim Kerr – Being Boiled
Portable – The Transit of Mercury (Khoikhoi)
Renhet, Mr.Orpheus – The Flute [AZU189]
Rich Vom Dorf – Can’t You See [1STSD032]
Risk Assessment – Dance With Me [NFR056]
Robi Uppin – Fade [PCFX013]
Roland Nights, Man Go Funk – Midnight [LAR322]
Sabrina, Tom Wilcox – Touch Me [10165369]
Sascha Funke – Genex 2 (Permanent Vacation)
Seamus Haji, Bryan Chambers – I Got You (feat. Bryan Chambers)
Sgt.Elias – Dive [10152380]
Sgt.Elias – We Brought the Sound [10153352]
Soble – Lost Somewhere [ACHT044D]
Sparrow & Barbossa – Inkanyamba _ Tuareg [W223]
Squire – Path Parbat [MOBILEE225]
Steven Legget, Mark hand – If You Cannot Try (Apollo)
Sylva Drums, Bruno Zarra – Yep’o [TRANSA087]
Tabala – Tabala Mouv [VLM-001]
Tete de la Course – Love Lesson [PIM022]
The Bestseller – To Be Free Remixes, Pt. 1 [MY070]
The Neighbour – You Are In My Heart [LV00024]
TheDjLawyer – Turn It On [BRV38]
TIER RA NICHI – Galactic Changes [GR0094]
Unus Emre – Zinos EP [ZENE014]
VA – Spring Selections 04 [SILKM248]
VA – The Purr Arrivals Exclusive [PURR234]
VA – UpSideDown 13 [SYNCUSD13]
VA – Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2 [KOMPAKTCD156D]
Vick Lavender – Shifting Gears (Local Talk)
Victor Vega – What Do EP [MSR0078]
Vykvet – Ritmo [10166901]
Yeah But No – Run Run Run (Alex Niggemann Remix)
Zombies In Miami – Frodo [PERMVAC2023]

Electronica & Downtempo

Four Tet – Sixteen Oceans (Text)
Arkee – Defpoints [PALEA009]
Brodinski x Low Jack – BZH009 (Les Disques De La Bretagne)
Calum Gunn – ADDENDA [CPU01010100]
Cosmin Trg – Remote EP (Fizic)
Elefan – Blurry [CNS107A]
Grapes Grey – Lullaby [ES1594]
Harry Wolfman – Always 3 EP [DIRT123]
Harvey Sutherland – Superego [CRC05]
Mako, Pretty Young, Noisecastle III – Chameleon – Remixes [UL01429]
Marcelo Cura, Dubelu – L’Art de vivre [KD170]
Max Essa – The Great Adventure EP [HYR7194]
Mente Organica – Marcha Muisca [LD030]
Mistakes Are Ok – The Orange Years (Hivern Discs)
Moby – Ambient 93 (Little Idiot)
Moonruled – EN LOS SUENOS [397269]
Quasimodo – Sun In The Sky [CBR028]
SebastiAn – Sober (Jimmy Edgar Remix) (Ed Banger)
Stephan Hinz – Tensor [AWD448557]
Tension (Ger) – Tribes [AR002]
The Ambientalist – Maybe It’s Love [MQY00032]
The Sura Quintet – Sol de Infancia [STHS117]
Think City, Guruji Gerhard – Pani [CAFEDEANATOLIA125]
U. – Lowlands [WTN62]
VA – My Private Couch Beats 5 [PUSH070]
VA – Nothing But… Electronica Selections, Vol. 10 [NBES010]
Vincent Marlice – Atticus [DLR006]
Zombies In Miami & Pin Up Club – Bar Records 02 (Bar)


Bon Voyage – High Power (Ashley Beedle, Darren Morris Remixes) [FCLR011]
Amtrac, Saint Kenaire – Teenage Love [G010004201006T]
Andrew Meller – House Heads [SF035]
Audioleptika, HouseKeepers – Play Rewind EP [GSR385]
Austins Groove – Endlessly [PHR220]
Brokenears – Discone [TMR044]
Caius, EAUXMAR – Hurt U [STMPD138]
Casey Mattson – Disappear [UL01481]
CASSIMM – Caravan (Extended Mix) [CLUBSWE242]
Cheesecake Boys – Funky Monday [PR680]
Chillzone – Jungle Girl [DBR1285]
Daniele Sexxx, Paula P’Cay – Lift Me Up [KPR029R]
Darryl D’Bonneau, Morsy – Let Me Be Myself [KSS1809]
David Jansen – Selfish Desires [CAD024]
David Puentez, Albert Neve – Superstar – VIP Mix Extended Version [HEXAGON137B]
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Riva Starr Paradise Garage Club Mix) [DFTD242D12]
Dennis Quin – Your Need In Me [REJ087]
Dj Mauro Ala – Funky Lover [NDR398]
DJ OMC – Make Me Feel [KUU038]
DJ Romain – Where You Gonna Be [NER24913]
EDX, Amba Shepherd – Off The Grid [190295254469]
Erik Hagleton – Ain’t Nobody [GU471]
Francis Overcast – Keep On Moving [PHM153]
Fuente – Leave [BBHM069]
G-Pol – What You Want – Extended Version [GENHEX019B]
Gaby, Moodymann – Hold On [MFR218]
Giorgio Basseti – Andalucia [195081053585]
Girls of the Internet, Olivia Louise – I Don’t Wanna Lose You [DRAB12]
Havana Hustlers, George Calle – Give You Some Love [HS839]
House Of Prayers, Crazibiza – Loose It Baby [PR679]
Jayex – My Way [EINZREC005]
Joe De Renzo, Anthony M. – Soul Strange [DBR1277]
Keanu Silva – Have You Never Been Mellow – Extended Version [HEXAGON135B]
Kill Frenzy – Wheels of Steel Edits (Fantastic Voyage)
Koala T – Find Somebody [PH171]
Kolja Gerstenberg – Jizzle Jam [H1010]
Low Steppa – Wanna Show You feat. Reigns (Extended Mix) [ARDP515]
Luca Debonaire – Your Body [ER543]
Mack Bango, Rebecca Burgin – Dancing Shoes [CAT362382]
Maneten – FSV Edit 02 [194491823900]
Manuel Riva, Robert Konstantin – In Too Deep [5948204270797]
Marc Cotterell – The Rhythm EP [SIMBLK200]
Martin Badder – Heartbroken [RLM035]
Maryla Abraham – Open Your Eyes (Extended Version) [402508]
Matt Gray (UK) – Time Passes [CWV296]
Maximono – In the Edit [BOC086]
Mayro – Happy Robbot [MIR093]
Melodymann – Funkatude EP [MMDIGI1046]
Micfreak – Whatever [MKE203]
Mike City, Kidd Ross – Intoxicated [AM20201]
Mikki Afflick – Thunder Drum Dance (David Morales Diridim Remix) [NER24885]
Mirko & Meex – Time Out [BHD226]
MLiR & Velmondo – Mad Honey (Prins Thomas Edits) (Internasjonal)
Nacho Chapado, Ivan Gomez – I Want A Man Tonight (Rosabel Club Mix) [GR507]
NiCe7 – Groove Key [MOTHER107]
Norbit Housemaster, Gianluca Manzieri – Do It… Woogie Boogie [BTR162]
Novodisc – My Brother [PURVEYOR045]
Oba Frank Lords – Drumtalkin [MIM088]
OFFAIAH – Private Show [DFTD590D2]
OVEOUS, QVLN – De Cache [MOCA009]
Piotr Bejnar, Oskar Szafraniec – Sleepless Days [CNS108A]
Retrovision – Feel Your Touch – Extended Version [TM001B]
Rhadoo – DOR MIT ORU [CADENZA2225]
Ridwello, Kirsten Collins – Do It Again (Club Mix) [ZEM20002]
Rubber People – Frankies House (Extended Mix) [HSR202027DJ]
Sebb Junior, Sammy Deuce – Funk Voyeur [MOT032]
Souxsoul – Shake It Down [DGR007]
Stealth – Other Lives [UL01460]
Supernova, Medusa – My Vision [8BIT157]
T.Markakis – In The House [EFM095]
VA – Choices – 10 Essential House Tunes, Vol. 14 [RH2COMP1084]
VA – Nothing But… Absolutely Jackin’, Vol. 04 [NBAJ04]

Progressive House

FADERX – All Over [DOORN356]
AudioStorm – Delusion [BALKAN0609]
B.A.X. – Litany [ST249]
Blue Cell – Meeresgrund [3AV188]
Braxton – Clockwork [ENCOLOR223E]
Capa (Official) – Mosaic [ZT15901Z]
Carsten Halm – Wuestenschiff EP [ML064]
Celene – Fantastic Creatures [EMH006]
Dimuth K – Minesweeper _ Beams Aglow [PROTON0461]
Edvard Hunger – Another Chance [AL199]
Fivep – Morpheus [AVE019]
Gar & Phalguna Somraj – Indian Tribe [ABST203]
Golan Zocher, Kamilo Sanclemente, Amber Long – Getting Closer Remixes [MAM061]
Heerhorst – Crescendo [NYC147]
Lesh – Conscience [PHW386]
Michael A – Avalon [GNSYS089]
Namatjira – I’ll Kill You [MAN289]
Nick Newman – Ricochet [MNL183]
NOIYSE PROJECT, Dylan Deck – Kamaksha [BALKAN0608]
Rinzen – The Odyssey EP [YR270] 2
Robert R. Hardy – Circulatory Disturbance [BLV7222148]
Robin Schulz – All This Love [190295407469]
Ryan, Gerardo Moro – Boreal [BC2301]
Samer Tinoco – Quantum [SUS029]
Sebastian Haas – Grumble [SUPER230]
Sergio Parrado, Chinonegro, Yaccelil – Eternal Flow [YET016]
Spencer Brown – Stream of Consciousness EP pt. 1 [ANJ611D]
Steve Brian – Magnolia [4030765030918
Stil & Bense – Rise [POM102]
Tom Bro – Palombaggia [SMLD059]
VA – Nothing But… Progressive Vibes, Vol. 04 [NBPV04]
Valleverde – Lux Nova [MOVD0197]
ViT4L – Amber Light [RRRNEW062]
Vitaco, Khaynus – Oracular [4061798494514]
Waveluxe – 2.0 – 2.0 DJ Sampler (Part 1) [POSD038]
Yeröm – Different Spaces [NOIR066]

Tech House

Deeperwalk – Chemical Dream (Remixes) [SUPDUB210]
A.R001 – Atina EP [BR237]
Adapter – Havana [RR2213]
Adne – Bringing It Down [JNK031]
Anthony Attalla, Gene Farris – Freak Like That [INC168]
Antonio Rec – Girls EP [INX111]
Avante (UK) – Aurora [DPE1668]
Butane & Riko Forinson – After Midnight (Tenampa)
Chris Carrier, Cyril K, Guillaume La Tortue – Adult Only Records 09 [194491867218]
Christian Bove – What You Get EP [DCM88]
Clyde P – The Crypt EP [CUFF111]
Collective States – Gozer [DNS029]
Cristian Vogel & Elektro Guzzi – Coexist (Endless Process)
Darius Syrossian – Wolfgang 016 EP [SGR049]
David Kinnard – Mañana EP [BS174]
Deedods, Beverly Savarin – Give Me Love [BLV7184247]
Denis Ago – Yes Prof [MATERIALISM167B]
Dillon Nathaniel – What I Say [SOLOTOKO053]
DJ Hell – Red Bull From Hell (Rebeat)
Djosh – Exact EP [TZH131]
Earth Trax – I’m Not Afraid (Remixes) (Shall Not Fade)
Eric Toscano – Laser [SL0194]
Felipe G – System [DG267]
FISHER (OZ) – Freaks [00602508901140]
GruuvElement’s – Secrets _ Reality [VIVALTD105]
Guz – Without You (feat. Hannah Jane Lewis) [SOS007]
GW Harrison – Hear My Soul [TOOL90901Z]
H.R.T-MUSIC – Check Check [DPB655]
Huxley – Babyface (Extended Mix) (REALM)
J Matin – Everybody [NP0310]
Jake Ness – Town Fly EP [WHH041]
Joey Mccrilley – Bump Like This [LOVE11601Z]
Jordi Marcel – Don’t Stop [MOB0107]
Jose Galvis – Spirit [BRM272]
Kevin Corral – Teak EP [4056813124637]
Lau Frank – Loop Dice [MRCARTER127]
Lee Cabrera – Real House EP [VIVA167]
Li4m – Flamenco [CSDA1912]
Luca Bisori – Seventeen [BTRN006]
LUCASMB – Ghetto Funk House [ATCFD283]
Luccio B – Funky Pills [GTR86]
m.O.N.R.O.E. – The Sound of Violence [GPM571]
Max E Groove – Acid Problems [KD303ACID]
Modegroove – Margarita [PR681]
NativeOrigin303 – Take Note _ Shook [ABRR001]
Oscar Saliba – THE RAINDEER EP [TZH130]
Platinum Monkey – Scan [BLV7275988]
Raso, Lineki – Sunday [GRB246]
Rob Circuit – Into Deep [DRBGN109]
Rone White, Rowen Clark – Trip To Asia [THCD189]
Serge Santiago – Underground [4050538602920]
Simon Fava – M.L.D.D. [ML063]
Sloth – Dose [AF085]
SOFAT – Baião [TRANSA085]
Solntsev – Just a Test [FCM003]
STU, Ri Dios, Guru Reza – What’s My Number [TAR003]
The Micronauts – Body Remixes (Songs From “Head Control Body Control”) (Micronautics)
Tomi&Kesh, Jay de Lys – Disco Ruff EP [KLM08301Z]
TSTB – Moan Birth [7CLOUD991]
Tuff London, Murphy’s Law (UK) – My Generation [FWR177]
VA – Miami 2020 – Happy Techno Music [HTMC13]
VA – Miami 2020 [SP277]
VA – Miami Off 2020 [ERM178]
VA – Relief Miami 2020 [RR2214]
VA – Thick Thighs & B-Sides, Vol. 5 [MNG83]
Vakabular – Wanna Dance [HLST021]
Vicente Guevara – Santi Christi [10167638]
Victor Romero, Sera De Villalta – Groove Is On EP [SG049]
Vooz Brothers – Turn It Up [CABA167]
Waker (UK) – Tribal Tale [SM033]
Westend – Pay Attention [SOLOTOKO054]
Wheats – Bad Klub EP [CIRCUS118]
Will Taylor (UK) – NOBODY! [RSH177]

Techno & Minimal

5h55 – Ipora [TYC399]
A_S_Y_S – Acid Wall EP [SUARA390]
A.Rain – Starkness [VPTR108]
A04F – Orko’s Plan [MONO044]
Alex Fuente – Freak [NBR111]
Alex Ranerro, Coeus – Enigma (Remixes) [KNG833]
Alex Silva, Subliminal Source – Sound Test [OTR1029]
Alex Sounds – On My Way EP [LMC119]
Andrea Guarneri – Glitch [NRS013]
Andrea Signore – Under Pressure [CODEX057]
Andreas Henneberg – Kords [CR134]
Anfisa Letyago – Electrifying
Apsara – Impala [TSM045]
Aran Burn, Rian Wood – Mind Control [LR084]
Archangel – Hourglass [TRNDMSKFREE07]
Ars Mental – Spiral Wave (Morning Mood Records)
Artefakt – Icarus (Delsin)
Austin Martin – Avenger EP [CIN141]
Bauernfeind – Mount Gilead [LFEK007D]
Ben Dust – Blue Moon [10161573]
Blin Eff – Lykke EP [SEI014]
Blueprint & Because Of Art & James Organ – Generation [NEM01401Z]
Bolgarin – Yesly [SP038]
Catz ‘n Dogz – Ayu [DIYNAMIC123]
Clarian – Fools Rush In [BAR25116]
D-Nox, K.A.L.I.L. – Space [BALANCE007EP]
D-Unity – Hear Your Voice [UNI171]
Da Fresh – Warm Light
Danny Wabbit – Alive EP [YR096]
Dario Sorano – Circuit Controlled [HYD031]
Dav Lapri – CR007 [CR007]
David Aurel – Soul Train [SAFE107B]
Dekeyden – Wandering Derelicts EP [AFK052]
Devoteex – Luxor [AWT025]
Dirty Basscore – Acoustic Trauma [CREDO66]
Douglas Greed & Odd Beholder – The Few (Radio Version) [3000GRADSPECIAL0]
Drvg Cvltvre – Death Is A Cult To Men, Life Is A Cult To Women
Ema Remedi – Outsiders EP [VQ081]
Emiliano Martini – Miel de Abeja [DUSHEL150]
Ephem – Questions and Answers [RFC027]
Erase Me – Escape (Original Mix) [FEHE001]
Etapp Kyle – Nolove (Ostgut Ton)
Fabe (GER) – RYTM Tales EP [INFUSE040]
Ferdinand De Marne – Emotional Frequencies [BF282]
Fifth Era – FIFTH ERA 1997-2004 PT. 1 [FP015X]
Fosky, U-FO – Bipolar Ep [PMU001]
Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, Fredo Guerre – THERE & THEN EP [TRES14386]
Frank Biazzi – Mind Control – Transition (Remixes) [TR352]
Frankov, MarcoA., Andy Peimbert – No Gigs [WHO218]
Freaky Chakra – Shade [ADIG34]
Fredo Guerre, Francisco Ruiz – Tagle – Dynamic [KRS031]
Fur Coat – Pandora’s Dream – EP [ODT010]
GIOC, Gabriel Evoke – Blues Man [HBT279]
Głós – Psalm [ESCAPISM007]
Gorge – Triton [PRACHT4]
GruuvElement’s – Lupa EP [LAM179]
Harvey McKay – Sequence Four [KP58]
HD Substance – Club Sickness EP [SUBTL049]
Henrik Schwarz – Together EP [IV92]
Hillmann & Neufang – Thunderhead EP [KENO058]
Human Performance Lab – Impact Situation [194491903756]
I Am Bam, Ignacio Arfeli – Hurt You [OCT169]
Ike Dusk – Phantom – Peak Trax [MT002]
Irregular Synth – Say Sorry To God [AGILE109]
JAVIIS – Stay Alone [BB379]
Jay Oss – Pariba [UN083]
Jey Kurmis – Bat Weaver (Remixes l) [CAT369661]
Johannes Menzel – Family Asteroids EP [AIRBORNEB003]
John Manhard – Which Way To The Bar [NRM010]
Jorick Croes – Nirvamind [EST190]
Jos & Eli – Mozar EP [WGVINYL069]
Juan Trujillo – Hearing Visions EP [ALLE130]
Kaiser – White Satan EP [PRRUKBLK051]
Kaiser, Alberto Santana – Twister Shouter [SPAZIOSONORO062]
Keah – Better Than Ever [SPAZIOSONORO064]
Kelvyn Giller – Bassing [AR003]
Kemal Vatansever, AVCI – The Dreamer [IAMT196]
Ken Aoki – Bakela [ODSCW122]
Kernel Warp – The Voices [9008798326952]
Khaen – The Hermit [TNH039E]
KlangKuenstler – Armageddon [OW004]
Klaudia Gawlas – Time Loop [FORM90]
Kreisel, Dok & Martin – Berlinale [VPTR106]
Lack Of Lights – TOXIC RATS EP [TRES14384]
Lastlings – Last Breath [054391939982]
Lessone – Natural [KU005]
Lewis. – Keep It Going EP [PTBL166]
Lowris – Lumièrophobe e.p. [MINIBAR050]
Luca M, JUST2 – Cherry Gem [GETFUNKY004]
Makai – Ambition [ANORRACK029]
Markantonio – Killer Moments [ODD038]
Matteo Longbois – Melodica [TYC311]
Matthias Springer – Red Leaves EP [HROOM292]
Max Walcha – THE FOURTH WAVE [ABD013]
Melchior Productions Ltd – Crown [MKIL001]
MiSinki – Electrical Machine EP [FIN516]
Monic (BR) – Take A Ride [KLR012]
Monolink – Sinner [4251625984763]
MSDMNR – Emergency [195081001401]
MUNSE, Stjepanek – Alma [ID015]
Mython – Frontline EP [FLASH232]
Nicolas Barnes – She Is [CND088]
Niereich, Shadym – Accelerate [DCRYP016]
Nite Fleit – DANCE TRAX, VOL. 26 [DANCETRAX026]
No Fast Forward – Far Harbour [PSB138]
No Spiritual Surrender – Yo Prefiero [LIES 146]
Nocturnal Sunshine, Maya Jane Coles – Possessed (feat. Peaches)
OIBAF&WALLEN – I Can’t Get Over [EJU232]
Olivier Abbeloos – Rave Gang EP [UKR170]
Oscar Villanueva – Never Back Down [SEN007]
Pablo Say – Soul Back [CODEX060]
Plastic – River Electric [THL011R]
Poderozzo – Bias _ Procesed [PHUNK501]
Pysh – Tabula Rasa EP [TNT021]
Ranjit Nijjer – Ruins [195081023533]
Raul Garcia – Thin Warrior [TZT009]
Redshape – Retro Shock Part 1 (Content)
Reig (Fr) – Germanium [IS036]
Robin Stewart – Time Travel [TTT084]
Rog De Prisco – Organic [CAT344898]
Samihe – Terms of Endearment [DC040]
Several Definitions – Words _ Elyia [PARQUET215]
Sharif Laffrey – Sounds To Come [SF2]
Shelter on Wax – ORANIENSTRASSE – EP [TALES023]
Simone Tavazzi – Kykeon [STG037]
Skober, DAXA – Take My Hand [REBOKS007]
Space Dimension Controller – Planète Contraire (Dekmantel)
Spieltape – All Of You [HWD109]
Sterling – Anaheim EP [BTD073]
T.M.A – Aitne [HOME041N]
Tälor – God Made Me EP [MT132]
Teho – Irani (Joris Delacroix Remix) [LT0025]
Tezz, Marco Eisenberg – Output EP [STU102]
The Imbeciles – Decider Remixes (The Imbeciles)
The Southern – Raw Generation EP [KDRAW041]
Theo Kottis – Nothing to Lose [BS007DL]
Todd Terry, Alexander Technique – Jack The Tek [TR090]
Tony Casanova, Frida Darko – Flopster [RDT012]
Tornado Wallace – Midnight Mania (Optimo Music)
Traxman – 1987 [GT12]
Tresque – EREIGNISSE (PART.1) [OUS024]
Tripeo – Temper Tantrum EP (Blueprint)
TRP0902 – Love [OXL125]
TWR72 – The Archive 8 [THEARCHIVE008]
UMEK, Cosmic Boys, Teenage Mutants – EVolution – Feels Like A Tunnel
V.danilov & Eraserlad – Water Box [CLT317]
VA – Miami 2020 [UP012]
VA – Various Artists [OOP004]
VA – Walm [PQLRD005]
Vilko – Megataz [195037483565]
Weska – Third Wave [WESKA003D]
Wild Mind – Gone Girl [REDRUM072]
Xavier Montrier – Invictus EP [W224]
Zadig – Takara-machi EP
Zambiancki – Broad Sense [CYC95]
Zaria – Meraki [MW007]
Zeitgeber – Seventeen Zero Four (Stroboscopic Artefacts)