Afro House

Blac Tears & Themetique – Take Me Higher [Sanelow Label]
Caianda – Voltage [Bstudios]
César Baquero – Valhalla [Anfrix Records]
CK Pellegrini, Cekay Pellegrini – Jungle (Cekay 2020 Edit) [PDRJ2020]
Dave Anthony, Beverlei Brown – How Do You Like It [NR013]
Derek J. Turner – Who Do You Know That Could Do Like This [QPRX00280]
DJ Barata, DJ Spencer – Konik Nation [Konik Records]
Flowersons – Hey [Soul N Pepa]
INNOVATIVE DJz, CK the Dj, Du Richy, Thabza Berry – Wang’ User [CDCIM112]
Jose Galvis – Oasis [Xumba Recordings]
LaErhnzo & TooZee – Diginity [WAI011]
Lizwi, Candy Man – Stimela [3616405075658]
Luzio & Takashi Kurosawa – ARA (feat. Morris Revy)
MAN Renas – Lupuka (feat. B’Wani & Yooung Power) – S
Manybeat – El Tiempo [MBR383]
MikaySA – A Moment In Time (Original Mix) [QZES71920220]
Mimo Doppio – Emhlabeni [Arawakan]
MoBlack & M. Caporale – Afra [Djoon Experience]
Oba Frank Lords – DRUM ADDICTION EP 2 [MIM093]
Obdurate, Futhi Mahlasela – Nomanzi [AR169]
Oscar P, Robert Owens – Thank You (Hyenah Remixes) [OBM806]
Paul Weekend – Antara [Extra Sound Recordings]
Reis Jr – Overdose (feat. Saxogroup) [Afrocracia Records]
Santo Arrosa – Deep Inside [Futura Groove Records]
Scara Muzike – My Heritage [MPR93]
Z S & Alessandro Gozzo – Walking on a Cloud [Espacio]


Demons of Light – Dragged [Glitch Hop Community]
Disney D – Northern Soul Sampler [Deep State Music]
Dj30A & Huda Hudia – My Cadillac [Kaleidoscope Music]
Edie Grace – Love Yourself (feat. DiCE_NZ) [Hot Jandal Music]
Face & Book & DJ DIlect – Dumb [Ravesta Records]
OnDaMiKe & DJ Self – Never Giving Up (feat. Kerry Luv)
Root – Autoborg [Ekstre Records]


Billy Da Kid – I Don’t Wanna Know [New State Music]
Bootleg Contraband – Back It Up [Section Eight Music]
Cem Gundogdu – I Know You [Road Story Records]
Chris Polcyn – Breathe [Green Media,MGM]
Compilations – Hitorigami [Multiza Distribution]
Cyber Monday – Lift You (feat. Nine Year Sister)c Ltd]
Dr. Firedanger – Summer Desire [Multiza Distribution]
Guezmark – New Jersey [Total Freedom +]
JSTORN – Last Dance [Multiza Distribution]
Ken Lamb – Broken Heart [Multiza Distribution]
Kroshka Krosh – White Russian [Multiza Distribution]
Lucas Nord – No One Even Knows My Name (feat. Husky)
MC Groove – Going to Fly [Sound Management Corporation]
Moestwanted & Alessia Labate – Stars [Too Many Rules]
Nitti Gritti – Another Way (feat. Mario) [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Palladzin – Desert Dance [Multiza Distribution]
Perfume Genius – Set My Heart on Fire Immediately [Matador]
Roberto Rios, Dan Sparks & Rigobacsi – Rumba
Sanctoire – Win the Game (Radio Edit) [Diffuse Digital]
Sanjy – First [Multiza Distribution]
Serra 9 – Without Me [Yeiskomp Abyss]
SLWMTN – Extantion [Multiza Distribution]
Softwaver – Follow You [IdealMusik]
Trendy Boy – Sólo un minuto [Sound Management Corporation]
Tugan & Nino Lucarelli – Flying Low [Jastas Record]
upLoad Band – Save Me [Multiza Distribution]
Villy Navich – Sky Inside [Multiza Distribution]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

A Bit At – Brave [Night Vibez Records]
A7rium & Fictional Dovy – Lonely Walk [SonicBass Records]
Ali X & Ximena – Low Vibrations Remixes [Controlla]
Alkalino – Capri Sonne [Audaz]
ANDREA – Summer Pack #2 (Remix) [Jhaps Records]
Andrei Orlov – Sunday Melodies [Opilec Music]
Azerk – Dead Flow [Gloamed]
Barchi & Souto, Souto – Lucid Dream [RYNTH]
Bass Fly & Laurent L – Opium [Ohxalá Records]
Blacksun, Briston Underground – Wayon All Stars [WayOn]
C-Movement – The Pharao [FenixFire Records]
Clive & Mata Jones – No More Crying [Cliveland]
Dave Leatherman, Bruce Nolan – Give Yourself To Me [NS008]
DeepTurco – Ordinary People [DeepShine Records]
DJ Chiff – Sonorous [Supertunes]
Dj Smur – Littlebitty [Smile For A While]
Don Dayglow – An Open Heart Is a Brave Heart
Don Dayglow – Stark [Particle Zoo Recordings]
Elbee Bad – Who is the Man [BADs Label Larhon Records]
Espinal & Nova – Too Close [Elastic Dimension Records]
Gander – Sound Deep [GAMAD Records]
Gees – Sombrero [Lavenir Music]
Hideon Track – The Freak & Weirdo 005 [The Freak & Weirdo]
Holensen – Stay Home [Black Delta Records]
Ivan Fabra – Voices from Barcelona [Crossworld Academy]
Jay Tripwire – Magnetic Incursions [Woodwork Recordings]
Julio Peris – Coco y Mango [Antilope Label]
Juno D – Unforgettable Summer [Muza]
Just Marcel – IsOre [Discolored]
Line Goodnight – Night Sky (Remixes) [Celestial Recordings]
Linius & Kordas – White Kicks [420 Recordings]
Luis Leon & In2deep – Blue Ridge [L’enfant terrible]
Maurizio Piacente – #Point [PMicol Records]
Michael Elliot & Kraver – Long Lost and Found [June 87 Recordings]
Miklo – On the Dunes _ Courier _ Flight808 [TRANSFORM073]
Mizt3r – Indigo [Low Pressings]
Monäva – Playing With Fire (Remixes) [FVYDID]
Nestor Mujica – Fantasy [Antilope Label]
NoCheats – Darkness [LucidPlain Records]
Nykko_M – I Got You [DTL Records]
Paolo Solo, Tony Madrid – Bourbon [My Own Beat Records]
Pasque – Through Waves [Deep Bear]
Powder Monkeys – Beautiful Animal [Black Riot]
Rianu Keevs – Farewell To Summer [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Galaxy [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Splatter [Rianu Keevs]
Ricky Chopra – Inverse Logic [Spectrum City]
Riffi – Feel It [Maniana Records]
Roque – Excuse my french [DeepHouse Police]
Ruben Zurita – Don’t Get Sleep Tonight [Guerrilla Records]
Ryan M – Sorry For the Wait [ThreeRecords]
Salski – Long After Us , Without You [Kommunity]
Santonio Echols – Taking Over You [D Records313]
Saturno Sound – Phase Two [Saturno Sound]
Skveezy – Always [DeepShine Records]
Solven – Diamonds [THRACE MUSIC]
Sunstruck – Mellow [Elektrify Records]
SuperSonya – Moi Rai [Suprafive Records]
Swartchback – The End [Vib’in records]
TEYMORI, Jace XL – Running for You
The Godfathers Of Deep House SA – The 4th Commandment 2020 Chapter 14
Ubermensch – Glimpse [Eternalism]
Udjat – A New Hope (feat. Igor Pose) [99 Waves]
Wearing Shoes – Hopefull [Deep Obsession Recordings]
WOLFSY – Nineteen [Desfase Records]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

A5ura & Jade Key – Say Goodbye [Diverge Music Group]
Aurx – Smoke [Only Trap Records]
Bad Computer – 2U [Monstercat]
Carbone, Dangerous – Various Rising [ZTEREN Recordings]
Cedric Swan – Portal Fields [Odio Records]
Craymak – The Freedom [Circus]
Deep J Vince – Blueberry [747 Records]
DeeRiVee – This Is It [Deepcloud Records]
Dj Squalus – Afterlife [Kalabria Underground]
Drowzy & Teurnox – Miss Morgan [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Elx – Cool Vibrations [Ear to Brain records]
Elx – Frequency Infinity [Ear to Brain records]
Elx – Harmony Selecta [Ear to Brain records]
Elx – Suppression [Ear to Brain records]
Erbman, Freeze – Back In Business [Clawhammer Recordz]
ESKR – East Mountains [Scapegot Records]
Fullstep Phil & Grafta MC, Fullstep Phil – Hopscotch [Monk Audio]
Ginsong – Parachute & Frost [Global305]
Gisthead – Across the Horizon [Filthy Sounds]
Goozalo! – We Can Do It [Family Music Records]
Greenskeepers – Ain’t Gonna Sleep Tonight [G-Swing]
Hijack Harlow – System Shock [Horus Music Limited]
IAMSELECTA & Sheemy – Samum [Past Future Jam]
Jonah Hodges – Solitude [Danktronics]
Karmin Scales – Behind the Mask [Hardpoint Recordings]
Kemife – Cambodia [Lolapad Recordings]
Kvlt – Crawling Terror , In My Mind [Nuclear Bass Records]
Larry Mensah – Untold [Engine Hall]
Matt View – Amber Lights [Soul Deep Digital]
MayTrix – Life Goes On (DVRKCLOUD Remix) [Simplify.]
Midst – Sour Baby Mama [Nuclear Bass Records]
Milkoi & Tennizlo – Where We Go [Ninety9Lives]
Mirror Reflection & Soul Balance – Space Trip [Omni Music (UK)]
MJX & LOKURA MIRA – Let Us Out [Keep!]
Mr. Diddy – Happy Deep [Dyddy Records]
Nami – Data One [Data Music]
Navigare – Antivirus 2020 [64 Recordings]
Omotchai & Wolfrage – Onda Sonora [Wolfrage Recordings]
OONDA & Borko Lazarevic – Long Time (How to Run Away) (Unplugged Version)
Ozne – Big Gun [Poltergeist Records]
P3LA – Alive [Drumroom]
Peshay – Sugarhill [Peshay Music]
PSYRUS – Blind [Amadei Bass]
Qedamawi – Saraswati [Mas Bass Records]
Quibbz – Infernal [High Caliber Records]
Ralph Oliver – Chemical [1Tribal Records]
Riversilvers – Hello [Riversilvers]
Sandro Silva & SaberZ – Russian Roulette [Rave Culture]
SASHA MALIS – Insensual [Sound Explosion]
Sean Crazz – Finding My Way (Remixes) [feat. Yoel Noy] [Sean Crazz]
Sébastien Tellier – Stuck in a Summer Love [Record Makers]
Shlizk – Cartel [NoFace Records]
Shy FX – Balaclava (feat. MC Spyda, D Double E & Frisco) [Skeptical Remix]
Sick Cycle – You Know [Section 8]
Skyfade – Rising – Armageddon [Fresh Recordings]
Snipes X Wesley – Bridges ’20 [Groovepool Essentials]
SPENK – Uragane [DUBRecords]
Stefre Roland & Alex Van Sanders – Ferrum [Yeiskomp Abyss]
SYNFLEX – Circus (feat. Salvo) [Vibes Records LLC]
Tenebrax – Observer [MDNGHT Recs.]
The Dual Personality – 4Ever [Simplify.]
The Force & Psych – Head Trip , Feel Good [Calypso]
Titus1 – I Wanna Know [Lowded Recordings]
Tom Boxer – Anything (Bitzi Bar Remix) [Tom Boxer Music]
Unluce & Oruç – Close to Hell [Frequency Music]
Warden & Downlowd – Confess [Lowdcraft]
Wasiu, mas1h & Dear Lola – Where’s the Love [Lowly]
Zilli – Here Alone (feat. Karina Skye) [Stats Records]
Zukeepa – Ape Chit. Revisit [ZuBeatz]

Electronica & Downtempo

7&Nine & Novvel – Gust of Wind [LNG Records]
Arrojas – Nos Trilhos [Nidra Music]
Arthur Distone – Cyberpunk [Distone Recordings]
Avare – Immense [Rist Records]
Ballon – Circle [Lolou Records]
Break the Speaker & Mercenio – Tempur [less is nice]
Contenance & Miles Away – Laguna [Wanderlust Musica]
Damageman – Late One [Drop Heavy Audio]
Deep J Vince – Beachland [747 Records]
Deep J Vince – Believe [747 Records]
Deep J Vince – Fashion Wife [747 Records]
Deep J Vince – Red Death [747 Records]
Diamans – Divine [Estetica Records]
Direct – Opal [Monstercat]
Duodisco & Risc-K, Mateyu – Down [STY TRU BTS]
Exzakt – Positive Mental Amplitude [Monotone]
Forever 80 – Smells Like Teen Spirit [Crown Of Music]
Fortex – Happines Day [2 Steps To Chill]
Franc Mana – Don’t stop the music [ONLY4MONEY Rec.]
Fullar – Momentum [recordJet]
Gigi el Amoroso – Try to Dream [Wostok Records]
Glenn Morrison – Sinfonion Patterns [Ambient Wave Records]
Guilt Attendant – Do Your Part New York City! [Severed Mercies]
Hessel Veldman & Forbidden Photographs, Y Create – Eigen Boezem
iconDARK – Project Grudge [Electronic Alliance Records]
iPunkz – Streeeeet [IPUNKZ MUSIC]
Krissi B & Coxon – Don’t Wanna Sleep (feat. Jodie C & Jez) [In The Face]
Kutullo Nawa – Time Dilation [Odyssey Sounds]
Lathe – Saturnia [MUTED rec]
Magmot – Seven Mile Beach [Wellness Life Records]
Malo, Malò – Suffermore [Paradigma]
Mellar – Captured [Tranquility Sounds]
Mike Sulu – Battery Death [Audiolounge]
Mirs & KidGusto – Close Up (Otototoro) [TrueGrooves]
Moif – Nature Calling [Tranquility Sounds]
More Eaze – Towards a Plane [Aural Canyon]
Nelson Vaz – In April [One to Nine Music]
Nikko Sunset – So Into You [Noevo Records]
Opii – Sirena Dorme [EQM]
Our Mother’s Children – Under the Moonlight [2 Steps To Chill]
Pax Impera & ZABO – Aftermath [Uprise Music]
Polygum – Comfort [Rossz Records]
Preston – My Imagination [Tranquility Sounds]
Queexmusic – 19 [Pushka Recordings]
Quiz Pace – Dabadabada [Alte Records]
Röyksopp – Shine on Like the Stars (Lost Tapes) [Dog Triumph]
Sigesmundsen – Come Home [Cosmicleaf Records]
Sign Of Crows – Expanse [SOCS]
Stefano Trombini – Sunset [TRACK 66]
Stereomatic C.E.O. & Arleta – Poios To Kserei (feat. Μίμης Πλέσσας)
Tarsus 5D – Touching the Future [recordJet]
The Boy Interrupted – Wicked Times [Erotica]
The Colonel – Will You Remember (feat. Mr. Bailey) [Bump Machine Bass]
VA – Best of Chill Out [Sofa Sessions]
Xykoo – Baile a la Luna [Maleante Records]
Zeheit – Planet In Hands [MAD Desire Records]


Akatoxi – Comeback [Uba Lua Records]
Aloiv – Pixel [Botanica Records]
ANDRW MADNSS – Daydream (Radio Mix) [Stardome Recordings]
Armodine – Addicted to Your Vibe [Buzzions Skillz]
ATabeck – Wolf Hunting [Privelege Music]
Augmented Soul & Vangela Crowe – I Am [Indiefy]
Bassani – Mirage [Sheppard Records]
Beau Zwart – Mazza Maze [INI Movement (NL)]
BEDRUD & Chaz Washington – Gentelsound [rotfenstermusik]
Brooklyn, Karlyn & Shqq – So Bad [Subtractive Recordings]
Budemberg & Ravok, Growl – Mustache Crew Various Artists 3.0 [Mustache Crew Records]
Charly Madea – Green Valley (feat. Géova) [Influx Reborn Records]
Classixx – One More Song (Lazywax Remix) [feat. Roosevelt]
Dafilter – Soledad [Mas Musica Menos Problemas records]
David Lowell Smith – Slipstream [Global Dance Records]
Deep Mojo – Call Your Name [DC Records]
Deep Mojo – Hope [DC Records]
Deep Mojo – Night in Rio [DC Records]
Dj Aditya – Hare Hare [AIDC Records]
DJ Istar – Vamos Al Monte [Sunrising Records]
DJ No Sugar – Vocal Chops [Smile Creations Music Label]
Du Saint – Dook [Blacktone]
Ellectra – Space [Abstract Recstore]
Filta Freqz – Baccarat [Seventy Four]
Geoffroy – Broken Bone (Remixes) [Dope Tones Records]
Gio Silva – ME ENCANTA TU CUERPO (feat. Efrain Guzman)
Groove Synergy – Satisfied [Rump Records]
Groovenerd – Burning [Shared Rec]
ilMuro – Soft Stories [Sirup Music]
Ivan Fly Corapi – Nothing Stays the Same [ORGASMIxxx]
JedX – Team Steam Steal [Music Marks The Spot]
Joe Ventura – Freak To the Beat [Big Speaker Music]
Jomar Watson & Mofesta – Every Little Thing [Blue White]
kapes & Dane – Underground [Strakton Records]
Kev Dj Vapor – Illusion Music Beatz [Teknofonic Recordings]
L.I.N.G – Disco Dance (Instrumental Mix) [push the button recordings]
LentoLEXX – Arise and Shine [Danca Lenta Records]
Lowes & Bryan Cantillo – Eternal (EP) [EP Records]
Luciano FM & Stradivarius – Drunked Jazz [Run To My Beat]
Mannix – Super Duper [Love Harder Records]
Melli, SE3K & Savio Mullen – On My Mind [Sirup Records]
Mixtery – Boogiematic (Ivan Jack Remix) [NUDISCO]
Mojiito & Lehnhardt – Bad Bad Girls [Pure Records]
Naks Kawina Loco – Bigi Ting [Walboomers]
Nato Medrado, Juliana Barbosa – Beautiful Lie [405123]
Nieko – Caught Up On the D [3rd Way Recordings]
Otrebor – Peace of Mind [Lolapad Recordings]
Paper Street Soul – Berrocas & Trackie Bottoms [Sprechen]
Party Pupils – Neon from Now On [Dim Mak Records]
Pjonax – Way More Time (Rickfire Remix) [naxfiles.]
Promise Land & Skullwell – Feel My Body [DOORN RECORDS]
Siku – That Thing [TaiJi Red Records]
South Soul Symphony – Call Me [Hot Stuff]
Ster3öplay – Jack the Groove [DaCosta Records]
Syrah – You and I Were Finished [Greenskeepers Music]
Thomas K – Voices After [Midwest Hustle Music]
Trimtone – Sky High [One Foot In The Groove]
Valery M. – Ain’t Go Not [PILLS MUSIC]
Voan & The Guesser, Voan – Elvn [Broken]
YO,C – I Feel Hot [Wolfrage Recordings]

Melodic House & Techno

Alex Brugnara – Finish [FIFTH ELEMENT]
Arash Shadram – Apotheosis [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
Burko – Pull Me Under [Outside In Movement]
Cowlam & Medusa – Star Gazing [XTR Records]
Debitae – Kiko [Groove 9]
Demian (CRO) – Homewalk [Manual Music]
Duphi – Aimara [Feel Hype]
Dzhef – Ikkali [BQ Recordings]
Ebiza – Dreams in the Sea (Luziq Remix) [Zodiac13]
Eke – Black Tunes [Abstract Line Records]
Findike – Astroid [Findike Records]
I Am Wolter – Merciful Lord – Part II. [Stellar Fountain]
Jean Vayat – Inkas [Wildfang Music]
Joe Mattei – Tabula Rasa [Recovery Collective]
Johnny Kvant – My Way [Route 375]
Kohen & Salim Sahao – Waiting [Mioli Music]
Levi Petite & Victor Colin – Presente [Fine Rhythms]
Mac Dephoner – Smiley Fingers [Deteil Musika]
Mila Journée – Sintaxe [Duenia]
MVMB & Eeemus – Black Sun [IbogaTech]
Nada – Mitos [AKASHA MX]
Nhii & Shyam P, Nhii – Gone Too Far [Klassified]
Oliver Morgenroth & millegusti – Es Fliesst [Hunter & Force]
Radek K – Soluna [Soundteller Records]
Rave Deck, Rob Hilgen – Wold in Wild [Wold Records]
Redspace & Absalom, Redspace & Askoui – Way out of the Dark
Rêveur – Sea of dreams [Ribbon Recordings]
RezQ Sound – Coda [YoD Light]
Sacchi, Donelli – Sentimiento [WT007]
Schörmann – Golden World [ThreeRecords]
Serkan Eles – The Moon [LM92]
Serra 9 – Waves Rush [Purple Sun Records]
SPM aka So Pink Mafia – The Plan [Good Time Records]
The Bestseller – Touch Me [Deep Strips]
Tribú – Full Moon [DHB]
Uppah – Sabotage [Carton-Pate Records]
VA – Love’s Flight [Flower Power]
VA – The First Anniversary [Artessa Music]
VA – V.A. – Dance Forever [Precision]
VA – Voyager 01 [ATLANT]
Vincenzo Tedesco – Dark Moon [Sonusfield]
VNTM – The Diva [APP002]
Yerom – Mindless [Mirror Walk]
Young Thing – Taxidi [ONISM]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Abity & Luke Costa – Morty Project [Madden]
Adjustment Bureau – Fum Lenes EP [PLZ015]
Adrian Niculae – Consensual [Motif Records (Romania)]
Alejandro Deep – Portug Feeling – You
Alessandro Miranda – Nightliner [Atum Record]
Bondaleira – Alone [Bathophia Underground]
Chip Mandich – Something Sometimes [Wajiro]
Cybermich – Mystic Moment [Unround Sound]
Erick Ray – Kysel [LEVG032]
Ever Tapia & Quinema – Robot Technology (EP)
Flavio MP – Metalic Dream [Alveda Subject]
Full Nelson – 2 Wacky [Bish Bash Records]
Gogue – Leave Me [Conceptual]
Gus Bonani – Cheap Chanclas [Jambutek Recordings]
Hassio (COL) – Agua De Coco [KRD319]
Ivano Bellini – Dance To Live [Uranobeat Records]
JCB & Mikhail Kobzar – Omega Is Back [Raro Music]
Jesse Maas – Aura EP [MOAN125]
John Dude – Jack [STH131]
Lophius Rec – Confusion [Habitación 909 Records]
Luca Paone – Do You Come [Lemon Juice Records]
Mediahora – Fly Away [Hibe Records]
Michael Felix – Distant Planet [Hungry Koala Records]
Michaelis – Jaz Hanz [FFRDIGITAL071]
Monteki – Humble Pie [HSBRGV011]
Nima Gorji, Octave – 5 Years [NG Trax]
Oblomov – Gibrid [Muza]
Oliver Loew – Moments in Life [Sofa Sessions]
Pablo G – Elephant [Original Label]
RoboCrafting Material & Gabriel Slick – Nova Archive 1
Sean Pritchard – Tristesse [Blue Poison]
Slypro – Latidos [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Super Moon – I,O [Motif Records (Romania)]
Superchip – Rebendito [Kubbo Records]
Terry Dz – Chicxulub [Bassago Record Company]
VA – Couch 002 [SDR022]
VA – Mixcult Selected Lola Palmer [MixCult Records]
Wayne Madiedo – Dry Mouth [HT027]
Wyatt Marshall – Exit Row EP [SNR190]
Zgaav – Sonder EP [DNV004]

Progressive House

Alleko – Breathe [NoCopyrightNation]
André Lizarelli – World Dance [Focus]
Anlaya Project – Chlodie [Synth Collective]
Audiense, Mukk – Oriental [About U]
Black Onyx – Lights Over Phoenix [INU Musika]
Chappano – Santiago [Massive Harmony Records]
Christopher Hermann – Trip [Astrowave]
Clark Wohlert – Mondfeuchte [Another Life Music]
Closed Circle – Eternity [Balkan Connection]
Collective States – Hyperdrive [Krafted Underground]
D-Melodic – Jungle Drums [Yeiskomp Leisurely]
Difstate – Hypnotized [Consapevole Recordings]
Ewan Rill – Voice [Bevel Rec]
Fane – Vox Maris [TaiJi Records]
Fille V – Reorientate [3xA Music]
Italian Ultra – Air Power [Buzoku Records]
John Noizz – New Path [BC2]
Joy Corporation & Antdot – Dawn [Braslive Records]
K-Effect – Awareness [Gouranga Music]
Lio Q & Nicolas Leonelli, Anhauser – Horizontes
Lumond – Fluids [Scratch Style Brothers]
Marco Bedini – Fanatical [Electronic Tree]
Nerutto – Parallel [Magnifique Recordings]
Niceshot – Binky [Genesis Music]
Pako Mike – Actus [JAM 21]
Paul Hawcroft – Indian Summer [E=MC2]
Ray Go – Ocean Sunrise [Oniryzm]
Richard Lowe – The Dark Knight [Full Tilt Recordings]
Sebas Ramos – Yegular (Remixes) [Mystic Carousel Records]
Sides – Little Green Man [3rd Avenue]
Silent Revolt – My Remedy [Superordinate Music]
Sinan Arsan – In a Row [Big Bells Records]
Sophia Shy – Losing My Mind [feat. Pontus Lindström]
Spaceptima – Summer Love (Alexei Maslov Remix) [ARVEG]
Starkato – Wake Up , Parada [Mango Alley]
Stergios – Soundscapes [Regeneration Music]
The Addixion – Euphoria [Mistique Music]
VA – Extended Play 02 [Stripped Digital]
VA – Progressive Paradise [Yeiskomp Abyss]
VeeDJ – To the Ones [Wiking Recordings]
Weird Noize – Aradhna [SkyTop]

Tech House

Armand Franquelli & Ezequiel Asencio – Lost Dessert
Blessy – Dreams [CDj]
Bvtters – Nightlover [1994 Music]
Corra DN – Ay No Corrida [Conscious]
Craig Smart – Are We Alive [Urbans Underground Recordings]
D-Votion – Spectrum [Inmania Records]
Deep J Vince – Don’t Be [747 Records]
Diego del Val – Bum Diggi Bum [Wifi Records]
Drago – Let’s Ride [Seaburn Records]
Electroblaze – Better Days [Behavior Recordings]
Emanuel Haze, Pablo Arbelaez – Origenes [AXM Records]
Eydrian – White Rabbit [Habitat]
Gabry the Sound – Brug [The Music School]
Hans Sookhur – Donald is Pacman [Hybrid Synergy Records MU]
Highermind – Molly [DDiaz Recordings]
James My & Criss – You Was There [Magic Beatz]
Jh0ssu – Fenix [Glerx Records]
Joe Diem & Aitor Pastor – Sahara
Jona Fosh – Broken [Harbor Records Colective]
Jorick Croes & Kenny Kelly – Palmera [Catamount Records]
JOSAAN – Sensation [GAMAD Records]
Jose Zalatan & Dier – Naughty Summer
Mario Biani – Milka [Victims Of The Groove]
Mr Iza – Minimiza [Horus Music Limited]
MUTUAL FRI3ND – Brainless [Spira Music]
Navos – Get it Right [Sr. Events Music]
Party With Style – Vizcarra [Complex Destroyerz]
Paul Grabowski – Ep Molecular [WARRIOR CITY RECORDS]
Peter Lockdown – Live Again [Futurefunk Recordings]
Point Set – Money (feat. Go Rhythm) [Exlight Records]
Remi Blaze & Neomonic – Warriors [See The Sea Records]
Rick Silva – Lets Go Back [Reset]
Robiin – Zulu Tulum [Beachside Records]
S.Lopèz – Say What [North Origin Cutz]
Scott Anderson – Beauty [13 Records]
Sergio Sergi – Rowsoul [Plastik Galaxy]
Shuttleworth – My Mixtape [lineart]
Sly Turner & Matt Egbert – Lights, Camera, Action
Sven Blaikz Schwarz – Want You (Leonail Remix)
Tech Us Out – End It , Stake Out [La Mishka]
VA – Pow! [Up-Tempo]
Valentin Migliore – Plata o Plomo [Red Grooves]
Vi Veri – Levantate & Anda [The Society]
Vyntage Haze – Groove to This [Happy Days Records]
XeKe – Forget About Everything [DataTech]
YoD Ibiza – Astral [YoD Dark]

Techno & Minimal

Adriano Bugmann – Insight Analisys [Undervision Records]
Anela – He Said to Me [Black Kat]
Angel Barchin – Give Me Pasta [Oxytech Limited]
Atol – Selective Nonsens [7th Cloud]
Basik Phase – Acid Work [ALTEKNATIVE]
Bellecour – Amertune [SM048]
Ben Techy – Onslaught Bloodshed [Marked]
Cristian Varela – Conscience Balance [Induxtriall Records]
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