Afro House

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba & Hamza Rahimtula – Bamako Calling
Boot Slap – Cocodrilos Remixes (feat. Chiara Montiel) [Perplex!]
DarQknight – The Best We Can Be (feat. AmorLuv) [Arawakan]
Dj Crazy T – Work Hard (feat. Snare) [BrokenSoul Records]
DJ Ramos – Almeirim [Africa Mix]
Echo Deep & Viiiictor May – Bayabaleka [Merecumbe Recordings]
George Acosta – You’re Not Alone (Remixed) [SO GOOD]
Joy Marquez – The Ethics [Futura Groove Records]
Lyrik Shoxen – Rebirth [Chymamusiq Records]
Masta Luminary – Tibetan Gongs [Kundalini]
Sniper SA – Sagittarius [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]


AB Syndrom – Highspeedlove [Herr Direktor]
Accuface – Jet Lag (Remastered) [Metrophonic Resistance]
AKISHOU – I Can Feel [Jendex Records]
Basto! – All About You [Be Yourself Music]
Colin – New World Order Mundo Mágico [Colin Muzik Produksiyon]
Confidence Man – Does It Make You Feel Good (Remixes) [feat. Mind Enterprises]
Curtis Jay – Needed U (Radio Edit) [Xzooberant Records]
Cyclon – Euphoric Frenchcore 03 [Euphoric Frenchcore]
DJ Prodígio – Tudo Pode Acontecer (feat. Juliane Leal)
Eugenio Ferrara & Maurizio Lessi – Time [Nutcase Records]
Isa – Words (Remixes) [Digital Mountains Music]
Lowage – Waiting Samurai [Multiza Distribution]
Luisa – Amore e Louis Vuitton (Remixes) [Energy Production]
Plastiqe Mojo & Emily Coy – I Wish [2U Records]
Popcorn Poppers – My Desire [Which Bottle ]
Quincy Ortiz – Solar Blast [Psyfrance]
SCHWARZ – Dream (Schiller Remix) [Styleheads Music]
Sex Rocket – The Moon [Like Post Music]
Turkana Dusk – The Sound of Lux Tea Horse Road

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Argon Shey – Cave [Tajna Musica]
Aurum Miles – Shambolic Mind [Blindetonation]
Babkenz – Into My Deep Mind [Feel Hype]
Brine & D’Arabia, Brine – Sure of You [Trend Records]
Brookside Chase – Underwater [Plenitude Records]
Buben – Alternative Space [404 Deep Records]
Cashminus, Caravan – Trau Dich (Alternative Takes) [Cashminus]
Coreli – He’s Doing Fine [Statics]
CORMAC – False Dawn [Full Tilt Recordings]
Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Sky Dump [Rogue Cat Sounds]
Dave Matthias – Feeling so Right [Dave Matthias Music]
Dave Matthias – Long Road [Dave Matthias Music]
David Jackson – Broken Heart [Frank Music]
David Marques – She I Jazz [LAD Publishing & Records]
DJ Joseph B – The Shoop Song [Mivushi Minus]
DJ Kama & Alex Latino, DJ Kama – Change Before [Mivushi Minus]
DJ Matpat – Dreamin’ [Clubby Boy]
DJ SK & 0.01 Beats – Arabic Night [Deep Strips]
Dopelerz – Don’t Give Up [G-Mafia Records]
DP-6 – Contrast [DP-6 Records]
Etzu Mahkayah – Sinus Hadriaticus [8CELL Studio]
Fran Bortolossi & Caio Busetti – Un Pasito Remixes [Be An Ape]
Gres A – Membrane Theory [Onestar Records]
GVRL – You’re so Fine [Gvrlrec]
Heat Alliance, Heat Alliance, Janty – X-Ray [Hustler Trax]
Hudson Passos – Hover [Houseria Recordings]
Jeff Fader – Slide [Cyanide]
JESUSLOVESACID – Tesseract 2 [Vitalik Recordings]
Jon Gravy – Superfly (feat. Makakko) [Rough Recordings]
Juan M – Signos [Anturia Records]
Kekstar – Relex [Azania Digital Records]
Kyoto, Zoe Sinatra – Venetian Blinds , Mais Qu’Est-Ce Que Tu Fumes
L’N’F – Mental Department [AMA Recordings]
La Bors – Amazon [404 Records]
Maml – Gone From Here [emengy deep]
Manny Evans – Atmosphere [Tech People Music]
Mike Zoran – Nasty Moves [Nipplekiss]
Montanelli Leonardo – Minimalism [Global Music Records]
Nize – Shapes [Artful Recordings]
Oblomov – Samantra [BORSH]
Ozan Yazgan – Departure [Haustronaut Recordings]
Ozz La Deep – Cafe Astrology [Heart N Soul Records]
Pattern Drama, Jamie Stevens – Lowdown [Manitox]
Rik-Art & Ego Valente – Low Riber [Wake UP]
Smyk – Night City [Astrowave]
Solemn Eye, K.ZIA, Sahar Z – Club Edition 001 [70hills]
StarDippSA – Criterion [Survivor Records]
Suave (BE), That’s Who – Interlude [Piston Recordings]
Sugarman – Sunshine [Seamless Recordings]
The Steaming Jeans – Ski Infinity [Bordello A Parigi]
Tommy Vicari Jnr – Over and Over and Over Pt. 1+2 ,, G and G and G
VA – Best of Winter 2019 [The Purr]
VA – The Best of Deeper Music 2019 (Pt. 2) [Deeper Music]
VetLOVE – Male [Make It Yourself Records]
Wes Thomas – Something Special [Sound On Sound]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

111 (Eleven One) – Work.Buy.Consume.Die (feat. Erratik) [Timeless]
Akov & Billain, Exposure – The Syndicate [Bad Taste Recordings]
Blade – Detriot [Emcee Recordings]
Broken Breaks – Black Hole [Street Ritual]
Conrad Subs – Keep Holding On [Liquid Flow]
Dex & Jem – Dub It [Diamond Dubz]
Dfender – Synthpadtik [Soulridaz]
Dfender – Universal [Soulridaz]
DJCASEUK – Light up the Dance [Dubplate Masters]
DMA, Physics – Always Be , Stay Forever [Midnight Sun Recordings]
DSurr – Beyond Spectrum [Lotus Mathematics]
Edson Pride, Junior Senna – Basic Fondation (Instrumental Mix) [1Tribal Records]
Electrion – Hunter [Kundry Music]
Enei – Sinking [Critical Music]
G. Stone – Blazed and Confused [On A Break Records]
Grimesy & Speaker Louis – We Here [Subwoofah Records]
Julius Beat – Ghost City [Dragon Records]
Kaii Concept – Wolf in the Woods [Beatalistics]
Lights Out, Lights Out, Marianna Ray – Let Go [Lights Out Audio]
Madusea & Hazqa – Dots,Nakawa (Hazqa Remix)
Mage – Always On My Mind [Kill Inc Drum & Bass]
mNIPK – XANADU [Alrealon Music]
Moving East – Superstitious [Ruff And Tuff Recordings]
Mr Deeds – Ez Crew (VIP) [Merge Music]
Mr Traumatik – Skin Suit (Terrence & Phillip Flip) [T&P Music]
Mrkryl, Sorsari & Christian Acamo – Story LP
Nichenka Zoryana – Vuyka [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Night Shade Odyssey – Bring It Back [Scapegot Records]
Nu Elementz – Dungeon [Sweet Tooth Recordings]
Pesco DJ – Freed from Desire [Urban Tunes Records]
Raybee, Raybee, Melinki – Mercury [Four Corners]
Shalti – Toxic Drops [Starz Records]
Sol & Knoir, OHNO – Deterioration [Full Flex Audio]
Speak – Off Violet [Ruff And Tuff Recordings]
Stepuz – The Ganjaman [FAM]
Stompz – Broken Hardware [Chronic]
Sun Spot – Earth Goodbye [ChillRecordsMusic]
Taelimb & Conscience – The Junglist [Rebel Music]
Telekinesis, Nuklear – Dark Fate [Blackout Music NL]
Tim Reaper, Tommy the Cat – Hit by a Windmill [Cat In The Bag]
VA – Dnb Life Research #2 [BNC Express]
VA – Liquicity Reflections [Liquicity Records]
VA – Nunchucks [Fokuz Recordings]
Wildways – Breathless (Decent & Snapper & Zephyrway Remix) [SLK Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

48 Cameras – Chosen Songs [Stroom]
Airyx – No Heart [ChillRecordsMusic]
Awaken – Invictus [RYNTH]
Bautista Orol – Latinoamerica [PLU Records]
Boy Funktastic – Earth [Far Down Records]
Cold, James Bernard – Strobe Light Network , Lapis Lazuli [Stroom]
Daniel Hokum – Persian Tale [Tehnika Molodeji]
Daniele Principato – Rambient [Relative Clouds]
Donz, Donz, Jean Caillou – Mirage [Electronic Tree]
Elbee Bad – Heartfelt Choons [BADs Label Larhon Records]
Elegance of the Damned – The First Principle of Lust [Dream Catalogue]
Emile August – Distances [Assist For Artist]
F.F.O.M. – New Farmland [Unrelatable]
Fidelak – Boeva Beach [Sentient]
GATS – Aha Bossa [AKASHA MX]
Gieck – Glissandi [Wronkey]
Gronny – Spherical Healing [Spitzer Records]
His Master’s Voice – Transition [Delsin Records]
Ilya Glebov & Joe Fujinoki – Glimmers (Reissue) [Archives]
JM Chan – Fich19 [Valis Recordings]
Joel Forsberg – Sen [Fuchsklang Musik]
Kill The Geek – Autumn Spirits [Cosmicleaf Records]
Kodama – A Secret Cvlture LP [Urban Poetry]
Kryptic Universe – Passau Part 1 [Lockertmatik]
Laffey – Continual [Memoir Music]
Lee Yi – Motet [Rottenman Editions]
LEHNBERG & Slim Vic – Tjernobyl [Lamour]
Lunars – We’ll Still Be Together [Nicksher Music]
Michael Peters & Fabio Anile – Presence [Audiobulb Records]
Mind Bender – Small Talking [Tratore]
Mojolo – Pucking Figs [After Hour Audio]
Of Norway – 101 Concepts [Connaisseur Recordings]
Potyx, Potyx, Cacique Raoni – Ziriguidum [Tratore]
Seypro – Dalin of the East [Nustromo Music]
Shawn Davis – Ascetically Pleasing [FUTURIST RECORDINGS]
Shirobon – Impact of TY-77 [Hyperwave Records]
Skuma – Enchanted Forest [Oxidia]
Sonic Solutions, Inc. – Mea Culpa [Obey Records]
Sonic Solutions, Inc. – Resurrectionem Ex-Mortuis [Obey Records]
Space Native – Through Them Blinds [Lunar Outpost Records]
Stefanec&LeGrand – Crystal [HDR Limit]
STEK FDD – Xpired Noise [TheTurnMeOn]
Twoom – Natural Light [Lynchpin Records]
VA – Last Beats of the Year [Nidra Music]
VA – New Year’s Eve Perfect Playlist [Stereoheaven]
Vanderschrick – Onzeker [Stroom]
Vic Flairs – Crispy Groove [Nobody !mpr!nt]
VXIOM – Cyberlove [Smart Phenomena Records]
Zion TPL – Ztl [Future Sonar]


Alex Natale – Flying Man [Smile Creations Music Label]
Andy Wave – La Piscola Remixes [Red Lamp Records]
Angelo Ferreri – Get Up (feat. Lee Wilson) [WU Records]
AVA (IT) – You Can Never Go Home [Metropolitan Recordings]
Basky – Ohh Shii [Red Lake]
Carl Berner Bingo Bros & Psychic Arm – Product Information (CBBB Remix)
Carlos Gatto, Dim Zach – Life in Yellow [Ganbatte Records]
Claudio Tempesta – Best of Tempesta Records [TEMPESTA RECORDS]
Cristian Parisi – I AM a WOMAN (Remaster Series) [Aliena Records]
Daniele Francesco – Rock To The Rhythm ’19 [Houseworx Sessions]
Discolux & Ferpect – Lush [Bruka Music]
Frederick Alonso – No Mercy [NYON Records]
Jackie Joe – Do It for You [Netswork Records]
Jaidek – Can’t Believe [Bang The Culture]
James Deron – Man To the Rights (SoulVibes Mix) [Cafe Creme Music Records]
Janet Scarlet – The Gravity [3rd Way Recordings]
Jason Rivas & Funkenhooker – New Funky Feeling
Kev Dj Vapor – Dream X Absolute [Teknofonic Recordings]
Laroze – Find a Place [Dance Around 88]
Manuel Riva – What Mama Said (feat. Misha Miller) [Albert Marzinotto Remix]
Manuel Riva – What Mama Said (feat. Misha Miller) [Andre Rizo Remix]
Maxi Basshead & Harry Blotter – Cerebral Pussy [Feather Print Records]
Nauti Buoy – Dont Go [Wight Label Records]
Norberto Acrisio aka Norbit Housemaster – Old Skool Vibes
Now O Later & Paul Cicada – Crash It! [Deephour Music]
Odeum – Memory Invoke [In Dushe]
Paranormal Attack – Someday [Shroud Records]
Rory Hoy – Feel Alive (feat. Zonic) [Poolside Recordings]
Rossy D & Davey, Rossy D – I’ll Be Yours [Crossworld Academy]
Stevie decibel, Urban Rebel Sax, Gas man, M-eye – Moving
Tom Place – Corrupted Circuits [Bade Records]
VA – Mr President 14 [HeyDude Rec]
Virginia Lazzarini – Chantico Remixes [Duqua Records]
W. Jeremy – Downtown 84 [Get Up Recordings]
Walter Gardini – Funky Solution [Fly Night Records]
Xarles – Out of Here [Ulybug Records]

Melodic House & Techno

Adrian Pricope – Stranded Deep
Adrien M – Copie Color [Feather Tones]
ARTN – Passenger [Sidra]
Brando (Us) – Strobe [Go Deeva Records]
Chris Lehmann, Dennis Engelhardt – Nemesis
Den Mayer – Forgiven Soul [Take My Space]
Echo of Change – Moon Clock [Freaky Troopers]
Fractal Architect – Always , Never, Predertemined
Fuscarini – Amazing {Allies for Everyone Remix}
Gigi de Martino – Galaxy [Cerebro]
Highlite – Phoenix [Three Hands Records]
Ilya Gerus – Waveform [Lincor]
Involute – Origins [Submerge Music]
Ivan Lopez, Raul Figueroa – Sentimiento
K.M.X – Et Conteram [Sonar Records]
Luca Vallante – Kolibri [ME! Records]
Luis Leon & In2Deep – Sculpture [L’enfant terrible]
Madd Rod – This Place [Inner Shah Recordings]
Mariano Disavia – Scorpion [KULTO]
Renée Lincoln – Next Life [DeepDownDirty]
Rolando Sonus – Into Eternity [The Sonus Records]
Sander Klepper – Manipulate [Right Music Records]
Sebastian Markiewicz – Magma [Compatible Music]
Settantanove – Catturato in me [BMMR]
Toby Long – Thinking of You (Extended Mix)
Triateck & Boy North – Antipod [Bullfinch]
Two Sins – Immersion [Krafted Underground]
VA – Best of Melodic Techno 2019 [Emperor Recordings]
Zitch – Down Lights [Wood Limited]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Alan M – That Thing [Soul Room Records]
Alejandro, Alejandro, Matpri – Travellers
Alexandro G, Bastien Groove – Explorer [Run Records]
Alexx Stefanov – Acid Rain [Minihard]
Artur Achziger, Amaru – Skyller [DENSE AUDIO]
Asenn – Stretched dream [Na Zrak Records]
BenShock – Abraka Dabra [Tief Ltd]
Bloody Cash – Delta System [Kieso Music]
Centro-Sur – Detrahet , Deditionem [Kubu Music]
Chris Stoll – Abysse [OPAC Records]
Collate – Titel [Bosom]
Coral O’Connor – New Age [Floorpiece Digital]
D-Flame – Balistika [Click-On Media]
Dani Sbert – Recreated [Bully Beatz]
Del Fonda – Expansive Wave [Black Habitat]
DJ M4SH, Sensoreal – The Message [Rendr Records]
Dohen (Gr), Mikee (Athens) – Novella [Deep Phase]
Domi Pl – Rocio (Ibiza Mix) [Platform 7even]
Dottor Jo – Good Vibes [Spira Music]
DubluD – Don’t You [()utside Romania]
DYI Mob, DYI Mob, 4QM – Dada [4 Quarters Music]
Electric Tango – Straight From The Underground
Electrypnose – Mhodalan [Techgnosis Records]
Estran – Night Crawler [TRAUM TECHNO GERMANY]
Exs & Escobar (TR) – Jupiter [Maidens Tower Records]
Federico Mancini – Monkey Punch [Elettra Music]
Franco Rossi – Everything [Dizzines Records]
Fredo Guerre – Menace [Haliaeetus Music]
Gabriel Rush – Care a Fost [STIG]
Gaga, Mateo! – It’s Time [Dark Face Recordings]
Giancarlo Zara, The Sahoo Conection – Black Beach
Hc Kurtz – Melted [Minihard]
J.A.P – This for That [Tangible Records]
Jan Darsel – Dark Butterfly [Micro Records]
Johnny Aemkel – Avoun [Divided]
Juampi Saillen – Exotic [Saitech Records]
Julio M – Sp-Tl [MUSIC&LIFE]
Konstantin_k – Birthday [Unreleased Plattform]
Luis Venetian – Funk [Tanama Records]
ma S – Mushrooms [Conceptual]
Mai iachetti – 8Floor [MyHouse YourHouse]
Mani Junkies – Onyx [T4 Label]
Marcel db – Sleepless Days [Hungry Koala Records]
Matt Mikke – Mixta , Wobber [Kubu Music]
Mondell, Sebastian Henriquez, Lionel Escobar – Mechanism
Mr. Fowks, Calou – Bring That Beat Back
Narcotex – Tarantula [Joke-R MNML Records]
Novodisc – The Phone [Wildisc Underground]
Pablo Acenso – Toolate [Monocord Records]
Pasten Luder – Praha [Bass Zone Music]
Peter Hyde, Giuseppe Cennamo – Paletts
Phonotrip – Decembrino [Discotto Rec]
Phreaks of Visions, Sergey Muzarks – Evolution [Lolife]
Pierre Tegui – Lock the Doors [Zoo Series Recordings]
Poor Pay Rich – Fugitive [Sibil-la Music]
Remiel – Pegas [Take My Space]
Rodent – Triangle [Dark Wave]
Roshu – Context [Defora Records]
Sadrican – I’m Gettin High With You [Stazis]
San & Terapia, Basti MNML, Luigi Peretti – RIP BASTI MNML
Sascha Ciccopiedi – Magic Stick Remixed [Soupherb Records]
St4r – Reinvention [Tzantza Records]
Suave (BE), Suave (BE), Alffie – No Doubts [Hollow Lab]
Subdatekk, Subdatekk, Meet – Necessary [Original Label]
Sylver – Sinner & Saints [Inwave]
Unabold, Luuya – Love Your Energy [Take My Space]
Unknown Stoned, Illayuk – Karma Paradise
VA – Abound of Minimal, Pt. 9 [Abound]
VA – Best Kept Secrets. Chapter One [HEISENBERG]
VA – Best Of 2019 [Dub Collective Recordings]
VA – VA Subliminal Minimal V.02 [Retrigg Records]
Victor Polo – Self Mode [Cientoonce]
Wayne Le – Exact [Be One Limited]
Yogi P – Blissi [NOPRESET Limited]
Yogi P – Out Your Mind [Miaw]

Progressive House

Andy Woldman & Jaskyne – Hyperreal [IN2U Records]
Aves Volare & Liam Sieker – Hope & Shadows
Ayhan Akca – Radiance EP [Wold Records]
Blue Cell – Salty Breeze [Typ3 Records]
DJ Abouzar – The World I Know [Estribo Records]
Dutore & Diego Antoine – I Need You [Mighty Records]
Eli Spiral – Magnetic Souls [Golden Wings Music]
Gaitha – Despertar [Inception]
Gastón Sosa – Smoke , Inside the Smoke [Capital Heaven]
Kamilo Sanclemente, Integral Bread – Yavin
Katzen – Identidad (The Album) [Dreamers]
Leo Perez & Dhany G – Fluorite [Bevel Rec]
Mam – Scattered Minds [Revelation Records]
Martin Berger & Q.A.T – Blue Therapy
Matt Garner – Make It Bounce [PR Records]
Meat Katie – Ice Wall [Lowering The Tone]
Miguel Amaral – After tomorrow [Midnight Express Records]
Nacres – Grand Jete [Elastic Dimension Records]
Nellis – The Bund [Psykometrik]
Nibiru – The Circus Noon [Bonzai Progressive]
Nisho – Driving Back to Darkness [Lohit Deep]
Numall Fix – New Year Surprise [Ashime Records]
Oddcs – Indelible [Duenia]
Pedräda, Matheus Castro, Dre Guazzelli – Astral Rebel
Ricardo Piedra – Allergy [Consapevole Recordings]
Soulkeys – iDeep [One Of A Kind]
Terrence Sharp – Sanctum [Neoteck Music]
VA – Balkan Connection Winter 2019 [Balkan Connection]
VA – Best of Full Tilt 2019 [Full Tilt Recordings]
VA – Bouncing Back [Atmospherica]
VA – Eight (Winter’20) [Green Snake Records]
VA – Genesis IV [Genesis Music]
VA – SIX Stage-4 [SLC-6 Music]
Wally Lopez, Mononoid – All Has Changed
ZGOOT – Incipience [Mystic Carousel Records]
Zibe – Garden of Eden [A Must Have]

Tech House

Advic – D – Falling Edges [Morrvey Tech Sounds]
Advic – D – Hi Tech [The Tech Foundations]
Agents Of Destiny – Tik Tok [DataTech]
Aldo Cadiz & Nick Bennett – Lost My Flight [Drug Addicts]
Alex Rojas – You Know The Flow [Ballroom]
Alex Sounds, Syrk – Sorner [Lujuria Records]
Alvez, Alex Santana – Darkness Comess [Sequences Music]
Benja Molina – Deserve [SafariPark Recordings]
Bio Techno – Love Chambers [The Tech Foundations]
Black Deeper & Tape Low – What Rave [Deep Bear]
BuzLight – See the Present , Remaster , Alter 1 Version
Carlo Riviera – Ese Hook [My Own Beat Records]
Christian Belt – Beats of Love [Bc Music]
Dani Hageman – Burning [Azari Records]
Dave Craig – Polyphony ’19 [Houseworx Sessions]
Denney – Beat the Drum [Maya Records]
Dissolut – Weirdo [Noisy Neighbours]
EdiP – Indiana [Worms Records]
Emotti – Prohibited Zone [Deep Bear]
Eric Toscano – Laser [Sousa-Label]
Ethan M – I Am the Drug (feat. Jona) [Viberate Recordings]
Francesco Parente – Sexy B [Dirtyclub Music]
Fumanchu – FumIbiza [Valencia Records]
Glenn Mes – Capturada [GNG Records]
Ignacio Pérez – Fever [Fly Or Die]
Jay-x – You Are My Dream (Remix) [Yatagan Records]
Jeremy Bass, Andres Power, OutCode – Inside (Andres Power, Outcode Remix)
Jholeyson, Jholeyson, Late Replies – Eiglee [Low Res]
JOSEON – Mountain Rabbit (Remixes)
Kevin York – Koati [Nomevea Records]
Kiril Melkonov – Six Five O One [Calumnia Records]
Kryptonicadjs – Fresh Jam [Kryptofabbrikk]
Krysenstern – Kenya [CrackHouse Recordings]
Luis bolanhos – Voyager [Vizionaire Records]
MAP – Lost Connection [COTM Records]
Martin Occo, Gianfranco Troccoli – Crispy
MINT (JPN) – Grassland Groove [Music By The Eye]
Ms Pika – Summer Vibes [Huambo Records]
Overstereo – Alright [Space Bird Records]
Pati Schwarz – 1992 – [THESTROY]
Philip Z, Horatio – Saved My Life [Natural Rhythm]
Proa Deejay – AfterParty [Complex Destroyerz]
Rafael Certano – Feelin It [Futurefunk Recordings]
Renaud Genton – Let Me Show You [Noexit]
Renaud Genton & Chimmy Rick – Hyperion [Chicago Jaxxx]
Ricardo Costa, Pat Lafeda, Jacomo – Teaser [Nanouchi Music]
Ritz – Makes Everything So Great [Musica Gourmet]
Robert Smoke – El Pachanguero [Beachside Records]
Rodrigo Veiga – Discover [Elantris Records]
Sebastian Darez – Argonautas [The Society]
Sellouts – Shuttle [Deep Well Music]
Stratos – Dream Walk [Hush Deep]
The Muhammads & Amyr R – Forever [Pyramid Waves]
The Scene Kings – Dolce & Gabbana [Sektor Rekords]
VA – Adult Only Records 21 Years Birthday (1998-2019)
VA – Best of Tech-House 2019 = 7th Cloud [7th Cloud]
VA – Christmas Tech Gems [Stammtisch]
VA – Palm Trees and Beats 2 [Colore]
VA – Phoenix [Les Enfants]
VA – Purple Sea [Les Enfants]
Vizual – Adsr [UFO RECORDZ]
Waitz, Waitz, Marco Corcella – Rock The Disco [Humatron Records]

Techno & Minimal

0010X0010 & T3TSUO 303 – Acid Avant-Garde
18 East – Night Wind [nuOn Music]
A.Dore – Circle [Erase]
Ad Mark, Costa Camucci – Contamination [Toxic8 Records]
Adoo, Julian Ess – Fallen Promises [Substeal Records]
Agent Folder & Ander, Fabio Papa – Op [Unalike Music]
Alavux – No Air Flow [Nomad]
Aleksandr Shuniborov – Coco #6 [Coco Music]
Alexander David – Run to Darkness [Drehmoment]
Ambient Soul – Winter Moonlight [7th Cloud]
Ander & Agent Folder, Fabio Papa – Co
Angel Lasso – Black Star [Skulls Records]
Antonio Ruiz – Colossus [Conjured Records]
Augusto Taito – Additives [K S R]
Benfay – The Funk [Nivispluma]
Beuthen O.S. – White, Cold Skin [Furanum Records]
Bob Ray, Melissa Queen – No More Bass (Melissa Queen Remix)
Bohumil – Fifth [TanzTraum Records]
Bruno G-Star – Liberty [Previous Records]
Buru, Buru, Monolyth – Variable [Metaphisical Recordings]
Carles DJ – Street [NO PAIN RECORDS]
Ceefon – Robotron [Sweet Harmony Records]
Chris Coles & Latex Zebra – Komorebi [Mechanikal]
covert23, DJ Esp, Quartz – Telepathik Moments
Cristian – Detroit [Toxic Recordings]
Dado Rey & Jane Fox – Deal Breaker [Gimmick Records]
Danniel Odell & Mundus – Gone [Steam Circuit]
Dantech, Lulian Toma – Invisible [Creptonit Records]
Dark Chambers – Dark Room Noiz [Darknet]
DJ Jassa – Street Vibes [Tugas Records]
Elek-Fun – Sangre [VapourTrail Records]
Enformig – Brute Force [Platform A]
Filta Freqz – Acid Milf [Seventy Four]
FOLUAL – Truth [Apogee Recordings]
George Doga – Dark Grey [Raise Recordings]
Ger Electronic – Brainwashing [Heavy Vibes]
GGS Project – Pyscho Balance [Phunk Junk Dark]
Gianni Ruocco & Ramon Bedoya – Bam Bam Gianni Ruocco Remixes
GiusvaB, Mariano Santos – MAssive VIolet
Glitter – Curupira [Kush Records]
Goodbye Mirage, Midub – From Pilsen to the Moon
Halley Seidel – B12 (TTaXU Remix) [CLAB Records]
Iris Santo – Forsaken [Soar Records]
John Terms – Devil Maan [JumaRecords]
Jules Wells & Theobald Ringer – West & Sud
Just Tom – Guardian [Mono Repeat]
Kotec, Loss Of Balance – Opposite e.p [Rhod Records]
LEON (Italy) – Game Over [AdMaiora]
Lhasa – Sexxor [Stroom]
LowXY – Coma [MixCult Records]
Machine John – Acid Dog [Skull Label]
Maharti – In Town [Music4Clubbers]
Manarchy, seon & Xavo 16 – Crunchy Chestnut , Human Instinct
Manmachine – Contemplate Reality [TesseracTstudio]
Marcibagoly – Dubussy [Bionika Records]
Mark Meino – Techno Freinds [Mono Repeat]
Markus Molonoff – Bass Bit [Strabaganzza Records]
Mauro Rubio – Magisches Portal [Egothermia]
Max Darmagnac – No Return [Iberico Techno Label]
Mikronaut – The Imminent Arrival [White Line Music]
Milo Raad, d_func. – Irrational Fear [Northallsen Records]
MiSinki, MiSinki, DMB – Nanovirus [Future Techno Records]
MOD3LLR – Fundamental Interaction [MOD3LLR]
Mol-A – Blue Monday [Klinik Room]
Monosaccharide – To Go Insane [Digitronica]
Natalino Nunes – Nuage [DSR Digital]
Natalino Nunes – Signal [Prescribed Trax]
Natur – Dubicity [Bionika Records]
Oliver Deutschmann – All Truth Lies on the Floor [Virgo]
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Philippe Petit – Syxtspc003 [SYXT]
Phyrgian, Phyrgian, David Londono – Apocaliptico
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The Mighty Flux, Daniela Rhodes, BL.CK, Konvic – Your Love
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VA – Techno Roads [Let’s Go Dancing Records]
VA – Best of DDiaz 2019 [DDiaz Recordings]
VA – Best of KOT 2008 – 2019 By Wyrus
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VA – The Form [Compressor Recordings]
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