Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Aj Lora – Sadhguru [Guettoz Muzik]
Anel M, Angie Dibujos – 10 Years of House It’s a Spiritual Thing
Art of Tones, Cody Currie & Joel Holmes – Solids [De La Groove]
Bary Meelth – OS032 [Open Sound]
Below Bangkok, Kiano & Random Thoughts – Sound Spirit Logic
Björn Gögge – Encore [recordJet]
Blaq Soul – Ubothi Mhlongo (Episode 1) [Offering Recordings]
Blonde Koala – Creamy [One Shot Records]
BPlan – Can You Feel The Beat EP [MoodyHouse Recordings]
Budakid, Dino Lenny – Four To The Floor 15 [Diynamic]
CeeyChris & Mshudu – Unomusa (feat. Melody) [Arawakan]
Corazon De Melon, Luis Bravo – VA [Casa Club Records]
Darksidevinyl – Twana & Wabaa [Ocha Mzansi]
Deepear – Connection [Smashing Trax Records]
Doey Joey – Mile-High Island [Down Right Dirty Records]
Drunky Daniels – Atabaque [Rhythmetic Records]
Favio Inker – Con Todo [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Gimbrère – Mirage [Future Disco]
Harre – Places [Tentacle Records]
Khaled Roshdy – Through The Desert EP [SoHo Beats Recordings]
Kvinn – The Sky [Bohemian Tunes Records]
Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak – I Miss the Things (Remixes 2019)
Leonardo Degl’Innocenti & Kid Moss – So Close [Hatching Creatures]
Levasseur – Hypnotized [Streamin Music]
Luca Olivotto – Keep On Remixes [Endless Music]
Mr Meerkat – Revolt [Reload Process]
Neestie & African Drumboyz, Neestie & Ketso – Through Faith EP
Old Rebel – KUPONA [7 Armies Music]
Oreason – Just Like Old Times [Mole Music]
Piprectron – High Temperature [0103Records]
Richard Bång – Summer Vibes [Richy Records]
Ritz – Meditation – Album Sampler [Piston Recordings]
Saliva Commandos – From The Eyes Of The Pines , Harlem Solis
Secret Factory – Hashen Tashen [Secret Fusion]
Sergey Srost – Flights in Dreams [Rubin Records]
Shari Vari – NOW [Malka Tuti Records]
TRUKANADA – 1920 Parksville Dr. [Suol]
Zaki – Time Beyond Time [Muak Music]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Alfons, Bounce United, Helion, LUM!X & Mike Emilio – Shuffle Dance
AndrewP, Escadia – Festival Vibes [Elektrify Records]
Aryue & FF – Never Letting Go [Dragon Records]
Blastoyz – Step Aside (The Remixes) [Nutek Records]
BreakEd, Drumandavid – Smoking Plaza Records Compilado 02
Covert Garden – Left Hook [Covert Garden]
David Guetta – 100% David Guetta (2019)
Devastate – Flex My Ability To Strike Like Military
Devastate – Sensi [Diamond Dubz]
DJ Jaybee, DJ Joy – Bounceland [Ilin Records]
Gabbanatic – Storm Riderz [See The Sea Records]
Kutlo & Dorian – Raw (Dorian Remix) [Mainframe Recordings]
M.D. – Choked EP [Soul Trader Records]
Mayforms – Your Love EP [Influenza Media]
Maykors – Owl EP [Celsius Recordings]
Miami House Party – Our Built Up Concrete Playground [Recovered Soul Records]
mnmllounge – Specter [200 dB Records]
Moderate Hate – Strange [Black Monsta Records]
NA-NO – Dust From My Eyes [Bohemian Records]
Particle & Magugu, Particle – Empires [Critical Music]
PertHil – The Tekk Toys Tales [Lo4299]
Radical – Orbit , Bloodfiyah [Within The Woods Records]
Ray Daymrox – Nick of Time [Nustromo Music]
Rinino – Loverdose [The Dreamers Recordings]
Royal Music Paris, Royal Music Paris & Dino Sor – I remenber
Tali & Roygreen & Protone – Paper Wasp (feat. DRS)
Uniques – Just Wish it Would Rain [Maad Ting]
VA – Disciple Alliance Vol. 5 [MP3]
VA – Electropower 2019
W2W.b – Critical System EP [Subplate Recordings]

Electronica & Downtempo

Afrosideral & Kumar Sublevao-Beat – El Olimpo de los Orishas
Alex Spite – Eastern Night [KudoZ Records]
André Perim & João Pedro de Lima Júnior, André Perim – Side Effects
Escobar (TR) – Desert Sun [Talent Records]
Gronny – Connect [Moveton]
I Am the Woodstar, WOOGTAR – Who Is Woogtar
Jago Alejandro Pascua – Satisfy [Zeitlyserg]
Koste – Stories [Seeking Blue]
Marc Scelassie – Try (Remixes) [recordJet]
RONEeS – Goodbye City [Mediterranean Music]
Röyksopp – I Just Don’t Understand You (Lost Tapes)
Saint Petersburg Spin Disco Club – Can’t You See Me
Sam LGT – Retrowave [Nustromo Music]
The Midnight – Arcade Dreams (Timecop1983 Remix)
WE ARE FURY & RUNN – Memories (Remixes) [Seeking Blue]
Woolfy & Projections – Destinations (Woolfy vs. Projections)
Xayne – Serenity [Kappa Kave Music]


13 Region, AlphaGerius – Ade Night 2019 [Rest Music]
Alessandro Gozzo & Mojeaux, Alessandro Gozzo, Julietaeta & Mojeaux – Codigo [Espacio]
Andy Bach – City Life Ep [Black Jack Records]
Ant Brooks & MASiiVO – Really Want U (Extended Mix) [Zulu Records]
ArtLec – Breathe [Enormous Chills]
Attaboy, BlueBliss – 10 Years of Techno Anthologies of the Night (10th Anniversary Edition) [220V Recordings]
Ayce Bio & Prev – 5 Ore Massimo [Funclab Records]
Barush, DJ Fysh – IZCALLIWOOD [Vayk Records]
Bob Musella – I’m Not A Bad Guy [FakeGods]
Bonetti & Viola Sykes – Just Dance [Groovy Riddim Records]
Carlos Alfaro, Emer J – El Palpitar del Pueblo [Magma Music]
Chill Out – NEO 2019 [Fundamental Music]
Da Funk Junkies & Scotty Boy – Surrender My Soul [Which Bottle ]
DaCrazyFish & Mauro Novani – Chills up My Back [Kattivo Records]
Danny Clark – Way Back [Dallinghoo Recordings]
Detroit 95 Project & D33tro7 – Demons [Positive Feeling Records]
Disco Ball’z – One For The Fellaz [Cultural District Recordings]
Discoloverz – Allnight [Funky Revival]
Energy Drink – Black & White [Blackhitmans Records]
Etur Usheo – Rhythm Of Love [Lisztomania Records]
Fagram – Ambitions [84Bit Music]
Filth & Smell & 4Peace – The Right Reasons [Juiced Music]
Fred Dekker – Alright Tonight [CRMS Records]
FunkU – Plutonium [Poolside Recordings]
Funky Trunkers – Work It [Frosted Recordings]
Galaxy of disco & The Space Knights – Honey (just call me Al) [NSoul Records]
Gangs of Naples – Over The World [Traktoria]
Gianluca Colletti – Tulime [Shaka Records]
Holdeck – Sweat [La Luna Records]
Ilary Montanari – Sounds Better [PPMUSIC]
Jack N’ Brothas & Raul Soto – Warehouse 89 [PHXBLK]
Jack wins & David Puentez, Jack wins & Guz – Hold Your Breath (Remixes) [Axtone Records]
Justyn Cruz – ABC’s Of Life [Cruz Ctrl Music]
Kelvin Sylvester – Prayer [Pasqua Records]
Kristof Tigran – Orikito [Jango Music]
Lee Adams – My Lifeline [DaCosta Records]
Leventina & Chris Reece – See You Sweat – Erie [Enormous Tunes]
Loris Altafini – Lets’s Party All Night [Star Funk Records]
Lovely Dana – Close Your Eyes [Deep Strips]
Luca Debonaire & Dave Matthias – Blow Ya Mind EP [Zulu Records]
MAKITO – Jailhouse Drums [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Matt Banga – Urban Deep Trends [Elektik Media]
Nick Hussey & Sam Moore – Fire [King Street Sounds]
Novai – Temple [Hydra Music Records]
Pat-Rich & Deev F – The Boss [Individual Music]
Proletariat Base – 2 Much , La Casa Del K [Current Records]
QY – Untitled [Freund der Familie]
Reece Johnson – Rural Maneuvers EP. [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Rhythm Staircase – Jazzdown [Cabbie Hat Recordings]
Sam Paradise – Valencia [Satta Records]
SASHA MALIS – Till I Found You [Sound Explosion]
Star B, Riva Starr & Mark Broom – Gotta Have You [Snatch! Records]
Steeve March – Freak It [Littlehouse Records]
Tálita Mara – Hipnose [Octiive]
Timmus – Ancient Storyteller [Beat & Path]
Tony Puccio & El Chino DreadLion – Lo Profundo Del Mar [Made In Miami]
Under Sanctions – Midnight Train [No Definition]
WD4D & Jimi Jaxon – U Kno [Care Package Music]
Yass & DJ Rae – My Reason [Quantize Recordings]

Progressive House

Alanisnotcool – Ancient Seeker [interflow progressive]
Anartist – Savages , Gog O Magog [Capital Heaven]
DJt.A.i – Dq Room [MojoHeadz Records]
Ed Prymon – Parachute [Yeiskomp Leisurely]
Kirill Maxsimoff – Republic Of The Sun
Macy – Forever [99 Waves]
Michail A, RMNY – VA – Dimension
Rick Pier O’Neil – Perch [Balkan Connection South America]
Robert B – Nekrit Expanse [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Sahar Z & Vic F – Whispers in the Dark [Edge]
Spyros Stergiopoulos & Themis Flessas – Una Muchos
Stanley Myer – Drama [Figura Music]
Will Canas – Neurotic [Progressive Dreams]
Z8phyr – Antani [Cool Breeze]

Tech House

21 ROOM, Oziriz – Sheet [Flip-Flops Records]
Alex lume – The dark side of the forest [Mixupload Tech]
Alvaro Arroyo – Efecto Club [Draft-e Records]
Andres Power & OutCode – La Loca [SELECTECHouse Label]
Bryan Kush – Tubular EP [BOOTH]
Capo Copa & Koen Groeneveld – Losing Myself (Koen Groeneveld Edit)
Cariboula – Float [MojoHeadz Records]
Chicks Luv Us – Get Da Moovon EP [MOMENT]
Christos Papadogias – Every Day & Night [Bif Records]
Da’pac, Maxi Taboada – Va 9 [Bad Music]
Dance Bridge – Touch It [G-Mafia Records]
Davina Moss, Tuff Dub & Iva Dive – Bom Da Dee , Mamba
Demetrio – D004 [Demetrio]
DJ Yanks & Surany Holguin – Let’s Dance All [Bad Father Records]
Doctor Boom – They Don’t Know [Del Sol]
Eraserlad – Vigvam [BORSH]
Erik Bonaldy – La Trampa [Black Turtle Records]
Eskuche – Passion [Etiquette]
Ference – James Brown [Frncn Music]
Fran Bortolossi & Caio Busetti – Catwalk EP
FreedomB – Bambaataa [Percomaniacs]
Gafer, Mandragora – La Isla EP [Gafer]
J.M. Jimenez – Back [Basiq Label]
Jake Cusack – Love Is The Message [Funkdog Recordings]
Jason Rivas & Magzzeticz – Ok Is Not Enough
Jay de Lys – New York Flow [Rawsome Recordings]
Jean Aita – Break For Love (feat. Lula) [Mixes] [Nervous Records]
Jens Lissat – Monkey Nation [Monkey League]
Jonh Brand – Dark Night [Cubes Music]
Josh Grover – Dance Whit Me EP [Percussive Records]
Julian Iannone & Ramon Bedoya, Ramon Bedoya – Mute Ep
Kduzec – Once Again [Suicide Robot]
Killa Kontrolls – Free Your Mind [Three Sounds Records]
Luca Secco, Craftkind & Dinamix – More Attention EP
Lucas Rosselli – About Me [Run Records]
M. Rodriguez – Everything In My Way [Marktek Records]
Maibee – I Can Move [Valorize o Groove]
Mamboloco – Batido [Three Sounds Records]
Marcos Salas – Synchron [Cardina Records]
Mattew – Taking Go [Groove Lovers]
MKA – Speak about it [Midnight Express Records]
NA-NO – Switch It Up [Bohemian Records]
Nick Papagiogio – The Interstellar Portal
NrkProjects – Jack & Coke [Clubshine Records]
Oddoo – Luds [Cream Dance Records]
Papa Marlin & Bondar – That’s Better [Shanghaied]
Robiin – La Vida [The Warehouse]
Squicciarini – Love Me [kluBasic plus]
Style Gold – Sax Funk [A&A Records]
Supersonic Lizards – Midnight Vampires [D33tro7 Records]
Unknown life form – Find Yourself

Techno & Minimal

3Tekk – Rekuvine EP [Yaakun Records]
500 Years After, Alex Jockey – Techsound Extra 31 Play Us Loud
Acidic Beats & Relax, Andrei Gabriel – Techno Addicts 1 Year, Pt. 1
Aibohponhcet & Boiler K – Under the Dome
Ak (BE), Allan Eissen & Tony Mafia – Techno Addicts 1 Year, Pt. 2
Akiko Iwahara – Slave Me [Techno Vinyls Records]
Akiko Iwahara, Maxx Rossi & Dr. Chekill – T Sessions 5 [T Sessions]
Alborythme – Circular Dominal [Geometrik]
Alejo Loaiza – Bulldog [Artillerycrewrecords]
Alexell, Andrey Kadyshevsky – Oblivion [Maintain Replay Records]
Alfrenk – Eternal Love [Haliaeetus Music]
Antonio Fevola – Technologysm [Lemon Juice Records]
Apo Tulup – Vetkuro [Whole Story Lab]
Audial Arts – Elephant [Allan Folt]
Beat Tribe, Boze – Abound of Underground, Pt. 2 [Abound]
Big Bunny, Q.Green – Hokkaido [Techno Red]
Bonsai & Shades Of Play, Clawz SG – Ethereal Techno #007 [Steyoyoke]
Buben – Flash for Fans [Alienator Records]
Carel, Christian Cambas – Tek In Ibiza Summer 2019 [iTechno]
Carlos Francisco – Heart Of Stone [Nite Grooves]
Cat Black – Guacamaya [Ladeep]
Cayman, Celestino – Interaction, Pt. 35 [Kommunikation Records]
Chris Van Deer – Dream Corse EP [Betrieb Records]
Christian Horrnbostel – Aurum EP [Blumoog Codec]
Cloze Encounter & stndrd, Cloze Encounter – Signal Purpose
Cœurv – Marine Biology EP [Biotop]
Conduit – Sombras y Reyos [Minimal Sessions]
Cosmin Horatiu – Loose It [Black Sea Side Music]
Dan Morris – Pluto [Ushuaia Music]
Dario Sorano & Karm Rise – Urban 2 Berlin [Hybrid Rec]
DarkMe – Addict EP [Pure Dope Digital]
Dave Bond – The Deceit [Carypla Records]
Dawn Razor – No One EP [Arts]
Diego Olarte – Misplaced [Unsorted]
Dirty Box – Message from the Space [Madzonegeneration Records]
Disturbed Traxx – Brt Mood [Pimp’s Tits Records]
DJ 4003 – Disco Hippies on Acid [Jssst Records]
DJ San & Sebastian Moore – Sonorian [Freegrant Music]
DRSSN – Inhale Exhale [Affluenza Records]
Duo K & Nowak – Reckles [Dog And Man]
Eddin Cro – Uppercut [Octiive]
Emissär – Useless Algorithm [ANAOH]
Ender Royers – Gamer EP [Irregular Musik]
Enrico Trevis & Reboq – Immersion EP [Clover Records]
Eraseland – Vayu Ep [Dub Collective Recordings]
Erstav, Forcytek – Mantis,Synthetic Babe [Insane Code Recordings]
Esquadra – Equilibrium [Atrezzo Records]
ExploSpirit, Frontal – Finder Records 4 Year part.3 [Finder Records]
Fase Bipolar – Drumtrigger1979 [Sungate]
Fecchio – Free Soul In Dark Night [Electrified Mindz]
Federico Apadula – Break It EP [Noisy Neighbours]
Feldmanis – Windows [Miaw]
Fhaken & Wayne Madiedo – Beach EP [Beachside Records]
FONICK – Fly hight look [Natura Soul]
Franc.Marti – Dementia [Skull Label]
Funk Off (AR) – Da Lagoa , Go That Way [Kubu Music]
Garrie Addiment, Gåddisøn – Panic [Quanticman Records]
GavGStyle – The Menace [Vibe90 Recordings]
Ger Electronic – Lucero [Hit De Jes Records]
Ger Electronic – Wetiko [Rebellious]
Giallu Sgarra – Dark Essence [Nustromo Music]
Giorg – You and Me EP [Zoo Lab]
H.A.W – Step [De-Konstrukt]
Henry Martin – Riverside [Conjured Records]
Hideyoshi – Foreman [Luft]
I7hvn – Heath [Aparat Rec.]
Ivan Oliva – Like This EP [Herloop Records]
Jaco (IT) – Third dimension EP [Not For Us Records]
Jair Ydan – Optimos [Worms Records]
Jhon Timbala – Incoherente [Cadence Amazing]
John Dude – Free Time, Empty Slot EP [T4 Label]
Johnny Davison – Racing Thoughts [Draft]
Just 9eorge – Break The Chain [Frame Workxx Records]
KaliMike – The Company [Mental Schizophrenia]
Keah – Infected Brain [Kush Records]
Ket Robinson – BRCA1 EP [Basement Reborn]
Kostas Georgoudis – Blessing [Tip Tap Records]
Kreisel & Idiosynkrasia – Doom Approaching [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Kyle Hendricks – Skinwalker [r3verb]
Latishev & Oxyenen – Gentle Man [Flagman]
Le Brion – Temporal Obsession [Santurce Recordings]
LEKTRK & ALC, LEKTRK – Conspire [Turnstyle Digital]
Los Donatos Organos – Mancuso EP [Marba Records]
Lose Endz – Table Tennis EP [Djebali]
Lunatique Sublime – Dreamland [Prospect Records]
Manel Diaz – Been There Done That [Code Rhythm Recordings]
MAQNUM – Reborn EP [Redski_n]
Marcello Perri – Isolation [Blue Monkey Records]
Mark (IT) – Sweep Emotion [Le Club Records]
MARÖTH, Manu Ortega & Maroto – Shot of Iberian
Master Master – Yoroi 2 , Arrow Of Gar [ONEWORD RECORDS]
Mauricio Campana – Petricor [DIAPHRAGM]
Meffisto – Behind You [Angry Rabbit Records]
Mettie – Find Yourself [DTL Records]
Miguel Amaral – Voyage [Midnight Express Records]
Mihnea Andrei – Indigo [OAXUS Records]
Milos Pesovic – Sun Will Rise [THANQ]
Miss Dyke & Pablo Caballero – Break Through Darkness
Modeon – Drown In It [Platform 7even]
Morfogen – Estrimin [X erie]
Moritz Tischer – El Senor [Vision 3 Records]
Murat Ugurlu – Hypoxia [Jeton Records]
Nas Up – Acid Code [Pitch Perfect Records]
Nematic – Laudanum [Sonata Music]
Norberto Lusso – Portal EP [Android Muziq]
Notoir – The Subway EP [Cylinder]
Nunno – Sing You [Jays Records]
Oblomov – Old Clock [Sambit]
ONEDEFINED – On the Road [Fack It Records]
Onien – Rigid Times [Egothermia]
Óscar Sánchez – Ludilo [Shodan Records]
Oxygeno – Chapter 1 [Illegal Alien Records]
Pablo Berezhnoy – Dreamer EP [Iberico Techno Label]
Pablo Caballero & TANKHAMUN – Journey EP [Creptonit Records]
Pasha Like – Don’t You Remember [Black Bore Records]
Petri Petro – Evidence [VapourTrail Records]
Piluka & Alberto Costas – Airport [Strabaganzza Records]
Rando – Dark Angel [Vaunce Music]
RCS – Misterio [Kayf Label]
Re-Mind – Orpheus [Dear Deer Dubs]
Renée Lincoln & Dogstare – Turning Point [DeepDownDirty]
Roby M Rage & Marco Kallas – White Tern [Sound Dissonance]
Roy Samui – This Way [Intergrade Records]
Samuel Bellamy – Sugarfree [Statics]
Saylor Surkamp & Sergio Avila – Please Don’t Think I’m Afraid
Sean Rooney – Dejected [Sound On Sound]
Sebastian Suarez – Yoda [Conceptual Music]
Sergey Srost – The Last Pluck [Sambit]
SGM Record – Yohannesburh [Diana Recs]
Sinokey – Volvic [Khulu Records]
Skov Bowden – Reject [Black Snake Recordings]
Sokol – SNAKE [Pure Jaus Records]
Sopik – Simulation [Black Drop]
Sumak & Nicolas Abramovitz – Erets EP
SUZERQUIA – Mental [Silent Space Records]
Tekstasy – Tension & Release [Oxytech Records]
Themaddeejay – Technolytical Mind [MadMinds Productions]
Tom Laws – Rhythm Maker [Layer 909]
Tomas Gaimaro – Morbus [Septima Records]
Tommy Capretto – Do You Know [Element 79]
Tonikattitude – Acid Juice [TeksessionRecords]
Undular – 86 [Nomer]
Unes – Nirmine [Oxidia]
Unknown Concept – Enigma [Digital Diamonds]
V-touch & Sandre – Wet Phone
VAEN – Acid Percussion [Right Music Records]