Cinimin, Cinimin, Rocksted & Apple Gule – Hello Baby
Dave Owens – U.G.L.Y. [TurtleDog]
Difa – Tragicology [Kalambur Publishing]
Engel Mayr – Slave To the Music [recordJet]
Icka Naraca – Leaf [CZ]
Kelly Loane – My Love [Horus Music Limited]
Lo_ci Ja_tszik – Ro_zsa utca [Gold Record Music Kft.]
Mr Mercedes & Siar Maspila – China
Mr. Sport – Audio Play 2 [Multiza Distribution]
NIK.DUBINSKIY – Vot i Vse [Daim Dance Productions]
Radiocuts – Nighttime [Spinnup]
Sasha Primitive – It Wasn’t Endless [PPG Recordings]
SvenDeeKay – Life [SHOONZ]
The Offbeatshelf – Origin [Hovedvei Records]
Tom Forester & Deeprule – World Is Mine
Vinyl Pinups – Sharks [Handwritten Records]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Afendi, Afendi, The Distance & Igi – Fly To Sky
Agle – An Easy Heaven [Days Of Being Wild]
Alan De Laniere, deepwire – IDE_E [A642]
Andrea Tess – Poisson Noir [JMG Label]
Anton Ishutin – Nostalgia [MM13190]
Astraglide – Gravy [Ambiosphere Recordings]
Ben Hixon – Dearly Loved [New Math Records]
Crush Club, Nicki B The Vagabond – My Man [RYM032E]
Danny Van Taurus – Melissa [ChillRecordsMusic]
Davelly – Northern Lights [Hustler Trax]
David Jackson – X-Pander (Extended Mix) [STREC012]
Di Chiro – Gauchos Del Sur [Piston Recordings]
Digitale Analogik, Rich vom Dorf – Just Wanna Dance
DJ Silverado – Te Quiero [XDMC Records]
Dj Zinho Fox – Remoted [GM124]
Dr Mendez – Bring It Back [Share On Records]
Dumbekchi – The Ayahuasca Track [Sot076]
Eray Gumus – Broken Feelings [Ace Kings]
Evan Hurkett – Viridian [Creationz Records]
FISTFUNKED – Dance with You (Afrosized Mix)
Fragile Vocals, Kong – Better Days [CAT339110]
Groove Lab – Soul Searching [YHV Records]
House Slave – Albinism Tribe [Magerms Records]
Hypaphonik – Battito [RADIO005]
Iner – E_clair [FWR005]
J.B. Boogie – Lets Groove EP [SPA066]
Jackie Komutatsu – Warrior [MTK051]
Jerem A – Double Funk [DBR1211]
John Almenara – AFRICA [TWR120]
Juicebox – Won’t Feel Right [The Half Heart Project]
JunkBeatz – Dope 2 [URR007]
Kalimo – Locations [Okan Records]
Kekstar – Exercise 1 [Azania Digital Records]
Krystal Klear – Cyclia One (Running Back)
Lab Of Music – Reduced [Labofmusic Records]
Leonardus – Donna [LMTRAX140]
Lisa Reidorf – Ready For Holiday [recordJet]
Malloy – Kiki’s Dream [Canal Auditif]
Marcus Soulbynight – Feel Free (feat. Mat Mischi) [Gravity Tunes]
Mark Farina – Music Cultured [AM338062]
Michael Zucker & Chez Damier – It’s Not About You
Mikrostar – Colours [Plastic Rhythm Records]
Molinar – Zion [Phisica]
Montanelli Leonardo – The Channel
Mood II Swimg – Music For Your Ears [PMR02B]
Mosko (IL), TAKIRU – Life After [MTD004]
Mthique Cruz – FTP [PR052]
Mydriasis – Atlantica [Sol Y Playa]
NAVAH – She’s Coming Home [Take My Space]
Neat – Mercedes Benzo (Exploited)
Nox Vahn – Brainwasher – Walking With Giants [ANJDEE447D]
Roudeep – I Want You [Baijan Records]
Saison – No Fuss Remixed Part 4 [No Fuss Records]
Sakhile SK – Keep Groovin’ [Closer To Truth]
Sartorial – Ruby [TDR068]
Semyon Gershenkop – Bar [Bloodstone Recordings]
VA – 4 Years Of Service (Shall Not Fade)
VA – Afro Grooves Collection Vol 3 (2019)
VA – Berlin Nachtblau – Deep Vibes Vol. 2 [FLAC] (2019)
VA – Deep-House Tempel, Vol. 2 (2019)
VA – Dinner Lounge Bar (2019)
VA – Love Of Lounge. Vol. 1 (2019)
VA – On Air Nu Disco Indie Dance Tunes, Vol. 3 (2019)
VA – Soultronic Vol 08 (2019)
VA – Tropical Ibiza House Definition (2019)
Vincenzo Cardinale – Lost in My Mind [Streetlab Records]
Vladimir Virus – Physics [Rebellious]
Zimosoul, Maxx – Azania [MREC099]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

2Whales – On My Back [Shell Shock Recordings]
Antony G – Fluttering [Influenza Media]
Asana – Pudding [Asana]
Askel & Becca Jane Grey, AudioSketch & Surplus – Collaborations 4
Auma Runa – Le Cachullapi , Sapiyug [Edmoon Records]
Aznok & Gilas, Aznok – Unstable [Invasion Recordings]
BassSpace – Neutrino [Multiza Distribution]
Ben Snow – With You [Born On Road]
Bungle – All for Nothing [Soul Trader Records]
Contiez – Lucid [Fantasy Soul,Interscope Records]
Control Freak – Grinder [Diamond Dubz]
DJ Dani – Polomia [Dirty Beatz Records]
Dyamorph – Bad Trip LP [You So Fat Records]
In Sleep, Austin Vocals, Greg G. & Alyk Pliskie – Vacant
LiEnN – Rubber Duck It’s Possible [Deafmuted Records]
Mage – Second Chances [Kill Inc Drum & Bass]
METCHA – Samurai Haven [Black Monsta Records]
Narvent – It’s All Yours [Techenies]
Opius, Tyro – Called Up Series Seven [Ballpark Recordings]
Roger Warp – Vozka [DRUMBOX]
Santino Nardello – Zodiac [Karia Records]
Submarine – Fate [1985 Music]
The Golden Army & Revealed Recordings – Where We Belong
VictorV – Journey 888 [Atmosfera Different]
Vynek – Simple [Take My Space]

Electronica & Downtempo

Aeonic Dirge – Markab Sinistris [Void Overflow]
Aguas Pura – Halcyon Days [Wellness Life Records]
Aleceo – Musica Medicina [Music For Dreams]
Alex Gukalov – Snow Queen [ChillRecordsMusic]
Alex Lustig – Room for Thought [Alex Lustig]
Amol Sidhu & Akanksha Sharma – You and I
Anju Ana, Damage Done – Let & Field 03
Anlogic – Choice [Atmospherica]
Area Forty_One – Nocturnal Passions Part III
Audioraft – Smithereens [The Ambient Zone]
Benedikt Frey – Cells [ESP Institute]
Blank Disco – Data Slut [Subexotic Records]
Bullet Mechanique – The Singularity [Octiive]
Charles Matthews – Live at Chichester Cathedral [Touch]
Chris Coco – Music For Meditation [Chris Coco Music]
Chronos, Sol8 – Dark Princess [Mystic Sound Records]
CMH – Hasta el Infinito [ContuMusic]
Davide Sakure – Bon Voyage [Planet Apricot]
Diass – In My Dreams [Bercana Music]
Digitonal – Fourchords [The Ambient Zone]
DJ Tios – Let Us Make It Better 2 [recordJet]
Ell3 – Lotus [Tainted Music]
Enn Euen – Outlast [Nustromo Music]
Evil Intention – Oh Oh Boy [Blazing PhreakQuency]
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Special Edition Part 1 [The Drop]
figital – Circulating Ideology [Woodwork Recordings]
Frank Latanika – Transmit (Maxim Vilarri Remix) [Etznab]
IamShaman & Oushen – Vacuum [Multiza Distribution]
Igor Pumphonia – Empress [ChillRecordsMusic]
Ivan Garci – Umbrella [Vlosfer Records]
Jaxy – Right on the Dancefloor [No Definition]
John Abbruzzese – Fluctuations [Domozero]
Josh O’Nell – Shade [Nicksher Music]
K.Malinovsky – Electric Light [Adara Records]
Kerala Dust – Magdalena [Moodfamily]
Lagartijeando & Budajevo – Ajkumund
Lamyadon & Shisdess – Magic Box (Shisdess Remix)
Le_ster – Sadness Lessons [bORDEL]
Lukann – Menace [TAR]
Matt Nore – It’s Complicated [YouTunez]
Miracles – Memory Ha [48k]
Mulengasound – Depth of Soul [Glome Sound]
Neomonde – Moon [Multiza Distribution]
Neomonde – The Rainy Road to Lonely Megapolis
NHYX – Whales [Pavillonn]
O_tone – Performance for the Month of Contemporary Music
P.A.F.F. – Meltdown III [Onionwave]
Palinodia – Power of Life [Ozran Sunset]
Rey&Kjavik – Tohon Ajala [RKJVK]
Ro_yksopp – Shores of Easy (Lost Tapes)
Sebastian Vivian – The Other Place [Color Station]
Seemannstochter – Mach die Augen zu [recordJet]
snailHam – Extraordinary [Me Mood Music]
Sydney – Parai_so , Dahlia [Black Acre Records]
The Ambientalist – A Longer Story, Pt. 2 [MQY Music]
Thinman&Sparrow – Ant [Global Music Records]
Transitionotpossible – Quiet War 03 [QUIETWAR]
VA – Nervous Horizon, Vol. 3 (2019)
VA – Riders on the Track (2019)
Vermelho Wonder – O Corpo [ODDiscos]
Victor Star – Wasteland [Octiive]
Waft Of Myst – Don’t Hesitate [Radical Resonance]


Acid Kit – Acid Love [HS828]
Adri Block, Martina Budde – Broadway [INS347]
Alessandra Jade – Rehab (Gruw Frequency Edit) [Gruw’s Music]
aspen bizarre disco – Nobody Move [Aspen Inc Records]
Baltra – Bankrolls [NSFR001C]
Brothers in Arts – I Say [Juiced Music]
Cabanni Dosche – Deep Funk [Indoor Music]
Carlo Caldareri – Beat and Zen [Dafunk]
Che Crozz – Jack To The House [MMD069B]
Ciava – Shake It Up [Mighty Records]
Cristi Murar – Andromeda [KOI001]
Daniele Mistretta – Around [Tereysa Records]
Danny Darko – Paint It Black Remixes (feat. Julien Kelland)
Dina Van Diest – Holding On [Which Bottle ]
DJ Threejay – Funk N Ready [Star Funk Records]
Dr. Hot – Nicht mit mir [Breidyrecords]
DYRANGE – Underground [Intensive Recordings]
Enrico BSJ Ferrari – Shake This Feeling [Traktoria]
Ethic Soul & Taylor Sturgess, Ethic Soul – Shadows
Fertarium – Daydreams [E-Kosareva Records]
Filta – The Other Groove [Black Bouwie Records]
Filta Freqz – Compass [Treasured Grooves]
Fory – Baraja [Black Code]
George Kelly – Let’s Get Naked [CMS230]
Gil Sanders – High [IMO091]
Hey Jack – Funky Bulldog [MCT Luxury]
Housego – Vanity & Pride [One Track Mind]
Humans & Trees – Journey Through Sound [LTDBLBL006S]
Igor Gonya – Gigil [Groovy Riddim Records]
Illyus & Barrientos – Losing Control (Extended Mix) [CLUBSWE216]
Insert Name Here – HiTek [Adult Entertainment]
Jerk Boy – Satellite (feat. The Baroness) [Remixes] [Tinted Records]
Jerry Ropero – Cowbell Pa Ti [EP345]
John Acosta – Our Music [Impeccable Elements]
Juan Maclean – The Lone Dancer (Lovedancing)
Kekstar – Do 4 Love [Azania Digital Records]
Kid Massive – Sabes Bailar (Hever Jara Remix) [Get Down Recordings]
Ks French – Bast Art Track 1 [FKR]
KURED – Molly – Bring It Back [ARSBJKT111]
Lewy – Same Difference EP [WO069]
Longhi Bros. – I Feel Good [DRP023]
Luca Peruzzi & Matteo Sala – Movida [Atomika Records]
Lucky Vegas – Yaz [Zulu Records]
Makrolon – Tobe [Makrolon Records]
MIKA-L, Gabrielle – You Got Something [DBR1155]
Nelson Reis – Mood Swings [Neostatics Sounds]
Nico&SeyG – Sunset [Zrecord]
Pimlican – Wasted Love [Belgrave Road Records]
Pino Arduini, Javier Bollag – Al Fin y al Cabo [10159676]
Plusniners – Freedom for You [Tactical Trax]
PvssyCat & Apple Zappa, PvssyCat & Tania Amazon – Girl
Rick Marshall – Stand Up [Funky Revival]
Ruben Mandolini – The Revelator [FMR140]
Silverfox – Next to Me [Smokin Joe Records]
Steven Caretti – Feel Good [Indiefy]
T.Williams, James Jacob, Kelli-Leigh – The Remedy [4050538553901]
TheElement – Game to You [Dirty Korner Recordings]
TMX – Tunnel of Love [Cabbie Hat Recordings]
VA – ADE Amsterdam 2019 [Burnk Digital]
VA – Brazilian Bass Ultimate Top 50 (2019)
VA – Finest NY House 2019 KSD410 [FLAC] (2019)
VA – Ibiza Night Vocation (2019) [24bit Hi-Res] [FLAC]
VA – Most Liked Autumn Selection (Irma Dancefloor)
VA – Nothing But Funky Groove Vol 03 (2019)
VA – Sampler [RB224]
VA – Tiger House Essentials, Vol. 2 (2019)
Wadabaddis – If I Could Be an Element [194491561260]
White Label Will – Ba Baracas [Wicked Wax]
Whitemasked – Sirene [DEQA Recordings]

Melodic House & Techno

Absalainski – Monotone [Fishermen Records]
Astral Tones – Isole [Project 13]
Drhamer – Crescent Moon [Sungate]
Enrique Calvetty & Delano – Kurzschluss [Free Spirit Records]
Inner Rebels & Paul Anthonee, Inner Rebels – Cordial [Lost on You]
Maximiliano Gutierrez – Camouflage [Take My Space]
Paul Schubert – Mysterious Notions [Aestheta]
Phonox – Impression [Egothermia]
Riversilvers – Something Close [Riversilvers]
Roberto Aluigi – Just [Kontact]
Sakin Bozkurt – California 2049 [Mental Schizophrenia]
Serious Mood & Sineu – Hypnotised [BLVCK LABEL]
VA – Nightmare [Patagonia Label]
VA – Terre Selvagge NAT644 [FLAC] (2019)
Zaki – Way of the Bengal Tiger [Muak Music]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Alcom & Anton, Alcom – Step One [Soul N Pepa]
Aleeg – Dividido [IWANT Music]
Alvaro Medina – Flying Fish [Djebali]
Antoine Vama & Daniel Hooker – Noise of Silence [Cranium Rec]
Carebears – Perfect Panda [DUB Musik]
Cee – Cm001 [Cee Music]
Claudia Tejeda – Move Like This [Clover Records]
Coreli – Wotdoyoocoldet [Statics]
Dance Committee & Quanticraft – Aioros [LUXURE]
Danielle Fabiola – Jacques [Marba Records]
David Schaffer – Goodbye My Big Friend [VA Music]
Delgado – Riddim Villa [75 Digital]
Djblues Milo – Strength [LDN Trax]
EdiP – Nothing Else [Tonic D Records]
Ellle Fach – Voodoo Skills [YoD Recordings]
Enivre_z Vous – Echos [Honne Music]
Fher Hedz – On the Moon [Tech Nation Records]
Flow & Zeo, Mr. Bizz – Vision [Jannowitz Records]
Gabriel Del & De`Lacy – Hideaway [Together Music Records]
Gioal – Times [Galanding]
Giuseppe Martini & Greck B. – Grew Up [Skullbusted]
Gogue – Believe [Na Zrak Records]
Gus Bonani – Dialmonds [Samani]
I.A. Bericochea – Tumbado En La Nieve – [Tlaloc Records]
Ian Jose – Ruptures [HDR Limit]
Kevin Arga – Big Cheke [Miaw]
Kin3tek – Do What You Wanna Do [Sneja Recordings]
Laydee V – Symbiosis Remixes [Platform 7even]
Lucas Monchi – HUMACHINE [Noexit]
M.Rodriguez – Holy Moly [BNN RECORDS]
Marco Ba_nder – Natural Elements [Sound On Sound]
Mariano Fonrouge – Is Written With W [Bosom]
Matt Mikke – King [Ishua]
Michael James – Winds of Change Remixed [Constant Black]
Mik Knows – Side Effect [Deep Tech Records]
Mike-D – Some Kind of Way [Detic Recordings]
MS Pika – I’m Loving [We Hustle Harder]
Nic Chiarelli – La Vela [Noisy Neighbours]
Nico Leguizamon – From Here To There [Grainy Groove]
OutsiDER (RU) – Dark Forest [Wavetech Limited]
Pedro Vasconcelos – Topxux [Famille Electro Records]
Sera De Villalta – Out of Control [Original Label]
Shawn Jackson – Pong [4 Quarters Music]
Sophia Essel – Don’t Take It As Gospel [Audio Rehab]
VA – 5 Years Anniversary Series 03 [Sound Of Vast]
VA – Atacama [Pulling Records]
VOEL – Blom [ar.ctic]
Wax On Mare St. – Perceptions [Infuse]

Progressive House

Aaron Suiss – Legend [OL334]
Agustin Aluise – Collateral [Another Life Music]
Alfonso G – Inside Your Soul [VR47]
Amnor – E-Motions [WHS105]
Ampish – Junoon – Hijaz [SSR049]
Anden – Mirage [ENCOLOR208E]
Andre Sobota & Felipe Novaes – Prescience [CSR061]
Anton MAKe – Crimean [ALLEY102]
Aquadro – Chimera [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Attalef – Elsewhere [AD055]
Brandon Scarbrough – Lost Time [LAIKA009]
Connor Mac – This Moment (Remixes)
Cript Rawquit – Memories (Carlos Pires Remix) [RW1920111405]
Damian Cruga – Inside the Sun [AW117]
Decibel Jezebel – Volcan8 [Eclectic Sounds Division]
DJ COD – Alive [Horus Music Limited]
DJ Erika – Broken [NEO]
DjrefugeeSW – Hope [We Are Phonik]
Edvard Hunger – Sunshine Smile [Beat Block Records]
Elliott Drake – Heart Beats [SPLAT]
Essdee – Avengers [Presscode Recordings]
Fazlen – Luna EP
Fernando Olaya – In the Middle of the Night (The Remixes)
Four Candles & Francois Duchamp – Chasing Ghosts – Floating Falls [AW146]
Francisco Castro – Surrounded by Trees [MHR345]
Freya – Going Down – Rumours [ABR034]
Fuscarini – City Off {Dowden Remix} [Stripped Digital]
Gabriel Amato – Beyond the Sky [3AV174]
Gleb Bykox – Turning [BQ416]
Gonza Ponce – Pasajes [MHR344]
Idan Gerber – The Journey Begins
Ikarius & Rafael Cerato & Liu Bei – Heaven [RTL009]
Jonathan Reyes & Gabriel Filip – Black Bird [D9R053]
Karim Zidan – Sights [MF026]
Kelle – Solace [Figura Music]
Koelle & Paul Brenning, Koelle – New Dawn
Kostya Outta – Sunday Sunrise [Capital Heaven]
Leo Lauretti & Paul Arcane – LUX
Les – Loft [INTRICATE340]
Lucas Rossi – Traveller [ST233]
Marchesan – Eagle [MYC836]
Mathias D., Kane Sonder – Lift (Extended Mix) [CODRD056E]
Mathias Schaffha_user – Expectable Unexpected [BIOLAB048]
New Even – Purple Seduction [NOIR053]
OIBAF&WALLEN – Andromeda [ONS014]
OZLAND – Blue Dropz [studioZproductions]
P U L S A R – Stranger [LSM032]
Pedro Capelossi – Rage Delight [MAM053]
Pedro Capelossi, Ryan – Cats and Dreams [3XA398]
PROJ3CT 7 – Crowd Control [Global Dance Records]
Rob Hilgen – Monty [EST155]
Roberto Traista – One Night in Beijing [Agara Music]
Roni Iron – The Ritual of Roques [RETRO118]
Sanktion – Cocaine Rewind [Take My Space]
Shanil Alox – Escapade [BBR003]
Shome – Hypnotica
Sione – Elastic [Sinedie Records]
SMOKE G – Back EP [BTD069]
Sonic Union, Alfonso Muchacho – The Vision [LBR230]
Space Motion – Asia (The Remixes) [I AM DIFFERENT]
Stan Kolev – Ananda (GabiM Remix) [WHT14112019]
Sunset Moments – Fall Apart [PHW374]
Tennis Court – Subconscious [Immersed]
Tiberius & Laakkinen – Distant Feeling [Eastparcmusix]
Tropcy – Evasion, Story of a Night (Part.1)
VA – 7 Years Soundteller STCOMP008 [FLAC] (2019)
VA – Aftertunes #12 [Aftertech Records]
VA – IN2U Sessions, Vol. 2 (2019)
VA – Melancholy Records Amsterdam Dance Event 2019
VA – Soluna Remixed 02 (2019)
VA – South Strangers, Vol. 1 [STB009]
VA – Wave Science III [Wave Science Records]
Yashar – Soul Major [SM042]
Yeadon – Leaving Mars [UV]
Z8phyr – Progress the Peace [Cool Breeze]
Zacharias Tiempo, YAIDE & Maria Caan – Reasons

Tech House

Aday Chinea – I need It
Akademik – Groovy Town [Worms Records]
Alvaro Am – Harder [Whippin]
Amiron – Gothic [Sustain Music Records]
Andre Salmon & Dave Sanz – No Need (Leom & Ivan Lopez Remix)
Antonio Estrada – Tension [Fyasko Music]
Apogea & Grasso & Maxim – After Chick
Belier & Ribass & Ramon Bedoya – Aretha
Biddy & Chafe – Dance Floor [HP055]
Carloz Afonzo – Jakarta [Music By The Eye]
Colossi Rah – Digits [Chub Rub]
Danny Groove & Insolentes – Darabuka [High Quality]
DEEP NOOISE – Facts [Black Turtle Records]
DEL-30, Brett Gould – Trip [RLM023]
Del’Sarto & PIPO SALTY – Let’s Drop [Cream Dance Records]
Diskull – Mental Health [Groovy Bone]
Dramos (SP) – Dynamite [Dacusan]
Drunk & Play – You Heard Me [Traxford Records]
Ezequiel Asencio – Don Francisco [Island Groove Records]
FeelGood – Bulherengue [HMA029]
Felipe Delgado – Passage [Calumnia Records]
Frixed – Vortex [DTL Records]
Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona – Music in Your Mind
Green Velvet – Bigger Than Prince, Remixes 2 [CIRCUS112]
Homo-Lumos – Pride Beats [The Tech Foundations]
Ian Kita – Massive Tunnel [OneWay]
James Fergus – Bring It EP [CHR081]
James Ruskin – point 2 (2019 Remaster) (Tresor)
Jens Lissat, Christoph Pauly – Monkey Nation [ML047]
John Darque – Darktown Strutter (John Darque Remix)
Jon thomas – Lit (Edgar Picado Remix) [Black Lemon]
Karretero – Dejavu [Natural Rhythm]
KifferCa_rdenas – Essences [UnderRoom Label]
Landlord – I Thought I’d Lose (Club Mix) [Legendary 404]
Lauhaus, Mario Franca – Soreness Sweat Desire [NAT646]
Luca M – Crunchy Crispy [Moai Tech]
Luis Pitti & ModeThrill – One Dance [Suma Records]
Marco Latrach – Red Memories [Leuchtturm Records]
Marco Zorobbi – Game Over [PPMUSIC UNLIMITED]
Marcos Salas – Density Matrix [Feynman Records]
Marcus Low – One Week [Discord Music Record]
Mariano Fonrouge – Janeiro [Haliaeetus Music]
Matteo Floris – Like a Snake Pt. 1 (feat. Solo Tamas)
Miguel Amaral – 24 bit digital music [Midnight Express Records]
Oliver Schmidt – Tone [Monkey League]
Oscar Cordero – Dominant EP
PaperMacheTiger – The Studio [Audiophile Records]
Paul Sirrell – Come On [Orange Groove Records]
Rob Eyez – Ravage [Complex Destroyerz]
Rodo – Tuub [Nanouchi Music]
Santarini – Onomatopoeia (feat. Mia Muze)
Sheddy – Up & Up [Shaman Records]
Siege – Haus (feat. Chuck Roberts) [Toolroom]
Simone L – Theft [Oh My Duck Music]
Sloth – Break Ya Neck [Brazuka Music]
Taylor Durden – Ok, Listen [Parrot Dice Records]
Tested – Broken Wings [Gigabeat Nights]
The Muhammads – Lucid Dream [Prove It]
Thomas Krings – Open Over (Remixes)
Tuiki – Togo [Basement Dub]
Usai – I’m so Crazy [STRANGELOVE]
Vague – Want It [Laser Native]
Will Taylor (UK) – Patience [NS075]
Zigtrax – Zigtrax (Workshop)

Techno & Minimal

About130 – ZENITH LP [TRM108]
Adellacosta – Bellatrix [Boiler Underground Records]
Aethon – Awakening [ETR508]
Alerize – Gestures [Octiive]
Alessandro Cocco – Cursed Mind [Betrieb Records]
Alessandro Sanso_ – Expansion [Fatal Brightness]
Alex Mine – Everlong EP [PHOBIQ0221D]
Alex Progress – Robot [Sound Progress]
Alexander Brydges – Theory [Brydges]
Alpha & Necromante – Dermatographic Urticaria
ANDATA – Gizeh [W213]
Anderson Noise, Celic & Juan DDD – Agility X
ANNA – Galactic Highways [DC215]
Antias, Versilov & Antias – Moments [Deeptakt Records]
ANTIMATTERS – The Eighties [Maffia Music]
Aran Burn, Rian Wood – Gain [ORANGE117]
Att_kal – Cobalt [DYN064]
Barem – Hollow EP [HHS001]
Barut – Tiema Azul EP [SNTPL014]
Basicnoise – Synergy 1-5 [Hexachord]
Bautista Ha – The Frequency [UXE166]
Being There – 001 [1609]
Ben Coda – Passengers [Static Music]
Bohumil & Episode1 – Duala [TanzTraum Records]
Buttechno – BADTRIP [TRP027]
BuzLight – Dark8 [ChillRecordsMusic]
BuzLight – Mega Techno Variator [ChillRecordsMusic]
Christian Hornbostel – Fumus Albus [CRASH100]
Claas Herrmann, Aze Ton – First Strike [BLV6455686]
Connor-S – Jilted Lover [RPR017]
Da Fresh – Tokyo Cat [CAT339878]
Daimonic – ALPHA CENTAURI EP [M4C010]
Dan Rubell – Yscla [Eichtal Recordings]
David Moleon – Atlas [Dewing Records]
Diego Infanzon – I Got to Fly [TR340]
DJ 3000 – Outnumbered [Motech Records]
DJ Bone , Deetron – The Story Tellers EP 2 [SUB 045]
Duck Sandoval – Cometa [Skull Label]
Duck Sandoval – Sobredosis [Groove Records Music]
Duck Sandoval – Ufo [Urbangroove Records]
Dyad Ben Gibson and Fundamental Interaction – Surface Detail
EiZer G – Teknoid [Space Beat]
Eli van Vegas – This Time (feat. Liss Eulenherz) [recordJet]
Elyot – Out of the Ashes [Reiver Records]
EMBR – Trouble [Rosso Tunes]
Emme Medina – Lucy [1,5,9,13 Music]
Empath – Troika [MØDSERIES]
Erinaq – Comex and 4000M [Lodjiya]
Esotera – Explorer [Electunes]
EVOLUCIJA ZVUKA – Analog Stigmatik
Fabrizio Maurizi, Matteo Manzini – Coaxial EP [MEM051]
Fane – In My Room [TaiJi Records]
FckngNoise – Rainy Days [NO LIMIT]
FDJ – Generation Gap [Anonima]
Fernando De Matos – One Day One Week
Flaty – Instrument 006 [Gost Zvuk]
Frenk Olan – Space-Atmosphere [Radiator Of Sound]
Freqmunt – Hope [Electric Wave Records]
Genning – Winter’s Exhale [MixCult Records]
Georg Bigalke, Ike Dusk – Nullzehn [Drec]
Glitter – Chemical Spill [Kush Records]
Glocken – Sonar [OPAC Records]
GROODEEP – Vibrancy [Flowing Movement Music]
Hackfreed – Sunday [Level Up Records]
Horacio Cruz – Xcity [X erie]
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