Afro House

Akshara Sing – Call Me [Glam Records]
Akshara Sing – Ye Chanda [Glam Records]
Alessio Madaio – The Bassline [Monkey Stereo Records]
Alexandre Wauthier – Life The Host [Deep Soul Space]
Alison Maseko – Motherland (feat. Poetic Leestar) – Sing
Antra Sing – Kashi Hille [Glam Records]
Antra Sing – Lehnga [Glam Records]
Biko King – Emzini Kababa (feat. Poter) [Bodikela Recordings]
BradFlash – Batota [Guettoz Muzik]
Bryan Kaysta – Love Paradox (feat. Nadia Khan)
Christos Fourkis – Do You Like Jazz [Retrolounge Records]
Cici – Inyanga [CAKTUS]
Ckhumba & King Jaba – Imkomo Zami [Dansing Records]
DANYKAS DJ – Dina de Brava [Seres Producoes]
Doug Gomez – Alma Y Tambor (feat. Benjy)
FENIX – Loved (feat. Amber Skyes) [Say Wow Records]
Gabriele D’Andrea – Rebola [Reshape Records]
George Lamell – Moments [SKULP MUSIC]
Hondo Vega – Moody 2020 Remixes [Naughty Boy Music]
Johnbox & AnaSax – La Serenanza [Copa Mixes]
K Elle – Amadlozi [Dansing Records]
Oscar P – Thank You (Hyenah Remixes)
Skyzo – Ambience [Sky29]


Distorted Drill – Black Witches [dubiks music]
HYPRESSION – What’s Going On [Dim Mak Records]
IT-XPO – Goes & Goes [Mechanical]
Luca Scopsi – Thunderbirds [Grounders Music]
Qant – ESR007 Coaxial [Estranged Records]
Tim Dian – Inside of Me [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Undr – Treble [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Zulutronic – Back to Bommershime [Pharma Records]


Abel Romez – In Your Eyes [Mental Madness Records]
Ácido Pantera – Sonidos Perdidos [Discos Fiera]
Allan Slyvester – Fussily [Kideko Record]
Allan Slyvester – Waring [Kideko Record]
Ally Rendall – How This Ends [Teamwrk Records]
Artron Classic – Spirit World [Multiza Distribution]
Audiology, Craze M & Gifford – 2Bobho [Garden Co.]
Big Giant Circles – Recovery [Ninety9Lives]
BKAYE – Glue (The Remixes) [Lowly]
Black Jam Music – Drunk Luv (feat. CURLYROCK)
ByeAlex és a Slepp – Feküdj ide [Gold Record Music Kft.]
Candy Station, LYOVA – Music Travels [Multiza Distribution]
CHANEY – Find Your Love (feat. The Manor) – Singl
Chester Rushing & Konrad OldMoney – Don’t You Worry
Chok – I Have to Say (Remixes) [Multiza Distribution]
Coflo & Brutha Basil – Blueprint [Ocha Mzansi]
Compilations – Recollection (Extended Version)
Delhia de France – Razor [Eat the Fruit]
Demian Licht – Instinto [Motus Records]
Denis First – Heart Isn’t Home [First Forged]
Dex Wilson – The World Burns (feat. OMZ) [BIP Records]
Dino MFU – Alright [Panik Records]
Dirty Nice – My Dead End Self [Chiverin]
Eargsm – Ignite [Durp Supera]
Ezéchiel Pailhès – Oh ! [Circus Company]
FANNYPACK – Straightjacket (feat. Dani Blau)
Faustix & Litening – Genie In A Bottle [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Federico Lobrano – Retròscena [Orange Park Records]
Flare – Iggy Storm [Sons Of Beaches Records]
Follow The Flow – Tavasz [Supermanagement]
Foren – High-Speed [Multiza Distribution]
Forever 80 – L’amour Toujours [Crown Of Music]
Freaky DJs & Helgi Walker – Turn Back (feat. Martha)
From Hell – They Come at Night [Scourge Records]
Full Moon Music – America [Nimi Records]
Future Toy Boy – Vokoder in Love [DPR Music]
G.Sound – Profumi D’inverno [DNC Classic]
G3RBVRII – Quartz [Multiza Distribution]
Georgenroll – Doma [Multiza Distribution]
Go! Ricky Go! – Black Wire [Five Points Music Group, LLC]
Guray Kilic – Begin Again [Re-Fresh Music Turkey]
Hypop – Sun [Irama Records]
Hypop – Wall [Irama Records]
Jakx – Give It Up On Love [Jendex Records]
Jay Frog & Sunny Marleen – Need You (Blaikz Edit)
John Alto & TwoWorldsApart – Body Talk [STMPD RCRDS]
John Xadi – You Are My Life [Media Land]
Jon Fisk – Woah Now [Jon Fisk Records]
KARASANTAR – Fight for Your Freedom [Multiza Distribution]
Kasım Aygün – I’m Coming Home [Road Story Records]
Kchaet – Death Star [Multiza Distribution]
Kenn Colt – Sun Goes Down [Feels Like Home Records]
Kister – Nb [Deep Well Music]
Klipr – Lockdown [Streamin’ Music Group]
Landis – Better Off [Enhanced Recordings]
LARI LUKE – Out Of This Town (feat. Alida) [Famouz Records]
Léa Ly – Trop loin [Play Two]
Limoncello – Música Aqui Con Tu Amor [Far Out Recordings]
Livens – Last Love [Multiza Distribution]
Livens – Soul Trauma [Multiza Distribution]
Mademoiselle Luna – Cruel Love (feat. Emanuel)
Madison Mars – Let You Know [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Mark F. Angelo & Thomas Sykes – By My Side
Marq Aurel & Ramore Project – Alone [Redlight-Media]
Martin Garrix – Higher Ground (feat. John Martin)
Mauro Picotto – Fly (feat. Bella) [Alchemy (Italy)]
Merovingio Deejay – Can’t Shake Off [Nimi Records]
MFA – No One Like [FAM]
Miguel NoFlyTribe Velardo – Little Frog [NoFlyTribe Music]
Monäva – Run Away [Global Airbeatz, A Division of Zooland Music GmbH]
Moonrider – R2 D2 [Multiza Distribution]
mr.Keyman – Covid [Multiza Distribution]
MVCO & Jarvis Carter – Do It Again [Rocket Launch Center]
Ninjury – Rewind Series Ninjury – Nunchucks Mixes
NTLS – Keep Walking [Multiza Distribution]
oatsfield – Trust [bionicrecords]
Pauline Herr – ghost [Lowly]
PLAYBOYPLATIT – Fake Love [Multiza Distribution]
Rasmus Hagen – Fall out of Love (feat. Matilda Skoglund)
Rockie Duval – Kerneled [Kideko Record]
Rockie Duval – Skylights [Kideko Record]
Rushin’ & Wave Cooper – The Rhythm [Bounce & Bass]
Samlight & Stage Republic – Game Is On [Fanfare Records]
Sean Norvis – Embrace Me (feat. Copamore & Justine Berg)
Sk-Hall – Lost Ocean [Norsk Musik]
Skilloz – Go Getha [Supadjs Projects]
Sleaford Mods – All That Glue [Rough Trade UK]
Smil – Gimme Love [Famouz Records]
STOCKSNSKINS – Drinks ‘n’ Nibbles [AnalogueTrash Records]
Sunyo – Clouds [Sunyo Digital]
tasala – Do It [Multiza Distribution]
Thiago DIaz – Skymind [Thiago Diaz]
Tom Nash – Bonnie & Clyde [Tom Nash]
UNSECRET – Love It (feat. Ivory Layne)
VA – Pure Dance Anthems [Black Barcode]
Verdun Remix – #Classic Reggaeton 01 [Urban Club (LRM)]
Verdun Remix – #Estar Enamorado [Urban Club (LRM)]
Victor Porfidio – To My Heart [2Dutch Air]
Viva – Aspiration [Multiza Distribution]
Vojta – Too Good For Me [CHAPTERD Recordings]
Wandl – Double Exposure [Affine]
Why Mona – Umbrella [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Yanni – Let’s Get It Poppin’ [Multiza Distribution]
Yuri Runs – Someday Somebody
Серёжа здесь. – Teenager [Multiza Distribution]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Aberton & Peppesun – Cocoon [Aberton Records]
Afgo – Emotions [Epic Tones Records]
Alex Menco – With You [Music Room Records]
Alfred Beck, Jorge Nava & Norah B – All the Things (feat. Norah B)
Andy Compton – Groovin’ in Honolulu [Peng]
Armos – In the Past [Clipper’s Sounds]
Ashley Rex, Drozdan – Chromatic Saturation [Atmospherica]
Audiotrackerz – Lockdown [32 Recordings]
Axel the Rose – Stay Up [DeepShine Records]
B.S.A. – Drift [Soulstar Records]
Berat Salman – Dilemma [Satsuma Music]
Brian Thabault – Signaling [Tri Music Group]
Caden P & Pycorns – I Love You (Sleep well)
Cem G – Salon [What Now Becomes]
Clay Pirinha – Running Away [recordJet]
Cozza Nostra – Onda Tropical [DELUXE GROOVES]
David Lowell Smith – Acid Technology
deep city soul – Tape Deck [Electric Mode]
Deep_jay – Spirit of Dawn [Rearl Ltd]
Deepest, AMHouse & Ferdi Kahraman – Bring It Back
Demarkus Lewis – Emotional Landslide [Nordic Trax]
DiLo & Jeannot – Out of the Blur [Igloo-Rec]
DJM – Return of the Mack (feat. Sydney Youngblood)
Domo – HEXGN [Turbolentia Records]
Douze – L.O.V.E. [L.O.V.E. LTD]
DÜK – Set Me Free [Dream Culture]
Duplicity – Warble [Invisible People]
Eliezer – Haifa Mafia [Days Of Being Wild]
Eric Shans & Stephanie Lombardo – All of My Love
Erico Falcone – Am Humboldthain [NOiR FiDELiTY Records]
Fabiolous Barker – Wanna Move My Body [Ganbatte Records]
Fady One – Ego Washer (Remixes) [Piknik Elektronik Records]
Felipe Vergas – Mindfullness [Euphone Series]
Fynite – Breaking Out (Afro Mix) [Fynite Sounds]
Globally Local Music Factory – Dancing Alone (feat. Ellie Beth)
Gobi Desert Collective, La Vue – Suprematic Sampler 02
Gumbeat – Zero Hero (feat. Kirock) [MODULI]
HDSN – Music from Another Planet [NBAST]
Henry Navarro – After Dark [Local Family Records]
Hugoe – Full Orbit (Remixes) [Feather Print Records]
I Know The Chief – I Thought I Knew Better [BonFire Records]
ImButcher – Axe To Grind [ImButcher Music]
iNCODE – One Night Only [Music Destinations]
Individualist – Lackeedoe [Handpicked Music]
Kash Karma – Mind Migration [Smashing Trax Records]
Kilany M – Rebellion [My Deep Music]
Kindi Sina Rais, Ardhy Saputro & Saputra – For You
Kurt Music & Artsy Kiid – Mine (Tswex Malabola Remixes)
Le Twan – Now What [Primal Flow Recordings]
Leroy Fisher – Hard on the Demo [Secret Sessions]
Liam Van Hyde & Anne la Sastra – Love Is Real [BigSize Records]
Lotrax & Jennings – Dream Scheme (Remixes) [Swerve Digital]
Lydmor – Someone We Used to Love [hfn]
LYP – Dusty [Lemon Yellow Pea]
M.ono – Dcnae 04 [Dcnae]
Mallin – Look At Me [Hungarian Hot Wax]
Manuel De Lorenzi – Novanta [Monday Morning Records]
Michael Lami & NikiNik – Tell Me , Colors , Fairytale
Micronoise – And You [Walker Records]
Modeo – Free Dream (Radio Edit) [Happy Mind]
Nando Farelah & Axel the Rose – I Like It [Candy Flip]
Neko Flash – Point Nemo [La Tebwa]
Nicki Fox – In Too Deep [Day Dream Records]
NODO & Mule – Ashitaka Remixes [Mirrors Label]
Plastic DJ – Don’t Look Back [Plastic Music Group]
Platzdasch & Dix – Sharp Motion [Nite Grooves]
Reanther – Gta San Andreas [G-Mafia Records]
Rex Diesel – Arrival [Duro]
Rianu Keevs – Lost Souls [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – The Dark Thoughts [Rianu Keevs]
Ryan Brim – Swirl Paint [Radda Records]
Saint Mars – Pacific State (feat. Alonestar & Tryzdin)
Sasha Primitive – Friend Zone [PPG Recordings]
Shane Mahon – Up [Strictly Flava]
Sir Rizio – Dark State [Frisson Sounds]
Stefano Pozzi – Lock Down [32 Recordings]
Sugar Daddy – Nothing, Pt. 2 [Situationism]
The SoulClub – The Only Light [AfriSoul Records]
The Venusian – Life Changes [UPUK Records]
Tom Day & Monsoonsiren – Makebo Remixes
Tukz Ancestral – Falling [Gas Label]
VA – New Age 2020 [Groove Sound Records]
VA – Pelican Disco [Honey Butter Records]
VA – Polylog 3 [MODEM 39]
Vacay Club – Gravity [120bpm]
Vandal Moon – Black Kiss [Starfield Music]
Vince Watson – Voodoo Disco [Yoruba Records]
VIsitor From B – Abduction [Deepclub]
Willi@m Moore – Dark Planet
Zuckre – Collateral Damage [Oh So Coy Recordings]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

AC13 – Atlas (feat. King Deepfield) [Soulvent Records]
Aelane – Rooms [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Aelane & Erzer – Quarantine Smile [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Aktive & Toronto Is Broken, Aktive – Sunchaser
Aleesia & Egzod – Machine [Future Generation]
Alenzo, DJ PKM & Oskar , DJ PKM, Exigence – It’s Over [Remixes]
Alexis K – Posteriori LP [Pure Heart Dirty Mind Records]
Arlehead & Emil Hanso – Aman Wuta [SLASE Records]
Aro – First Part [Front Artillery Records]
At Dawn We Rage – Bad Acid [Bite This!]
AUST – New Dust [Enhanced Chill]
Bad Habits – Fall for You [2Dutch Records]
Bandlez – Care Package [Disciple Round Table]
Biobird – Extra Ordinary [Section 8]
Black Sickle – Bad Guy [Dragon Records]
Blasterjaxx – Phantasia [Maxximize]
Blood Eyes & Dionysus, Blood Eyes – Hemoglobin
Brain Palace – Fall Down [Crowsnest Audio]
Bruno Sanchez & Dyl – Tzrtv (Original)
Bulu – Pinball [Bun The Grid]
C.H.A.D – Metacognition [Kundry Music]
Capo G – Q.Q Manna [Tejobeat]
Catopuma – Bomba [Fitleague]
Chaos Club – Some Colour [M.A.R.S. Music]
Charlie Glitch – Merengue Trap [Ghetto Division Records]
Chief Kaya – Crucify Dem [Abysmal Entities]
CLIKBT & Los Padres – Thang Low [NoFace Records]
Context – Black Magic [Bully Squad Recordings]
Coop – Sweet Bass [Sunny Moves Records]
Crankdat & void(0) – Poppin [Kannibalen Records]
Creatures & Audiomission, Creatures – Now or Never , Mutants
Criss Conflict – Who Are We [Mad Panda Recordings]
Da Brothers – Let the Drum Speak [Tracklauncher]
Da Technology – Please Stand By [DENAR RCRDS]
Danev – Astronomia [Highlimit Records]
Dark Tantrums – Rootical [DAKU]
DDD & phonon, DDD – Phoenix Gate [Bassweight Records]
DentedAphid7 – Mozifine [DP7 Music]
DentedAphid7 – Mr. Corona [DP7 Music]
DentedAphid7 – Sunset [DP7 Music]
Der Energieberater – Ganz grosses Tennis [Energy Kicks]
Dirt Monkey & SubDocta – Blue Line [19K]
Disaszt, Focusfire – RAM Rave, Pt. 3 [RAM Records]
DJ Fixx – Sleeping [Ravesta Records]
Dj Lucian & Geo – Positive Vibes [Future Society Records]
DJ Zedi – There’s a Sound [DJ Zedi]
Ego Trippin – Tales of the Darkside Chapter II [HI-DEF]
Elijah Soltan – Wake Up [Sub 49 Records]
Eliminate – Crystallize (feat. Leah Culver) [Night Mode]
Elof de Neve – Boom Boom Boom (Instrumental Mix)
Elof de Neve – Born to Be Me (Instrumental Rework)
Eradikid – Sell Money [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Error 404 & Kalli – Through Rain and Sun [Invasion Audio]
Essigi – Something for You [ESSIGI Records]
ETC!ETC! & SNC – Bring It Back [BREDNBUTTER (Foundation)]
EXET – Battleground [Dubstep Diaries]
Fiekster – Earthquake [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Fixxer – Back In the Jeanstalk [DirtySnatcha Records]
Fly Paper – Hit the Door [Elm Imprint]
Fraught – Void [Play Me Too Records]
Fuelized – That’s Close [Fearless Audio]
GOLD Dubs & Aries, Dr Meaker – Champagne & Asparagus
Gravit-E – Mind the Gap [Zombie Recordings UK]
Greg Even – Bussa Skunk [In Da Jungle Recordings]
Harmony – Flair , When You Hold Me [Deep Jungle]
HIGHSOCIETY – If I Said Goodbye [Lowly]
HiLove – Rain [REM STATE Records]
Hkuya – Bois D’Argent [Musata Music]
Hukae & JOOL, Hukae – Killjoy [NSD Black Label]
Humandala – Qualia [The Rust Music]
Hundr – Aftermath [Bumbu Records]
INK, INK, Loxy & Resound – Summer Daze
Isura – Skyward [NoCopyrightNation]
J Plates – Brain Drain [In-Reach Records]
Jack James & David Jarvis – Into Your Eyes (feat. Goiza)
Jack Loannis – Groove [Exlight Records]
Jan Benx – Long Stories [Diana Recs]
Janksy – Be Right Here [Simplify.]
Johnyrighthere – Feel So Good [Lime Records]
Johnyrighthere – Rhinitis [Lime Records]
Johnyrighthere – Say Goodbye.. Life [Lime Records]
Johnyrighthere – Soprano [Lime Records]
Johnyrighthere – Unlimited [Lime Records]
Johnyrighthere – Wake Up [Lime Records]
Jon Fisk – Big Huge Rhythms [Jon Fisk Records]
Jurgaz – Arab Nights [Lowly]
Juwan Rates & Kaleido Kev – Smoke [Prototype Recordings Corporation]
K+Lab & Megan Hamilton – What’s Good For Ya
Katto & Massent – Acid dose , Hydraulic [Subplate Recordings]
Kayp – Love Me Better [Buygore]
Kit Curse & Akinsa, Kit Curse & Dreadmaul – Broken Dreams
KL & Hexa, KL – Aspire [Fuck About! Drum & Bass]
Klown & KJ Sawka – Kingpin [emengy]
Krimsonn, Wyko & Flaremode – Too Late [Revealed Radar]
L-Side – Steppa Dub (feat. MC Fats) [V Recordings]
LiquidFlux – Glitch [Harsh Records]
LNytho – Nasty [Its Not A Label]
Lymitless & Falco, Lymitless – No Animation , Requirement VIP
M4SONIC & Reece Low – Fire Starter (feat. MYLKI)
Mars Sunset – Shadow Boxer [City Image Records]
Martin Bordacahar – Gravity [Echoes Collective]
Matthias Drum – Triple (feat. ASCII) [MojoHeadz Records]
Maurice Burgbacher – Fever [Steppas Records]
Mefjus & Noisia – Foundations [Vision Recordings]
Middle Milk – Dude! [Ocean Music Group]
Mike Gudmann, HUUXX & Medon – Voodoo [Bounce United]
MKII & Earthnut, MKII & MMEE – Roads [Four40 Records]
Mob Tactics – Mindhunter , Hit the Deck [Bassrush Records]
MsDoS & Subsid, MsDoS – MSDOS Remixed 10 [Liquid Drops]
Ninegod – Maison [Aesthetica Records]
Noizytek – Exodus [iparallels]
OONDA & Borko Lazarevic – Long Time (How to Run Away)
Papa Khan – Delirium [Railbreakers]
Particle – Business Techno [Critical Music]
Phaction & Riya – The Fall [Spearhead Records]
Pharoah – Origins [Liondub International]
PIERCE – BIPOLAR [24-8 Records]
Pixel Terror – Chroma (feat. EMELINE) [Monstercat]
Point Blvnk & Strobe – Be Like This [Onze]
Polarized & Motif – Incurzion Optics 001 [Incurzion Audio]
Potentz – Chief [SUBHEADZ RECORDS]
Rafael Francesconi – Bitch [GrooveLounge records]
Ralph Oliver – Samba [1Tribal Records]
Rave Republic & TWISTERZ – Time to Rock [TurnItUp Muzik]
Ray Le Fanue – Eye of the Storm [Frequency Music]
Ray Volpe – Run Away [Welcome Records]
Reggio & Mike Bond – In My Head [Revealed Recordings]
René Reuter – Waiting For [2Fine]
Reybandz – Feelin Today [Funk You Music]
Romen Jewels – Voices (feat. Milco B) [Indiefy]
Ron Waha – Oriental Apex [Midnight Recordings]
Ronald Hopman – Fly High (Club Mix) [TL Records & Music]
Rosco – Never [Informal]
Roy Hornet – Insane Circuit [Buzoku Records]
S7EVE NO7ES – The Bridge [77 Notes]
Saetre frykt – Blue [FryktSoldiers]
Scalatone – Funky Jamin [Alte Records]
Seereal – Village [Hyperactivity Music]
Seth Hills – Void [STMPD RCRDS]
She Was Silver – Back to Me (feat. glasscat) [Simplify.]
Skeletron & Hansel D – Side Chicks [NoFace Records]
Skoped – Grey Area [Chronos Records]
Skore – Delusion , Headrush [Low Down Deep Recordings]
Slowpalace – Quiet Place [Music High Court]
SMLE – Found a Reason [Monstercat]
Sneaky Nick – Redemption [SneakyTune]
SOTA – Breakout , Roll Call [Subway Soundz]
SR KYNAM – Stay With Me (feat. Rickaelly Messias)
Stany Balland – Confinement 2020 [Espace Studio]
Stormfrun – Wall [Future Sonar]
Surgence – Mood Planet,Isolate (VIP) [inHabit Recordings]
Swanky Tunes – Offbeat [Generation Smash Official]
Taurina Bros – Pray for… (itaca) [Sounds Good]
Teamworx, Mr. Sid & George Z – Techno (Nicky Romero Edit)
Teknoaxe – Angels Flying Through Hell 2020 [TeknoAXE]
The Navigator – Broken Memories [Gone Postal Records]
Timmy Trumpet & Florian Picasso – Armageddon
Titus1 & Jamgo – Surrender (feat. Cammie Robinson)
Trap The King – Mirror [Lacave Records]
Truth – Druids [Wakaan]
twoloud – Sweaty Hands (The Remixes) [Playbox]
Unrest – Another Day [LowFreqMX]
VA – Initium LP [Intrinzic Music]
VA – The Hive 2020 [Abducted LTD]
Venom – Dutty Yard [Bully Squad Recordings]
Viicez – Reality Glitch [Beatdown Bass]
X-Lab & BATIKZ – Listen Dude [MUEVA Squad]
xChenda & ADVENT – We Are Found [Lowly]
Yago – Need You [Dubthing Records]
Ydoop – Melodic Journey [THE CAUSTIC FAMILY]
Yellock – Never Coming Down (feat. HarukiD) [9D]
Yellock – Replaced Heart [9D]
YO – Girls Galore (Remastered 2020) [Molto Recordings]
Zeker – Seeker [Zeker Music]

Electronica & Downtempo

3mon – Wildfire (feat. Hatim & Amanda Swickle)
13th moon – Curiosa [Lying 8]
AERA TIRET – Montpellier [recordJet]
Afterlife & Mike Boorman – Formentera Fugitive
Andre Obin – Infinite Sustain [Cleopatra Records]
Aqualux – Sad Eyes [Ragibeat]
Arökem – Build on Fire [NBM Records]
Art vs. Science – Icycle Bicycle [Green Media,MGM]
Atavus – Manhunt 2029 [Artistfy Music]
Audrey Valorzi – I See (Zornéus Remix) [Futureplay]
Aviron – Locked Room [Cosmicleaf Records]
B15 Project – Selecta Boi (feat. Cheshire Cat) [Jam Tasty Records]
Bin Cakes & Påsane – Cakes From the Bin [SO-PHAT]
Blakk Habit – Tell Me [Garage Shared]
Bob Musella – Two Worlds [FakeGods]
Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit – Eurydike [Nonplace]
Burnt Friedman & João Pais – Out of Ape [Nonplace]
Coma Baby – Eyo [PR Records]
Compilations – Selections II (The Remixes) [Melomana]
Cooroot – Strategy [Atomrise Sounds]
CPR – CPR – Cyber Punk Romance (The Album)
Cultivated Bimbo – Prequel [Progress Productions]
Cyber Lazy – Back To the Future [MDRNT]
D.L.I.D – Venomous [HRCLS Records]
David K – Tone Series Remix Series [TONE SERIES]
Dazed Marrow – Bliss [Cleopatra Records]
De Ambassade – De Gracht [Knekelhuis]
DELACOUR – In Motion [Crosswalk Records]
Dio S & Cayo Largo, Dio S – Leei [Dreams Way]
Dirtwire & Moontricks – Alone [Westwood Recordings]
Dive Index – Pristine Wilderness (feat. Merz) [Neutral Music]
Dj Evan – Don’t Go (feat. Amon Fly) [Looper Records]
DJ Pacifier – Rescue & Research, Pt. 1 [Failed Units]
DJ Yameel – Hype [ZEROCOOL]
dj-spike – Don’t Go [Looper Records]
DubRocca – Drowning [Broke N Glass]
Elastique V. – Can You Happy [Belle Epoque Records]
Elycee – In My Body [Ragibeat]
Esther – Hedon Hack [POLAAR]
Fafa – Return of the Eelman [Different10]
Faunalord – Flora [Lolou Records]
Fenmie Ambient – Strange Dreams [Fenmie Music]
Floret – Edo [Floret]
Funk Mediterraneo – Broken Beats [Dustpan Recordings]
Gambino Sound Machine – Tandoori [Pushka Recordings]
Gangsta Loc LB & Wolfrage – Gangsta of Love [Wolfrage Recordings]
Gelee Royal – Leave (feat. Jonathan Welle & Tilla)
Grade A – Come Baby [Shroud Records]
Iggy Pop, Tarwater & Alva Noto – Leaves of Grass
Isayahh Wuddha – Urban Brew [WotNot Music]
J-SHADOW – Modulator [Simply Deep]
Jack-O’-Lantern & Victoria Ray – Under Shadows
Jasper Tygner – Something Else (feat. Ruby Wood)
Kage HoC – OK (feat. Lil Debbie) [Riotville Records]
Keclo – Cocktail [Petit Pot Records]
Kenneth Bager & Troels Hammer – Shadows Of A Lullabye
Klangstein – Dust [Schalldeluxe]
Kronos9 – The Magnificent Seven [ONIWERKS]
Laraaji – Temple Of New Light [All Saints Records]
Lawrence English – Lassitude [Room 40]
Lev Tatarov – Shiwaya [trndmsk]
Levo – Selvatica [Toulouse Musique]
Lo-Fi Kids – Watermelon [Lolou Records]
Lorenzo Morresi – Objet Melodie [Fly By Night Music]
łtchi – After Glow [LNG Records]
LTD Colours – Eclipse [Glome Sound]
Luciano Recabarren – Parte III [Humedal]
Lumian – Lucid Dreams [Vibes Records LLC]
Luxs Buggs – Cuban [2 Steps To Chill]
Magnum Opus – War In the Suburs [Analogue Texture Records]
Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa – The Story [OM Records]
Matchess – For Lise [Mexican Summer (EU)]
Matt Lange – Isolated Week 7 [isoRhythm]
Max Cooper – 3D Reworks 001 [Mesh]
Max-Hoba – Kwa Makhelwane [Paradise Sound System]
MiaHush – Pink Agitation (K.Dis Remix)
Mind Sylenth – I Won’t Fail (feat. Grand Khai)
Mirage of Deep – Spell Night [Lemongrassmusic]
Misael Deejay – In Love Tonight [Noentiendo Records]
modal PROJEKT – Great Fall [Freshly Squeezed Music]
Mondmann – Wake up Call [Moonshades]
Monkey Heads – 3Am [Unnamed Distribution]
Moon Pollen – We are Landscapes [Mole Listening Pearls]
MOTi & Mary N’Diaye – Sing For Me (with Mary N’diaye)
MÒZÂMBÎQÚE – Midday Moon [Proximity]
MPH – Balaclava [Wub Club Records]
Naoko – Ponente [Cala Bassa Records]
Noequalgods – Fatum (Alexey Light Remix) [Azima Deep]
Offenbach Project – Spring Time [Respect Music]
Ombiya Ra & Bryce Lamar – Yemaya [Namkyo]
Oscuro – I Still Remember [Martian Bass Records]
Overlogic – Delife [Urtovox Rec]
paralism. – Code 4.9 [Katzenmusik]
Phew – Vertical Jamming [Disciples]
Pierre Rousseau – The Way You Made Me Feel (Extended Alteration)
Playtoon – Uncoloured Happiness [Underbound Records]
Powell – Flash Across the Intervals [A Folder]
Powell – multiply the sides [A Folder]
Rautu – Starry Sky [Future Garage Worldwide]
re loom – It Sounds Real [Puuuhh Records]
Relaxing Lime – Elixir [Uniqode Chill]
Ron Ractive – A New Day [Styledriver]
Rudy Mycology – Lie In 80s [Twoja Stara]
Saturn Hands – Melodic Thunder [Lost Weekend]
Serion & Stephen Geisler, Serion – Eternal [Seeking Blue]
She Hates Emotions – Melancholic Maniac [Out Of Line]
Shower Cap – Sunrise [Be Different Records]
Sidi – September Duties [Deep Heads]
Sign Of Crows – Alternate Universe [SOCS]
Sign Of Crows – Hate [SOCS]
Sigrid Karzer – Kosh [ANALOGmusiq]
Skepsis & TS7 – Freak [Crucast]
Soul Kamikaze – Dancing Trees [Elastica]
Strux – Waves [Freshtunes]
Super Drama – XoXo [Freeride Millenium]
Szatt – DNA [Dig a Pony Records]
Tengui – Countertransference [Broken20]
Terror Tone – Mamacita , Dangle [YosH]
The Chillhop Orchestra – First Course (feat. MOAR & Rémi Schnell)
The Geek x VRV – Higher Love [Allo Floride Artist Services]
The Horizontal Society – South Coast Dreaming
The Keep – Andra [Houndstooth]
Tim Susa – Masquerades [Broque]
Toiret Status – Otohime [Orange Milk]
TOM and his Computer – Future Ruins (feat. Roxy Jules)
Toulouse – Ahlam [Toulouse Musique]
Toulouse – Tayeh [Toulouse Musique]
Trainspotting & Catherine Boston – Falling Into You
travvvma – % (Instrumentals) [Mindmap]
Urbøi – Infected [Holy Pig Records]
VA – Beautiful Earth [Nidra Music]
VA – Fashion Show Essential Playlist [Stereoheaven]
VA – Isolation [Faint]
VA – Melodies of Techno Pt. 10 [Kollektor]
VA – Place Ecuador [place]
VA – Pollination [Pollen]
VA – Sempiternal [Untitled Burial]
Verdict – Baby Loves Nudes [M&R Productions Ltd]
Vero Monsh – In the Sea – Vladimir Kusijanovic Remix
Willy Organ – Faalangst [541]
Yasmine Hamdan – Iza (George Bshoum Remix)


Adam De Maaral – Wait [Stereophonic]
Afroschnitzel – Window Blues (feat. Mez)
Alex Helder – Atlantis [SLASE Records]
Alex Parker & Alicia Eris – Let You In [Creator Music Wave]
Alex Rai – People find it somewhere [Last Drop Recordings]
Alexander Cruel & Joe C. – Marioneta [No Definition]
Amine Edge & DANCE & Arthur Baker – Love Is The Answer
Andrea Curato & Coco Street – If I Stay [Cool Staff Records]
Arno Ramon – Orientation [Melodymathics]
ASTRAY FRAME – Falling for You [Make A Records]
AudioPrism – Like We Used to [Jendex Records]
Audiotrip – Weird Affairs [Deepstate]
BA33 – Feel That Bass [Treinta3tres]
BBwhite – Guitar O’Clock [More than House!!]
Ben Brummitt & Jade Mae – Exceptional [Vivifier Records]
Block & Crown, Lissat & Martina Budde – The Rollin’ Funka Stone
Borgeous – At Midnight [Geousus]
Bradley Richards – Disco Record [Houseworx Sessions]
Brown Vox – Tiyul Bagan [SOA Music]
Brrak – Faith in the People [Cultural District Recordings]
Dave Audé & Luciana – Watching You Watching Me
David Penn & Kevin McKay – Hallelujah (Odyssey Inc. Remix)
Demoe Beats – Revel [Plasma.Digital]
DEMPRIDE – Silence [Actuation]
Discoloverz – Roller Disco [Disco Down]
Diver City – Coffee Girl [Tactical Trax]
DJ Ax – Word of God [Testify Records]
DJ Fenix – The Hardest Part (feat. Cozi Costi) [Say Wow Music]
DJ Fenix – This Could Be Love [Say Wow Music]
DJ Jarell – Possible Dreams [Cuebans Records]
DJ Justin Johnson – Atomic Awareness [Cable Recordings]
DJ Luis Santiago – Work-N-Work [Music Plant Group]
DJ N’Farmer – My Dream [Munix Records]
DJ Nipper – Can’t Shake Our Love (Bass Mix) [No Fakerz Records]
DJ PP & Thousand Nights – Wacha! [PPMUSIC]
DJ Whale – Winners [TICAmusic]
Doubutsu System – Big Street [0103Records]
Dual Mistery – Inferno [Alveda Gold]
Dubio – Body Talks (feat. Bunny Blake) [Loud Memory]
Eidetaker – The Hunt [Aquavit BEAT]
Elee Bermudez – Naya (Remix) [Mexican Tribe Records]
Erika – Crazy for You [Bang Record]
Evotia & Doug Claym – I Can’t Decide [Crossback Records]
Ezirk – Royal Society [Disco Filter Records]
Forcy – Il Furgone Scarlatto [Posidonia]
Forgotten – Together [Snippet Recordings]
Fred Bexx – Deep Breath (feat. MNKS) [Queenside Recordings]
Fried Man – Wild East [Debounce Records]
Frostloud! & MIJAST – Never Let Me Go [Madox Records]
Furi DRUMS – Cancelled Spring [Furious Energy Records]
Fuse – Alone with You [Loud Memory]
Gabry the Sound – Ducky [The Music School]
Galano – Body Rock [Strakton Records]
Get Far & LennyMendy – Wanderer (feat. Jonny Rose)
Gin and Sonic – The Weekend [SSL Music]
Girafa Thunder – Gotta Go [Astro Digital Records]
Goodkid – Hear Your Voice [Blacktone]
Great Exuma – Jazz and Fun [Pop Label Records]
Hector Balboa – Etnica [FakeGods]
Hemel – Don’t You Never Stop Me [Strakton Records]
Hi Noise – Heart Again [WEPLAY Music]
High Graid – Give Me More [INDEXLIFE]
Homem & NVRT – Late Night [Get The Sound]
Ibiza Air – Viva Pacifica (feat. Mari Am) [Planet Inspiration]
Ivy Cake – Friday Mist [Logicalnoise]
Jens Jakob – Peaceful Bay [Unique Revolution]
Jerry Ropero, Sandro Sandrino & Paper Head – Quattro Porte
Jo Paciello & Lebedev – Meshed [Juiced Music]
Jody Watley – The Healing [Avitone Recordings]
Johnny Manfredi – Vertigo (feat. Kris Kiss) [Ensis Records]
Juan Rios – Beats On Boat Juan Rios [recordJet]
Juwan Rates & Ricky Doubles – Dirty Rice [Robsoul Recordings]
K’Ture – Cause I Love (feat. Kaina Mondesir) [Jakdat Records]
Katamuro – Nobody [Profimedia]
Kayladeep – Adore (feat. Singapoure) [EntityDeep]
Kramder – Stressaholic [Mixmash Deep]
Lady Vusumzi, Silva T – Deeper [Vusumzi Records]
Le Chat Rouge – I Need U [Effigy Recordings]
Leo Bonarrivo – Mi Paquita [AREA 94]
Likko – I Want [Cult Community]
LouMusic – Fck Monday [G-Mafia Records]
Maggie Szabo & Barkley – Back Where We Started Remix Diary
Mar Vista – Turn Me On [Phoenix Music Inc]
Martina Budde – Get What I Want [Groovy Firehorse 66]
Mason Spikers – Feel the Beat [FUNRL RECORDS]
Meechie, D’Bora & Carla Prather – Maurice Joshua Presents 90s Reloaded
Melantropia – Memories [Strictly Rhythm]
Michelino – Funky Groovin [Souluxe Record Co]
Mick4 & Wolfrage – Drefster (Radio Mix) [Wolfrage Recordings]
Moody – Boomin’ Sounds [Good People Music]
More Thrill – Moving Fwrd [GVOO RECORDS]
Ricky Montana – Never Right [DugOut Records]
Right Mood – Everybody [Barbecue Records]
Rod Valdes – Higher (Radio Edit) [B STAGE]
Romano Vox – I Hold On [EL1T3]
Romy Black – What I Want [Souluxe Record Co]
Rondon – To the Limit [Belowdeck Records]
Rubinskee – Cuatro Pisos [Whim Records]
Samuele De Santis – Fatty S [Trend Records]
Sarah Rebecca – The Magic [Alter K]
Scuba – Never Forget (Remixes) [Hotflush Recordings]
Secret Assembly – Love Inside [SHOEBOX RECORDS]
Shuja Rabbani – Fomo [Rabbani Records]
Spawneezy – The Bassment [Spawneezy Records]
Stephani B – Caught in the Middle (Stephani B Remix)
Steven Blair – It’s Over [Catamount Records]
Strong R. – Give More Vibes (feat. Pixa)
Sugarpie and the Candymen – Quando, Quando, Quando
SvenDeeKay – Rolling Stone [JOMPSTA POP]
Tchami – Ghosts (feat. Hana) [Remixes] [Confession]
The MXD – Your Mind [Filthy Sounds]
The Swing Kids – Yeah, Good Feelin’ [Nervous Records]
ThirstKid – Houseboxd [Know So]
Tony Mr. Beat – Alux Xibalba [Positive Electronic Music]
Tymen & MYXE – Rumors [Young Gunz Muzic]
VA – Puccioenza
Vinyl Disciples – Lullaby (Mishaal Alireza Remix)
Yer Man – Chakacan [Mena Music]
Zabahut – Secret [Motiv]
ZESTIC – Your Heart [LE Distribution]

Melodic House & Techno

Abkin – Inside [Asli Music]
Airbas, Barchi – Remixland 3 [Colore]
Alan Cerra, Aydın – Nelbeki , TOI 700 d , Somma [Freegrant Music]
autonomi – Kalisa [Oh! Records Stockholm]
Azanda – Tropical Blues [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Chaum & Hannes Wiehager – Intentions (Original Vocal Edition)
Cook & Stans & 1Planet – We’re Back Chilling [Cook & Stans]
Delta Blue, Escadia – Melodic Vibes [Elektrify Records]
donnerstag – Lost in Space [Sound Optix]
Fajro & Laurits Bak – Back Around (VIP Mix) [Spirited]
Frameworks – Delphina (jackLNDN Remix) [Loci Records]
Grace Vogt – Drunk on You [No Sync]
HDT67 – Go Ahead To the Life [Sr. Events Music]
Jizaxx – Decathlon , Carousel [Structed Records]
Jos & Eli, Julian Wassermann & Henri Bergmann – Jos & Eli , Julian Wassermann & Henri Bergmann
Laurent TOP – My Definition of sound [MBMH Underground Recordings]
Lemonille – When I Come Back [Giant Pulse]
Luca Maniaci – Marant [Echoes From Past Worlds]
Martin Merkel – Il primo cavaliere [Secondary Tones]
Nikita Borman – Liquid Island [Electronic Abrau]
OSC3 – Reflections, On the Edge [XMOD Records]
Spintribe & Zirrex, Spintribe – Eniac [Bassic Records]
Tamborder – Betelgeuse , Aldebaran [Guava]
Tom Algorithm – Melt [STIG]
VA – The First Milestone [Infinite Depth]
VA – Underground Faces 2 [Faces]
VA – VA-Compilation [Groove Sensation Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

13Ducks – Just In Space [Kundry Music]
Andrea Raghitta – Ah [Deep Tech Lab]
Archie Hamilton – 10 Years of Moscow [Moscow Records]
Arthus – Paranoia [Agua y Sed]
Bauch & R.S.E – Sotosoma [Lasublim Records]
Claudio Arditti – Milonga [VA Music]
Dat Vila DJ – The Solution [Deep Tech Lab]
Davide Mentesana – Mind [Price Incorrect]
Dennis Cruz & Iuliano Mambo – Take It Easy
Erico Falcone – The Mallets [NOiR FiDELiTY Records]
Full Nelson – Be Cool [Bish Bash Records]
Gel Abril – Sweet Vibrations [Get Physical Music]
Geo Daft – Bad Guys Drive a Car [MT Musik]
Giorgio Bassetti – Cumbia [Big Bunny]
Hassio (COL) & Sammy Morris – Clowning
Hector Moran & HE MI – The Chosen [Conceptual Deep]
Hyabak – Fantasm [Kieso Music]
Ivan Lopez & Kassier – Take a Shine [LMNTAL Music]
Jerrik – At Night [Ritmika Records]
Juliche Hernandez, Lucianno Villarreal – WeirdSplit
Liquaxis – Wind [Lavenir Music]
LowFlow – Grooven [Substrate Music]
Manda Moor – What U Want [Kaluki Musik]
Matt Mikke – Doping [Lemon Juice Records]
MG – Sasha [Woody Records]
Nando Pasillas – Version Two [NO PAIN RECORDS]
Null815 – A Night in Berlin [Rawsome Deep]
Ozzie Guven & Chris Gialanze – As We Enter
Paniz69 – Phono Tape [OuiOui Concept]
Rebelle – T1 032 [T1 Music]
Red Meat Therapy – Social Distancing [Station9 Records]
REda daRE & Hyacin – Eko [Talman Records]
Saintes (AR) – Laughing Wild [Bandaid]
Seb Indaburu – On the Disco [Natura Soul]
Tilia – Cordata Meteora Sp [Alien Delirium Recordings]
Toochi (SA) – Inception [Play Groove Recordings]
Tripmastaz – Whut Klubb Phuture Holdz [Infuse]
VA – Melafefon Pt. 17 [Kollektor]
VA – Minimal Techno Special [MT Musik]
Valentino Bruno – Soleus [Tip Tap Records]
Za__Paradigma – Hermetic Lightning [SOS Rec]
ZaBong – Q [ANALOGmusiq]

Progressive House

Agustin Pietrocola – Borrowed , Silk
Ajax Cruise & Ardison – Electrofy [AIDC Records]
Alex Harrington – Wait a Minute (feat. Dougie VanSant)
Alex Mind & Damon Rush – Dreams [12.inch.recordings]
Arturo Santos – Norge [Jendex Records]
Biba Dee J – Just A Feeling (Svandaus Remix) [Soundrepublic]
Cashmere – Island Love [B.A.M. (Become A Millionaire)]
Christian Express – Pulverturm (feat. Cassandra)
Dallic – You [PM Recordings]
Dapa Deep – Walking Alone [Dapa Music]
Dj Nicolas, Naxwell & DJ Combo – Blue (Da Ba Dee)
DJ Sash K – Quarantine [DVNSH Recordings]
Fariaxx – Midnight [Skipe Records]
Gangi – Hero [Reload Music]
Jay Potter & Rowetta – The Game Remixes [Clueless Music]
Joseph Alberti – La Música (feat. Catiane Raneri)
Koelle, Made in Paris – Poesie100 [Poesie Musik]
MauLr – Clyde [Dancewood Stage]
Rangel Coelho – My World [Wanderlust]
Rich vom Dorf – Forever [Tächno]
SASHAZA – Note [Elastic Dimension Records]
Silvius – Don’t Be Afraid to Fall [GRADA Records]
Tazberg – Electrical Senses [Lolapad Recordings]
The Modifiers – The Rise [Urban Collective]
VA – Go Trybe Various Artists, 1.0
Vindicci – Aurora [iTracks]

Tech House

Alain Herman – Show Us [Kalu Records]
Ali Sural – Reaching Higher (feat. SoulMates) [Kalu Records]
Allegeance – Dolla Bills [Bass Box]
Alonso Disa – Magic Hands [SouthTech Music]
Alyx Ander & MESZCA – High Horse
Andrea Giungo – Roll In The Range [Nervous Records]
Arthur Martinelli & Elias Sandoval – La Conga [Playtech]
Barbex – Flick Up [Lab Underground]
Bassel Darwish – Gate [MUSE]
Benn Starr – Lose Yourself In Music [Bennyboy Recordings]
Bigstate – Enter the Rave [Puchero Records]
Bob Foxx – We All Fall Down [Crooked Spine Records]
Christian Belt – Dmp 080 [DMP Records]
Codes & Proper Villains – Corona Go! [Holy Molé Music]
Compilations – Limelight [Exit 32]
Criptosk – Jarro E Café [criptosk music]
CRNL – Typhoon [Cardinal Records]
Cryptico – Like This [Wavebox Records]
Damon Hess & Josh Coakley – Shockwaves
DE-CR – Transition [Northbeatz Digital]
Devon James, Subrinse & Will Ob – Superstar
DJ Rhyan, LORRAZ & MNK4 – Pump the Night [Deep Bear]
Double Vision IT – Jador [REFILL MUSIC]
Eaosa – Perturbation [Space Bird Records]
Exxes – Only a Brain [Not So Serious]
Facu Escobar – Dam Dam [Anfrix Records]
Felipe Brizzi – XVI.III [Agenda]
Fernando Acero – Energy , Let’s Go [Check In Recordings]
Franbro – Hip Hop Hippie [Doga Records]
Franco Stanglino – Perenne [P1]
GAGH – Like 2 Me [Lemon Juice Records]
GeeThx – Too Sexy [Carboware Records]
Godoyvisk – I Like To Ask (feat. Tonny Music) [Skipe Records]
Hetno – Shit On the Floor [Cracknight People]
Hypside & Luiz Henrique – Dirty Side [Green Deep]
Illfort Grantz – Too Intellectual [Blackbird]
Jason Leech – Life [Musik Mechaniks Records]
Jhonatan Moraes – Prototype [Unseen Music]
JM x KIX – Don’t Stop [Vamos Music Talents]
joaco serruya – Hear This [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Joseir – This Feelin’ [Subliminal Senses]
Juzz – Dukes of Tomorrow [Plastik Galaxy]
Leo Oliver – Get Down [Lost Records]
Lorenzo Taglieri – Destruction [Lowdown Recordings]
Loudbeatz – Pride Baby [Knuck!]
LST CNTRL – Tu Mirada [Clipper’s Sounds]
Maraez & ViTT – Dance Floor [Valorize o Groove]
Mersi – Move Your Feet [Get Down Recordings]
Misha Klein – Over Me [MONOSIDE]
Mister Banus – Superb [23Recordings]
MITA BR – Something [Playtech]
Mizaru – The Chant [Kukushka Records]
Motivee – Do It [Music Room Records]
N CK – Temporary [Pyteca]
Nawid Herawi – Explicit [DataTech]
Norenoise – Don’t Wanna Be Your Love [Discoring]
Pair of Jacks – Soul Power [Jackinthebox]
Prestanome – The Reason She Wants It [Alternatived Music]
Ray Mono – All Eyez On Us [Pleasure Zone]
Reductio – Downtown Chicago [Force Of Habit]
Ron Ractive – Leave Control [Styledriver]
Rowee, Thomas Gandey & Cari Golden – Rise [Saturn Return]
Sameseven & Sticklip – Blow Hoe [Feel Hype Black]
Scottie Soul – Do You Like It [Selekta Recordings]
Sexgadget & Ever-L – Right Now [Alveda Subject]
Sexgadget & Ever-L – Rock My World [BIP Records]
Simone Rizzuto – The Pool Maker [Basement Music Records]
Siwell – Mooving , Yseeo [Incorrect]
Softpaw & Bante – Check Me Out [Against Everything]
Sorozi – Bak Go Bak [Zoo Series Recordings]
Stefano Fontana – 4 Those Who Likes the Underground Feet #3
Sterk – Cough [See The Sea Records]
Tech House – Highway [Young Spring]
Tempo Elektrik & MDB – The Upside [Up-Tempo Records]
THR3MIND – Crazymind [Blow Music]
Todd Terry – Dimension (Paola Shea Remix) [SoundDesign]
Tolex – Welcome To the Pharmacy [One Stamp Records]
VA – Magnetic Storms [Stereoheaven]
VA – Techhouse Hot Rotation 2020 [Stammtisch]
VA – The Lost [High Quality]
VA – Weapons of Choice – Underground Sounds #9
Venttura – Mother Fucking [No Topo Music]
Wieze – Theophilus [Codec One Records]
Willy Poveda – Rivadento [Whizal Records]

Techno & Minimal

14Anger – The Poison Tree [Ant-Zen]
80NP – 800 Miles [80NP]
AFVR – A.Fucking.Violent.Radio [Kattiwa Musik]
Alberto Tolo – Frenetik [Remain Records]
Analect – Illumine [Technodrome]
Axones – Alebrije [Poincare Records]
BB2S – Vortex [CODE Group]
BlockForm – Konflikt [Sound Kleckse Records]
Blue Collar – Assault [Stencil Recordings]
Camilo G – Whole Note [Atmosphere Music]
Catnapp – Damage [Techno Deaf Recordings]
Coco Street & Samuel Zamora – Warrior (Dub Mix)
Coxwayn – La Techno Sombre [Peneloop]
CRX Project – Sektor 2 [The Seed]
Daus – Its in My Brain [Animal Vector Records]
Decoder – Modular,Danger [Black Robin]
Destination Unknøwn – Human Emotion
Detroit 95 Project – Miles Miles [Red Plane Underground]
Diaz Tech – Bien Sabrosa [MUSCARIA PROJECT]
Diego Olarte – Lectro [Code Label]
DJ D ReDD – Exscape the Island [Frame Workxx Records]
Dj Thony – Old Spirit [Stereofly Records]
DJ X-NRG – Night Power [K-Noiz]
Dr. Strange – Call of the Void [AudioVoid]
Dr. Strange & Supkid – Murder Melody
Dragon Hoang – Stay Groove [Dragon Hoang Recordings]
Echobeat – Back2Basement
Egbert – Bunker [Mindshake Records]
Ellen Allien – True Romantics [Bpitch]
Federico Stradone – O.S.A [LETS TECHNO records]
FERY – The Headup [8620 RECORDS]
Finalversion3 – Human CPU [Gordo Trax]
Fixeer – Mass [Dynamic Reflection]
Funk Tribu – Apollo J0607 [LETS TECHNO records]
Gabry C – Modulac C [On Circle Music]
GraTris – Finalmind [Mazoom Lab]
Gregor Ostheimer – Solar [Vincent Noxx Records]
Guiliano – Gravity [X-trax]
Hans Delbrück – Apparition [Alienator Black]
Hard Drums – Dates [TECHNO NEVER DIES (Black)]
HDT67 – Enoly Gay [Second Segment Records]
HIPPØ – Dust & Fire [Distor]
James Pak – Bass Face [TECHNO NEVER DIES]
JNK – Dances With Stars [Contexterrior , Tuning Spork]
John Bayma – Acid Raver [CONET Records]
John Bayma – The Listener [CONET Records]
Nervosis – Destruction [TECHNO NEVER DIES (Red)]
OTON – Versatile [Analog Focus]
Paulo Oliveira – Undefined Origin [CONET Records]
PhunkBomb – Live Wires [Invisible People]
Pol Paraíso – Ego (feat. Feo Messy) [Drama BCN]
Raneo – Ancients Gods [Toxic Recordings]
Rebar – Lost In Hanoi [Rebar]
Reverse Stereo – Unstopable [TECHNO NEVER DIES]
Rob Inzky – Burning (Remixes) [PortRec]
Robert Natus – The Entrance [Compound]
Robotto – Robotto (EP) [EP Records]
Ron Impro – Control [Reload Black Label]
Royal Babylon – Deep Stroke [ONE2ONE2]
Ryan Pharrell – Fly with Me [ERROR Records]
SÆDEM – Portae Inferni [Sticky Ground]
SAVANT (UK) – Funky Pills [Jackin Knights]
Sema Techo – Spacecraft [7th Cloud]
Shoko Rasputin – OneArmed Tiger [U.G.JAMMIX]
Shoko Rasputin – Vj24a, [U.G.JAMMIX]
Sibling & Drhamer – Dislodge [Newrhythmic Records]
SS Tech Force – Lost Rhythm [LuftWaffle Records]
Stefan Da Silva – I Cant’ See [Outball Records]
Stephan Crown – Phenomenia 2020 [Space Beat]
SYNERV – SkyDown [Behavior Recordings]
T-STD – Circumcizer [TECHNO NEVER DIES (Black)]
Teknopark – CL [Otomo Trax]
The Miners & Doubleoz, Solon Mag – Happiness
The Sequel & JKLL, The Sequel & Tharoza – F#Cked up
Thomas Stark – Dystopia [exp]
Tony Romanello – Kontrol Subjekt
TrOLL3R – Prog [YoD Dark]
Unit – Fucking Noise [Euphoric Frenchcore]
Upwellings – Nebula Escape [spclnch]
VA – Body Changes Are Natural [Mama Told Ya]
VA – Fascic Techno Music 8 [Cieli Di Orione]
VA – Interaction, Pt. 37 [Kommunikation Records]
VA – Kube Essentials 001 [Kube Records]
VA – Packard [Infolines]
VA – Quadraginta Sex [Panem Et Circenses]
VA – Shaded [AESIR Records]
VA – Techno Fight Covid 19 [Dark Blood Label]
Wax Wings – Af2tf [Kneaded Pains]
WhyAsk! – Atomic Kids [WRNG SCTY REC.]
Wiccuwa & Nesta!, Wiccuwa – High Surf [Adara Records]
WilyamDeLove & Nobe – No Way Out , Cosmic Gate
Wyrus – Em [Rattle Records]
X-302 – Other Side [Neurom Records]
Xeramon – Rising [Rotterdam Records]
Yohan – Amjeon [Artscope]
Yosu Goikolea – Head Trip [Techno Room Lab]
Yves Grey – Control [DistroKid]
Zesar Mar – Dead Rain [LETS TECHNO records]