Afro House

Afriquoi – Acid Attack [Mawimbi]
Aso Tandwa – Friday Mood (feat. D.O.X.) [Afro Mix]
Atmos Blaq – Kwa Mntungwa [Uncover Music]
DarQknight – Mono [Mosaiq Music]
Dave Ocean – Amor Libre [Graba Records]
Deep Narratives – Hard Cong [Maluku Records]
Dj Scobar – Run Away [Cherokee Recordings]
DNS & DJ Sparks – Gold Digger (feat. Dvine Brothers)
Eduardo Tristao – One White Field (feat. Sudad G)
Jonas Rathsman & Lazarusman – Take Me There
Luu97deep – Do You Know Me [Magerms Records]
Silkey – Africa War [Fishtone Records]
Thab De Soul & InQfive – Bought Her Flowers (incl. Underneath a Cloud)
The GNS Projekt – N14 Demons [BrokenSoul Records]
VA – Dcr200 by Kiko Navarro [Double Cheese Records]
VA – Kazukuta Flavour Vol.02 [Kazukuta Records]
VA – Nothing But… Afro House, Vol. 15 [NBAH015]
Viral Gucci – Itlhakole [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]


Antilope – Woanders ist es immer besser [recordJet]
Arnie-Der-Sonnenkoenig – Schönes Fest [recordJet]
Atiye – Tom Tom [Planet Hum Records]
Axel C – Felicity [Kalambur Publishing]
Baltimora Guys – Let It Shine (feat. Daresh Syzmoon)
Bob Cargill Music – Alizarin Dream [Octiive]
Bobby Mercy – Ain’t the One [tkbz media]
Carolina Marquez, Ben Hamilton & Stefy De Cicco – Sexy Girl
Christian Piers – P41 [17 Steps]
Clément – Africa (feat. Fifi Cooper, Candy, Lindough & Papa Ghost)
Coloquix & shuaybhamed – Gabriel Hounds (Shuaybhamed Remix)
Coppola – Secretly (Hit Mania Estate 2019)
Fran Milan – Stronger Alone [Fran Milan]
Glenn Scott – Reflections of a Soul [IAH Records]
Golden Features & The Presets – Raka
Grandpa Dad – Fractal Feathers
Guray Kilic – Retro Boy [Studio59]
Havington – Behind a Smile [recordJet]
Jayle Collins – Summer Love [Axsens]
Julian Moss – Nobody’S Wife (feat. Gladys)
Knockout Concept – Fineline [recordJet]
Laing – Sehnsucht [recordJet]
Lorenz Koin – Summer Nights (feat. Norah B.)
Lucho & Lofi 94 – Moving On [Mixmash Deep]
Marcel Scott – Make It Better [Wikolia Music]
Melvo – Missing You (feat. Lola Rhodes) [Dance Fragile]
MistaJam – Ultimatum (feat. Laura White) [DANCE NRG]
Nigel – Let’s Pardy (feat. Mr.Doll) [ToschMusic]
NPRBLM – My Energy [Dbeatzion Records]
OneBeat – Shadow of My Soul [Black Sunset Platinum]
Panuma, Tokyo Project & Emiah – Siren (The Remixes)
Pilot Of Love – Immortality [Kalambur Publishing]
Pitchy & Scratchy – The Birds and the Bongos
Rize – Project 6 [Lentrome]
Simon Irvine – Misunderstood (feat. The Brooklyn Foundation)
StadiumX – Where Are You Now [Ultra]
Stargazer – Born to Be Alive [2 ON Records]
Tabula Rasa – Higher [Planet Earth]
Tom Ferry & DFUX – Lullaby (feat. Nick De La Hoyde)
Tommy Loude – Close 2 Me [V Records UK]
VA – Dance – Best Of 2019 [Dance 4 You]
Victoria Sio – Plus peur [Label 6&7]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

A Man Called Adam – Farmarama Remixes, Vol. 2
Aftruu – 7802 [SILKM231]
Alison Maseko – Crumbled Memories (feat. Venessa Jackson)
Amit Kedem – Self Portrait [Young Society Records]
AN TI – Be Devine [Dihanie Records]
Anthony Hugh – Make Me Feel Good [Coco Beach]
Antonio Estrada – Badu [MIM081]
Apolonia Lo Re – Tokyo Express [Misu Misu Records]
Approaching Black & Shingo Nakamura – I’m Still Breathing
Aquarius Heaven – Take It Easy [Bunte Kuh]
Ayala (IT) – Cosmic EP [MBR358]
Aydın – Night in Night [48 Records]
BeeKay Deep – Believer [Grooveland]
Best Youth, Moullinex – Part of the Noise [DT104B]
Blakey – Real Life (Sebb Junior Remix) [Blockhead Recordings]
Change – Paradise [SAR103]
Chasing Kurt – Higher [PUMPIT003]
Chelsea Singh & Andrew Galea – Sarangi [SP Recordings]
Chill Refill – True [Chill Refill Productions]
Cormac – Perfect Time [Correspondant]
Danny Cruz – Shoulda Been You (Danny’s Disco Reprise)
David Bailey – Giving In (feat. Mike City) [Makin’ Moves]
Davide Ferrario – Drops [My Other Side of the Moon]
Death on the Balcony – Future Flow EP [DNSOTF014]
Deejay Virus_Soulkid – Across the Storm [Heart N Soul Records]
Deepear – Classics [Fizzapedia Recordings]
Denis Sulta – In~Narito _ It’s Tough, But Not As Much As The Dream Is Worth
Derreck Fawn – Make Me Wait [Superlative]
Didier Vanelli – When You [Soulstar Records]
Different Ray – Colorful Night [Suprematic]
Dionigi – The Mystery Funk [Quantistic Division]
Disco Dandies – Funkin Your Mind [Suppressed Energy]
Divinzo & Coozah – Lady From Nairobi [Ohman Records]
DJ Ex – Mdali Wezulu (feat. Thabo Ngema & Sacred Soul)
DJ Gradus – Summer Memories [Poolside Deep]
Doctor Dru & M.E.M.O. – Barial [Mobilee Records]
Dungeon Crawler – Show Me Love [Household Records]
E.L.C.W. – Soleado [Sixtynine Recordings]
Eli Escobar – Last Summer [NP109]
Emdy Kay – Demonstrate Love [Myriad Black Records]
Emiliano S – Told Me , Peace [Batavia Records]
Erio Noen – Show You [Bingo Bass]
F.L.O.M. – Going Deeper [Deep Strips]
Gabriel Rocha & DJ PP – Coyhaique [DECHAPTER]
Gianmarco Limenta – No Sleep With Alien [Votiva Records]
Gioli & Assia – Blind [Diesis Records]
Gustavo Mazzi – Volcanic Vibes [interflow ultima]
Ian Source – I Let You Go [TB Media]
Igor Pumphonia – My Confession [ChillRecordsMusic]
Ivan Vilanova, Javi Moliner – Out of the Dark [Beatlabel Records]
J.B Boogie – Night Out [Villes et Fleurs]
Jazzmaster_Funk – Feeling Good [WeLikeMusic Records]
Jesusdapnk & Rivka M – Focus [True Deep]
Joe Olindo – Forgot About Style [Stay Groove Records]
Jon2 – Launch [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Julian Sanza – Starduster [AntiDEEPressant Records]
Karl Sierra – Dreamers [Crooks & Villains Records]
Kek’Star – New Order [CAT335582]
Kickbugs – Pathos (feat. Tehdos) [Claps Records]
Knuckle G – Punch from G [De La Groove]
Kristy Harper – Exotic Shapes [Monologues Records]
Krystal Klear – Cyclia One [Running Back]
Los Rubio – In Senada [Turtle Musik]
LYP – Chill C [Lemon Yellow Pea]
Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (20th Anniversary Edition)
MaQue SA – Bedroom Magic [Deep Clicks]
MarcLo & Fabro – South Wind [Manuscript Records Ukraine]
Marga Sol – What I Long For [M-Sol Records]
Mark James – Jump into My Mind [Hot Sunday Records]
Marts – Giving Up [PHR203]
Marttin – THE GUETTO [Elegant Music]
Mason – Take It Down (Gettoblaster Remix) [feat. SLANG]
Matt Terry – Set Me Free [Agua Blanca Records]
Maür Gulo & Martin Tyku – Smoke in the Bedroom [Stopway Music]
MaX ForWorD – Time Loop [ChillRecordsMusic]
Minimarket – Rage [N.O.I.A. Records]
Mirko Deep & Robert Owens – Voice From the Dark [Phoenix Soul]
Mount Kismet – Warmer Lanes [DHLP02D]
Mujo Deep – Corazon [UM048]
Nine Lives – The Panacea [NUR24749]
Nkuly Knuckles – Deep Summer Chase [Knucklesprosound]
Palmer Eldritch – Gaba – [Father & Son Records & Tapes]
Panthera Krause – It’s A Business Doing Pleasure With You
Phunk – Everything [M-Sol DEEP]
Ponty Mython – Speak for Yourself [Futureboogie Recordings]
Ramorae – Plexen [Artefact]
Ratahi – Pantai [BMS022]
RISS – Bad Bitches [Agenda]
Shades Of Chicago – Safari Shuffle [Deep Hype Sounds]
Sjoerba – Get Dirty [AL184]
Skydrips – Tundra [Herz&Leber]
Soulfeed – Dimbar [Where The Heart Is]
St Jude – Wonder Why [DBR1028]
Stan Chetverikov – First Rain [Emergent Textures]
startech42 – The Groof [Vivifier Records]
Staves, Ray Morocco – Myth [MR002]
Steve Hammer – 1000 Yards [Cyanide]
Stevie R – Melt {The Editions} – Part I [Chapter 24 Records]
Swansea Riot – Left Side, South Side Jams [Ababili Recordings]
Taelue – Reflections [Perpetual Rhythms]
Takashi Kurosawa & Ken Nishimura – You Love It
TB – A Call For Romance [Permanent Vacation]
Tender Games & Marc Brauner, Pepe – Love Was the Motive
Theo Parrish – This is for You [Sound Signature]
Tokio – My Side [Hungarian Hot Wax]
Tom Samit – Waiting [Deep Sweet Records]
Tommy Noir – I Can Feel It [Smashing Trax Records]
Tony Igy – You Know My Name [National Digital Aggregator]
Uppermost – Every Human Is an Artist [Uppwind]
VA – Ready for the Train , Vok. 6 [SLiVER Recordings]
VA – Real Deepness #17 [Play This! Records]
VA – ReMakes [7VC019]
Valerio Bianco – Destiny [Penaut Butter]
Willsoul – Feels Good [Delve Deeper Recordings]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Acid Lab & Dreadmaul, Acid Lab – Black Veil , Tiamat [Onset Audio]
Afrojack, Chico Rose – Sad (feat. Afrojack) (Extended SLVR Remix).mp3
Alex Lauter & Alex Kayes – Elapse (Radio Edit) [Lauterhaus]
André After & Weytton Silva – I’m Gonna Be Free
Apolo Oliver, Fepoo – San Frasncisco (Original Mix).mp3
Asquith – Time & Space [Hypercolour]
Beatsjaxx – Aces [Refueled Recordings]
Billy Lane – NightFall [Freqy Music Group]
Camo & Krooked – Set It Off (feat. Jeru the Damaja)
Chris.SU – Planet Hell, Part 1 [FATE Recordings]
Color Blind DJ – Water [DistroKid]
Coman Dante, Donny & Katharsys – Back from the Dead
Crossnaders – Tecno (Extended Mix).mp3
Daddy Houstoff – Communications (feat. AnagJim)
Dannic & Graham Swift – True Champion
Dave Owens – Skyline [Young NRG Productions]
Dave Skywalker, Moz DJ – The Water [Endor Recordings]
David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Afro Bros, Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha – Instagram (Bassjackers Remix).mp3
DeLoops, Fresh Lemons – Bouncing Bangers [Black Lemon]
Denis Palesso – Call Me (Extended Mix).mp3
Detect Theory – Heavy Traffic [Liquid Drops]
Disaszt – Whistle [Mainframe Recordings]
DJ Geache – I’m Back [SRC Music]
DJ Monk, Dj Twiz – 25 Years of Klp Records – Sampler 1
DJ Solovey – Moon [Big Hard Records]
Dj Zent – Infinite Waves [Suburban Chaos DnB]
Eastblock Bitches, Instant Cult – Celtic Anthem (Extended Mix).mp3
Easy & Geeks – Be There (Easy & Geeks Revamp) , Fine
Eazy – Khufra [Bagged & Tagged Records]
Evil Intention – 321 [Blazing PhreakQuency]
Evil Intention – Distortion [Blazing PhreakQuency]
Fanu – Timetravels [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Filipp Vasse – Voices [ReState Records]
Firefuse & J4ck0 – Last Light [Legion Records]
Forge – In the Mood , Sunlights Bliss [Silk Recordings]
Friction – Good to Me [Elevate Records (UK)]
Fushara – The Mystics [Transmute Recordings]
Hamses – Throatfilla [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Hellcutter – Conflict [We are Overdriven]
HuPok, Sweep J – Fake Trap (Original Mix).mp3
Info – Mad Ting [Right Good Records]
Insane & Stone – Wild Love [Electronic Pleasure Recordings]
J Majik – Everything I Do [Infrared Records]
Jam Thieves – Love Forever [Playaz]
Jeopardize – Futurama , Hypnophobia [Calypso]
Julian Jordan – Next Level (Extended Mix).mp3
Junglist 1996 – Dungeon [Beat Spectrum]
Kanine – Headlock [UNLEASHED]
Kastro & Scudd, Kastro – Ldn Ting – [Serial Killaz]
KOMBAT – Tempest Dub , Brunch [Jungle Cakes]
Laurent Wolf, Eric Carter – No Stress (Tommie Sunshine & MureKian Extended Remix).mp3
Lewis James – The Death of Habit [Exit Records]
Loghis – The Serpent’s Flute (Original Mix).mp3
Loud Luxury feat. Bryce Vine – I’m Not Alright (Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Remix).mp3
Ma.Bra. – Dance All Night [Mabra Records]
Magnetude – Mantis [Evolution Chamber]
Marvin Michael – Go n Play [Caseload Records]
Meesteik – Miles Away [OX Recordings]
Michael Blunt, Olympis & Helion – Blue (with Olympis)
MIR – Pcnsam [MIR]
Mo Falk & Zoopreme – Tastes Gud (Extended Mix).mp3
Moksi – Doorman feat. Chace (Curbi Remix).mp3
MonoKey – Despised [Refrained Music]
MR.BLACK & Pangea – Forever One [Revealed Recordings]
My Nu Leng feat. DRS – Sinking Sand (Original Mix).mp3
Neofunkers – Oracle , Soul Sulfur [Soundrising Records]
Nssnd, LACREME, GC (Gate Citizens) – Blow Pandi Sax (Extended Mix).mp3
Pedro Pons – The Club (Original Mix).mp3
Petroll – Breathe , Affection [Skankandbass]
Pinez – Downfall [Detroit Digital]
Rawkng – Archangel [Mixdown Recordings]
Razzix – Anything [Mythix Music]
Reebs – Bodyback (Extended Mix).mp3
Rohmz – Fact of the Matter [Flight Pattern Records]
Scar – High Fives & Devil Eyes [Metalheadz]
Silque – Shimmy Shimmy (Extended Mix).mp3
Solix – Psilocybin , Street Cars [Subway Soundz]
SoopaDaark – Gojiira [Ruff And Tuff Recordings]
SOTA – Frontin , One [Low Down Deep Recordings]
SOTA & Citrusfly, SOTA – 8Bit [Pick ‘n’ Mix]
Steve Aoki & Darren Criss – Crash Into Me (Settle Down Steavis Aoki Remix).mp3
Surface – Kaiten, Almost [Sixteen Step Records]
Svenstrup & Vendelboe – Forbi nu (feat. Ida Astrid) [Remixes]
Syzz & Avian Grays – Nobody (Original Mix).mp3
T-Kay – Certain Death [Lickwood and Gunshot]
Teddy Cream – Summer Jam (Mike Candy’s Remix).mp3
The Chainsmokers, Illenium, Lennon Stella – Takeaway (Andrew Rayel Remix).mp3
Thing – LDN Jungle [Dubthing Records]
Tim Hox – XY (Original Mix).mp3
Tommie Sunshine; Breikthru – Brick by Brick (Original Mix).mp3
Tones & I – Dance Monkey (ANGEMI Extended Remix).mp3
Tony Deathless – Prey [Blackhouse Records Ltd]
Tross – Remix [24,7 Hardcore]
VA – Best of Elexpread [Elexpread Records]
VA – Dov1 Presents Clipping Paths 4
VA – Run to the Limit [Sportage Digital]
VA – The Hydra (Part 4)
Vautour – Control [Vautour]
Vautour – Disorder [Vautour]
Veak – Jump Off , Come In Mr DJ [Midway Productions]
Wolfpack & Vinny feat. Joshua Khane – Be Strong.mp3
Wolfpack & X-TOF – Arabian Bounce (feat. Fatman Scoop) (Original Mix).mp3
X-E-Dos – Rescue Center [Ruff Guidance Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

Azania Brothers – Lazy Ride
Bosquemar, Di Laif – Integraciones #02
Chasms – Until It Happens To You [Felte]
Covex, Bass Physics & Luma – Keep Me Up
DeeBizness – Race of My Life [206 South Records]
Dj Shadow – Our Pathetic Age (Mass Appeal)
Ex-Terrestrial – Gamma Infolded [NAFF]
Foresteppe – Karaul [Klammklang]
Hunnley – Soul Hunting [KOMPONENTI]
Igor Pumphonia – Romance and Love
Joris Voorn – Four [SPCTRM4CD]
Joybiza – Dream Resort [Wellness Life Records]
Maytreya & PRKL, Maytreya – Mamze
Nimanty – The Waves of Happiness [Venonza Records]
Nyxen – Red P-Plates [Unknown Records]
Onur Ozman & Lazarusman – It Hurts (Remixes)
Promis3 – Blue [Simulated Paradise]
Sonnenburg – Degage [Traumnovelle]
Space Dimension Controller – Love Beyond the Intersect
Suntapes – Monochrome Traveller [Valley View Records]
Tha_Guts – Sandinista [Sonido Trópico]
To5z – Rising [Different]
VA – Abound of Electronica, Pt. 2 [Abound]
VA – Needwant X [NEEDCD040D]
Vedran Klemen – Great Atomic Bath (Old School Progressive)
Wakhan – Meghalaya [Kosa Records]
Wukong & Nimez – Immortal Peach Garden (Remixes)


Abel DJ – Night Danger [Dance Republic]
Alex Virgo – Funk Dat [Pomme Frite]
Alexander Koning – Nifty Critters [Nite Grooves]
Alexei Maslov – All Around the World [Nustromo Music]
Alwa Game & Sergey Ziboy – Drop Loot [Deep Family Records]
Andrew Meller – Strings [Downtown Underground]
Ant LaRock – Want You Love [SIMBLK185]
Audiojack – Public Disorder [Gruuv]
Biospherian&Organica – Rosie’s Comapss [Fertile Imagination Music]
Bondye & Pompino – Automatic [Coloursounds]
Bourbon – Don’t Do Me This Way [NUR24831]
Brandon Plank, Hakan Lidbo – Depth Trax (Brandon Plank Presents)
Coco à Gogo – Lo o goulo [Tartine Records]
Cuneyt Bayram – Nebula [Deeper]
Cybercat – Blue Vibe [Arena Music Recordings (Club G Music)]
Dan T & Donna Cousins – Rolling Along [Captum Records]
Daniele Baldi – For Your Love [Birkin Records]
Danvers – Light Movements [CoOp Presents]
Denis Palesso – Call Me (Extended Mix)
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Ummet Ozcan x Brennan Heart – Beast (All as One)
Disco Town – Twisted [Moon Rocket Music]
DJ Kone, Marc Palacios – Sat & Sun [CUBE161]
DJ Tiny M – Donut Stop Moving [Bass Too Fly]
DJ Wady, Rio Dela Duna & MoonDark – La Otra [Vamos Music]
Dogstare – The Year 2000 [RF]
Dulmin – Get the Most [Cocunà Records]
Dunning Kruger – I Want That [Jack’s Kartel Records]
Edinho Chagas – Made In Brazil [HSEP046]
Eoghan O Brien – Knights [DaCosta Records]
Esther Silex – Ayni [LIKE]
Eve Nacari – Fantastik Animo [Native Wolf Records]
FBOTI – Timer [S2R314]
Funkerman – The One – Remixes [FLAM296RD]
Gabriel Sordo (Mex) & Muan, John Pridgen – Sampler
Gae Harper – I Can Sleep [Mooloo Records]
Gershon Jackson – Victory (feat. Tanetta Soul) [Lilac Jeans Remixes]
Gil Everest & Dan Martin – Helix [dekadance records]
GOTT – EP (Uncanny Valley)
H.S.D. – In the Club (Speed of Life Mix) [Speed Of Life]
happyharry – W8 for It [Karmic Power Records]
Harry Solomon & Si-Zwe’e – Take Me Higher [BlairK Music]
Hatiras & Vincent Caira – New Jack [Spacedisco Records]
Hobson – Beyond Category [053000057901]
Huxley – Self Affirmation [Hot Haus Recs]
Hypnoxy – Spidrop [Spitfire Music]
Jakadam – Keep On the Move [DaCosta Records]
James Webb – Mess Me Up [MojoHeadz Records]
Jeff Service – B-Girls [Ficus Tree Music]
Jeremiah R – Tales from the Dark Reef [DW002]
Joe Silva – The Pressure (feat. Mariana Canadas) [Purespace Recordings]
Juan MacLean – The Lone Dancer [Lovedancing]
Kings of Tomorrow – Thank You Father [4 To The Floor Records]
Klik & Frik – Refugio [Big In Japan]
Koala T – Hold on Me [Phonetic Recordings]
Kramder – Love for Latinas [Purple Tea Records]
Louie Vega, The Martinez Brothers, Marc E. Bassy – Let It Go
M.F.S Observatory – De Bob EP [YUM058]
Man Without A Clue – Follow Them [CM033]
Mario Marques & Latasha Jordan – Come See About Me
Massïme – Free Yo Mind [Sunn Recordings]
Melina, Jakob Seidensticker – The Phat Girl
Metin Kalkan – Feel up! [MojoHeadz Records]
Midnite Fellas – We Love (to Celebrate) [feat. Liz] [Ocean Trax]
Mike Newman – Love I Find [BIR097]
Mike Zoran – Scene Is Set [KBM156]
Missfly & Sean Ali – Everything I Got [Pasqua Records]
MK, Sonny Fodera, Raphaella – One Night – Extended Mix
Mykel Mars – Criminal (feat. Salvo) [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
Nachav & Basi – Dafrogs [Signatune Records]
Orlando Voorn – Rejected City [E-Beamz]
Paco Caniza – We Move [Jango Music]
Paco De Rosa – I Can’t Talk No More [Stereophonic]
Padma – Feelin Love [Pongo Records]
PRION HEART – Back To You (Original Mix)
Ranni – Coming Home (Extended Mix) [One Stamp Records]
Rhythm Staircase – Winter Moon [Run To My Beat]
Sampladelic – Love Is All [Houbless Music]
See Other – Moving Towards Wonder [Yellow Island Records]
Shadow Child – The Dbg [Hot Creations]
SM – Again & Again [KLNQMZK]
Sweetpower – Ladies & Fellas [Subtractive Recordings]
The Cube Guys & Olav Basoski – Disko Selekta [Glasgow Underground]
The Weather Girls, Norwood & Terri B! – Cheek to Cheek (Mixes)
Theo Short – Illusion [Bass Rebels Recordings]
Tolk & Vinyldub – Sun Goes Down [Shield Records]
Under Above – What I Could Be [SonicBass Records]
Unlike Pluto – Life in Minor [Heroic]
VA – 4 DJ UnDiscovered Weekly #92 [GETSOME Music]
VA – Music Box 2 [SAM SOUND]
VA – Straight from the Heart [Sirup Music]
VA – The Remixes, Part 2 [MOTHER1002]
Vanucci – Funky Rhythm [Mood Funk Records]
Versus – Nihon (feat. Abigail Bailey) [SOLOTOKO]
Zemyu – Mad Head (feat. Revelashan) [Zemyu]

Melodic House & Techno

Alex Preda & Tom Zeta – Tectonic Force [WEITER]
Baardman – Rigour [Dear Deer Black]
Bookwood – Alterwinds [EKORD]
Cubicolor – Points Beyond [Anjunadeep]
DJ Phantom 7 & Marine Grigoryan – Bauhouse
Eleonora & Rafael Cerato – Behind the Fog
Emanuele Cappello – Ethereal [Torchmood Records]
Enzo Elia & Aldebaran, Enzo Elia – Shifting Pieces
F4T4L3RR0R – One of a Kind [F4T4L3RR0R MUSIC]
Fabio Sestili – Human Purpose [JourneyDeep Records]
FiddeLozza – Guilty Pleasure [Chill & Let It Out Records]
Fractal Architect – Hiraeth – [IbogaTech]
Greenmamba & Andrew Gabriel – Die For You
Hakan (NL) – Windmill [Inner Symphony]
HOKI – Strangest of Us All [The Young Proprietor]
Ilhan Gumus – Sonic Barrier [Pro Clubbin Records]
Jamie Stevens & Joe Miller – Peninsula [Dawn till Dusk]
Kadosh & Nariz (IL) – Orot [microCastle]
Kuzey – City Fox [Syncopate Afterhours]
Laherte – Ancestral [Three Hands Records]
Lane 8 & Arctic Lake – Don’t Let Me Go
LennHardt Leisure – Optimus – KingSize [7715R]
Leonardo Chevy – Harsh Environment
Luthor – Helios [Virata Music]
Miguel Dacoste – Under Acid Departure
Monostone – This One [Monkey Stereo Records]
Nima Sarshar – Magnetic Punk [GLF Records]
Oliver Koletzki – Fire in the Jungle [Stil Vor Talent]
Pariah – Dig Dig [Vision 3 Records]
Pilato – Transcendence [Rezongar Music]
Placebo eFx – Meow [Deep Tech Los Angeles Records]
Rasmus Vels – Homebound [Oh! Records Stockholm]
Richmee – Dark’n’Dirty [Gemini M Records]
Scuba & Hammer – Satellites [Hotflush Recordings]
St. Jean – Just for Us [Stereofly Records]
Susfractor – Vibrations [Black Mirror Recordings]
Sven Olson – You and Me [DAMDAM Recordings]
Tonaco – Aurora [Sync Forward]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Andres Power & OutCode – In the Car [Tres 14 Music]
Baxter Baxter – Metegol [Three Sounds Records]
Brad Guest – Pressure [Her Diamond Dozen]
Butane – Has Been [Extrasketch]
Camea – Insomnia [Coquette Records]
Catalin Cristian & Reno Allen – Eutopia [Selectro]
Connors & Kamal Imani, Connors – Soho Girl
Daltonist – Imperial [Dimiz Music]
DiCristino – Coughing Strawberry
DJ Dew – Matrix reloaded [Deep Trauma Music]
Dj Softman – Let Us Go [Dark Light Rec]
Ecstausa – Minimal Porn [Techno Die Recordings]
FeDe G – Reptiles [Mothr Music]
Hasoon – Shima [Default Machine]
HFMN – Roulette [Weirdtracx]
Ivano Tetelepta & Ben Buitendijk, Jocelyn Abell – Ivano Tetelepta & Friends
Manel Diaz – Best of Manel Diaz #1
Mat.Theo – Mambo Tech [Reshape Black]
Nayfer – Be Yourself [Ritmika Records]
Parallet Movements – Improptu [Lissome Records]
Richard Wasc – Ataraxia [Leap4rog Music]
Ron Ractive – Linear Conquencer [Styledriver]
Stiven Escarraga – Vaya Dato Perturbador [Claroscuro Records]
VA – Various Artists #2 [Lujuria Records]

Progressive House

Angelo F – Eleven [Indiefy]
Claudio Giordano – Hindi [Sonambulos Music]
Cmb CruZz – Signals From Polaris [Mystic Carousel Records]
Deadmau5 – SATRN
Denbray – Valley – Winds [SMLD046]
Disctiller, Smile Sad – Love I Can’t Get [Estribo Records]
DJ Fenix – Meaning of Life (feat. T.Say) [Say Wow Music]
Fuscarini – City Off (Dowden Remix) [282SD]
Igor Thompson – Under the Sun [Black Sunset Borders]
iNichi – P D S [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Ivan Nikusev – Don’t Be Afraid to Try [D9R018]
Jonatan Meneses – Letters [Mystic Carousel Records]
Koelle – New Dawn EP [POM091]
Mariano Mellino – Astros [Sprout]
Mark Fill – Oh Yeah [Lindagrooves]
Mbx – Patience [ESM381]
NuFects – The Euler Theory [MIRA133]
Rick Pier O’Neil – Perch Remix Edition, Pt.2 [BCSA0434]
Sarosh & Kreebosh – Time to Say [Trending Beats]
Shanil Alox – Atmosphere [IN2U019]
Sione (SP) – Elastic [SIN003]
South Pole – Rise [Remixed] [Emergent Shores]
Tomy Wahl – Balaculanya [Pig Beat]
VA – Mixture 7 [Corpus Deep]
Ziger – Humanism [Afterglow]

Tech House

Aaron Mount – Hybrido [Banger Box]
Adam Holiday – Club Can’t Handle This [Huambo Records]
Aldo Cadiz – Not Sound [NUM12]
Alexander Church, Figure-Ground – Configurations 03 [Configurations Of Self]
Alisha – Existence [NEM00701Z]
Alonso Bierg & Josefa Aguirre – Our Kind of Beat [Siena]
Alvaro Miranda – Can’t Believe It [Roar Music]
Andrey Pitkin – Thoughts (Extended Mix) [BLV6860582]
BCKSPN – Despertar [Del Sol]
Big J & Steve Darko & Oonagi – That’s Hot [DB212]
Chris Clark – Drippin Wet [NVD013]
Cloonee – Hands [RPM068]
Dani Sinergia – Broken Knee [NER24764]
David Christopher – Shout (Ramirez Son Remix) [BF285]
David Keno – Campari Soda EP [STRANGE03201Z]
Delgado – Walked In [75 Digital]
Dillon Nathaniel – Do It Again [SOLA095]
DJ Marika & Al-Fernandez – Alright [Ole Rec]
Dom Dolla – San Frandisco (Eli Brown Extended Remix)
Dylan Debut, GoldRed – Wats Up [Barbershop Recordings]
Erectus Void – Psychic Rage [The Tech Foundations]
Erectus Void – The Edges [The Tech Foundations]
Gab Ramirez – Eyo [Nevada Label]
Hector PSR – Imperius (Club Mix) [Energy Hard Espana]
Housed – Rock My Bass [Sub 49 Records]
Iserhard – Horizonte (feat. Sah Martins) [TAPE Records BR]
Jaksan – Might As Well [FWR169]
Jho Roscioli – Unimaginable [Abstract Channel]
Joe Bell – Back & Forth [Friday Records]
Joe Pompeo – Hi-Tek [SOUP]
Joyce Muniz – Microdosing [EXP69]
Juanito – Make A Move [MAYA173]
Julian Millan – Bouman [Orunmila]
Kev Dot Kruz – Abacus [RSR0027]
Kevin Corral – Tooth Breaker [Formatik]
Lewis Monbarn – Thats My Word [Datagroove Music]
Lj Guru – Pump It Up [Lemon Juice Records]
Marcos Salas – El Cielo [Cardina Records]
NightFunk – Rhythm Flow [MATERIAL169]
Niko Freij – Danceeee [Riben]
Pedro Mirano – Wonderfuz [Younan Music]
Phelco & Senda – Fiesta De Leo [CDZ110]
Piero Scratch – Sushine Groove [CAT341673]
Pirate Copy – Bloc Party [KLM08001Z]
Powda – Climb EP [VIVA164]
Remady – My Control [Kallias]
Scotty Boy – Into the Night [Erase Records]
Seumas Norv – Feel Right [BLKSL LTD]
Softpaw – Maybe [Against Everything]
Sovax – Evil Man [Dusty Nose]
Sven Tech – Higher Than High , Too Cruel [Late Night Munchies]
Thomas Krings – Open Over [GSR378]
Tiago Garcia – My House [CRE011]
Tursunefe – Dancenomy [Tursunefe]
ULTRA GAMMA – Fantasy [Sola]
VA – Yoshitoshi 25 House [YRD054]
Valentino Kanzyani & Ilario Liburni – Giostra 53 [INV017]
Worthy – Get on Top – The Future [BOC079]


≠ asymmetric – Only Today Matters
7Even & Haris Kate Vs. Cheese & Cheese – Dubya Kaya – Katana
Adellacosta – Perception [Optimal Sonance]
Altinbas – Layers of Compassion [Non Series]
Andrea Roma, Ditosca – Golgota [HGM136]
Andrey Djackonda – Ja Smoog [CYC92]
Apropos – Out Of Scope [RBL296]
Archie Allen – Limiting Factor [Konnect]
Ari Etis – Ruimte Drom [DPB585]
Artyom Tuwalski & David Vachnun – Division by Zero
Bad_Mix – Lovers Breakfast [Yellow Island Records]
Beatamines – Pulse [SILQ002]
Blackframe – Autobahn [See The Sea Records]
Borusiade – Misfits of Broken Dreams
Brisboys – Shoot Thru [SUR046]
Carpronative – Cerebral Tech Spitze
Catolico – Oh God I’m Runnin’
Charlotte de Witte – Pressure EP [KNTXT003]
Charlotte de Witte – Selected EP [KNTXT002]
Chris Von B. & SECTION, Chris Von B. – Manifold
Christian Hornbostel – Paragranum EP [FORM87]
Connor-S, Kamal Imani – Soho Girl [WHW134]
Cubenx & Boogzbrown – Antipode [IF3076]
Dav’Bond – My Underground [Dead Groovy Music]
Dennis Ihm – Obsession [LOK008]
Diego Dama – Atomicity [Mind Games Recordings]
DiViero – Eureka [Destination V]
DKS OFF – Eth [REK Records]
Epi Centrum – Transfer Of Power EP [TRAPEZ218]
Fear-E – Made In The G60 [SRTX028]
Frederic Stunkel – Lumen [ONESUN RECORDS]
Georg Fischer – The Beginning is here
Glenn Morrison – The Other Side [FFGR043]
Guti, David Gtronic – You Can Still Be Mine [TEC216D]
HAAi – Systems Up, Windows Down [MUTE]
Hallow – Shift [PS154]
Hasuwa – Courage [HSW0005]
Helmut Dubnitzky, Jackspot – Shark _ Boogie [BRISE118]
Hidden Face – The Last Of Us [AREE090]
Hunter_Game – Lost [LNOE113]
Intaktogene, ACY – Ralies’chen [KM055]
Joe Rowe – The Grind [48 Records]
Joel West & The GOAT – Split [Cuete]
JSPR – Miles from Mars 19 [Miles From Mars]
Julien Earle – Higher Conciousness [Avenue Recordings]
Ketno – 5AM [NER24802]
Klangkuenstler – Hexenmeister [OUTWORLD]
Koen Groeneveld – From Lake Geneva To The Finland Station (Koen Groeneveld Re-Fix)
Kolonie – Genesis [ZT15301Z]
Lotus Land Pilot – Pss02 [ODSCW111]
Luciid – Hardcore Happiness [KP51]
Ludo – City to Burn [Rapture Recordings]
Mori – Control of Your Mind [Reload Records]
Murat Ugurlu – Frequency [No-Match]
Nikoretti & Teoss, Nikoretti – Callousness
Niño Árbol – Hyperactive-1 [Ssensorial]
Oresm – Interstellar [SIL009]
OZLAND – Jaiss [studioZproductions]
P.T.A – Cheap Soda [Allergy Season]
Pako Mike – Thinks & Reasons [Beatlabel Records]
Praana – Asylum [ENCOLOR207E]
QphoriQ – Rave On, Drop In, Black Out
Ramorae – Exion [Dead Groovy Music]
Route 94 – Bada _ HD Conundrum [RNE0012]
Ryan Davis, Alex Banks – Sum EP [JUSTTHIS035D]
SAMURI DJs – NL2T [NER24540]
Seleccion Natural – Left Behind [POLEGROUP057]
Snkls – ESR003 Ushijima [Estranged Records]
Stepan Maslov – Atmosphere Pressure
Steven Blair – The Last Runner [AILA RECORDS]
Symmetrical Behaviour – Superconducting Harmonic Oscillator EP
TAFUME – No Connection [wechselstrommusic]
TechKwando – D-Drive [CARPS]
The YellowHeads – Ionized [OCTBLK072]
Third Son – The You In You Isn’t The You You Thought Was In You
TineX – Space [Subwoofer Red]
Tom Pooks & Joy Kitikonti – Heal the Beat
Tremonjai – Trotando [Valencia Records]
Unknown Artist – DRGS005 [DRGS005]
Uto Karem – Everything Changes [SA050]
VA – Black 087 [Black Reverb]
VA – Viginti Quattuor [Panem Et Circenses]
Vilas Monnappa & Yon DJ – Nasya [Skull Label]
Yan Oxygen – Scorpion EP [SHP009]
Zulu Natives – Universal Mind [Stentorian]