Afro House

DJ Octopuz – After Grow [Diptorrid Recordings]
Eazy Mezzo – Landscape Spirit [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Farnkysoule – Memories [Open Bar Music]
Hagan – Right Here , Shape Shift [Future Bounce]
JJ Romero, Pedro Gil & Eli Brach – La Salsa [Xumba Recordings]
Lucky Choice & Bogy – Erafia [Complex Destroyerz]
MF Pro – Golden Jam [Africa Mix]
Ou – Laser Phase [Atal Music]
Peppe Citarella & Mijangos – Casablanca D – Unreleased, Lost Projects [AudioMeth Recordings]
Ricky Alves – Back to Africa [Black Mambo]
Robin M – Ghost [Ground Up Records]
Uberence SA – Robot Techno [SRPDS]
Zipheko – Obileke (feat. Kunle Ayo) [Cabeau Music]


Above & Beyond – Sahara Love (Acoustic) [feat. Zoë Johnston]
Alex Deeper – Dimelo [Wild Essence]
Andrew Hurth – Hideaway (feat. Nadya Sumarsono)
Asle – Dat Funk [One Seven]
Fond Of Felix – Closure [Ocean Music Group]
Gaby Nieto & That’s OK – Never Looking Back [Splice Records]
George Lesley & Reggie Steele – I Need Ya [Tribe Records]
H.P. Vince & Dave Leatherman – The Nu Funk
Hakan Ismen – Give Me Love [Road Story Records]
Hekiii & JBoy – Menj el [Hungarosound]
Herling – Patnem [NaNa Disc]
Marco Marzi & Marco Skarica – Cin Cin (feat. Ceci Lou)
Markus Poley – How Long (feat. Max’C) [Enormous Chills]
Marky V-lectro – Like a Drum [E-Wax Recordings]
Mattia Matto – Matto Musica Produzione
Max Fane & Lounatic – Paradise [Deep Strips]
Ninjury – Rewind Series Ninjury – Puff Puff Pass Mixes
Oddeez – Let Go [Gemstone Records]
Slydee – State of Mind (feat. David Westlake) [KIMA Music]
Starla Edney – Queen of Hearts [THRACE MUSIC]
Stefan Biniak – Read All About It, Pt. III [b1]
Thandi – Yatter [2Dutch Air]
The Aston Shuffle – Care a Little Less (Torren Foot Remix)
Tim Gartz – Love Like Strangers (feat. Rhys) [WEPLAY Music]
tyDi & Katie Sky – I Wanna Believe [Global Soundsystem Records]
VA – Ego in Miami 2020 [Ego]
William Hell & Flashback – Show Me [Audio Bitch Records]
Xpansions – You Used to Salsa [New State Music]
Yellock – The Beginning [Spinnup]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Alex Freud’s – Pharside Melody [Seveneves Records]
1Farshad – Good Day [Soul Beach Records]
Alex Deeper – Deep Summer [Nicksher Music]
Alex Parlunger – Reliquia [Dyddy Records]
Alex Spite – Forget Tonight [Sound Invasion Records]
Anil Aras – The Lost Projects [Madhouse Records]
Cheryl Tugade – Think of You [ToCo Asia]
Chistic – Fashion Erotic Show [Chistic]
Coflo – Playground Samba [Ocha Mzansi]
Col Lawton – Clap Ur Hands [True Deep]
Cyclonix – Antihero [Boogie Cafe Records]
Dan T – I Can Taste It [Moiss Music]
David Kochs – Pop Shock , Dry Me [Intercept]
Diego Burroni – Mooger. [Tailor Records]
Difusion – Got Me Searching [Straight Talk Records]
Dimka – Iero (Sacred) [Dimka Records]
DJ JEDY – My Sun Is Inside [LucidPlain Records]
Dorance – Twisted [High Grooves Records]
Escape Artist – Metamorphosis [Dream Vision]
Essien – Visions of 12 Inches [Deeper Interludes Recordings]
Fab Mayday – You – Part 2 [Italo Italians Records]
Filip Świniarski – The Force of Attraction [Devise Deep]
Flug 8 – Space Techno Remixed [Ran$om Note]
French Boss – Silent Fireworks [Millennium Records]
Fynite – Keep Falling (Afro Mix) [Fynite Sounds]
Gerlach von Cobern – Legless [Nuhn Tune Records]
Jonathan Touch – Circle [Audiothink Record]
Juno D – The Stars [Rubin Records]
Karla Carvalho – Lie Machine [G-Mafia Records]
Kartal Ufuk Olkan – Flying High [Ace Kings]
KEAN DYSSO – Stupid H.O.E [ButtonPlay Records]
Leandro Caceres – Fear [Maison Profonde Recordings]
Magnifik – Just Keep It (Remixes) [Hot Sunday Records]
Mark Fruttero – Breaking My Heart
Maroy – Improvisation [Phoenix Soul]
Marttin – CITY [Elegant Music]
Massimo Gentile, Sonny Kroyet – SpybarSide
Matsu – Llegada [WeAreWolves Records]
MD Dj – About Me [MD Music]
MD Dj – Bansuri [MD Music]
Mick from work – Flax [Digital Paradox Records]
Mikeself – Warehouse [STIG]
Mizt3r – Time to Warm Up [Deepclub]
S7G – Dreamhouse [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Samuel Lupián – La Cura [Controlla]
Serge Gee – Mr. Dynamite [Moiss Music Black]
Serge Ok & Purple Hat – Imagination of Love [Deepwibe Records]
Skveezy – Give Me Self [DeepShine Records]
Soldatov – The Space Between [Gardash Records]
Son Of a Preacher – Solstice [Petra Digital Recordings]
Soulsmoke – Eternal Desire (feat. Lady Soul)
SSRI – Boker Tov Israel [The Underground Sound of Tel Aviv]
Stefre Roland – Is Coming [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Tagomago – Runing Away [Clipper’s Sounds]
The Groovin Beats Ensemble – Let Me Help You (Reelsoul Remixes)
TheDjLawyer – Miss Broadway [Bruto Records Vintage]
Tidy Daps – It’s OK [Spiritualized]
Tisko – Concentrate [Bunte Kuh]
Tite Clausi, Swim Or Sink & Aulora – Love To Hear You
VA – Jura Soundsystem Presents Transmission Two [Isle of Jura]
VA – Ombra Intl 013 [Ombra International]
VA – Parallel Deep Es [Parallel Label]
Valda – The Show Is On [Uncultures Records]
Valerio Bianco – Jungle Juice [Penaut Butter]
Viva La Panda – California in Rain [ChillYourMind]
Vrega Dee – In My Element [Little Angel Records]
Wes Rolan – Rainbow In Someone’s Cloud
Yozhi – In You [Smashing Trax Records]
Yves Klein – Rogue [Nutcase Records]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

5 GODZ – Prophecy [Harsh Records]
A.M.C & K Motionz – Instigator (K Motionz Remix)
AfterAphex – White Angels ,, That Influence
Agro & Diligent Fingers, Agro – The Iceman
Alekay, GlowPlan – Stars [Liquid Drops]
Andy Malex – Afterlight [Digital Coma Network]
Andy Malex – Homecoming [Digital Coma Network]
Andy Malex – Out of Silence [Digital Coma Network]
Andy Malex – Plug [Digital Coma Network]
Armanni Reign, Mayhem & Binks – 38 Special Remix
Arxiva – Reminiscing Void [Parallel Depth]
Dave202 – Ronan [S2 Records]
Easy – Tunnel Vision , Get It Together [Influence Records]
Emanuele Marini – Revolution [Front Artillery Records]
Enn Euen – Dead Eyes [Nustromo Music]
Foureye – Simplicity Part 1 [Default Recs]
FunkshyBeats – Drumroots [NRR Music]
Funkware – Next to Me, for Real [Funkstuff Recordings]
G.A.W – Bombaclart Riddem [Blazing PhreakQuency]
Geo Balasta – Topos [Johnkôôl Records]
Greekboy – Return To the Source [Cadence Recordings]
H3F – Danc3 [Global Minds Records]
Into Ash – I Know It’s Gonna Hurt (VIP) [Syndicate Audio]
Iskeletor – Melt [786 Recordings]
ItzNoReal – Quicksand [Dance Fragile]
Jaime Bueno – Universe [Only Records Col]
Jamaster A – Cha Cha Latino [Glitchworld Recordings]
Jay High – Moon Light [Trickwire Records]
Jay Lock & Chic – Trapphouse [Megadrome Experiment Records]
Jazzinspired – Tin Cans [Soul Deep Digital]
Jeriko Uno – Majestic [Alte Records]
Jimmy Pé & Mono,Poly – Street Circus
Joe Garston – Rewind [Forever]
Joe Tapia – Ghosts [Stellar Recordings]
John Alves – Going up the Beat [BAD MINDS RECORDZ]
Jolliffe – Time Please [Spearhead Records]
Jong Ouai – Nightshift [MojoHeadz Records]
Josev – Drifting [N Depth Studio]
Julian Snijder – Stuck Inside [Revealed Recordings]
Kenedy – Bucara City [Penta]
Kenedy – En la Misma Esquina (feat. Santacruz medina) [Penta]
Kenedy – Me la Vacilo (feat. Arnache & Cinco 5) [Penta]
Khanvict – Heavy [Snakes x Ladders]
KILLERBOT & AVR – Sand of Love [Venge Recordings]
Klangreisender & Efimia – Unendlich [Mellowave Records]
Kode PinK & Nocturnum – Enough (feat. Kalye) [Simplify.]
Kritt & Tatanko – Bad Idea [Ghostwork]
Krucial – Play With My Mind [HI-DEF]
Mega – Street Knowledge [Young Guns Recordings]
Miles Bonny – Egg Black [INnatesounds]
MitiS – Shattered (Remixes) [Ophelia]
Mo Falk & Siks – Lie Mashine [Revealed Recordings]
Mønic – Research Methods [Osiris Music UK]
MONKA & LeeBeats – Smoke and Mirrors (feat. Mad Phi)
MVCE & Tom Clayton – Mayhem [Darksound Recordings]
Nichenka Zoryana – Dark Muse [Incursion Recordings]
Nicky Havey – Your Time Is Now [Electronic Alliance Records]
No Patterns – Feel It [Monk Audio]
NOMADsignal – Mecha & Situations [Global305]
Northea – Stop the Show [SLASE Records]
Ookay & Hydraulix – Poor Connection [Wakaan]
Opius – Majik Potion [Ballpark Recordings]
Pensées – Tomorrow [Pensees Music]
phonon – Switch Slappa [Odio Records]
PIKO PAMPA – DARKO [Bozandmonstrr Records]
Play Funk – Electro Kitchen [Talent Records]
Plump DJs, R&R Project – Invincible [Lit Bit]
Ratso & Spydee – Time To Leave [Fearless Audio]
Receptor – Avocado [Evolution Chamber]
Regon – Lighthouse [Lowly]
Resslek – Rebeld , Shine [Skalator Music]
Rival & Philip Strand – Let It Die [Future Generation]
Salaryman & Covert Garden – Deeper Groove
Shadow Sect, Traced – Corridors of Death Part 6 (feat. Dizkret & Traced)
Stapleton – Unconscious [Primitive UK]
Stefko – Only One [LESS IS MORE Records]
Stickybass – Business Talk [Hungry Koala Records]
Tokyo Machine – Flames [Proximity]
Toxic – Modern Warfare [Mosh Squad]
Transerfing Project – Dafuq [Drevobos Recordings]
Travisfaction – Everything Alright [MojoHeadz Records]
Trickylaye – Anti Viirus Check [Araftu]
Tujamo & Lotten – One Million [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Tyrux – Go [Musata Music]
Uphonix – Once Remixes [Divided Audio]
V Dubz & Yzer – Parma Cheese [Biological Beats]
V-Sharp – Atari [AK Cartel]
VA – Miami 2020 [Dbeatzion Records]
VA – Samsara Beats Presents Detonation [Samsara Beats]
Vengeance – Wraith [Vengeance Recordings]
Vitess – Missed Fly [Houseum Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

Flavio MP – Tribulanen – [Crossworld Academy]
Adam Violet – In the Deep [Audio Processing Records]
AEX – Sleep Mode [SuperHelden]
Alexei Maslov – Atmosphere [Nustromo Music]
Alume – Field of Faces [Nyame Records]
Alyosha Barreiro – Bauhaus Mx19 (The Original Theatrical Score)
Anil Mehr – Losing You [Algarve Records]
Filta Freqz – Hydrotherapy [Seventy Four]
Forbidden Fields – Field III New Voyages [Void Overflow]
Front Line Assembly – Feeder [Artoffact]
Future Beat Alliance – Never Forever [R&S Records]
Gazel – The Red One [LOKD]
Glenn Wilson – Beta 6 [Compound]
Golden Fall & Annd – Strange Love , She’s a Witch
Gramatik & Anomalie, Balkan Bump – Re Coil Deluxe
Great Dane – Delta Fly [ADBC Records]
Gummy Kid – Reggae [Riotville Records]
HODA – Business [The Archives]
Hybrid Theory – Go Loco [HTMusic]
InnerSync – A Gentle Touch [VERSE (Equinox)]
Jacksonville – FON [Hobbes Music]
Jade – Decadence [Elektrified Music]
Jérôme Chassagnard – Childhood [Hymen Records]
Kamran Sadeghi – Loss Less [Line]
KEAN DYSSO – Thrill n Kill [Ghetto]
Kim and Buran – Best Melodies [Studia Soyuz]
Korinami – Journey to the Moon [Expérimental Label]
KP Transmission – Beatrice [Klammklang]
Like Saturn – Alpharetta [Heroic]
Lowpaz – Twilight [Lowpaz Productions]
Marced & Chaoz – Another Space [recordJet]
Max TenRom – Lotus [Art Vibes Music]
Mike Leavy – Am I the Problem or Am I the Cure [Dr0p]
Mild Minds – MOOD [Counter Records]
Mind Enterprises & Purple Disco Machine – Mont Blanc (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Miper & Sara Frykberg, Tante Meli – Indu Tempori
Moster – Elastik [Nocolors]
Mr. ID & Anas Chlih, Mr. ID & Omary – Roots LP [Melomania]
musicbyKRAFT – Suicide [Hydra Music Records]
sansibar – Paradise Industrial Complex [Emotsiya]
Schnauzer To Play – Mistica [Battlefront Records]
Shawn Davis – Retro-Future [Ikonic Image]
Sigward – Balmung Beam [Something Happening Somewhere]
Skynet & Fekky‎‏ – Declivity [Redux Sunset]
Slow Reels – Farewell Islands [Morr Music]
Space Ghost – Free 2 B [Apron Records]
Spatial Awareness – Reveal Yourself [Hottwerk Records]
Starclad – Slow Motion Rain [Triplicate Records]
Stephen O’Malley – Auflösung der Zeit [Editions Mego]
Syncom Data – We Won’t, They Will [SD Records]
Tamahau – Hotel California [Odessa Mama Records]
Universe Music – Winter Songs (feat. Tote)
VA – Form Is Vision [Gifted Culture]
VA – Neon Disco [Rainbow Music]
VA – The Ultimate Sounds of Universe II, Pt. 3
Wasserstoff – Hold Me [recordJet]
XES – Forbidden Love [Aztec Records]
Xlarve – Antistress [Xlarve]
Zelienople – Hold You Up [Miasmah]


Deniz Jackson – Sipping Meaning ’20 [Groovepool Essentials]
Aaron Lowe – Lonely Nights [Rhythm Culture Records]
Aitor Galan – Pasodoble [Zany Hums]
Akeem One Soul – Soundtrack Rhythm [BCRMUSIC]
Aldo Bergamasco – We Don’t Stop [Morenloud]
Alek Soltirov – Nautilus (Incl. Remixes from Q Narongwate & Chemars)
ALEXØØ & Lee Wilson – After Dark [No Definition]
Arkade, Juno & Keller – London [X-Osted Records]
DavidDance – Sensual [Mini Digital]
Deep Xcape – Just Smile (feat. Felo Morez) [MOG Records]
Dickiej – Out [TaiJi Red Records]
Dickiej – Ride [TaiJi Red Records]
Diver City – Funky Monster [Tactical Records]
DJ D_S – Yeah [Craniality Sounds]
DJ Jazzy James – Hometown (feat. Felix Kohlscheen)
DJ Kristina Mailana – Feel Alone ’20 [Groovepool Essentials]
DJ Phantom 7 – The Builder [Deep Trance 7]
DJ Phantom 7 – The Love Song [Deep Trance 7]
DMVU – Dubbl Dippd [19K]
Doc Link – There’s No Escape [One Track Mind]
Ds Cart – Break It Up [Deep Bear]
Ed Prymon – Gizmo [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Edd – No Elephants at the Circus [Purple Tea Records]
ElektroTom – Orion (feat. Cat LaGroove) [TICAmusic]
Emvee – Bring the Pain (feat. Zeo) [WOB Records]
Eric Holz – Home [Loud Memory]
Esteban de Urbina – Por Ti Bonbon ep
GAGH – BassLine [Moustache Label]
Georgie Keller, Neptunica & LIZOT – Back in Those Days [Nitron Music]
Greenskeepers – Heart Attack Fusion [Greenskeepers Music]
Groove Parliament – Stay [Nurvous Records]
Guigak – Bass Pumpin [Chubby Choons]
Guss – Tembisa [Medrado Music]
Henry Navarro – Throwbacks [Lookbook Recordings]
heu – What I Am (Extended Version) [DSTR RCRDS]
Hey Alan! – Un jour [MCT Luxury]
Hitty – Cloud Essentials [Nocturnalist Records]
Hot Tub Boys – What’s Your Damage
House Anatomy – Make It Hot [Kingside Music]
House Of Life – Burn Me Now [Martin Hossbach Demo]
Housego – The Trigger [Seventy Four]
HouseKeteer – Great Delight [zero21records]
Hydriss – Team Alpha [Dosy Records]
I Know Karate & Bunny – Get Down In Detroit
Ivan Perk – Unknown Area (Ivan Perk 2020 Refix) [Render]
JaHa – Agony [Polarity Underground]
James Curd – Take It up Two Notches (feat. Likasto)
Jaques Le Noir – Lets Pump It [Club Love]
Kako Martinez – DJ, Turn Me up!! [On Work]
Kerim Avci & Mesut Kaya – Sirius [DeepShine Records]
Koen Groeneveld – Riddum [Abzolut]
Laki – And Then [Inspirado Records]
Leo Salom – Life [Sirup Music]
Levi Love & Daddy Molete – Matty’s Room (Remixes)
Leykenda – Heartbeat [Leyk Records]
Liam Davis – On Fleek [Multiplayer Records]
Lilac Jeans – Song for AJ Aka ArtJones [Lilac Jeans Records]
Loftsoul & Miruga – Stomp Theme [R2 Records]
Luigi Rocca & Mescal Kids – Touch (Tough Love Remix)
Makiavelik – Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat [G-Mafia Records]
Manu López – Diskoteca 80 [Contrasena Records S L]
Marcos Carnaval, Donny Marano & Moffous – I Can Fly
Marshall – Neck Injury [Cultural District Recordings]
Max Esposito – Esta Es la Cumbia [Distar]
Max Esposito – Funky [PuccioEnza Records]
Max Esposito – Go Down [PuccioEnza Records]
Michael Harris – In Your Memory [Anunak]
Ricky Castelli – Like You [Nervous Records]
Riki Ustrell – Human Being (feat. Madam Snowflake)
Robiin – Get Back [No One Else Records]
Roque feat.Jaidene Veda – Hero [DeepHouse Police]
Rory Northall – Looking 2 Nite [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Salvatore Vitrano – Dope School
Sam Supplier – Pyramids [ANALOG (UK)]
Sammy Slade – Missing [Housesession Records]
Sexgadget & Ever – L – Countdown [Catamount Records]
Skemaddox – Watermelon [Generation Smash Official]
SMR LVE & Christina Novelli – Sanctuary (Remixes)
Stearn & EternalSub – Free [CLAB Records]
Syn Cole – Cinematix [Synergy Music]
Taylor Cruz & Tommy Marcus – Where Are We Going
Terry G – Long Gone [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – Temple [Ribbon Music]
VA – 13 Records Miami 2020 Album [13 Records]
VA – Fresh Groove Juice [Good Vibes Only]
VA – Reserve [Techno Red]
VA – The Music Box [Graba Music]
Wayv D – Nocturnal [Low End]
White Label Will – The Calling [Wicked Wax]

Melodic House & Techno

Ben Tax – Better World [Animar Records]
Alejandro Mosso, DSF – Diversions II
Bad Panda – Want [212 Records UK]
Bakka & Elly Fly – Introspectral , Methodic [Elly Fly]
Balvas – Fatal Damage [Karia Records]
BAYAN, Cowlam – Klangfeld IV [Sonusfield]
BRKT, Ivan James AZ – Re Sound Selects 003
Broker – Sequencer [Verflixt.]
EMERSON CRUZ – Lost in the Future [L.B.A Groove records]
Eugenio Frederico – Amsterdam Paradise [TECHNO NEVER DIES (White)]
EZEK – There’s Nothing Wrong [Duenia]
Fernando de Alba & Mario Eighta – Amethyst
I.R.A.L.I – Feel My Live [Sound Production]
Jay Strata – Scanning Fresh Memories [RF]
Karim Le Mec – Ceres [Ghostwork]
LANGBARD – Peace Treaty [6913 Digital]
Manone – Indica [The Suspected Records]
Markus Swarz – Melancholic New Year , Grummelland
Mateo Murcia – Apollo [Newra Records]
Max Wexem & Amaton – Pharaoh [Dreamcatcher]
MISIGII – Corona [Neu Gravity]
Miskeyz & Aroze, Miskeyz – Across the Valley
Monophase – Mantis [SMTC Underground]
Moonamee – Swans Embers , Planemo [Neoteck Music]
Mr Rog – Sound Tournament [New Robot Rec]
NenaHalena – Own the Fire [ELEMENTS]
Paldeux – Lantas Sky [Us & Them Records]
Philipp Straub & Ian Carpenter, Lorenzo De Blanck – Theia
PROJ3CT 7 – Dynamite [Global Dance Records]
Thomas Jung – Sun and Stars [Sound Optix]
Thumnus – Deep in the Road [Deep Fild Recording]
Tienezo – Lukewarm [Palace Rec.]
VINCENT VELOUR – Cocktail Music [Casting Nines]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Alann M & Wayne Madiedo – Sobredosis
A.Paul & Dkult – Intricate Perspective [#thatechno]
Acidfonk – Mk_U [Railroad Recordings]
Adrià Duch – Wachufleiva 31 [Wachufleiva]
Arturo Garces – Relax [Safe Underground]
Big Bunny, Rousing House – Simulator
J Paraguai – Rumba [BAR Musica]
J.Sanchez – Mamukadas [Yokai Recordings]
Jacque Saravantè – The Weight of Oneself [Accueil]
Jonathan Jaramillo – Treponema [Nuloud]
Juan Panza – M87 – [Agua y Sed]
Julian Velez – Caged & Starved [Plastik Galaxy]
Ky William – OhKay Get Down [Alternatived Music]
Lexmic – Frequent Low [Atmospherica]
Lubelski & Kaleena Zanders, Jackson Englund – The Universal Groove
Lucas Rosselli – Feel the Music [High Contrast]
Luis Pergo – Get the Point [Clover Records]
Mariano Fonrouge – Made Effect [Creators Label]
Mattia Musella & Sequence – Defected Need
Maxz – Everybody Knows [Micro Records]
MDC (Italy) – Alsazia [Standalone Records]
Microuser – Apotheosis [VODA Records]
Moltoo – In Memory [Chappter]
Mr. C – Radical Inclusion Remixes [Superfreq]
Nicola Brusegan – First Level [Floorpiece Digital]
Unicorn Saliva – Anthracite Coast
VA – Together Goes To Miami 2020 [Together Music Records]

Progressive House

Dim Val Pol – Elements [Soluna Music]
Approaching Black & Brandon Mignacca – Dusk (Remixes)
Ari Fernan – Uninterested Happiness [BQ Recordings]
Audiense – For Me [Vesta Records]
B. Phoenix – On Way To [Ghara Records]
Celene – Fantastic Creatures [Eat My Hat Music]
Chris Burke – Reverie [Chris Burke]
Chris Burke – Unknown [Chris Burke]
Creative Machine – One World [Onestar Records]
Crystal Mind – Wrong Attitude [Backdoor Records]
Damian Cruga – Romance [Integrate Music]
Dedra – Mezara [Miraloop Clubs]
Dian Solo – Hubava Si Moia Goro
Dion Anthonijsz – Charon [AAAMSOUND]
DJ GIO.PO – Brightness [Mystic Carousel Records]
Ege Saglam – Keops [La Pyramide]
ELSP – Sunset [Intricate Records]
Fab’ M – White Monday [Deep & Groove Records]
Faraón – In Motion [DeepShine Records]
gils sellig – Sixty Nine [MBMH Records]
Kay-D – Waterdrops [Star Dive Records]
Kazkolt, Lost Paper & AryaWizz – This Is Over LP
Leo N – Safari [La Mishka]
Mariano Fuchilo – New Origin Adventure [Auditen Music]
Maxximal, Vicentini & Feeling Pump – Your World
Miguel Serrano – Ridica [8Xclusive]
Miroslav Vrlik – Slovakian Meadows [Emergent Shores]
Monostone – Madrid [DDiaz Recordings]
Terry Gaters – I Know You Love Her , Watching the Sunset
Ulises Espindola – Buenos Aires [AH Digital]
UV – Dark Paradise [Alltum]
VA – Miami Underground Beats [Exx Muzik]
VA – Rejoice, Pt. 6 [Inmost Records]

Tech House

Fumanchu – To the Agua [Valencia Records]
5240 – This This This [Marktek Records]
Acid Joy – Real Type ’20 [Futurefunk Recordings]
Ame Volpara – Never Forget [Basement Music Records]
Andrei Rinaldi – Illusion [Deep Bear]
AW & Kinder – Destroyer of Worlds [DataTech]
Beats Republic – Night Vision [SGMX Records]
Bella Vegas – Love Circulation [Wreckastow Records]
DKNI – Dimensions [The Dance Division]
Dura & Oziriz, Lel – Generic [Pink Panties Records]
Dusty Dukes – The Feeling [Eight0Eight Records]
Eduardo Fahl – Sexx Laws [Mustache Crew Records]
Fabian De Marco – The Black & Blue Snake [Hermetica]
Franco DLT – Esta Noche [Roots Music]
Fumanchu – ChocoTech [Valencia Records]
G.E.N.O.M. & Shagiy – Collection, Pt. 2
Greg Eversoul – Don’t Want to Believe
Housekeeping – Lunar Maria [Housekeeping Records]
Incorporation – Pop Dat [Lab Underground]
Ivan Salvador – Chiki Chow [Smile Records]
James Orvis – Hold Me Down [Balter Records]
Jason Ullah – On Beat [Jasokay Recordz]
Jayson Miro – Rongopoi [MojoHeadz Records]
Jeremy Bass – Senorita (David Kinnard & Pappu Remix)
Johan S – Smoke This [Blacksoul Music]
Junior Souza – Soul [Flamme Records]
Luis Cortés – Dirty Beat [Stars Artillery]
Luuk Van Dijk – Precession [Dark Side Of The Sun]
Marc Franco & That Bass & Mogsba – Vida Mia
Mario Gitano – The Game of Life [Tech Beat Records]
Mark Gabriels – Open Your Mind ’20
Michael Aidala – Psychosis [Digifunk Music]
MISIGII – Emancipation [The Warehouse]
Nivek & Simon Adley – Flying Arrow
Sout Garcia & Sirius Bass – Pleasant Park [Clvb95 Music]
Stefano Fontana – 4 Those Who Likes the Underground Feet 2
SW1DER – High Up [MojoHeadz Records]
Synth Fighters – Adoocat [Adoocat Records]
T.S.T.B. – Moan Birth [7th Cloud]
The Future Collective – Love Got U [SoundHouse]
Thomas Krings – Automatic [Minou]
ThomaZ Müller – No Sleep [Music Is My Religion]
Titi – Exhausted [TaiJi Records]
Tom Cooper – High [Repopulate Mars]
TYGRBYT – Mezcal [POPGANG Records]
VA – Hit This City (London Tech House)
VA – Miami 2K20 [Barbecue Records]
VA – Miami Edition 2020 [And Dance]
Vakabular – Navigator [Warbeats Records]
Vinicius Ribbas – Moving Around [Agenda]
Walv – Change It [Loser Lab]

Techno & Minimal

Buben – Unimaginable Horrors [TECHNO NEVER DIES (Black)]
Abstrakt Sonance, Substance & Pushloop – Smoking Blunts (Pushloop Remix)
Accentbuster – Weekend Blues Chapter 3 [HHertzSignal]
Acid Kit, DJ Esp, Woody McBride & Nico Guerrero – Acidez
Adam Gain – Vibrancy [Lodjiya]
Adam Vermona – Adina [PortRec]
Afflicted – Dark Matter [Digital Under Records]
Ak (BE) – Smoothly [Moolly Moolly]
Bihh Im Frankie ‘O – Drifting Matter (How Dare You Leave)
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