Afro House

84Bit – Yabu Dale Remixes [84Bit Music]
AfroTura – Satva Tribute [Offering Recordings]
AfroZone & Silyvi – O Culto [Uncover Music]
Boy Oh Boy – Ko Kora [Poesie Musik]
Bun Xapa – The Mpondo Samurai [Kazukuta Records]
Chris H. – Got To Go (feat. The Phat Ones & Lucia) [Jaydin Productions]
Claude-9 Morupisi – Kurasu (Tribute to Baaba Maal), Pt. 2 [Just As I Am Records]
Dj Ems – Insane [Guettoz Muzik]
Djudo – The Origins [Cool Staff Records]
Dorian Craft – Pala [MoBlack Records]
HouseMafias SA – Amaphupho (feat. Miss Tawlie)
K@M & Tar Ntsei, K@M – I Don’t Know [Xcape Rhythm Records]
Knight Warriors – Our Journey [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
LBEEZ – Bopha (feat. Dj Zee & Thoyzee) [Magerms Records]
MasaH – About My Mother Ep [Magerms Records]
Massimo Lippoli – Lona (Club Mix) [Go Deeva Records]
Max Marinacci – Karma [Ocha Mzansi]
MOZAIK FR – Idjewena (Fnx Omar Remix) [Madorasindahouse Records]
Oxygenbuntu & Butiza – We Bafana [Sunclock]
Raw Dixon – Comfort Zone [Cultures Records]
Redo Desyo – Suffering [SP Recordings]
Reiner Liwenc & Jens Balser – Mmesoma
Saliva Commandos – Roomba [Club Bad]
Sir Vee The Great – God’s Eye EP [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Zaki – The Worries Return [Muak Music]


7AHA & Gallen Rho – In Your Space [Magik Muzik]
7YFN – Walk Tall [Ever Ever]
A1aska – Beaches And Boardwalks [A1ASKA]
Alia Warganegara – Juvenescence [Equilibrium]
Angelo Venuto – Don’t Break My Heart [Romeo Entertainment]
Atomzero – Technology [AnalogueTrash Records]
Bennie Kerry – Reborn [Hovedvei Records]
Chicane – No More I Sleep (2019 Rework) [Modena Records]
Chinny – A due passi dalle nuvole [Senza Base Records]
Chinny – A Thousands Years [Senza Base Records]
Chinny – Come fai [Senza Base Records]
Chinny – Creep [Senza Base Records]
Coma Baby – Eternity
Corandcrank – La Alegria
Creange – Planet B
Curtis Walsh – Seven Seas [Paragon Records]
Daniel Campioni – Best Of… Alternate Mixes [Anthology Music Group]
Das Tu – Technogen [MRIU Publishing]
De’Lacy & Rainie – Hideaway 2019 (The Sleazy Hippy Remix) [MWR Records Retro]
Die Legende von Nord – Magie und Melodie [recordJet]
DJ Cosmin – Taste of Love (feat. Alextone) [CAP-Sounds]
DJ Hermann – Englishman in New York [Dance Tunes Records]
DJ Jon Doe – Friends In Space [Nachtangst Records]
DJ Roody – Tarantino [DJ Roody]
Emma Cutajar – Bla Ma Rrid [CAP-Sounds]
Emmett Kai – Petite Jaguar [UNISEX]
Essaie Pas & Marco Passarani, Essaie Pas – Earth [DFA (Cooperative)]
Ferdinando Scarfato – Agua Do Mar [Looper Records]
Fetti Da Don – Hand To Hand [Inc.]
Gemme & Elodie Fregé – Un plaisir [Bang Bang & Beats]
Gosh Crash & MNTPNSR – Silk Way [NoFace Records]
Haas & A Liga – Deixe Estar (feat. Valentte) [Enigmatic]
Harold van Lennep – King Of Kings [Pitch Music]
Harrison – Freak Like Me (feat. Melody Thornton) [SOURCE]
Herve Pagez & Diplo – Spicy [Arista France]
House Dat Shit – Goldy Train
Hypnolove – Somebody Else (feat. Cola Boyy)
Jajo – Let Me Tell You Something [Shake Records]
Jane Proove & Michael Harris – Slow Dance
Kemran Prist – Minimal
Kidwilly, Kidwilly, Ayrosh & Poet Teardrops – L2TK [MAD Royal Entertainment]
Kupucakoo – The Show’s Over – Single
Léa Ly – La piece manquante [Play Two]
Les Gordon – Altura (Part.I) [Arista France]
Lov Smith – Rhythmic Games [Dreamalicious]
Love Machine – Mirrors & Money [Unique Records]
Lu – Fool Myself [Columbia (Sony)]
Mandelbarth – Byron Bay [Catchfire Records]
Matteo Veroni – Night Life (feat. Dj Geny Tur) [KM Music Label]
Maxwell Morales – Leviatan [Humedal]
Nick Talos & Adam Trigger – Don’t Wanna Go Home [Virgin]
Nikki’s Wives – Shaking Hands with the Devil [Antifragile Music]
Only Now – Captivity [Souk Records]
Patrick D – Immer & ewig [recordJet]
Patrick Metzker – She Just Wanna Dance [Munix Records]
Peter Brandenburg – Lampenfieber [tkbz media]
Popsicl3 – Frosty Day [Nocolors]
Praia Del Sol – Niet Vergeten [Lugassy Records]
Reggio – Cyberpunk – Single
Resurrecting Rodney – Yet Another [Octiive]
Sam Evil & Stereoliner – Death Metal [Clone 2.1 Records]
Samuel – Freekong (Sam Dirty Version) – Single
Scooter – Devil’s Symphony [Sheffield Tunes]
Scott Walker – Makin Me Feel [Lowded Recordings]
Shortiefoeva – Peaceful [Neolactica]
Sick Individuals – Fallin [NEWMADE]
Silent Child – I’ll Be There For You [CloudKid]
Spatarini – Wrap Me Up (feat. Denny V) [Venus Records]
Tara Nome Doyle – Heathens [Martin Hossbach]
Tarrey Torae – Freedom Ride (Produced by Terry Hunter) [T’s Box]
Tash – Romeo [LLC]
The Chap – Pea Shore [Lo Recordings]
The OVRMRS – Stars Align (feat. Julia Ross) [Ten Point Three Records]
Theory-M – Aum Faded [Vous Records]
Thomas Gold – Get Up [Virgin]
Timo Tetriz – Aymara [Run Free]
TONTOS – Viro Costas A Mim [FxxK Tomorrow]
Toricos – More Than This [Mental Madness Records]
We Are the City – Song in My Head [Sinnbus]
Where It’s ATT – Through My Eyes [No Genre – Full Flavour]
Wooden Peak – Miss Goodman (Electric Version) [recordJet]
Yuri Runs – Itty Bitty Witty [Dirty Soul Music (Be Yourself Music)]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

A1aska – Rise [ZNMK Records]
Adam Nyquist – Never Gonna Stop [Plastik People Digital]
Addictionproblem – Nowhere (Everywhere Version King Britt Scuba Mix)
Alex Tarallo – Morning Hallucination [Deep Intentions Records]
Andromeda Orchestra – Don’t Stop EP [Faze Action Records]
Animal Picnic, Deep Technique & Ange – Good Memories
AniRhythm, Another Løw – Deep Synergy
Aquaphonik – Soar – Single
Aydın – Tbilisi Sea [48 Records]
Balad, Beije – Treasure #2 [Nugget Music]
BBR – Mother Earth
beatsbyhand – Mana EP [Ambious Records]
Black Boiler – Ball Trap [Nein Records]
Cubba Jr. – Medication [wechselstrommusic]
Daniel Maunick – Macumba Quebrada [Far Out Recordings]
Daniel Tonik – San Antonio Bay (feat. Dominik Dale) [Remixes]
Dannie Fade – Demolition [Sinchi]
Dario Piana – Let It Flow [Claps Records]
David Harness – Confessions Of The Deep! [Nervous Records]
De Nis – Scena EP [Piston Recordings]
Demarkus Lewis – Keep Me Catching Up [Groovy Riddim Records]
Dihfx – Again [G-Mafia Records]
DJ Burlak – Born To Be Free [Refined]
DJ Life – Neural Oscillations EP
Dr. Basement – Moving [Alveda Deep]
Dreamer – The Return of the Tribe [Uno Mas Digital Recordings]
Erio Noen – I’ve Got a Dream [Eddie’s World Records]
Fiberroot – Hongo Funk
Fka Mash – Lonely Jester EP [Atjazz Record Company]
FLIGHT MODE, Joel Brittain & Medlar – Burn This
Fred Everything – Someone Like You (Pezzner Unreleased Remix)
Gabriel Castro – Dassorum [Signusounds Records]
Gar – Violet [2Dutch Air]
Ivan Salvador – Sa Caleta [Noentiendo Records]
Jackson White, Jon Rich – Valley [Compressor Recordings]
Jake Winks – 180SX [childsplay]
Jimmen – Monsoon [Influx Reborn Records]
Juan Carlos Mezza – Here for You [Majestic Family Records]
KastomariN – Night
Kev Dot Kruz – The Other Side [Afro Riddims Records]
Kidso – Sparkle [Springstoff]
Kike am Radar – In Vain EP [Dogs & Vultures Records]
Labat, Mr. Fries – Split Your Thang [Alelah Records]
Lee Curtiss & Steingold – The Dream Adjacent EP
Lente & Crussen – Matua [Edelgran Records]
Lis Sarroca – Blue Desert [Mobilee Records]
Lola De La Fuente – Strike It Up [ShockIt]
Lorenzo Chi – I Believe [Tech22 SubPrintzNYC]
Losann – Sturgeon Moon [The Soundgarden]
Luminance – Ahead [Medical Records]
M.a.o.s. Beats – Illusion [MissDeep Records]
Ma Spaventi – Cala gonone [Wolf Trap]
Madame M. – Plage Du Couchant
Madota – Rangi [Saisons]
Maherkos – Let’s Get Down [Deephined Records]
Mar Vista – 4 Bar 4 [Smashing Trax Records]
Matt Masters – Never Ending Nights [Freerange Records]
Matteo Veroni – Nightlife [Emerald & Doreen Records]
MaX ForWorD – Disco Fever [ChillRecordsMusic]
Mik Santoro – Midsummer [Ampispazi Recordings]
MONCHER – Osaka [Poolside Deep]
Morgan Everett – My Rhodes Is Beautiful [Gents & Dandy’s]
Morn – How to Fall [Savona]
Mount Kismet – Teenage Fantasy [Disco Halal]
Mt Soul – What I Need EP [Solace Musique]
Nick Höppner & GONNO – Lost [Ostgut Ton]
Parra for Cuva – Paspatou Remixed [Parra For Cuva]
Pepe Mateos & Davirus – 2 High 2 Drive
Plastic DJ – Save Me [Plastic Entertainment]
Propulsive & Qunzie – Into You [PM Recordings]
Rigopolar – We Are One [Duro]
Rittik Wystup – Wings [Vordergrundmusik]
Rodrigo P. – Al.t [Simple Things Records]
Sal’m Raisov – Revival [Lisztomania Records]
Selva – OS034 [Open Sound]
Sgt.Elias – Cave of Gold [Strange Stereo Storm Records]
Simon Riemann & Adam Veldt – Save Me From Myself (Adam Veldt Remix)
Sink Faucet – Narwhal [LTHM]
Skveezy – I’ll Let You Go [DeepShine Records]
Soundopamine – Mirror (Vocal Mix) [Everyday Paradise]
StarSee – Broken Heart [Lovely Tunes]
Staves – Myth [Mirrors Label]
Stefanic – Disco Discussions [Moiss Music Black]
Stefano Pozzi – I’m Feeling Down [32 Recordings]
Stixy D – Dubplates & Acetates (Remixes) [Strictly Flava]
SUMORAI – Hocus Focus [childsplay]
SumSuch – Stay for Sunset [Colour and Pitch]
The Gate Keepers – Dreams Of An Underground Dancer
Tidy Daps – Que Es Real [Mole Music]
Tomasz Wakulewski – Java Girl [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
Wearing Shoes – I Am Alive [Fizzapedia Recordings]
Xerosorex – Le Flagelleur [FenixFire Records]
Yoram & &Less, Yoram – Blue Pulses [Crossings]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

1991 – Full Send [UKF10] [UKF]
Alex Helder – Inquisition [SLASE Records]
Alg0rh1tm, Paracusia – Primordial Skies EP [Onset Audio]
Amoss – Tinnies & Ciggies EP [Flexout Audio]
Andy Skopes – Where I’m From [Goldfat Records]
ANG & Lemarroy – World In My Hands [Revealed Recordings]
Anile & DRS, Anile – No Code [Footnotes]
Aseity – No Killah EP [Viral-Mental Records]
Atlantic Connection – Lotus , Traditions [Atlantic Connection Music]
Bios Destruction, Epsilonite – INVASION Clockwork Time, Pt. II
Bios Destruction, Fuj – The Night City Project Part 2 – The Netrunners
Bongonation – Jah [In Da Jungle Recordings]
Bons – Chernobyl [Hanzom Music]
Bredren – Inferno [1985 Music]
Cesco & Arkaik, Cesco – Random Adjective [Unchained Recordings]
CO2 – Chant [Hijack Recordings]
Complex – Born In Darkness , Brain Freeze
D-wayne – Rich (Club & Sunset Mix) [Be Yourself Music]
D3FAI & Buiatti – Flight Level [Revealed Recordings]
DC Breaks, Dr Meaker – RAM Rave, Pt. 1 [RAM Records]
Dj 7 Lev-in – Fast Lane (feat. Eardrum Beatdown)
DJ Direkt – Big Skank , Make Moves
DJ Geache – RAPTURE [Monstercat]
DJ Ghost – Radar [Maxximize]
Drumsik – So Do I [Bad Taste Recordings]
EADWINE – Jafar [Bounce United]
Esteban Lopez & Binomio – The Sax Man [Guareber Recordings]
Euph – Chatter , Avoidance [Music Squad]
Ewol – Diverge EP [Overview Music]
Fade Black – Condemned EP [Critical Music]
Fade Black – Sluggah – Single
Fanatics – Stellar Orb [Down 2 Earth Musik]
Forge – Are You Ready , Finger Lick [Silk Recordings]
Frank C & Bonatch – Krabi [Affinity Records]
Franklyn B2 – Crown [Cutting Edge Soundz]
Freebird & Antony G, Freebird – Le Cercle Vert
FUNKYBEAT & David Shane – Lady [Revealed Recordings]
Gancher & Ruin – Sabotage [NMA]
Hallasen, Ludwiig, Helion & Julia Hallåsen – eoh (Helion Remix)
Indivision & Livewire – Apologies [Indivision Music]
Inward Universe – River of My Tears Remixes, Pt. 2 [Nicksher Music]
M4RO & Jon thomas – Won’t Stop Dancing (Remixes) [Black Lemon]
Maroshi Sumo – Haunted Forest (Teiterium Remix) [Fluydelic]
Mat Zo – Emotion Sickness [Bassrush Records]
Matrix & Futurebound – Mystery Machine (Remixes, Pt. 2)
Matt Milan & THE X GUY – The Way We Rave [Bangerang Network]
Metatrox – Dark Tourist [Extinkt]
Metricmania – Memeluv [childsplay]
Midik & John E Wink, Midik – Merked [Samsara Beats]
Minos – Voices In My Mind EP [Fokuz Recordings]
Miss Adara – Dr.Satan [Adara Records]
MISSIN – Optechnika EP [MethLab Recordings]
Mr Virgo – Higher VIP [BIG BASS Records]
MsDoS – Trumpet Toys Series [Liquid Drops]
Nath Jennings & Harry Isaacs – Charm [Bounce United]
Netto Leon – Get Ya! [+Mas Label]
Sakari – G.R.D.N [East London Bass]
Shanga – Show Me [Revealed Recordings]
Skudkid – Rotton Cotton [Logikz Audio]
Soul Player – Bogani [Mixdown Recordings]
Stevie Melani & Afterall – GHANA [Lowded Recordings]
Taxman – Telepathy [Playaz]
The Sauce – Mr Robot , The Click [Sofa Sound]
The Witch Doctor – Haze Days [OX Recordings]
Trex & Covert Garden, Trex – Chit Chat , Dub Pirates (Covert Garden Remix)
Urbandawn – Flashforward [Hospital Records]
V.V.K. – Do It Again [DOD Music Record]
VA – Liquid D&B Cuts [Izonautic]
VA- ADE SAMPLER 2019 [Sick Bedroom Records]
Vikström – Hectic [Bounce United]
Vital – Baddest Of The Bunch [Bites]
Vizin – Sex Shooter [Audio4Play]
WildVibes & Patrick Key – Love Again (feat. Stine Kristiansen)
Xenon (DNB) – Freckles [DLT9]

Electronica & Downtempo

#Shades – dance when I’m 72. [Ocean Music Group]
58MII – Agonist [See The Sea Records]
ADORE ADORE – Break In The Line [48k]
Adwer – Ouverture [Bolygo Records]
Afro Warriors & Dj Vitoto – Sekele [23OHSIX]
AKA Lonely Boy – Repetition [Wall Of Sound,Rise International Music]
Akkai – Precious [DEZZED]
Alex Safe – Wayback [Moscowland]
Alex Terzakis – Dynamic [Desperadoz Chilly Con Carne Edition]
Alex.Do – Plangent#011 [Plangent Records]
Amon Tobin – Full Panther [Nomark]
Arrojas, Asking Altotas – Soulful Moments [Nidra Music]
Astrobit – Blossom – Single
Benoit Pioulard – Raze II [Morr Music]
Bloem – Into Bloom [Akbal Music]
Bsharry – Perseo
BuzLight – Eight Reasons To Think [ChillRecordsMusic]
Cancellieri, Capofortuna – Rawmagna [Raibano Records]
CAPTN CAPTN – Starting to Wonder [andmusic]
CatchyFox – Midnight City , Cloud Castle
Christopher Tignor – A Light Below [Western Vinyl]
Chriz Conway – Dragon [recordJet]
Club27 – Smells Like Teen Spirit [recordJet]
Dario Sorano – In My Acid Worm [Hybrid Rec]
Dense – Revived Stones
Di@ph – Weird flow [Dorian Gray Recordings]
Die Heiterkeit, Stella Sommer – Two Demos
Dubtazer – Connections [Merkaba Music]
Dyodho – Helayla [Ox-Zone Records]
ELEH – Living Space [Touch]
Fla.Mingo, Indian Wells – FOF10 It’s Where the World Ends
Flux Pavilion – I Will Stay [Circus Media]
Frameworks – Fires [Loci Records]
Gaijin Blues – Puff-Puff [Shapes of Rhythm]
Gelvetta & Alena Nice – Be You For You
Golan Zocher – Laila I Karayana [AMITABHA]
Gronny – Mirage [Sambit]
H.Takahashi – Sonne und Wasser [Where To Now ]
Haydo & Crimson Child – Heaven Rises
Herby – Cosmic Jazz [Nuit Blanche]
John Metcalfe – Boats & Crosses (Remix by Richard Spaven)
joY – Closer to Divine [Electrobass Music]
JVNA & LUCA LUSH – Reign (Will I Still Be the Same)
Kakkar Lounge – Luxurious Fusion Healing [Relax Music]
Karya – Muz Ze Skla [Smiling C]
KlangDruide – Ora’culos y Oasis [Male Cmos]
Little Boots – Souvenirs (Demo) [On Repeat Records]
LOL – Fall of Ahmed [Khao Records]
LOL Boys, Spurz – FOF10 Changes [Friends of Friends Music]
Luca Musto – Amalv [trndmsk]
morgan willis – C.O.M.A [Outland Recordings]
Mr Rog – Campus [New Robot Rec]
Mr Rog – Exp
Mr.MK – Broken [Seeking Blue]
Muttonheads – Forget You (Remixes) [Serial Records]
MxWombat – Heaven [Editions Mego]
Nhii & Pippermint, Nhii – Feather of Illusion [WAYU Records]
Nick Martira – History [Agua Blanca Records]
Ninze – Comode 01 [Feines Tier]
No_4mat – 23nrg [lwlvls]
NOMADsignal & Philocalist – Ten Bulls [Ishiki Records]
Nullptr – ALOPEX EP – Original [Fanzine]
ONUMM – Put Your Hands [BlakEvva Records]
Rabbit JDX – Somebody [Sounder Recordings]
Ras Chamu – Somewhere Far Away [Warrior Camp Records]
Richie Stoneham – Outside the Gates (Instrumental)
Robbers – Taking Chances [Rude Mood Records]
Roberto Pedoto – Kink Rhodes [9th Chord Recordings]
Roman Pochivalov – So Far But Always Close
Rouge Esprit – Secret Land [Global Music Records]
Satronica & Lenny Dee – Call the Man [Industrial Strength Records]
Scratch Massive – Garden of Love (Remixes) [bORDEL]
Sian – Ultraviolet 3.0 [mau5trap]
The Commodore – Heavens to Murdertron [Brutal! Deluxe]
The Greatest Bits – Default Vibe (from Fortnite Battle Royale )
The Peace Project – Cosmic Art – Single
Tiempo De Maldad – Equinox [csk beat]
Touchmusiq – Darkside [Indiefy]
VA – Ade 2019 Sampler by Atmosphere Records
VA – Art Vibes Reworks II
VIKJA – Clapham [recordJet]
Walcott – Right Side – EP
WE ARE FURY – DAWN [Seeking Blue]
Wun – Torus [Jelly Bean Farm]
X2Sound – Sunny Afternoon (Chillout Remix)
Zekt – 925 [AIMEND]


4Peace – Phunk U [MoodyHouse Recordings]
808 State – Transmission Suite [808 State]
A.Walls – Structural Proyect LP
Ale Zaccaria – Morning [M-Sol DEEP]
AlexZ – I Got Soul [Star Funk Records]
Alkali – Giving Up [Motion]
ATJ – Magic Mind [Titanic Recording]
Big Bunny, Dura & Oziriz – Toss [Pink Panties Records]
Bijou + – EYeYeYe [LoupBlanc Recordings]
Bombay Traffic – Move Like Zombie [Exploited Ghetto]
Dj Billy Brown & Lady S – Thank You [Karmic Power Records]
DJ Clea – Velvet Pony Trax 6 [Velvet Pony]
DJ Seinfeld – Parallax EP [Young Ethics]
Djuliano – After Flight [Black Turtle Deep]
Dubbakh – Acid, Mi Amor [KLNQMZK]
Eja – Never Lose It [MojoHeadz Records]
Electro Doctors & Kiro Prime – Balkumbia [Mighty Records]
FDF – Chouse [Hot Bit]
Felo Morez – I Will Love You [Thee Gobbs Production]
Foo Funkers & Paolo Barbato – Bar Groovin’ [Mood Funk Records]
Force 10 – Rush Too Much (Original Mix) [Anonymous Records LDN]
Format Groove, Sergii Petrenko – Acapella Wave [Ibiza Nature]
Frank Cavalieri – Jack Back [Uba Lua Records]
Frank Fonema – Won’t [Les Folies Digitales]
Frank-Lo – Music in the Blood [Worka Tune]
Frankie Fandango – Be Together [Funky Revival]
Franz Bart – Crazy Heart [Coco Beach]
Gianluca Manzieri – Relive In Me [Bit Rule Records]
Gunjack – Into Oblivion [Red Shield Records]
House Dat Shit – Let It Rain [tb clubtunes]
Housego – Da Tempos [One Track Mind]
Insane House – Fear The Noise [Phat Groove Records]
Insert Coin & Autmatic – Drink Shots [Shield Records]
Jack Stardust – One Of A Kind [CRMS Records]
Jason – Got No Phones [Smokin Joe Records]
Jeffrey Tice – Bassix [Subplot Recordings]
Jo Paciello – Jack N.4 [Moon Rocket Music]
John Pridgen – When They Sweat [Panhandle Music Company]
Jr Loppez – Fun (Remixes) [feat. Hyldda]
Lush Djs – Revival – Single
Lykov – Trippin
Manjit – Come Follow Me [Soulful Evolution]
Mr. G – Next Phase EP [Phoenix G]
Nick Martira – History [Purple Monkey]
NIK 11 – KICKBACK [Broken Records , DontFixIt Music]
Noone & Maffa – I Hear The Music [Traktoria]
Olivia Andela – Lanes Of Love [Agua Blanca Records]
Olsvangèr – Jaffa in Syk [Tofistock]
Perpetual Present – Blue Dolphin , Right Now – Remixes [Diesel Recordings]
Pink Cat Empire – Fade-In [Multiza Distribution]
Pinto (NYC) – My Lover [Refuge Recordings]
Potions – Front of the Parrot Dice [Parrot Dice Records]
RafaeL Starcevic & Liu Rosa – Essa Noite (feat. Eli Santos) [Tonight Remixes]
Remi Blaze – Exposure Therapy [Filthy Sounds]
Renaud Genton – Jack Is Groovin’ [Pure Beats Records]
Rhythm Staircase – Funkster [Beat-Room Records]
Richard Dawson – 2020 [Weird World]
Rick Wayne & Tomy Montana – Everybody
Rite De Passage – Old Love New Love
Roy Jazz Grant – Sexy People [Apt D4 Records]
Ryan Sullivan – Emotional Distance [Triplefire Music]
Sampladelic – Umbrella
Sergio Ramirez – The Next Level [Rebellious]
Seumas Norv – The Time [Blacksoul Music]
Silverfox – Fundamental Diggers [FOX Pukka Kutz Records]
Simon Fava & Dual Beat – Disco Fans [Tactical Records]
Slack-Jack – Overdrift [MojoHeadz Records]
Vicman Romero & Mike Sildavia – Dynamite (The Remixes)
Wax Worx – One Green Laser , Raised on Acid [Stress Records]
Will Easton – Kaleidoscope [W&O Street Tracks]
Zares – What Jeans – EP

Melodic House & Techno

Abstract Division, Christian Löffler – Broken Memories 2
Add-us – Vain [Renaissance Records]
Ambient Soul – Smile to the Sun
Angelov – Cabora EP [Diynamic]
Ariel Hoftman – Opportunities [Twisted Freud Recordings]
Aryozo – Once upon a time [Wonderfly Records]
Axel Gaultier – Less Is Better (Speed of Life Mix)
Basstaxx – Nebula
Brame & Hamo – Waves Reach [Feel My Bicep]
Brooke Powell – You Left [Aviary Recordings]
Camilo Garcia – After 5 AM EP [OH Dynamics Records]
Collin Reeve – 6am [Jackson Records]
Cugar – Redemption [Black Turtle Records]
Dario Coiro – Around The Stars [Last Drop Recordings]
David Gunter – Everything against [KULTO]
Davidee – Massive Answer [Three Hands Records]
DeHeus – Visions Of Missions [Eternity Sounds]
Fake Mood – Let It All Burn Remixes [Earthly Delights]
Fame Diet – Who Are You Waiting For [M5]
Flightcraft, John Lead – Deep Chemistry [AudioLabs]
Kenneth Bager – Drums of Steel [Music for Clubs]
Kill Frenzy – Saint Laurent , Drums From The Machina
Kopfnikker – Someone Under the Rainbow [KleinKariert Records]
Lahas & Tony Mafia – Kinari’s Dream [Raelian Musik]
LANGBARD – Euler’s Equation , When I Dream
Lospicos – Gitto’s Street [DJ008 Records]
Lucas Lima – Akin [Plano B Records]
Marco V – Simulated (Bas Amro Remix)
Mario Kassar – Glyptica [Lincor]
mepo – Staggered [Native Wolf Records]
Miklavcic – Vastness [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Nacim LaDJ – Despotism [LADJSTYLE]
Naji Arun – Thebes [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
Nightbob – Obnoxious Vice [AH Digital]
PhYnee – Nitrogen (Extended Mix) [Ton Töpferei]
Pooch – Luwak [Neele Records]
Principleasure – Arduin [Principleasure]
St. Jean – Groovy Time [Stereofly Records]
Synthetic Organs – Sirius [CEL36]
Tanzprognose – Burn [Zeitraffer Records]
umami – Das Horn [Bar 25 Music]
VA – Archive Of Zinger, Pt. 9 [Zinger Records]
VA – Centraal [Lost Crate]
VA – GENESIS [Grey Bar Hotel]
We Are The Way For The Cosmos To Know Itself – Out Of Doubt (Nandu Remix)
Youngen – Memories – Single

Progressive House

2phargon – VHS [Nothing Else Matters]
Abstrakt.Digital – Vulcan [Dissident Music , EMG]
Adryen – Who
Alcaraz – Simplicity [Mystic Carousel Records]
Alex Breitling – Far from Paradise [Wanderlust]
Alvaro Lopez – Nosferatu
Andrey Plavinskiy – Me and My Shadow [Elastic Dimension Records]
Ar-Men Da Viken – Sea of Tranquility
Avexi – We Are One [Duro]
BuzLight – Sound Agrigater [ChillRecordsMusic]
Chris Burke – Nova [Chris Burke]
Daniel Testas – Sequential Being
Daniel Testas – Spirit Industry [Suprematic]
Danny Darko – Land of Heroes [Oryx Music]
Dave Bregoli – The Greener Grass [Trivium Records]
Djcybertsai – Riding on One Call [ANCL Lincor]
Emre Serin – I Don’t Care You
ER-SEEn – Cheetah [EuphoriaElite Records]
ER-SEEn – Minnet Eylemem [EuphoriaElite Records]
Kyo Lee & HVRIN – Take Me Home [Diatology Records]
Local Dialect – Cygnus [Euphonic Visions]
Lukèana – Feeling [Rekua Records]
Manuel Negrete & Nullsystem, Manuel Negrete – Land Of The Lost EP
Marcos Dermi – Confessions [Estribo Records]
Max Meyer & Wilderness – Lost Lake [Elliptical Sun Recordings]
Mental Order & Cambric, Mental Order – De Tarzo
Morttagua & Melody Stranger – Remnants [Timeless Moment]
Nicola Saladino – No Name [Findike Records]
Nikita Cano – Null [CANO]
Numall Fix – Mysterious Girl
Prime Rockerz – Summer Wine [Mighty Dance Records]
Retroscape – Duga [Closer Recordings]
Right Mood – Heart Is Pure [La Mishka]
Ron Flatter – Lasmalos [Pour La Vie Rec.]
Too Manyi – Mad to Hit [Nala Music]
Unseen (NYC) – Persona [Jaw Dropping Records]
VA – ADE Amsterdam 2019 [Enchant Audio]
VA – Amsterdam’s Finest [Flemcy Music]
VA – Just Enchant Friends No. 3 [Enchant Audio]
VA – Secrets #5 [Plattenbank]
VUUNE – Mistral , Alisio [Muskox Records]
Z8phyr – Fairy Gardens [Cool Breeze]
Zenter – Stellar Valey [CamelMusic Records]
ZGOOT – Moment of Truth [Pineapple Digital]

Tech House

AirDice – Grass Hipps
Alex Belloni – Star Soul [Beira Mar]
Alex Loco – Elevate Project EP [Mooncircles Records]
Andre Salmon & Dave Sanz, Pedro Aguirre – Rawlistik
Andres Blows – Nois [Worms Records]
Ant Healey – Split Second
Anthony Attalla & Armandd G – Stay True EP [Incorrect]
Antonio Cardilli, Fabio Bellanza – Experiment Three
Apollo Pan – Struggle Everyday [My Favourite Freaks Music]
Arnau Ariza – You Mind To Like
Arthur Martinelli & M.I.T.A. – Brutal Motion
Arutani – Urleiwand Remixes EP [Voll Schoen]
Basement Unknown – Discharge
Bassel Darwish – Breath EP [KLM07901Z]
Ben Remember – Through the Wall [TRX11701Z]
Bio Techno – Crashing Patterns [Morrvey Tech Sounds]
Björn Del Togno – Guatemala [We Drop Bombs]
Black Deeper – Love Again [G-Mafia Records]
Broker – Back Alley EP [Eight0Eight Records]
Daniel Dubb, m.O.N.R.O.E. – Joy [DV8037]
DejaVu – Drums of Africa – Single
DEVN6 – Found It – Single
Diego Beccaris – Overeaters [Run Records]
DJ Pierre & Phuture – 35-002 (Acid Track Remixes)
DJ Taus – Fire Up [The Tech Foundations]
Domtare – Over – Single
dopecreature – Scatter [Rock Bottom Records]
Erik Chico – Be Like [Creepy Label]
Extasie – Conclusion [TRANSA049]
Fer Torres – Seen in Another Way [PURISM Wave]
Heartleader – Lover Relationship [YouTunez]
Issey Matsumoto – Hypnotize [PARTY SHIRT Creative]
Jak’n’Jax – Dada Beat [Laser Native]
Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers – Bappi [HOTC140]
Jaxson – Lea [wanted BEATZ]
Jhon Alejandro – Far Away [URB300]
Marzziano – James Webb [Aparenzza Music]
Marinho Music & Overhouse – Aspiral [G-Mafia Records]
Matthias Tanzmann – Atacama [MHD071]
Mauro Vetter – The Sound of King Ep [Blasa Records]
Meli Rodriguez – I Will Not Sleep [Mavic Music]
Missa L – Los Mestizos [Datagroove Music]
Mochakk – Drown Me [ELE036B]
Mr. Fitz & Tiny Elephant – Lies [Blvck Mvgic]
Mr.MK – Broken EP [Pressure]
N.E.I.M.A.K – Figure
Nakshatra – 9 – Discarded Move [Morrvey Tech Sounds]
ODJ – What We Do [Price Incorrect]
Pax – Pass The Bottle EP [ABODE Records]
Phonez – Mibaba’ [Day&Night Recordings]
Pleight – You Know [Playpo]
Plus Beat’z – Yeah He [SERENA MUSIC]
Ramon Castells – Mi Pecho [Natural Rhythm]
Reboot – Renzo [HOME039]
Rob Circuit – Port De La Anima [Dreibergen]
Roger That (UK) – The Washer [SOS003]
Titto Legna – Consumo [Aqustika Records]
VA – Complex Destroyerz ADE 2019 [Complex Destroyerz]
VA – Urban Artistic Music Issue 25 [Variety Music]
Vinyldub & Gaijim – Wait
Wagner Henrique & Techdyne – Sculptural Bass
Wieze & Angel Baez – Power to Make the Change
Withoutwork – Gringo Boyz EP [Shaman Records]
Wolf Jay & Veltron – Guarani [Delicious Rebels]
Yaga – Jack Attack EP [Monotonik Cutz]

Techno & Minimal

Arturo – Future Life [dZb Records]
Aleja Sanchez & Dino Sabatini – El Resplandor de los Ciervos
Alejo Loaiza – Alianze [Stars Artillery]
Alex Progress – Equalized 140 [Sound Progress]
Alvinho L Noise & Anders, Charlie Bay – Constructors 04
Andrea Ghirotti – Kayper Love Dorsia [Sound On Sound]
Arodrios – Introspection [Japamala]
Astronomia – Oblivion [Four T Four]
Autodidakt, Ninja Kore – Gold Speed
Aviation Center – Mega [Aviation Center]
Azari – M-Body (Remixes) [Model Future]
Baly – Puesta Del Sol [Drask]
Beko Voice – Galactica [Maskerade]
Billy Turner, Lakej – Can’t Trust Your Eyes [Edit Select]
Brian Sanhaji – End of Cycle [SENSOR]
C-System – Not Enough – Single
Centerpoint – Persistence [AESIR Records]
Cesar Ascoy – Maruja [Mystic Carousel Records]
Charles D (USA) & Street Slang – Magic [DENSE AUDIO]
Chemical Modulation – Between Bikes and Beer
DJ Ralph – Redemption [Jango X]
Dj The Fox – UnderGrow [Maintain Replay Records]
Djoko, Easttown – Madtech 07 [MadTech]
Dmitry Budnik – Ergosphere [Green Nights Records]
Dreizehn – Looping on Memories [OPAC Records]
Drumstone – One Strange Rock [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Dubrowski – No Need To Talk [Freq Freak]
Ebee – Arthropod [Far City]
Electricity is Humming – Liquidator [OAXUS Records]
Elyot – Keep It Moving – Single
Gabo Zandetti – Terra & Vita [DIAPHRAGM]
Gabor Sztranyovszky – Stripped
Luis Weyers – Whitesunday [Drehpunkt Records]
Leo Itskovich – Sinister [AFTERTIME Records]
Marco Leckbert, Javi Mulero & Ekis – Madness
Mike Dehnert – MD2.8 [MD2]
Miki Stentella – Saturday [Adunanza Records]
Motrade – Attraction [Subsonic Foundation Records]
Niko Orlandi – Astronaut (Skull Toxic Fly Version)
Óscar Sánchez – Magmatic EP [NO PAIN RECORDS]
Pulse Plant – Nocturne [Airtaxi Records]
Radical G – Erase Your Mind [I-Traxx Red Edition]
Randall Cpc – Crunchy Groove [Pimp’s Tits Records]
Renaud Genton – Interstellar [Elektrobeats Records]
Rheno – Alibi [Homesick Music]
Ribe, Ryogo Yamamori – Varios I [Non Series]
Roberto Clementi – Dicodon [Soma Records]
Ruud S – Valiente
Saad Ayub – Shelter EP [VRTN]
Secret State – Arctic E.P. [Blueberry Records]
Sencity G – Legend [NO LIMIT]
Sergio Cáceres – Vicky [Nocturnal Sound Records]
Sir Cambras – Two New Kits
Snøz – Time For Life [Tao Tone]
Sp@Sms – Titanic (2019 Remaster) [U-TRAX]
Stefano Montuori – Dama Venice
The Advent – Dorian Blue, Pt. 2 [Thema Recordings]
The Ripped – Acoustemology Process
Theory-M – Yin Yang [Peak Digital]
Tunecraft Project – Sponge [See The Sea Records]
Tyler Wenning – Freaks
Ulrich Van Bell & Simon Sillz – The Realm
Uncertain – Crystal [Say What ]
Urban Fennec – Who Are You [Lanzadera Music]
USUK – Gateway – Single
Vasistha – Train To Nowhere
Vibes the Storyteller – Time Flows Fast
Xana – Adrenaline Rush [Delta Vision Dark Records]
Yan Cook – Somatic [Cooked]
Yonel Gee – Can You Call Me [Saphir Soft Records]
Кольчуга – Ad-Gressere – EP