Afro House

La-African Musique – Venus Scorpion
Alex Spite – Mystical Place [Alex Spite Records]
Buddynice – April 14th [Bush Doctor Recordings]
Chilli Black – People of the Sun [Loco Soul Records]
De Major & Darqknight – Imvula (feat. Lungi Mandebele & Futhi Mahlasela)
Deep FM – Back to the Roots [lorenZOO]
Dj Nastor – Home (feat. Monwah Ell) [Phushi Plan Music]
Dj Nastor – Jazz hands (Part 1) [Phushi Plan Music]
Dj Odyccy – Mungongo [Sweat Drop Ent]
Harry Soto – Deep Olivia [TEQ and SOL]
HisKing – Caged (feat. Ntsako) [Black People Records]
JJ Romero, Pedro Gil & Eli Brach – La Salsa (Eli Brach Afro Tribe Mix)
KARFOX – New Day [Bstudios]
Linka – Love Remixes 003 (feat. Shantelle)
Nolan & Mr. V – It’s a Trap [Mobilee Records]
Nylo M & Afro Vicco, Nylo M – The Drums [Audio Lab]
SAM YF – Igqubu [Africa Mix]
Sniper SA – Tunnels [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Soul Slayerz & Buki – Visions of a Matriarch [KeeSoul Music]
Soulmain – Kanoa [Afrohauz Records]
The Muziq Broz & Croco Gee – Abo Sisi [Mafia Natives Recordings]
Tronic – Up to Heaven [Ghost Records GR]
Wilson Kentura – Mungu [Sunclock]


Effn McCoy – Catch Me [Da HunidClub ent]
Alex Grafton – Gave My Life [Try That Records]
Antonoff – All of This [Smash The Trash Records]
Anxious Angelo – When You’re Around [XTRXX]
Baronin – For My Love [See The Sea Records]
Belle and the Boom Box – Pulsing (Through My Soul)
Benko – Missing [Jendex Records]
Bottai – Hodor [DOORN RECORDS]
Cash Cash – Mean It (feat. Wrabel) [Remixes] [Big Beat Records]
Cashminus, iNichi – Paradise [DistroKid]
Darpan Shah – Tanhaiyan [Long Mix]
Darpan Shah & Nelson Mudliar – Deewana Hua Hai Ye Dil
DARRYS, Gotez – Vietnamese Nu Breed [Spinnin’ Records Asia]
Deladap – Cars and Flowers (feat. Melinda Stoika)
DJ AKS – Boro Loker Beti Lo (Genda Phool) [feat. Diya Ghosh]
DJ Waffles & Mou5zyzz – In the Dust (feat. Yago Music)
Edson Faiolli & Austin Feldman, SAGA – Cold Blood
Emmanuel Valoy – Metanoia []
Evil Mod – Check It [Flatsharp Records]
EyeMad – See You Dancing [Clipper’s Sounds]
Federico Lobrano – Alla mia laurea [Orange Park Records]
Frank Walker – Dancing In The Dark [Palm Tree Records]
Funky Qla – Itiye Lami [Funko Records]
G.Sound – E viva Gesù [DNC Classic]
G.Sound – Quel Fiore [DNC Classic]
Infant Finches – Orange Tape [Papercup Records]
Jonasclean – Subtle [Our Yunus Records]
Jorson & Tashlii – Think About You [Trickwire Records]
Juno Mamba – Blossom (TSHA Remix) [Soothsayer]
Justyn Cruz – Don’t Be Scared [Cruz Ctrl Music]
Kim Kim (Gà) – Hậu Cung [SKY Music JSC]
Kyle George – Feel so Free [WOB Records]
Kyle Watson – Major Games [Higher Ground (Mad Decent)]
Limits Of My Mental Constitution – Places [Papercup Records]
Marc O’Tool – How About You [Mauritius Music Recordings]
MC Groove – Kissing You [Sound Management Corporation]
Mental Season – Mental Season [Zoundr]
Michele Chiavarini & Aaron K. Gray – P.U.S.H
Montesana – Reencuentro [Stage Recording Studios]
Mosvil & PRCHT – Scream & Shout [Worka Tune]
night sky – Are You Strong Enough [Time Leap Records]
Northern Lite – Flieg los [UnaMusic]
Noy Erez – Feeling Good [Digistage]
Valentina Negro – L’Argonauta [GNERECORDS]
W0LVES – Don’t Look Down (feat. ËMMË)
Watermelon Boy & Green Baker – Kibaye

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

A.ARMSTRONG – Love Will Save the Day [Solid State Disco]
A1aska – Otherworldly [A1ASKA]
Adan Aradillas – Los Raves De San Luis [Veneno]
Adrian Zenith – Deasil [Hotmind Records]
Alex Deeper – Spirit [Road Story Records]
Andre Haus – Stay With Me [Khan Recordings]
Andy Compton – This Kinda Love (feat. Shamrock) [Peng]
Arie Mando – DjazzyWalk [Stay Groove Records]
Arthus – Surface [AIA D]
Baga Banini – Dangerous [Jhaps Records]
BAM – Lockdown [Bozandmonstrr Records]
Bantu_za – Seed of Life [Von Nigo Records]
Boy Funktastic – Data [Computer Love Records]
Brian Finn – Long-Quan Lou [Omniset Records]
IPLP – Dejavu [Ulysse Deep]
Jay Aliyev – Marry Me [Baijan Records]
JazzyFunk – What You’ve Done To Me [JazzyFunk Records]
June Jazzin – Can You Feel It [Last Forever Records]
Kito Jempere – A King of Comets (feat. New Composers & Lovvlovver)
Labium – Off Stage [Labium]
Lalo Leyy – Feeling Right [1101 Records]
Lil Bobster – I Am an African (feat. Puno Selesho)
LITOK – Vibes [DRK records]
Lucas Nordquist – Accord [Dishevelled London Recordings]
Lukas G. – Miss You [Gloamed]
Luke Tyler – Cinder [ReBoot Prague]
Lunagirl – Middle of the Night [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
LuToniq Soul & LaErhnzo & TooZee – Tribute to Isooks
LYP – Breathing Under Water [Lemon Yellow Pea]
Maged Mega – Down Down Down [Purple Bubbles]
Manhattan Club – A Dangerous Match [Acetic Records]
Marga Sol – Chillhouse Gems [M-Sol Records]
Mark Slee – Mirrorpond [Suprematic]
Martin Berlin – Take a Chance [Acetic Records]
Matthias Springer – Fields of Nowhere [Dreiton]
Michael Ritter – Zeitgeist [ThreeRecords]
Mightybeatz – Passion [Gloamed]
modal PROJEKT – Nordic Breeze (Edit) [feat. Jan Harbeck & Peter Marott]
Mproenza – Expressions [MODULI]
Nutty Elephunk – Up Town [Audio Lab]
Old Culture – A Beautiful Melancholic [Lolapad Recordings]
Old Culture – Children From Before [Lolapad Recordings]
Omar Essa – Hanna [Zephyr Music]
Original Italian House Journey – Romantic [cygnusx1records]
PARA DEEP – Quarantine Vibes [Jhaps Records]
Pedro Lima & FEIHVR – Good Feeling [BAD MINDS RECORDZ]
Philip Stevenson – No Sleepy [Ananke Records]
Rahmos – Spaced Out [Good Luck Penny]
Relic & Rarity – Get By [Closer To Truth]
Ricky Chopra – Unidentifiable Frequency [Spectrum City]
Rico Pundrich – Entropy [Electronic Alliance Records]
Salton Deep – Timeless [Kquewave Records]
Sam LGT – That Music [Nustromo Music]
Sam Rotstin – Bossa Nova [GLF Records]
Serafini Project – Let Your Body Move
Serg Szysz – What We Get [Selecta Music]
Sgt.Elias – What I Think About [Strange Stereo Storm Records]
She’s Excited! – I Am a Winner [Teknofonic Recordings]
Spacesoul – Blue Memories [PLU Records]
Spaded – Let It Go [NFYNIA DEEP]
Spekrfreks – Roaring 2020s [Ragtime Records]
Stefre Roland – Time To Love [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Taches – Heart of Gold [GLITTER COWBOY]
Tar Ntsei, Walkman Alkhebu – I Can’t Feel No Pain (EP)
Terence Palmer – Chordz [Suicide Robot]
The Godfathers Of Deep House SA – The 4th Commandment 2020 Chapter 09
The Godfathers Of Deep House SA – The 4th Commandment 2020, Chapter 13
The Soul Brothers – Talavera Records 13 [Talavera Records]
ThrillHammer – Heart Throbbing Lover [Paper Recordings]
UUSVAN – It Is Noon [Black Delta Records]
VA – Crystal Structure 9 [Kyanite Rec]
VA – Future Buddha Chillout (2020)
VA – Ibiza Disco House Sessions [FLAC]
VA – Milchbar – Seaside Season 12 by Blank & Jones [FLAC]
VA – Moiss Miami 2020 [MOISS083] [FLAC]
VA – Poolside Grooves #10 [Lovely Mood Music]
VA – The Last Night [FP066] [FLAC]
VA – VA 1 Mad Recordings [MADVA1] [FLAC]
VA – VA001 And Friends Records [AFR003] [FLAC]
VA – Wmc 2020 [Maniana Records]
VetLOVE – In the Air Tonight (Housejunkee Remix)
Viktor Gerk – Quarantine 2020 [7th Cloud]
Vin Veli – Pillow Talk (feat. Moonessa) [97 Music Records]
Whitesquare – Zingaro [Whitesquare Series]
WhoisBriantech – Whoisbriantech Present’s Projected Floor Maestro’z
Zirkuskind – Immer Locker Bleiben [Flair Berlin]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

1BY1 & Revealed Recordings – How I Do [Revealed Radar]
A.F.R – LNDN Sound (Inc Melinki Remix) [SINE Audio]
Addison Groove – Fred Neutron [Gutterfunk]
Agent King – On My Mind [MellowGang]
Ahmad – Incubation [Paradise Lost Recordings]
Aiobahn, David Shane & Balville – Ghost Town
Alcemist – Gone [DNB Allstars Records]
Allan Adams & Derrick Ryan – Bring the Thunder
Allzwell & WaEgo – Dance [Bixiz Xound]
Andromedik – Close to Me [Liquicity Records]
Andry Fokker – Cash Out [Exlight Records]
Arbo – Voyager [The Derrrty Boyz]
Arixx – Unite [Filthy Sounds]
Artsea – Sleep [Shadowhearts]
Auba – Zaku [ARVEG]
Avirsen – Power [Karavan Records]
BA33 – Trip to Zoco [Treinta3tres]
Bad Influence – No Education [Vengeance Recordings]
Badix & Firman JP – Drop It [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
BassCaptain – Malfunction [MDRNT]
Beau Feldt – Out of Control [Gallivanter Records]
Bekail & Moody Hertz – Crazy [Kryked]
BLKBRST – Might Not [Simplify.]
Broken Note – Parabolic Hex [Broken Note Records]
Brosif – Frogs Legs [Incursion Recordings]
Bruk – Luvly Pimp [Dreamdealers]
BSOD – No Way, Get Real [mau5trap]
C.H.A.D – Squad Bro [Kundry Music]
C4TWALK – Hong Kong [LoudX]
Calv & Revealed Recordings – Explode [Revealed Radar]
Carlos Barbero & David Du – Infected [Libe Vibe]
Cedric Swan – Crater Creator [Odio Records]
CETRAN – Hands Up [Agenda]
Clap! Clap! – Mandragora [Black Acre Records]
Cloud – Doors of Perception [Boomtic Records]
Conrank & Drezza, Conrank & Gray Area – White Noise Generation
Cricced – Zeyrek [Alatoran Music Entertainment]
Criss Chaos – Project Doomsday [Bassface Recordings]
D-1, Loefah – Natural Charge , Crack Bong Rmx [VERSION]
Dark Electro Project – Night Rain [Somewhere Out There]
Davine Law – Distance [Section 8 Bass]
Deadcrow – Lies []
deathszn & Badix – Die! [GRN LNTRN CRPS]
Dirt Monkey & Shank Aaron – Leviathan [19K]
Diverse Bind – Way To You [NoFace Records]
DJ E – DJ E Presents the Dead Symphony Part 2 [Attik Productions]
Dj Kirk – Don’t Lock Me Out [Alveda Gold]
DJ Nano & Dany BPM – Last of Mohicans [Natas Records]
Dj Odilon – She (feat. Philip Bolten) [Bumbu Records]
DJ Zedi – No Apologies [DJ Zedi]
Dr. Basement – Get Away [NowPlay Records]
Dream Circle – Simple Things (feat. Omboy Rome)
Duckworthsound & Shiso – Get the Strap [Group Chat]
Dungeon Kru – Genesis [J Records,Legacy]
Dunk & Agro, Dunk – Bingo [Sub-liminal Recordings]
El Bajo – Crossover [Smile Creations Music Label]
eLasix – Got You [Tejobeat]
Electric Hive & Mambo, Electric Hive – Icy Tropics [Kos.Mos.Music]
Elixr – Fractured ,, Not With You [Sunny Moves Records]
Emy Smith & Rimen – Fix Me Up [Simplify.]
Epiclepsy & Highwave – Red Planet [Poltergeist Records]
Erzer – Once Again [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Eternal Hunger & Stinson – System [Heavy Artillery Recordings]
Etienne de Crécy – Daydream [Pixadelic]
Fantazio – Defiant [BASSCVLT]
Feed Me – Coffee Black [Monstercat]
Funkshway – Juicy Juice [SUM R&R]
Gábor Lázár – Source [Planet Mu]
Gevolgen – Bass Vape , Pain Management [Kevlar Beats]
GLXY & DRS, GLXY – Research & Development [Shogun Audio]
Greekboy & MsDoS – Jungle Drops 19 [Liquid Drops]
Green Vibes – Underground Gangsta [Nemesis Recordings Digital]
HAVID. – Dynamite [nightstage records]
Heist – Cloak [Co-Lab Recordings]
Houbass – Ooh Yeah [BNC Express]
Huyrle – Nightwave [Bad Father Records]
Hybrid Screech & The Dual Personality – Combo [The Dual Personality]
Irvin Sierra & Distorted Memories – Insomnia
Jack the Ripper, Lymitless – Money Up , Shooter
Jaz – Look Away [Vibes Records LLC]
JEANIE – Speed (Remixes) [Jeanie]
JM Echizente – Waves [Player Z Music]
Joof & Faytal – Area 51 [Bassweight Records]
Juche – High Time [Lowly]
Justin Robeen – Begin Again [WE WORLD]
Kevu – Rave Is Our Cure [Rave Culture]
Khiva – Chuckles Revenge [Deep Dark & Dangerous]
Kleopatra – Escape VIP [IRIDIUM]
Kontrast – Jet Lag [Soul Flex Digital]
Kozmoz – Dark Matter [Reinelex Music]
Krexxton & Wyko – Forget It [Mixmash Deep]
KSHMR & Hard Lights – Over and Out (feat. Charlott Boss)
Labora Trixx – Chopandu [Uba Lua Records]
Lakeway – The Misadventures of Lakeway (Part 3) [Diffrent Music]
Lako Rolaz – I Don’t Care (feat. Luz Maria) [Redsun Records]
Larigold & Will Miles, Larigold – Permafrost [Elm Imprint]
LeKtriQue & Roniit – Purify (Lektrique Remix) [Kannibalen Records]
Leo Oliver – Avalanche [Mukeka Records]
Lipless – Losing Myself [Insomniac Records]
Lo Scomodo – Falsi amici (feat. Doctor Keos) [Kalabria Records]
Mako – Oeuvre [Metalheadz]
Manseok – Crunky [Alveda Gold]
Manuel Seith – Fragezeichen [DIMASI Music]
melodrum – Maybe [recordJet]
Melviin & Young Hope – Versche [Melviin]
Menzi – Impazamo [Hakuna Kulala]
Mikkim & Jamie Bostron, Mikkim – Positive [Jungle Cakes]
MiNiHiKiD – The Synth Symphonic [Hydra Music Records]
Mourin – Jump [AIDC Records]
Movar, Emy Smith & Tabernacle – Fall Apart [Simplify.]
Mungk – Buzuq Riddim , Meditate [Sub Audio Records]
Nelson – Black Mask [LESS IS MORE Records]
neogeo – New Ground [Flight Pattern Records]
Neve & dnn – Black Tattoo , Track We Want [Voyage Music]
Nicky Havey – Travel Diaries [Electronic Alliance Records]
Nina Las Vegas – Impossible (feat. Thai Chi Rosé)
Noizetrack – Wacky like this [Smile Creations Music Label]
Nomine, Nurve – Templatez [E&B Recordings]
NØTAMUSED – All Night Long [Run Free]
Oddprophet – Migraine [NSD Black Label]
Opius – No Pain No Gain [Danger Chamber]
Pacifistic – Overture [MDRNT]
Pop Francis – Feel the Drop [Ilin Records]
Portnyasha & Waymost – Amsterdam [Planet Studio]
Press Play & Nick James – Blitzkrieg [Lowded Recordings]
Prūf – Star Attack [Dubstomp 2 Bass Records]
ReepR – Rewind Series ReepR – Your Face Mixes
Resound & Obeisant – Sahara , Walk Away [Program]
Rich Raw – That Sound [Wyatt Noise Recordings]
Roberto Rodriguez – Space [Goryl Records]
Romen Jewels – Savior (feat. Aloura) [Circus]
Root For The Villain & Dave Owen – Get It , Turnt Up
Roots Zombie – Critical [Soundrising Records]
Ruddrug – Siren [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Rythmophonic – Dark Path [Beer & Weed]
Rythmophonic – Drive [Beer & Weed]
Ryvage – Program (Remixes & Reworks)
Seba & Paradox – Come Again , Lifeform [Seba & Paradox]
ShaiX – Straight Outta Underground [Filthy Sounds]
ShotgunDre – Self Defense Mechanism [Double Deer Records]
Similar Outskirts – Crescent [Rushdown]
SNKT – Turn Up the Bass [AIDC Records]
Solomon Storts – Inescapable [GodsDJs Records L.L.C.]
Stan Castillo – Heavy Things [Clubbers Culture]
Sync Floyd – The Virus [recordJet]
Takjacob – Say Nothing [Dubtribu Records]
Task Horizon – Mekaneck [Hack the Planet] [Evolution Chamber]
The Contractor – Symptoms of Corona [Digital Assassins]
The Dual Personality – Raver [Simplify.]
Tim Klein – Take 111 [We Drop Bombs]
TWO LIT & Le Cranej – In My Zone [Harsh Records]
Unglued & GLXY, Unglued – Zen [Hospital Records]
V15UAL K3YS – The Electrobyte Life [Teknofonic Recordings]
VA – Deviations [Deviant Audio]
Vebrik & 10 20 AM, Vebrik – Trench Gremlins LP [Frostfyre]
WAVND – Moonlight [Pop On Demand Music]
Winterman – 240 Skank [Ruff And Tuff Recordings]
Wotan – Armageddon [Smart Records UK Limited]
Wubbaduck – Occupation [Kinphonic]
Youth In Circles & Rvmdon – Falling [A Records]
Yunus Oz – Glory [Ray Collect]
ZABO – Is It a Lie (feat. David Pinard) [Uprise Music]

Electronica & Downtempo

Abel Garcia – Star Tonight [Kamari Records]
Abyss X – Love Altercation [DMOTH]
Aesthesia, Boketto – Outer [Sentimony Records]
Akirahawks, Mad Man In The Attic – The Otherz 2
Allicorn – Lost In Transmigration [Untitled Burial]
Anthony Louis – Siroco (feat. Iri.Chic) [Milk Records (IT)]
Artgroove – Praedestinatio [recordJet]
Audio Styles – Butterfly Electronique LP [PLLL]
Autow Nite Superstore – Sharp, Sharp Blade [Klik Records]
Beatorq – The Best of Beatorq [TORQ Records]
Beneath My Shade – Final Stroke [NEDOSTUPNOSTb]
Beyhude – Peyote [Karmanyola]
Blood Dream – Closure [ZBM Recordings]
Brayan Valenzuela – Last Day [Minimalistic Art Records]
Brief Candle – Absurd Dances [Mojear Records]
Ceefon – Lift of Soul [Sweet Harmony Records]
Ceefon – Rueful Entity [Sweet Harmony Records]
Cena Balak – Xanax [Miami Sundown Records]
Craftal – Lullabytes [The Rust Music]
Cristian Agrillo – Loops [ChronoWorld Records]
Cristian Avigni – Jungle Heart (feat. Katiuscia Ruiz)
Cuordileone – Excerpts From Outer Life [Italo Italians Records]
CYYO – Hallucigenia [recordJet]
Dan Bay, Hendrik Klangrausch – Seltene Erden [Limpio Records]
Daniele Baldi – Ashore [Birkin Records]
David James Bianchi – Telegram [Ermetyca]
Deejay Zero – Time Of Love [Sound Management Corporation]
Deep Dive Corp. – Sammelsurium
Dima Krasnik – Heaven (Hiromori Aso Back to Heaven Remix)
DJ Bi Lee – N2O [SKY Music JSC]
DJ Stile – Springtime [Fast Crab Records]
Dubaku – Firefly [Coral Gables Records]
DVRKCLOUD – Night Skies [Hydra Music Records]
Edit Select – Test Series [Edit Select]
Eguana – Numbness [Cosmicleaf Records]
Electronic Fluke – Fate Wills It [Wonderfly Records]
Elias Fassos & RisK (GR) – Kordelio [FM Records (Greece)]
Erba Tom – Kick [Future Sonar]
Eric Benoit – Dissociation [Silver Jackal Records]
Fabio Vee – Voice of Angels [Different Twins]
Fankstille – A Dream of a Past Which Has Never Been [recordJet]
Farron – Five Element Ninjas [Shaw Cuts]
FOXTRAP – Not Enough [Greedy Manager]
From Ashes – Prologue [WEATNU Records]
Funky Donor – Chill en couleurs, Pt. 1 [Stereofly Records]
Giuliano Rodrigues, GROODEEP – The Best of 2019, Chill & Psy Trance
Golden Corpse – Infernal [DOOM]
Hardfloor – The Business of Basslines (Remixes)
HAYATO.T – Rainbow lorikeet (8D EDITION) [LHF Records]
Hibrid – San Sarajevo [Podmornica]
Hirschie – Breizh [recordJet]
IHF – Oasis [Lowly]
Insolate – Order Is Chaos (feat. Sara Renar & Matrixxman)
Jeramy Roberts – Rainy City [E.M.G Recordings]
Kasbah – Pigments [ECHO ORANGE]
Kev Moore – Revival [Underground Is For Everyone]
Kuika – Krakatua [Tratore]
Kultur – Seizure in Heaven [Nowadays Records]
L-zee Roselli – Anxiety [20,20 LDN Recordings]
Le Nuage – In the Clouds [Attic Studio]
Liam Thomas – Against My Skin [Sine Music]
Loungeside – Liquor [Clone 2.1 Records]
M-Project – Sakura [Terraform Music]
MangaBey – Lunar Light [Cracki Records]
Martin Buntrock – 30 Years (feat. Terra) [recordJet]
Melodic Brothers, Bryan Milton & Natune – Lethargy (Remixes, Pt. 1)
Middlestones – And I Can Feel Again [Middlestones]
Midub – Sleeping,Love [XION]
Monkeyman – Feels [recordJet]
Moonspotter – Worship Warship [The Little Universe]
Muadeep – Harkonnen [Vision Recordings]
Nadja Lind & Kino Yoga – Turning in (Kino Yoga Version)
Nick Monaco – Yellow [UNISEX]
NN – Binary Cascade Failure [PLS.UK]
nohym – Pabuk [trndmsk]
NSZX – The First [Kaoru Wada]
Omerar Nanda – Huma Kusu [Kybele]
OYLS – Instagram (You Remind Me I’m Worthy)
Pho Queue – The Need [recordJet]
Phosphorus Deep – Astrophysical [Adx Records]
Physical Dreams – Pianology [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Populous & Sotomayor – Soy Lo Que Soy [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Portia Zen – Wizard in the Tower [aberaudio]
Protege Debauch – Bardo [TAKOE]
Realms Of Imagination – Escape Your Love [ZEROCOOL]
Red Eye HiFi – Overproof [Nice Up!]
Roy Dark – Industrialized Life [Dark City Records]
Scalatone – Cookiefletzet [Alte Records]
Scalatone – Playzmer [Alte Records]
Schakarl – Verbindungsprobleme [recordJet]
SelloRekt LA Dreams – Elysian [Kiez Beats]
Shegal – Bouncing Balls [Protonic Records]
Shoko Rasputin – Lose One’s Mind [U.G.JAMMIX]
Shoko Rasputin – Thatch Eye [U.G.JAMMIX]
Shunkan Idou – Outworld Breeze [Cosmicleaf Records]
Sign Of Crows – Black Drones Up (feat. Seph Ortha) [SOCS]
Sign Of Crows – Dust (feat. On Interrupt) [SOCS]
Silbermaus – Stepping Out [Traumnovelle]
Skybound – Still [Hydra Music Records]
Suncastle – Platformer [Triplicate Records]
Syntheticsax – Breath of Wind [Russiamusic]
Tensal & Komatssu – A Lesson in Funk 1 [Tensal]
The Arsenic Lovers – Buffalo [Raise Recordings]
The Dead Company – Hole [ZBM Recordings]
The Funk Hunters & CMC & Silenta – Tribute
THIS IS HAVN – Nightflight [recordJet]
Thomas Ng & Ai Means Love. – dreamgirl [Dreamhop Music]
TorentE – Grain of Sand [The Ability Of Performing Unlimited Techniques]
Torgue – Barong [Marked]
Torn Sail – A Beautiful Life , Disconnected [NuNorthern Soul]
Toshiki Yoshizawa – Longing [Grace Note Music]
Trainspotting – In the End [Trainspotting Music]
travvvma & creativemaze, travvvma – % [Mindmap]
Tripeo – Green Is the New Red [Bassiani]
Uralkauz – Intriguing [Otium Garden]
VA – Abound of Techno, Pt. 13 [Abound]
VA – Area 69 [MMD Records]
VA – Chilling Atmosphere [WAX’N’SOUL]
VA – Chilling Easter 2020 [Nidra Music]
VA – Don’t Stop Dreaming [Stereoheaven]
VA – I-Robots Present Music for Hong Kong, Vol. 1 [FLAC]
VA – Nc-17 [Coldest Point]
Vedran Klemen – Gillette’s Black Market (Cinematic Dub Mix)
Vedran Klemen – Great Atomic Bath (Old School Progressive)
Venderstrooik – BAR Records 04 [BAR Records]
Vito Gatto – Prologue – The Other Side [NeMu]
Wiwek & Wukong – Siam Rising [Liquid State]
Zanplace – Your Light [Puuuhh Records]
Zlatan Hadžifejzović – Kudikamo Izolacija 2013,2015


4speakers – Life in Bucharest (Running Workout Mix)
84Bit – Back to 1995 (Remix) [Street King]
Alexander Cruel – Go On [No Definition]
Andrea Mirgone & Inve – Right Back
Aqvarama – Spirit (Menini & Viani Remix) [Comb Records]
Arambigua – Muevete [Saint Marc Records]
Arkell – Turn Up [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Ashley Benjamin – Overtime [Vamos Music Talents]
AVA (IT) – THE CHA CHA [R.D.A. Records]
Babert, rion s & Denise Dimé – I’ll Be Your Rock
Baeka – Freedom Begins [True Deep]
Biskibeat – Dreams Change [Biskibeats]
Block & Crown – Got Phunk [Omerta]
Bobryuko – Progressive Mankind [See The Sea Records]
Bruno Browning – Revisiting Sounds [Soulsupplement Records]
Bruno Kauffmann & Barbara Douglas – Higher (2020 Remixes)
Bshm – Rock That Body [Marda Records]
Buzzy – Kallaba [SWEET BEATS]
Chanson E – Love Control [LISZT213] [FLAC]
Chemars, Costela – Va001 [And Friends Records]
Corderoy – Den of Iniquity [Big & Dirty (Be Yourself Music)]
Daniel Trop – Shoes [DanceMania Recordings]
Daniele Mistretta – Time Is [Juiced Music]
Danske Beat – Groove Addicted [Groove Tom Records]
Dark Intensity & Angelica Joni – Counting Stars [Tazmania Records]
Dayvi, Jaxx & Mike Restrepo – Besos en Guerra [La Maquina Records]
Deepear – Caravan [Caleto Records]
Deeper Funk – Back [History Recordings]
Deepflected & Disco Pinz – Year of the Cat [Deepflected Music]
Denis Rublev & Dj Anton – I Am Not [MONOSIDE]
Dephzac & Bobsan – OH Babe [Dephrecords]
Dian Solo – Highway to Hell [Which Bottle ]
Distant People – Grateful [Arima Records]
DJ Scorpio – Chinese Vibes [G-Mafia Records]
Dj TrinityBlade – Thomas Shuffle [BladeRecords]
Ed Prymon – Mona [Yeiskomp Velocity]
Edgar Orn – Connector [Soundo]
Edvard Hunger – Reload of Music [Electric Romeo Records]
Falguni Pathak – Sun Meri Shehzadi [BVHProduction]
Fars8ad – Hot For You [Houserecordings (Plasmapool)]
Fenox – You Can’t Stop Me [Sirup Music]
Filta Freqz – 4 2 Nite [Seventy Four]
Flashmob – Deeper Underground [Glasgow Underground]
Frank Nicolas & Maximillian G. – Love Again ep
Fred Dekker & FabioEsse – Hold Up [Star Funk Records]
Gameirox – In My Face [G-Mafia Records]
George Jackson – Sxduction [Invisible People]
Giovanni Iglesias – A New Journey [Tazmania Records]
Giulio Mignogna & DJ Pax – Paul Into the Groove (feat. Richelle Hicks)
Gorillag – Iron Bird [Moog]
Gorillag – Narcotic [Moog]
Harlem Dance Club – In the Ocean [Hot Sunday Records]
Hazzaro – Jacuzzi [Azzura Trax]
Henry Navarro – Kind of Funky [Dynamic Musik Sessions]
Hey Jack – U Bring Me Joy [MCT Luxury]
Housego – Saor Alba [One Track Mind]
Hudson Cerone – The Rythms in the Bass [Casa Day Pots]
HYPRESSION – LIE (feat. Aallis) [Bite This!]
IVARR – Boom Holla [Jadu Dala]
Jaks Wilson – Lose Control [Jendex Records]
James Black Pitch – Aqaba , Mammouth , Morosita [Crown Of Music]
James Hutchinson – It Ain’t Right [Bewild Records]
Javonntte – Big City People [Calls and Puts]
Jazzman Wax – The Mission [theBasementDiscos]
Joe Riviera – Midnight Is the Time (I Need You) [Disco Down]
Joey Antonelli – Speed [Deephour Music]
John Deluxe & Trippin Fox – Lonely Nights [Vivifier Records]
Jonene – A Walk Through Zilker Park [Jacked Out Trax]
Juan Valencia & Esneider Cadavid – Light It Up [Love2Drums Records]
Jurgen Kirsch – Breathe [Degree Records]
Kirin – Boss (Thomas Gold Edit) [Fanfare Records]
Kyle Whojack & Wolfrage – Need You (feat. Gaia Geria)
LeGround & Kevin Belushi – Sax-O-Matic [Baby Smile Records]
Loris Buono – Want the Future [Lexa Music]
Louie McDonald – Hands on Me [Soundofnow Music]
LTO – Babble [Juiced Music]
Luis Erre & Sophia Jimenez – Sophieliebers [Bearlin Records]
LXTONE – Bodies [Richy Records]
M!krodose – Inferno [Popper]
Mads Gismerica – Happy Time [Jendex Records]
Maneten – Fsv Edit 03 [Lamour]
Marco Ferry & Erik Schievenin – Funky reloaded
Martina Budde – Ain’t No Man (Piano Mix) [Which Bottle ]
Matteo Vanetti – Aperitif Moment [Acetic Records]
Mike Chenery – A Wonderful Thing [Funky Revival]
Morelia & Boondok – On the Dancefloor (feat. Sang Froyd)
Moshun – Elevate [Native Soul Recordings]
MR Luke & MikeandTess – Get Down [Moving Head Records]
Naks Kawina Loco – Mi De [Walboomers]
Nevolla – Alisha [Flash Forward Presents]
NOD – Move [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Norberto Acrisio aka Norbit Housemaster – Quarantine 2020
Original House Movement & Devil57 – The Devil’s Legacy
Phil Anker – Love Train [welofi]
Player2 – In Another Castle [1st Future]
PRCHT & Nexovila – Kali [Mighty Records]
Prolific Sounds – Where Are We (feat. Emily Abbott) [Rattle Can]
Ramzes Music – Destiny [Skipe Records]
Red Snapper & Vicky Jackson – Am I on Your Mind
RedEye Monkeys – Super Galactic Ride (Instrumental)
Resqo – Like That [Musata Music]
Rich Martinez – Tight , Ya [Nine Sixteen Muzik]
Ricky Razu – Soul Slide [Darker Than Wax Recs]
Rob J. – Hypnotic [Discopath Records]
Roberto Parisi – Hot Stuff [Funky Floor Records]
Rodrigo Luca – Ya Man! [Muzica Records]
Ron Jameson – Le Disco [BALLLOOM]
Ross Couch – The Only Answer [Body Rhythm Records]
Scall – Mandala [FAM]
Schinowatz – Snake Eyes [Electro Swing Thing]
Sergeigray – My Love [Ulysse Records]
Simon Dager – Vikendi [Marda Records]
Simon Fava & Yvvan Back – Sway (Mucho Mambo)
Skuba Steve – Breathe [13 Records]
Williams88 – Thing King [2Dutch Air]
Willie Rosado – Ahh – Ahh [Groove Foundation Recordings]
Yellow B – Celeste [Digital Distribution Bundle]

Melodic House & Techno

F.E.M – Sauvage [Condor Tunes]
6RAJ & Zaidokhi, Zaidokhi – Messenger of Joy
Andrea Del Mar & Miguel Serrano – All I See [8Xclusive]
Andrea Jeannin – Hidden Moments [Cliveland]
Antonio White – Be yourself [Adara Records]
Axel Baldi – Evolution, Pt. 2 [Deep & Groove Records]
Baris Bayrak – Skyline [Monkey Project]
Bionic Vibes – The Infected [Groove Sensation Records]
Bohorquez & Joan Alvarez – Greenlights [Magic Beatz]
Bongo Beat – A Women Anthem [Mélopée Records]
Browncoat – Twins [Submerge Music]
Chan Solo – Fokus [Volute Records]
Charlotte Petitte – Vibra [Patternized Recordings]
Daniel Helmstedt – Bliss [HYMNS]
Dirty Vegas – Happening [New State Music]
DrunDel – Pink Truffle [Exx Muzik]
Earl & Majors – Making Better Worlds [Mixed By Monkeys]
Eke – Midnight Point [Abstract Line Records]
Elefan – Bells [Connaisseur Recordings]
Emanuele Modigliani – Destination
Esteble – Amazonica [When We Dip XYZ]
Feri – Rideline [Grodd Inc]
Future Now – Elessar [Duenia]
Giordan Battaglin – Calling from Inside
GNTN & Artche – Plastic Paranoia [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
Groove Man – Dark Choises [Hot Muzik]
Guen B – Born Out of Embers [Karia Records]
Hominum – Perpetual Soul [Progresiva Récords]
Inopia (IT) – Solitude [Click Records]
Issac – Clavel [Last Night On Earth]
Jono Stephenson – Galaxies [Bull In A China Shop]
Jorick Croes – 12 Inch Gold [Mystic Carousel Records]
Kiarash – Dispersion of Melodies [TECHNO NEVER DIES (White)]
Kilany M – Babylon [White Line Music]
Laurent Drugmand – Fast Recovery (Remixes)
Luke Mandala – For Tippett [Activated Recordings]
Marco Rollo – Drops [Three Hands Records]
Martín Dubiansky – Coraje [SMTC Underground]
Matith Yâh – Rising Phase [Zinger Records]
Maurin – Mindreader [Recovery Collective]
Meither – Serendipity [Harabe]
MERO – Nyctophilia [DTL Records]
Mia Zedan – Infinity [VapourTrail Records]
Mic Meimaroglou – Choros [USM Recordings]
Nassim Ghribi – Mesosphere [Bak Records]
Nykko_M – Passion [Votiva Records]
Redspace – Bad Habits [Redspace Sound]
René Miller – The One for Me [KLANG IM PULS]
Rhodas – Seventh Door [Route 375]
Riversilvers – Synchron [Riversilvers]
Saad Ayub – The People [VRTN]
siFa – Actarus (Remixes) [Depth]
Solink – Recondition [Vision 3 Records]
Soulier – Little Bird [Soulier Music]
Suavemen – Kannibal [Zoo Series Recordings]
Tamas Skafar – Dear Molly [Artessa Music]
Toto Peralta – Waking Souls [Dark Groove Records]
VA – 5 Years of Inward Records [IWR017] [FLAC]
VA – 10 Years, Pt. 2 [Meandisco]
VA – Cube Four [Majestic Family Records]
VA – Dixon Presents Transmoderna [Innervisions]
VA – Explorations 13 [ANJDEE471BD] [FLAC]
VA – F….U Corona [La Mishka]
VA – Gateways, Vol. 1 [DHB008] [FLAC]
VA – MeloTechTraxxx 02 [7th Cloud]
VA – Musas [Solarium Records]
VA – Ragnarok [E4OUR001] [AIFF]
VA – Stil vor Talent Berlin Blub [SVT274X] [FLAC]
VA – Upon You The 13th, Pt. 1 [UY1521] [FLAC]
VA – Voltaire Music Pres. Structured, Vol. 2 [FLAC]
Valencia M – Scalade [Port 81 Records]
WHOISJODY – Naripa [Eskill Records]
Wolfbang – Some Hope [Studio Neukölln]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Ellen Klein – Solstice [Zoo Series Recordings]
&lez – Ganesha [Plastica Music]
2i – It’s A [Kommunikation Records]
Agus Pazos – Naked [Pick Me Up]
Aline Nunez & Max Murillo, Tony V – Rcb [Simple2nes Recordings]
Anatoly Space – Untitled [.KF Records]
Andrew Shepherd – Diffusion [Dark Wave]
Arkady Antsyrev – Loosing you [Blind Vision Records]
Assassins – assass end [Frost Records]
Baltimore Chop – Mbtw [Hidden Vibes]
Béhache & Nestor Arriaga – Wachufleiva 33 [Wachufleiva]
Bekando – Conundrum [CODI records]
Biagio Ess – Habla [Monkey Stereo Records]
Bruno Mendoza & T-Chez – Gipsy Danger (feat. Zop)
Carbon & Lampe – Smoke Machine [Alula Tunes]
Carl Kronenmber – Longinquus [DTL Records]
David San – Color Frequencies [Frequency Therapy]
Der Mexikaner – Zwrbldrs [grschtrgr]
Dip Treep – Head Out to the Trip [Take My Space]
Dope Meduza – B2b [Space Bird Records]
Eddward Gum – A to the B [Big Drugs Music]
Ertmi – Iris Shot [Arupa Music]
F-disk – Phoenix [New Horizon Recordings]
Fab FromToulouse – Astral Dub [Chupa Records]
Faua – Cr008 [Craft Records]
Fedeg. – MyBad [Minihard]
Flavio MP – Watching Me [MT Musik]
Frame – UXP [Down Right Dirty Records]
Frank Brown – Pa [Uba Lua Records]
FunkyTino – More Precious Than Gold [BOOST WEAPONS]
Haluk Sirma – Hypothes [Subios Records]
His Place – Beauty End [Frost Records]
Indigridient – Ostanovka [ReState Records]
Jason Esun – Brewin [All That Music]
JonnyKnox – All the Time [Kubbo Records]
Jorge Savoretti – River Plate [Visionquest]
Jorge Savoretti – Soulvor [Visionquest]
Juan M & Lu George – Sloss [High Contrast]
Julian Garofalo – Move [REC Low Records]
Kid Moss & Paul Morris – White Ape [Natura Soul]
KiRiK – Vertigo [CLIKA004] [FLAC]
L.E.X. – Not For Humans [SouthTech Music]
Lee Onel – Etfam [Modula Records]
lefthandsoundsystem – Pgmi [Oyoda Recordings]
Low Flow – Shake Down [Monday Morning Records]
Lyand – My Mind [Elastic Beatz]
Macromag – Nelemele [Skeletal Records]
Marco Calanni – In Music We Trust [Electronic Tree]
Martin Bordacahar – Miradas [We Hustle Harder]
Mi MA – Emotional Conflict [Furrier Records]
Miguel Serrano – Separation Jazz [District Eight]
Mike Sulu – Wonderland [Love to Love Records]
Minimal Imagination – Final Imagination [Frost Records]
Monno – Breakin [Phaze]

Progressive House

Fab M. – White Tuesday [Deep & Groove Records]
Abbelard, Modor & Another Mind – Metamorfosi
Aber Ant – Merci Beaucoup [aberaudio]
Adrian Zenith – Dystectic [Hotmind Records]
After Sunrise – Touch the Sky , Someday
Arni & Mack Jack – The Signal [Supertunes]
Around Paradise – Form Factor [Day Dream Records]
Arshin Koosher – Wizard [Privelege Music]
Art Object – Progressive Object [Day Dream Records]
AVR & Mateus Ghaldino – Coming Home With Me
Axel Black – Illusion [Findike Records]
Beat Monkey – 31 Years [Deep Tech Lab]
Blackfeel Wite – My World [FATE B Recordings]
Boskii – Interperotations [Music UK]
CannaKid – Kambo , Synth Train (Remixed) [aboriginal]
Deejay Jones – Breakdown [PR Underground]
Destination Nowhere – Fed Up [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
Dimitri Skouras – Contact [GLF Records]
DJ ATIS – Pillow of Tears [Skipe Records]
DJ Odette – Avesha [DeepShine Records]
Donna-Marie (NZ) – Reflection [MNL]
Dynacom (ARG) – Coracle [Auditen Music]
Edvard Hunger – For This Time [Estribo Records]
Elektroschneider – Corridor [Kaffee & Kuchen]
Flight Code – Dust of the Soul [Day Dream Records]
Fred Linger – Secrets , Hey [Wanderlust]
Grooveandyes – Pixys [Area Verde]
Grothers & Tansel – Do You Feel [Downtown Mighty]
Grum & Natalie Shay – Afterglow (Kryder Remix)
Hal And It – Lumiere [WhoBear Records]
HaruMuzik – Skylard [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Jean Luc, Criminal Noise & Wolfrage – We Get Down, Cheers
JOOLIA – AI (feat. Maite) [Beverly Pills]
Kajis – The Ocarina , Reloader [Tension & Release]
Kane – Remedy [The Color White]
Karim Le Mec – Bamberga [Ghostwork]
Larsson (BE) & Gil Zambrano – Gods & Kings [Enchant Audio]
Libertas – Phoebe [Manmademusic Recordings]
M3SIA – Arugam Bay [Elastic Dimension Records]
Mark Digital – Sunflowers , Fallen Angel [Emergent Shores]
Mark Walter – Not Today [12.inch.recordings]
Mattlows – Burning [3xA Music]
MLDJ – Eventide [Soluna Music]
Mondo – Ambition [Lavenir Music]
Mustafa Can Aladag & Progressivve Prince – Bottomless
Nick Kaniak – The Worst Is Over [PHW Elements]
Oszillat – Susceptible [Tächno]
Panik Pop – Isolated Remixes [FLAC]
Prodeeboy – The End [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Vaxio – Fertile of the Valley [Bevel Rec]

Tech House

Adam Mist – Save Me [Richy Records]
Adan Vilan & Seima – Rico Mango [Clan Club Rec]
Afekt Music – Two trax [Moustache Label]
Alessio Oldani – Hindi Dreams [Figura Music]
Amine Edge & DANCE & Solo Tamas – Quick & Dirty
Amorhouse – Come Together [Knuck!]
Amuse – Good Shepard [MK837]
Anderson Beats – Trolex [Menos Balas Label]
Andrea Giudice & Larry Cadge – Baby (Mark Knight Rework)
Antonio Caballero – Games [Parity Records]
Antonio Nigro – Boom [Digital Beats Records]
Axel Gaultier – You Don’t Konw (King Size Mix) [Speed Of Life]
Benn Ellan – Into the Night [Amber Red Recordings]
Biscits – Sundown [SOLOTOKO]
Break the Speaker – Algo , Retraxid [less is nice]
C2C – Docks [Mooncircles Lab]
Carter H – All the Girls Wanna [Complex Destroyerz]
Caruana – Lost Minds [Little Festival Records]
Catz N Hood – Aham [Green Deep]
Charles Jetzer – The Bubble [Anamorphic Recordings]
Chris Albert – El Crudo [Marda Records]
Chris Towers – Echoes [Bass Box]
Christian Belt – Dmp 079 [DMP Records]
CLAN EQ – Game Over [Wildisc Underground]
Cruzatti – Dream Out [G-Mafia Records]
Daniel Aguilas (ES) – Shar Pei [Blow Music]
Danny Jay – Avenue [Check In Recordings]
Dave Lauren – Palabras [Dave And Noise Music]
David Barrado – This Is Me [Decibel Music]
David Iglesias & Seima – Nervous [Clan Club Rec]
Dayl – Unconditional Love [Somn’thing Supertech]
Deep Equipo – My Bassline [Golden Lion]
Detire – All My Love [Audio Safari]
Diego Santander – Element [Santander Music]
Dionyzus – Count Your Blessings [Harbor Records Colective]
DJ AD – Ancient Indian [AIDC Records]
DJ Kep – Good For Nothing [Beat Nasty Records]
Dolltek – Flow [Cool 7rack Records]
Donomaa – Ba [recordJet]
Dropboxx – Cutstack [Lab Underground]
DZM – Dark Winter [Electronic Alliance Records]
Ekoboy – Resolution [Lost Records]
Lightline – Mass [Galvanic]
Linkage – Baby Down [Shield Records]
Luca Rubis – Hangover [RAMBLA records]
LucaJLove – People (Alex Twitchy Remix) [Play My Tune]
Lucca Enzo – Only One [Brazuka Music]
Luis Mora – El Viaje [Menos Balas Label]
Ma-t – Dinamia [Whizal Records]
MALTA – Pyramid [Clan Club Rec]
Maritza Correa – Breakdown [MOONLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT]
Martelli – Grow [Main Main Music]
Mihalis Safras – Boom (The Remixes) [MATERIAL179] [FLAC]
Quilla – Beautiful Hybrid Remix Project Part Three [VQSE003D] [FLAC]
Radical-Kick – Sunday Morning Water [Basement Music Records]
Ramon Bedoya – La Tribu Uitoto [High Quality]
Reblok – Toxicity [SPINNIN’ DEEP]
Renaud Genton – On the 90s Floor [Sound Optix]
Risk Label – Herect [Deep Bear]
RodNot & Fabio C. – The Brothers Sound [Flamme Records]
Sajith Prakash – Yourself [Adoocat Records]
Sarah Miller – All Night Long (feat. Saara Hurme)
Sebas Ramos – Botza [Revkon Records]
Sergio Bennett – Black Hole [Smiley Fingers]
Sham Jam – Jarvis , Uphill [Bassmatic records]
Shoma – Vanilla Pepsi [Fast Crab Records]
Silvano Da Silva – Don’t stop the rhythm [Soulisimo Records]
Some Black Cat – I Am Art [Trashed Panda Music]
Sonnie Mancino – El Barrio [Discolored]
Street Sound – Summer Hot [WAFO Music]
Tangie Music – Key Turning [Shield Records]
Tape Low & Black Deeper – Break Down [Deep Bear]
Tazer – Werk! [Zeitgeist Records Limited]
Vakabular – Over My Life [Tech Warriors]
Vinic – Space Talk [Shield Records]
Wally Lopez – The King Is Back [The Factoria (Factomania)]
Wexler – Dancing in My Mind [Mr. White]
WhiteTronicZ & Sergio Tee – Levántate
Xero – Shake [Tech City]
Youknow – BDE [Spira Music]

Techno & Minimal

3phazegenerator – Junkie [SKUXX]
A.D.J. Aliensound – Criminal [aliensound records]
Acid Enigma – Equinox [Zeca Records]
Alex Leander, Ezege – Cosmos [OLDER Records]
Alex Schultz – Isoptera [Kazuko Music]
Allan Guerrero – The Reason [Global Tribe Records]
Almir Ljusa – Patterns [Vertex Records]
Analogik Voice – Pegasus [Saphir Records]
Andy Lakey – Mantra [Jackie Knows Karate Records]
Anela – Find Myself [Eclipse Recordings]
Anky – Bass Theory [Ascensor]
Antony Feber – Frisson [KuzzBass Records]
Arah – The Void [Cerebro]
Arif ONER – Code [Dog And Man]
Arkade – Nftr [NFTR]
Atze Ton – Fate [Mind Burn Recordings]
Aumer – Acid Circle [Deep Division Records]
B.Scott – Asteroid Impact [Oxytech Records]
Bad Teckno – Dark Monsters [Radiator Of Sound]
Ben Roo – Last Train from Berlin [Home Grooves]
Beukhoven Sloopwerken – Kubota1 [PulseWave Records]
Border One, DOLD – Fuga [Token]
Bornek – The Metalworks [TR-3V3 Records]
BSLS – The Conservative Queen [Ithica Records]
Caleb Amir – Murky World [4ville]
Call Cain & Primex – Kepler [Wavegate]
Carles DJ – Kalesha [Betrieb Records]
CHAMALEON – I Get Deep Dub [Dog And Man]
Chaotic Reality – Practice Presence [Chaotic Reality]
Cherriep – 18 in the World [RF]
Chris Coles – Evolve [Rated Records]
Christoph Pauly – Layer 1 [Relate]
Cisko F – Exam [Muneko]
Costello – Chrome [Costello Recordings]
Crist.OFF – Appear [Turtle Musik]
Ctrls303 – Transmission [Motion Related Records]
D.Harvest – VADERETRO [T.33]
DamienJ – Amnesia [Frame Workxx Records]
Daniele Batty – Line Piercer [Minimal Force Records]
Dave Gomez & P. Lopez, P. Lopez & Dave Gomez – Microcircuit I [microcircuit]
David Durst & Luis Guerra – Meat Balls [Unipolar]
Davide Nigro – Molecular Alchemy [Motech Records]
Dexter – Triangle (feat. Helahoop) [Collect Memories]
Di Martinelli – Alta Viskosa [Clare Records]
Di Martino – Good 4 You [Clan Club Rec]
Diego Olarte – Focus [Unsorted]
Diego Santander – Caught Up [Santander Music]
Diego Santander – Lost In Time [Santander Music]
DJ 4003 – Avril [Jssst Records]
Fane – 505 [TaiJi Records]
Feral – Ultraviolet Radiation [Hypnus Records]
Fertarium – Skyland [9 Sides Records]
Forbidden – Syndrome [TECHNO NEVER DIES]
Franco Vrillon – Marduk [LETS TECHNO records]
Gabriel Wnz – Alien Spirit [Alienator Records]
Giorgio Leone, SynthManSin – Grand Slam [Flexibilia]
graves, 93FEETOFSMOKE & Revel – Deadsong (REVEL Remix)
Imperial & Nstinct – Knocked Out [Scantraxx Black]
Izan Cramer – Ar , 3 , Te [TECHNO NEVER DIES (Red)]
Javi Sphere – Move Your soul [Tecnologic Records]
Jay-x – Platform [Yatagan Records]
Jaydee Electronica & Following Light – Danger [Lodjiya]
Jey Fever – Asse [BlockFour Records]
JGarrett – Crowd Control [Gobsmacked Records]
Jimmy Twin – Where I Belong [FOOTWORXX]
Joe Fisher, Samsilva & Nick Bennett – Control [Bandaid]
Jon Bell – Chinstonite [Export Audio]
JSE – Knowledgeable [Electronic Abrau]
Juan Rojo – Viurijaz [HOONOH]
Just Visiting – Lazer Broom [The Seed]
KAAN ACAR – Calling [Talent Records]
Karel Kösttal – S46 [Botanica Records]
Katapult Duo – Trinity [TTR]
Kefka – 5253-2111 [OBSCUUR RECORDS]
Keitz – Broken System [Deep Up Records]
Ketno – For Your Mind [IAMT]
Kevo Krows – Twisted Voices [Musical Minds Records]
Kiká – Chicago Morning [More Beats Recordings]
Kill Frenzy – Mitsubishi [Octopus Records]
Kinko – Out of Time [Alien Rave Music]
Kiril Melkonov – My Hot Shot [Absolutely Dark Records]
Klanglos – The Breakdown [ERROR Records]
Kraaken – Looking For You [We Are Home]
Kryss Hypnowave – Rifflessione []
L.Sanchéz – Code 01 [Black Nuit Records]
Laera & Fuiano – Ok Google [Muneko]
Laudable – Observatory [SHOT Records]
Lein Lavelle – More Than 6ix [Fat Finger Records]
Lenny Kiser – Tear the Paint Off [Trippy Ass Technologies]
Leo Paoletta – Saturn Five [Beenoise Records]
Linus Quick – Room 2 Move , Acid Freak [Autektone Records]
Lit Juan – Techno Probe [Austro]
Lorenzo Liuzzi – Back To 90’s [TECHNO NEVER DIES]
Lou Breed, Novatrax – Obeythemachine [OBEYTHEMACHINE]
Lutgens – I Can Feel [Compacto Records]
Madame De Fer – Lost To the Woods [Rabotat Records]
MAKNA – Alegoria [NFTR]
Malagón – Requiem [Spiffy Recordings]
Manus G – Gravity [Althea Records]
Narcotic 303 – Stairway to the Moon [Deeptakt Records]
Nense & Beavoid – Coalescence [Undgrd Music]
Toshiki Yoshizawa – Classic Dub Effect Real Spring
Toshiki Yoshizawa – Standard Dub Techno [Grace Note Music]
Xerosorex – Broken Voices [PulseWave Records]
Yenny Skev – Not Sorry [KRS SLCT]
Yigitoglu – Splash [No-Match]