A1aska – Little Child [A1ASKA]
Alphaloud – Next To Mine [Alphaloud]
Ariyan Azarfar & M.SIID – Starseeds [Deep Strips]
Arya Zappa – Wild Heart [Kobra Recordings]
Benkay & OMZ – Freedom [Glorie Records]
Charlotte Devaney – Boogie (feat. Aliki)
Christos Kyriacoullis – Loneliness , To the End
D3l – I Love This Night [Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Records]
Daniel Boserup – Mr.Energizer [Variation Records]
Danny Painter – Enough Is Enough [Chocs Pro Sound]
Dark Heart & Veronica – Love Steady [Proximity]
Derek Farnan – Flash Back [FVCK GENRES]
DHARIA – August Diaries [THRACE MUSIC]
Diligente – Ma bulle [TMP Recordings]
DJ Amato & Marc Reason – Suaste [Marc Reason Tunes]
DJ Jon – Loom Beat [WhiteLab Music]
Dj jossi & Dj roy – Floating [Wikolia Music]
DJ No Sugar – Kiss [Smile Creations Music Label]
DjEnergy – Sunshine (Remix) [Looper Records]
Double M – Freed You (feat. Leila Aarden) [ToCo Asia]
Dubble A Star – What You Gonna Do For Love (feat. Nat Jay)
Dubsteam – Good Vibes [Zany Hums]
Elderbrook – Numb [Parlophone UK]
Electronic Dance Foundation – Tekno Dream Love
Elettra – Maledetto [Alka Record Label]
Eluozo – One in a Million (Instrumental) [3 Shots Productions]
Enton Biba – West Coast [Vinebeat Records]
Erdem Kriser – Blame [Proximity Chill]
Flaunt – Wingnut [Anticodon]
Freaky DJs – Why [Zeon]
German Leguizamon – Natural [Lovertrax Recordings]
Giunnino, Masigno Casciasso – Reggaetronic 05 [Pizza Tunait]
Gleick – Necromantic [Valentine Records]
Hommarju – No Longer Prodigy [THE NO1ZE]
J-Felix – Whole Again Hooligan [Tru Thoughts]
JP Project – La mia principessa [IDP Records]
Juan Hoerni – Vallarta [Cha Cha Project Recordings]
Kobe Sercu – Kom Bluf Gerust [Indielabel]
Laurie Darmon – Femme Studio [Play Two]
Liam Laghan – All Night [Twisted Cells]
Liam Laghan – Louder [Twisted Cells]
Liam Laghan – Silver Skies [Twisted Cells]
Liam Laghan – Smoke [Repost Network]
Liam Laghan – Welcome Home [Twisted Cells]
Lubiana – Self Love [Label 6&7]
Luca Debonaire – Heaven Knows [Which Bottle ]
Luca Hänni – Nie mehr allein [Muve]
Makla & D.John, Makla & Joe Hike – Pa Tra [Barong Family]
Martin Harich – Blue [CAP-Sounds]
Midnight Kids – Run It (Remixes) [RCA Records Label]
Mr. Pretty – Something About Love (feat. Michaela Di Lallo)
Mystic Light – Moonshine [Pure Energy]
New Alibi – The Game [Keep!]
Newton – Hole in One Remixes [Discovery Young]
Noé Preszow – À nous [TOT OU TARD]
Opra Mediterranea – I ritorni [E8 Records]
Pantha du Prince – Conference of Trees [Modern Recordings]
PRE55URE – Through the Knight (feat. Hayley May)
Prezioso – Heaven [SMART]
pucca – Circles (feat. Miss Starling) [It’s Great!]
Riversilvers – Empire of Hearts [Riversilvers]
San Sebastian – High Enough [Which Bottle ]
Sandra N. – Sună-Mă [THRACE MUSIC]
Sarvesh Arya & P4NKZ – Bliss
Secret Sun – Winter Love [Costume Records]
Shahead Mostafafar – Hypnagogia [Avalon Music]
Shahead Mostafafar – Miniqua [Avalon Music]
shuaybhamed – Mayhem [Smart Records UK Limited]
SLVR – Alive [Spinnin’ Next]
Steff da Campo & Dave Crusher – Get Down
Susan – Incendio [Miraloop Hearts]
VA – Mixed Grill [Rollerblaster Records]
VA – Tempered [Second Chance Music]
VA – The French Seaside [Onirism Music]
VA – Which Bottle MIAMI CLUB BOX 2020 [Which Bottle ]
Valiant (UK) – Light’s Going Out (feat. Taylor William)
Wez Whynt – Love’s Taken Over (feat. Elle White)
Y-DAPT – Want You [Flowing NRG Records]
Zaydro – Who Are You (feat. Jess Hayes) [ToCo Asia]
Zerol – Monumental [Jendex Records]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

AFAMoo – Let Me Stay [Lisztomania Records]
Affkt – Paripe , Tusk (Extended Mix) [Needwant]
Alene Barret – The Percussionist [Baci Milano]
Ann Garcia – Fuego [Veneno]
Antenna – Algoritmo [LUNETTA11]
ARYON, Drumstone – It’s All About Fila
Attari – Superconfex [Monkey Parade Records]
Blind Delon – Assassin [Bordello A Parigi]
Daniele Frate – Don’t Stop Dreaming [Y-Stinger Records]
Danny Van Taurus – Road Home [ChillRecordsMusic]
David Delon – Digital Dream [Y-Stinger Records]
David Marques – Yon [Movimento Casa]
Dazed Kiss – Road 42 [Y-Stinger Records]
Deep Tune Musiq & NYIKO – Tjo Tjo Tjo
Deeplex – Five Oclock [DOT Dance]
Dj Graphic & Royalty, Dj Graphic – Summer Times
DJ Tambor – Back to the Basics [Vutan Records]
Djimx – Things Are Gonna Get Better [Digital Dutch Dance]
Doneyck & JAMEZY – Baby – Flutemine
Dual Brain – Voltage [Waiting For Apollo]
Dylan Debut – Keep the Fire Burning [Bosh Recordings]
E4-Mission – 0Hms Worlds and Frequencies [Secret Sessions]
Eminent Boyz – Unspoken Words [Entity Deep]
Eneele – Until the End [MojoHeadz Records]
enøize – Escapade [Onionwave]
Enviado Vida – Best of Times [Silk Music]
Exotic Duo – Jack [True Deep]
FR33FALL – Life Has No Goal [Boston Underground]
Genning – At the Balcon , Mountains Road
Gnork, Schmitt Trigger – Luv Jam presents UFO2 with Gnork & Luv Jam
GUDFELLA – Told You [Wildfire]
Gumz – Fool Me Twice [Kalushi Recordings]
HeartWerk – Temptaion [U Don’t Dance]
Henrik Schwarz & Bugge Wesseltoft – In Spite of Everything
Ivan Garci – Secret [Vlosfer Records]
Jef Black & Emitate – Balance Finding My Way
Jesse Rivera – You Got It [Bassment Tapes]
Joe Gigs – Silk [Ecurie]
Joey Vasquez – Eternal (feat. Anna Wonder) [Strong Island Records]
Johansson – Another Love [Suppressed Energy]
John Castel & Xan Castel – Never Growing Up
Julian Hival – Lavender [Eskimo Recordings]
Juno D – Aurora Borealis [Sambit]
Klempy – Hope You Know [Lovely Tunes]
Konstantyn Radulov – The Walk [Ulysse Deep]
Late Nite ‘DUB’ Addict – Red Zone [DEEP ‘N’ DOPE RECORDS (UK)]
Lau Frank – Lau Frank – Low N’ Slow [Outsiders Records]
Lauhaus & Mario Franca – Feeling Close [Cyanide]
Lazer Kitten – So Fresh [Occult Cats Records]
Le Vice – Feel Free [CRMS Records]
Lilac Jeans – Tribute to Frankie Feliciano [Lilac Jeans Records]
Linka – 8 Is Better Than 1 (feat. Emceelepay) [Rooted Minds Music]
Marla Hansen – Dust [Karaoke Kalk]
Marlon Kirk – Waiting for you [Unprincipled Records]
Michael Aidala – Wake Up [Digifunk Music]
Nikita Malinin & Misha Klein – Tell Me Why ,, The Remixes
Oblomov – Unlock System [Sambit]
OBu – Coastal Blur [Uppwind]
Oded Nir – Double Bass [Suntree Records]
Omri Smadar – Fragile [Correspondant]
Parissior – Take Control [Spa In Disco]
Pedro Sanmartin – The Reef [Seven Villas]
PNFA – Break the Sequence [Diventa Music]
Première Fois – Pur sang [Kitsune]
Prop & Ganda – Hazna , Incl. Thodoris Triantafillou Remix
Questionwork – H1 [See The Sea Records]
Rhys O’Shea – Airwaves [White City Records]
Rhythm Underground – Remember [Ship City Grooves]
Riccardo Sodi – Italo Gorilla [Discoscuro Factory Records]
Rise Fx – Your Good Mood [29 NET DEEP]
Roberto Molfetta – Invasione Borbonica (Roberto M Deep Club Mix)
RSS Disco – Lunar Fling Remixes [Mireia]
Sergey Matsegor – Time of Sunset [Vinebeat Records]
Sgt.Elias – Red Style [Strange Stereo Storm Records]
Skols – Halloween , Hive Mind [Neoteck Music]
Smitty & Eric Davenport – Keep on Rollin’ [Mind Loop Music]
Statix SA – New Life [Authentik Music Productionz]
Tim Dian & Stefre Roland – Answer Me [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Tony S – Tokyo [Crooks & Villains Records]
Toru S. – In Memory of Doc Yoko #21 So In Love With U
Two Wolves & M3 Ibiza Show – Dance Pose (feat. Aleshandra Timbel)
Untagged – Hold Me Back [Plastic Music Group]
Ushuaia Boys & Angelic – Serendah [Digital Room Records]
VA – Constant Distractions V1 [RF]
VA – Street King Presents Miami 2020 [KSD417] [FLAC]
Zetbee – All Around [Moiss Music]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

1080p – No Limit Soldiers (feat. TheLxveMovie1080p) [TheCxlture]
Agro & Mentah, Too Greezey & Guzi – Eskiboy & Mailout Moron Remixes
Akov – No More , Lights Out [Program]
Alex Reid – Let It Go [Alex Reid]
Ang3lino – I Like [Lupa Records]
Cheyne Christian – Lectro [Bridge & Tunnel Beat Co]
Chilly – No Sense [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Chopstick Dubplate – My Sound Ah Murda (feat. General Jah Mikey)
Christopher G – Bassline Drops ’20 [Futurefunk Recordings]
COBAH – Bnc3 [HERD Records]
Craze, JSTJR & Snappy Jit, ETC!ETC! – Creatures Remix [Group Chat]
Cybear – Blade [Huge Hype Audio]
D-Flex, J-Select – Underworld [BRAWLIN-BEATZ]
Dack Janiels & Bommer – Ain’t Even Mean To [Bassrush Records]
DansDemand & Sky Roses – Night Zone (ft. Sky Roses) [Rushdown]
Dark Electro Project – Gloomily [Somewhere Out There]
Data 3 – Molecular EP
DeDrecordz – Rodeo [Glitchworld Recordings]
DIVI – Hybrid Cruel Tunes [DIVI]
Dj AgosFree – Planet [Gar Disco Records]
Dj Cloud-9 – Arabian Dancer (feat. N’Dirra Izze)
DJ Rusty – Going Down , Imagination [Promo Audio Recordings]
DJ Swaggy – Several Days ’20 [Groovepool Essentials]
Dj-flesher – Smile [MojoHeadz Records]
Doctor P & Craymak, Franky Nuts – Animal Vegetable Mineral, Pt. 2
Dr Meaker & Danny Wheeler – Root, Leaf & Stem (feat. Spyda) [Chronic]
Dreadnought – Chariot [Intoxicated Thoughts Recordings]
Dub Borski – Twilight [Soul Fuel Recordings]
Duke Skellington & Alanna Lyes, High Step Society – Devils, Dames & Debauchery
E-Thunder – Another Day [EPride Music Digital]
Ellis Dee – Collie Herb [Academix Records]
Emphasis – Seasons (The Remixes) [Blu Saphir]
Enak – Cute Sin [Ape Raw Records]
Enn Euen – Multiverse [Indiefy]
Ezor – Stupid Funky [Blendits Audio]
Face Lift, Bernat & WARLEX – Death Penalty (feat. Milano the Don)
Fanu – Aura Eleven [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Fell Gate – Keeper of the Light [BenefickMusic]
Filthy Habits – Unlimited Power (VIP) [Subway Soundz]
Fishy & Nennah, Fishy – Still Here [DNBB Digital]
Fly – Lost in Persia [40oz Records]
Foks – Zig Zag [Badkill Records]
Friske, Gremlinz, Jesta & Ka lu – Monolith , City Limits [Droogs]
Frito – Scary Sound [Scapegot Records]
Heiner DFG – Nuclear Explosion [THE CAUSTIC FAMILY]
Ink, Loxy & Resound – The Marauders [I.L.R. Studios]
Kosling – Falling (feat. AWR) [Fanfare Records]
KROUD – Active [Geezy Music Records]
Kryos – Daylight [Bass Rabbit Recordings]
Kumo – 90’s Dreamer [Born On Road]
Lady Bee & The Partysquad – Trippin’ [Mad Decent]
Lady Omega, Roommate – Lighta’s Up [King Dubbist]
Lari – Bitter Sweet [MojoHeadz Records]
Lavery & The Meditator, Lavery – Informer People [Sub Code Digital]
Liam Laghan – I Miss You [Twisted Cells]
Maddix – Bad Meets Evil (feat. Anvy) [Revealed Recordings]
Malorne – HillMan [Kemical Records]
Maschera Franck – Air (feat. Amon Fly) [Venus Records]
Mathieu Cetta – Obsession [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Max Lake – Nightmare [ARVEG]
Meyv3r – Wolf (Remastered) [Lolapad Recordings]
Midst – Daydreamer [Nuclear Bass Records]
Mike Van Dee – Uptown Beats [Selfie Tunes]
Millbrook – Go Numb , Broken Love [Viper Recordings]
Miss Shine – Oriental Return [Privat Records]
Montell2099 – FORCES [Sable Valley Records]
MONYQ & Nika Devi – Back 2 Back [Smoke Music]
Munez – Turn up the Bass [tb festival]
Murrikus & Wolfrage – Contrasts [Wolfrage Recordings]
Neo Anthony – Da Bush [Royal Records]
Perry, Wayne – Goodbye , All Night [Play Me Too Records]
Peshay – Superfly [Peshay Music]
Phonetic – Never Alone , So Sweet [Fresh Recordings]
Pjonax & ctrsk – Grey Goose [Atrium Collective]
Pluralist & Doctor Jeep, Hedchef – Gallak (Hedchef Remix) , Surface (Doctor Jeep Remix)
Protohype & Born I, Protohype & Shlump – Open World [Underdog Records]
Protostar – Overdrive (feat. Emma McGann) [Monstercat]
Psylla – Prey for the People [Lowly]
Quattro & Bielu – Italy [Xoni Records]
R-Vee – True Colours [Rowtown Records]
Ramsat – Goosebumps [PSNRCRDS]
Redskware – Slenderman [Audio Emotions Records]
Rms & DUBLIC, Rms – Inna Dub [Stereo One Music]
Robbie Rivera – Together, Pt. 1 [Juicy Music]
Ryos – Two of Us [Revealed Recordings]
SATNIK & Rik – Yochanam [Kibbutz Records]
Sean Crazz – Finding My Way (feat. Yoel Noy) [Sean Crazz]
Serginio Chan – Hold the Pail [Chantex Recordings]
Sha & Skull N Tones – Couple Hunnit [Beatdown Bass]
SKVLES – Rapture [Ensis Records]
Slaine – Codec , Warp [Nurtured Beatz]
Starwoodz – Lalala [Get Down Recordings]
Stereotype – Quality Time [Code Recordings]
Sub Mortal – Abstract [Rubricate Records]
Sukh Knight – Hooligan [DAKU]
T I & Inja, T I & Turno – Blank Canvas [Critical Music]
Tara Louise & PRCHT – Memories [Worka Tune]
Teej & Disrupta, Teej & Jappa – Akuma [Nuusic]
Telomic & Beloved In Love – Gravity Within (feat. Laura Brehm & Ella Noël)
Temgri – Your Crazy Eyes [zverobeat records]
Terry Zhong – Night Cap (feat. Will Jay) [Monstercat]
The Flashback Project – Get Wid It [Propaganda Music]
Voliik – Bad Shape [Electric Wave]
Wildstorm & Lily Wyldflower, Wildstorm – Creatures [RAW UK]
William Black, Matte & RUNN – Take Me (Snavs Remix) [Lowly]
Wood Packa – Kung Fu [Angel Helicopter]
X’Ho – Pay Me Bitch [Mindmap]
Yoshi Sushi – Cut Back [Mountain Bird Records]
Yoshi Sushi – Gimmick [Mountain Bird Records]
Yoshi Sushi – Go Down [Mountain Bird Records]
Yoshi Sushi – I Can Do It [Mountain Bird Records]
Zestar – Enough Talk [BAR RAGE DiGITAL]

Electronica & Downtempo

3mon & AHM3D – Fingertips (feat. Lyssa) [Loud Memory]
6tizen – War of Attrition [Slowciety]
A Vision Of Blindness – About Me [goodstone media UG]
Albert Sipov & Daytonite – Infinity [NYLO]
Blazer SoundSystem – Blazer Sound System [YOUTH]
Calhau! – Tau Tau [Discrepant]
Carbo – Afraid of Change. [Silhouet Records]
Ceefon – I’m Never [Sweet Harmony Records]
Chicago Gangsters – Night [Future Sonar]
Dark Circles – DC Trax 002 [DC Trax]
Dark Circles – DC Trax 003 [DC Trax]
Dark Circles – DC Trax 004 [DC Trax]
Dark Circles – DC Trax 005 [DC Trax]
Dead Alchemist – A New World [Motion Related Records]
Desierto y Agua – Elementos [WAYU Records]
Destination Unknøwn – Cascade of Darkness
Dirty Nice – 100,000 Heartbeats (Edit) [Chiverin]
Doesntmatter – Best Wishes [ReBoot Prague]
Elenes – In the Sky [Rhythmlife]
Elias Fassos & RisK (GR) – Jamboree [Cosmic Awakenings]
Exei – Ornament [La Mishka]
Faodail – Real , Out of Sight [Enhanced Chill]
Fatima Connors & Vivenda – Believe (Instrumental)
Foodman – Dokutsu [Highball Records]
Franco Simoncelli – Soquita [EINZ records]
ReverbSounds – Hours in Space [BaloElo Recordings]
Robert Natus – Unstoppable [Compound]
Robert Solheim – Land [Aquavit BEAT]
Rum Guzzler – Spirits & Parrots [Avocaudio]
Samu Rojas – La Piscine [Beats By Bytes]
Sterlingstation – Gates of Infinity [recordJet]
The Chi Factory – Travel in Peace [Astral Industries]
VA – Buddha Bar XXII (by Ravin) (2020)
VA – In Deep Meditation [Good Vibes Only]
VA – The Ultimate Sounds of Universe II, Pt. 2 [MSQ Records]
Vain Machine – Disconnect [AnalogueTrash Records]
Vitaly Zaikov – Escape [Unpause Records]


Aaron Lowe – So in Love [Rhythm Culture Records]
Adri Block & Martina Budde – I Like It (Jackin Clubmix)
alex rai – Come On [Onako Records]
Alphatech – Wow [Astro Digital Records]
AndybTek – Trumma [Pump Up Rec]
AniRhythm – Jucunda Spiritus [AniRhythm]
Anka – Raw Land [Envisage Records]
ANT LaROCK – The End Is Near [Simma Black]
Arcknight – Horizons (Arctic Chill Instrumental)
Ash Paine, Elbert Phillips – Street King Spring [Street King]
BlackLight – The Underground [Plurred Vision Records]
Blackliquid – We Got Dat [Belowdeck Records]
Block & Crown – Beautiful Music [Which Bottle ]
Blutch, DJ Psychiatre – Deep Dans Les Discos [Dance Around 88]
Booyah Riot – IFCKNLH [Megatonal Music LLC]
Brock Edwards – Together [Rump Records]
Cacharrito – Disko Heat [So Sound Recordings]
CALAZÃES – Bounce To This [Pure Beats Records]
Carrera (UK) & Casey Jones – Sax in the Sun [unquantize]
Christian B & Lewis Daniels – 1 – 4 – 3 [Friday Fox Recordings]
Cool Million & D-Train – Stronger (Ziggy Phunk Remix)
Cosmo-Star, dorotea murray & Sheridan – I Love It
Crusy & Jose de Mara – My Mind [Arcadia Music]
Dale Howard – Let Me Be [Downtown Underground]
Danny Cruz – Mind Up (Tonight) [Cruise Music]
David Britton – Best Intentions ep [droorshouse records]
Disco Ball’z – Funky Flava [Global Junkiez]
DJ E-Clyps – French Toast [Blacklight Music]
DJ Flint – Cadence [Halsted Street Entertainment]
Dj Leon, Dookieb – Deep in Blue [Graba Music]
DJ Rhythm & Kym Franklin – Just Move
Domenico Tancredi – New Era [Seveneves Records]
Don Diego – Stucked [NSoul Records]
Duplicity – Are We Come [Double Sided Records]
El Funkador – Happy As Can Be [Whitebeard Records]
Emran Badalov – Touch of Luv (feat. Heidi B) [Tactical Trax]
Enrico BSJ Ferrari – Just Keep On Betting [Traktoria]
Ethic Soul – Yeruba [Amarrage Recordings]
Fader, Sacha Mambo – BAR Records 01 [BAR Records]
Flipside – All Night Long [Tru Musica]
Frank Lamboy – Coffee Break (Havana Hustlers Remix)
Frank-lo – Damage [Groover Records]
Frankie Fandango – Rock the Discotech [Disco Down]
Fred Dekker – Phat Chick Thrilla [MoodyHouse Recordings]
Glass Slipper – The Climb [Nylon Trax]
Jason Rivas & World Vibes Music Project – Mykonos
Las Bibas From Vizcaya – DURO (Remixes, Pt. IV)
Logo Alloy – Splendid [Artful Recordings]
Peletronic – Secret Escape [forTunea]
Serge Gee – Down the Streets [Mole Music]
Strainhouse – Under No Man , Deep in the Underground
VA – Miami Grooves By HouseU 2020 [HouseU]
VA – Turnstunde 2K20 [Electro Babes]

Melodic House & Techno

After Sunrise – One More Chance [7th Cloud]
Alan de Laniere – Meet the Revolution [Mycrazything Records]
Apart Mind – Condition [Aviary Recordings]
Arude – No Man’s Sky [Suprematic]
Aya.B – Empty Alleys [Backstage Music]
BassEQ – Can We Feel the Bass [A Better Sound]
BeeGee – Kaos [KOZA]
Ben Böhmer – In Memoriam (Tim Green Remix) [Anjunadeep]
Berke Gunes – Boon [TECHNO NEVER DIES (White)]
Biotech Patagonia – Algiz [Awen Records]
biskuwi – Yoisho [Mercurial Tones]
Bjorn Salvador – Destination [Nordic Voyage Recordings]
Booka Shade – Red Medina , Acid Brain [Blaufield Music]
Cubba Jr. – Your Soul [Future Plan Digital]
Dj Saibot – Quasar [Neonius Records]
Eleven Of July – Two Worlds [Awen Tales]
Emil Berliner – Pantar [Ohrgut Records]
Fabian Bocanegra – Techno Dream [Turtle Musik]
Fabio Fuso – Criminal [Syncopate Afterhours]
Flamme – Materia [Mirror Walk]
Fredi Vega – Nu Moon [Dbeatzion Records]
VA – Best of Nihil Young and Talal (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Casa De Flamingos III [Family Piknik Music]
VA – Melodic Techno Essentials, Vol. 09 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Miami Winter Conference 2020 [XTR Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

212fahrenheit – Poder Superior (Remixes) [Degree Records]
Agency666 – Fear of the Unknown [wechselstrommusic]
Alann M & Wayne Madiedo – Pills [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
American South Style – Dear Dancers [Render]
Amuse – Beloved [MK837]
Apolo Fever – Race To Hell [Natura Soul]
Butch & C.Vogt – Parallels [Otherside Music]
Carlos Francisco – Hero (feat. Morris Revy) [SP Recordings]
Cooks – When Cows Fly Upside Round the Tree [The Soul Of Wonderland]
Danilo Schneider – Controversy [Metroline Limited]
Deaf Pillow – Transmutation [HEISENBERG]
Dirty Culture – Sushi Beats [Decay Records]
DUBGUN (BE) – Influences [Raw Level Records Black Series]
Ed Lee – Orchi [Jouissance Recordings]
Erol Arda – World Within [Kindisch]
Farid Odilbekov – Alchemic [Roo Records]
Farid Odilbekov – Mood 70 [Nurum Music]
Fear & Lowe – The Funk [Slightly Sizzled White]
Fede Aliprandi – Swinging Saws [Distortion]
Fedu – 34 [Wajiro]
Garden Party, Mr. Wright – Systemic [Deep Tech Recordings]
Hart & Neenan – Refused [META]
VA – Best of Frequenza Black [Frequenza]
VA – Craft of Soul, Pt. 16 [Kollektor]

Progressive House

3RVIN – Indomitable [Progressive Dreams]
AFTRFX – On Fire [Musata Music]
Alain Fanegas & Marc Molina – Miracle Cova [Soundteller Records]
Ante Deluxe – Crazy Karma [Duo Box Understream]
AxeLara – Feel [Grooves Music Label]
Bestami Turna – Ice Path [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Blue Cell – Kaperfahrt , Wellengang [Stripped Recordings]
Chris Jaman, DANL, Ridzwan & The Cordell – Break the Night [The Remixes]
Cid Inc. – Citadel [Replug]
CORONA – V.R.C [Agua Ardiente Records]
Dany Dz – Time Traveler [Strangers Beats]
Dapa Deep – Slow [Dapa Music]
Deep Shepherd – Dance of the Droids [Groove 9]
Desync – Sol [Figura Music]
Diego Costa – Stellar [Estribo Records]
Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman & Sem Vox – Id8 [Buce Records]
Distic – Durban Sauce [Balkan Connection South America]
Duality of Duality & S9Clamor – Dark Person [DOD Music Record]
Edvard Hunger – Summer Heat [Estribo Records]
Fernando Olaya – Perfect Stranger ( The Remixes ) [Superordinate Music]
Paul Hawcroft – Dreaming
Selfart – Van Gogh [DOD Music Record]
VA – Best of 3rd Avenue Spring 2020 [3rd Avenue]
VA – Sublime Progressive House, Vol. 09 (2020) [FLAC]

Tech House

Agent 69 – Jack It In [ToySounds]
Airomen – Love Revolution [2BEmusic]
Alaya – Came to Chill [Motive Records]
Alex Di Sano & Giuseppe Salustri – Aransau
Amorhouse & Tonix – People’s Back [Play And Tonic]
Andrea Borghi & Damian Beat – We the People
Andrea Festa – Concrete Resistance [Swiss Electronic Music]
Animmik – Okey [Monkey Stereo Records]
Antero Mind – Uncertain Stub [Alveda Subject]
Arturo Gioia & Francesco Romano – Ahi [Beatrain Records]
Ash Summers & Angelica Linares – Amor
Bjorn Salvador, Leon S. Kemp & Phillip Charles – Ruff ‘n Tumble
Boka – Dance Till You Die [Disco Records Croatia]
Break the Speaker – Tech Si , Tech No [less is nice]
Cary Crank – West [lorenZOO]
Casual Order – Cold Blood [Freak Nation]
Casual Punk – I’m Dangerous [Phunk Junk Records]
Champions Elect – Deck Dancing [Maison Hot]
Charles Stoner – Suk Ma’Kiedis [TaiJi Records]
Christan Foden – Too Late [Big In The Game Records]
Clasher – All Is Street [Sousa-Label]
Clever Liboni – Acido [Hotmind Records]
Daleo – Toc Toc [Feel Hype Black]
Danzr Music – Flow [Deep Bear]
Daus – Move Your Back Remixes [Proto Records]
Deftone – Ignition [Forward Thinking]
Delgado – Falling In [CNTRL Records]
Dj Face Off – Pa Rap Pa Pa [Safe Ltd.]
DJ Lenin – One More Niight [Formika]
Dj R3ZZ – Disco Sugar [Kattivo Records]
DJ TITAS – Whispers [OPAC Records]
Dochez – Radar [Bad Father Records]
Ecco – Funky Machine [Kiss My Beat Records]
Edihh – Bathroom [Groove Lovers]
Either,Or – Turn Me On [Bish Bash Records]
Elian Dust – Celtic Girl [Toolroom Trax]
EssBee – lookin at me [Fantazia]
Felipe Vargas – Eco Broye [GlobalTech]
Flare – Somedays [Digital Under Records]
Franco Schmidt – Safari [The Prison]
Fumanchu – Colinax [Valencia Records]
pascal rudert & Picker – Noticeability of Feelings [HAOD]
VA – Abound of Tech House, Pt. 11 [Abound]
VA – Cong Burn 06 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Eisenwaren Miami 2020 [Eisenwaren]
VA – Night Life [SoHo Beats Recordings]
VA – Submerged Words 20 [Sophisticated Tech Lines]
VA – Tech Me! Special Sounds [Low Blow Records]
VA – The Remixes, Vol. 12 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Wmc Sampler – [Space Invaders]


Adjust [BE] – An Alterante Reality [ArpKord Records]
Alberto Di Haro – Model [Elastic Dimension Records]
Aliens Bad Brothers, Big Martino & Stephan Barbieri – Best Wishes
Andromeda DJs – Stereo Bot [Houseworx Sessions]
Annechoic – rw nw prt m hrw [brokntoys]
Anthual O – Natural [Holographic Musik]
Apokryph – Nocebo [Eremit]
ARKVS, Thanos Hana – Tar005 – Arkvs , Thanos Hana
ARYON – Haze [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Atlas (CO) – Atypical Death [TECHNO NEVER DIES (Black)]
Bjarki, Vtss – Chanting from a Tiny Book [HELLCAT]
Blackbelt Andersen – Saturn [Rett I Fletta]
Blame – Bells [[RE]SOURCES]
bleür – Open Vision [Syncopate]
BLILI – Fragment [Reload Records]
Bolz for Boys – Stromfluss [Ristomusic]
Bondaruk, Chane – La Rave [Gomboc Records]
Celec – Dying Light [Technodrome]
Chalex & Dhar V – Green Mind [CODE Group]
Christoph Pauly – Sequence Ratio [Relate]
Daus – That Scratch [Animal Vector Records]
David Dream – Four Gems [K-Noiz]
Deedak – In Your Life [White Line Music]
Destination Unknøwn – Electric Dream [Sunora Recordings]
Destination Unknøwn – Unleashed [Sunora Recordings]
Diøn – Public Enemies [Autektone Records]
Distrit – Essence [Dinastia INC]
DJ D ReDD – Bamboozle [Frame Workxx Records]
DJ Deep Noise – Mabs G – The Remixes [Black Bore Records]
DJ Jordan – Rave (2020 Edition) [Hungry Koala Records]
Djonah Laforge – Technodust in the Wind [Blanc Stone Digital]
DonTToxique – Into Darkness [Botanica Records]
Earth Trax – Lp1 [Shall Not Fade]
Eichenzauber – Celebramus Techno Musica [Cracy-X]
Einox – Informel [Artscope]
Elyot – Doof Trip [Reiver Records]
Everything’s Dark – Fiffti-Tu [Artistfy Music]
fernando lagreca – Lone Condition [Beautiful Accident]
Filta Freqz – L.S.D [CARPS]
Fio Fa – Rescue Squad [Duality Trax]
Fraequenzer – Star Dust [Ghettomaniatek]
Hybrid Screech – Infinite Earths Remixes [Techenies]
Mat Playford – Each Other [The Bricks]
Mtheorem – Always Blood [Interplanetary]
MyShadow – Subconscious [Musica Gourmet]
No Moon – No Moon – 653 Miles [Church 2020]
Safaria Bow – Dimension 5 [VODA Records]
VA – City Lights [Technosforza]
VA – Exercise with Techno [Everlasting Sensation]
VA – Montags Klang 25 [7th Cloud]
VA – Out of Practice Vol. 1 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Provisions (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Radiant Love IWD Comp (2020) [FLAC]
VA – The Best in Techno [Technosforza]
VA – Withered Tales [OBSCUUR RECORDS]
VA – WMC Miami 2020 Techno [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
Wheez-ie – Negative Zone [Them Recordings]