Afro House

Anton Stelsi – Plato [TRANSA RECORDS]
Ceebar & KiidC – Changing Lanes
De’KeaY & Poukey Da DJ feat.Jodee & First Power – Piano Summer
Dee Cee – Obone [Bstudios]
Fabio Arriga – Tortuga [Duqua Records]
Hadjas – Mediterrano [mukkewerke]
Layos – Impilo Enhle [Experience Things]
Lungsta Fame – Salute [Chocs Pro Sound]
Manu Free – In My Way [Monkey Stereo Records]
Masta Luminary – Jupiter [Kundalini]
Samjaza – Camino a La Luna [Bif Records]
VA – Abstract Afro Journey [Nite Grooves]


Anna Wall & Corbi – DATs in the Attic [Ritual Poison]
Boketto – Yugen [Sentimony Records]
Candl – Darkside [Incursion Recordings]
Captain Flatcap – Fowl Play [Swing & Bass]
Cut & Fine – Engineer Boy [Diablo Loco]
Dave Bregoli – Stuck Pig [Trivium Records]
DiCE_NZ – I wanna know [Hot Jandal Music]
Dj30A – Who Are You [Kaleidoscope Music]
Dj30A & Huda Hudia – The Drop [Kaleidoscope Music]
Dog Solitude – Fathoms [Electronic Rumors]
Donawave & DREWWAVE – Black Soul [Stars & Knights Records]
Fane – Miami [TaiJi Records]
Hommarju – Colorful World (Re-Start) [feat. Yukacco] [THE NO1ZE]
Hunky Fop – Psichedelic Cat [Strongs Records]
Jane Maximova – Open Seas [Lemongrassmusic]
Jom & Terry – Why Not [SPACE PIZZA Records]
KillBeat (SP) – Pretty Cloud [Strongs Records]
KOMAINU – Metrik [Rune Recordings]
Neologisticism – Calling for you (feat. Thug Shells) [Remixes] [Xclubsive Recordings]
Nokol – Watchtower [Nokol Records]
Pluralist & Kone, Pluralist & Rex Domino – Sanctions [Manuka]
Resonant Language – Wiggle Bin [Addictech Records]
SevenG & Bubble Couple – Crunchie [Funktasty Crew Records]
Shots & Guns – Overkill [ONE7AUDIO]
Slip 187 & FM3 – Louder (feat. Javo Scratch) [Gigabeat Records]
Subficial – Eventide [Midnight Animation]
The Smitten Kittens – Dance Everybody [Fresh Produce Records]
Vladislav Benefick – The Tree of Destiny [BenefickMusic]
Xerxes X – Exu Caveira [Queer Music Factory]
ZENOX – Changes [Glitch Hop Community]


Aero Manyelo – Cutting the Deal [7Wallace]
Bassloop & Lori Glori – Get Naughty [Miami Records]
Bearcubs – Overthinking (feat. Narou)
Budemberg – Something Real [Phouse Tracks]
die herrmann – Und ich tauche [Zoundr]
Digital Talents – Technology [Nocolors]
Duguneh, Abi F Jones & Jay Fonseca – Milky Way (Crystal Rock & Marc Kiss Remix)
Eugenio Ferrara & Maurizio Lessi – Let You Go [Keep!]
Evotia – Make Me Smile (Remixes) [feat. Amelie Willame]
Franky B. – Dirty Kicks, Dirty Claps (feat. How To Loot Brazil)
Hott Pott – By My Side [Sunday – Records]
Immortal Yogi – Eastern Express [Coloursounds]
Jamie B & Nova Scotia, Stevie Lennon & Nova Scotia – Rebirth
Kittrix – Sedative [UFO RECORDZ]
KLOUD – HUMANS (F.O.O.L Remix) [Lowly]
LBMR – Hope [Songtradr]
Letu Stuke – Žad [Menart]
Lord K – Glitch [Long Lost Brother Records]
Luca Debonaire & The Giver – Light It Up [Which Bottle ]
LUKE – Meaningless (Tonschulz Version) [Zoundr]
Macadam Crocodile – Back in the Ring
Mario Beck – Musiclovers [BeXX Records]
Max Vangeli, Ac15, Sergio Echenique & SNENiE – Golden Rings (AC15 Remix)
MC Groove – Sun Is Shining [Sound Management Corporation]
Mechanism – Alice in Wonderland [Multiza Distribution]
Mike Candys & Séb Mont – What’s on Your Mind [Sirup Music]
MOONZz – Runnin’ [Big Noise Music Group]
Morkehtts – Into the Distance [Morkehtts Records]
Murci – Three Six Five [Parametric]
NiikiSound – Glass Crush [Manticode Recordings]
Oliver Wade – Broken [Mixmash Deep]
Ostbass & Maison & Dragen – Lots of Fun (feat. Tony T) [Remixes]
Perfect Pitch – Weird (Club Mix) [feat. Luna Genevois]
RAIDH & Alexis Fournier – Back Around [Drophit Records]
Reptile Room – Games (Remixes) [OM Records]
Roda & Grant Dean – Wdgaf [Adorma Records]
ROWSELL & Betty Lawrence – The Peak [MUSICLIFEWORLD]
Secchielli per Sabbia – Canzoni Scardellate [Light Records]
shuaybhamed – Friday Anthem [Smart Records UK Limited]
Sinestro – Drop It Down [Mighty Dance Records]
St Lucifer – Razor,Eraser [AnalogueTrash Records]
Supamono – Ki ez az eNber (feat. Zsozeatya) [Gyaku Tunes]
The Policy – Nlyu (feat. CUT_) [[PIAS] Holland]
Tipsy – Rora (Remix) [Feat. Qdot] [Inglemind]
Transform – Tongues of Angels [Deeplife Records]
VeloCD & Christine Nguyen, Jemma – The Pain of Love
Verdun Remix – Cool Tracks [Urban Club (LRM)]
VIMES – Where It Hurts the Most [Papercup Records]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Alex Gomez – Ball Of Fire – Bam Bam [Channel Six Music Company]
Alex Gomez – The Other Face 2020 Rework [Rainbow Project]
Almad – Driss [PlayHouse Time Records]
Almoon & Ohmero – United Of Colours [Natural Questions]
Arthur Distone – Open Your Mind [Distone Recordings]
Aurelien Stireg – Damnation [Yuna Beats Records]
Becanoe Da Voe – Deep in Luck [Sound Vessel Records]
BlackLight – Stamp Your Feet [Plurred Vision Records]
Dale T – Moose on the Run [M5]
Dani Corbalan – Love Me Harder [Cherokee Recordings]
Dankie TalksiqZbiya – Birthday Song [Ohman Records]
Deep Emotion – Distance Is Nothing [Cherokee Recordings]
Deeperteque – Reckoning [Deep Site Digital]
DeepTurco – Lift My Heart [Road Story Records]
Desib-L – Set Me Free [Nicksher Music]
DJ Bridgeman – Reflection [Bridgeman Records]
DJ JEDY – Playing With Fire [LucidPlain Records]
DJ Karouh – Metamorphosis [Talent Records]
DJ Kosmas K – Santur [LAD Publishing & Records]
Donald Leicester – Deep Vices Down at the Roxy [Refuge Recordings]
FORMA – Going Down Real Slow [Nurvous Records]
Four Square – Safa [CLPR]
Francis Leone – Of Phase [Mivushi Minus]
Gabryo – Start Over [Escape Media Music]
Glass Slipper – Mega [Gents & Dandy’s]
Hakan Sonmez – Fallen from the East [DeepShine Records]
HisKing – Skybar [Black People Records]
HOUSENIGGA`S – Slum Is Calling [Paunchy Cat Records]
Igor Gonya & Denis Kazakov, Igor Gonya – Closet Music [Lisztomania Records]
Jimmen – Games [Influx Reborn Records]
Karu – The Mission Statement 2.0 [Intimate Venues Recordings]
Kaygo Soul – Pure Life [Diptorrid Recordings]
Lino Tenerife – Moon Trip [Looper Records]
MANUVA BEATS – Get Up [MojoHeadz Records]
Mario Villafranca – Pulsar [DDiaz Recordings]
Marttin – Bebop [Elegant Music]
Masta Luminary – Illusions [Kundalini]
Mauri O’Mas – Beat On the Beat [Delay Music]
Mauro B – Save Me [Deeper Motion Recordings]
Max Koval – Dream Catcher [S6A Music]
MD Dj – Paris Latino [MD Music]
Methodub – Subway Funk , Subway Jazz [Incepto Deep]
Mochakk & HAAS – Leave It All Behind [Brazilian Vibe]
myni8hte – Coruscant [RockRiverRecords]
Nakul C – Spiritual Life [Suprematic]
Nerepla – Once In a Lifetime [Chris Burke]
Nicky Welton – Colors [29 NET DEEP]
Night Shift Master & Raz Kashty – Summer Sun [Emergent Textures]
NoVip – First Day [Discolored]
Patrick de Ville – Sinner [Achtundsechzig]
Patrick Metzker – Happy [Munix Records]
Paul Infrasonic – Oxia [Diana Recs]
Paul Killey – Romanticized [Flemish Bond Records]
Peppe Santangelo – I’ll Be with You [Studio S Records]
Petite Douceur – Pull the Trigger [Dance Around 88]
Phonic Youth, Wassu & Axenity, Wassu – Lost [Silk Music]
PlusMinus – There Is a Way [Seveneves Records]
Pose!don – Messiah [TB Media]
Rianu Keevs – Soul Breeze [ChillRecordsMusic]
Robert Reston – High School [Mivushi Minus]
San Di York – Caotic Dimension [Zoo Series Recordings]
Schaller – Nasty [Digital Room Records]
Schwarz & Funk – Above (feat. Stefan Schulzki) [Boxberglounge]
Sgt.Elias – Hafencity [Strange Stereo Storm Records]
Sirov – Buffalo Dancer [Kernel Records]
Spyte – Bristol [First Impression]
Stefre Roland – I Can Feeling [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Stefre Roland – Inna [Yeiskomp Abyss]
TimAdeep – High on Dubz [Garden Co.]
Touchfreak – Gnossienne [Malagueño]
Ulun – Dark [Russians Did This Records]
Ursula 1000 – Tropical Intention (Jeffrey Paradise Remix) [Insect Queen Music]
VA – Nebula [De La Groove]
VA – Raw Logs [Stereoheaven]
Victor Montero – Donaire [Tanama Records]
Zoi (CA) – Liminal [L’enfant terrible]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Ahee, David Starfire & Bosa – Walking In the Stars
Alias – Paranoia [Hardpoint Recordings]
Allen York – Heartbreak Hotel [Valor]
Amannda & Daniel Noronha – XXO (Remixes) (Jeff Valle Remix)
Antipator – Soul [Musata Music]
Apashe – Insane (feat. Tech N9ne) [Kannibalen Records]
Aperio – Metropolis [Galacy]
ARMNHMR – The Free World [Dim Mak Records]
Atarii – Fl3x [MMXVAC]
Audiomission – Walk Over [DNB Allstars Records]
Baikonur Space Boys – Another World [Sojka Records]
Bakteria – Tiger Lily [Scapegot Records]
Beat Assassins – Liberation Dub [Mofo Recordings]
Ben Pluecker, Concept of Man – Mutant Rebuilds (Remixes)
Binary – Corridors of Death Part 5 [Close 2 Death]
Black Tiger Sex Machine & ATLiens – Frequencies
Bombs Away, Dimatik & Highup, Discotek – Big Bad Doof (Remixes)
Break – Got a Feelin’ , Sesame Seeds [Symmetry Recordings]
BTX – Darkman [X-Stories Records]
Bunnerz & BlckHry, Bunnerz – Merked [Pick ‘n’ Mix]
Calvin Cadar – Perfect [BreakONE Records]
Charlie Zane – Pressure [SLUGZ Music]
Complex – Tested , Under the Bed
Coudda B – Bigg Steppa [Benton Records]
D Apollo, D.I.S – Whistles & Bells 4 [MCs Music]
D3ron – Hey! [Phoenix Domain Music]
Dark Tantrums – Operation High Jump [DAKU]
Darkgray Heart – Birth of a Planet [Onset Audio]
Dave Owen & Rms, Rms & Rider Shafique – Shook
Deathblade & Themon, Deathblade – Black Magic
Decksi – Helvete [The Tech Collective]
Diamentes – Chops [LoudX]
DISTORT – Ravager (feat. Shanti People)
DJ Rusty – Nocturne , Pursuit [Promo Audio Recordings]
Dr. Apollo & dela Moon – Suntherapy , Moontherapy
Emrah Is – Someone to Love (Remixes) [UL Records]
Fabio Amoroso & Lory Sergi – Get Down
Fanu & The Filthy Whitman – Ritual in Time
Farz – This Life , Broken Soul [Peer Pressure]
FEEDBONE – Wave [Techenies]
Filibration – Spaceman , One More Beer Please
Filthy Habits – Mr Kipling [Sweet Tooth Recordings]
Flerkin, Komax & Sideswipe – Voidout [Live History Records]
Fonollosaa – Air [Kryked]
Franco Capraro – Focus [Get Down Recordings]
Franky Nuts – Time is Running Out [Circus]
Funk D – Thrivin [Generation Smash Official]
Gab Ramirez – Tokyo [Exlight Records]
Ginsong & Enzeo – Waves & Hot Fiyaa [Global305]
Gopher – No Love [Huge Hype Audio]
Grid City – Summer Funk [Bay 6 Recordings]
Guillotine – Goop [Odio Records]
Harmony – The Early Years 1993-1996 [Deep Jungle]
Indivision – Untold Words [Indivision Music]
iNichi – Monkey [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Invadhertz – Never Let You Down , Cold Fluid [SINE Audio]
Jack Slicer – Mixed Feelings [Simplify.]
Jappa, Lupo & Jappa – Escape [Born On Road]
Jedi & Midst – Monsterz [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
K†NGS – Transgressions, Pt. 2 [Slime Recordings]
Kahn – Dread (Dubkasm Versions) [Deep Medi Musik]
Koyatsu, Kybel – Metamorphosis [Monochrome Recordings]
Kumo – Psycho [Gyro Records]
Last Heroes & Luma – Dreaming (feat. Luma) [Ophelia]
Loud Karma – Technocat [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
Low Pattern – Dont Give Up [Free The Mind Recordings]
M.K Bounce – Fear [Track Record]
Mc Weedy & STP, Mc Weedy – Jump & Shock Out
Mellifera – Back From Wonderland [Deafmuted Records]
Mitch Dodge & Porky – Chameleon [Ultra]
Moistrus – Cold [Lowly]
Mollie Collins – Wondering (feat. Leah Guest)
Monrroe – Endless Change [Shogun Audio]
Motiv – Warzone [Original Key Records]
MTTFLK – Rave Planet (Extended Mix) [M12 Labs]
Murmur & Festivillainz – Welcome To the Pit (feat. Matt Diana)
MVRDA – The Titan [Disciple Round Table]
N3ptune & Blackleaf – Unknown Proximity
Navigare – Clap Your Hands [Hungry Koala Records]
NDR8 – Take Me Back [Sirup Music]
NEKKST – Oleee [Penaut Butter]
NIKAI & Antent – This Love [Simplify.]
Ohmie & Nanoo, Spruce – Derealization
Oz & DuBBz – Warp Drive [AFT Records]
Peshay – I Get High [Peshay Music]
Physics, Emery & Dreazz, Sili, Emery & Dreazz – Good Groove
POPTRONIX – Letting Go (feat. Caitlin) [Short Fuse Recordings]
Psylla – Escapist [Lowly]
Ramon Fuentes Nieto – Once Again, Pump It Hard
Relanium & Deen West – Hot Stuff [FRKNTN]
Relanium, Deen West & Vol2Cat – Don’t Stop
Remy Sounds & Rebyc – Gray Smoke [Poltergeist Records]
Robin Stoll – Jumpa [Smile Creations Music Label]
Sicknote & Jim Bane – Encounters
Simone Speranza & Twosouls – Miles
Skellism & One Shot Thrill – Invincible
SkOpus – Catacombs [Fuck About! Drum & Bass]
Sound of DG – Black Cops [DEN VENN]
Sparky – Glitch , MKMO [Evolution Records UK]
SubDan – Signs of Life (Remixes) [Stasis Recordings]
Subliminal Source – Document One [Intact Dark Balance]
Switch Frequency – Atom [Switch Frequency]
The Strange Algorithm Series – Go Low Go High [Dejitama]
The Worreks – Best of the Worst [KOMMUNEzwo]
Tribeleader – The Earth Realm [Tribeleader Music]
Tribeleader – Wizard [Tribeleader Music]
TWOLIT & AKA & VRZ – Drop It [Badkill Records]
VA – #Rave #26 [RH2]
VA – Bo & Blast 12 [Elektronik Shot]
VA – Fearless Audio LP [Fearless Audio]
VA – Game of Trap [Insane Music Attitude]
VA – Underground Imprint Vol.IX
Victim – Uncharted [Citrus Recordings]
Zero T & Beta 2 – Exiles [Metalheadz]

Electronica & Downtempo

≠ asymmetric – Noise Mythology
After Art – Psychogeography Expressions
Alejandro Morse – Hotel Hastings (Music by Alejandro Morse for a Book by Eduardo Padilla)
Alexander Filatov – Time & Space
Anklin – Snowstorm [ALTCTRIC]
AnTrik, Impy – Fakktory Records #1 [Fakktory Records]
Armando Mendes – Parallel Universe [Turquoise Records]
Arthur Kriulyn – Khochu [Encased]
Asnazzy – Dreamy Haze [ASNAZZY Productions]
Assembler Code – Write Pulse [Cultivated Electronics]
Avii – Connections [Ten Point Three Records]
bit-tuner – Exo [-OUS]
Borusiade – Fortunate Isolation [Dark Entries Records]
Burn The Disco – Go (H3nry Thr!Ll Remix) [Tommy Boy]
BusCrates & Sally Green – Lost & Found , Cruise Control
Chris Coco – Into the Fire [Chris Coco Music]
Cook & Stans – Train Travel [Cook & Stans]
Cyberneticohm – Head Related Transfer Disorder
Dadaglobal – Pudel [BlauBlau Records]
David Kristian – Relevance and Serendipity [Giallo Disco]
Deep Grounder – Electrosmoke [Audiolounge]
Dj IP – Sad Clown (Remastered) [Atomes Records]
DJ Phantom 7 – The Space of Natura [Deep Trance 7]
Dj Sengal – Interestelar [Ms Music Records]
DK1 – Seven Shades of Reason [Figure & Ground]
Dustin Lefholz – Floating Point [Digital Vapor Music]
Ecovillage – Arrived [Dronarivm]
Entropia – The Mechanized Mind [Eclectic Productions]
Eonlake – Anamnesis [Electronic Alliance Records]
Escobar (TR) – Desert Sun [Talent Records]
Eulenspiegel – Favorable Surprise [Traumnovelle]
Fabricio Henrique – Pratica [Tratore]
FabryGore McMillan – My Little Star [K-Noiz]
Fhin & Louis VI – Trauma [Delicieuse Records]
Fowel Mouth – Say It (feat. cXrYsZ) [Melaniny Sounds]
Frameworks – Coming Back (Blockhead Remix) [feat. Ben P Williams]
From Ashes – Saph Industries [WEATNU Records]
GAMING – Scenes from a Deserted City [Hobbes Music]
Gary Rostock – Dreams of an English Coastline [XION]
Griffin Paisley & Forever & Ever, Sammy Legs – Endless Evergreen
H2U – Hold [Talent Studio RCRDS]
Headroom – Last Rites [Compound]
Heptakosmoj & Mellius – Oxzana’s Return Part I
Hic et Nunc – Plenitude [Traumnovelle]
Huerta – Junipero [Voyage Recordings]
Isaac Aesili – Rain Gods , Player [Bastard Jazz Recordings]
Jack Project Music – Integrity [recordJet]
Jago Alejandro Pascua – Satisfaction [Zeitlyserg]
jérôme caproni – Manon [Moon Beam Record]
Jody Watley – Winter Nights [Avitone Recordings]
Jon Beige, Malcolm – Future Was Like
Kaon – Afterlife [Tessitures Records]
Leo de la Rosa – Primera Cita (feat. Maneela)
Liam Thomas – With Your Touch [Sine Music]
Lounge Pilots – Less Is More [Ragibeat]
Machino & Drvg Cvltvre – Espejos
Magmatunes – The Beach [M-Sol Records]
Manny Evans – Bridge and Tunnel [Tech People Music]
Megcsillan – Egy Lesz (Become One) [Lett Records]
Mellow Men – 2081 [Vitamin Deep Recordings]
Mesak, Mono Junk – Propaganda Moscow Code Four
Metalogue – Anomaly [Combat Recordings]
Midori Hirano – Invisible Island [Sonic Pieces]
Monte la Rue – Jilly Mcqueen [La Maison La Rue]
OniMe & Swarless – Purr [Pearlicka Records]
Ose – The Spirit Axis [Sine Language Records]
Paco Borges Ensemble – Encontro das Aguas
Peppe Santangelo – Lost in Music [Studio S Records]
Perko & Lia, Perko – The City Rings [Numbers]
Philip Sulidae – Perplexor [Line]
Physical Dreams – Keeping Spirituality Mindfulness
Remember – Keep Going, Don’t Close
Rightmind – Without You [Frequency , AEI]
Rob Clouth – Emerging From [Mesh]
Samuel Rohrer – Continual Decentering [Arjunamusic]
Sean Byron – Reclaim the Streets [Leeloop Records]
SFV Acid – ResedaVill [BAKK]
Shympulz – Legend of Koto [Shympulz]
Soleil Armada – Don’t Wake Me Up [Ragibeat]
Space Native – Smoke That Rhodes
Stampatron – Complications [Diesel Recordings]
Stevie Fitz – The Mr Tang [Something Melodic]
TAC B2 – Moving Trees [Out Of Obscure]
Tamten & FOPA – Wake Up! [Father & Son Records & Tapes]
The Horizontal Society – Lo Fi Sunrise [lo fi spiritual]
TJ Manta – Sarah’s Private Show , Amazonia [Intercept]
Tomás Tello – Cimora [Discrepant]
Translippers – Transparency [Cosmicleaf Records]
Tukico – Become [Hush Hush]
Tulip Tiger – My Higher Self Is Really Dope [GIVE,TAKE]
Ulf Ivarsson – Lower Zone [Lamour]
Urban Razz Collectiv – Against Your Head [Temple Of Boom Records]
Urban Razz Collectiv – Green into Blue [Temple Of Boom Records]
Urban Razz Collectiv – June in July [Temple Of Boom Records]
Urban Razz Collectiv – Sun in LA [Temple Of Boom Records]
Urban Razz Collectiv – Throw the Stone [Temple Of Boom Records]
VA – 1 Year Behind [Zolotaya Orda]
VA – Archives – Heights [Archives]
VA – Chakra Meditation Nature Sound Poland [Pizza Tunait]
VA – Freakadellen Kollektion 10 [Freakadelle]
VA – The Birthing of a New Earth [Stereoheaven]
Yu Su – 233 [Rhythm Section International]
Zabota – Desperation [NUYAMA]
Zopelar – Joy of Missing Out [Apron Records]


A.v.A – Love to Love Ya [Juiced Music]
Aldo Lesina – Another Remix [BCR]
Alexander Cruel & Wilsun – La Vela [No Definition]
Allhexphriman – Not Crazy [Elantris Records]
Amaral – Boss [G-Mafia Records]
Amorhouse – Soul Train [Play My Tune]
Angelo Ferreri – Real Deal (Remixes) [Milk & Sugar]
Arthur Grin – You Already Know [Opium Muzik]
Audire – Mostaza [THE BASE TRAX]
AVR & Sam Galki – Don’t Panic [Filthy Sounds]
Banoffee – Contagious [Cascine (Redeye)]
Bemac – Untouchable [Deep Bear]
Block & Crown – Hung Up [Omerta]
BOBBY SHANN – Bad Habits [Shann Music]
Brieuc & Tim Lights – Don’t Walk Away [Big & Dirty (Be Yourself Music)]
Brooks Mondae & Roast Bef – SeaWorld 2048
Bruno Browning – True Believer [Soulsupplement Records]
Brux – Giardini Avenue [The Prison]
Bushman – WeAreiDyll Records [WeAreiDyll]
capchino & Alex Heimann – Bring Back The Beat [1st Future]
Carlos Mantilla, Future Plans – Undervibes [Out There Records]
Chris Burke, Pino Arduini – Sometimes [Society 3.0]
Circuit 900 – Spaces Chimes [Merge Layers]
Claudio Tempesta – Zap (Extended Mix)
Corrupt (UK) – Strange Things (feat. Raas) [Crucast]
Dakota Tibby – Got Me For Life [Pongo Records]
Dan T – If You Want Me [Captum Records]
Dawood Helmandi & Rabi The Hedgehog – Mystery Bride
Deepflected & Disco Pinz – But What Idea
DeeRiVee – Confidence [Deepcloud Records]
Derek Smokin Jones – Jazz Safarian
DJ D_S – Disco Bus [Veksler Records]
DJ Dan & Block & Crown – Those Lies
DJ Dmix – Calm [Catamount Records]
Dj Hansz – Nimma Pt. 2 [Urban Kickz Recordings]
DJ Rene – Back to Home [3rd Way Recordings]
DJ Siar – Want You [Ensis Records]
Dj TrinityBlade – Bar Jamming [BladeRecords]
Dj TrinityBlade – For My Love [BladeRecords]
DJulio B – Confession a Abduction [Uba Lua Records]
El Laurie, Hamdi – Street Dubs #2 [Second to None Music]
Erkki.R – Lonely [Sound2Kill4 Records]
Escobar (TR) & Dox (TR) – Believe [Talent Records]
Etu Beats & Kanyi Nokwe, Movi M – Final Chapter
Fabio Tronik – La Rumba [Panic Music]
fernando lagreca – Dissociation (feat. Chantelle R)
Filta Freqz – A Little Love [Seventy Four]
FOMO – Midnight [Strictly Street Sounds]
Frank Spex – Move Your Feet [Y Music Productions]
Gavio – Can You Make My Day [Below the Belt]
Giorgi Kubaneishvili – Rashvebi [CamelMusic Records]
Glenn Gatsby – Twenties Dress [Electro Swing Thing]
Glücksmoment & Elaine Winter – Herz aus Porzellan (Remixes, Pt. 1)
Guzz – Everybody is Going [Deep Bear]
HATE-RID – Nasty Bastard [Project Allout Records]
Hi Noise – We Never [Big Fish Recordings]
Holy Goof – Down For You (feat. Bru-C) [HGMusic]
Hooders & Max Mash – Name It [Pinnacle Collective]
Ilya Stepash – Saturday [Supertunes]
Jo Paciello – Sanoke (feat. Norbit Housemaster)
Jon thomas – Underappreciated (Remixes)
Jonny Sum – Step Inside [Mixed Feelings Music]
Josement – All Night Alone [Total Freedom Recordings]
Keezza – Feeling Again [Weyaye Records]
Kelvin Sylvester – Prayer Remixes [Pasqua Records]
Kigus – Midnight Dream [InloudRec]
Kuto – Sound Boi (feat. Arch Nemesis) [Yosh Pit]
Lee Wilson, Morsy Music & Pearl Gates – I Came to Dance
M.Stone – Try (Club Edit) [M-STONE]
Majed Salih – Discodbrant [Medievil-Music]
Maneten – FSV Edit 01 [Lamour]
Mark Grusane – Off Balance [Disctechno]
Massey & Dita – 2 Nights at Monopoli
Master G – Greme [SHIMA Records]
Mattei & Omich & Karmina Dai – Saturday Love
Mic Most – Faceless [Get Live! Musik]
Miiilö – Lose Myself (Jon Thomas Remix) [feat. Annabelle] [Black Lemon Records]
Milk Bar – Don’t Stop Now [Total Freedom +]
Mishel Dutch – Slowjam Jazz [Connected Records Holland]
Moon Arch – I Feel [Serial Records]
Morelly & Bahsho – The Secret [Exx Muzik]
Nikeys – Trust Me [Too Many Rules]
Pajackok – Go to Be Unreal (Speed Mix)
Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada – Passion [Juiced Music]
Pete Whiteley & Wolfrage – Heart of Steel
PhilGR8 – Time To Go [Supertunes]
Priceless – Hold It Down [BUILD TUNES]
Rick – Enilec [Bolero Recordings]
Ridwello – C’mon [Empire Studio Records]
Right Mood – Moba [Barbecue Records]
Rion’s Club – Funky Years [Hartica]
Rito, Riky Mura & Tony D. – So Funk [Eightball Digital]
Robbie Rivera – In the Air [IN , ROTATION (Insomniac Records)]
Romain Pelletti & Chico & The Gypsies – Te Quiero
Roska – Everything (feat. Syren Rivers) [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Roy Cocs – Higher (feat. Jia Miles) [Clipper’s Sounds]
Rubber People – Saxman [Hot Sunday Records]
Sarah Rebecca – Nightliners [Alter K]
Savi Vincenti, Daniele Petronelli & Cesko – Telindia
Scanty Sandwich – Evolution [Easily Distracted]
Scanty Sandwich – Flashback [Easily Distracted]
Slomecki & Stereo Karma – Movement
SounDDizer & Vitti – Slow Tonight [Mustache Crew Records]
StoneBridge – Sometimes (2020 Remixes)
Strobe Connector – Can’t Forget [BMP Music]
Suark & Nafsica – Need Your Love [Enormous Chills]
Takashi Kurosawa – Night Ride [Global Junkiez]
Té de Perro – No Todos Los Arreboles Son Rojos [Unnamed Distribution]
Temgri – Criminal [zverobeat records]
The Colonel & Don Amoz – Rudeboy & Friends [Bump Machine Bass]
TheLavish – Exactly [WEPLAY Music]
Titi – I’m a Rat [TaiJi Red Records]
Todd Terry & Gypsymen – Babarabatiri (Sirius Bass Remix)
Tommye & Jump Chico Slamm – I Need To Go Away (Andrew Emil Change Request Dreamixes)
Uselink – Wormhole , Back Home [New World Audio]
VA – Belong to House, Pt. 4 [Kollektor]
VA – Celebrating 5 Years of Youth Control [Youth Control]
VA – El Hombre Bala Records 2019 [El Hombre Bala]
Vinyl Convention – Law Of The Land, Pt. 1 (feat. Michelle Perera) [Antony Reale 2020 Remixes]
Xakra & Klippee – Squad Car [Sublimate Records]
Yvvan Back & Back & EM PI – Your Voice (Back & Em Pi Remix)
Zoord – My Expression [Uba Lua Records]

Indie Dance

C.A.R. – Sore Loser [Ran$om Note]
Claudio Tempesta – CHANGE (Extended Mix)
Five Months – Satellite [Entrance To Heaven Records]
Joal – This and That [Jackoff Records]
Justdrewit – The End of Escape (feat. Raiha)
kidAmazed – Afraid of Love [Garant Records]
Man2.0 – Hooked On U [Secret Fusion]
Melting Pot – Breathing [SuperBoom]
Mr. Frog & Zee-o – Feel so Right [Cut Rec]
Nyra – Canoe12 [Canoe]
Pvlomo & Ulises Arrieta, Ximena – Kalyko Remixes
Quadrini & Dogg Scar – My Heartbeat [Lovely Tunes]
VA – Disco Edits – Vol.XXVII [Chemical Vibes]

Melodic House & Techno

AKA AKA – Drizzle Swizzle [Fanfare Records]
Alex Progress – Pulse [Sound Progress]
Aminition – Daydreaming [KULTO]
Analog Context – Planisphere [Harabe]
Anejath – Empyrean [Wood Limited]
Boge – Visions [Trippy Code]
Bran – Bulgarisun [Kosa Records]
Castlebrook – Waves [Sen Records]
Cem Arik – Is That You [Suicide Robot]
Charly Briede – Sahara [XTR Records]
Danijel Kostic – Emovere [Enormous Tunes]
Enzo Pires & Ánade, Ánade – Analog
FacoustiK – Prima [7th Cloud]
Felix Kröcher – Faceless Fears (feat. Haptic)
Fred Berthet & Snem K – Totems & tabous
Furkan Cinar – Vigilante [Three Hands Records]
Gonlez – Roots [Maintain Replay Records]
Hayden Haze – Fight This Feeling [Connected Sounds]
Helen&Boys – East Type [Hover Mind]
Hillfire & Guen B – Joint Venture [Blanc Stone Digital]
Hypnotization – Space Toast [ADRO Records]
Kenny Kelly – Don’t Wanna Go Home [Estribo Records]
Laherte – Lambda [Eternity Sounds]
Leonardo Chevy – CHV07 [Vialocal Recordings]
Markus Wesen & Seelenwald – Eine Fanfare auf’s Sisyphos
Matteo Miele – Entropy [BRAIN PAIN RECORDS]
Miguel Ante – Highland [Tezana Records]
Natika – Area [Sound Optix]
PiMO – King Kalypso [PiMO MUSIC]
QuiQui – Unfold [Nulab]
Retrosonic & Sarah-Jane Moloney – The Remixes
Rezident – Perspective [SPINNIN’ DEEP]
Rich vom Dorf – Belive [Tächno]
S-Quire – Rebel Wisdom [Get Physical Music]
Steve Bug – Loverboy – 20 Years of Poker Flat Remixes
Thomaz (Mex) & LamatUuc – Talavera Records 12
VA – Wout Stars part II [Wout Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

8 Hertz & Schelmanoff – The Principle 2 [T.H.T. Music Records]
A04F, Acanalar – EWax Editions [EWax]
Adrià Duch – Avoid Them [Wajiro]
Alex Sounds – Arkab [Sequencer]
Atwa – If U Don’t Mind [DataTech]
Bad Voltage – Skycastle [Take My Space]
BenShock – Taiwan [Inregistrari Interplanetare]
Bill Frasier – Atol [Borderline Audio]
Cardos, Indigo Man – Bonum Vibe Unum [Bonum Vibe]
Citlali Rojas & Rafa Campo, Guido Cea – Harvibal Team 3 [Harvibal]
CL-ljud – Follow Me [Cervidae Recordings]
CL-ljud – Not Club in My City [Handcrafted Label]
Collate & Balaur – Sangorma [Reverbs Records]
Dekatron – Triangular Orbit [Dekatron Music]
Deuce Parks – Degenerate Souls [Plazma Records]
Didier dlb – Equatorial Drift [Traumraum]
DJ Cruse – Hacienda [Noisy Neighbours]
Dj Daro – Mind Dancing [Deep Music Frequencies]
Domi Pl – I’m Back [Platform 7even]
E.T.H (Italy), Nvndo & Nadir Alami – XYZ Underground [XYZ Underground]
Ed Lee – Plastik [Jouissance Recordings]
EdiP – Whip and Grip [Habla Music]
Enzino & Paolo Generale – Your First Time [Substrate Music]
Floston, Minor – Resurrection [Sub 49 Records]
Fonso De Frutos – Take Me Up [Merkaba Sound]
GIANNI B GOODE – Dimension G [ACETON Music]
Giuliano Stelea – Take My Breath [Take My Space]
Groovedawg – Moonwalker [Vandalism Black Series]
Ildec – Stage4 [Blind Vision Records]
Jake Cusack – Batch [Funkdog Recordings]
Jason Lemm – Behind You [Escape Underground]
Juax – Oh My God [ZFF]
Kaltec – Sunrise [Celestial Recordings]
Keco – Pleasure [Kootz Music]
Leandro Garçia – Remind [Digital Den Records]
Luis Caballero – Movimentos [Oceanic Recordings]
Markez – Clockwork [Irregular Musik]
Martin Deen – Chartres [Haliaeetus Music]
Martin Mosquera – Plaza Irlanda [Real Rhythm]
Max OWL – Breaks Mode [Sync Fx]
Meridian – Through the Night [MojoHeadz Records]
Midmood – Milamin [Mimetit]
Miguel Serrano – Last September [8Xclusive]
Milos Pesovic – After Time [HardCutz Records]
Monoohm, Schime – 017 – [SLOH]
Mr Brico – Because I Am [Rhythm Robot Records]
MS Pika – From New School [T4 Label]
Nick Scofield – N-Trospection [ESSENTIALISM]
Nik Ros & Rods Novaes – Clap Clap Clap [Deep Tech Records]
No Emotion – Anticipate [LowerHand Records]
Noah, Ted on Camp – Winter Love [NightFrequency Records]
Paniz69 – Horror Tales [Tonic D Records]
Pete Kastanis – In & Out Out [Marba Records]
Ramon Bedoya – Mi Casa [High Quality]
Random Flow & Lampe – Explicit Content (Remixes)
Random Flow & Lampe, Random Flow – Explicit Content (Remixes) [Alula Tunes]
Ron Costa – Thump [Potobolo Records]
S’Imon – Slowmontion [In Dushe]
Sanjoy, Kat Nestel, Sid Sriram & se3k, Sanjoy, ShiShi – Stars (Remixes)
Sex Samples – Desconstruction of Sounds [TRAUM TECHNO GERMANY]
Steve Cole – Punta Negra [Ballroom Purple]
Thomas A.S. & Danilo Schneider – Complete Thoughts [Biotop]
Tonedeep – Tick Tock [K.Productions Records]
Topology – Halah [VRNT]
Topsy – Arashi [Ape Raw Records]
Unn Khai – Do Not Say [Apache Records]
V.K (LV) – Peru [Taika Records]
VA – EWax Editions [EWax]
Vaden (NSK) – Bug Stories [.KF Records]
Vaden (NSK) – Tech Worm [.KF Records]
Viccenzo – 40 Miles [Gimmick Records]
Volumn Shapes – Eros [Duo Box Understream]
William Marín – Sad and Happy [TRAUM TECHNO GERMANY]
Yune – Ingvar [Music4Clubbers]
Zanoff – Chasing a Dream [Outsiders Records]
Zauberakustik – Nature Boys [Amber Blue Recordings]

Progressive House

7.40 – Cassiopeia , Teriberka [Capital Heaven]
adelphos – Multifoil [Massive Harmony Records]
Alanisnotcool, Andrew Lang & Lumidelic – Coastal Selections 011 [Emergent Shores]
Alejandro R – Spiritual Interference [Mystic Carousel Records]
AlexK – Solid State [Neonius Records]
AltReal, Andrew GG – Winter Sun 02 [Soluna Music]
Baykara – Secret Tribe [Mystic Carousel Records]
Bertuol – Hypnosis [wechselstrommusic]
Cerebro (AR) – Tormenta [Groove Room Records]
Christof – Resurrection Life (Remixes) [Deepest Mind Records]
Creative Machine – Looking For a Cat [Underground Savant]
D’Wachman – Fact & Truth [IN2U Records]
Dark HunterZ – This Is Me [Atmospherica]
Delta 78 – Hologram [ABX]
Dion Anthonijsz – Ganymede [AAAMSOUND]
Dion Anthonijsz – U.F.O [AAAMSOUND]
DJ Fenix – Nothing Else Matters (feat. Katia Rudelman) [Say Wow Music]
DrunDel – Lotus [Exx Muzik]
Dyatlov & Akimov – Az-5 [Good Story]
ELSP & Steff K – Quantum [Intricate Records]
Emanuele Cappello – Inside the Deep [Poolside Deep]
Emro – Dream of You [Emergent Shores]
EQurnaz – Dombra [Ottoman Records]
Escobar (TR) – Bermuda Triangle [Talent Records]
Evokings – Losing My Religion (Remix) [Brazilian Vibe]
Falcito – Waldlauf [Falken Recordings]
Findike – Boiler Room 2.0 [D&R Digital]
Gianluca Nasci & Mauri Fly – Shout [Stereophonic]
Greg Siokos – Serenity [Karia Records]
In’R’Voice – Euphoria [Russians Did This Records]
J Lauda – The Light (Noel Sanger Remix) [MK837]
JAM DELUXE – Inner Nature [Elastic Dimension Records]
Jason Fiero & Black Wands – Slow Down [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Kay-D – Magnetic [PHW Elements]
Klangtraeumer – Avalon [Aethereal]
Marco Bedini – Antigona [MIR MUSIC]
Marea Neagra – Witness [Balkan Connection South America]
Mark Digital – Shiloh [Progressive Dreams]
Marlo Morales – POLI LOVE [Wave Science Records]
Maryn – Chasing the Light (feat. Jordan Shaw) [Revealed Recordings]
Matt Holliday – Baritone [Coherent Mathematical Systems]
MiKey – This Is My Love [Yeiskomp Abyss]
MSTE – Do That! [LuPS Records]
Nava & Smyk – Dark Moon [Mystic Carousel Records]
Nicolas Neyret – For Peace [Ambber Records]
OneRec – My World , Sol [Wander Nation Records]
Phase Inverters – Dna [WOOF]
Ricardo Trueba – Peace of Heaven [Estribo Records]
Rudra – Swarth , Dhairya , Charitra [aboriginal]
Sebas Ramos – Sempa [Lincor Apex]
Stereohank – Zeus [CLAB Records]
Stergios – Side by Side [Regeneration Music]
The One – Formula Uno (Niki’s Theme) [Sirup Records]
VA – 8 Years of Smart Phenomena Records_Part I
VA – Best of NEO 2019 [NEO]
VA – Coastal Selections 011 [Emergent Shores]
VA – Winter Sun 02 [Soluna Music]
VA O.N.E. – Hijack [Bonzai Progressive]
Wayward Brothers – About You [Figura Music]
Zisis D – Hara [Astrowave]

Tech House

21 Souls – Hold Control [Euanthe Records]
Aday Hernández – Suplementary [Sells Muzik]
Aitor Galan, Victor Perez & Vicente Ferrer – Superfly Evolution [Electroscene]
AKURI – Hit Me Like [LowFreQ Records]
Ale Castro, Antonio Piacquadio – Palm Trees and Beats 3 [Colore]
Alessandro Osini – Child of the Nature
Alex Afonso – False [Play Cue Recordings]
Alex Loco & JT (Italy) – Brasiu [Shaman Records]
Alex Rojas, Diego Olarte – Begins [Not So Serious]
Allwardz – Energy [Acapulco Gold]
Alro – Sin Parar [Althea Records]
Andres Power & OutCode – Tabu [Black Turtle Records]
Andres Suarez, Eric Olliver – Opening 1 [Magic Beatz]
Aren Suarez, Bvtters – All the Best from Porky Records (Selected by Aren Suarez) [Liquid Music]
ArtLif3 – Brave Power [Votiva Records]
Blour – Follow Me [Amount Records]
Boo Yakka – Chunk up the beat, Chunk up the pressure [DOT Dance]
Break the Speaker – Magic K , Curious [less is nice]
Briann Eivissa – FeedBack [THESTROY]
BVRRN – It’s Getting Hot [DeepNHeat]
Cesar G – Deep End [Dynamic Musik]
Chris Royal – In My Brain (Remixes) [Lowded Recordings]
Chrislvck – Ayy Ay ay [Complex Destroyerz]
Curson – Don’t Touch This , Diacope [City on Fire]
Damn Square – This Is [Cream Dance Records]
Dan Barrow – Bad For You [5uinto Records]
Danielle Fabiola – Rush Hour [Marba Records]
Danny Kolk & Snoouth – Slok [World of Kolk Records]
Del’Sarto – Drop That [Deep Bear]
DJ Alexis Freites – Danza Tech [Big Latin]
DJ Pantelis – Dis! [Synthetical Records]
DJ Sobrino – Shock [Liquid Beat Records]
Domenico Mastandrea – Damage [Relative Music]
dp mpct – One Dream [BassThard Records]
Ego – Bass Inside [EP Records]
Enrico Ponti – Watchufeel [nuOn Music]
Esquadra – Joke [Calumnia Records]
Federico Mancini – Sex on the Beat [Digital Under Records]
Funk Cartel – Choppa [THUNDR]
G.E.N.O.M. & Shagiy, G.E.N.O.M. – Collection, Pt. 1 [Kaprimula Media]
Gavrilovich – Power Tech [Worms Records]
Gustavo De Souza – Nature [Datagroove Music]
Hank Jay – Dance With Me [Abstract Channel]
Harry Ken & Ikomowsa – Blackbird [Style Rockets]
HIGHTECH (ARG) – Lost Mind [Sticker Music]
Hookie Mousse – Tomando Mate [Sequencer]
Hotwire – Special Agent [MojoHeadz Records]
HUNTER – T-Bomb [Deep Bear]
Hunzed – Orion [Unbelievable Records]
J. Worra – All Good [Farris Wheel Recordings]
Jhonatan Moraes & Cris Bueno, Jhonatan Moraes & Gustavo Reinert – U Talk [Key Frame]
Joe Impero – My Name Is Bitch [Floored]
John Clarcq – Asteria [Eve Records]
Jose Zaragoza – We Keep Coming [Deep Hype Sounds]
Kachö Tropicaleo – Kachö on the Beat [8Funk Records]
Koltech – La Rebelion [Burundanga Label]
Liquaxis – Just Made [Lavenir Music]
Lrya – Neva Thought [Spira Music]
Luca Vaccari – Clean Work [Lit Music]
Majd Barakat – Promises [CamelMusic Records]
Marco C – Against the System [Chapeau Music]
Martin Newman – Enjoy Today [Futurefunk Recordings]
Martin Wild – Yeah [Take My Space]
Ollie Sanders – Special Request [Twisted Funk Records]
Owen Ni & rhythmrobot, Owen Ni – Taking Form [Bang Le Dex]
Pascal Klingenberg & Renaud Genton – All Night [Futura Groove Records]
Pointerhed – Dwell [ToneDef Beats]
Q.Green – Ghost Hunt [Tookroom]
Raul Garcia – Binary [Dancing In]
Rettake – Kick In [Brazuka Music]
Rettake – Take [Shield Records]
Ruben Zurita – Octopussy [The Roost Music]
shiino – By Your Side [Sticker Music]
Snow Tf – Damn Phone [MY! Records]
Softpaw – When im Low [Against Everything]
Sterk – Glamouria [See The Sea Records]
Technetium – Automation [MTZ Records]
Tomas Balaz – Next Electrosession [Seta Label]
Ucurtu – M1 – [San Bolsa Music]
VA – 10 Years of Music [Levitium Records]
VA – Abound of Groove, Pt. 7 [Abound]
VA – For All Mankind [Revkon Records]
VA – Iride Disco Club [Classroom Records]
VA – Opening 1 [Magic Beatz]
VA – Palm Trees and Beats 3
VA – Playa del Carmen 2020
Valentino Orsini – Micro Five [Kleos Recordings]
Vittorio Tilocca – AsMuchAsWeCan [Lemon Juice Records]
Waldee – Follow the Tribe [Alveda Music]
Ward Junior x Totó – Dance Again [Sickest Sound]
Younus Sakoor – Bush People [Korner Gruve Records]
Zack Brown – Break it down [Kukushka Records]

Techno & Minimal

3abdelkader – Creation [Runemark Records]
7even Icon – Wicked [Grooves Music Label]
95Bones – Lafayette, Pt. 2 [Sample Delivery]
A Mood Project – Sin [Elastica]
Aempty – Glitched Visionary Programme [Illegal Alien Records]
Afflicted – Follow the White Rabbit [Bang Le Dex]
Air of Wave – Massive Attack , Common , Stop Me
aka Bob Molly – Dirty Frank Man [Root System Records]
Aleksander Lopez – This Is Rave [Oxytech Records]
ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO – No Future [Frame Workxx Records]
Alex Jockey – Black Sun [Sound Dissonance]
Andreas Seeber – Leidenschaft [Andimateur Musik]
Anonymize – Revolta [GLB Records]
ÅNTÆGØNIST – Will Never Shine [The Remixes]
Antfactor & Dylan Drazen – Juxta [The Seed]
Anton DRB – Other Frequency [Muneko]
Apokryph – Choreomanie [Eremit]
Aron SC – Midnight [Urban Chaos Records]
ARTHUREE – Hot Dark [Vincent Noxx Records]
ArtLif3 – Lost Memory [Oxytech Limited]
Audiofreq – Ascension [Audiophetamine]
Audiolog – 2072 [Audiolog Music]
Babe Grand – King of the Weekend [1302 Records]
Baris Bayrak – Utopia [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Beatsforbeaches – Jaggy [Indigo Movement]
Belocca – Chemical Substance [Mainground Music]
Big Feta & Grant Lee, Big Feta – Automata [Aerotek Recordings]
Bode Frequency – The Travel [Ecsplore Records]
Breech – Move With Me [Trippy Cat]
C-System & NOLE, Horacio Cruz – X031 – [X erie]
Caamal AM – La Vida [76 Recordings]
Cato Canari – Dunkel Dancer [Delusive Disco]
Censure – Windows Shutdown [POTS]
Chicago Loop – Boom Boom , Dawn of the Dub
Chris Hunter – I Am the Last [7th Cloud]
Christian van Gothen – Cocain [LOCOzoo]
Christopher Kah – Lunar [Highwav Records]
Computer Numerical Control, dotwav – Sammelwerk II
concentrate – Ruthless [Translucent]
Da Bug – Ultrax [Da Bug Records]
Dark Quadrant – Ecliptic Traces [DarkForest]
DARKLESS – Unholy [No Tomorrow Recordings]
Davide Cali & T69 – Wuhan [Reiz Musik]
Deafman – Outbreak [After Dark Records]
Deborah de Luca & Shadym – Transition [sola_mente]
Deejay Jones – Become the Rhythm [Stereofly Records]
Deepchild & Acharné – Ghostling [DCR]
Deeperwalk – An Angel’s Line, Pt. 2 [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Dekatron – My Friends are Dinosaurs [Dekatron Music]
Dennis Ortner, E.M.S.K. – Timeless.Berlin [Druckmaschine]
DER LOWS – Hardcore (Remixes) [Studio17 Records]
Diarmaid O Meara – Monsters [ReWasted]
Diego Olarte – Nothing [Unsorted]
Diego Ro-K – Bozoo [Apical Records]
Dirty Dan – Rise with the Sun [Fresh Farm Music]
Distørt X – Deep Signal [Music From Exo-Planet]
DJ Imperio – Next Civilization [Young Technic]
DJ Lion – Narayana [Patent Skillz]
Dj Rosell & DJ Nando, DJ Robert – Oldschool Classics
Dj Stiels – Strong Mind [Cocunà Records]
DJ ZAfrica – Black [Back In Black]
Dorbachov – Discontempt [UKR Special Series]
Dust-e-1 – The Cool Dust [Dust World]
Dystinkt – Tripletz [In flux Audio]
Edit Select – The Ripple Effect [Planet Rhythm]
EiZer G – My Name Is Tekno [Space Beat]
Elyot – Triad [Reiver Records]
Enrico Curti – Dark Ages [I Tech Connect Records]
Envi – Syncopate [DSR Digital]
Eris Drew – Fluids of Emotion [Interdimensional Transmissions]
Ethan Smith – Sharpness [Protokol Records]
Evgenii K. – High Voltage [7th Cloud]
Evgenii K. – Psychosis [7th Cloud]
Evgenii K. – The Technician [Mono Repeat]
Faist – Moet & Sea [Strongs Records]
Fear-E – Made In the G60 [Super Rhythm Trax]
Ferdinger – Euphoria [Life In Patterns]
Förm – Evol Anin [Death Bell Records]
Frank@ – Brain Shivers (The Remixes) [DajeForte Records]
frdmoon – Time Machine [frdmoon Recordings]
Frost – Chimera [Masters Of Underground]
Georg Fischer – Rot [AESIR Records]
Glume & Phossa – ENV023 [Encrypted Audio]
Golosa Predkov – They [Kaprimula Media]
Grilloz – Nucleo [Grilloz Recordz]
Guen.b – Niflheim [Blanc Stone Digital]
Guiliano – Binary [Ushuaia Music]
Guilt Attendant – Suburban Scum [Hospital Productions]
H! Dude – Sexual Destruction [Ithica Records]
Haddonfield – Another Game [Clone 2.1 Records]
HANNIBAL K – Caution [Rising High]
HDT67 – Techno Overdose [Shut Up & Listen]
HEIXER – Raven [OAXUS Records]
Hodge – Ghost of Akina (Rainbow Edition) [Houndstooth]
Human Resources, Joe Craven – Pd002 – [Pressure Dome]
Hush & Sleep – Angeli E Demoni [REDIMENSION]
Imanzi & Kontent, Imanzi – Fidget Dub [Simply Deep]
Indeepend – Cold Scapes [Indeepend]
Inyoka, Korin Complex & Inyoka – Stealth [Sub Audio Records]
Ivan Lett – Force [Drehmoment]
J72 – Mars [Blanc Stone Digital]
Jason Rivas & Klum Baumgartner – The Fight
JKLL – Gold [Psychik Genocide (Audiogenic)]
JKM – Shhh [Ghettomaniatek]
Julio Posadas – Fase Rem [73 Muzik]
Kamuy – Oasa [Kamuy]
Keah – False Prophet [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
Keah – The Art of Living [Spazio Sonoro Records]
kLines – Tension [Sonusfield]
Kolzoff – Acid Tunez [7th Cloud]
KOROstyle – Selector [Slit Jockey Records]
kuman – Mantra Om [Load Recordings]
kuprion – Blurred [Sowasvon]
Kyntral – Luna De Sangre [Norite Records]
Leon Blaq – Brex It [Boiler Underground Records]
Liquid Light – Spacetime Complexity [Blue Bass Records]
Lisa May (AUS) – Australia Va 02 [Mavic Music]
Lit Panda – Tales of Forgotten Spirits [No Sense Records]
Livigesh, Unrealnumbers – Koko,Klkl [No Slack Records]
LOZ – Krypta [No-Match]
Luca Guerrieri – Sfera [Double Vision Studio Records]
Luca Napoli – Reality [Oxytech Records]
Lukas Brzostek – The Same Man [Reklama Music]
M. Rodriguez – I Want to Know [Marktek Records]
Mafia B & Siara Killer, Mafia B – B-63 [SLC-6 Music]
Maharti – Dark Leather [Minihard]
Manuel-M – Asteroids [Tronic]
Marco Berdon – The Traveller [M-Records]
Marco Caetano – Cantilenis [DIAPHRAGM]
Marian – Maze (feat. Terry Sartor) [Valiant Horizon]
Mark Dekoda – The Curse [Scythe Recordings]
Marko Markovic – Truth Is the Lie [Spirit Of Progress]
Martijn Swinkles – Visions [Omni Vision]
Martin Villalba – The Man With Beast Face [Ocho Records]
MASINO – Follow Me [Thirty5 Records]
Matthias Springer & Allan Blomquist – Blue [zerO413]
membran 66 – Ultra-Step [Ome-Records]
Ministry of Dirty Clubbing Beats – Tech Tactics
Minupren & Erna Feierlappen – Friends [Minupren Records Digital]
Mladys Garin – ARD001 [Árido Records]
Modinski – Unpatiently [Plan B]
MOGUAI & Kai Tracid – Dt64 [Heldeep Records]
Mondowski – Sholay [Snap Crackle & Pop]
Mourad Hany – You [Black Snake Recordings]
Mr Rog – Robot Sentry [New Robot Rec]
Norberto Lusso – Underworld [Mainmise Records]
Olexii – Krijo [Valvula Records]
Omega Drive – Rocking Machine [New Robot Rec]
Ownsi Lense – Out-C [Mono Repeat]
Pat K.P. – Now or Never [Leeloop Records]
Peter Christian – Infected [Reload Records]
Peter Schwarz – No Words [Audio Astronauten]
Pierfrancesco Grossi – Insomnia [Beenoise Records]
Project Paradis, Mr. Carmack & Promnite – Stockholm Syndrome
Pulitano – Queen of Persia [TendenziA Dark]
QVEX – Raku [DeeMax Records]
r.kitt – Ripples From the Edge [Night Tide]
RANDAL CPC – Do You Get This (feat. Trackwasher)
Raul Ron – I Am Firebird [Hungry Koala Records]
Rec-Two – No More Chasing [Omni Vision]
Red Deep – Kultur Elektronik [SuperBoom]
Reza Golroo & Landi Christine – Rough [Teknotribe Records]
Rheno – Doberman [Black Turtle Records]
Rhys O’Shea – Sakro [White City Records]
Risto – Blade Runner [Ristomusic]
RLFD – Sidetracked [Stencil Recordings]
Roberto Corvino – Urania [Underground (Media Records)]
Roberto Perez & Marciani – Digital [MARPER Records]
Rogério Santos – Water on Centauri [Influx Reborn Records]
Ross Harper – Blood Two [Radio-Quiet Records]
Royal Babylon – Das Model [ONE2ONE2]
Ruimte Vogel – After Life [Space-Echoes Records]
Rumble – Unorthodox [Dub Sector]
Rutzen – Trip [Reload Black Label]
Same Vibe – Never Go [Gysnoize Recordings]
Sandro Galli – Reload [Space Shuttle Recordings]
Scott Doe – Neon Lights [Enemy Digital]
Shadow Child, Mark Archer & MASC – Return of the MASC
Shkedul – Contorto [Eternal Friction Records]
Silvina Romero – Await [LeMondo Music]
Skaki’s – Acidic [Right Music Records]
Sopik – Wtf [Finder Records]
Soul Alt Delete – Rain [City Wall Records]
Starving Insect – Stillborn Euphoria [Zuur]
Steven Blair – The Missing Apples [Vusumzi Records]
Sven Sinclair – Master of None [aspect ratio]
Tanto Murray – Dialogue [VODA Records]
The Maniacs – Dark Violett [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
The Maniacs – Synthetic Dreams [LETS TECHNO records]
Tim J – And the beat goez [Alien Emotions]
TKNO – Blogs, Vlogs [InDeep’n’Dance Records]
Tony Romanello – Advent [Luft]
TOOWILL – Explod [iElektronix]
Tribeleader – Sound Construct [Tribeleader Music]
Trunkline – Closer [Gynoid Audio]
Urko Osante – Shake the Bomb!! [Mas Musica Menos Problemas records]
VA – Fascic Techno Music 6 [Cieli Di Orione]
VA – Kaprimula Collection, Pt. 1 [Kaprimula Media]
VA – Kpains2 [Kneaded Pains]
VA – The Journey Has Just Begun 10 [Flower Power]
Vasistha – Murk [Potmeter Records]
VCF Freq – Dream [Wet Trax]
Vendex & Abel Blanes, Vendex – Necromancy
Victor Zala – Tiraspol [Koslif]
vlrbnc – Strawberry [Penaut Butter]
Voyne – Voiceless [Black Snake Recordings]
Weirather – Burg [Eichtal Recordings]
Without Letters – Abundance Supreme Remixes
XCTE – Paradox [GENERA41]
Xenso – At Night [Sonambulos Music]