Afro House
Afro Pupo – Venus (The Remixes) [feat. Selda]
Da Africa Deep & Lyrik Shoxen – Apolo [Candid Beings Recordings]
Dany Cohiba – Rhythms from Caracas
DrumN – Traditions [Vier Deep Digital]
Hernan Salazar – Mis Ancestros [Pehuen Records Unlimited]
Mr Bhe – Mind & Waves [Magerms Records]
Pietro Nicosia – Bougarabou (Peace Message Mix)
Under Sanctions – Mountain Voice [Extra Sound Recordings]
YOHEVA – Pribumi [YHV Records]
Aazav – Compass (Kaminanda Remix)
Alex Grafton – Your Love [Try That Records]
Cassian – Magical (feat. ZOLLY) [Remixes]
Chapel Nights – Snow Covered Leaves
Charlie XO – Moonlight [Romeo Entertainment]
Distorted Pulse – Space Dance [Kryzar Music]
DJ Prodígio – Work That Body (feat. Robert Sutherland)
Dwell Amusement – The Rivals (feat. Kutullo Nawa)
Fr34ksh0w_w1ll0w – Multiplying Dogs
iMayth – Dance [Michael Enyo Carey]
Maltin Fixx – Look Around [Deep Strips]
MC Maño – Rumba (feat. Cheikna) [Pilum Musicz]
Miffki – Sunrise [Diana Recs]
Nick Le Funk – Renegade (Radio Edit) [Stardome Recordings]
Renesto – La migliore hit sulla luna [Alka Record Label]
Sahzoda – Hayati [MANGO RECORDS]
Soffy Martinez – Pineapple [Future Sonar]
Talyk – Program [No Norma]
Vog’irdi Vog’lomo & Free Souls – Yomg’ir Yog’gan Payt
Yuri Runs – Warm Welcome To the World
Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House
Aathee – Besos (feat. TomCat Trumpet) [Aathee]
Adrian Zenith – Less Is More [Hotmind Records]
Alek Soltirov – Boujee, Pt. 2 [BALLLOOM]
BuzLight – Deep 7 [ChillRecordsMusic]
Christian Belt – 075 [Deep Mouth Productions]
Dušan G – Brooklyn Rain [Duo Box Understream]
Ed Nine – Flash Forward [Dustpan Recordings]
Ex – Blanket [Ohman Records]
Falcos Deejay – Above Your Mind [Alveda Music]
Filipe Rodrigues – Apocalipse [AIA D]
Javier Busto – Acid Drop [Logical Records]
Jimmen – Rainy Forest [Influx Reborn Records]
Jordan Strong – The Tribe, The Hive [Uniting Souls Music]
KastomariN – Talk to Me [DeepShine Records]
Konstantin Belenkov – Dance of the Sun [Neorealism Music]
LARONN F – Brazen [Raw File]
LeDeep – Soul Delights [Dimka Records]
Lucas, Prymary Colours – Hhl 003 – [HOTHOUSE LABEL]
M_Cube – The Rapture [VBMusic Records]
Matteo Viti – Its All Over [Plastik People Digital]
Max Forword – Two Eras [ChillRecordsMusic]
Mesa & Arista – Magic [KosmoramaDisco]
Mogwaa – Till Dawn [Star Creature Universal Vibrations]
Nixs Dian – Magick [Mezcalina Records]
Roby Zico – Your Love [MYRIAD]
Sooren & Rammor – Night Time [Road Story Records]
VA – Deep Frequency [Compressor Recordings]
VA – We Are One [TID Recordings]
VetLOVE – In the Air Tonight Remixes, Pt. 1 [Nicksher Music]
Vorssenn – Adam [Deep Well Music]
Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass
Activated – Mind Games [Mana Badman Records]
Auba – Lyla [Only Records Col]
Bioglard – Launch Countdow
Ellis Dee – Wicked Babylon , Murda
FX909 – Structure [Liquid Drops]
H3OLSTOR & A-Frame – Shuriken
Imagine Souls – Myself [Universal Music Africa]
Josephs Perception – Together [High Potential Records]
Junior Silverio – Dreams [1Tribal Records]
Kaaze – Deadly Escape [Revealed Recordings]
Malaky – Sceptical , Stolen Love [SGN LTD]
Mefjus & Phace – Bubble [Vision Recordings]
Moving East – Carry On [Ruff And Tuff Recordings]
Nacho Chapado, Ivan Gomez – Hypnotic Salsa [Guareber Recordings]
Nurries & Subduktion, Nurries – Speck [ShadowTrix Music]
Prince Yanun & Bob Floss – Music For Hood Kids Into Space
RMCM, GMAXX & Wanden – Where I Wanna Be
Sonicblast – Machine Gun Attack [Hotcue Records]
VA – Hungry Koala 2019 Annual Best Of [Hungry Koala Records]
VA – Imperfections [zverobeat records]
VA – Limitless [DistroKid]
VA – Monstercat – Best Of 2019 [Monstercat]
Zilli – Link [Stats Records]
Electronica & Downtempo
Absentune – Paper Tale [Krooks Records]
Andre P, Droomie – Omar [MONADA]
Benny Char – Abraxas [Hyosong Char]
BETTOGH & Ogster – Voidrunner [recordJet]
Chainblocker – God Spell [ANALOGmusiq]
Cold Front – Ally [Emergent Textures]
Daniel Holt, Inhalt – Mechatronica White 1
Dave Matthias – So Much [Dave Matthias Music]
Dj Arnau.O.C – Jugando en la Calle [Survivor Records]
Dj Mixon & Dj Sveta – 24 Hours (feat. Rada M) [Mixadance]
Dombrance – Obama [Partyfine]
Dubonautik – Irregularity [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Eamon Allen – Stretcher [Kundry Music]
Electer – Feeling the Pressure Remixes, Pt. 1
Electronic Fluke – Unnamed World [Wonderfly Records]
Friday Night Firefight – Time Zones [Aztec Records]
Gregory Paul Mineeff – Fascination [Cosmicleaf Records]
Haris Kate & Gkraikos Tete – Khor Al Adaid
Important – For Us [Dihanie Records]
John of Patmos – Match for Aesthetic [Patmos Records]
KARU Project – Sincero [Intimate Venues Recordings]
La fine équipe – Cycles (feat. Orifice Vulgatron)
Lolingo – Let’s Go [No Hats No Hoods Records]
Ly Cheng & Luis Leon, Ly Cheng – Trnsnt [Blankhaus Music]
Mettabbana – Encore [Cosmic Awakenings]
meus – Imposter Syndrome [Under The Overpass]
Mvnners – Her in Mind [SXN]
nAbi & Magi Hikri – Sim Arak (Tyler Pope and Mario Andreoni Remix)
NOBLE SPIRITS – Selenga [Baikal Nomads]
Oceanvs Orientalis – Ex Nihilo [Kanto Records]
ODODDNT – Mixed Ceilings [Digital Paradox Records]
Ouk – Reino [Onde de Caractère]
Paul Haslinger – The Faltering Sky [Artificial Instinct]
Perera Elsewhere – Wait N See (Guitar Version)
plus X – Blank Canvas [FormResonance]
RBA – EP 63 [RBA Production]
Sangam – Delight [Dream Catalogue]
Shinatama – Connect to Me [Dream Catalogue]
Solodchi Mix – Bass Pumping [Neostatics Sounds]
SpaceAgePoetry & Grün Glas, Olaf Stuut – Ophiuchus
Sushibe – Galactic Metropolis [Funky Way]
Sweetman – Beautiful Queens of Andes [Giant Pulse]
T-Puse – The Feeling of Home [Pipe & Pochet]
Tuense – Escape [Road Story Records]
VA – Deep & Chilled Desires 3 [NYLO]
VA – Xmas Hot Wishes 2019 [Nidra Music]
Willian Celuppi – New Way [CamelMusic Records]
yutaka hirasaka – Point to Point [Memoir Music]
A-NUBI-S – Melancholy [Elantris Records]
Adrian Zenith – It’s A Trap [Hotmind Records]
Aesthetics & Syntheticsax – Tropical Night
Alex Hart – Like an Animal [Luxury Night]
Alex Inc – Need U More [Vamos Music Talents]
Alexei Maslov – Learn to Fly Again [Nustromo Music]
Andes – Soul 2 Soul [Diggistage]
ANIMAL FEELINGS – Now or Never [BonFire Records]
Biiro – Rising Son [For The People]
Bondye – Give It to Me [Coloursounds]
Dagoro, Dagoro, Sera De Villalta – Every Day
Danilo Garcia – I Remember You (Rawtk Remix)
Dave Matthias – I Don’t Know [Dave Matthias Music]
DJ Ekl, THEL – Lovers [152 Records]
DJ Prozac, Gigabyte – Freedom (The Remixes)
Don Andres – Say Yes! [Breadmaker]
eM – Nothing Ventured [Hypnotik Sound]
Emuh – Kinda Stopped Doing Drugs [Admit One Records]
Fede Busta – Zepam [P1]
Jhon Denas – Dimelo Tu Amor [Elantris Records]
Jose Torres – Salida [Sativa Music]
Kathy Brown – Last Time (Micky More & Andy Tee Remixes)
Koios K. – All Night [Creative-House]
Litos Diaz – Mouse Trap [100 Mambos]
Louise DaCosta – Alone [DaCosta Records]
LTO – Snug Jazz Fit [Run To My Beat]
MAKITO – Like I Feel [Mood Funk Records]
Melting Order – Groove Devotion [Wildfire]
Menini & Viani – Deep Inside (feat. Eric Redd)
Miss Dre – Coming For Ya [Nite Records]
Moett C, Asvajit – Corrupted Soul Inc. Miguelito & Asvajit Remixes
Monno – Coffe [Traxford Records]
Paper Head, Jerry Ropero – Paradise [Full Dance Records]
Pianoman – OMT [Salford City Records]
Pray For More & Eric B Turner – The Sermon, Pt. 1
Pure Klass DJs – Simplicity [Gordon Bennett Music]
Ryno – Just Breathe [Seveneves Records]
Sciaca & Chris Lepps – Glitch [French Elegance Records]
Spiltmilk – Gotta Have the Funk (feat. Jozy)
The Doberman Club – Anytime [Supertunes]
THEOS – Second Chapter [THUNDR]
Tom Chubb & Jennifer Anne Todd – Take Your Time
Tuxedo Junction – The Next Big Swing
Unit Blue – Familia mundial [Planet Inspiration]
Wizzi – Illusion [One Stamp Records]
Melodic House & Techno
Alias K, alvaro lopez – Winter Tactics [Ishua]
Ambrela – Thousand Windows [ADRO Records]
Aryozo – Searching for Signs [Wonderfly Records]
Digital Mess – Daemonic Chord (Incl. Futur – E Remix)
Digitale Analogik, AirDice – The Same Thing
Emmanuel Serrano – Backdown [Space Bird Records]
Fabian Schumann – Velvet [Mangue Records]
Harland Kasten – Resistance [Richy Records]
Jan Dalvik – Mahat [Clubsonica Records]
L.E.A.N. – As The Waves Settle [Khulu Records]
Lake Avalon – Ceres [Artessa Music]
Lore J – New Life in Past Time, (Pt. 2 Of 3 )
M8ssve – La passionata [Diggistage]
Mainro, Pisetzky – Echomon , Lecanor
Manu P & Gecky – Another Dog [White Line Music]
Maskmada – W-hale Conscience
Patrick Hero – Generation Why [Rezongar Music]
Patrick Vanto & Dani Mancuso – Aphrodite
Rockka – Universal Truth [Mystic Carousel Records]
Salbah – Atalaia [Awen Tales]
Volumn Shapes – Phenonemon [Duo Box Records]
Wilyamdelove, SevenEver – One More Time
Minimal & Deep Tech
Anih, Fhaken – TORTILLERA [Tres 14 Music]
Astre – Cosmic VT [Houbless Music]
Branden Berg – No More Sleep [Conceptual]
CAlinie – Zebra [Vandalism Black Series]
CL Flores – Slidemaster [Zoo Series Recordings]
CleS – Chamane Alpha [Private Business.]
Counrad, David Delgado & Cvtkvc – Lost Thrill
Damien Fisher – Blocked [Minihard]
Daniel Aguayo – Creep [Sunlife Music]
Digital Committee – Mynotna Remixes
Dry Matter – I Dont Know [Oyoda Recordings]
Ecstausa – Halloween [Techno Die Recordings]
Franco Quiroga – Fast Growing
Igor Beard – Other Techno
Isolated System, Tensive Line – Analogue
Jaime Narvaez – Sky Bird [Manicomio Music]
Juanmy.R, Bosek – Shordalia [Ritmikal Records]
Looppleassure – Please U [Dul Recordings]
Louie Cut – Musa [Strict Recordings]
Lucianno Villarreal – Liquid Swords [Weirdtracx]
Macma Kore – Totem [Filter Sounds]
Mat Almeida – BAJO EL LUNA [Tres 14 Music]
Matthias Tanzmann – Let’s Roll
Mizt3r – Cuzcuz [Deepclub]
Narcotex – Minimal Generation [Techno Die Recordings]
Nestor Arriaga, Za__Paradigma – Unreal
Omar Fayyad – After Hours in
Oris Nutone – Faded [Beat Circus Records]
Raul Figueroa – Moraleja [Conceptual Deep]
Ron Ractive – Minipops [Styledriver]
Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero, Terry Whyte – Sunwaves
Unknown Artist – Lambda [Questionmark Records]
VA – VA Subliminal Minimal V.01 [Retrigg Records]
Progressive House
Aztecher – Event Horizon [Duo Box Understream]
Boskii – Cloud System [Music UK]
Cript Rawquit – Main Stage
Darkskye – Nightriff [Deepersense Music]
Dimitris Palikaris – Subtle Soundwaves [LuPS Records]
Edyson – Mandra Gora [Duo Box Understream]
ER-SEEn & MFÖ – Sude [EuphoriaElite Records]
Hakan Dündar – Fire [Elastic Dimension Records]
Martin Banegas – Summerhouse [Estribo Records]
Massano – Falling Function
Niko Garcia – Anestesia [Ambber Records]
PoLYED – Night Flight [Emergent Shores]
Project.74 – E V a [74 Records]
Sam Skilz & Miss MAD – Outta Control
Sebas Ramos & Following Light – Serena
Soundae – A New Future Two [Unlimited Records]
Tremonjai – System Cut [Valencia Records]
VA – Best Of ’19 [Strange Town Recordings]
VA – The 400th Release [3xA Music]
VA – True Progressive [Whirlybird]
Tech House
Alessandro Sommella – Shout [Miniaturesrec]
Andre Salmon & Dave Sanz, Recalde – Noisy Planet
Aren Suarez – Thor [Chola Records Group]
Axtrain – Jungle Demon [The Roost Music]
BURNTECH – Drive a Car [Pequi Records]
Chris Khaos & Joe Cozzo – Girlz In 2s , Bad Idea
Dany Howards – Funky Donkey [Futurefunk Recordings]
Digitalic – Highlines [Emperor Recordings]
DIVA [NL] – Beatbox [HotSenses Records]
DJ Taus – Glamorous [Morrvey Tech Sounds]
Filippo De Marco – Let’s Go Dance [Bif Records]
Fory – Conservatorio [Black Code]
Francesco Bigagli – Drope Dream [Alternatived Music]
Gypsy Players – Late Work [Futurefunk Recordings]
Jay House – Su Lado De La Cama [Dacusan]
JaZzon & NOJ(79), Lucien Bompaire & Coxwayn – 20Xx
Joel Oliva – Drown in the Madness [UnderRoom Label]
Just Lucas – Duck $$ [G-Mafia Records]
Lewis Funktion – Repeat [SOA Music]
Lexx Groove, Cody (Ro) – Weird
Loic Penillo – Drunk Enough [GETSOME Music]
Lorenzo Pestozzi, James My & Criss – Hey You
Mangelt – Keep Your Worries Away [Kick Point Records]
Mark Fiorre – Pink Fox [DOT Dance]
Martin Fisher – Garden [Houseworx Sessions]
Mauri Azari – You’re All I Need [Enjoy It Productions]
Midian Calls & Deepic – The Owl [Chola Records Group]
Miguel Amaral – Man in red face
Mike La Costa – Crunch [Houseworx Sessions]
Mkey – Get Down [P&S Music]
Mori-shige – Unleash [OTOTOOLrec]
MOVEBASS – Moving [Shield Records]
Nykoluke – Drum [Barbecue Records]
Pietro Palazzi – Plux [GAS RECORDS]
PoYZ – Crazy [PJ9]
Ramon Bedoya – La Selva [High Quality]
Raynow – Miel [High Contrast]
Redshirts – Rude Behavior [DTL Records]
Renaud Genton – Momentum [Two Zoo Records]
Rodrigo Veiga – Back [Chola Records Group]
Same Vibe – Darkness [Gysnoize Recordings]
Sergio Casas – Oldskool [Chola Records Group]
Slow Mafia – Euphoria [G-Mafia Records]
Steven George – Pressure Release [Full Fat Records]
Sunn – All I Do [Deep Bear]
Swagger – Faking It [DataTech]
Thrillhouse – Right Now [Distortion]
Trizzoh – Go In [Subsolar Music]
VA – All the Best from Porky Records (Selected by Edihh)
VA – Deal With Them. 009 [MuthaFunkerZ Records]
VA – Organica #57 [Variety Music]
VA – Sampler Vl.2 [Head Cuts Records]
VA – Sardinia Winter 2020 [Monkey Stereo Records]
Xenso – Nomadas [Sonambulos Music]
Zeroxy Groove – Afro Sunset [Two Zoo Records]
Techno & Minimal
11 Unicorns – You [Dead Man’s Dance Records]
A.L.X.808 – Complication [wechselstrommusic]
Air of Wave – Tunnel , Something [Neoteck Music]
Alex Diaviera – Magnus [Silent Space Records]
Arthur Robert – Alternate Realities
Below Surface – Archives [Be Sure]
Ben Candel – Sur La Piste [Pain Bénit]
Carara – Black Cobra [Smashead Records]
Chanse, Lilbe – Lagavulin [LETS TECHNO records]
Cosmic Chaos – Gaia [Erase]
D.A.S – Ontología [Morforecs]
Danny Wabbit – Elevate [White Line Music]
Deana Sophia & Ky William – Copal [QR8ER Records]
Dee Dave – Turn Turtle [Mandibules Records]
E.R.G. – Oni [Clubio]
End Train – You Lost Your Groove [Ways to Die Records]
Enrico Hubert – Lumen [Mercurial Tones]
Erick Khalifa, Richard Blanco – The Journey of Peace
Esilum – Prazene [EXP Records]
Fhase 87 – Chicago Trap [Urban Kickz Recordings]
FIGXXRO – Brutalist Dissonance [Coincidence Records]
Four Tet – Teenage Birdsong (Overmono Remix) [Text Records]
Gazzú – Anxiety [T.33]
Gosha Shermadini – Existenz [Unusual Records]
Halley Seidel – B12 [CLAB Records]
Happyghost, Ghost – Loco U [Double Vision]
Hexer, Moog Conspiracy – Remixes 2 [Elektrotribe Records]
Hikikomori Hanahadashii – Voluntary Imprisonment
Hullmen – Fantasy [Zuno Recordings]
James Ride – The Dawn [Deepstreet Records]
Jssst – Sounds From the Supernova [Catslovebass]
Kamil van Derson, Rhythm Part, Arturø – Elektron
Kautuk Parkar – What’s Wrong! [Ozran Sunset]
Le Brion – Temporal Obsession Remixes
Leonardo Chevy – Elektra [Vialocal Recordings]
Leonid Gnip – Planetoid [Ulysse Records]
Liquid – Toxic Drop [Tripalium Records]
Little by Little – This Guy Weighs a Ton , Drive On
Lorenza – Casquet & Musette [OTO Casa Discografica]
Marco Bedini – Bufalo Essentials [Bufalo Recordings]
Martyn Bootyspoon – No. 1 Crush [Model Future]
Melgazzo – Eternity [Cerebro]
Mellow Harvest – Beta [QRVE]
Mike Spinx – Shipyard 113 , Ascension
Minimal Impossible – Trampoline
Misha Kungurov – Qatar Minds [Oxytech Limited]
MKGRB – T3 [Aardvark Dance]
Mori-shige – It’s a Feeling [OTOTOOLrec]
Mustaspoon – Unworldly [Blumoog Codec]
Nuria Montes – A Lot of Yesca
Oblomov – Polumrac [Moveton]
Octavio Cordioli – Gazing Into the Abyss (2k19 Rework)
Olf C. Heln – Sounds of Space [Mind Blowing Music]
OPL – Conceptual [Circular Limited]
Pain&Panic – 18 [Reload Black Label]
Paul Collide – Deep Depression
Peter Gc – Indianapolis , Minnesota [Suevi Records]
Play Insane – Mirror [Sonusfield]
Razeed – Khole , Cosmovision [Geometrika Fm]
Rhombic – Darkest Hour [AL3 MOVEMENT]
Rutechno – Surviving [Betrieb Records]
Sasa Radic – Arrival [Vezotonik]
Savas Pascalidis – Equator [AEROBIK]
Scanner Darkly – Black Out [Toxic Recordings]
Subliminal Source – Technologic , Promisses
Sueña – Primate [Ox-Zone Records]
SVTSLV – Another Queen [7th Cloud]
Tias – Korada Finest [Global Tribe Records]
Tim Karbon – ESR004 Bougie Senteur
Tom SPL – Receive It [Techno Vinyls Records]
Toni Collado – Touch Control [Landscape Project]
Uncrat – Face the Wunder [Proper Line]
VA – Black 092 [Black Reverb]
VA – Dreaming In Another Solar System [Alien Frequency]
VA – Live at Lowlands [Patron Records]
VA – Strabaganzza Christmas 2019 [Strabaganzza Records]
VA – True Rocket’s [ONESUN RECORDS]
VA – Unwired [AESIR Records]
VA – Z1 [Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin]
Vando – Changing My Shape [VIPTRACKS RELEASES]
W Leal – Invasion [Survivor Records]
Wildrave – Another World [7th Cloud]
Wolftron – Mega Drive 2 [RetroSynth Records]