5 Minuten Liebe – Gated Community [recordJet]
BABY GEE VIBES – Techno Fam Rock [Horus Music Limited]
Ferre Ralvero – Miss Drama [Izmir Records]
Igor Pumphonia – Fairytale Reality [ChillRecordsMusic]
Jpson – Sick and Tired (Thomas Hill Remix) [recordJet]
Luma – Weh [recordJet]
Moreno Chembele & Chris Odd – Dembow [Made2Dance]
NATTEN – Janet Wund [Nadaville Records]
The Marica Frequency – Delicate [Octiive]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Adham Zahran – Quasar [Jazzy Butterfly Records]
Alberto Hernandez (MX) – Monserrat [RYNTH010]
Aron Volta, Mehlor – Side Effects [MONO040]
Chaim – Pow Pow EP [BS004]
Claudio Giordano – Coexistence [XR272]
Damon Jee, Bonnie Spacey, Oxo, Demian – Chapter Two Damon Jee & Family
Dampe – Garden [DIRT122]
DANIELV & Vanmil – Waves [Take My Space]
Dave Hard – Palilula [Sirion Records]
DickTatoR Beats – Above the Sky [Life’s Music]
Diego Infanzon, nico otatti & Rodrigo Laffertt – Falso Modelo Terrestre
DJ Icebox, Happysoul – Molecules EP [CSR0023]
Dopelerz – Hold Me Now [G-Mafia Records]
Erefaan Pearce, Lazarusman, Mox – Lovely _ Reasons [EYE008]
Fresh Lemons, Nathalia – Lift Me Up [DBR1230]
Globetrotterz – Calm [Lanzadera Music]
Hatha, Sam Sebastien – Move [UR148]
heatscore – You and I [Lazuli Records]
Hector Valdes – Street Girls
Heward – Dream of Her [MixCult Records]
Jeff Eveline – Aphrodisiac Man [Seta Label]
K4niKen – Demo Tape [Crab Music Records]
Kantare – Don’t Be Jealous [KudoZ Records]
Kristian Veròn – Difusion [Up & At’em Records]
Local Artist – Touch Tone [MH024]
Matthew HP – Acacia (Remastered)
MaX ForWorD – Endorphin [ChillRecordsMusic]
Melchior Sultana, Janelle Pulo – Profound Sound E.P [PS04]
MERO – Giogra [DTL Records]
Mike Invito – Voice of Violin [Dimka Records]
Mitch Oliver – Littoral [MOD051]
MKA – Slice of life [Midnight Express Records]
Native Tribe – THE BLACK HOLE EP [OM047]
Nautica (UK) – My Love [RAW039]
Nutfrix – Madopi [Stagz Jazz Records]
Phenomenal Handclap Band – Remain Silent (Incl. Superpitcher Remix)
R.O.S.H. – Luxembourg 2443 House of Daedalus [MTR105DNL]
Roccka – Brain Hack [Trax Mission]
Roman Rauch – Blackout [FORTUNEA014]
Sam Rotstin – Disco Machine [DDC Musik]
Slow Magic – Wildfire (Nicky Rolly Remix)
Souto – Maya [PURR228]
Stuart King – Maze EP
Sune – Fikapaus [LPH070]
VA – Ibiza Sunset Session Vol 10 (2019)
VA – MMXIX A Madhouse Compilation (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Music Solidarity Part II [OTAKE026]
VA – Stay True Sounds Vol.2 – Compiled By Kid Fonque [FLAC]
VA – The Giants Compilation Vol.4-Selected By -Mood Dusty (Light & Shadow Edition)
Vindo – Fortune [Intercept]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Andromedik – First to Go (feat. Ayah Marar)
Cnof – Sincere Joy [Fokuz Recordings]
Conrad Subs – Dance [Maad Ting]
DJ Lava – Positive Vibes [Kojiki Records]
Dossa & Locuzzed – Sandbox [Viper Recordings]
Dtx – Back in the Days [Invert Recordings]
Fabio Lenta DJ – Beatlove [Palacemusix]
Indivision & Livewire – Apologies (Grafix Remix)
Jack Angel – You’re Perfect [Feelings Music]
Jarl Cung – Pacing and Leading [Odinstad]
Jessica Moore – Around My Space (The Remixes)
K.S.F – No Sence [Night Light Company]
Love Bass & Devastate – What Can Make Me
MR E – Astoria Orange [Awokakai Recordings]
Pyrojaxx, Trufox & JepSy – Aurora [DSTR RCRDS]
TR Tactics & The Clamps, TR Tactics – The Wasp VIP
Tunecraft Project – Stalker [See The Sea Records]
Xavi Prado & Dj Tatto – Discoteca (Festival Mix)
Zar & Uleo – Transfers [DRUMBOX]

Electronica & Downtempo

Acado – Shivaya [LMP85]
Aimore – Baby Why [MYR037]
Allen French – Winding River [9P001]
Ant. Shumak – Safeguard of Routine
April Sasha – Fallin Down [Miyako Records]
Bani Mukharjee – Love Spirit [Relax Music]
BuzLight – I Hate Being a Demon [ChillRecordsMusic]
BuzLight – XPromo [ChillRecordsMusic]
Dan Arlov – Alien [Somewhere Out There]
Ektopy – Tranquil [Ozran Sunset]
Eleventh Grandson – Contrast [Coldest Point]
Franck Kartell – SCIENCE FICTION EP [BP007]
FVK – Hejaz [JR0001]
Gamma Intel – Automatic Illusion [brokntoys]
HEDRK – One Small Step [Althea Records]
Hypercube & Nuanae – Global Oxide
Igor Pumphonia – Transparent Act [ChillRecordsMusic]
Imprum & Vaqm – Equosphere [Mystic Sound Records]
Jay Glass Dubs – NYX EP [194491530112]
Joe Gilbert – In the Darkness [Blue Bay Records]
Joe Metzenmacher – What’s The Secret Word For Tonight
Kakkar Lounge – Easy Love [Relax Music]
Legowelt – Secrets After Dreams (Mystic & Quantum)
Manaui – Faded Eyes [YouTunez]
MATE 0000 – Soldier Of Love [INDUSHE184]
Matt Nitro – Killer Machine [Auryn 64 Music]
Nize Pomsky – Electronic Vibez (Where Are You Going)
Pauke Schaumburg – Hidden Curiosities [RBS177]
R0dr01d – Sonic Realm [Skypeople Music]
Roberto Cosmin – Flight of My Dreams
Rudy Mycology – Pure Joy [Twoja Stara]
Savvas – Crossing Worlds [TAWY048]
Tomasz Pauszek – 20 Years Live
Vyacheslav Sketch – In My Heart (Vyacheslav Sankov Remix)


84Bit – FTL [84Bit Music]
Alexander Koning – Doing It to Me [Blockhead Recordings]
Allan Varela – Foolin’ Me [GR477]
Alton Miller – Amazed EP [RMCE012]
Bonetti – California [Henry Street Music]
Bootie Grove – Sweety Woo Dance Machine
Brothers in Arts – Nova Freqz [CRMS Records]
Dave Manali, Mark Neo Marvin – Feeling Blue [MMB213]
Disco Ball’z & Depth Phunk – Jam Is On Fire
DJ Dew, Atomic Blonde – Set Free [RBE59]
DJ Grace – Fool Out of Me [AMAZILLY]
DJ Hermit – Passion Goal [Rump Records]
Dominic Bullock – Where’s It Gone [Collabor8 Records]
eSquire, Sash Sings – Teardrops [NEW295B]
facu wasabi – Losin Focus [Club Rayo Disquets]
FIDLAR – By Myself [MP3842]
Furkan Gulden – Wonder [Caretta Records]
Gabriel Evoke – Jazzy [TRANSA RECORDS]
Hackerbeatz – Dancin [Anahata Love Recordings]
Hey Alan! – Krach Boursier (Electro Swing Mix) [MCT Luxury]
Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax – The Power of the Spirit (KPD Remix)
J Cannons & Steve Hart – Give It All (feat. Amy Pearson)
J&M Brothers – Spirit of House [SKB035]
James Curd – Chicago Bass (feat. Nah Man!)
Joey Chicago – Filter Galore [Funky Floor Records]
Kenny Bizzarro – Starlight [Get Groove Record]
Loïs & Fruckie, Loïs – 3 Bombs [Wefine]
Mabolla – Bir [Sarı Ev]
Marco Faraone – Matter of Perspective [UNCAGE011]
Michael Dias – No Gas at Home [Tribaleke Records]
Paul Threy – Get Up [Climax Digital Recordings]
Promi5e – Change Your Mind [AWD427545]
Purple Haze – You & Me [190295334963]
R3HAB – All Comes Back To You (Extended Version)
Rich James, Santeli – Call My Number [SIR1152]
Roisin Murphy – Narcissus (Skint)
Roy Jazz Grant – 909 Symphony, Pt. 2 [Apt D4 Records]
Ryno – Home [Sunrising Records]
Sean Roman & Anzola – December 21st
Sentinel Groove – Sonido Del Sol (feat. Dudu Capoeira & Orson Welsh)
Serg – Music Movin (Extended Mix) [Zulu Records]
Sergio Gaytan – Pequena Rumba [TSL113]
Serhat Bilge – Take Me Away [Sound On Sound]
Sheps – Go Out [Sheppard Records]
Silverfox – My Fantasy [FOX Pukka Kutz Records]
Spooner Street – Crazy [Tactical Trax]
Taho’s – Loving You [Octiive]
Terry Lex & CC Brown – Chillin [Tactical Records]
The Deepshakerz, Martin Wilson – House Want You (Incl. Dario D’Attis and Supernova remixes)
The Giver – I’m Running [ETC194]
V.O.Y – Sub Code [Nightvisions]
VA – Opium Autumn Edition [Opium Muzik]
VA – The House Sound Of Stockholm Vol 2 Btech Classics 1991-1995 [FLAC]
VA – Variety Music Pres. Choices #61 [Variety Music]

Melodic House & Techno

Abstratique, Hugo Heynard – Melodic Techno
Dashdot & Rocksted – The Owl [Klandestine Music]
Dasq – Stellar [Space Star]
Los Veteranos – Aman [MoonThrones Music]
Minul – Angel Eyes [Elexis Recordings]
Monograph – Embrace [Deepwibe Underground]
Paul Schindler – Conspiracy Theories [Eternity Sounds]
Riversilvers – Stargazer [Riversilvers]
SLS – Saudade [Elly Fly]
Spiriakos – Marley [OneWay]
Ton&Jhon – Grenade [Osler Records]
Ton&Jhon – The Bass [Osler Records]
Yohkan – Origem [KULTO]
Ziger – Sunny Days [Dear Deer]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Alex Kork – Utyl [9Volt]
Alex Sounds – Whatever [Stick And Stones]
Alicia Hush – Here to Noetic Beach
Andrew Mina – Bad Boys [Habla Music]
Beatype – Electric Chords [Haliaeetus Music]
Blacktuesday & Ross Kiser – Jobaria
Carlos A. – C32 [Vaunce Music]
DYI Mob – Uno Atras [Worst Behavior]
GVRL – Like That, Like This [Original Label]
Homo Novo – Stoned [Complex Destroyerz]
Jose Ponce – Hurricane [Kassette Music]
Kevin KR – Sunset Love [MTK Records]
Lock Proyect – Light [RepublicaBLVCK]
Luca Magnino & Nozzleholder – No Dice Nada [Miaw]
M.F.T. – c.Rush [Sanguina Digital]
Mobzz – Shake and Break [Uba Lua Records]
Pangea (Italy) – Community [Quanticman Records]
Peter Lavalle – 1954 [Dub Collective Recordings]
Son of Elita – Enivrez Vouz [Not For Us Records]
Son of Elita – Sodoma [THANQ]
Subf – Mapahua [Tip Tap Records]
Svan Gianz – Spicy [Noisy Neighbours]
Tech1ne – Watching Me [Tonic D Records]
Wayne Madiedo & Fhaken, Uriah persie – Picnic
Willian Celuppi – Art Attack [Natural Rhythm]
Yogi P – Eternal Groove [Platform 7even]

Progressive House

Agustin Paez & Geronimo Nicolas – Reske Front EP
Alex Progress – Flyboard [Sound Progress]
Anton Borin (RU) feat. Chris Sterio – Generations
Arcanum – Propius [GERT0477]
Arthur Minnahmetov – Solo [CLR325]
Attkal – Cobalt
Audio Noir – Enigma EP [LSM022]
Buba – Strange Feelings
BuzLight – I Feel You Feel [ChillRecordsMusic]
Cosiga – Memories [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Cosiga – Sacrafice [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Cowlam – Lyra [MIR MUSIC]
CRUXZ – Kobalt
Doki – Nova [AHD147]
e1ectron1k – Empty Passenger Seat [Black Sunset Borders]
Eli Nissan, Hermanez – The Lost Remixes [Lost & Found]
Futur-E – Tragedy [MIST748]
Glenn Molloy – Cellphone [WAUD0035]
J.P. Velardi & Adri Pacheco, J.P. Velardi & Leit Mottiv – Friend’s Journey [Mystic Carousel Records]
John Grand – Aries [TAR Oasis]
K Loveski – Baurro – Fara [MGN045]
Last Local – Goodfellas [Superordinate Music]
Ledo – Frozen – Under the Skin [PHW373]
LGF prod. – Astronaut [SD028]
Lucas Rossi – Nebular, Pt. 2 [onedotsixtwo]
Lucas Y – Vers [3XA397]
Meither – Gnome , Desert Rain [Capital Heaven]
Mel7em & Haze-M – Tale of Nemesis (feat. Shyam P) [Simulation Records]
Mxv – Laputan [D9R052]
Neptun 505 – Reset [INB1DIGI017]
Net Son – Awaken Your True Self [AW145]
Nick Newman – Serenity EP [3AV173]
Nik Thrine – Riptide [Staybad]
Nipocra – Into Oblivion [BQ415]
Pierce Fulton – Overthinking Rain feat Noosa (Hexlogic Remix)
Raul Ron – Genesis [Twisted Freud Recordings]
Renaldas – You’re Not Alone [PSR094]
Richard Castillo – Sunset [Excite Records]
Rick Pier O’Neil – Cancun (Dimuth K Remix) [YANG112]
Rick Pier O’Neil – Cancun (Replicanth & Rodrigo Cortazar Remix)
Space Motion – Asia (Remixed) [IAD043]
Stan Kolev – Wanderer [OL333]
TGW – All of My Time [Stereophonic]
VA – LifeArt Los Angeles Beats, Vol. 3 [LIFEART006] [FLAC]
VA – Seasons Autumn 2019 [MNL175]
Veko Swan – Cygnus
Walden – Rezzo (Extended Mix) [RDEE002]
Z8phyr – Wanderin Streams [Cool Breeze]
Z8phyR, Mark Moncrieff – Frozen Memories [CB037]
Ziger – Pleasure [EMH004]

Tech House

Andre Salmon & Dave Sanz – Your Love
Antonio Rec – No No [Baxxline]
Arel Yano – Groove Killer [Agua Ardiente Records]
Ben Archbold – SF [LGM014]
Branco Simonetti, Rogerio Animal – It’s Like That
Colin Thomas – The Night EP [RED071]
Darknezz – Bazaar [BOS251]
Dekahouse – Vulture Culture
Delgado – Look At The Mess [JOURNEY002]
DJ Mau Mau – Hell’s Club EP [HHAGAIN003]
DYRANGE – Butt Shake [DYRANGE Records]
Earl Raff & Danny Gerrard – Parrbados
Fabricio Pecanha, Bruce Leroys – Cut off EP [194491396923]
Frank-Lo – Face2Face [Ritmika Records]
Fuad & Gianni Ruocco – Chaotic Live
G.Parisi – Prepare For the Night [Del Sol]
Kyle Walker – Movement [NN119]
Marcos Salas – Somat [Cardina Records]
Mareke – Fading , Undaground [Soleid]
Maxime Timpano – Route 69 [Share On Records]
Mikeself – Nightmare Casualty [STIG137]
Mirco Caruso – Come Over
Nakshatra – 9 – Ethnic Tech
Oggie B – Ramayana _ Way Down Deep [NER24824]
Pierresat – In the Morning [Hush Recordz Limited]
Ralf Schneider – Check [Mainhattan Records]
Redu X – Way U Touch [Cream Dance Records]
Rich Pinder – Break the Sound [Eight0Eight Records]
Romanos Beat – Comeback [SpiteFulspin]
Salvatore Ferramono – Sound of Revolution ’19
Sebastian King – Find Me [Rebellious]
Shavezz – Forest [Bad Father Records]
Sound Glasses – In Your Mind (Speed of Life Mix)
Ultra Pop – Dance to the Beat [REFILL MUSIC]
VA – Future Focus, Vol. 3 [ARR0150]
VA – La Sociedad Vol.5 (2019)
VA – Material Trax, Vol. 20 [MATERIALTRAX20] [FLAC]
VA – Moustache Label Anniversary 7 YEARS PART. 2 [ML202]
VA – Notes from the Depth, Vol. 6 [VOLTCOMP865]
VA – Regulation [Pink Panties Records]
VA – Voltaire Music Pres. Minimality, Vol. 9 [VOLTCOMP867A]
Wild & Kins – Zulu Kids [Tächno]
William Deep – Groove Police [Happy Records]
Yuri Petridis – How We Roll [Global Music Records]

Techno & Minimal

747 – Blood Moon Rises [AQR013S2]
747 – The Gate of Life [AQR013S1]
A Birth Defect & Cascading Effect – Monuments of Sins
Adventure Tale – Soul Button [NOIR052]
AlBird – Kestrel EP [BLRM062]
Alessandro Cocco – False Intrigue
Alex Myrovskyi – Portal [Dirty Stuff Records]
Alex Sleepy – Metro (Lerk Remix)
Alexis Samaan – Stone [GRRR028]
Anderson – Sense Of Belonging [RM022]
Andi Biron – Chromatic [CIN136]
Antimatter Particle – Improvement
ATR – Some Old Shit EP [PH.U.5]
AudiTech – Green Man [White Music Records]
Baset & Tal Fussman – Hiraeth [AWEN084]
Ben Champell – Tension [CMPL069]
Benjamin Damage – Overton Window [FIGUREX14]
BLD – Toby [BLD04]
Caolan Irvine & Deljoi – Save My Life [NYLO149]
Carara – Invisible Worlds [Achromatiq]
Christian Hornbostel – Imago Terrae [Shadowprint]
Christian Monique – Rebirth [CONS048]
Cop Envy, Dj Plead – Hinged [DECISIONS17]
Damazio – Insistema [LDKFD001]
Dandi & Ugo, Steve Soprani – Hard To The Bone
Daniel Mayhem – Fellow Feeling [AM DM Tracks]
Dasq – Runaway [Berlin Wall]
David Calo – Cutlass [P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records]
Deetron – Photon (Gerd Janson & Carl Cox Remixes) (Character)
DIM3NSION – Gaman (Daniel Ortgiess Remix)
DJ Boris, D-Unity – Pressup [TRSMT155]
DJ Westbeat – Code
Droplex, Markus Volker – Out Of Range [CAT329003]
Dylan Debut – Slippery Hoez [Marktek Records]
E L L A – Nostalgia [TAMED006]
Enrique Calvetty, Delano – Arena
Esteban Zapata & Machromel – Rockman s]
Fabian Wegmeth – Invisible Slings
Flavio Folco, Lerio Corrado, Audiomatiques – Triade Ensamble
Frank Lane – Closerer (Tommy Vega Remix)
Fusion – Senses [CAT329557]
Future Plans – Endless [Sbert Records]
G8 – Fuel [PARO201851]
Giri – Ubique [Prophet]
Gustt Castillo – Silencio [Electric Wave Records]
Harry Doe – Styx [IAMT179]
Heerhorst, Slin Bourgh – Exercise 1 [OSCM098]
Henry Martin – Hive [Maintain Replay Records]
Hernan Bass – Intensa [KRD312]
Iiney – Body Solo
J&S Project, Richard Cleber – Nucleoside [M010]
Jack Keo – Circuit EP [LAIK002]
Jake Travis – Amnesia [Feel The Bass]
Joeflow & donnerstag, Joeflow – Let Go
Joel Jungell – This Is A Vaccine [TSM042]
Kai Pattenberg – Demon King [RAG055]
Kaïs – Strain [RBL295]
Karim Alkhayat – The Message [RR292]
Kevin Cole – Drowning [recordJet]
Kevin York – Under [Native Music Label]
Kreisel, Dok & Martin – Out of This World
Lars Hemmerling – Bloody & Soul Ep [FP026]
Lasawers – Throw All [VPTR094]
Lowshape – Hypothesis of Ameno
Luca Marchese – Still Burning [ANT102]
Luis Weyers – Cloudflare [Drehpunkt Records]
Lunatique Sublime – Unflagging
Make – Rex [FREQ1941]
Marc Romboy, Petar Dundov – Ex Machina EP
Marcus Meinhardt – Lost Paradise EP [DD183]
Marko Schwarzmann – Bouncer [Betrieb Records]
Markus Volker – Lost Inside [DMSN001]
Mattia Trani – Nakba EP [OES016]
Mattias Coll – Meraki EP [CMR159]
Mekas – Chaosmos [INS4]
Miklavcic – Low Oxygen [Beenoise Records]
Milan Adler – Dark Matter [HARSHBRAT]
Milos Vujovic – Rave Shapes [Patterns]
Möglich – Industrializer [Strom Records]
munfell – Wonder of Pleasure [Catamount Records]
Musson – Universe In Pocket Ep [NATBLACK212]
Nailbiter – Do It Or Don’t [ORO]
NDX Music – Revisiting Re-Calculating Approach Vector
Nehuen Schedan – Gramercy Park – Coney Island
Niereich – SPACESHIP [DMR068]
Nikolay Kirov – Dreamcatcher [Stickrecordings]
Noks – Amsterdam [Rhythm Records]
Nostromos – Moonwalk [DM207]
O.R.B. – Liquid 999 [After Dark Records]
Onelas – Gunshot [Alienator Records]
Paranoika – Ratio [Moore Dancing]
Poeta Gribiz – Agnes (Esperanza Mix)
Rafael Cerato – Home [BF234]
RanchaTek – Defect EP [ID191]
Rauschhaus – Moonbeam [ALLEY101]
Ravil – Transplantation [K-84 Records]
Ray Kajioka – Taking Action [194491232832]
Resistohr & Sebastian Groth – Here We Go Again
Robert S (PT) – Tornado [K9007]
Ronnie Spiteri – Rough Rider EP [TR342]
Rych G – Not Sleep [Hertz Records]
Sander Klepper – God’s Sake [Vincent Noxx Records]
Sergio Batista – Ground [Khulu Records]
Several Definitions – Pulsar [PARQUET208]
Shoko Rasputin – Prequel the Moon and Bloom Asid mix
Shoko Rasputin – Sequel the Moon and Bloom Asid mix
Solid Stone – Prismatic EP
Soni Soner – I Am Techno [Electronic Sound Istanbul]
Stephan Crown – Mexicana [Space Beat]
Stereociti – Constant Turbulent Riot
Superstrobe – Fast Forward [AADIG13]
Sven Sossong – Valley Of Gods [TL25]
Taxidermy – RocknRolla [Bullet Records]
Thomas Maschitzke – Vorcuda [GZ012]
TineX – Drugs [Skull Label]
Tino Venditti – Flow [Bassa Frequenza]
Tito Rl – Infected Brain [Dansu Records]
Traveltech & Norbert Meszes – Palms Remixes
Tweakforce – Follow [Blindspot Community]
VA – Clika [VL Recordings]
VA – Comade Side 11
VA – Lazerslut – Selection One [LS068] [FLAC]
VA – Lords of Xibalba (Compiled By Di Rugerio)
VA – Various Artist PT001 [ALSSPT 001]
VA – Violent Melancholy, Vol. 3 [VFR061]
Vin Sol – Supernatural EP (Craigie Knowes)
Vito Raisi – Change [NYC136]
Yoshinori Hayashi – γ (Smalltown Supersound)
Zvonovski – Diva – Shadows – Nero