Afro House

aMEME – Talk to Me [One Tribe NYC]
Anadel, Holy Deep – The Unreleased mixes
Bautista & Gerard B.O – Mohana [Aztral Records]
Benny T – Apedemak [Aluku Records]
DJ News – Storm (feat. Saxogroup) [Seres Producoes]
Enea DJ & DJ Lukas Wolf – African Beach
Francesco Romano, Eddy Malano – Everyday
IFE – Rebirth [Ocha Mzansi]
Leroy Styles – Makandra [Other Days Records]
Lilly Randa & HyperSOUL-X – Find You
Lionayve – Ahlia [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
MasaH – Who Else [Ghost Records GR]
Saliva Commandos – Amor(Sol de Agosto) [feat. Kelly Diniz]
T.S.O.S. – Kiema (feat. Benjy) [Moon Rocket Music]
VA – Afrisoul Records The History…So Far [AfriSoul Records]
VA – Nothing But… The Sound of Afro House, Vol. 02 [NBTSOAH02]
VA – Sunclock 2019’s Efforts [Sunclock]


Affentanz – Copy Steal (Xpq-21 Remix)
Breaking System – Get Low [Multiza Distribution]
Das Tu – Emotional Cords [MRIU Publishing]
Direct – Nobody Like You [Monstercat]
Dizkodude – About You [Houseworks]
Dream Dance Alliance – Save Me From Myself
Ducky – Don’t Give Up Still [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Ewerell, Replay M & Heidi Anne – Wish You Were Here
heu – Lost In You (feat. Kristina Antuna)
Immortal Yogi – Chakra Dance [Coloursounds]
Khanvict & Sanjoy, ShiShi – Turiya Turiya Remixes
Klangkrise – Ich Will Dich [Flugmodus Records]
Locussolus – Toco [Deep Well Music]
Luc Orient – Up & Down [LADEMOTO RECORDS]
Madame Monsieur – Comme un voleur (feat. Jérémy Frerot)
MDNP – Rifmy I Alcohol [Woodstation Records]
Mr. Automatic & Momo-Dono – Post-Modern Love (Is So Passe)
Patrick G-Spot & Stefano Prada – Make Me Do (Remixes)
Paul Erie – Love in a Hurricane [Tarr Records]
Paul M. Vilser – Loaded Gun [Zoundr]
Rousseau – Shelter (Piano Cover) [Proximity]
Shehzad K – Trombooyah [Monthly Injection]
We Are the City – RIP [Sinnbus]
Wealstarr – Stranger [Wealstarr]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Alfredo Ávila – UK Thing [Delve Deeper Recordings]
AltReal – One Moment [Emergent Textures]
Andy Duguid – Together in Electric Dreams
Athlete Whippet & Olugbenga – All at Once (Edit)
Audioboy – Feel Safe [Cherokee Recordings]
Bar-tolomeo – L’azdora [BAR Musica]
Black City – Enjoy [Y-Stinger Records]
Black People – Mental Healt [Y-Stinger Records]
BlairK, Harry Solomon – Defined (Part 1)
Blue Verhanda – Deep Action [Y-Stinger Records]
Blunt Pup – Dermatronic [Y-Stinger Records]
Brandon Hope – Truth [Sequential Records]
Çağan Tunalı – Disco Fiyasko [NOISEIST]
Carl Hanssen & Deep Elementz – Flip Mode
Choobe Soundsystem – Preacher [Buslife Records]
Daniel Monaco & Ma Spaventi – The Cosmic Era
Dave Richards – After Midnight [MK837]
David Marques – Deep & Afro [Movimento Casa]
Deepear – Rew 09 [Crooks & Villains Records]
DJ Aristocrat, T.Say & Eva Bristol – Don’t U Wanna
DJ Ex – Izintombi Zethu (feat. Sacred Soul)
Dyson Kellerman – Get You [Suxess Records]
Escape Artist – Supernature [Salt Mines]
Flatt Matt – Solitude , Section 44 [Mhost Likely]
Fuentes (CA) – Kaonashi [NoiseFloor Records]
Funicular – Perception [Prison Entertainment]
glittaboi – Psychedelic Mormon [POPGANG Records]
Inaudible & concourse – Diamonds [Incursion Recordings]
JABBER – Blizzard [Dosy Records]
Jacssen – Poolside [Moiss Music]
Jarle Brathen – Fjernstyrt Mexicaner [Beatservice]
Jaymz Nylon – HueMan Remix Three [Nylon Trax]
Joey G4rcia – GOD is a Woman [MBMH Records]
John Steel – Souljam3000 [De-Funkt Recordings]
Kid Machine – Back in Flight [Turn It Down]
Kimsé – Obsidian [Brook Gee Records]
Leandro Caceres – A Little Bit Weird [Suprematic]
Leon Skeptic – They Know (Redcifer Remix)
Lightfreaks & Mr. Shine – My Love [Nimi Records]
Luca Bacchetti – Secret World Remixes [Endless]
Mac-Lo – Move That Body [Smashing Trax Records]
Magrini – Got Me For Life [F&M Records]
Marga Sol, Darles Flow – Tibetania
Marlon Bando – Way Way Up [Floor 13]
Masta Luminary – Palm Mystery [Kundalini]
Matías Delóngaro – Airstair [Mystic Carousel Records]
Maury, Hollywoodog’z & Kasthree – Let You Shine
MD Dj – Afraid to Love [MD Music]
Nils Hoffmann & Ben Böhmer – Second Sun [Poesie Musik]
Nnatn – Tribafunk [Sundries Digital]
Orlando Voorn – Spread My Wings [Moonlight Records]
Our Anthem – Lose Control (feat. Kieran Fowkes) [Shoefiti Records]
Patrick Holland – Up To You [Verdicchio Music Publishing]
QWRK, DJ Mysterioo Arif – Elixir
rawBeetz – 416 Rhythms [Mole Music]
Rianu Keevs – Deep Dive [See The Sea Records]
Rianu Keevs – Leaf Fall [ChillRecordsMusic]
Rudolf C – Through Fusion [Salt Mines]
Soire – Till Dawn [BEATZ]
SounDDizer, Vitti & Lottz – Desire [Cool 7rack Records]
Stefan Obermaier – Odori [Drift Recordings]
Thiann – Lose Control (Dub Version) [Sepaya Records]
Tony Grand – Paranoia (Extended Mix) [Azima Deep]
VA – Chill out Love [Good Vibes Only]
VA – Deep Beatz 2020 [Stammtisch]
VA – Keep Your Focus With the Music [SLiVER Recordings]
VA – Motordisc 2 [Motordiscs]
VA – Prideful Nu Disco [Flagman]
VA – The Best Of 3Bridge 2019 [3Bridge Records]
VA – Unison New Year 2020 [Unison Recordings]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Arusha – Lucky [Electronic Pleasure Recordings]
Audiodrone & Leir – One Nation, Under Control [Mosh Squad]
Bass Dealah & Esthetic, Esthetic & Bass Dealah – Dirty Curd [Time of Night]
Bianca & Press Play – Fight Bout Nothing [Multiplayer Records]
BSA – Soulfinder [Triamer Recordings]
Calyx & Teebee – Big Sound [RAM Records]
Chris Burke – Won’t Let You Go [Chris Burke]
Covenants – Deeper Love [Gemstone Records]
Crankdat – Who I Am [Monstercat]
Craze & DJ Ride – Who Wan Test Us [Slow Roast Records]
Current Value – Senex [MethLab Recordings]
D3ron – Wild [Phoenix Domain Music]
Darwinx – Say Shit [Turtle Musik]
Deeper Funk – Hard Groove [History Recordings]
Deoraí – Coincréit Fhuar [Deoraí Music]
DJ Fenix – Survive (feat. U.R.A. & Eva Bristol)
Dose, Dose, Confusious – Playmaker , Go Away , I Navigate
DPRTNDRP – Unshaken [786 Recordings]
Fireclaw – Amazing to Me [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
Flux Pavilion – Somebody Else (Franky Nuts Remix) [Circus]
Giganti – Danger Mouse [Viper Recordings]
Halflow – Mud Pump , Stumble Riddim [Program]
HIGHSOCIETY – Fireproof (feat. Matty McDonald)
Ink – Rising Clouds [Cylon Recordings]
Jon Void – My Bassline [PLAY! Music]
KatriTek – Color of the World [DNBD Recordings]
Key Crashers – Surrounded by Fools [Qwick]
KLAY – Live in the Present [Biological Beats]
Koens – Supercluster [Wolf Beats]
LaMeduza, Skylark, Skylark – Intervals [Overview Music]
LH4L & Droma – Blue Sky (Remixes) [Allezgo Productions]
LVNABASS – Infinity Silence [ONE7AUDIO]
M-zine – Fractals [Sofa Sound]
Marc Korn & Jaycee Madoxx – Move Your Hands Up (feat. The Mad Stuntman)
Mike Renza – Flow [NoFace Records]
Moestwanted – Pleasure & Pain [1st Strike]
Morfhori Spiñers – Apocalypse [Elantris Records]
Munez – Leave Me Behind [tb festival]
Murdock & Doctrine – Rampage Anthem D&B Remixes
Naeleck & Hige Driver – Virtual Gaming [Den Haku Records]
Necromm – Closer Apart [Future Science Records]
Neo-Geo – The Journeyman [Free Love Digi]
Noya – Realm [NoyAudio]
Oxy Music – Mad World [Audiolith]
ProJect Aspect – How We Rock [MHSM Records]
Pure Infinity – In Time [Easy Summer]
Pyro – You VIP [Unauthorised Audio]
Ryos – Catching Fire (feat. Arjay Dang) [Revealed Recordings]
Ryuzaki Tsukawa, Drosoxide – Relaxing Dream (Drosoxide Remix)
Sara Cruz – Take Me Over (Remixes) [Glisten]
Sedo – In Control , Dark Pool [Skalator Music]
Shadows – Midnite, Swallow [Sixteen Step Records]
Shinbu – Crown Hunter [Mask Music]
Shinbu – Fear Inducer , Resurrection [Onset Audio]
Slipz – Hurt , Too Quiet [Subway Soundz]
Solotek – First Contact [Rockers 175]
Soul Connection – Lost Tribe [Kriterion Recordings]
Subsonic & Prima – Don’t Let Go [Crucast]
Tribeleader – Power Music [Tribeleader Music]
Tribeleader – Primitive [Tribeleader Music]
TRN18 – Space Hunter [Adara Records]
VA – #rave #25 [RH2]
VA – Atmospherics [Liquid Drops]
VA – SENTINEL [MethLab Recordings]
VA – Winter 2020 [Rest Music]
WATTSxRIOTS – 1994 [Rockers Dub]
Wave – Badbwoy [Treesounds Music]
Wood Packa – Scatter [Angel Helicopter]
Zambot – Protean [Throwing Records]
Zent – Mangled , Filthy Friends [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Zoner – Self Portrait [Sub-Division Recordings]
Zukeepa – Feral Beast [ZuBeatz]

Electronica & Downtempo

Ahmed Ben Ali – Subhana (Habibi Funk 012)
Akuba, Jero Nougues – Ruh-u Revan
Alex Alarma, Mike Boldin – Mute Shout
Astroleaf – Young (Incl. Aeron Aether, Elypsis Remixes)
Attom & Frye – Way You Move [Lowly]
Dino Sor – The Door [Royal Music Paris]
Donald Wilborn – Antarctica (Remixes)
Eedl – Unstored [Lapsus]
Equal Sidez, Dansor – Nonsalant [Ritter Butzke Studio]
Fernando Poo, tom ass, Kerrie Ann Murphy – The Great Kings Planet
FS – Junowarps , Suspicious Observers
Ganga – First Snow [Flinc Music]
Jack Butters – Searching for You [Tici Taci]
Joshua Corallini – Last Stand [Twizted Movements]
Klartraum – The Dive [Lucidflow]
KYONGPAUL – Yeni [Metanoia]
Lafoliedamour – Emerging [Traumnovelle]
Lagartijeando – Jallalla Remixes [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Laxenanchaos – Moth on the Light Source [TAR]
Leaking Shell – From the Attic-2 [Bilanez Music]
Mathilde Fernandez – Final Vegas [bORDEL]
Maxim Air – Breath [Gysnoize Recordings]
Mountain Bloom – Locked in [Disc Wars Records]
Nhii – Salt of the Earth [A Tribe Called Kotori]
Plastic DJ – Runaway [Plastic Music Group]
Public Memory – Illusion of Choice [Felte]
Random J – Clear Sky [Explosion Recordings]
Rasmus Faber – Do My Best (Remixes) [feat. Renae Rain]
Santoro – Coesite [RAZOM]
Silverfox – Fundamental Diggers 3
Sound Vibrations – The Colors of Noise
The Ambientalist – Over the Edge [MQY Music]
The Driver Era – Some Remixes of X
Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde (Symphonik Version)
Trinity FM – Elephants & Astronauts [Audio Surprise]
Tsotne – Calamity [STIG]
VA – Chilling Experience [Nidra Music]
VA – Coalescence [Resueno]
VA – Cypher 016 Trippin’ Down Memory Lane
VA – Pizza Lab 03 [Pizza Tunait]
VA – The Best Of 2019 [Bad Reputation]
VA – Winter Chill Deluxe 10.0 [Blue Flame Records]
Van Snyder, Martial Flowz – Swag [Undgrd Music]
Volsky – Welcome Home Space Girl [Festivibes Records]
Vulpec – Mysticism [Simplify.]
Worldtraveller – Sleepdealer [GMM]


Abakus – 2.0 Cuts [Modus Recordings]
Alexander Pavlenko – Ok Now [Kvadrat]
AMATA & Wolfrage – CAIN
Archelix – Like a Dream [Figura Music]
ArtStyle – Wyvern [PR Underground]
Banner – Guitar Shock [Nocolors]
Bartello & Baldassarini – Work [ReState Records]
Ben Ambergen – Riddim [Fanfare Records]
Blue.M – Heartbeating (Remixes 2) [TB Media]
Bomat – Classy Talk [Nurvous Records]
Brock Edwards – The Distance [BADLQQK]
Carl Bias – Betcha Never Had [4Liberty Records]
Cash & Fanizza – Alone [Mistral]
Chris Lay – Just Come Back
Claudio Ferrone – Winter [Opium Muzik]
CLB & Doc Zee – Spliff [Punks]
Da Funk Junkies – Thinkin’ About You [Funky Revival]
Dan Corco – Dance Therapy Part 2
Dani DL – Dreamed Roads [Natura Label]
Dave Blame – One For the Treble
Daz-I-Kue – K.A.T.H.Y. [Nervous Records]
Deejivee – Real Love [MojoHeadz Records]
Denace 2 Society & Cris Ruiz – Thinking About Revolution
Disaia – Really [Snatch! Records]
Dj Tim V – Balcony [Naturall Products]
DJ Wady & Rio Dela Duna – I Got This [Vamos Music]
Dolly Dolls – Daddy Vintage [MojoHeadz Records]
Don Diego – Old School Jam [NSoul Records]
dOP – Strichka (feat. Alina Pash) [dOP only]
DreamSystem – GreeceGrains (Remixes)
Erdem Tunali – Pathwalker [NOISEIST]
Fabio Renzo – Under Your Skin (feat. Giovanni De Vincenti)
Fallon – Yup (Remixes) [Another Rhythm]
Flamingo Pier – Tripping Up [Soundway Records]
Fullmode – Tonight [Mixmash Deep]
Ganesha Cartel – Closer 2 You
George Cynnamon – Be Right There [CRMS Records]
Gigi Camporeale – You See [Blacksoul Music]
Gloovez – Vision [CICLO Otherside]
Happy Worker – Empire [Nocolors]
Hazzaro – Millenium [Azzura Trax]
Housefly – About Things [TB Media]
iMarcus – Want Me [Far Down Records]
Inessa – Devotion [Vivifier Records]
Instant Hauz – For Another Girl [Eton Messy Records]
J-Felix – Mind Up (feat. Andrew Ashong) [Tru Thoughts]
Jelly BonBon – Tokyo Station!! [SpinCat Music]
Justmoxx – Moments [HyperBlast Records]
Khetama, Rose, Cutmaster Jay, Joey Chicago – Stand Up
KUSMEE – Rose Paris [96 Musique]
La Nada – Oncemenosveinte (The Singles)
Lawrence Friend – I Like It [No Definition]
Lexa Hill – Know It’s Love [Glasgow Underground]
Loud&Clasiizz – White Night [Stay Groove Records]
Louise – In My Veins [B Side Of The Street]
Luca Debonaire – Get It Right (Follow Everywhere)
Lydia Scarfo – Fight Until the End [La Vie D’Artiste Music]
M.J.E & Michael Chodo – Are You Ready
Marc Mosca – Let the Beat [Jango Music]
Mark Di Meo – Surrender (feat. Liz Jai) [Defected]
Mark Raven – Feet [Small Town Big Records]
Mathias D., Skiavo & Vindes, Kid Massive – I’m Back
Max Forword – Festival Of Culture [ChillRecordsMusic]
Miami Shakers – Rewind (DJ Man Remix) [Queenside Recordings]
Mike Zoran – I Want Some More [DaCosta Records]
Moko & Ramax – Need You , Changes [OZONO RECORDS]
Monamour – Give Me Your Love [Vamos Music Talents]
MOtigers – Ring [Sonambulos Music]
Overcome – Colors [King Size Musik]
Paige – Believe Me (feat. Sarah De Warren) [Enormous Chills]
Peter Brown – Mystic [Mood Funk Records]
Peter Newman – Jack That Groove [Futurefunk Recordings]
Planktom – Trapped [MoodyHouse Recordings]
Rito, Riky Mura & Tony D. – Sweet Black
Royal Music Paris – Clound [Paradieyes]
SelloRekt LA Dreams – Wild Hearts [Kiez Beats]
Sergedeelay – Under Water [Evaluation Records]
Seumas Norv – Plastic Dee [Nervous Records]
Simone Glad – Nyepi in Bali [DaCosta Records]
Sinner & James – Can’t Stop [CUFF]
Skatebård & Lauer – Volpe [Live At Robert Johnson]
Taito Tikaro, Coqui Selection, Dj Kone, Marc Palacios – Radiofunk
Tengu – Infected (feat. Dread MC) [YosH]
Tengu – Must Be Mad (feat. Griz-O) [YosH]
The Avener & M.I.L.K. – Under The Waterfall (Axelino Remix)
The Avener & M.I.L.K. – Under The Waterfall (Thoj Remix)
VA – Best Of 2019 [Groovy Riddim Records]
VA – Best Of 2019 [Whitebeard Records]
VA – Digitalization 3.0 [3000 Digital]
VA – Jackin Essentials 2k19 [Sunset Disco]
VA – Jazztronica & Funktronica Lab [Good Vibes Only]
VA – Nasty X-Mas Beats 2019 [Play This! Records]
VA – Snowattack 2020 [DanceMania Recordings]
VA – X Mas 2019 [Vamos Music Talents]
Vi Ta Lee – Old Skooler (Remixes) [X-Tunes]
Wama – Beginning [Bellissima! Records]
we.amps – Chatham [This Is Not]
Yawa – Stereo Fiends [AREA 94]
Zepplar – Love You [Spira Music]

Melodic House & Techno

Anchor Acres & Daniel Mrosek – Hades [Click Records]
Arg Sebas – Desilusions [Three Sounds Records]
Banana Cat, Devon James – Commander
Carl Conky – Amnesia [Mind Connector Records]
Cook & Stans – Finding Atlantis [Cook & Stans]
Danny Corten, Nesker – No Escape [MYR]
Depaart, Kiwi – Migrate [Last Night On Earth]
Digital Pulse, Sollar – Minitech [Trippy Code]
Dima Deemidoff – Kamikaze [Karia Records]
Essbé – Imagination [Tiefdruckgebeat]
Fenech, Tini Tun – Here we are
Flourish AU – Salvage [Trippy Code]
Haxxy – Beholder [Intricate Records]
HÜ – Tryanon [Trippy Code]
Jonas Rathsman & Lazarusman – Take Me There (Tunnelvisions Remix)
Leaving Laurel – Sometimes It’s Scary…but It’s Still You and Me , Need Little, Want Less
Lee Jones – Wiedersehen [Bar 25 Music]
Marco Bedini – Ritzy [Bufalo Recordings]
Matt Kleopas – Going South [Sol Music]
Michail A – In Depth [Elastic Dimension Records]
Mikael Johnson – Hexagon [Trippy Code]
Mr Rog – New Times, Future Times [New Robot Rec]
Neurodriver – All Night Dark [IbogaTech]
QuarterX – Orange Sun [Nu Boheme Recordings]
SOSANDLOW, K.E.E.N.E. – Volcano
Sunscreem, Patrice Bäumel – Perfect Motion [Renaissance Records]
VA – 3 Years of Disorder [Disorder Records]
VA – A Lot of Good 2019 [DOD Music Record]
VA – Haben sie Berlin schon bei Nacht gesehen [Schrei & Tanz Music Media]
VA – L’evoluzione Del Suono (Parte Ventunesima) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
VA- Triginta Unum [Panem Et Circenses]
Vicky Montefusco – River [Audiophile Deep]
Victor Kesiora – 0001 [Mystery Train Recordings]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Agophone – Radioactive [ReState Records]
Bashkim, Denis Skok – Emotion
Catalin Cristian, Dennion – KHEMEIA
Christian Burkhardt & Sascha Dive – Fast Forward
Emiliyan Ivanov – Venum [Together Music Records]
Enzino & Paolo Generale – We the People
Finley, Bruno Limma – Acid Romance
Franco Discepolo – ARG Groove
Giancarlo Zara, DJ Entwan – Relax
Gourlay, Jezz Simpson – Different Tastes
GUSTAFF & Hector Diez – All Night
LUCASMB – Five Five [Clover Records]
Luk Follin, Arialdo AP – Other Way
Matt Mikke – BellaChao [Ishua]
Mr. Le Funk – Disco Maniac [Manicomio Music]
Neculai – Stripolon [Marba Records]
Niina, Mindbender – Berlin Dub
OutsiDER (RU) – Iron [OuiOui Concept]
Petser – Qualia [Nada Espacial]
Rohrer & Stohler – Low Tempo [Questo ! Music]
Ron Ractive – Nachtschwarm [Styledriver]
Rone White, Francium – Flexi Drill [Zinc Records]
Roy Rollin – Keen Believer [Mudita Records]
Stanny Abram & BILBONI – Close to This
Stephan Porta – Humanity [Divergente Recordings]
Sundersky – The 7 Moons [Principal Musik]
Svan Gianz – All One [Blackboard]
Uriah persie – She Grooveless [Ofrenda Music]
VA – Best of 2019 [Polyptych]
VA – Best Of The Year 2019 [Muted]
VA – Dream Mood, Pt. 35 [Dream Mode]
VA – Minimal Hippie 6 [Flower Power]
VA – Remixed [Tip Tap Records]
Walter Alferole – Playground [VODA Records]
William Caycedo – Adult Only 49 [Adult Only]
Zuckre – Namid [SOS Rec]

Progressive House

Anton Ishutin – Traffic [Rundell Beatz]
Argie Boy – Sunny Rampling [Elastic Dimension Records]
Daniel Neuland – Outta Space [Heinz Music]
Deep Moth – Kookaburra [Somn’thing Progressive]
Dezza – Close Your Eyes [Colorize (Enhanced)]
djimboh – Moments [Immersed]
Eimear – Breathe [Synth Collective]
Gianmarco Limenta – Osahar [Syncopate Afterhours]
Gisfangs – Iris Japonica , Water Pollution [Gaax]
James Monro – Drift (Tim Penner, Michael a Remixes)
Laurence Adamson – Intensidad [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Lesh – Higher Self [Emergent Shores]
M.E.T.A.N.O.I.A., Victoria Ray, Slow Fish – Way Out From The Darkness
NAMZO – Can’t Be for Nothing [Estribo Records]
Noom – Parallax {Remixed Part II DNYO, Eric Lune, Ferher, Weird Sounding Dude Remxes}
Paul2Paul – Does Not Matter [Lowplay Sound]
Pole Folder – 1040State [Reworck]
Pontus Lindstrom & Wolfrage – Decided [Wolfrage Recordings]
Rich vom Dorf – Time to Change [Tächno]
Shion Hinano – Once More [Riparia Records]
Stereo Underground – Shape of Time (feat. Sealine) [UV]
TH;EN – Dekey [Mogador]
Tim Iron – Antithesis [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
VA – Best of OLD SQL 2019 [OLD SQL Recordings]

Tech House

21 ROOM, Big Bunny – Important [ZNMK Records]
Aarin Fraser – How Good [Lucid Dreaming Records]
Agja, DJ Aroma – A Tiny Raindrop
Aldo Cadiz – Knight Rider [Numerique]
Andre Salmon & Reydel – Pineapple Style
AniRhythm – Step Up [AniRhythm]
Antonio Felice – Sound Revolution
Ario – Root of Movement [Under No Illusion]
Callil – Acidtech [Deckadeck Records]
Cesar D Julius – Musica Cubana [Koko Music]
Charly Neva – Walkie [Blanc Stone Digital]
Criminal Crazy – Slowly [Diskodance Records]
Daniele Kama – Good Times [Flesh Recordings]
Danny Slim – Bass Moves [World Up Records]
Daz – Is It Good [Glamorous Recordings]
Deepsto – Loops [House77]
Doc Brown – Need Jesus [UNDR THE RADR]
Dry and Wet – Disaster [The Sin Records]
Erns, Pavzo, Walv, Artdate, Mick Benites – BLING
Facunh – Feelin’ This [Red Delicious Records]
Franco Andino – Dominated
Franky Rizardo – Hypno [Saved Records]
Franky Trova, Roy Batty – Open Your Mind
Fumanchu – Congonchu [Valencia Records]
Fumanchu – Tarzan [Valencia Records]
Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (Henning Richter Remix)
Javi Bosch, Dj Noldar – Little Baby [Elments Records]
Jeff Doubleu & Kimba – You Know The Title
Jon Lee, Almond Brown – Lost The Way
Julien Jabre – Cavalcade [elias]
Kayya – Let’s Go to a Rave [Cocunà Records]
Lautaro Bidegain – Feel the Beat [Huambo Records]
Mainterm – Fasten Your Seatbelts [Claps Records]
Malikk & Classmatic – Electro Mind [LouLou Records]
Mark Holmes (Uk) – Bright in Mind [Unite Digital]
Michelino – Crazy [1980 Recordings]
Mikro X – Berlin tech [Midnight Express Records]
Mizaru – Rebelious Heart [Kukushka Records]
Munir Nadir – Milagro 2.0 [PURISM Wave]
Offaiah – Love Me (BACATME Remix) [SOLOTOKO]
Oscar Molina & Eddye Aeme – Sopaman
Paul Sirrell – The Way You Talk [Orange Groove Records]
Plus Beat’z – Read 909 [No Topo Music]
Rescue – Body + Soul [Moody Recordings]
Retroboy – Deeper Inside [HoTL Records]
SageThaCat – Endorphins [Sheppard Records]
Saronto – Forgiven [CrackHouse Recordings]
Sexgadget – I Wanna Go [Deep Bear]
Shakedown Provider – Shot By [SHAKEDOWN PROVIDER]
Sonny Wharton – Those Were the (Rave) Days
Sovax, Sovax, Davina Moss – Check This [Dusty Nose]
Superchip – El Miskito [Playmobil]
SuperEdit, Veltek – Don’t Stop [Unloaded Records]
The Future Collective – The Lady , Funky Sound
Thomas Krings – Drill [Minou]
Time4fun – Tech News [Deckadeck Records]
Tommy Mc – Get Mad [Sinister Sounds]
VA – Best Off [Waldliebe Familien]
VA – Bravo [Les Enfants]
VA – Filling [Compressor Recordings]
VA – Incorrect 10 Years Tech [Incorrect]
VA – Melodies of Techno, Pt. 8 [Kollektor]
VA – Various Artists #1 [Deepclub]
VA – Zaphiro [Les Enfants]
Worthy – Activate the Booty
zacheser – Phases Remixes [Chub Rub]

Techno & Minimal

666 – Components [VapourTrail Records]
Adrià Duch – Meant to Be [Conceptual Deep]
Alden Tyrell – Vorm Variaties 3 [Clone Basement Series]
ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, Handsome Audience – Steel Blade
Alex Rampol – Lazy [Technological Records]
Alisio Delgado – The Fourth Dimension [Sone Recordings]
AmaG & Tender H. – Across the Meridian [spclnch]
Andre Keller, Horas Labachuk – The Rumble 21
Andy Martin – Orfeo [Redlight Music]
Aria Des – Resilience [Finder Records]
Arkatekt, Jimmyzkinz – Black Hole [Dead Groovy Music]
Asier Vico – Pensamientos Distorsionados [AESIR Records]
Blood & Tears – Drama 1 [KarateKlub]
Bokard, Luskaka – Wave Control [Deckadeck Records]
budzBuNny – Why so Serious ! [MojoHeadz Records]
Bunkerstein – Demonstruction [Klangrecords]
Calo Divinti – X – Plosion [BlackBeard Records]
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Waveshape, Ingrid (IT) – Express Myself