Afro House

8nine Muzique – Atate Wathu [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Afro Exotiq & Kreative Nativez – Bombo [Arawakan]
Afro Warriors, Duplo Impacto & Jim Mastershine – Bongo
Alessandro Angiolillo – MY OWN DESERT [Zero Db Digital]
Blac Tears & Bogy BE – No Return [Sanelow Label]
Bobby Deep – Etruscans [KTR]
Boddhi Satva & Kaysha – Mama Kosa (Sentimenz & Dj Satelite Remixes)
Bun Xapa – Lion of Judah [Black Mambo]
D.o.A – Qamata (Supreme One Mix) [Arawakan]
Da AfroMan – Mood Booster [Ghost Records GR]
Davi – Lie Machine [Crosstown Rebels]
Delany Duvall – Monk [Arawakan]
Der Mexikaner & David Sattva – Moon Reflection [dEb Records]
Divestorm – Sun City [DaniRava Records]
Echo Deep – Embryo [Bosom]
Epic Kf – Lost (feat. Lebo) [AfriNative Soul]
Juan Soul – Moribayassa (feat. Soumi Des Askia)
K.E.E.N.E. – Bunde & Bullerengue [Connected Frontline]
Kaz James – Through Your Love (feat. & Kawtar Sadik) [Guy Gerber Remix]
Kekstar – Projects [Azania Digital Records]
Manyelo Dafro – Density [Herbal 3 Distribution]
Nelo HD – Taboo [Surreal Sounds Music]
Nox – Impilo [WitDJ Productions]
Peppe Citarella – Patato (feat. ZebraCak3)
Rasmir Mantree – Slowly I Turned [Mantree Records]
Remywest – Spiritual Calling [Veksler Records]
Ricky KK – Percussion [Playasol Music]
Roberto Palmero – Essha [Pura Music]
Roland Clark & Urban Soul – Brown James , Black In My Soul (Remixes)
SaxoGroup – African Essence [Vozes Quentes]
Sera DaDj & DJ Senny – Interrogation [Ghost Records GR]
Skyzo – Katalina [Sky29]
Stephen K Cal – Desert Magnolia [Hush Deep]
Tookroom, Lel – Smack (Lel Remix) [21 ROOM]
Tribal Soul – Define Culture [Azania Digital Records]
VA – Mzansi Love [Presented by Casamena]
Zentastic – Hell Break Loose [Maluku Records]


A-ZAR & Kayla Liquori – Please Stay [+Mas Label]
ACUA – Illusion , Kuala [Papercup Records]
Adam Brown – Rule the Lands [Lit Bit]
AG – Sweet Home [9 Sides Records]
Atom West – Boom Boxing [WoNKed Music Group]
BadVice DJ, Nico Heinz & Max Kuhn – Larger Than Life
Born Dirty & Diplo – Samba Sujo (Remixes)
Chrizz Luvly – Love On The Dancefloor [Dreamdealers]
DeDrecordz – Glitchworld Dance Bomb [Glitchworld Recordings]
Dirty Box – Enemy [Madzonegeneration Records]
DJ Prodígio – Sky (feat. Camila Vedovato) [Project Pro Music]
Doop – Breaking Low [Acid Fruits]
Evandson Bernardo – Estilo de Playboy [HICEH LAB (Headway Co.)]
Finn Pind – UNG & DUM [aesthetic]
Hands Up Freaks – Forever Is Now (Remixes) [Hands Up Freaks]
High Contrast – Snare the Blame [3Beat]
Hypesoul – In the Jungle [African Noise]
Kiesza & Boye & Sigvardt, Josh Hunter – You’re the Best The Remixes
Life on Planets – Gold Action [Wolf + Lamb Records]
liquidfive – Dance Away [5L-Records]
Lost Kings & Deerock, Denis First – Lost Angeles (Remixes)
Martin Solveig & Roy Woods – Juliet & Romeo [Positiva]
Mike Gudmann & HUUXX – Many Times [Bounce United]
mistrollingin – Agent of Change [mistrollingin]
Nu Loop 4 – Okha (Jazzy Remix) [Grooveless Recordings]
Ong Ong, Ong Ong, Ivan Spell – Amber [Exx Muzik]
Pola X – Later Tonight [Martin Hossbach]
Rahat – Let Me Go [recordJet]
RezQ Sound & VA O.N.E. – Hitting the Wall [YoD Recordings]
Roland Tings – Always Rushing (feat. Mild Minds)
Romance Style – Perdoname [Romeo Entertainment]
Shallou – Fading [Island Records]
Sharapov & Landysax – My Way [Deep Strips]
Shingai – Champion Styles (Roseau Remix) [Zimtron]
Sigma & Jack Savoretti – You and Me As One [3Beat]
Simplex & Tomy Montana – Csendes Vihar (feat. Rácz Gergő) [Remixes]
Sine Tempus – Run [Black Dragon River Music]
Stereoact & Vanessa Mai – Ja Nein Vielleicht (Remixe) [Ariola]
Steve Void & AUSTN – Without You [Strange Fruits]
Studio Affairs & Zev – Fine [SAMPL Records]
Suark & Will Jay – Dose [Enormous Chills]
T.vercosa, Redzone & Rey Vercosa – E Verao [RV Records]
VA – Art Basel Miami (Global305)
VA – Best of Black Lemon 2019 [Black Lemon]
Vee Brondi, Steve Williams, Moreno & Orne – La Varela ft. Orne
Vickyproduction – Enjoy It [DSrecording]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

4th Progression – Single Sounds [Reiteration]
A. Rassevich – This Is the Night [Deepwibe Records]
Adam Stacks – Desert Summer [Beans and Bacon]
Admin – Adjust Your Love [Better Listen Records]
Adrian Marth – Marthians World [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Airon Mallars – Vibin [G-Mafia Records]
Aivengo – Dopaminum [Suicide Robot]
Akasha System – Echo Lost [100% Silk]
Alex Dittrich – Woman On the Dancefloor [Radiola Records]
Alex Gazzillo – Worm [Get Groove Record]
Alexander Koning – Say Your Prayers [Percep-tion]
Almad – Universal [PlayHouse Time Records]
Amberflame – Pulse Code [Theomatic Records]
Aneesh Gera & Downpour – Memory (Extended Mix) [feat. Amber Traill]
Arno E. Mathieu – Circumstances of Chaos – Phase 3 – Survival Spaces
Atdhe – Night Cruisers [Citizens Of Vice]
AU-1 – Soho [Element 79]
Audio Flora, Matt Salou – You Know [Vivifier Records]
Audiotones – Around The World [Magician On Duty]
Babis Kotsanis – Lost in You [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Beafair, Beafair, Sausa – Fantastic Dream [Hush Recordz Limited]
Chance Packer – Rectify (feat. Terry Dexter)
Charles Gatling – Deep Within [Raw Substance]
Cino (POR) – Deep Down Inside [Duo Box Understream]
Clean Is Good – Fantasy [Tentacle Records]
Club Squisito – Blues Information [Shamkara Records]
Curses – Chapter Three Curses [Critical Monday]
D-Flame – In Too Deep [Click-On Media]
Da Funk – Choke [Acryl Music]
Dave Matthias – Fight for Me [Dave Matthias Music]
Dave Matthias – Still Searching [Dave Matthias Music]
David Jackson – Breakthrough [Stress Records]
De Wolt – You and High [Hypernatural Recordings]
Deep Fried Pisces – Journey of Life
Delgado – Lonely Road [75 Digital]
Derek Neal – Reason Machine [Funnuvojere Records]
Discoscuro, Marco Galardi Pulse – Bustin Out
Diskomann – Customers also bought [Isendit.]
Distorted Beauty – Shrink Yourself [Suppressed Energy]
Duckhandz & Bolth – The Change in Me (feat. Reis)
Earthboogie – Creepy Steve , Human Call (Joel Harrison Remix)
eddi shkiper – Impure [dubiks music]
Enmetertre, Pontus Forever – Herman the Dog [Jens Records]
ETS Project – The Green Heart [Ascending Branch]
Evan Hurkett – Quit While We’re Ahead [Alveda Deep]
Fairmont – Me Me Me Present Now Now Now 08
Fehler Kuti – Schland Is the Place For Me [Alien Transistor]
Franck Roger – Hypnotized , A Major Thing [Real Tone Records]
Fresh Fusion – You Got Me Again [Y-Stinger Records]
Gorgonoize – Karma [Atmospherica]
Harpoon – Midnight (Remixes) [Tinted Records]
Ian Upfold – Burning Sun [Bandolier Records]
Jaytor – Midas Touch 2019 [Maniana Records]
Jesusdapnk – LA Vibe [Mole Music]
Joe Le Bon – Turn It Up [DeepStitched]
Jon Lee – Natural Urge [Rainforest Music]
JR (CH) – Helmer [Le Jour Me Nuit]
JSTEF – Whenever [Gameroom Records]
Juno D – The Stars [Moveton]
Kamoony, LB aka LABAT – Do Your Thang [Alelah Records]
Kev Dot Kruz – Chavo [Root System Records]
Kidso – Father [Springstoff]
Klinke auf Cinch – Mohawe [recordJet]
Kornum & Karma – Give a Heart [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Kruzi Du, LoW_RaDar101 – I Feel The Night [Glitch Stuff Recordings]
Kurt Jansen – Rise to the Moon [Fukai Music]
L.G.V. – Deep Analog Dream [Sound Vessel Records]
LAVVA, LAVVA, Russ Yallop – Colima [LAVVA Music]
Living Room – Abstract Thing [GMM]
Madame M. – Mallissime [Stereofly Records]
Madame M. & Notrix Jaybass – Preaches All Night Long (Tribute Mix)
Madcat – Queens of sand [Pont Neuf Records]
MAN POWER – Do It Thin [Skint Records]
Manny Evans – Decomposition [Tech People Music]
Mason – Sparta [LouLou Records]
Mateo & Matos – Can You Feel It [4Lux Black]
Mateo Mood – Determination [Nurum Deep]
Mettie – Anatomy [48 Records]
Mielsen – Heart Reflections (Monopohl Remix)
Mike Frost – Pure [Climax Digital Recordings]
Mindbender – Space Dust [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Mokule – Hail [White City Records]
Must See – Wanna [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Nacho Bolognani – Sun [Island Beats]
Nicky Havey – Time Machine (feat. winkandwoo)
Night Hunters – So Much Better [Dimiz Music]
Nitrotune – Perperikon [Deep Strips]
Ootkeen – Oasis of Life [Toiled]
Opolopo – You Can Make It [Local Talk]
P-Deep & Sol’zee – Strange Sol’z [Rooted Minds Music]
Renaud Genton – Lost In Vegas [GoodFellas]
Richie Markz – Los Pilares [Intensive Music Records]
Rick Wade – Angry Orchestra [Unknown Season]
Roudeep – Go Back [Baijan Records]
Sahar, Sahar, Högt I Tak – Time Trial [Nein Records]
Sandy Fantasy – This Moment [Houseledge]
Silkwormagic, Habibi Grooves, Inherit The World – Remix
Soulcool – Twilight [Deep Clicks]
The Audio Manipulator – Lingering Silence [Floor 13]
Thomas Stieler – Free Zone [Biotop]
Tom & Collins – Bad Tattoo (Punctual Remix) [Deux Trois]
Underscorer – Morocco [See The Sea Records]
VA – Best Of 2019 Cacao Records [CACAO021] [FLAC]
VA – Family V.A. 2 [Outsiders Records]
VA – Mojoheadz Deep [MojoHeadz Records]
VA – Muna Musik 011 [194491635527] [FLAC] (2019)
VA – Paravisionary [Soiree Records International]
VA – Phat Phil Cooper Presents NuNorthern Soul Winter Warmers
VA – Relish100 [Relish]
VA – The Annual 2019 (Pt. 1) [Deeper Music]
VA – The Annual 2019 (Pt. 2) [Deeper Music]
Valerio Bianco – Moonlight Shadow [Penaut Butter]
vassagosso – Theta [Deepmode Records]
Wipe the Needle – Wait (feat. Alex Lattimore) [Makin’ Moves]
Wizard – Through Space (feat. Santos) [Gemini M Records]
Wolo – The Change Is Coming [DeepWit Recordings]
Yves St. Patrick – Single Sounds [Reiteration]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Abstract Drumz & Skru – Dance With the Devi
Albzzy – Midnight Remixes [Broken Music Syndicate]
Archelix, Paladion – Don’t Want to Say Goodbye
AwakeFM – Atlantean LP [Omni Music (UK)]
AYE-DEN, Jitra – Jakd Young Guns #1 [JAKD Recordings]
Bad Influence – Powerful [Cutting Edge Soundz]
Baguk Perez – D’n’B Illuminat [Drum and Bass Generation]
Baransu – IS [Beat Machine Records]
Benny Page, Sweetie Irie & Kleu, Kursiva – Power Remix
Bleu Clair & Jargen, Sihk – Do My Thing [Barong Family]
Bok Nero & Shizz Lo – Hood Anthem (Remixes) [Dim Mak Records]
BorkerBrothers, Art1fact – All My Friends Are Criminals
Brais – Never Thought [Clipper’s Sounds]
Brian Brainstorm – Judgement , Kill Another Sound
ChAnGeR – In Transient [Soul Deep Digital]
Chopstick Orchestra – L’Automne a Pekin [Devilbeat]
Cobalt Blue Music – Secret Voice [Diametral]
Damage Report – Firestorm [Prototype Recordings Corporation]
Daniele Principato – The Young Ram [Relative Clouds]
DANL, Hatsune Miku & Kautsar, Lost Paper – With You ,, Remixes
Dead Zodiac & Jaise, Veronica Bravo – The Fall
Dexick – 6PbI3raJIka [Bloodstone Recordings]
Dic Kens – Goodbye [Revealed Recordings]
DJ Geache – It Is Cyclone [SRC Music]
DJ Nut Nut – Message from Jah , Check This Out
DJ Tez – Woken [Music UK]
DJ Vapour – Kamikaze [36 Hertz Recordings]
Dovley – Prism (InTake Remix) [Cromadiscope]
Dubphobia – I Need You [Sub Generation Records]
Dutta & Sl8r, Dutta – LA Kush Cake [Digital Terror Records]
Enamour – Catalyst [Harmor Records]
Enton Biba – Ctrl F4 [Vinebeat Records]
Exception – Nowhere to Run [Bass Rabbit Recordings]
Flm – Lovely Things [DNBB Digital]
Fonzo & Riko Dan, Fonzo – Bushmaster [Durkle Disco]
Forge – Disconnected , Care for You [Silk Recordings]
Funkware – Lady Day and John Night, Mesmerizing
Glitch City – Testify (feat. Rekwest) [Right Good Records]
Green Ketchup – Bee (Remixes) [Infinity Makers]
Gronny – Sad Clouds [Rubin Records]
Guzi & Zoner, Guzi – Area 51 [Sub-liminal Recordings]
Herc Deeman – Torero [Ensis Records]
High Roll – The Cleaner [Formation Records]
Husman – The Siren’s Call , The Crusade [inHarmony Music]
Indivision – Amazing Promises [Indivision Music]
INRIVEN – Nova [Electric Station]
Int Company – Corridors of Death – Part 2 [Close 2 Death]
Isaac Maya & Bungalo Dub, Dirty Skank Beats – Fallout
Ivan Gomez, Nacho Chapado, PKDO – Guareber Recordings Unreleased Mixes 16
Joakuim & Ill Truth, Joakuim – Le Clebs [Huski Records]
Jose Spinnin Cortes, Luis Alvarado – The Source (Deluxe Edition)
Kaaze & Elle Vee – Take Me Home (feat. Elle Vee)
Kanine – Unleashed [UNLEASHED]
Kayobe – My Love [Outta This World (OTW)]
Kelayx – Script [Citate Forms]
Kyam – Residual [Unbidden Audio]
Lisitsyn & Cristian Poow – I’m In Control (feat. Alateya)
Love Bass, Devastate – Wasp Bass [Diamond Dubz]
Lucas Medeiros – Rampage , Footprints [EPride Music Digital]
Lymitless – Here To Silence , Harrys Problem [Dubstomp 2 Bass Records]
Mad Zach & Safire, Mad Zach – Fortress Remixed [Plasma Audio]
Maddix – With or Without You (Crime Zcene Remix)
Malk – Ice Breaker [IN DEEP Music]
Molecular – Bouncer , Rolling Ride [Skankandbass]
MonoKey – Shun [Refrained Music]
MsDoS – Sensations , Calibration [Sheer Velocity Recordings]
MVRK, Dub Personal – Illumination [Delta9 Recordings]
Noizesplitter & Dezpot, Methi’s – Tight (REMIXED)
Oncill – Limned In Static [Frostfyre]
Oski & Doctor Werewolf – Destroy All Humans [Disciple]
Ozkan Sapan – Godzilla [Night Light Company]
Patient – Descend ,, Stillness in Madness [Sunny Moves Records]
Queemose – Quanta gente porti [Arneo Foundation]
Runnah – Extravaganza , Universe [Latch Recordings]
Scepticz & Kiki de Klerk – Komorebi , Psycho
Sebastopol – Thunder [Indiefy]
Sequences – Raiden-EP [Blu Saphir Limited]
Sick Individuals & Justin Prime – Guilty (feat. Nevve)
SKAMR – Money On My Mind [Desolate Recordings UK]
Soul Defiance – Take It Back [Innovate Audio]
Stereotype – The Loneliest [Driven AM Recordings]
T I – Double Cross [Grid Recordings UK]
Tambour Battant – Galore [X-Ray Production]
Tesla Coil – Facet Vision [Shell Shock Recordings]
The Sauce – The Sauce , Untouchable [The Sauce Recordings]
VA – Best Of 2019 [Guy Scheiman Music]
VA – Conspiracies [Flexout Audio]
VA – Infinite Impact [SIN.FULL MAZE]
VA – Shogun Audio Presents 2019 [Shogun Audio]
VA- 17 Years of Mainframe [Mainframe Recordings]
Vowel, Mason – The Mime , Fervour
Why So Sad – Out of Time [Repost Network]
Wintermute – Reveries [Boundless Beatz]
Xeomi – Sentimental [Confucian]

Electronica & Downtempo

Acid Pauli – Shifting Gier [Ouïe Circle]
Adult Fiction – Adult Fiction 02 [Adult Fiction]
Alidiana Silverkin – Heart and Soul [Ermetyca]
Anna Vega – With You [Miyako Records]
Antoinette Van Dewark – Just Some Beats
Anton RtUt – Romantic Computer [ONESUN NEON]
Apocalypse Sounds – That Vicious Circles
Astropilot – Live at Atmasfera 360 [AstroPilot Music]
Beamy – Paradise Dreams [Fuzion Dreams]
Big Al, Freedo Mosho – Miracle [Haute Musique]
Brainwaltzera – The Kids Are Ai [Analogical Force]
Chill Factory – Snowflakes [GoFish Records]
Chris Staropoli – Together [Spinnup]
Dan Arlov – Stereo [Moveton]
Dan T – Bad Habit [Captum Records]
DJ Biopic, JussComplex – Chill ‘Til Late Records (Lounge Grooves 2)
DJ Queto – Spiritual (Ayman Nageeb Remix) [BEATZ]
Ekoplekz – Radiochronikz [WNCL Recordings]
Engarde – Unfinished & Unreleased Archives [recordJet]
Eulalie – Car Blinker [Dream Catalogue]
F!nch – Tranquility [SOULFRQNZ Records]
FiverKent – Kakorrhaphiophoby [Battlefront Records]
Frameworks – Imagine Gold [Loci Records]
Fredrik Carlsson – Voices [Jens Records]
Haan808 & Jnthn Stein, Yuneer Gainz – Lights of Guidance
HSXCHCXCXHS – Aåä [Rösten]
Information Society – Room 1904 [Tommy Boy]
Isla Den – Acid Dream [Bedroomer]
Ivy Lab, Onoe Caponoe & L-zee Roselli – Space War
Jade Key – Pulse [Frequency , AEI]
James Sandford – 59335 [Broken20]
Joe Jeffers – Amateur Psychology [Satellite Music Series]
Karim Le Mec – The Legend Continues [Funtek Records]
Kermesse, Kermesse, Elfenberg – Esperanza [Kamai Music]
Koan – Muses & Poets Incomprehensible Sonets
Louis Marlo – Stained Glass [Merriware Records]
Lucid Grain – Sustain & Release [Modularfield]
Madrane – Slap [Future Sonar]
Makoto Holmberg – Disgelo [Syntheke Records]
Mantus – Summer Dreams [Retro City Records]
Max Maxwell & Carmel Courtney – Seabreeze [Golden Bay Records]
Morphology – Collective Memory [Analogical Force]
Moveton – Lovec Snov [Moveton]
MR XYBORG – Nine Reason Why [Wellness Life Records]
Musica Per Bambini – Alla fiera della fine [Trovarobato]
Nachap & fernando lagreca – Autumn Glints [Beautiful Accident]
Noumen – Obscurium [Central Processing Unit]
Osvaldo Carreira – Promenade [Etznab]
Phunkadelica – Phunk Ad Elica [Multinotes]
PinballSpider – Circuit Breaker [Avoidant Records]
Pineal – Wandering Findings [Voidoscope Rec.]
Poseidon – River Styx [Open Outlets]
Quirke – Steal a Golden Hail [Whities Recordings]
Radboud Mens & Matthijs Kouw – Live 29,05,2019
Rocboss – Ridge [LNG Records]
Ruby My Dear – Phlegm [Analogical Force]
Schwarz & Funk – Back to the Beach [Be Adult Music]
Seven24 & Cj RcM – I’m Alive (Radio Mix) [Contemporary Records]
Seven24, Angel Falls & Delaitech – Let Me In
Side Liner & Aviron – Loch Ness [Cosmicleaf Records]
Sky Boy – 2 Far Away [Statics]
Softcore & el topo, Shmuck the Loyal – Softcore1
Speaker Music – Of Desire, Longing [Planet Mu]
Stormi Noir – Fairy Talk [TSRA]
STRR – Low Profile [Tratore]
Tek Genesis & Halinae, Keenan Mathias – Temp
The Ambientalist – A Children’s Dream [MQY Music]
Thomas Simon Saddier – Digitalisation sentimentale
uzoma – Smoke [Indiefy]
VA – Beyond Techno [ANALOGmusiq]
VA – City Suite 5 [Solphet Music]
VA – My Chill-Out Room [Stereoheaven]
VA – The Best Of 2019 [Miyako Records]
VA – Utopia III [Rebellion der Traumer]
VA – Visionary 01 – [RedSonja Records]
Vatican Shadow – American Flesh For Violence
Veins Full of Static – Passenger Songs [Disintegration State]
Venetian Snares – Greg Hates Car Culture [Timesig]
Will Lister – Glow [Of Paradise]
Woki Toki – Intellectus [YS,R]
XNMOZA – Frndrnbang – [Tak.etomashina]
Yair Etziony – Ensemble [False Industries]


Abel Garcia – Waiting [Lolipop Recordings]
Adri Block, Chris Marina – We Got the Real Thing (Jackin Mix)
Aeron Aether, The Emissary – Pangea [Morphosis Records]
Alex Preston – Your Ragga [Basement Sound]
alexander orue – Talking 2 Myself [Fattie Music]
alexander orue, Scotty Boy & Melody Smith – All for You (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix)
Alison Candy – Dream [Pongo Records]
Andy Craig & Lisa Moorish, Glenn & Crest – Keep On [Shivar]
Andy Edit, Soulful French Touch & Michelle Rivera – Diggin On You
Andy Reid – Hausmusik [Motive Records]
Antony Reale – Elements [Ya.Ma Records]
Arthur Johnson, Colossio, Mufti – Inside
Benny Sendiz – Shake That A$$ [Mezcalina Records]
Bradley Richards, Cacciola – Fade Out 24 [Crossfade Records]
BrageAndre & Sif – All in My Head [LoveStyle Records]
Bruno Brufatto, Maicon Quadros, Mateus Demétrio – Feeling Down
Cisco Barcelo – All Night, All Right [Traktoria]
Cru of Tu – Work [BTuned Recordings]
D-Man (H) & My Dirty House – Fuerza [Deephour Music]
D’Gian – Make My Day [Sousa-Label]
Da Muziqal Chef – Messed Up (feat. Boetzo) [Zwayn Industries]
Dani Masi – Sexy Groove (feat. Juan Trumpet) [Which Bottle ]
Dave Lindbergh – Restricted [SCTY]
Dirtydisco – What U Feel [Zulu Records]
DJ Castello, Dj Longo & Eyal Bar – Conductor 2K19 [Italica Records]
DJ Pope & Lynette Smith – Addicted (Remixes)
Double Agent – Feels Like (Remixes) [Medium Rare Recordings]
Downtown Connection – Tell Me [Hot Stuff]
Dream Funker – Come Back [Funker Records]
Ernest & Frank – Icon – [Downtown Underground]
Fabian Bocanegra – Sensual Beat [Turtle Musik]
Felipe C. – Mamacita Te Te Te [Netswork Digital Records]
Fierce City – Midnight Noise [Red Lamp Records]
Fond8 – Moonlight [Metropolitan Recordings]
Fred Buddah – Free My Soul [Super Black Tapes]
Futurewave – Haste [Filthy Sounds]
Gae Harper – So Surprised [My Wife Records]
George JJ Flores – Heartbeat [Selekta Recordings]
Gianluca Manzieri – Unbridled Funky [Bit Rule Records]
Golf Alpha Bravo – Blue Wave [Mom+Pop]
Highlanderz & Raffee – Keep the Beat Rockin
Homero Espinosa – Breathless (MdCL Remix) [feat. Miko Marks]
HP Vince – Get Wasted [PHXBLK]
Hudson Passos – Azuis [Houseria Recordings]
Humbledrop – God of Sound [Humbledrop Productions]
INECI – Solstice [Reduction Records LLC]
Ivan Jack – Love Song [NUDISCO]
Ivan Salvador – EL TUMBAO (feat. Carlow) [Smile Records]
Ivan Salvador & Diego Alonso – El Guajiro [Smile Records]
John Joseph – Nu Detroit Groove [PITS]
JoioDJ – Don’t Give Up (feat. D’Bra Powell)
Joxman Caldero – All That You Need [Smashing Trax Records]
Julian the Angel – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
KAYLiTO – Where We Go [Seventy Four]
Klazina – Take the Dive [Mooloo Records]
Kooba & KarMichael – Mouz Out [Dufflebag Recordings]
Kool Bronson – The Funkiest [Gents & Dandy’s]
Kraftech – Have You Seen [Houseworx Sessions]
Landhouse – Ghosts [Finebeatz]
Leone – We Got This [84Bit Music]
LIX – Downtown People [Libe Vibe]
LM Sound & Irina Olifer – Like Me [Sirup Music]
Luca Profeti – Keep on Saxy [Hotfingers]
MagicBe – Beyond the Stars [Bif Records]
Mark Funk & Danny Cruz – Strawberry [Cruise Music]
Maruwa – On My Mind [Lobster Theremin]
Matt Kerley – Piano Persuasion (feat. John Bangham)
Mell Bess – Deeper [BEATER RECORDS]
Michelino – I Wanna [Disco Explosion Records]
Mickey Calvin – Sing Sing Sing [Campo Alegre Productions]
Mijangos – Sunny (feat. Manuel Hernandez) [Soulstice Music]
Mike Newman – So Real [Bagira Ice Records]
Mike Sacchetti, Pontias – OMBRA INTL 012 [Ombra International]
Mike Zoran – Crazy Day [Four Stripes Records]
Mike Zoran – You Can Do Better [RHOMBUS DIGITAL RECORDS]
Milton Gray & Rona Ray – Vicious Circle [Birkin Records]
NEWMAN & Dave Anthony – Magnify (feat. Susu) [Neil Pierce Remix]
Oskar Konne – Tierra Santa [Tactical Trax]
P.A. Presents – Sax Madness [U-TRAX]
Philip Monroe – Rich in Paradise (Extended Version)
Pylle – Perfect Remix [MojoHeadz Records]
Rick Marshall – Welcome to the Disco [Funky Revival]
Ricky Montana – Keep On [Vamos Music]
Rodlanz – Fooze [MojoHeadz Records]
Rogue Royals – Malakai [Aquamelon]
Roland & Brother Rich – Greene Street [MoodyHouse Recordings]
Rosabel – Anything for You (Mixes) [feat. Tamara Wallace]
Roy Jazz Grant – Fluid Jazz Bounce [Apt D4 Records]
Sammy Deuce – EZY [In It Together Records]
Sean Bartana – Grantage [Rump Records]
SERG, Oscar Madrid – No Sleep (Oscar Madrid Remix)
Six Beats – Beats Intaglio [Family Grooves]
Smokey Bubblin B – One Night in Paris [Simma Black]
Solodchi Mix – Radiance [Soundserfing Records]
Sordid Soundz – Wanna Bump [Star Funk Records]
Souichiro Masutomi – 4Th Cycle [Morris Audio]
Sterling Void – One Night [Society 3.0]
Stranger Danger & Sen-Sei – The Dancefloor
Supermusiq – Barman (feat. M.L.I) [Rapport Digital Music]
The Black Man Soul – The Tracklist of Your Life [droorshouse records]
The Funk Fury, Chillhomers, FX Projekt – Let’s Roll Remixed
The Stoned – Ghetto Love [Juiced Music]
Thomas K – All Night Long [Midwest Hustle Music]
Toru S. – In Memory of Doc Yoko #15 Disco Sax (Re-Edits)
Turbojaxx, Parker Madicine – Maxx Jadicine [Last Forever Records]
Two Magics – Good Vibrations (feat. KJL) [TB Media]
VA – Abound of House, Pt. 7 [Abound]
VA – Best of Earth n Days 2019 [HouseU]
VA – Compilation [C6MC079] [FLAC] (2019)
VA – Kings Of Disco Shuffle [MMDIGI1043] [FLAC]
VA – Music of U.F.O Studies [JENS010] [FLAC]
VA – Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 28 [BJ28] [FLAC]
VA – Smoke Dat G [Smokin Joe Records]
VA – We Love House 2 (Beatport Exclusive Edition) [GU443] [WAV]
Vhyce – Edits from the Crypt [Ravanelli Disco Club]
Vyvyan – Me Me Me Presents Now Now Now 09
WDDS – Crato , Twilight [Hectare Discs Recordings]
Wekingz – Know the Night [Stereophonic]

Melodic House & Techno

Abcer – Atheism [Space Star]
Adam Ten, Mosko (IL) – Many Faces
Albuquerque, CANCCI, Flowers on Monday – Chasing Time
Alexandre Benz, Koschka – Memory [Advise Records]
Alexic Rod – Hot [Shaman Flow]
Andrew Bayer – Immortal Lover (The Remixes) [feat. Alison May]
Anicca – Now [Uttermost]
Bioslave – Aurora Borealis [Lost Crate]
BSKF & Etch, Tworall & Etch – Oasis [Timeless Moment]
Carsten Halm & Ramirez Son – Iserlohn [Monkey League]
Chris Hobbs – Take a Look [Lincor]
Conrad Clifton & POLARSEN – How (Conrad Clifton Remix)
Dear Passengers – Yourself [Sonar Records]
Double Black – Stern [Trippy Code]
Dysco, D.J. MacIntyre, Leo Perez – People of the Sun
ER-SEEn – Mea Culpa (feat. Enigma) [EuphoriaElite Records]
Estiva – Kosmos , Two Tigers [Statement!]
Fatih Ata – Abflug [Syncopate Afterhours]
Fennec & Wolf – Addiction [Incroyable Music]
Frank Sonic, L-EX – Vacura [KULTO]
FUTWRK SOUND – Space Is Square [Shaman Black]
Gadi Mitrani – Willing [Dawn till Dusk]
Giuseppe Fusco – Penguin [Shaman Black]
Goda Brother – Lunar Eclipse – [SoundBook Records]
Heorhiy ALT – Volcanic [Emotive Sounds]
Hernan Cattaneo, Audio Junkies, D-Nox, Beckers – A Major Minor
James Trystan – Utopia [Dear Deer]
Jey Di – Stelar [Revival records]
KAMADEV – Allegory [Manual Music]
Ladislao – Loyalty , Kalpa [Mango Alley]
LONI – The Children’s World [Trippy Code]
Lox D – NINO [AzTech Music]
Luca Guerrieri, Produkkt – Unreleased Remixes 2019
Lucky Choice – Time [Complex Destroyerz]
M2 – Final Chapter [Illusion Cartel]
Marco Goncalves – TimeLaps [Maintain Replay Records]
Mark Tarmonea, Felix Raphael – Pull Revisited [Eye And Eye]
Mati Fernandez – Arenales [Turtle Musik]
Max Wexem – Kepler186 [Intricate Records]
Menkee – The Unknown [Kommunikation Records]
Moonwalk & Erly Tepshi, Moonwalk – Elessar
Mr Rog – All Types [New Robot Rec]
Nigel C – Delicate [I AM DIFFERENT]
Nozzleholder, Nozzleholder, MASINO – Bali [Muted]
Nykko_M – Say Something [Votiva Records]
Owen L – New Line [Betthany Records]
Paulo Foltz – Equilibrium [Us & Them Records]
Pete O´deep – Aroha [Revkon Records]
Rafael Cerato, Aves Volare – Mysteries of Life , Naive
Ramirez Son – Firestarter [Lauter Unfug]
Recode – Energia [NOTTURNA]
Redford (NL) – My Love For You [Enormous Chills]
Riccardi – Melodic Drama [Drak Records]
Robin Hirte – Baltimore [Das Ohr Digital]
Robin M – Hangdrum , Dust [FFRR]
Samialz – Traveller [Diana Recs]
Settantanove – Cambiamento [BMMR]
Sureno Black – Ascension [PYRX Records]
TechNoa – Tickling Synapses [Dog And Man]
The Blockchain, Kinree, Den Maar – Again & Again
Tom Algorithm – Mgt [STIG]
Tremonjai – Espejo [Revival records]
VA – The Best Of 2019 [Madzonegeneration Records]
VA – Trippy Techno Santa Claus [Trippy Code VA]
Zalvador – Jupiter Safari [Freegrant Music]

Minimal & Deep Tech

3LAU – Tokyo (feat. Xira) [Anonymous Records LDN]
Abis Läufer – Calling the Old Gods [Plankton Repellent]
Alexandru Aprodu – Espiritu [Dushe Label]
Ali Demir – Witching Hour [Worst Behavior], Yas (LB) – Subtatic 038 [Subtatic]
Anatoly Space – Ne Vinovat [.KF Records]
BeatQueche, Adonis FR – Emptiness in My Spirit
Cee – CM004 [Cee Music]
Claudio Jimenez – Avante [Beachside Records]
Collate – Implacable [Maintain Replay Records]
CRWFRD – Radius [Good Luck Penny]
Dario Caruson – Requiem [Logo Records]
Dave Colorado – Hard Shit [Panterre Musique]
Deeply Unexpected & Spinnet – Dubfillings
Dj Domingo – Centrash [Atrezzo Records]
Dohan – Fresh [Habitat]
Dope Meduza – Acid Deep [Space Bird Records]
Ele Oz – Hello [Hatching Creatures]
Elias R – Rave Days [Intimo]
Enzo Tucci, Robot Sky – Antares [Crash!]
Ezikiel – My Flow [Nurum Music]
Fabrizio Lucci – Air Mak [WAFO Music]
Feta, Lushi – In Dub We Thrust [Acilectro Recordings]
Full Nelson – Mustard [Bish Bash Records]
Gianfranco Troccoli, Tomi&Kesh, Vincenzo D’amico – Boogie Call
Giovanni Molinaro, LetKolben – Unstrained [ACHT]
Glasinovic, Javier Labarca – Procusto
Gustaff, Tomi&Kesh – Different Style [Habla Music]
Heber, Heber, F.eht – Chicxs [Samani]
Hernan Alvarellos – Never Give Up [Minimum Addiction]
illAx – Aqua [In Dushe]
Ivaylo – Rumba Bulgara [Full Pupp]
James Dexter & Leonardo Gonnelli – Galaxy [Gruuv]
Jor-G – Kamadelo [Lucidflow]
Julian Coba – Nature [Haliaeetus Music]
Kair – Na Noite [Miaw]
Kinko – Rosin Club [Vincent Noxx Records]
Kinto – southern [Club Rayo Disquets]
Lauhaus & Mario Franca – Deep Breath [Yet Records]
Leom & TAPIIA – Your Soul [Bayres Label]
Lisergic – Mission [Bass Zone Music]
Lucio Agustin & parsec – The Return [DPE]
Luis Lugo – Red Jungle [Black Turtle Deep]
Mauricio Spencer – Kaoz In The Club [Bla Bla]
Michel Degen, Lorik – Dance & Have A Good Time
Miguel Colmenares (PE), Diego Methz – Abra
Miguel Tagua – Preacher [Native Music Label]
MINT (JPN) – Delirium [Cranium Rec]
Munsen – Angelo (Munsen’s LoFi Mood Mix)
Nachtvogel – Feigenkaktus [Owl Frequency Records]
Nano Navarro – Turbulencias [Sunlife Music]
Nick Neiman, Nick Neiman, Luis Bravo – Particle [Colour In Music]
Notorious lynch – Sigo Buscando [Rhythm Culture Records]
OuiOui – Kaboom [buyaka]
Oxven – Warm [MT Musik]
Parallel Road – That Groove [Pure TNT Records]
Paul Deep (AR) – Mk50 , Redeem [Plattenbank]
Paul Stenn, Rahel Santhos – Axlat [PL7]
Pedro Campos, Break – Estado De Sitio
Rallo – Kawumm [Sieben Sonnen]
ro_mo – Contales Who [Conceptual Deep]
Robert Sevillano – Ku Sensations [Olatu Recordings]
Rone White, Rowen Clark, David Aurel – Blow Your Mind
Rosario Crisol, Entoniu & Agape – Opuesta [Tip Tap Records]
Salvatore Perfetto, Luke Liberati – Crash Test [Milk Crate]
Sherl – Boogie Boy [Young Society Records]
Stiven Escarraga, Nia Blaq – Room 12 [Substrate Limited]
Swoy, Bolumar, Lorenzo Chiabotti – Stranger Synths
The Unseen, The Unseen, Eme Kulhnek – Beam [Mothr Music]
Thomas Garcia & Eric Sharp – A Song’s Worth [Vibrascura Music]
Tokyo Sindrome – Roomanto [Marba Records]
Tomi&Kesh & Martin Occo – I’m About [HEATERS]
Tommy Vicari Jnr – Grateful For Huge Mercies
VA – Deliberate Mistakes 15 [WHLTD141] [FLAC]
VA – Global Ritmico Sessions #10 By David Phillips
VA – Madtech 08 [KCMTDL066] [FLAC]
VA – Nightmare on Tech Street [Dance All Ways Digital]
VA – Seven Years of ID Music [ID Music]
Zahid Noise – Sweet Sensation [Hypenimal Recordings]

Progressive House

Alex Vanni – Slip Away [Nouveau Niveau Records]
Ansgarii – Survival Mode [Nala Music]
Art Movement – Being the Light [Caravelle]
Blaumar – Hypnose , Night Sky Beyond [BOX4JOY]
Dennis Greppi – Primitive [Figura Music]
Estran – Stranger Tides [TRAUM TECHNO GERMANY]
Ewan Rill – Primal Function [Magnitude Recordings]
Francesco Sambero – Pemuta [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
HABENSKY – Missing Homeland [Waiting For Apollo]
HGenius – Backup [MojoHeadz Records]
Ivailo Blagoev, John Bart – Neptune , Melody of Sarana
Jelly For The Babies – Moon in My Coffee , Winter Tide [
Jero Nougues – Frostbite (Remixed) [Droid9]
Juram – Eramu [IN2U Records]
Kamilo Sanclemente, Dabeat – Dream Walker
Kitzune – Messier 87 [Tezana Records]
LGF prod. – Megapolis [Lincor]
Lisa Bauede – Cosmic [Fatal Music]
Majed Salih – Viliemora [Medievil-Music]
Mario Kassar – Cosmos [DistroKid]
Moonbeam – Monad , Destino [Moonbeam Music]
Nerutto – Coastline [Magnifique Recordings]
Ron Flatter – Move to the Vibe [Pour La Vie Rec.]
Sixthsense – Transition [Soluna Music]
Sun Shower – Droplets [interflow progressive]
Ta-Lee – Orchid [MNL]
The Loco – Supreme , The Sun [Early Origin]
Theory-M, Loli – Infinite Bliss [Deepmode Records]
Tremonjai – I’m Going To Take You [Valencia Records]
VA – Best of Superordinate 2019 [Superordinate Music]
VA – De Rerum Natura [Natura Viva In The Mix]
VA – Karia Records Best Of 2019 [Karia Records]
VA – Pure Progressive Retrospective 2019 [Pure Progressive]
VA – Re Sound Music 2019 [Re Sound Music]
VA – Rejoice ; Part V [Inmost Records]
Vanilla Ace, R-DJ & Mr. Fitz – Nightcap [Poesie Musik]
Vynek – D.O.R [Apache Records]
Wavelounger – Warming Moon , Freezing Sun
Weekend Heroes, WADD, jotabee – Flare [UV]
Yasin Guven – Nurdan , Childhood Dreams [Synth Collective]
Z8phyr – Sapphire Swells [Cool Breeze]
Zazen – Ginseng , Jun Zi [Nueva]

Tech House

&O – Bed Sheets [Safari Tech]
21 Souls, Giovanni (AR) – Up In The Club
Ac1tz – Acid Knowledge [Acid 606-61]
Aidin Caye – Romeo [Created Equal]
Animmik – The Beginning [Knuck!]
Anthony Melfi – Serum [Huambo Records]
Ariel Sacone – The Best Dance [Bambole Records]
Arnau Ariza – Cool Gangsta [Techno Die Recordings]
B-Liv – Midas [Nite Grooves]
Badin Brothers – Autumn In London [Hey Momma!]
barbeX – Little Mac [Koffe Records]
Bhackos – Rock Me Baby [Mixdown Recordings]
Bio Techno – Run Run [Morrvey Tech Sounds]
Bio Techno – Running Slow [Morrvey Tech Sounds]
Blas Cordero, BOBBY SHANN – Back 2 Back
Blkd Out – Dip [G-Mafia Records]
Bossy Ing, Rodrigo Veiga, Leticia Gotti – Acid Girls
Chicks Luv Us – Soul Ctrl [Klaphouse Records]
Craig Crompton – BURN HOTTER [Price Incorrect]
Cuevas (ES), Tyler Coey & About Us – Right Now
Dan Arlov – Wan’t Stop [BORSH]
Dan Kramer – I Bet You [Integrate Music]
Danilo Dumonte, Mike Zoran – Put It on the Table
Dead Space & G. Felix – Elevate [South Of Saturn]
Deepsteps – Think with Me [Dubwise Records]
DIAZ (BR) – Great Speech [Shield Records]
Dima Terem – Wake Up! [ALOF]
DJ Taus – Tech Way [Morrvey Tech Sounds]
Dovley – Prism (Josh Says Remix) [Cromadiscope]
Driss Capone – Hype Groove [Stab Recordings]
Dulmin – Oblivium [Be Color Music]
East End Dubs – ENDZ031 [Eastenderz]
Ecotek – Falling 4U [Xtravaganza]
Eddie Cortès – In Da Base [Relative Music]
Enky Jane – Sonic Solution [Audiophile XXL]
Ersan Erguner – Save [Night Light Company]
Ever – L & Sexgadget – 1993 [Turtle Musik]
Felipe Fella – Insane Groove [Subsolo Music]
Felix da Housecat & Dave the Hustler – Isssaparty
Flaneur – Street Dance [ROC City Records]
Fonso De Frutos – Freak [Merkaba Sound]
Fred Linger – Another Time [Wanderlust]
FreedomB – Nane [Sisyphon]
Fumanchu – Psicobeat [Valencia Records]
Gaetano Inglese – Que Te Importa [Conscious]
Gefra – El Gritos [The Prison]
Geto Mark – Booty Traction [Public Housing]
Gianluca Cj – Nice to Meet You [Baxxline]
Gianni Blu – In the Jungle (Ibranovski Remix)
Gianni Galati – Hot Groove [Happy Records]
Gorillag – Sphere , Witchcraft Black [Complex Destroyerz]
GuruTech – Feel Tha Groove [Soundrepublic]
Gustavo Ferrandi – South Evolution [Noexit]
Gutto Serta – Phear Damage [Springstoff]
Hassio (COL) – Clouds in Main [SELECTECHouse Label]
Ivan Luceri – Give It to Me [Labdab]
J.P. Torres – Ultimate Tech [Music By The Eye]
J.Santos & Xentrick – Watch Out Boy [Vayk Records]
Jan Ve – Don’t You [Mo’s Ferry Productions]
John Glassey – What’s Lacking Today [PBR Recordings]
Kadenza – The Key [NastyFunk Records]
Kilmer – Runaway (Voltage Mix) [Somn’thing Supertech]
L-Gil – Come On People [Magic Beatz]
L.C LUIS CAR & Haunted Maik – La Reforma
Lee Adams – Keep It Going [DaCosta Records]
Los Tesh – Factoria [PPMUSIC]
LowRec – Symphony [Deep Bear]
LucaJLove & Checco Saponaro – Pusher [Play My Tune]
Luis Cortés – Mixquic [76 Recordings]
Luna City Express – Full Force – [Lapsus Music]
M3DRADA & Elegancy – You Don’t Know Me
Marcell Marias – Frequency and Vibration [Munchies After Dark]
Mark Christopher – Underground Life [3rd Way Recordings]
Market Memories – The Charm (Remixes)
Mathias D. – Oumy [Bibliotheque Records]
Matt Shelder – Have Fun [Worms Records]
Mauro C.Dream & CHRIS X – EP Wuap [Mousinc Recs.]
micFreak – What U Doin [Chub Rub]
Mike Bravo – The Word is love [Elantris Records]
Modström – Peacock Business [MUAU MUSIC]
Nrgee, Nrgee, Radek K – Escape Into Music [Green Kiwi Records]
Nukem & De la Maso – Deep Tisch (Remixes)
Paskal Daze, Diego Lima – Bring on Down
Piem & Mauro Venti – Sheet [NONSTOP]
PLAYR2 – Tonight [Integrate Music]
Project Dos45 – Leave The Dance Floor [Survivor Records]
Renso Ferrari & Doctore – Capsula [Influenza Records]
Rheda Andrews & Nice-D – No Stones [Groovalicious Records]
Riaz Dhanani & C.O.Z – The Shaman’s Chant [Sola]
Robert Maestro – Smoking [Raw Forms]
Samuel Dan – IDGAF [Stashed]
Samuel Dan – Reese [Formatik]
Sanct J – Bilquis [Spira Music]
Shavezz – Rolling [Bambole Records]
Space Jump Salute – Expect [Playpo]
Stephan Duy – Soundsystem [ARTWRK]
Syskey – The Way [Confuss Records]
The Frenchies & Numa Lesage – Record Keep Playin
TON MOIZ – Once is enough [Lizplay Records]
Tr-Meet – What I’m Saying [Exit 32]
Tyler Coey & Francesco Romano – Finer Things
VA – dEb Is Now! [dEb Records]
VA – Global Lovers V3 South America [Music is 4 Lovers]
VA – Hooked Reminiscence #1 [Hooked Music]
VA – In the Dark [Stammtisch]
VA – Miami 2019 [Sound On Sound]
VA – Mk2019 [MK837]
VA – The Annual 2019 Move Recordings [MOVE RECORDINGS]
VA – The Cream Of The Crop, Compiled by Alfredo Arruti
Vanilla Ace, AYAREZ – Fattoush [WyldCard]
Victor Romero – Discow Break [The Society]

Techno & Minimal

Achat – Dystopian Dreams [01010100]
Adventure Tale – Voices [Triplepoint]
Akme – Radical Forgiveness [Otake Records]
Albert Salvatierra – Introspection [Combine Audio]
Alberto Costas – Peter Punk [Crazyfriends Music]
Aleck Berserk – Ignition [Mincode Music]
Alexander Kowalski – Redemption [Kanzleramt]
Altone – Two Seasons [Bionika Records]
Alvinho L Noise – Polyvox [Noise Music]
An Avrin, Avernian – Scuffed Presents 003
Andrea Frisina – Universal Peace [Gate Null Recordings]
Angel Sonik – Kickflow [Datagroove Music]
Angie – Nevermind [Lazuli Records]
Apnia – Alleyway Orchestra [Subeq]
Arram – Plutonio [Technological Records]
Artem Smirnov – DLP2 [Destination V]
Arts of Purity – Prisma [Loudwire Records]
AudioGamer, Fixon – Memory Icon
Aurelio Mendoza – Wild Roar [Layer 909]
Axones & E-Runner – Palio [Nomad]
Axones, Axones, l’ombre – Real Border [Poincare Records]
Bakerbass – The End of Summer in Picardy
Bhed – Apatheia [Trusik Recordings]
Big Feta & Doctor Boom – Ectopic [Terminator Records]
Boby Samples – Voices Of The Change [Iberico Techno Label]
C-System – Shuriken [MFM Records]
Cari Lekebusch, Andre Crom – Gimma
Christian Hornbostel – Arcana Imperii [DSR Digital]
Conformal, Conformal, Jonbjorn – Juice [Lagaffe Tales]
D_VERGENT – Neptuno , Collapse [iElektronix]
D-Knox – Kalamazoo [Sonic Mind Records]
Daan Verbaan – Insanity [83]
Dadub – Tuluu (incl. Pure Version) [Holotone]
Dario Nunez, Javi Colina – All Night Long
Dasq – Capi [Marl Music]
David Aarz, Lautaro Ibañez – Heart Be Still
David Temessi, M_Fourk – Darkstar [rawe]
Deborah de Luca – Don’t Let Me Go [sola_mente]
Desiray Saija, Rovara, Orlando Voorn – TRANSITION 303
Details, Details, Peku – Anacusia [uno.]
Dj Domingo – Secret Nation [The Warehouse]
DJ Nanni – Revolution [Big Area Records]
DJs Pareja – Tecno Inferno [Schalen]
Dom3n – Dissolutus [Drum Tunnel Records]
Dominik Saltevski – Weightless Mind [Autektone Records]
Doppelstern, Jimmyzkinz – X [Pure Dope Digital]
Doug Cooney – Isolation [GND Records]
Dr. Zhivvago, Gaston Zani, Filterheadz – Addiction
DreiZehn – Stargazer [OPAC Records]
Drumsauw – 31 Seconds [Reload Records]
Drzneday, Vontech – Basic [Pure Dope Digital]
EERT – Crowded [Greyscale]
Elek-Fun – Plomo [Leading Astray]
Emilia Verdi – Modelo [Eichtal Recordings]
Enio Prod – Dance of Meduza [Trippy Code]
Exal, Jokasti & Nek – Mind Your Own [Prodigal Son]
Exos – Green Beat [X,OZ]
Eze Plan – Future [Bad Life]
F4T4L3RR0R – Dangerous (Extended Mix) [F4T4L3RR0R MUSIC]
Fabian Bussmann, Classic the Fist – Hypno [Traumraum]
FADEN, David Temessi, Marco Ginelli – Telepat [DSR Digital]
Filterboys – Adana [Rebellious]
Florian Meindl, Jeroen Search – Nonlinear Times Remixes
François X – Irregular Passion Reshaped [Dement3d]
Franem – Mydriasis [Egothermia]
Freqmind – Phenomen [TEKNOPHOBIA]
Function – Existenz [Tresor Records]
Gane Lux – Tico (feat. Carlos Vann) [Bunte Liebe Records]
Gare Mat K – Ferona [Crucial Moment]
Hectinek – Reinforcement [Positive Electronic Music]
Hector PSR – Now We [Energy Hard Espana]
IC2N8 – Once upon a N8 [Basse-cour]
Illuminate The Trail – Mad Men [Frame Workxx Records]
Jay Clarke – Klockworks 28 [Klockworks]
Jay Tommy & Mark EG, Jay Tommy – Intermission [Tommy Trax]
JOELE BASILI, Narbe – How Give You Pleasure
John Stevens – Nucleo [TrueLife Recordings]
Jon Connor – Crazies [Voltage Records]
Josh Sickles – Error Line [Josh Sickles]
Jourex, redfield – The Way [Awesome Soundwave]
Juan M – Pulsaciones [Anturia Records]
Jukka – Abyss [TECHNO NA RUA]
Juliano Machado – Just a Line [Go Trybe Records]
Julien Earle – Beyond All Memory [Say What ]
K-Raz – Far Out [Jango X]
Kapoor – Extract Part Two [Four Sides]
Khamp – Interestellar [Elastic Dimension Records]
Klangtronik, Oliver Immer, Melissa Nikita – Collab des Todes
Kuroi, Kuroi, Tom Palash, Larix – Kazoku [Translucent]
Kyle Lars – Temptation [Reload Records]
Laylae – Wicked Dimensions [Clubio]
Ludus Pinsky – Lettrobox 1 [Hot Elephant Music]
Luis Xander – Zeus [debDRUM 128]
M. Rodriguez & Karol Melinger – Ton Sprain
Maelstrom – Heat Wave (feat. De’fekt) [Mechatronica Music]
Manus G – Polaris [DaCosta Records]
Minio – Around The World [LDN Trax]
Mono Taste – One Day [Kieso Music]
Monolar, Djwestbeat – The Dawn [Third Floor Recordings]
Moving Thoughts – Blind Man Walking [Binary Cells]
Mowgly3 M3 – Brow [Dinky Kinky]
Nei Fidelis – Way To Betelgeuse [LETS TECHNO records]
NEM3SI$ – Force Of Habit [Onhcet Republik]
Nerds With Acid – Booty & the Beast [Brain Food Records]
Nexus 21 – The Rhythm of Life [Network Records]
Nico Hartt – Shapeshifter [recordJet]
Óscar Sánchez – Aquelarre [NAIF BEAT Records]
Otalora – Odds & Ends Remixes [Absence Records]
Pablo Caballero, Chris Coles, Latex Zebra – Unreaveling
Pan-Pot, Anfisa Letyago – Confronted Remixes [Second State]
PanTau – This Is Not 1983 [Lowpass 24 Rec.]
Pfirter – Dosis Multiple [MindTrip]
Pitch! – Say No More [Liebe zur Musik]
Polter Delao – Atmospheric Tunnel [VODA Records]
Pris – Sulphur City [Empathy]
Protyv, R.Hz – Orbit [Toxic Recordings]
Qual & Freude – Helium [Hungry Koala Records]
Quantico – Doobida [Pollege Records]
Rob Lewis – Vanity [Beaufort Beats]
Rosana Nun & J.Sanchez – Galaxy [Pornographic Recordings]
Rüdiger Kränzlein – Timed [ReWasted]
Sakin Bozkurt – Morag [X-trax]
Sendlak, Sendlak, Dumi – Silly Quest [Dirty Stuff Records]
Simina Grigoriu – Mama Ayahuasca [Kuukou Records]
Srav Zerbothz, Dvazz Brothers – Someonells [Skull Label]
Staffan Linzatti – Every Choice Never Made [Modularz]
Stephan Crown & Sabrina LCF – Techno Filter [Clubio]
Sublimar – Bunker [I Tech Connect Records]
Taken Name – Untitled [Stockholm LTD]
Tech C – defemate [Robotics Records]
Tech&Roll – Green Poison [Betrieb Records]
Unique (CRO), Edy C – Camyi [Decoded Records]
VA – Abzolut 2019 [Abzolut]
VA – Black 091 [Black Reverb]
VA – Dub Fund, Pt. 15 [Kollektor]
VA – Irreversible Thirteen [Night Light Records]
VA – M. Rodriguez Best of Remixes 2019 [Marktek Records]
VA – Naked Lunch 500, Vol. 1 [NLD500A] [FLAC]
VA – Nobody Listens to Techno 10 [Colore]
VA – Resolute (V1) [Noir Music]
VA – STRISCTRX Various Artists [STRX010] [FLAC]
VA – Techno District [Freak Frame Music]
VA – Viginti Septem [Panem Et Circenses]
Vohkinne, DJ Spider – Radiation, Fixation
Vøsne – Frohnau [Blueten Records]
VS51 – After Night, Pt. 2 [Rest Music]
Yuan – Avance [Insult To Injury]
Zaphy – Diligitis [Electric Wave Records]