Afro House

104 BPM – Interpretations 3 [DM.Recordings]
Afrokillerz – Doninha [Bstudios]
Aimo – Show Me (feat. Bobedi) [Kemet Soul Records]
Alex Spite & Olga Shilova – Without Your Love
Anthony Rhino & Surbza De Soul – Jiren [Afro Truly Music]
Aquadeep & Veesoul – Chasing You (feat. A.M)
Aris Kokou – Breath of Life [Deep Soul Space]
Cabuata Júnior – Some Noise [Vozes Quentes]
Coflo – The Blacksmith [Uncover Music]
Da Lata – Oba Lata (Manoo Remixes) [Foliage Records]
Dany Cohiba – A World of Hopes [SP Recordings]
Dany Cohiba – Rhythms from Caracas (Manybeat Remix)
dj AkisM & Margaux – I Think You [Black Mambo]
DJ Kev Karter – Waeko Mundo [Seres Producoes]
DJ Nax & Rosario, Dj Jesus – Love for the Beat
E-Man & Deep Sea Cosmonauts – In Came You (Bklyn Hit Squad Mixes)
Elias Fassos & RisK (GR) – Tobacco E Rum [Retrolounge Records]
Fragile Vocals & DJ Pistoli – Ithuba [AfriNative Soul]
Gees – Lumination [Lavenir Music]
Greg Cerrone – Back to Life [On The Air Music]
House Keypa – Dead Monk [Tribe Rawkan Records]
HyperSOUL-X – H.L.O.G.I. [Hyper Production (SA)]
Iman Hanzo & FNX OMAR, Pysh – Morenita [Wired]
Ivory White & Boddhi Satva – Farafina (feat. Ahmed Sosso)
Kay-9ine – Time Travel [SP Recordings]
Kaysha & Pedro Melo – Keep on Rising [Sushiraw]
Kiko Navarro – Tholokali (feat. Zano) [Ocean Club Music]
Leko Deep – Indingo [Ghost Records GR]
LetKolben – Don’t Hang by Your Feet [ACHT]
Lui Jin & The Option, Lui Jin – Tale of the Jungle [Gas Label]
Lukado – The Destroyer [Audio Kingz Records]
Manu Free – Voices [Monkey Stereo Records]
Max Marotto – Soul Pinky [miniMarket]
Mosco Lee & Nubz MusiQ – Drummer Shade
Musiq Mo & Sarah Mmekoe – Humanity (feat. Sarah Mmekoe)
Newmanhere – Timcsu [Celsius Degree Records]
O.J.A – Before the Birth of Life [Mosaiq Music]
Ofi Moet – Lost in the Clouds (feat. Earl W Green)
Rodney SA – Mbeya [Way Up Music]
Saint Evo – Wiyyan [NuLu Music]
Salvatore Agrosi – Il Monte [Retrolounge Records]
Sema Garay – Laas Geel [SRPDS]
Sexgadget & Chrstian Desnoyers – Zoum Zoum
So Sexy Djs – Pandemic [Konik Records]
SoulPoizen – Cure the Soul [WeAreiDyll Records]
Sweetpepper – The Shadow [Rubicon Dance Recordings]
VA – T R I B a L E 2 [Colore]
Yamil – POL Talks (Remix) [Pieces of Life]


Aslamin – Future Memories [AirWax]
DeathMomenT – Biomorph [Mindspring Music]
Dial Up & DJ DIlect – If You Want It [Ravesta Records]
DJ Infinitee – Young Hearts [HyperKat-Recordings]
DJ Nipper – Klipped [No Fakerz Records]
DOC Nasty – Can’t Hide What’s Inside [Supa Fresh Records]
Elliot Deutsch & Atom Smith – Comin’ Up Swinging
Fresxsh – Old Breakz [Sound Fresh Recording]
G-Force – To the Groove [Syndicate Nation]
Harry Wills – Sarky [Holding Hands Records]
Huda Hudia & Dj30A – Crisis [Kaleidoscope Music]
Inspira – Sounds of Everything [BBZ]
Invisible Inks – Engage the Engines [Mudra Music]
J.D Finburg – One Per Customer [Strictly Flava]
Mage – Gravity [ Records]
Neo Fresco & Warden – Push Em Way Back (Lingopolus Remix)
OnDaMiKe – Gas Up! [Ravesta Records]
OnDaMiKe & DJ Ekl – Droppin Bass [Ravesta Records]
PINGÜINO & OnDaMiKe – Funking Neck
Shade K & Naiblaze – Clot in Center [SPACE PIZZA Records]
SourOne – Loop Asylum [Shanti Planti]
VixiA & Sound Infection – Kiss My Keys
Yggdrasil – Fuck Good Times [Glitch Hop Community]


A dot R – Back of My T 2020 (feat. Trilla Jermaine Trilloski & Dopestalla)
Aexcit – High (feat. HILLA) [Nitron Music]
AFROGUYS – Deli Rium [Kalambur Publishing]
Alex Nail – My Suicide [Gysnoize Recordings]
Andreea Ilie & M.A.N – Bella Ciao Andaro Remix [Norvis Music]
Andrew Ross – Push It [V Records UK]
Andy Bach – Shake Down & Boogie [Tropical Disco Records]
Anion Effect – Act 2 Death [Multiza Distribution]
Authokino – Afro Dyte [Kalambur Publishing]
B.O.Keys – Learn Rising [Multiza Distribution]
Bayza – Everything I Wanted [One Seven]
Blue Man – So Sorry [Run Free]
Boris Ayson & Impalah – Ain’t Gonna Fall [Storm Music]
Bronxohardo – This Is Bronxohardo [Morillas Records]
Bsound Kids – Countdown [Crown Of Music]
Calling All Astronauts – #Resist [Supersonic Media]
kombutol – I am the Be[A]st [Two Oaths]
konst man – I’m Still Alive [Multiza Distribution]
Kygo & Dreamlab, Kygo & Haux – Golden Hour [Kygo]
Lao Liverani – Ma Che Ne Sai [San Lorenzo Records]
Leo Kalt – First Place [Rinse]
Lex Ventura – Slam the Pedal [Flashsteps Audio]
LeXxìv & Green Baker – Summer Body (feat. Green Baker)
Liam Laghan – It’s a Joke [Twisted Cells]
lil hily – Freshman 2020 [Multiza Distribution]
LIZOT, Holy Molly & Alex Parker – Back To Her [Nitron Music]
Llaeths – Temper [Multiza Distribution]
Lokura Mira – Suelte (feat. Luis Guisao) [Fantasia Urbana]
Loris Scomazzon – Corona Trump [Dezibel Music Productions]
LOS ANONIMOS – Tu Esti Totul [Future Society Records]
LotharMusic – Levitate [REVOMUSIC]
Louisa Revolta – Beach Song [Vintage Keys Records]
Luka J Master & Mr. Saretto – Sleeping Satellite (feat. Serenu’)
Lykov – I Know [Which Bottle ]
Mablos Dj & Christian Prada – Time [M&A Records]
Marc Reason – Take Our Time [TB Media]
Marianna Cataldi – Summer Breeze (feat. Nathan Jay)
Mier – Around My Mind [Deep Strips]
MihlanDOta – Warm Boombox [Multiza Distribution]
Mou5zyzz – Flexing While Driving [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
Nadezhda Boyadzhieva – Deep in the Universe
Namadzu – Kaiju [Multiza Distribution]
Narf Zayd – Nazari [Double Cheese Records]
NEBANAN – Phonker, Salam! [Multiza Distribution]
Neutral body – Oliver Sea Disco [Multiza Distribution]
Nicasso – This Is Nicasso [Morillas Records]
Nick Mathon – Big Baller [e-traxx Records]
Ninjury – Rewind Series Ninjury – Nephilim Mixes
Omar Meho – Acid Loop [Freaky Sounds]
Oni & Lllan – Non Stop [Multiza Distribution]
OSITO – Cave of Wonders [OSITO]
Payin’ Top Dolla – Deep Century [Multiza Distribution]
Perfect Pitch – Stress [You Love Dance]
Peter Brocks – I Was Wrong [Deep Strips]
PVN 28 – Dawn [Multiza Distribution]
radioulitsa – Many Shades of You [Multiza Distribution]
Rafo – Summer Story [Road Story Records]
Randers Cowboys – Happy Hour [Banger Records]
Rebecca & Fiona – Heart Skips a Beat [Big Romantic Music]
Riiichy, Darr & Difficult Kid – Premium Taxi
Rui Oliveira – El Cielo [Rui Oliveira]
Ryan Hagan – You Deserve Better REMIXES
Saint Joao – Set It Off [Xploded Music Limited]
Saparbayoff – I Fk Miss You [KMT]
Saverio Pitton & SWS – Sandstorm [Dance Tunes Records]
SeaVenture – Hopefully [Multiza Distribution]
Sierra & HIPPØ, NEUS – Gone (Remixed)
Sini – It’s Not Love [One Seven]
Skiavo & Vindes – LOCKDOWN (feat. Joe Burger) [Sirup Music]
Skit Bad-Trip – Renaissance [Multiza Distribution]
Slippy Beats – Trip On Me (Scotty x CJ Stone Remix) [feat. Zlata]
SOOQU – Yang G [Multiza Distribution]
Sp3ctrum & DayNight – Eyes [Bounce & Bass]
Spark One – Never Letting Go [Multiza Distribution]
SqueeM – Trap Project [Multiza Distribution]
Stepan Mashtaler & Steelyvibe – Welcome to the New Billennium
Sultanby – Vibin’ Out [Multiza Distribution]
Swalenz – Night [Multiza Distribution]
Tara Mcdonald – I Need a Miracle (Remixes II) [Play Two]
The 19th ELEMENT – So Cold [Multiza Distribution]
TheShineBlur & Trovezz – You Feel [Jendex Records]
Thomas Sgonsr – This Is Thomas Sgonsr [Morillas Records]
tiMelodies – Lost Melodies [Multiza Distribution]
Timstone Project – Sticky Notes [Multiza Distribution]
Tydiaz – Marionnette [Play Two]
TYSHER – Run with You [Hey!blau Records]
Undying Unicorn – Wordless Misery [Multiza Distribution]
UNIT504 – Dababka [Multiza Distribution]
Van Carton – Plonger dans l’immense [Costume Records]
Vasiliy – Human Sacrifice [Multiza Distribution]
VASYA-TABU – Raven [Multiza Distribution]
VEETVE – Rhythm of Love [Multiza Distribution]
Vyntage Haze – Out of Clothes [Happy Days Records]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

1Farshad – Midnight Warriors [Solid State Disco]
2Deep2Keep – Spectrum [Africanesa Records]
Al Bradley – Impakt [Lucky Sun Recordings]
Alex Dam, Cesc – Various Artists #1 [Al.Ma Records]
Alkalino – From Way Up High [Audaz]
Anymood – Quietly [Spiral Music]
Apocrypha – Emerald Forest , Revelations [Random Rec]
Arthur M – Night Stories (Remixes) [Try That Records]
Arthus – Mubaru [AIA D]
Astrodisco – Too Clean [Astro Digital Records]
Atchoum & Grincheux – Cocos Nucifera [Lisztomania Records]
B.T.B. Blue Tone Boy – Our Love [LAD Publishing & Records]
Bankii – Ambience I [Wildfire]
Big Poppa Jerry – Destiny [Fugazy Entertainment]
Block & Crown – Take Your Time (feat. Omni Waters) [Bisiesto]
Bristol Underground – Renaissance [Graba Music]
Clean Is Good – DW027 [Discoweey]
Code Pandorum – Eclipse (feat. Snowhite) [Spastik Records]
Cosmic Sisters, Dionigi & Daniele Baldelli – Cosmic Afrique
Cr3taro & Esposito – Reedemer [Groover Records]
Criss Korey – One for Garage Remixes [Myriad Black Records]
DaDa Sound Project – Dreamcatcher [Empire Studio Records]
Dallanoras – Old Song [Dallanoras Music]
Dan & Tom – Loneliness [XMOD Records]
Danny Tape – Play Games [Mole Music]
David H – Mister Jackson [ZHI Records]
David H – Sigue Baiando [Infinity Track]
DavidDance – Funk Blood [DOD Rekords]
DeepTouchSA, DukeSoul – Remedy
Detroit Swindle – Coffee in the Morning (feat. Jitwam)
Dimitri T Jay – 3 Minutes [Back2tape]
Diogo Venex – More Time [Deep Bear]
DJ Ellesse – Soul, Vibe & Dance [Lav2Rais Media]
DJ EQ – Cloud One [Stardust Records]
DJ Miliano & Mellow Makedo – My Life [Feel Hype]
DJ Timbawolf – Henny & Coke [About The Music Records]
DJ Timstar – To Me [Seveneves Records]
DJ Two4 & Sunny Songo – Our Love [80nine 90one]
Doubutsu System – Dizziness Beats [0103Records]
DP-6 – Posidonia Oceanica [DP-6 Records]
Dubez – Soul Searching [Sanelow Label]
Dulce’ehLeche – Musik is the Weapon [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
Emre Demir – It’s Over [LucidPlain Records]
Erhan Boraer & Mert Kurt – Reflect [DeepShine Records]
exMAD – Ice Cream [Baijan Records]
Fat Peppermint – Words [recordJet]
Feel2Rise – Transitions [Injackxion Music]
Foxa & Will Omit – Wanna Be [TGR Music Group]
Fra Co – Fat Bottom [Star Boom Records]
Fred Dekker – Deep Killaz [Staircase Records]
Geber Castañeda – Para que Regresas [Dinastia INC]
Geryken – S.T.A.Y. [DistroKid]
Giuliano Rodrigues – Niassa [DUBGIU]
Glinskiy – Heart Mixtape [First Guide]
Gökhan Kaya – Summer Dream [DeepShine Records]
Hannah Aviera – A Good Thing [Trident Music]
Happy Dogs – Los Perritos [Dinastia INC]
Harlem Dance Club – Discotek [cygnusx1records]
Harre – Empathy [Baumhouse Records]
Hidden Crew – So Sweet (Galdeeno Rework) [K-Noiz Select]
Igor Gonya – Edits 004 [Sure Cuts Records]
Ildar – Deep Emotion [Day Dream Records]
ILOVECRAZY – Hurricane [AY YO TRIP! Records]
J.Pe Bruna – Caminos [Luxury Night]
Jake Whitehouse – Feel Good [Hungarian Hot Wax]
JAKESA – Wild Love [Diverge Music Group]
Jave’ – Les enfants qui s’aiment [Metodica Records]
Jimmen – Into the Sea [Influx Reborn Records]
Joe Morris – The New Dawn Will Come , A Brighter Future
Jonn Hawley – Always Been [Soul Fuel Recordings]
Juan Rojo – In Nobis Ipsis Responsum Mortis Habuimus [HOONOH]
Julian Valentinovich – Love Me [Tech People Music]
Julian Valentinovich – Maskarad [Tech People Music]
Kalamary Caribe – Cautiva el Gallo [Dinastia INC]
Kennedy – Already There [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Kultra – Arnemetia [AIA D]
KVRVBO – Dublin Express [Stay True Sounds]
La Porte – Wanna You [Deep Fild Recording]
Levantine – Crystal [Deep Sense]
Lille Clark – Butterfly Heartbeat [parkerboy records]
Los Charly’s Orchestra & Andre Espeut – Living the Brooklyn Nights
Lukas G. – Under Pressure [Gloamed]
Luvolin – Aurora Borealis [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
Maax – Primula [AIA D]
Macho Cutie – Spazio Estremo [Opilec Music]
Mad Lucas – Between Borders [Feather Print Records]
Majed Salih – Letitleto [Medievil-Music]
Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa & Kid Enigma – I’m Lovin’ It
Martha Llerena – Ripiti [Dinastia INC]
Mike Konstanty – Deep Fried Mashroom [1st Strike Deep]
Moa Bay – White Velvet Valley [Cyanide]
Mr Moon – Timelapse Remix Pack (feat. Mey) [Puro Music]
Mr. Beatnick – Orion (Radio Edit) [Mythstery Records]
Mustafa – El Marciano [Dinastia INC]
Natalie Slade – Control [Eglo Records]
Nau Squaglia – Remain in Light [Be Adult Music]
Necho III – Dimensiones [Deep Sense]
Niels McCarty – Along [Zeon Recordings]
Niels McCarty – Light [Zeon Recordings]
Niels McCarty – Scream [Zeon Recordings]
Nu Desire, UFO Project – In Your Arms [Desire Trax]
Oliii & Koul – Noche [iSoul]
Pam Weathers – Believe Remixes [Raw Substance]
Penford & Pearson – Who do you Love [Rubicon Recordings]
Pezz Ut – Storm Out [Star Boom Records]
Phaze Dee – Heated Point [Mole Music]
Piri – I Know, That You Need Me (Piri Remix) [Cuete]
Project Blue Sun – Better Than Us [Groove Ya]
Qmusse – Face in the Dark [UM Records]
Quube – Numbers [Lotus Mathematics]
Rianu Keevs – Flame [Rianu Keevs]
Ricky Frengue – Black Illusion [Soundrepublic]
Rob Boss – Cold Spell [2Sox]
Romanium – Me and You [YouTunez]
Ryan Raya & Marcus Soulbynight – Tell Me Something [Dance Republic]
s-Tnk – Coill [RockRiverRecords]
SAAND – Afrika Remixed [Tierra Sounds]
Sam Koen – Birds [Young Recordings]
Sanoj Nitram – Cosmic Traveler (feat. Bamba) [jack in the box]
Saxtone – Ghost Town [Meska Music]
SebTick DJ – Hidden [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Sergio Gusto – The Mind of Desire [TOFFEE Deep]
Sergio Helou – If You Love Me (feat. Lokka) [Beira Mar]
Sharapov – Memory [Deeper Motion Recordings]
Signal3 – Alright [Mechanism Recordings]
Smitty & Eric Davenport – Inspire the Beat [Mind Loop Music]
Soldatov – Black Rainbow [Gardash Records]
Soldatov – Different Shapes [Gardash Records]
Sonido Dagas – Old Times [Sonido Dagas]
Sony Leon – A Sparkling Life (Remixes) [Waveskin White]
Soulcool – Wakanada [Ocha Mzansi]
Stanccione – Bright Screen [AIA D]
Stefano Greppi – Batteria in Quarantena [Screen Recordings]
Steve Zerbysound & Cicco DJ – Profession Holidays
Tavernist – Office Buddhist [Progressive Dreamers Records]
The Devonns – The Devonns [Record Kicks]
The Distance & Igi – Show Me How [LucidPlain Records]
Thulane Da Producer – Underground Voyage [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Tkach – In the Dusk [Low Pressings]
Tobias Bergson – Broken Love [frtyfve]
Tony S – Dancing & Dreaming (Remixes)
Toru S. – U Take Me Higher [Nohashi Records]
Ushiwo – Xoxo7 [The Half Heart Project]
UUSVAN – Designation Me [Black Delta Records]
VA – Best of Summer 2020 [The Purr]
VA – Space Invaders [Kieso Music]
VA – Summer Breeze [Graba Music]
VA- Global Lovers V5 Russia [Music is 4 Lovers]
Vintage Robot – Niceplace [Kharma & Factory]
Viral Gucci – Jigsaw 3 [Senior Boys Music]
Viral Gucci – Zweli [Deep Clicks]
Vivra Verra – Just Us 2 [Dishevelled London Recordings]
XLR 840 – See the Light [BMP Music]
Young Saints & Lenell Brown – Losing My Mind

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

2000 Watts – The Bounce (Mixtape) [No Slack Records]
Adesto & Jowaco – Faded Feelings [Ancestral Army Records]
Adesto & Jowaco – Nightcrawler [Ancestral Army Records]
Aknox, R3TRACT & PINNOCIO – You’re Mine [Skipe Records]
Amadeezy, DJ Earl – Street Bangers Factory 14 [Moveltraxx]
Amyntas & Reventon – Dolla Bills (Extended Mix)
Andre – Mucky Sound [SoundzAudio]
ASC, In!tial – Massacre Game Remixes [East Records (CN)]
B1t Crunch3r & Thromb, Ceiva, Moonchild (CAN) – Legion ,, Beyond Magnetic
Bassment – Falling , What If [Skalator Music]
Basstrick – YCA [Uprise Music]
BatBeat – You Take Me Higher [29 BROKEN BEAT]
Bear Cole – Wicked [1st Drop Music]
Beats Bakery – Sunkissed Summer Anthems [Beats Bakery]
Beatzlam – Fury [Wolfrage Recordings]
Being – More or Less , From Distance [Fuck About! Drum & Bass]
BlackBoyCannon – West [LB Recordings]
Blurrd Vzn – F.U.Y.W.D [Obskure]
BOMBAYS & Snee – Lost [Kevlar Beats]
Bsharry – Macyste [Crown Of Music]
Buyakee & Azerkd – Aria [Wiking Recordings]
BXN – Polarity [Ninety9Lives]
C Critz – Swamp [Drum Army]
Catopuma – Airmax [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Chris Burke – The Place I Love [Chris Burke]
Culture Shock – There for You (LSB Remix) [RAM Records]
D Jay Koi – Get Down [Kofton Music]
Dallax & Riccardo Zunino – All I Want [Keep!]
Dan InJungle – Leave Me Alone (Don’t) [29 DNB]
Dava – Biskaya , Lazy Days [Beatalistics]
DEAFF – Without You [Glerx Records]
Dec James – Critical Hit,Fever [Phantom Dub Digital]
DeDrecordz – Drop It [Glitchworld Recordings]
DeeJay Serenity – S.W.A.T [Undiscovered Digital]
Diligent Fingers & Epicentre – Foundation [Short Circuit Records]
DIM3NSION – Witcher [Maxximize]
DinJest – Grave [Shift Records]
DISTANCEOFMINE – Interluder [Echo Deck]
Dizzy Gate – Chainsaw [Behavior Recordings]
DJ Bostan – Coming Again (feat. Mustech) [AURA RECORDS]
DJ FREI – Star Dust [Cytron Records]
DJ Hidden – The Later After (Remastered Version) [Hidden Tracks]
DJ Man – Enjoy This Moment [Neitreug]
DJ Manga – Synthesizer [Neutronic Beats]
DJ Tony Suárez & Jey Cross – Go! [Supreme Music]
Downlowd – Lightswitch [Lowdcraft]
Dr Frenesy & Shynee – The Time Is Now [Beatdown Bass]
Dr. Duck – Mami Ven [La Cueva]
Dropical – Amalgam [ShadowTrix Music]
Dutchie – Soundman , 123 [Peachy Sounds]
Dwongo – Crunch Time (feat. Madx) [D-Lab Assention]
Eiton – Mechanikal Tree [ZTEREN Recordings]
Enigma – Intelligence [Fearless Audio]
ENOKALYPSE – Friendijuana [EDMPN]
Evasion – The Abyss – Destiny [Sinuous]
Evil Orchestra – Orchestrated Madness [Evil Beat Records]
Evotia & Esher Waters – Take Me [Crossborder Records]
Fabio Marcs – Clap Hard [Ching Zeng]
FAC3R – Ice Cocktail [K-Noiz]
FGDubz – Crazy Bird [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Fm Killerz – Fading [push2play music]
Franccz [BR] & KOF – Aladin [Alphabeat Records]
FreeGroove – Cream , Test 1 [Sub Code Digital]
Frito – Really Wrong [Scapegot Records]
graves & Badrapper – Again , Feel Nothing [Lowly]
Gummy Kid – Be Together [Poltergeist Records]
Habstrakt & Marten Hörger – Ya Think [Monstercat]
Harley D – Welcome To the Universe [Cre8DnbMusic]
Hasse de Moor – Que Lo Que [Group Chat]
Huda Hudia & Dj30A – Wanna Be Da Best [Kaleidoscope Music]
INSTAG8 – Spider Island , Time & Space [Nuclear Bass Records]
Int Company, Volatile Cycle & The Clamps – Corridors of Death Part 7
Ivan Lake – Don’t Come Back [CLUBTRXX (Plasmapool)]
Ixindamix & Roberta Carrieri, Scallywag – The Underground Tree
J8r Ri88im – Ri88im Abduction [Chapel of Dubstep]
JayroK – Ravelle X [Global Dance Records]
Jewelz & Sparks – Django [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Jimmael & Cats Summer’s – Fuck You [Glerx Records]
Jmusiz – Make Your Head Nod [Jmusiz]
JOOL – Lazy Cat [Odio Records]
Julian Reifegerste – Genesis [Zoonami Records]
Kadaver – Become [Odio Records]
Kahama – Back to Me [Run Free]
Katoff – So Complicated [Sounds Of Meow]
KC, Regina & Mcleod – Street Lights [Natty Dub Recordings]
Keeperfunk – Come with Me [Liquid Brilliants Records]
KILL 5SQUAD – Make Some Fucking Noise [Adrenaline Records]
Kirill Gramada – Warrior [Simplify.]
Laney – Shut Your Mouth [Eternal Muzic Records]
Loma DnB – Cherry Sky [OX Recordings]
Lullaby – Tikita [AY YO TRIP! Records]
M4SONIC – Focus [Global League]
Malexes – Let Me Go [Fearless Audio]
Marcus Tee – Take a Look Around [Soul Deep Digital]
Marko Liv & Josh Le Tissier – Dive (feat. Nino Lucarelli)
Mastik Lickers & Stuffed Squid – Revolver [Classroom Records]
Mehar – Millionaire [Manticode Recordings]
Meisym & Odd Times – Found a Way (with xChenda) [Lowly]
Midnightfunk – Hardcore Exstacy [Das Rauschen Der Nacht]
Mitchie Rikzu – Just This Once [G-Mafia Records]
Moicano – I Belong [Hungry Koala Records]
Monxx – Ay Chica Vip [SUBCON Official]
Monxx – Breakdown [SUBCON Official]
Mourin – Oh My God [Alveda Pulse]
Mr Quest – DJ Playing (feat. Mrs Quest) [Solid Vinyl Music]
Mr Quest – Gal Outta Road (feat. Ragga Ranks) [Solid Vinyl Music]
Mr Quest – Lord ‘o’ Mercy (feat. Ragga Twins) [Solid Vinyl Music]
MR.MR – Learning to Dream [AY YO TRIP! Records]
MujjO – Bloody Mermaid [AIDC Records]
Mystific – Starlight [Stats Records]
Myth – Check It , Sabotage [ThirtyOne Recordings]
N.Kenji & pleaseMoar! – Caliente Club [Acid Cult]
NC-17 – Phase Walk , Taxi [Random Concept Origins]
Nepzillaz – Pumpy [Stellar Recordings]
Nextars – Redemption [Buygore]
NickUnity – Screamer [Kundry Music]
NIKAI & Dimentros – Last Day On Earth [Simplify.]
Nitti Gritti – All In (feat. Jimmy Levy) [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Now O Later – Bittersweet (feat. Jaime Deraz) [Rexx Life , EMPIRE]
Nuuklox – Badla [AIDC Records]
O,V,R & Grimaldo – Hit Como Deal a Morfeo [La Cueva]
Oleg Xaler & Strobe Connector – Different Side [BMP Music]
OUKI – Distant Road [Jin Records]
Peshay – Good Vibrations (feat. Abbie Adi) [Peshay Music]
Predatory Meerkats – Invasion [Interesting Music]
PROGREZ (SVK) – Gamer [DJ Camp]
Qwizar Wols – The Raund [Music Destinations]
RAK – Drop Sum VIP [Railbreakers]
Rasal – Shaitan [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Red Rat, Eva Shaw & Steve Walls – Dat Girl [Skink]
Revlin – Turn Back! [Sounds Of Meow]
Reyceh & Fozzy – Una Mas [DENAR RCRDS]
Rido – My Thoughts (feat. Coppa) [Rido music]
Sampla & Mc Crozbee, Slim Tim – Sound Stoppers
Savra – Achieve Dreams [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Sebastian Buitrago – Honest [Afterpresent Records]
Secret Science – Jungle Jargon [Bass-A-holix Anonymous]
Secuencxa – Los mensajes están en todas partes [Ruido de la plata]
Semsa Bilge – Fresh [New Horizon Recordings]
Seven Kayne – Decime [Fox Eyes Records]
Sick Cycle – Push Back [Section 8]
Siks & Boothed – Everybody [FONK Recordings (Official)]
Sixth Sense & Anyelo – Nero [TurnItUp Muzik]
Slipz & Dispute – Joker [Bites]
Snaz – Genesis [ElevenSixteen Music]
So Hail – Chaos [Vinebeat Records]
Sonny Aka – Honor [Buzoku Records]
Soundmain – No More [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Spekt1 & 23 Odd Cats – Instinct [We Got This Music]
Steve Furrier – Coming Back (feat. Non Shepherd)
Steven Silo – Buttergroove [BRAILLE RECORDS]
Stickybass & Tobirush – Dali [Hungry Koala Records]
Sukh Knight – Born Invincible [DAKU]
T-Mass – Don’t Want to Be [Lowly]
Tara Louise & PRCHT – Memories (no capitals Remix)
Technimatic & A Little Sound – Lakota (ft. A Little Sound) [UKF]
Teckni B – Sirocco [4 The Planet]
TEDDYHEAD – Money Heist [Show Me The Honey]
Teknoaxe – Beyond the Fear [TeknoAXE]
The Bestseller – Arabia [Ghetto]
The Disco GodFathers – No. 17 Craft [Badkill Records]
Thelxvemovie1080p – Art [TheCxlture]
Thirteenth Output – Easy Run [See The Sea Records]
Thyse & Revealed Recordings – My Mind [Revealed Radar]
Toniia – Only Human (feat. Sunnie Williams) [Tipsy Records]
Tribeleader – Count Your Blessings [Tribeleader Music]
Twintone – Fragments of Love (feat. Seathasky & Anastasia & Jess Done)
Tygo – Astral [Baby Smile Records]
Unity – Dunhuang (feat. Chad Kowal) [Mixmash Records]
Uphonix – Promises [Divided Audio]
VA – Ghetto Ghetto 3 Year Aniversary [Ghetto Ghetto]
VA – Ignescent Chronicles 006 [Ignescent]
VA – Team Ten Ton Part 2 [Ten Ton Beats]
Visioneight & Efimia – Sunshine [Mellowave Records]
Vol2Cat, Sofus Wiene, Nic Johnston & Aaron Lindt – Powerstrike
Vytal Signs – Turn Up [FRBR Music]
Weekend Warriors – Stop Frontin [Cross Faded Records]
Widemode – On Fire [2Dutch Records]
WooYko – Dusty Shell [Spatium]
Yggdrasil – Knighted The Album [The Half Heart Project]
Zero Sum – I’M Ready [ZEROED]

Electronica & Downtempo

5P4C3 – Contro [Botanica Records]
Aryozo – Hidden Life [Wonderfly Records]
AtomTM & tobias. – Live Volumes 4 & 5 [AtomTM Audio Archiv]
Baronin – Pandemic [See The Sea Records]
Bruno Marinucci & Emiliano Duncan Barbieri – Range of Drama
Chill & Groove – Cada Vez (feat. Ángel Karatsami) [The Remixes]
Corivat – Haribo [DTL Records]
Crystin – Mon coer [parkerboy records]
Daniele Ippolito – Dr. One Wants To Escape (Andrea K Remix) [K-Noiz]
Deep Ändi – Village Whispers [Akumandra]
Dirty Paws – Sinner 2000 [Untitled Burial]
DJ Sanlok & Mugi – Beat a Base [Mod-Records]
DJ ToRbY – Free Your Mind [Relaxorica Records]
Eguana – No Magic [Cosmicleaf Records]
Emile August & Gofreeze – 2Side Sauce [Assist For Artist]
Empath – Satori [Elegant Enigma]
Eugene Cortez – Rumba Doo [Contemporary Records]
FabryGore McMillan – Route 66 [K-Noiz]
Farbodarwish – Sex on Morphine [trndmsk]
FatKid – Panic Attack [PointBlank Records]
Ganga – Disco Chill Pill [Flinc Music]
Germind – Not Darkness [Cosmicleaf Records]
Glennis Ramirez – Lambada [Quadrangular]
GNO5Y5 – Night Feel [The 5th]
Guybrush – Something Extremely Light [ESC.REC.]
Hetrech – More [Freshtunes]
Hever Jara – Kusadasi (feat. David Myrla) [NoFace Records]
Hosay – Devil Talk [Expression Audio]
Hotel Garuda – Mutual (Bad Tuner Remix) [Mom+Pop]
Igor Pumphonia – Lottery [ChillRecordsMusic]
Igor Pumphonia – One Thing [ChillRecordsMusic]
Jagel – Inducing Happiness [Otium Garden]
jiony – La Nueva Mortalidad [Tepeme Música]
Jupi,ter – Islands, Pt. 1 [Ambientologist Records]
Kanedo & John Vermont – Somewhere [Personal Belongings]
Kcin – Bushmaster [Spirit Level]
Kevin Ferhati – D4t4 [Login Records]
Kronos9 – Anonymous Vernacular [ONIWERKS]
Linipon – Boom Bap Hamam [2 Steps To Chill]
Lowpaz – Reign of the Fallen Angel [Lowpaz Productions]
M3GA – Nightmare [Auryn 64 Music]
Majnoon – Belarusian Girl on the Sand [Rist Records]
Matveï – TOLD YOU [Kitsune]
Meraki & Zeppho – About Me [Yosh Pit]
Midnight Resonance – Hood Ninja [StreetVoice]
Mike D’ Jais – Do the Evolution [Different Twins]
Molomoli – Colornation [Terror Corp]
Monte la Rue – Crimson Dusk [La Maison La Rue]
Movement & Baloo, Movement & Earthnut – Quiet Storm [Southpoint]
Navechno – Local Acid Club [welofi]
Neuroq – Unmanifested [Mystic Sound Records]
Nightdrive – Magic Ball [Day Dream Records]
Nro – Groovy Sunset [2 Steps To Chill]
Oliii – Chiller [iSoul]
Ollto Jade – Controlled Sorrow [Northside District]
Olsein & AMVN – #NeverGivingUp [The World Is Mine Rec]
Our Mother’s Children – Skyline [2 Steps To Chill]
Perhopes – Demence [JST Records]
Pharoah K – Deep Snow [Tumble Audio]
Phenomenology – Introspect [MOR Records]
Phono Vibez – No Rush [PointBlank Records]
Pixel Beatz – Dynasty [Freshtunes]
Playmono & Chester Rezzano – Ataque Preventivo [Monotonias Music]
Poranguí – Ganesha (J.Pool Remix) [Resueno]
Potlatch – Romantic Vacancy [Cosmicleaf Records]
Protege Debauch – Pizdariki [TAKOE]
Quinowa – Quot [Terror Corp]
Rancido – Clouds [OMENI]
RefraQ – Plucked from the Pixie Ring [Inspected Records]
Relaxing Sounds – Hang Mereng, Meditativ Stabilitas, Meditation & Relaxing Sounds and Sleep
Rider – Makellos [RedDiamond]
Robin Sukroso – Silence [PRDS Direct]
Roman Benjamin – Alone [Lolapad Recordings]
Rootnot – Location Future (Bonus Tracks Version) [Rootnot]
Roze – Disruption [& Other Moods]
SamSam – Memories [Stroberia]
Sheper – On the embankment near Fontanka [SMW Unassigned Artists]
Sina Zagros – On the Way [Nanobeats Records]
Sleepyhaze – Choke Me In Heaven [24 Karrot Records]
SOTY – Whiskey [Diana Recs]
Steve Cobby – Nostalgia Intensa [Declasse]
Supreme Rhythm – Future Sounds [Odyssey Sounds]
Sybe – Paper Heart [Assist For Artist]
Szigeti Juli – Let It All Out [Electro Swing Thing]
The Palindromes – Foggy River [LNG Records]
Thomas Blondet & Dub Africa – Underwater (feat. Andi Hanako)
Timbeaux – Castle [Boomtic Records]
Tomasz Guiddo, Rexy & Grzegorz Bojanek – Narcissist [Beats In Space]
Trade – Latenight Louie [Captum Records]
Tubz & POPZZY ENGLISH, Tubz – Like Glue [M62 Records]
Tuff Trax & Coldpast – Mm010 & Tuff Trax & The Look
Tyraz – Bazaar [NoFace Records]
Ulrik – Dark Island [Room Records]
ÜNAM – Belleza Oculta [Hupupa]
upsammy – Zoom [Dekmantel]
ViskoPlastik – Below Zero [Ovnimoon Records]
Wahr Heit – Influence of Interactions [Otium Garden]
Yelle – Je t’aime encore (Alban Claudin Remix) [Recreation Center]


4 Da People – Virus & the Parasites [Grey City Records]
Aaron Lowe – Circles [Rhythm Culture Records]
Alex lume – Summer Season [29 DISCO]
Bryan Perrine – Groove Step [Groovy]
C-Fast & Andrea Casta – RA [Which Bottle ]
Cato Anaya & Styline – Bailalo [Sosumi Records]
Charly O-F – Funky [Brigantia Records]
Colin McNeil – Alien Disco [Ritual Digital]
Colin McNeil – Forgotten [Ritual Digital]
Coll Selini – Outer Space (feat. Lauren Mc Clinton) [Jack-It]
D-Vide – Sukh [Magnified Recordings]
Da Lukas – See the light [WU Records]
Dali Wonga – Uyang’testa [Matiwane Records]
Damageman – Show Me , Gonna Be [Kilo Tango]
DAN ROS – Get Out My Way (feat. Ellie Madison)
Dave Kurtis – Booty Shake [Kurtis Music]
David Morrati – Unity [DaCosta Records]
Denny Dugg, Realprodj – Soulfixion [Afro Tone Musiq]
DGT – Thank You [Rump Records]
Dickey Doo – Apostle [RF]
Dim Chord – Stuck [Fishtone Records]
Dimitri T Jay – A Better World [Back2tape]
DiscoGalactiX – Dizko Madness [SpinCat Music]
DJ Csemak – Not Over [Underway Productions]
DJ Goozo, Massianello & Ness Bunny – Magia Rosa (feat. Paulette)
DJ Prime-X – Bass in Your Area [DJ Prime-X]
Dmix – Strike [Catamount Records]
Double Face, IsaVis & Emanuele Cappello – Ride On Time (Cover Mix)
DRMR – Hate Me,Love Can Heal [KMT]
dtmf – VDKA Connected [Wolfrage Recordings]
Dual Mistery – About U [Alveda Gold]
Dual Mistery – Bring Your Body [FAM]
Edu M – The Beginning (Remastered) [High Contrast]
Eidetaker – Kosmisk Dans [Aquavit BEAT]
Emanuele Cappello & Double Face, Reynor – Get Down
Emran Badalov – Babylon [Embarcadero Red]
Enn Euen – Reasons [Nustromo Music]
Farteen Arrix – Let’s Go!! [AY YO TRIP! Records]
FDF – Crash Love [Shared Rec]
Filta Freqz – Da Power [Seventy Four]
Flip Capella, Otray & Vinze – Going Crazy (Remixes) [feat. Ashley Jana]
FreakWins – Don’t Freak Out! [1000ord]
G.Roy & Nyk Detlor, G.Roy – Fragile (feat. Lewis Daniels)
Gaba Cannal & Mr Sam – Between Emotions
Garo Beats – Element [DeepShine Records]
Gimbrère – Breakbeat Passage [Sulta Selects Silver Service]
Greg Korra – 2 Steps Back [IMPULZ LAB]
Groovenerd – Funky Boogie [Shared Rec]
Hudson Passos – Jazzy Thoughts [Houseria Recordings]
Ippolit productions – Biohazard [Ulysse Records]
Ish D – Downtown (feat. BeMyFiasco) [Composition Room]
J-Adiction & Jim Kashel, J-Adiction – Bushido [Kendo Music]
J&Capri´s – Tropical Whoop [Poolside Recordings]
Jesusdapnk – Boulevard 2020 [Smashing Trax Records]
Johan Dresser – Running [Funny Music]
Johan Dresser & Reveh & Drezza – Take That (Jerome Robins Spider Monkey Remix)
Jonk & Spook – Think About U [InStereo Recordings]
Justin Kayser & InfectedSun – Club Kayser Presents Leo Frappier
Kev Dj Vapor – Circle of Life [Teknofonic Recordings]
Krepes – Future 80 [Stereo Skull Records]
L.I.N.G – Paradise (Instrumental Mix) [Push The Button Recordings]
Lebedev (RU) – Filter Sound [Rhythm Section]
LEOSOLAR – (I Am) The Dream (Cosmic Bass Techno Mix)
Lloyd Mixtapes – Dancing in Jupiter [Sikia-Ema Records]
Lukas Newbert – Here We Go Again [Which Bottle ]
Luvolin – Nachtwanderung [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
M. Grimm – Underground Clubs [LAT LONG]
MagneticK TeMpoz – Sky [Injackxion Music]
Majed Salih – Feaploved [29 DISCO]
Manu MQ – Wid No End [3 WORDS]
Marlon Kirk – Standing Alone [Unprincipled Records]
Martin Fritzon – Lovin’ U [Sirup Music]
Max Esposito – El Pump [Pocket Jacks Trax]
Melchior Sultana – Are You Listening [Profound Sound]
Mike Mcfly – Levitation Device [Gold Deeper]
Mitiko – Driving Your Shelby [84Bit Music]
Monäva & Bobby Duque – Younger (feat. Trice Be)
N-Fluence – Hold On [N-Fluential Productions]
Nicky Three Sixty & Weepers – Grooves LP [NTS Records]
Niko Scarpato – Galera [Groover Records]
Niraj Naik – The Eye [Breathe In Beats]
Norberto Acrisio – Feel & Dance (feat. K-Bat) [Bit Rule Records]
Nu Desire – Ghetto Funk [Desire Trax]
Nu Desire – Gonna Change [Desire Trax]
Nu Desire – Got the Funk [Desire Trax]
Nu Desire – Late Night Fever [Desire Trax]
Nu Desire – Raveolution [Desire Trax]
Nu Desire – That Feeling [Desire Trax]
Nu Desire – That Vibe [Desire Trax]
Samxsoul – Red Carpet [Jackpot Records Italy]
Sandy Gorgeous – You Can See [Orange Grooves]
Sexgadget – Oblivion [Alveda Subject]
Shaun Jnr – You Were Gone [Immoral Music]
shutdown – New Energy [Keep!]
Simon Groove – Soulful Pande [Manyoma]
Skif Bazzaty – Between Us (feat. Shaanti) [Exx Muzik]
Skittish – Gone Girl [TRX Records]
Spaded – In Sequence [Nfynia Music]
Sr. David – The Heights [One World Records]
Starkillers & Andrea Godin – Bitch Better Have My Money
Steve Crawford – To the Max [Intangible Records]
Super Drama & Kuntessa, Super Drama – Excess [51-53]
Superlover – My Soul [Disco Sucks Records]
Superslam – Lose Control [Flatsharp Records]
Tara Louise & PRCHT – Memories (Maone Remix) [Worka Tune]
Ted – Hypodrone [Paradise Music Production]
Terry G – Tell Me Babe [Midwest Hustle Music]
Thomas Feelman – Fast Life [DOORN RECORDS]
Turenne – Tender Heart From The Lagoon [Funclab Records]
Umut Eser – Lose Control [Deephour Music]
VA – Deep Wonders [Good Vibes Only]
Valdocs – La Maison Magique [Pro-Ject Records]
Veatz – Destroyed [Red Lizard Records]
Vincent Price – Piano del Sol [Excessive Recordings]
Vinyl Convention – Law of the Land (feat. Michelle Perera) [2020 Remixes]
Vitess – Nrmnd007 [Normandy Records]
Vitor 94 – Rubi [Extra Sound Recordings]
WezH – Hotflush [EML Recordings]
White Label Will – Wee Sax [Wicked Wax]
Workerz – Corsicus Cosmicus [Ondule Recordings]
Yusuke Koga – This Moment [Filthy Sounds]

Melodic House & Techno

Alchemist Soul & Revenant – Quantum
Alogique – Your Eyes [Easy2Danze]
Alonso Nuna – Solar [XTR Records]
Andrés Luque – Hadi Kamwe (The Album)
Antonio White – Forgotten Feelings [Adara Records]
Aston Alba – Mesopotamia [Chrom Recordings]
Da Fresh – Moonwake [Homesick Music]
Friends of Hannes – Cosmic Waves [Neele Records]
GIOKA – Noa [Dreamlife]
Hannes Bruniic – Planets [DJ Culture Records]
Havi – Strange Transport [6913 Digital]
Indieveed & Enhe – Perseids [Suprematic]
Liza Beat – Aladin , Handsel [La Mishka]
LKNV – Myriad [KULTO]
Luis M, Yuli Fershtat – Yaguar [Digital Structures]
Lukas Manjaro – Pyramids [Crossworld Academy]
Manu Soto – Animals [Experience Things]
Max Cue & Pete O’Deep – Disease [Pollen.]
mrmsoun6 – Circle [Shibiza Recordings]
Naksy – Quetion [Feel Hype]
Noceur Pneuma – Letis [Flash Forward Presents]
P.Young – After Space [Duenia]
Piur Rex – Techno Religion [Neu Gravity]
Robin Hirte – New Jersey [Das Ohr Digital]
Roger Guevara – Viviana [Route 375]
Rosenna Samson & Nadiah Mony, Rosenna Samson – Moods
S.Hess – Love Hunter [Technoize Records]
Settantanove – Autoscontro [BMMR]
Sinan Çelik – Closed Loop [Route 375]
SPURI & L_Cio, SPURI – Lenda [Prisma Techno]
Starkato – Sunspots [Movement Recordings]
Studio Deep, Zatonsky & Nastine – Delight [Piligrim Music]
Techcan – Enjoy the Ride [The Seed]
Theeburn – Mother of Dragons [INVALID Records]
VA – Resonate [Mercurial Tones]
Zurck-X – Speedlight [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Adrian Zenith – Mixture [Hotmind Records]
Afrodog – Avenue [Telepath Records]
Alfi-J – Moscow Morning [Elarum]
Arevalo (CL) & Zuleta M – Woah Flute [Lemon Juice Records]
AS_Brain & Juan Rodriguez – Get the Music [Nostandardmusic]
Bestiei – Maramures [Good People Music]
Cosmin Horatiu – Wavetable [DONTALKMUSIC]
Dani Row – Zwartboek [Bass Zone Music]
Daniel Mancini – Claks Move My Dance [Inbred Recordings]
Deel DJ – No Sleep [Nostandardmusic]
Dellacueva – Recortando Emociones Sin Plaza [Pleasurex Records]
DJ Jonnas – Delusions of House, Pt. 3 [Visiomind Records]
Elazar – Opportunity [Inclined Records]
Enzino & Paolo Generale, Horo (Ita) – Amazing [Conscious]
Esteffano – Cov3.37 [In Dushe]
Farid Odilbekov – Deep Breath [Conceptual]
Fernie – Traces [Space Textures]
Ferro ‘N Vasquez – Long Beach [Duff Music]
First For Nieto – Cayena [Beachside Records]
Gal0 – Big Cheque [Frequency Therapy]
Garridho – Enigma [Ancient Pyramids Records]
Glasinovic – Simbolos De Invierno [Conceptual]
GruuvElement’s – Romanis [Plastik Galaxy]
Hannes Bruniic – Oha [DJ Culture Records]
Jason Rault – Medieval [NG Trax]
Jens Falcone – Watch Your Step [PRDS Direct]
Johanson & Mono Dub – Purple Landscapes [Animus]
Klartraum – What I Am [Lucidflow]
Koltech – El Coco [Bontek Music]
L-HORZE – All the Basses [Island Beats]
Laser Assassins – Interstellar [Pleasure Zone]
Laumee – Jure [Questionmark Records]
lauti mina – Ortodoxo [Urban Garden Recordings]
Le Hug’s – Un Favor [Mélopée Records]
Lil Bobster, Lorenzo Chi – Quarantine
Maik Reglis – Homo Musica [LightWave Music]
Marco Miranda – Agony [Whizal Records]
Marko Zalazar – Craw [Kubbo Records]
Martin Bellomo – Altered Beast [Island Beats]
Matheiu – Fifty Fifty [Nurum Music]
Mauro Ghess – Loco [SIAL PRODUCTION]
Mayayh – funkymah [Mercy Records]
Mazanetti – Minimal Room [Paradise Music Production]
Melanie Massa – Genetics [Magic Hand Records]
MG – Morot [Woody Records]
Mi MA – Super Human [Archon Records]
Mike Jaguar – Selva Digital [Kankari Records]
Monorok – New Developments [Hungry Koala Records]
Pablo Bravo – Merken [Levandgroove]
Paolo Fanelli – Emotions [MT Musik]
Phonotrip – El Archivo [Discotto Rec]
Rogerio Vegas – Unique [Surrealismrec.]
Roy Hasson – Mars Diving [Parallel Label]
Saramago – Sextas na Quinta [Raw Level Records]
Scan Mode – Nighty [Yet Records]
Schutzkontakt – Finale [Chupa Records]
Sombra – Pulsar [Mercy Records]
Stefano Polimeno – What To Do [We Hustle Harder]
TmrsTn – Crizanteme [BP Digital]
Tremonjai – Take No Sh [Habitación 909 Records]
Ugulkuk – Ugulu [Mercy Records]
VA – Family Affairs 001 [Dreams On Wax]
Wayne Madiedo – Little Paper [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]

Progressive House

Abstrakt.Digital – Winter Soulstice [Dissident Music , EMG]
Ajax Cruise – Road to Heaven [AIDC Records]
Alec Araujo – Manija [Dopamine White]
Bobryuko – Byzantium [Muza]
Charlotte Petitte – Nowadays [Patternized Recordings]
Cowlam & Leah.O, Cowlam – Higher Ground
Cript Rawquit – Country Street [RENEWEST-ENTER RECORDS]
Daniel Atari – Colourfall [Redux Sunset]
David Marques – Unusual [Movimento Casa]
Delusion Works – Under Water
Deniz Kabu & Audionoble – Morning Light EP
Digital Mess – Close the Box [DAR]
Dio S – Optasia (Remixes) [3rd Avenue]
Diploid – Guided Meditation [Clinique Recordings]
Diwox – Gems [Mystic Carousel Records]
DJ Emerson MK & Débora Ulhoa – Tudo O Que Sou (Remix)
DJ Erika – Hydrosphere [Stazis]
DJ Jackson – Berber Culture [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Earoz – Lovely Voice [PR Records]
Ed Philips – Op En Af [WAM ( We Are Music agency)]
Erick Shah – Block [Boston Underground]
Etherwave – Pathfinder , Blue Noah [Clubsonica Records]
Fabio Giordano – Pinguino [ZFF]
Faty – Trigger [LAD Publishing & Records]
Francisco Castro – Memorial Day [Strangers Beats]
GMJ & Matter – Gauntlet (incl. Alex O’Rion Remixes)
Grum & Natalie Shay, Grum – Deep State Deluxe [Anjunabeats]
Han Feuer – Alles Gut [WhoBear Records]
Horisone – Sacrifice [Area Verde]
Ildar – Emilia (Rework 2020) [Figura Music]
Imposters Of Groove – Focus, Happy If You Can
Jay Hubbard & Hidden Tigress – Don’t Keep Away
Jozels – Milka [Selected.]
K.Oshkin – Composure [Mystic Carousel Records]
KVM – Generally Marilyn [Wild Moon]
Luis Sonder – Aire [Kisin Records]
Majed Salih – Milecklaster [Medievil-Music]
Mark Digital – Butterfly Effect [Progressive Dreams]
Massivedrum – Spread Love (All Over the World)
Max Blade – Moonlook [Stellar Fountain]
Maximo Gambini – Chaos [Massive Harmony Records]
Nana K. – Blossom [Wanderlust]
Nila – Essential Elements [Pro B Tech Music]
NOSODIT – Apollo [Full Tilt Recordings]
Pablo Gargano – Sunset Freedom [Phronesis Digital]
Palmez – Move Your Body [Lindagrooves]
Parvin – Summer Vibes [prv music]
Project.74 – Voices of My Soul [74 Records]
Rafly Kinontoa – Tough Love [NSNTR Records]
Robert Caruzo – El Amor [Spiral Music]
Ryan Sullivan & Soft-Touch Operation – Underwater
Sagou & Sounom – Soixanteneuf [Lowbit]
Sergio Avila – Strange Birds [LAIKA Sounds]
Seven24 & Delaitech – Aeternitatis (Following Light Remix)
Shannon Davin & Dimuth K – Horus (Fabri Lopez Remix) [Yang]
Shannon Davin & Dimuth K – Horus (Subandrio Remix) [Yin]
Sir Cristian & Nik Dj – Slow Steps [IDP Records]
Skumpy – Serotonin [Catamount Records]
Sonic Years Later – Hype [Deep Art Records]
Staysis – Continuum [Spiffy Recordings]
Stergios – Anemos [Regeneration Music]
T.E.C.H.O. – Fabric [Russians Did This Records]
TCalabrez – Universe (Incl. Luiz B Remix) [Transensations Records]
Terje Saether – Lurker [Symmetric Records]
The Magget – Solid [Amun Records]
Trilucid & Phil Martyn, Tuegols – Astral [Proton Music]
V-Sag – Solitude (Remix Edition) [Balkan Connection]
VA – BC2 Summer 2020 [BC2]
VAL EBM – Feel You [PulseTone Recordings]
Vegard Solbakken – Higher , Relief [COOD]
Yusuke Teranishi – Life Is a Journey , Hope [Synth Collective]

Tech House

Alicia Trapone & La Platja – Emotions [Strabaganzza Records]
Andhim (RU) – Raffle (feat. Netzik) [Matilda]
Anicée – Power [Stashed]
Aurelien Stireg – Asian Song [Alveda Music]
Ben Cruz – Scandal [Groovepool Essentials]
Bliezt – No Drugs [Dirtyclub Music]
Boo Yakka – Hallelujah [DOT Dance]
Brakick – Good Vibes [Techara Music]
Burtec. – Jazzmania [MojoHeadz Records]
Christo Ferti – I’ll Be Ready , Together (Original)
Corbeler – Sin Titulo [Desfase Records]
Deepsto – Pump The Beat [Quad-Core Music]
Digi – AMR Generation X3 [Agenda Music Recordings]
DJ Alexis Freites – Gimme What You Got [Big Latin]
DJ Christopher – Impress Me [Spiral Music]
DJ Hours – Reactivate [Marktek Records]
Drauf & Dran & Rich vom Dorf – Que Quieres [Tächno]
Dyerhouse & Gianni Ruocco – Dancehall [Line Box Records]
Edu Rodriguez, Wøvex – Like This [Magic Beatz]
Edu Saiz, Javi Polo – Baneram [AST Recordings]
Eduardo Vargas – My Flag [Menos Balas Label]
Emolw – Keep On [Handpicked Music]
Eyup Celik – Freak [Ray Collect]
Fabio Tronik – Shut Up [Panic Music]
Fellipe Beckman – Trumpet Crazy [Bass Box]
Fher Agner – Jellyfish [Revolucion Records]
Fred Jungo & Romain Pelletti – Another Hope
G Imar – Oh My Bro [Parthenza]
Gaarceea, Yad – Distance [Bambole Records]
Gianluca Cj – Free Entry [Baxxline]
Girafa Thunder – Get My Thunder Remixes [Proto Records]
Guru Reza & Victor Romero – Quarantechno
hausteK – Dance [DataTech]
Hermann Bravo – Deep Inside [Envisage Records]
Igor Tee – Me Quieras [Homewerx Music]
Jadjazzyjay – Phonky [Ministry Of Dance Arabia]
Jake Aspii – Devil’s Funk [Encode Musik]
Javi Bosch, Jey Di – Moovee 001 [Moovee Music]
JCH – Ma Bassy [Multiverse Recordings]
Jholeyson – Tegridad [Sticker Music]
John Summit – Forgotten One [Repopulate Mars]
Jordy Martin & Bruno Mendoza – Sparta (Seima Remix)
Juan Cuadros – Time Is Money MotherF#$cker
Juan Eres – Wake me Up [Creepy Limited]
Just A Gent & Caitlyn Scarlett – Fire [Digital Empire Records]
KACHOUKH – Tiki Taka [Slowlay]
Kevin Vaya – Thank You [PPMUSIC UNLIMITED]
Kevo Krows – Wild Box [Musical Minds Records]
Killed Kassette – Cooking It up [Griffintown Records]
Loic Roche – Behind the Door [Twisted Funk Records]
Lrya – 3AM [Spira Music]
Lucas Anzo & Arkade – Africa Soul [Floresta Records]
M.S.O. – Taking Bad Deals [Not So Secret]
Majed LeRouge – Desi [Ecurie]
Marcel Dope – The Truth [Lit Music]
Marco Tisano – No Way [Vulkano Records]
Marien Baker – Collide [Lemon-aid Music]
Mark Fiorre – Wake Up [DOT Dance]
Martin Deen – Traveler [Habitat]
Mateo Murcia – Kibi [Bambole Records]
Tiziano Palma & Gentile – Someday [Putsch Records]
TMT – London [G-Mafia Records]
To5z – Everyday (Remixes) [Boy’s Deep]
TobeyBeats – Do It Now [Nala Music]
Tom Grossy & NoN Shepherd – Jumpy [Panic Recording]
V3O – Los Padawan [Sweet Records]
VA – Clan Club Underground [Clan Club Rec]
VA – Dominant Concepts [Obazda]
VA – Micro Cosmo [Surrealismrec.]
Van Blanco – Mic Work [Stereophonic]
Venttura – This Is Heavy [Taturana Records]
Victor Vergara – Teledub [Magic Beatz]
Wase – After Dark [Disco Groove CWB]
Wayne De Souza – Nothingness [TID Recordings]
Wellyside – Back Master [Deep Bear]
WezH – Rusty Piano [EML Recordings]
Willys Nice – Mayan Prophecy [Duff Music]
Wino – Moving Down to Earth [Techno Room Lab]
Wolves Can Riot – Fame [Golden Pineapple Records]
Wood Packa – Surf [Angel Helicopter]
XeKe – Good Time [DataTech]
Youknow – Hotel Room [Barbecue Records]
Yudzhin Tech – On You [Music Destinations]
Z.A.A.R. – In the Club [Complex Destroyerz]
Zord & Rebass – Okay [LowFreQ Records]