AAP & Leo Valentine – Muse (feat. Jacob Barlow)
Adam Cooper – Day Break 2K20 [Sky Academy Records]
Airos – Used to [Deep Strips]
Alexander Hotra – Illusions of Us [Deep Strips]
Alora & Senii – Give Me Some Love (feat. Kristina R)
December Rose – When We Were Young (Remixes)
DIA-Plattenpussys – Don’t Let Me Go [DIA (Official)]
dimaseadoy – Tell me Baby [Deep Strips]
DJ Jon – Lockdown [Indiefy]
DJ No Sugar – Hooked On Love [Smile Creations Music Label]
Dj Tucks – Make Me Move (feat. Fentse) [Point B Entertainment]
Dobby The Elf – Magic from Dobby [Multiza Distribution]
Dromedarios Mágicos – Subcampeón [Arts & Crafts Mexico]
DSP_GOD – Cute Songs to Help with Depression [Freshtunes]
Dżeju – Common Girl [Smile Creations Music Label]
Elio Deejay – Without You (feat. Adriano) [Spectrum Recordings]
Eric Hayes – I Wanna Get Down [il Dottore]
EVOORGi – Breakout [Evoorgi Music]
Fideldeejay – My Medicine [FDJ records]
Flaunt – Squeeze [Anticodon]
Floridablanca – El Desencanto [Mushroom Pillow]
Forever 80 – Axel F (Beverly Hills Theme) [Crown Of Music]
Francisco Gaitàn – Time Slip 2 [Effigy Recordings]
Freaky DJ’s, Bertello & PRYVT RYN – Simple Soul [Wild Essence]
Freaky DJ’s, LvssR & Manuela – I Want to Be [Wild Essence]
Fred Pellichero – Zephyr (Vocal Radio Mix) [Scratchin Records]
Fukushima Twins – The World Is Ours [Zoundr]
G.Sound – Little Girl [DNC Classic]
G.Sound – Na Hora de Paraiso [DNC Classic]
Gabriel Gerhard & Nivaadh Singh – Please Understand
Grapefruit Sound Lab & Amuka – A Song About Freedom (feat. Sarah Naughton)
H501L – Beat the Beat [Musica Machina Records]
Harmony Byrne – If I Needed You [Allen Road Music]
Henry Hacking – New Love (feat. Holly Brewer) [Perfect Havoc]
Hopen – Que serait ce monde [Play Two]
InsideTheWhale – I’m On My Way Tonight [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Israell – Out for Blood [Arckangel Voice Music]
Janicsák Veca – Meseház [SMP]
Jared Minnix & With Løve – Hydroplane (Remix) [Proximity]
Model Home – Livin’ In a Treehouse [Disciples]
MORA – Covid-19 [Multiza Distribution]
Mr. Luka – Obra de Arte [Naja Records]
Mr. Popular – Flair For the Dramatic [Big Noise Music Group]
Mux Mool – Sorry For Your Gloss [Young Heavy Souls]
Mynxdoll – 24 [Unable Records]
Nerve – One Love (Radio Edit) [AVANDÉ MUSIC]
Nikola Marjanovic – Iz pepela [Menart]
Nineteen80 – Creeper , Meeting Point [Techburst Records]
Noah-Benedikt – Free & Sie [Zoundr]
Noctuo – Dystropy [Glifico]
Oliver Cricket – Remember [AX RECORDS]
Opitz Barbara – Hová tűnik a csillag [Gold Record Music Kft.]
Over Easy & Heather Sommer – Neon Light (The Remixes)
Paul Mendez – Real Life [UCBR]
QRVZH – Lies [Deepwibe Records]
R4y – The Days [See The Sea Records]
Ready or Not – Flex [Radiation Recordings]
ReepR – Rewind Series ReepR Rock the Groove Mixes
ReepR – Rewind Series ReepR – Bad Gurls Mixes [WoNKed Music Group]
ReepR – Rewind Series ReepR – Falling Under Mixes [WoNKed Music Group]
ReepR – Rewind Series ReepR – Legion Mixes [WoNKed Music Group]
Regulus Red – High Price (Austin Leeds Remix) [Regulus Red]
RICH MORE – Kiss [Freshtunes]
rickysee – Light Me Up [Future Plan Digital]
Rilsawa – Wandering [FLORALIUM]
Robert Abigail – Rodeo (feat. Jimmi the Dealer) [ARROGATE]
Robson Vidal – I Dont Know Why (feat. Grazy) [GUFO RECORDS]
Roda – Sinking Sand (feat. Summer Haze) [Adorma Records]
Romance Style – Celos [Romeo Entertainment]
Rubayne – Love I Need (feat. Kirrah Amosa) [e-traxx Records]
Ryan Claud – I’ll Be There For You [ToCo Asia]
SAMURAI – Go Out [Freshtunes]
Sarcy Dj – Make It [kluBasic dance]
Scotty – He’s a Pirate (Remixes) [Splashtunes]
Sonny Fodera, King Henry & AlunaGeorge – Before U
Steve Modana & Adanna Duru – Cry [Lit Bit]
SU – The Trill [Multiza Distribution]
Subjack – In My Life [Jacktrax]
Sundomme – Seasons Japan [MiLoCaVa]
Susazi – Memories [Vinebeat Records]
Susurro – The Die Is Cast [Zoundr]
Szakacs Gergo – Haladok [Supermanagement]
Tails & Kelland – Stranded [Proximity]
Taivis Ureia – Somewhere in Time [VERSE (Equinox)]
The Cautious Arc – I Didn’t Feel U Touch Me [Anticodon]
Tommyizer & Wolfrage – Love Dance Music
Touchfreak – Infinite Stars (Infinite Space) [Malagueño]
Troy Petty – Rebel Bones [Dachshund Records]
TVPPS – Breeze [Be Happy]
Twenty Feet Down – Where Do I Go (feat. Myke)
VA – Kaiserwetter [PRDS Direct]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

A Liga & R.Braga, R.Braga & A Liga – High Love [El Fortin Music]
A.N.B. – Chernobyl Hero [Melody Records]
AAP & Leo Valentine – Bad Face (feat. HYDRA) [Ahuja Art Projects]
Aaryan – Sand in My Synths (Extended Mix) [DHSC017BP]
Abrão & Bigamo, Keope & Bigamo – Bigamo Remixed Pt. 1 [Bigamo Musik]
AJ Mora – The Quarantine Project [Deeplife Records]
Alex Agore – Solar [MOT015]
B.Lo – Back in the Days [Strictly Flava]
BadWolf & Nonefield, BadWolf – Mentira [Veneno]
Baffa Jones – Thick & Creamy [Kanzen Records]
Balmoral Trax – Don’t Let Me Go [Rewritable Records]
Benny Bridges & Josh Taylor, Benny Bridges – The Grand Escape [Fantastic Voyage]
Blackjoy, Jupiter & Bottin – Hey There [Grand Blanc]
Blue Soul – Litmus Test, Pt. 2 [Whiskey Pickle]
Bon – Vibe All Night [Future Proof Recordings]
Camou Flanger – The Sneak [Discoring]
CANCCI, Foletto – Faith [43D041]
Caserta – Bobby [Bridge Boots]
Cavego – Rask Gange [Eskimo Recordings]
Cëla – I’m in Love [Disco Matto]
Demarkus Lewis – A Break In The Clouds [HOUPH001]
Deyn Shawket & Alan Deacon – Need Somebody [Yellow Rhinestone Records]
DJ Ax – Children [Testify Records]
DJ Cream – What If… [PURISM Wave]
DJ Dyde – Holding You [Soul Revolution Records]
DJ Jedy – Here with Me , Call Me (feat. Sofi) [Natural Deep]
DJ JEDY – Take Them Over [LucidPlain Records]
DJ Nuck – Wishing U [Why Not Recordings]
DJ Octopuz – You Showed Me Love [Ancestral Recordings]
DJ SK (MA), Deepest & AMHouse – Stay [LucidPlain Records]
Dj with Soul – Deep Inside [Gents & Dandy’s]
Djs4Djs, HEHO & El DaMieN – Save Me (Extended Mix) [Deep House Cafe]
Doniy – Universe [See The Sea Records]
Eighteen Keys – Give It Up [Eighteen keys]
Eke – Lost in the Horizon [Abstract Line Records]
Ella Romand, DSIDED – Your Name _ Black Lace [9TY030]
Equal – Forget My Love (Joe Corti Remix) [Calabasas Records]
Erbil Dzemoski – Hold Me Down (Ilir Hidri Violin) [Road Story Records]
Eren Sahin – Far Away [Black Lemon Records]
Eric Wishes – Murmuring [NR374]
Eternal Student – Hear Me Though [Moods & Grooves Records]
exMAD – This Way [Baijan Records]
Fabo & Aninha – Vega [Neanderthal]
Faze Action, Zeke Manyika – Don’t Stop EP [FAR042]
Franck Roger, Mandel Turner – After All (Carlo Gambino Remixes) [RTR071]
GummiHz – High On Percussion EP [EM016]
Homero Espinosa – Close Your Eyes [LAR325]
iMarcus – Maybe Next Time [TRUE025]
Jacssen – Randomize EP [WDR013]
Jose Vilches, Tatsu – Coming Together E.P [IM047]
K-Rub – Master Plan [Dream Culture]
K-Zan – Deep Blue [See The Sea Records]
Krobman – Farewell [Delve Deeper Recordings]
LaErhnzo & TooZee & LuToniq Soul – Forget About the Past
Later. – On Time Remixes [Cookie Records]
Levy – Samadhi [Lisztomania Records]
Libius Poke – Asleep In the Deep [recordJet]
Loopsy Dazy – Estuary Remixes [Architextures]
Lottz – Blaze [Sensoria Sounds]
Luchi & Raizer – Out of My Mind (feat. Derek Lopez) [AfriSoul Electronic]
Luciano FM & Stradivarius – Notorious [Plastik People Digital]
Marcell Stone & Rebecca Louise Burch – Your Voice (Dj Quba, Sandra Kanivets Remix)
Marco Barci – Pick Me Up! [Stereo Skull Records]
Marius Acke – Together EP [PR2020534]
Mathewu – Essence [Kalushi Recordings]
Mattia Evo – Chocolate [Venice Music]
Mattia Evo, Paolo Blanda – The Best Album 2020 [Venice Music]
Mauro Masi – Bonwa I Naisha [AMITABHA]
Max the Sax – Make Me Feel Good [MAX THE SAX RECORDS]
MD Project – Sahara [Acetic Records]
Mea Culpa – Numero Uno [Deeptone Recordings]
Meyv3r – For Love (Old Culture 2020 Rework) [Lolapad Recordings]
Mike Rhythm – Love You More [Nimi Records]
Mister Eex – Fifth Avenue [Acetic Records]
Mitiko – BEACH VIEW [DF 105]
Mode11 – Feelin You [Unitee Recordings]
Modell & Mercier – Signs of Revolvation [Acetic Records]
Modus Medusae – Tu Casa [Acetic Records]
Mohig – Fibrejazz [Afroschnitzel Recordings]
Mojito Groove – Rumble [Acetic Records]
Mondial Beats – Wolves [Acetic Records]
Monkey Star – Don’t Keep It Low [Buslife Records]
Mooglie – Prélude [Sapiens]
Moon Effect – Automatic Lovesick [Moon Effect Records]
Quint S Ence – Tang Oh [UPUK Records]
R-Ash – No Ceiling [Lobby Records]
Raggi Luminosi – Repeater [ADRO Records]
Ramses3000 – Ataraxia [Intercept]
Rayowa – The Only Night [Mahogany Recordings]
REYKO – La Verdad [Antifragile Music]
REYKO – Surrender [Antifragile Music]
Rianu Keevs – Island of Hope [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Suspense [Rianu Keevs]
Ricii Lompeurs & KEAN DYSSO – Gangsta Paradise (NIVERSO Remix)
Ricky Chopra – We’re One [Spectrum City]
Roberto Lodola – Marimba Do Mar [Disco Matto]
Roque – Taking a Chance , Spirit’s Speak [DeepHouse Police]
Sam Dexter, Elliotte Williams-N’Dure – Real Love [GU484]
Sam Goku – Paradise Drum EP [ATM079]
Souxsoul – Sweetest Man [CRMS Records]
Spaded – Take Our Time [NFYNIA DEEP]
SpringHill – Dune , Taraxacum [Inspirado Records]
Stefre Roland – Broken Pieces [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Stefre Roland – Fly To Sky [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Stefre Roland – Starry Sky For Us [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Stefre Roland & Dj Quba – Come To Night [Yeiskomp Abyss]
The Godfathers Of Deep House SA – The 4th Commandment 2020 Chapter 11
Tidy Daps – Juan [MOISS086] [WAV]
Time To Sleep – Lungo Mare (Extended Mix) [DHSC018BP]
Trevayne – Apex Modular [263DTLR]
VA – Corpus Vol. 1 [ITI011]
Venice Beach – Remixed [195081469645]
Vietmens – Mimika [Asli Music]
Vincenzo D’amico feat Lina Simons – Dance Floor EP [WAV]
Zirkuskind – It Began in Africa [Flair Berlin]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

G-Space – Lucid Retreat [19K]
GOLD Dubs & Selecta J-Man – Champagne & Asparagus
Guillotine – Rave Wizard [Odio Records]
Guimar – Gangster Flow [FAM]
Gydra – Dungeon [Empire Recordings]
H33T – Need You [AIDC Records]
Halogenix – Independent [Critical Music]
Hekrim & M-Cee – Vegetative Status (feat. M-Cee)
Hero Named Nerd – Chances (feat. Christian Dupree) [6058 Remix]
Hero Named Nerd – So Far Away [Simplify.]
Hol & Autokilla, Octane – SOTA – Remixed [Prime Audio]
HOTWAXXX – Dopamine Machine [Wolf Beats]
Hybrid Minds – Don’t Ever (feat. DRS) [Hybrid Music UK]
Hymdale – Magavot [Alte Records]
iaRe & EQuiñonez – IDC [Shape Network]
Ill-Esha – Unleashed [Muti Music]
Illnest & Yes.On – Playlist Love [d3ip Records]
ILUS – Cash [Ario Records]
Immersion – Funk Me [PLAY! Music]
INFRARED – Mofo , Bloodshot [Subway Soundz]
Isura & Root Introvert – Reminiscent [AshesToFlame Records]
J-SHADOW – The Astral Series [Beat Machine Records]
Jack Mirror & Champion – Oculus [Viper Recordings]
Jarod Glawe & Alina Renae – Open up Your Eyes
Jaxx – Grape Stomper , Lemon Tune [Natty Dub Recordings]
Jeffsua – INVADERS [Ashes Recordings]
Jeri Newton – Newtonland [Valor]
Jh0ssu – Time [NOIZE (Plasmapool)]
JM & Jagerbang – #Static [Maehtrasher]
Joachim Noé – San Andreas [Dancewood Stage]
Jules Vega – Is This Trap [recordJet]
Just John – Buddha [Danktronics]
Kamix & Revealed Recordings – Move On [Revealed Radar]
Karimooo – The Machine , Bring It Back [Play Me Too Records]
Karlixx & Isaac Maya – Jah Bomb [LowFreqMX]
Karyuu & Soundwreck – Deathblow [Buygore]
KC & MC Astro – Night Time Rollin’ [Weapons of Choice Recordings]
Kelypso – Never Let Me Go [Simplify.]
Kina – The Deeper Freq [DEEPER_FREQ]
Kleu – Dark Arts [DNB Allstars Records]
Knockwell – Kantrip [Knockwell Music]
KOFM & Mylo – Beggin’ [Darklight Recordings]
Kouncilhouse – Crazy About You [Dirty Lemon Recordings]
Kriss Russell – Brenta [Dust Project]
Kurei & AJ Euro, Kurei & Lua – Falling [Below The Surface]
Kursiva – Aerophonics , Oddysee [Subtitles Music (UK)]
KYPA – The Kypa Ultimatum [Ultraline Records]
Lamoa – Rise [Virility Recordings]
Laurent Garnier – Dune the Alliance [F Communications]
Lavery – Reminisce , All Massive [Meditator Music]
Lisa Miskovsky – Home (Zardonic ‘Liquid Fiction’ Remix)
Liv Sin – Hope Begins to Fade (Zardonic Remix)
Lizdek, Distinguish & FETH – No Secrets [Lowly]
LNytho – Crazy [Filthy Sounds]
Lockpick – Eye of Singularity [World Wake Records]
Loud About Us & KOOS, Loud About Us – She Got [Bite This!]
Lower Basis – Smnl032 [Seminal Sounds]
Lowroller – Combo Breaker [Nekrolog1k]
Lucas The Flow & BioKoi – Rinseware [Forest Biz Records]
Lunchbox – Treviso [Acute Visions]
Lunéo – The Ocean [recordJet]
Lymitless – Call of Booty [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Macario – You (WhoøSh Remix) [Alphabeat Records]
Machinedrum & Holly – Berry Patch Blended [Vision Recordings]
Madcap, Ricky Force – The Alliegiance Project [Mac 2 Digital]
Madsen – How You Like [Wiking Recordings]
Make You Freak – Energy [Drumroom]
Malcolm Moore – Deep Core [Altered Moods Recordings]
Man Cub & APEK – Wrong to Let You Go (feat. April Bender)
Mantra Mindware – Kraftlos [Mindware Lab]
Manuel Seith – Black Diamond [DIMASI Music]
Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Universe , Lose Control (2020 Remaster)
Marcus Tee – Road Trip [Amphibious Audio Recordings]
Martial Taktics – Talk Dirty [Bass Militia Records]
Mattheo Da Funk – Fake [Xoni Records]
Maurizzle & Master Error – The Paper [Phantom Dub Digital]
MCTR – Going Blind [Lowly]
Menfis – Turn it Up [Traffic Records]
Merlo – Don’t Look Down [B.A.M. (Become A Millionaire)]
Mew Zu – Necrosis [Subplate Recordings]
Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Akronym – Secret Stash of Vips
Milad, Behwnm & Mehromero – Heram [Magnified Recordings]
Milinor – Bounce Forever [Alveda Pulse]
Mind Haze & Bvkle – Energia (feat. Mara) [Promo Audio Music]
MINGTIST – Let’s Go [Jin Records]
Minimalist – 1008 [Deeper DNB]
Minus 8 & The Legend – System Change [Beyond 8]
Modis Chrisha – Alchemy [Modis Records]
Modis Chrisha – Happy People [Modis Records]
Modskull – Groovy [NoFace Records]
Monäva – Playing With Fire (AIRGLO Remix) [FVYDID]
MORRAX – Genesis [Ulysse United Records]
Morthotech – Secret Agent Mortho [Run Track Records]
Mou5zyzz – Kool Shit [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
Mr Dubz – Night Funk [Divided Audio]
Mr. Sid, Deadline & Revealed Recordings – Wild Love
MR.BLACK & Pangea – Heroes [Revealed Recordings]
Mr.Magicall, Farhang & NELLY TGM – Before I Go
MsDoS – Sweet Harmony [DNBB Digital]
Muffler – Snowflakes VIP [Unique Music Records]
Myxed Up – Zen [After Dark Music [ADM]]
N.Kenji & XFox – Shotgun Remixes [Techenies]
Need For Mirrors – Bubbles [Souped Up Records]
Nelver – Red Light [Galacy]
Nesso – Rage [G-Mafia Records]
No Human Sound, Mise & Azam – Late Night Show
No Party – Colorless [Protomotorik]
Noetik the Alchemist – Intrinsic (feat. Wind Horse & Chase Iron Eyes)
Noetik the Alchemist & Bboy Remind, Gabrielle Gottschall – Forgotten Science
Notalike – Love You [Ensis Records]
Oakly – Laser Therapy [JT Music]
OCTBRSKY – Discoveries [NoCopyrightNation]
ODER & Cabbie – Utopia [Oder]
Ohmie – Fake Tears [Reinelex Music]
Okénio & Lil Mac – No Cap [Mafia Music Recordings]
Ovas – Starstruck [Frostfyre] – Tonal Bass [MellowGang]
Oxius – Defective [Incurzion Audio]
Oz – State of Mind Sampler LP 1 [Co-Lab Recordings]
Papa Khan – Fall Apart (feat. Brave) [Rushdown]
Party Favor – FRESH LAUNDRY [Area 25]
Pepperjuice – Elephant [Carbon, A Division Of Broderskab]
Perverse – IO , Aye Aye [Infernal Sounds]
Peshay – Covert Operations [Peshay Music]
Phendrana – Slow Dance (feat. Philip Q) [Plural Music]
Phil Tangent – Laminar Flow , Beholden [Lunar Records]
Point.Blank – Kill Them [Buygore]
Potentz – Shifty [SUBHEADZ RECORDS]
Pr!ce & O.M. – Losing Control [G-Mafia Records]
Primal Drumz – Clouds of Venus [Evil Audio]
Primal Tribes – Dualism [Onset Audio]
Prisoner – Technical Death [Dubdisk Records]
Project Lando – Origins [Ten Ton Beats]
Proxima – Break the Beans , Rogue Sofa [NËU]
Proxy – Nervous [Mako Records]
Quadrant & IRIS, Kid Hops – Form Constant
Quintino & Richie Loop – Manimal [Dim Mak Records]
Rabia Sorda – Destruye [Out Of Line]
Rafael Barreto – It Feels So Good [Santander Music]
Raith & Atarii, Raith & Rosso – Blood [Reinelex Music]
Raz – Man Flu , Arctic Signal [Zombie Recordings UK]
RazrWirez – Jump [B-Nasty Beats]
Red Hood Squad & SYARK – Beat Rip [Harsh Records]
ReepR – Rewind Series ReepR – Paella Mixes
René LaVice & A Plus – Lockdown [device]
Result – Bone Bender [VALE (Various Artists Limitless Expression LLC)]
Rezjack – In the Music [BAM BAM]
Rizó, Slowboy & caustyk – Exhilarate [Lowly]
Rob Made – Perfect Motion (Raineman Remix)
Robtopus – Deep in the Woods [Ambra Recordings]
Ryaudio – Apache [Soul Flex Digital]
Said & MYKKA – Mind Control [MUEVA Squad]
Saikon – Makeda [Spearhead Records]
Sample – Genji [GAWDMODE]
Scafetta – Bass Boom [Graveyard Beats]
Schrandy & Wolfrage – Let Me Be [Wolfrage Recordings]
Seba – Chebourashka [Secret Operations]
Section 63 – Edenkoben [Perkussiv]
Shlokh – Go Down [ARVEG]
ShockOne – It’s All Over [Monstercat]
Shoni & Amy Martz – Tell You (Remixes) [Kofton Music]
Sikka – Ready for War [Inna Rhythm]
Skrude – Hadean [Disciple Round Table]
Skrybe – I’ll Be Raining Fire (feat. Chess Countess)
Skylar Bass – Ghost City [Trainspotting Music]
Slink13 – Berserker [Madox Records]
Slydee & P4sc4l – Karma [ReState Records]
SnowFrog – Loud [Psyphoric Productions]
Solr & Glockwork – Closer [Glockwork Records]
SOUKI – Living Like This [Musata Music]
Spiritual Gangsters – Chin Check [DirtySnatcha Records]
Sploit – Fragments [Time of Night]
Spook Electro – Constallation [Glitchworld Recordings]
Sqishi & Paragon – Deviate [DirtySnatcha Records]
SR84 – Another Spooky [Cosmo Seed]
studio22music & deadly lullaby productions – CyberBeats V1
STV & K.Olsen – Get Down [Revuelta Records]
Subconxious – Love Survives Death [Floorish]
SuperAve. – Chrome [MorFlo Records]
SYN – Synners [Welcome Records]
Takjacob – R.U. Mad [Solumn Records]
Teknoaxe – Down to Earth [TeknoAXE]
terror – Into You , Run [Future Retro]
The Kayn – Be Your Friend (feat. Keeneng Vang) [Vibes Records LLC]
The Maximus – Groove It [Smile Creations Music Label]
The Svens – Coachella [AIDC Records]
The Vegassi – Renaissance [Shift Records]
Thomas Feelman & Almero – Rise Above (feat. OMZ)
Tim Reaper & Comfort Zone – More Lanterns
Tokyo Machine – Journey [Monstercat]
Tom Boxer – Na Na Night (Brasilian Bass Boost)
Tony Anthem & Doktor, Gunmen & Specimen A – Jamaican In London
Tribeleader – Power Dub [Tribeleader Music]
Tribeleader – Time Travel [Tribeleader Music]
Trojiin – Flux [Eloisa Records]
Tryzon – Jam N Juice [Frostfyre]
Tsunado – Drop [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
Undearth – Wakanda [DENAR RCRDS]
VAMPA – Dark Matter [Kannibalen Records]
Various Artists – Spotlight ‘rude B’ [Awaken Recordings]
Vluminati & MOLLĒ – Anmls [Molle]
Voodrop – Shaman , Don’t Make a Sound [Detached Audio]
wassuop – Drawing a Blank [Danktronics]
Winterman – Boh! (SoopaDaark Remix) [Ruff And Tuff Recordings]
WOOK2 – Heart Breathing [Lime Records]
Xehex – Last Train [Vantage (UK)]
Yelle – Je t’aime encore [Recreation Center]
Yinon Yahel – Lonely People [Yinon Yahel]
Yoki – Fool [Smile Creations Music Label]
Yung Toro – In Limbo [VRBL Records]
Zimbu – Contact [Danktronics]

Electronica & Downtempo

03SIDIAN – Animals [SUPRANU Records]
13th moon – Consciousness Never Die [Lying 8]
10135 – Politics & Dancing [FGA]
AAP – Making Beats (LA Muzic Remix) [Ahuja Art Projects]
AAP – Making Beats Pavlov Remix (PAVLOV Remix) [Ahuja Art Projects]
AAP – Muse (Acapella) [feat. Leo Valentine] [Ahuja Art Projects]
AAP – Shotgun Jan$free (Remix) [feat. Equinox] [Ahuja Art Projects]
AAP – Swag (Acapella) [feat. Leo Valentine] – [Ahuja Art Projects]
AAP – White Wedding (Acapella) [Ahuja Art Projects]
AAP & Leo Valentine – Karma (Acapella) [Ahuja Art Projects]
Adiós Mundo Cruel – Mortaja [Conjunto Vacío]
Arsen Movsisyan – Time Flies [NB155]
Astropilot – Reveries [AstroPilot Music]
Atlantic Crew, General Dub – Sakura [Black Sugar Recordings]
Atmode – Isolation [Tranquility Sounds]
Audio Dope – Superlunary [Radicalis]
Aurum Miles – Sweat and Wet [Coquelicot Records]
Awkward Corners – Just Around the Corner (feat. Sarathy Korwar)
Big Martino & Aliens Bad Brothers – Welcome My Angel [Domozero]
Blair Clarke – Loving You [AB Music]
Blood Dream, I Am From Another World – Backwards but Forward
Bobina & Betsie Larkin – You Belong to Me 2.0 [Uniqode Lab]
Body Corp – Negative Reaction (FIO’s Goblin Magick Mix)
Bungalovv – Donde Hubo Fuego [Infinite Machine]
Bush People – Oak Island [Tranquility Sounds]
Cantoma – Into Daylight [Highwood Recordings]
Capitol K – Birdtrapper [Faith & Industry]
Carla Valenti, Dandara – VA.1 Lassi International [Lassi International]
Cathy Burton – Reach out to Me (Sadege Chill out Remix)
Cell – Live in Corfu [ULTIMAE]
Celso Bayo – Sunrise 138 [WAFO Music]
Charles & The Fury, Enkrypted – Beltane [Future Cosmetiq]
Classmatic, Francesco Parente – Crazy Pages [CUFF118]
Clemency – References [2 B REAL]
Cobalt & Danny Satori – Boston Calling – Fragment 2 The Instrumentals
Cubilon – Closer [Diana Recs]
Cut A Lonely Figure – In Sea in Circles in Concrete
Divine Interface – So Fine [2MR]
DJ Lady Lloyd & Kinky Roland – Just Another [BGP Records]
Ektopy – Hue [Ozran Sunset]
Electrodelia – Electrodelia [Super Utu]
Electronic Fluke – Lifted [Wonderfly Records]
HAFT, Nebula (AR) – B2B Series 01 [AKBAL185]
Ido Plumes – Away From the Reign [Livity Sound Recordings]
Imboden – The Tenth Dimension [ARTIST BASE]
Inner Conflict – Oh! Now I Sea It! [ScentAir Records]
Introspektro – Autumn [Crosswalk Records]
Iron Me – Zwischenwelten [Sumpfsee Records]
J.Wiltshire – Resa [MUSAR011D]
Jack Carel – Flashlight [MSQ Records]
Jason Rivas & Lo-Fi on Elm Street – Our Planet [Tarangrooves Music]
Jessica Boston & Desert – This Feeling Is You [Passat Continu]
Jessica Winter – Sad Music [Roya]
John Abbruzzese – Distant Memories [Domozero]
K-LONE – Cape Cira [Wisdom Teeth]
Kaia Vieira – Where Did You Go [These Furious Recordings]
Khrome – Heartbeats [Bassement Bass Recordings]
KhumstaR & Soultronixx – Happiness & Lights [Garden Co.]
Klauss – Zyklus [LIVE ACTS]
Koki Nakano – Pre-Choreographed [No Format]
Komka, Perrelli & Come and Hell – Honestly [I,U Music]
Kradch – Cold Hands [Freshtunes]
Krayt – Not Like Everyone Else [CHAPTERD Recordings]
Kris Vango – Venus Ritus [NVMPHS]
Kronos Device – The Infinite Ones [Avoidant Records]
Kryptic Minds – One of Us (2020 Remaster) [Osiris Music UK]
KUSHT – Master [Frente Bolivarista]
L3fthand – Very Cool Cat [Strange Matter]
La Màquina Corrupta – MMXVI [Conjunto Vacío]
Lappländer – Loppu ja alku [Luola]
Larry – Kauz [Super Hexagon Records]
Lars Huismann – No Exit [Marked]
Lensk – Incised Shards [Hypermedium]
Lizzie Bradley – I Feel the Sunshine [Teknofonic Recordings]
Loli Cosmica & Si – Tzen Tze Re Rei [Wanderlust Musica]
Louis Jeffrey – Slug [BooDog Records]
LSTNGT – Holy Machine [Conjunto Vacío]
Lucidvox – Knife [Glitterbeat Records]
Lučko & Mr.Speaker – Lucid Dream [102db]
Luis Ruiz – Polyhedra [Subsequent Records LTD]
Luke Vibert, Robin Ball – X to C [Memory Box]
Lushen – String Theory [Escalated Sounds]
lynchobite – Shattered [Freshtunes]
M.R. Shajarian & Seventh Soul – Broken Heart [Tarr Records]
M.R. Shajarian & Seventh Soul – Hich [Tarr Records]
M1u – 1. Milk 2. Eggs 3. Portobellos [M1u]
Madrelarva – Oro Naciente [Conjunto Vacío]
Manny Evans – Solid State [Solar Phenomena]
Marced – Like You [recordJet]
Mark Giardina – Micron [Attic Studio]
Marshall – Somnambulists [WEATNU Records]
Martin Eve – Night Train (feat. Jon Fugler) [Tici Taci]
MartyParty – Until We Bleed [MartyParty Music]
Matthew D. Gantt – Diagnostics [Orange Milk]
Matthewdavid – Experimental Bliss [Umor Rex]
MC Grizz – Need You [ZEROCOOL]
Michael David – Melona [Cascine (Redeye)]
Mila Dietrich – Lien De Sang Remixes [Maquisards Records]
Minddigger – A World For You [AstroPilot Music]
Mitch Hunt – You Followed None [KRLK Recordings]
More Eaze & Amulets, More Eaze – Mari [Orange Milk]
Noraj Cue – Inner Glitch 3 OF 3 [HCR013]
Red Adair – Go Down Moses [Red Adair Records]
Rólegur – Ocean Mind [Flux Inc. Records]
RYTERBAND – Brilliant Eyes [RYTERBAND Records]
Sally Madge – Don’t Go [Algarve Records]
samAwake – It’s Over [samAwake]
San Ignacio – Esto No Es un Poema (feat. Arnaldo Antunes)
San Ignacio – O Bem (feat. Projeto Mujique) [Fertil Discos]
Scott Stevenson – Voov [Shsoo Records]
Scrimshire & Gaijin Blues – Listeners (Remixes) [Albert’s Favourites]
Secretnc – Almost Late [Secretnc]
Seph – Samsa [Aula Magna Records]
Serion – Around You [Seeking Blue]
Shoko Rasputin – Overflow [U.G.JAMMIX]
Sierra X & Bona – Endless (feat. Bona) [X-Tapes]
Siete Catorce – Agnosia [Hypermedium]
Simbiyot – Transpose [Talent Records]
Sinerider – Moonflowers [Dronarivm]
Skylex – Free [Disco Gecko]
Slain Sun – Disko Park [Black Leather Records]
Solar Pavilion – Atmosphere Crossing [Alss]
Stifano – Freak [Streamin Music]
sUb_modU – Pidgin Synths [Tru Thoughts]
Sweatson Klank & Rite Along – Lucky Shores
Synthetiq – Internal [#internetghetto]
Tamhiis – Renovation [Dostonos Records]
Tardy Traps – Addicted [Attic Studio]
Telecast – Guitar Dreams Del Mar [Ragibeat]
Temex E – Days [recordJet]
Tesla286 & Freestyle Man, Tesla286 – Time Dilation [Sous Music]
Teslasonic – BAR Records 05 [BAR Records]
The Ambientalist – Call of the Wind [MQY Music]
The Colours That Rise – Grey Doubt [Rhythm Section International]
The Dead Company – Shifts In Time [ZBM Recordings]
Thé Déluge – Tropical Syndroms [Umor Rex]
The Em23 – We Are Somewhere [Freshtunes]
The Freek Macheen – Parallel Spheres [Eisblock Records]
The Geek x VRV – Levitation (Lo-Fi Beats) [Allo Floride Artist Services]
The Prince of Dance Music – G Forced Section V
Tropical Barba – Going On [LR1604269] [WAV]
Xlarve – Aooe Aoe [Xlarve]
XNXX – 1980 [Future Sonar]
XTRNL SGNL PRCSSR – Modular Enterprises
YiGa – Alone [Freshtunes]
Yo Speed – Escape [Get The Sound]
Yulio – Universos [Kraftoptical]
Yves Malone – The Beginning of Nothing [Umor Rex]
Zapt & Omeria – Cycle (feat. Omeria) [Aodion Records]
Zero Theory – Arrival [Altar Records]
Zetandel & Tiff Lacey – Deepest Blue [PureBliss]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

Axel Boy – Help Me to Believe [Crucast]
Bushbaby – Empty Again [frtyfve]
concinnity – All Over Town Riddim [Shroud Records]
Devilman & Skinzmann, Westy – The Flawless Victory [Sika Records]
eGore – Stutter [Salford City Records]
Eloquin – Gotcha [Crucast]
Firestar Soundsystem – Feel So Good [Elektroshok Records]
Gary Esson – Take You Higher [2TUF4U Records]
Jack Selecta – Visions [Downplay]
Jacssen – The Way I Feel [Friday Rush Records]
John Humphrey Coconut – .M. [Giant Pulse]
MartyParty – Pussy Money Weed [MartyParty Music]
Mistakay & Kannan – Underdogs [MistaKay]
Mr Virgo – Night Time [BIG BASS Records]
NJC – 24 Obsession (NJC Mix) [feat. Alice Ella] [Ambiel Music]
Priceless – Head Gone [BUILD TUNES]
Rightmind – Never Been [YosH]
Shapes – Wanna Know [Circus]
Shosh – Get Down [24hr Garage Girls]
Soulecta – Continental Bashment [GS Dubs]
Stagga & Joe Blow – The Silver Bullet [Fat Fridge]
Turno & Zero – Gunshotta (feat. Killa P) [Time Is Now , Turno]


Atlas Bay – Standing In The Dust [BLV7276169]
BBwhite – Bootylicious [Disco Filter Records]
Belljack – Sjeta [Defora Records]
Ben Ambergen & Brieuc – Walk Away [Fanfare Records]
Blanco K – Funky Town (feat. LauMii) [Moon Rocket Music]
Block & Crown – Can You Release Me [Koolkutz]
Block & Crown – Let’s All Dance Now [Omerta]
Boo Yakka – Iya Homanene [DOT Dance]
Brenak – Voices [Cardinal Records]
Broz Inc – Gimme It [45RDB]
Bucky – Octopus [Lipstick On Records]
C. Da Afro – Life Is a Beat [Believe In Disco]
Carlo Beta – Long 33 [Climax Digital Recordings]
Carlostella – No Many Time [Shocking Sounds Records]
Cent Ans – A tout le monde [One World Records]
Cesar C – Alegria [Radiator Of Sound]
CEV’s – Higher Deeper [Transcendance Music]
Code Blox & Daniele Giambelluca – Your Love [Open House Records]
Colour Castle – Getaway [Hot Sunday Records]
Cooper Sm!th – Wonder [Jendex Records]
Da Funk Junkies – Keep You Burning [SpinCat Music]
Da Funk Junkies – This Love [Souluxe Record Co]
Damar – Hile , Sia [Crown Of Music]
Danny Does – Keep Givin Me Love [Funky Revival]
Danny Jay, Banju – No Love (Hosanna) [PD5383]
Dante Payne – Twist Me Up [Electric Mode]
Dany Cohiba – Orgullo Latino [United Music Records]
Dark Intensity & Aki Starr, Angelica Joni – Intense
De Lux – Dancing is Dangerous in Los Angeles
Decibel Artforce – Tomorrow [360 Degree]
Deepsto & ML3NNON – Watching You Dance (feat. LIAM)
Dem MC – Kaleidoscope [Play Me More]
Demetri82 – Shapes [Pink Dolphin Music Ltd]
Di Saronno – One More Step [Jango Music]
Diamonds & Sauce – Midtown Boogie [Global Junkiez]
Diego Mendoza – Keep Me High [Love2Drums Records]
Dim Chord – Drink to Get Drunk [Tactical Trax]
Dino Sor – Freaks [Royal Music Paris]
Dirty Honkers – Starlow (Glenn Gatsby Remix) [FLAK Records]
Discoslap & Defloor – Rockets [Phoenix Soul]
Disperate Measures – Dmt [Vamos Music Talents]
DJ Alexis Freites – Dance With Me (Extended Mix)
DJ Counselling – WINTER SUN [EMR036]
DJ Crash – Freedom EP [FBR102]
DJ Csemak – Wanna Do [Bid Muzik]
DJ Funsko – Glamorous Pink Disco [Dynamic Musik Sessions]
DJ Hora & Kris K, DJ Hora – Acid [TRAXED]
Dj Mystro Love – Give Me Love [PRDS Direct]
DJ Nipper – Can’t Shake Our Love (Disco Mix)
DJ Pancho – The Night [SixPlusRecords]
DJ Samuel Kimkò & DJ Sanny J – PARA TI (feat. Neon & Adrian Rivas)
DJ Spielberg – Virtual Eden [No She Doesn’t]
Dj Spin 659 – Way to Your Heart (Remixes), Pt. 1 [feat. Darian Crouse]
DJ Wady & Chris Montana – Built Up [Vamos Music]
DJ Wav – Photosensory [A Friend In Need]
Doc Link – The Golden Rule [Nine Sixteen Muzik]
Dolly Rockers – Give Me Love [SUB20201]
Dominic Dunn – A Night To Remember [DDUK Records]
Dominic Dunn – Shiny Disco Balls [DDUK Records]
Domme & Resteed, Ferrer – Mustache Crew Various Artists, 2
Don Bello – Flash [Skipe Records]
Dormidontov & Newzs – Vamos a Bailar [Mask Sexy]
Dougie Dwongo – Teck Me Deep [DwongoHouse]
Drinks On Me – You’ll Be There [noir sur blanc records]
Drop Department & SuitStatic – Paloma [RAMBLA records]
Dwayne Minard – Hobbies (feat. Gavin Bradley)
Edgar Orn – Girl from Nowhere [Soundo]
Elieser Ambrósio, Zonatto & Less More – It Only Gets Better
ELYX – 40 (EP) [Actuation]
Enrico BSJ Ferrari – Your Funky Thing [Traktoria]
Eusebius – Fight For Love (Extended Mix) [Fallen Jam Records]
Evotia – Don’t You Need Me [Crossborder Records]
Fantastic Man – Body Hurt (Mule Musiq)
Fatblock – Let It Go [Houserecordings (Plasmapool)]
FDF – Your Everything [Hot Bit]
Felon feat Tyler Graves – Only Gonna Hurt [ARDP517]
FENIX & SM1LO – Into You [Say Wow Records]
Fracus & Darwin – We Get High [Reward Circuit]
Frank Knuckle – Let Me Go [Houseworx Sessions]
Furi DRUMS – Holy Fenix (Extended Club Mix)
Gabry the Sound – Meteor [The Music School]
Galcher Lustwerk – Soul Control (Palms Trax Remix)
Generation CB – Funky Voyage [Paradise Music Production]
George Harris – Insane [Houseworx Sessions]
George Von Liger – Mi Vida [Nipplekiss]
Gie Hayford – Dilly-Dally [Triplicate Music]
Gino Love – Back the Funk [Veksler Records]
Girls of the Internet & Laolu – Golden Syrup [Drab Queen]
Glenn Gatsby – Shadow Hat [Electro Swing Thing]
Greenskeepers – Stand Ahhup [Greenskeepers Music]
Groove Killah & Alfanii – Sassy [750 Records]
Groovenerd – Funky Sunshine [Shared Rec]
H.m.s – Washing Hands Song [PalBangMiInHopi]
H.P. Vince – Sometimes Baby [Blockhead Recordings]
Halal Sol – Contusion [Darker Than Wax Recs]
Half an Orange, Disero & Josh Bogert – Sit Like a Flamingo
Hazzaro – Night Calling [Azzura Trax]
Ignacio Lex – La Volaita EP [MSR0082]
Johnny Clash – I Have No Choice [SWEET BEATS]
Jon Costa – Old School [Groover Records]
Jon Doe – Beat Funk Energy (Jon Dbois Remix) [D]
Josoy – Get Big [Jango Music]
LHL – Feel the Fire [Beetroot Soup Records]
Loris Buono – Do You Like [Soundrepublic]
Loris Buono – I Just Wanna You [Soundrepublic]
Luca Debonaire – Bang That Hook [Which Bottle ]
Lupoo – Himba [Clubhouse Music]
Lush Djs – Just Because [Music UK]
Lyopak & Fran Prado – Move It Up [LESS IS MORE Records]
LYP – Witches [Lemon Yellow Pea]
Maggie Szabo & ESH – Back Where We Started (ESH Remix)
Magik J & General Lee – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (feat. Kings)
Magnvs – Mind U [Lowly]
Majed Zane – Ride (Remix) [feat. Carol Souki] [Nu-Touch Records]
MAN POWER – Twitter Makes Everyone Hate You (Statement 2 Of 8)
Mapentane & Dee Cee, Gene Boi – Piano Lockdown
Marc Brauner – Love Triangle (The Remixes) [Bellissima! Records]
Marco Barci & Claudio Pintus – Chloe’s Fresh Start
Marco Corvino – SpeedBoat [Nu Monkey Records]
Marco Darko – Preach [EP037]
Mark Broom, Riva Starr, Star B – Gotta Have You (Remixes) [SNATCH148]
Markus Garcia – Stand Alone [Futurefunk Recordings]
Marvin Aloys – Somebody To Love (feat. Lei)
Massivedrum, Jazzy 22 – I Want Your Love – Extended Mix [BL2015DJ]
Mateo Murcia – Micro [Catamount Records]
Mattia Matto – The Opera [Mattia Matto Records]
Maurice James – Go Back [FAM]
Maurid – You Provide [Curvilinear]
Maurizio Basilotta – Vibes of Love [No Definition]
Max In The World – Horns Italo [Mechanical]
MBO Music – Sunshine [Blacktone]
Melodream & Arthur Kody – Hush [Onze]
Michele Musillo & Tonys – Jump (Extended Mix) [KIMA Music]
Miguel Campbell, Jimmy Switch – Be the Night _ I’ll Be You (Again) [4050538615210]
Mike Chenery – Revenged [Disco Down]
Mikey Sky – Drop the Bass [Suicide Robot]
Morgan Page, Melo.Kids – You [ARMAS1763]
Moving Wa Wa – Finding Sunday [MWW008]
Newik, Lost Carves – My Love [195081130163]
Nick Beringer, Albert Vogt – The Real You [CC06]
Pavel Svetlove – Ahah! [NUR24924]
Ricky Chopra – Come With Me [Spectrum City]
Ricky Stark – No Way [Soundo]
Rob Made – Perfect Motion (Rare Candy Remix) [Champion Records]
Rocbeezy – More Pressure [Frosted Recordings]
RocketX – Don’t Stop [Space Buns Recs]
Romain FX – Kimokeye [On Point Worldwide Records]
Rondon – London to NYC [Belowdeck Records]
Roque – Visions of Love (feat. Nontu X) [DeepHouse Police]
Royal Music Paris – Making Up All Night [Royal Music Paris]
Ryno – Love Saves [CON058]
Salon Des Amateurs – No No [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
Sammy Porter, Jess Bays – Devotion [ARSBJKT130]
Sergeigray – Intro [Ulysse Records]
Sergio Borja – BamBam [Toxic Astronaut]
Shy One – Route II Romeos [Beats In Space]
Silverfox – Covid-19 On da Block [FOX Pukka Kutz Records]
Silverfox – I See Ya Face [Juiced Music]
SLAKE – Alright [Muzica Records]
SOLON – Together All (Remixes) [TONSPIEL Recordings]
Somervail & Adikt, Somervail – Quarantine [Somervail Music]
Sordid Soundz – Never Be Alone [Star Funk Records]
Soulfunky – That Soulful Track [Choochmusic]
Standard issue – Dead Ringer [Sadie Records]
Stefano Bonacasa – Part of Love [M1 Recordings]
Stones & Bones – Love Lockdown Remixes [Oh So Coy Recordings]
Sweatnik – Caught Up (feat. Brandon Markell Holmes)
T-19 – Won’t See Your Face [ToschMusic]
T.Markakis – Lullaby [Smashing Trax Records]
The Classwork – Remember Holidays [The Music School]
The Cool Notes – Spend the Night The Mixes [Gap Music]
The Mekanism, Arno – Back To The Roots [RB235]
The Prince of Dance Music – Put Some Bass in It
The Space Knights – Disco Is Disco [NSoul Records]
The Stoned – Boom Bap Moods II [Craniality Sounds]
The Stoned – Nothing and everything [Houbless Music]
The Two Fake Blondes – Body [Gameroom Records]
Toka – Jeriko 2020 [Family Grooves]
TOKA. – Jeriko [FG116] [WAV]
Tonbe – Always There [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Tony Vida – Losing Count [WEPLAY Music]
Too – Username [Envisage Records]
Toru S. – Nohashi Unreleased 02 [Nohashi Records]
TRAVIX – Down [Jendex Records]
Uppbeat – Seasick [Blindsided]
VA – Kittball Konspiracy Vol. 18 [KITT195]
Vadime – Chameleon Cola (Edit) [Cheetah Play]
Vasily Umanets – Funk [Bubble ‘N’ Twist Records]
Vee Brondi, Viktor Mora & Henrell – Moody Booty [Glorie Records]
Viceus & Enzo – Electric One [Black 2 Wolf Records]
Vincent Dali – Feel This [TAW Records]
Vincy – Wander [Petit Pot Records]
Vons – Minimal Fears [Supertunes]
William Moore – Unwize [Moore Undergrounds Records]
Wolfgang Lohr – Saturday Night (feat. Nina Zeitlin)
yenss – Micro Shifts [Stereo Breeze]
Yinon Yahel – By Myself (feat. Maya Simantov) [Yinon Yahel]
YoungSad – Lost the Game [Aodion Records]
Yvette Lindquist & Carmen Gonzalez – Turn Back Time
YVI – You Say [Revanche Records]
Zeus Carpio – Come On Lady Funky [Sinusoidal Kollective]
Zonec – Dyna [RL2013DJ] [WAV]

Progressive House

3LAU & XIRA – Tokyo (feat. Xira) [The Remixes] [Anjunabeats]
Amr Mohsen – Princess [Hypnotized Records]
AnVe – Get Me [Alveda Pulse]
Astrevea – Maldives [Soluna Music]
Aviva – Under Black Moon [DAR]
Bodo Kaiser – Can’t Let It Go [Electronic Pleasure Recordings]
Brais – This Time [Clipper’s Sounds]
C-bulya – Salo [Day Dream Records]
Cemilog – Skyline [Areena Records]
Charlotte Petitte – Values [Patternized Recordings]
Cosmaks & Armedio – Together Again [Emergent Shores]
Daminous – Destinesia [Baxtown Records]
Dank & OFFTONE – Holidays [NoCopyrightNation]
Dany Dz – Strangers [AHD164]
David Bitton – Expansion [29 NET DEEP]
Deltic State – Sweet Disarray [Stress Records]
Desaicrator – Forgive Me [ETX067]
Dian Solo – Yovano Yovanke [InMotion Records]
DJ M-LeeM – Out of It [Animus Found]
DJ San – Substance Carrier [E=MC2]
Doctor Flake – Lockdown [New Deal]
Dylhen – Lucid [FSOEUV114]
Edvard Hunger – Feel This Night [Stazis]
Enium – Whishper [ER044]
Exeland – Tropical Rain [Yeiskomp Leisurely]
Facundo Santos – Behind You [Beathey Recordings]
Flight Code – Mars Sewers [Day Dream Records]
Gabry the Sound & DJ Swegger – Easy Ambient [The Music School]
Gorkiz – Strutter (Incl. Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)
Harrison Downes – Desiderata [Techgnosis Records]
Heliumx & Musicbydz – Love Tonight [Exlight Records]
Hyperterminal – The Dream [ABX]
Ignace Ivanova, Net Son – Spring Sampler 2020 [Vesta Records]
Ilya Gerus – Free Game [Green Snake Records]
Isaac Differding – Reload [BVL035]
JP Lantieri & Ornery – Equilibrium [Flemcy Music]
Kataploks – Pado [Emergent Shores]
Keith Fortune – Lost in Paradise [Ultraviolet Music]
Keith Harris & Rilvyk, Keith Harris – Wanderer [Synth Collective]
Klangtitan – Into the Light [eeprecords]
LOM (AR) – Malambo [SRN004]
Longflexion & Catherine Boston – Dark Space Is In My Mind
Majed Salih – Rostwizen [Medievil-Music]
Mariano Fuchilo – Out of Itself [Consapevole Recordings]
Masiha Fattahi – Back Down To Earth [Neu Gravity]
mixxcolors – Moonbeam , Opacity [interflow progressive]
Molella & KT Tunstall – Starlight & Gold (Club Remix)
Monuloku – Collecting Space [Reformular Records]
Nacres – Pulse [3xA Music]
Nicolai Masur – Prophet [Maheti Records]
Novan – Mist (The Remixes) [RaveUp Records]
Now O Later – Roses In Rain [NoFace Records]
ORLIE – Sunrise [Minoo Black]
Pincer – Pulse Star [Tantalum Records]
Raffael Ferraro – Strangers [Nervosound]
Rockka – Waves Around the Surface [Lincor]
Sabiani – Jupiter Skies [Digital Paradox Records]
Sala – Creed [Presscode Recordings]
Sebas Ramos – Astrialas [Mystic Carousel Records]
Sebas Ramos – Mimic [Estribo Records]
Sergio Avila – Wicked Waves [INU Musika]
Signor8 & Claudio Ferrone – Good Feeling
Siix & Serello – So Much More (feat. Max Landry)
Sined – To the Moon [Audio Bitch Records]
Staysis – Extract [Spiffy Recordings]
Tomek – Hyadok [Awen Tales]
Tosch – My Darkness [ToschMusic]
Travis Jesse – Solandra [Aethereal]
Tuco & Javier Zubizarreta – Fury in Your Soul [Specific Music]
VA – Mexico 2020 [Chrom Recordings]
VA – Tizzy ,Vol.6 [Lamp]
Vee Brondi & OMZ – Redemption (Remixes Pt II)
Vokaj – Perdido [Explore Records]
Winterson – Tell Me (Extended) [Tendertronica]
Wrong Stan – Sleeping Monk [Day Dream Records]
Zoeken – Bagud [Deepersense Music]

Tech House

Anabel Englund – See The Sky (Joel Corry Extended Remix) [UL01498]
Andrea Giudice – Monkey Drums EP [TB013]
Avante (UK) – Last Night [MATERIALISM170]
Beave – Redrum [Force Of Habit]
Boo Yakka – Dance Like That [DOT Dance]
Break the Speaker – Don Don , Pepeople [less is nice]
Brock Edwards & Ryme – Brighter Day [SubSound]
Broken Future – Street Profit [Hood Politics Records]
Budda Kid – Bikini [Deepclub]
C_sky – No Sleep [Cocunà Records]
Carles DJ – I Can Hear Your Voice Remixes 2K20 [Beats Recordings]
Charles Jetzer – Beams [Anamorphic Recordings]
Charles Ramirez & J.Nandez – To the beat Melody
Chico Diaz – I’m Married Moonlight [Check In Recordings]
Cleary, Cris Cobeña – All the Best from Porky Records (Selected by Gius-s)
Clyde P – Fake [SOLA110]
Cosmin Simionica – Lost [Tom Boxer Music]
CTERO – Bass in Your Face [Subsense]
Davix Project – Desert – Extended Mix [PLR2004DJ]
DJ Entwan, Savi Leon – Groove Lovers Ep [BSC143]
Dum K – House Reborn – Extended Mix [PLR2003DJ]
Junior Pappa – Drop The Hat – Rocket [430169]
Kennedy – Back When [M5R063]
Krash! – Girls Go Wild [AFBONUS003]
Kryptonicadjs – Forbidden [Kryptofabbrikk]
Lass FR – Eight Zero #28 [1980 Recordings]
Lipous – Take a Shot [Eleveh Records]
Liquaxis – Not a Chance Fella [Envisage Records]
Louie B – People Talk [Feel The Fruit Records]
Luca Beni – Gold Babe [Feel Hype Black]
Luis D Aguiar – C4N U fEEL iT [Power Beat Records]
M.Amar – 2027 [Mr.LoveYoTube Records]
M.Rodriguez – Mind Control [Beachside Records]
Macsan – Yellow Town [High Contrast]
Majed LeRouge – Goril Se Banoa [Ecurie]
Mark Fiorre – Fall Down [DOT Dance]
Mark Fiorre – Pocket [DOT Dance]
Matias Gil (ES) – Move It Down [Blow Music]
Matt Mikke – Hommie [Creepy Limited]
Mene – Juice [CUFF]
Mikey Sky – Make It Shake [Club Noise]
Minari – Exhaust [Looper Records]
MOtigers – Pringles [Subliminal Senses]
Mr.Mala – Freak Out [Spira Music]
Remi Blaze – Havana Smoke [See The Sea Records]
Rich Era – In Town [Rich Era Co]
Rosper – Breakbeat [TEC218]
RSquared – Stella [PERA169]
Seba Iturra – Queen City [Whizal Records]
Sergio Sergi – NEXT [RWM032]
Tenacious – Not Over [JEEP096]
Tropicaltrip – Revolt [Votiva Records]
Twitchin Skratch – Mama Afrika [Bottomless]
UMPR & RafaLimaE – Happiness [Shield Records]
Vadim Zhukov – Epic EP [HSR011]
Van Storck – Embody It [Mixmania Records]
Veeshal – Yellow Box [Supertunes]
Venere – Wtf [ENCD002] [WAV]
Vibe Killers – Bounce [Household Digital]
Vic Yamamoto – Moonlight [Claps Records]
Victor Vergara – Dubali [Magic Beatz]
Viktor Gnder – Moving on Remixes [White Line Music]
Vinnci – Fusion [Traxford Records]
Vinnci – Somewhere I Belong [PIXELATE]
Volt1 – Trip [Golden Lion]
waste wisely – Sensuous Scene [ARTWRK]
Willo – Around Me [Basement Music Records]
wlancelot – Under Bass []
Yordi – Rumble [Behavior Recordings]
Younus Sakoor – Sorrow [REFILL MUSIC]
YRM, John Keys – My Bad [LOW146]
Yule Noize – Thinking of You [Sequencer]