Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

16stepper – Deflection [Refracted Sounds]
Adam Nyquist & Jay Gecko, Teddy Black – The Flavor Saver, Ep. 27
Agnostica – Lala [Audiokult]
Alöe – The Perfect Combination [Cover Music]
Ant LaRock – The Trifecta [BHD200]
Autarkic – Trespassers Unite (Optimo Music Digital Danceforce)
Autlok – Right and Wrong (Remix) [C7TL014]
Bantwanas – Back to Front [All Day I Dream]
Baset & Nina Hepburn, Baset – Acousam [Geistzeit]
Black Light Smoke – Nothing Makes Me Feel (Good Anymore) (Scissor & Thread)
Boy Division – Hot Pants [TICITACI054]
Claude VonStroke – Slink edits (Dirtybird)
ConfiQsoul – Systematic Infections [Octiive]
Cooops – True Feelings [CAT317693]
Cuemza, CryoniQ – 2000MPH [BLV6700233]
Dan T, Dant – Take Me Home [Dub City Traxx]
David Anthony, Chris Taveras, Dwayne Pugh – Good Vibes [PH00121]
DIMEBAG – 909 Problems [Del Sol]
DJ Bonnie – Pipa _ Musika [ARM300]
DJ Burlak – Show You How To Love [WBT193]
DJ Kosmas K – Beat de L’Amour [LAD Publishing & Records]
DJ Tsirry, Letoya – Igqomu Lami [GCR057]
Dreamer – RESPECT THE DRUMS E.P [AR0025]
Drunky Daniels – Makossa [OBM759]
Gene King – F [Shines Records]
Greymatter – Sans Rouge Ep [Quintessentials]
Iman Hanzo, Maxine Hardcastle – The Journey [W204]
James Reid Official – Distant Place EP
Jason Busteed – Makes Me [Lefty Shades Records]
Job Dubois – Crispy Wood Remixes [WayOn]
John Julius Knight – Adaptation [Boogie Knight]
Jonasclean – Mini Groove Set’s 2 [OYR016]
Jonk & Spook – Make In Love [Juiced Music]
Julio Victoria – Astrolabe (Church)
Justin Jay – Crabs Up (Bleep Bloop) [FV23]
Kaiser Waldon – Acceptance [MYR]
kamosoul – Calm Storm EP [AfroMove Music]
Kapote – Remix EP 2 [Toy Tonics]
Kay Yui – Moments Of Clarity [SP Recordings]
Kev Dot Kruz – Patchwork Denim [AFRO0018]
Kiven Yantra – Deep In The Now [Sound Vessel Records]
Kvinn – Two Moods [Bohemian Tunes Records]
Lady Zeejay – Mystic [District Eight]
Lennart Paul – As the Night Began [Aw4ke]
Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa, Della – Lose Yourself From Reality [MM178]
Marlon Kirk – Messages [Unprincipled Records]
Maxxa – Right Here Now [Tuner Records]
MKA – Empty streets [Midnight Express Records]
Mo’Cream – Drop It [No Fuss Records]
Moon Boots – Bimini Road (Anjunadeep)
NairLess – Irregular Form [Chikyu-u Records]
Neww Black – Amerb Konditioning [+268 Recordings]
Nick & Jhosselyn – Just Stay [MK837]
O’Flynn – Aletheia (Silver Bear)
Oblomov – Oversize [BORSH]
Peezy Beatz – Inspiration [Pablo Entertainment]
Philippa – Sleep All Day E.P. [AT PEACE]
Q-Plex – Valencia EP [Tiefdruckgebeat]
Ramon R – Walk Away [Primatas Records]
Remundo – Survive [Cherokee Recordings]
Rhem – Colors Dreams and Happiness [Mistaken Records]
Rolhay – Seqroom EP (incl. Michael Ritter Remix) [LEPL008]
Sasse – Otava (Moodmusic)
Shiny Happy People – My Way [Tictak Records]
SMBD – Blissful EP [Nervous Records]
Solid Slap – No Worries [Tach & Nacht]
Soul Bombs – Take Me Outside [WF012]
Stada Costa – The Depth [Mafia Natives Recordings]
Studio Apartment – Found Him [N.E.O.N]
Toni Young – Going On [Oh So Coy Recordings]
VA – Contact Six [7V072]
Village Boyz RSA – Keys Of Life [3616400627999]
WBEEZA – Spektral EP [PFly Music]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Babylene – Timeout [Alltek Records]
Bad Mode, Daft Hill – Ala 7 [Blackartel]
Ben Riss – Rave [Online House Music]
Coder, DJ Lorren – Gaia [Budder Records]
Dani Le Cross – Spacepunk [XTRXX]
dj program – Pieces of Me [dj program]
Drimuzz, Dublusters – Fresh Music. Part #1 [Umusic Records]
Dual Ax – Blaze [Mxximus Records]
ELSP – We Gonna Rock [Vinebeat Records]
Helion – Violin 4.0 [Bounce United]
Helion & Popcorn! – Area 51 [Bounce United]
I Am Boleyn – Too Much (The Remixes) [I Am Boleyn Music]
John David – Melt In The Mood [DJ Sound Austria Records]
John Kirk – Back to the Future [EPride Music Digital]
Johnnypluse – Eat Your Government [Bulabeats Records]
Jon thomas – This Is (Remixes) [Black Lemon]
Kalardiak – Lemon [Arache Records]
Lady of Victory – January 3 [X-Osted Records]
Luly Poynter – Vai Rebola [LESS IS MORE Records]
Mark Adam – Check This Out [DSTR RCRDS]
Matthew Oliveira & MYID – Blackjack [Glorie Generation]
Mike Versuz & Daniel Larsson – Marrakesh [MiaBeats]
Munstr & Karma Effect, Munstr – Ich Bin Munstr
Pink Cat Empire – End War [Pink Cat Empire]
Pink Cat Empire – Fulmination (Re-Work Mix) [Pink Cat Empire]
Ray Daymrox – Hey Gyal [Nustromo Music]
Rontorz – Apocalypse [SW1P3 VP]
Sammy Peralta – Boom Boom [Funkatronik Music]
SID Alien & L-Dopha, SID Alien & Naomi Alien – Runaway
Solid Deaz – Control [Smile Creations Music Label]
Spawn & Only Records Col – Megatron [Only Records Col]
Spencer Tarring & Yuan – Chosen [Vous Records]
Ton! Dyson – Unreleased [New Guerilla]
Tosch – To Get High [ToschMusic]
Tribeleader – Trap Bomb [Tribeleader Music]
VA – The Annual Summer ’19 [Delicious Records]
X-tivity Factor – Mars [Marino Sounds]
Yako Beatz – Pictures [Big Tunes Records]
Yggdrasil & Tina Ferinetti, Yggdrasil – IDentity


Alexander Koning, Lars Johansson – Chidisko [Suppressed Energy]
BKT – Apparently Nothing [Bassball Records]
Blaze & UDAUFL – A Wonderful Place (Remixes) [King Street Sounds]
CamelPhat – Revisited EP [Nervous Records]
CASSIMM – Shined On Me [GU427]
Cristofeu – Day Dreams (feat. Angela) [Cartes Records]
Danny Quasar – Constant Loop [Flash Forward Presents]
Dany F – Scream [Platino]
DJ Fenix & Vlad Sokolovsky – Give me more [Say Wow Music]
DJ Kava – Free [030 Klub]
DJ Vartan & Techcrasher – Give Me The Sunshine [KSS1785]
Dusty Jordan – Family Man [Blue Bay Records]
EzeRostagno, EzeRostagno, Estefano & Nik.Lvr – Instrucciones EP
Ference – 2 Get Done [10156949]
Fran Tournoud & SCHWARZ, Fran Tournoud – Orbital Drift
George John – 1200 Km [recordJet]
Gino Love – House Jacker , Getting Funky [Veksler Records]
Hall Cooper – Dream [Agua Blanca Records]
Hotmood – THE RHYTHM EP [GCP003D]
Hurlee – I’m Going A Believer [Suol]
Javi Bora, Jazzman Wax & Iban Montoro – Unknown Beat
Jay Potter, Blandy – Know How [HW440]
John Christian, Juliette Claire – Club Bizarre (Don Diablo Edit Extended Version)
Kevin Kaldas – Take Control [DeepNHeat]
Krutz, Max Maxwell – Lenny [Complex Destroyerz]
Lawrence Friend – My Soul [Caballero Recordings]
Lisa Jane – Funked On Acid (DJ Dashcam Remix) [IIT023REMIX]
Martin Sharp – Be with Me [Jeepers! Music]
Maury Urbani – You Know [STPH152]
Mehen – 80’s Show [Cool 7rack Talents]
Melsen – Know You Better [ARTWRK]
MIDDATH – Free Your Mind [House Keepers Records]
Miqro & Patrycja Malinowska – Don’t Loose Your Breath
Miss Book – For Real [Birkin Records]
mo’funk & Sondrio, mo’funk – Tha 4 Point Play EP
Nicco (N.D) – Money And Honey Feat.Christel [RCLD098]
Nicola Brugesan – Feel The Beat [Housewax]
Oded Nir – That’s The Scat [Suntree Records]
Pascal van Drie – Crazy Heart [Simma Black]
Pedro Duarte – Don’t Walk Away [Soulful Evolution]
Peter Dunbar & Cassidy Romero – Graphic Mutations
Phase Two – Dirty Dirty [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Roisin Murphy – Incapable [4050538545463]
Rondon – Lonely Hearts [Smokin Joe Records]
Sasha Virus – She’s In Love [SOULR0056]
Shades Of Chicago – Let Your Spirit Loose [Deep Hype Sounds]
Soul Divide – Play It [Amplified Records]
Sounds Like FRANCO – It’s All On You (Lovebirds Remix)
Superdope – Disco Bomb [Superdope Records]
The Basilica – Work It [YYT002]
The Jagg – Outta My Head [Groovy Riddim Records]
Todd Terry – Dimension [NEWS]
Treppenhaus – Shame [Selekta Recordings]
VA – Abound of Songs, Pt. 1 [Abound]
VA – Bounced Autumn ’19 [Atlantics Records]
VA – Farewell To The Summer [Exx Muzik]
VA – Imprint Vol. 2 [WO062]
VA – Remixes are Awesome [Juicy Music]
VA – The Hottest Dance Covers 2k19 [Sounds United]
Winkandwoo & Skaarl – Another Day [Electronic Alliance Records]

Progressive House

Alanisnotcool – Calm After The Storm [Arctic Frost Digital]
Alex H. & Lumidelic – Never Too Late [The Remixes]
Alexell, Mas-T – Fresh Music. Part II [Umusic Records]
Andrew Shartner, The Yoz – Equilibrium Misty Sunset
Anti Soshal Feat. Shanti People – Narayana , Mahamri
Around Us, Cedren & Manu-L – Summer Sampler 2019
Astiom – Athletes [Morillas Records]
Astiom – Transducer [Morillas Records]
Blu 9 – The Conductor [Invaded]
Bob the Groove – Down The Lane [Arctic Frost Digital]
Coloü Befu – Global Warming [UY! Records]
Cript Rawquit – Energia Controle [RENEWEST-ENTER RECORDS]
Damir Klaric – Cosmic Drama [music cell]
Dark Intensity & Audi Medina – Holding On [Tazmania Records]
Deep Sound Effect & Leusin – End of Time [Figura Music]
Dimitri Skouras – Summer Visions [Cloud Of Silence]
DJ Mojito – Piece Of Mind [Royal Music Paris]
EL Nikolas – Divine [Karia Records]
Enigmatic – Afterglow [Eternalism]
Flare & Loverz – Meant to Be [Stazis]
Fran&co – Cala Brassa [Mad Hatter]
Frank Nitty – Time Code (Remixes) [Juicy Music]
J.P. Velardi – Interestellar Call [Massive Harmony Records]
Kohra & Dub Recycle, Kohra & Midnight Traffic – Yatra EP
Lerr – Missing [Balkan Connection]
Lia Harris – Tremble [Elastic Dimension Records]
Lunaar – Sinda , Cabo Da Roca [La Mishka]
Martin Merkel – Constantin (Deluxe Edition) [Shelter 54]
Matt Fax – Abenaki [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Neil Klyne – g.s.g.f. [Diana Recs]
Red Quarter – Let’s Flee [No Norma]
Rexuss – Keys To Childhood [Neostatics Sounds]
Robbie Lowe & Matt Rowan – Actual [Late Night Music]
Rospy – Days I Enjoy [Emergent Shores]
Science & Vision – Inca [Droid9]
Slidedream – Underline [Survivor Records]
StarSee – Ether Dance EP [Lowdown Recordings]
Storgards – Baltzar (Von Platens Version) [VOID Records]
The Tunnel – Hupenyu [Everything Musik]
Tomer – Opt [Klangwelt]
VARGO – Mindshift EP [KAYOON001]
Whoriskey – Veha [Full Tilt Recordings]
Z8phyr – Careless Shine [Cool Breeze]

Tech House

Aday Hernández – Deliver EP [Beats Recordings]
ALPHANO, Dust – Loulou Records Sampler Vol. 38 [LouLou Records]
Audioleptika, Housekeepers – Boomer _ Dim Mak [MOON107]
Basara-ZA, Joonil Bae – Plus Records Summer Comp 2019 [Plus Records]
BuzLight – Autumn Soon [ChillRecordsMusic]
Chris Child & The Concept – Lie [Nervous Records]
Cowlam – Echo [Wolfrage Recordings]
Dan & Tom – Supernormal EP [XMOD Records]
Danil Gurov – Junk Dance EP [Huambo Records]
Dave Audé – Pacman Remixes [Audacious Records]
David San – GREEN EP [RR080]
Deetech – Red Tide EP [BSC127]
Deljoi – Witch Hunt [Lemon Juice Records]
Djah – Wild EP [One Shot Records]
DYRANGE – Fake News [DYRANGE Records]
Eddy Malano – Bullet [Flesh Recordings]
Eks – The Last Church [Ms Music Records]
EMKii – Shade [LeftRight Sound]
Fachini – Funky People [CAT322893]
Filippo De Marco – Poppin [Bif Records]
Filou – Sonar 45 [FFRLIMITED020]
George Smeddles – Boogie Dance EP [UNI145]
Huxley & Jacky – The Chaos [Repopulate Mars]
Jack & Flores – MMA [CH148]
Javi Sphere – Dance With Me [Tecnologic Records]
Johan S, Andme & Bastian – I Got Something [Subtractive Recordings]
Josu Freire – State Of Mind [Low Groove Records]
JSRP & ThemTwo, JSRP – Fruity [Space Invaders]
Kev Dot Kruz – Feed the Robot [RSR0017]
KRS TWO – They Go Down [PURISM Wave]
Lineki & 2Touch – Boom Cha [Graba Music]
Lunch Meat Gladiators – The Album [Pacifican Records]
Marcos Salas – Jump, The Remixes [Cardina Records]
Marcos Salas – Laos [Cardina Records]
Marcos Salas – Propaganda [Cardina Records]
Martin Occo – Lick It [SN045]
Mike Spirit – Sweet Enough [HWD101]
Moe.ritz – Disco [Sick’N’Raw Records]
Mooner Gl – Welcome To The Future [FMK014]
Morenno Martinez – Basement Haus EP [GR009]
Omar Labastida – Tebas [Klaphouse Records]
Part Time Lover – Freak Ep [MFF (Music For Freaks)]
Peter Ibbetson – Control Yourself [Peter Ibbetson]
Readie & Ryan – The Feeling , Own Record [FAK3 Music]
Recommended – Close [CUWATYA]
Ritmo Du Vela & Serge Gee – Good Disco Vibrations [Knuck!]
Rodrigo Veiga, Leticia Gotti & Bossy I.N.G – 123 EP [A&A Records]
Sergii Petrenko, Dura & Oziriz – Content Creators [Pink Panties Records]
Splash X Scope – The Ground [Atlantics Records]
Sunday Noise & Danen, Sunday Noise & Kane Sonder – Like This [Bibliotheque Records]
Termine – Felt Nothing [Armonia Records]
Tony H, Eric Mark – Bang [CHUB027]
Tough Art – Drop Out [Baikonur Recordings]
Tyler Coey – METEORITE EP [ZL069]
Under_Score – Fuse [Killertraxx Muzik]
VA – Acid Love – EP1 (Get Physical Music)
Whispering Smith – Komission [Muvement]

Techno & Minimal

Acid Project, CRSTL – Modern Techno [MCT Luxury]
Agus Garcia, Cajal – Weird V,A 01 [Weirdtracx]
Alex Myrovskyi – Unlimited EP [Music4Clubbers]
Alex Progress – Sequencial Effect [Sound Progress]
Alf&Gio – Pacino EP [MSR0055]
Algia, B.Scott – Summer Collection. 2019 [Oxytech Records]
American South Style – Perfect Swing [Run Records]
Amine Chabli, Bildertal – Septendecim [Panem Et Circenses]
Andrew Door – Momentous [IFR0023]
Anja Schneider – Funk That [SOUS011]
Antony PL – Circus EP [Friends Through Tech]
Apir – Emphatic EP [SIAMESE012]
Babe Roots – Remixes EP [ECHOCORD083D]
Barker – Utility (Ostgut Ton)
Beico & MT93 – Fury [KTK067]
Benjamin Taylor – Polarized [CSD002]
Broken Drum Machine – The 3rd Eye EP [Music4Clubbers]
Calvin Pepper – Vibrate EP [Driven Recordings]
CarolinaBlue & MisterSmallz – Night Into Day EP
Clyde Rouge – BOBA EP [Tres 14 Music]
D.Taylor – Zooloo [Nustromo Music]
Daniel Boon, G.T.O. – Love World Peace (feat. Bisou)
David Vunk – Cross Addiction EP [MST041]
David Vunk – Omega Strap EP [MTECHS008]
Denise Rabe – Manifesto (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Dimitris Michas – Sequence EP [PGR175]
Dimmish – Lunar EP [SGR042]
DJ Phantom – Kind of Dark [PSR06]
Drums Theory – Strong Love [ETB056]
Edit Select & Antonio Ruscito – Prominence [Edit Select]
Ernesto Barrese – Folklore EP [Marba Records]
Estran – Palace of Swords [Ozran Sunset]
Federico Bell – David EP [Roots Music]
Franco BA, James My & Criss – Honey [NXL083]
Gabo Zandetti & Rage, Gabo Zandetti – Trinidad Ep [DIAPHRAGM]
Glambeck – Ronny [Sonderling Berlin]
Hammer – Parabola (Feel My Bicep)
Helmut Dubnitzky – More Than , Mind Games [Brise Records]
HOKI – Some Kind of Beautiful [TYP002]
Jim Neyra – The Spirits – The Remixes [Black Bore Records]
Joe – Get Centred [COMEME051]
Josh Blackwell & Babayaga – War King (Remastered)
KOR – Zenith [ORO]
Kurt Kjergaard – Lost [Uba Lua Records]
Last Vision, Alessandro De Tuglie – Do It [SK180]
Letaem – Soap Bubbles Dont Last Long [Tech People Music]
LINSKI – Africa [Quarter Music]
Loom – NTT001 [NTT001]
Lorenzo De Blanck – I’m Searching For [DPE1643]
Marc & Moritz – Enjoy the Silence [NGUAVA112]
Marco Effe – Formal Attitude EP [ALLE124]
Marco Rota – Circus Chaos [Ipsographic Records]
Marek Bois – Learjet [ROH004]
Mimush – Sanstitrescu [Conceptual Deep]
MNLR – Infiltrate [IAMT169]
munfell – One Way [Catamount Records]
Nora En Pure – Birthright (The Remixes) [Enormous Tunes]
Nuhn – Black Water [Marl Music]
Ray Mono – Time Flies [DETIC001]
ReAxis – Rays Of The Sun EP [PRRUKD19014]
Ricky Rough – Go back to her! [Raise Recordings]
ROOAN – Color [ROO]
Rufus Du Sol – Solace Remixed (Reprise)
Savvas – Mindfulness [Particles]
Shiny Happy People – My Way [Tictak Records]
Stephan Bazbaz, Sean Doron, Jonas Hassan – AMBA
T-Dok – Confirmed Code [SIMC0046]
U.A., Toto Chiavetta, Sead Ajaz Ensemble Edition – Ederlezi
Uun – Architects Of Fear EP [SOMA556D]
VA – Love World Peace EP Feat. Bisou [STU090]
VA – Melafefon, Pt. 14 [Kollektor]
VA – søk labelcompilation [SOK001F4]
Vadeem T – Kimm [Animoda recordings]
Vers us – Breakstroke [SCI+TEC]