Afro House

Bobby Digi – Caipirinha [LAMP , PUZL Records]
Abobhuti Bendawo, Gigi Lamayne & BosPianii – Stocko
Allan Fort & Karim Le Mec – Zanku [Ghostwork]
Antony Crox – Self Interrogation [SRPDS]
Asanda Mkhize – Entabeni ZoKhahlamba [Entity Deep]
Bantu – Yeye Theory (Razoof Remix) [feat. Seun Kuti]
Blaze & UDAUFL – We Are One (Remix) [King Street Sounds]
Carlos Francisco – Iorona [MoBlack Records]
Cisco De Sol – Umhlaba [Afrocentric Records]
Darksidevinyl – Atoyanda [SP Recordings]
DaSoul & David Es – Tell Me More [Le Voyage Music]
Delany Duvall – Found U [Black Mambo]
Demian Muller – Anunnaki Message [DECHAPTER]
Diaki – Mi Gente [Pablo Entertainment]
Dj Nastor – Jazzinova [Phushi Plan Music]
DJ Two4 – Ukhondlo [Celsius Degree Records]
Dr. Feel & Zhane, Dr. Feel – Ikigai [Maluku Records]
Gees – Wildness [Lavenir Music]
InQfive & Demented Soul – Morabe [Open Bar Music]
Kiko Navarro – Ihabogi Rawaly (feat. Aboubacar Sylla)
Massimo Pepe & Monkey Drops – Heaven Is A Place On Earth (feat. Stefy Solorzano)
MasterChynos – Mabena [Afro Rebel Music]
Mr Joe – Son of Roar [Aluku Records]
Native Tribe – Blindspot [WeAreiDyll]
Niko Schwind & Felix Raphael, Niko Schwind – Amari
Peppe Citarella, Mijangos & Manybeat – Bailando De Too
Sage Monk – Jamrock Riddim (feat. Boddhi Satva)
Sam Qs – The Magpie & the Squirrel (feat. Maya) [Grooveland]
Sand & Drums – Night Club In Texas [Musik Mechaniks Records]
Silvano Del Gado – The Black Pearl [DEL GADO REC]
Slow Nomaden – Rituals [Nu Boheme Recordings]
Sureno Beatzz & Black-I – Anomali [23OHSIX]
The Hood Brodz – Mulande [Vozes Quentes]
Tribus Kalumeyal – 144000 People [Ordinaire Records]
Trizonic – Ugesi [DM.Recordings]
VA – Wmc 2020 [Sunclock]


Botwin, Charlou – Agitation [Griffé]
Bowser – Titan [Elektroshok Records]
Dave Bregoli – Deep Fake [Rock Bottom Records]
GUCCI BASS – Lunar Operations [Divine Audio]
Hlogi Ensemble – Being Myself [Zillah Muzik Records]
Joplyn – Do You [Stone Free Berlin]
King Most, Mike Clay – Oonops Drops 100 (feat. Sara Diamond(
Partiboi69 – Nissan Skyline [Unprotected Records]
Sign Of Crows – Grand City [SOCS]
Sign Of Crows – Voltage (Radio Edit) [SOCS]
VA – Glitch Hop Bomb [Glitchworld Recordings]


Enes Bugra – We Own the Night [SSL Music]
A1aska – Tell Me Goodbye [A1ASKA]
Adin – Black Cat Walking [DREEF Records]
Aeden & Sketchez – Walk Away [Break It Down Music]
Aevion – Afraid [AFTR HRS]
Alex Cundari – ESCAPE FROM HELL [Kalambur Publishing]
Alex Zind – It’s a Fine Day (feat. Tallane) [ZZ-Music Records]
Anna Peshkova & McRei – No Way [Future Plan Digital]
Antonio Deep Scarano & Salvatore Oppio – Dance (feat. Morris Revy)
Bad News From Tony – Shrimps mit Reis [Zoundr]
Borka & The Gang & Joe Metzenmacher – Magic Talk Remixes
Bsharry – Bajalo [Crown Of Music]
C-Ro – Rooftops (feat. Uwe Worlitzer) [1st Strike]
carlmeinhardt – eins [Zoundr]
Carroty – Coming Home [Sunday – Records]
Ciam – Jiayou [NaNa Disc]
Dancover – To Breathe (feat. Nathan Brumley) [Divisong Network]
David Lyle – Rewind Series David Lyle – Milky (Ninjury Remixes)
Deejay J.J.F – Avanza [Factoria K Music]
Def Rhymz & Marvega – Lockdown (feat. Hizzle Rizzle)
DJ No Sugar – Sweet Dreams [Smile Creations Music Label]
DJ Yeyo – You and I [Baby’s Back]
DOLF – Next To Me [Be Yourself Music]
Donna Cristy – Lies Wit My Shake (Instrumental) [3 Shots Productions]
Dromedarios Mágicos – Nueva Canción [Arts & Crafts Mexico]
Feverist – Arthur’s Hanging (Live) [Mi7 Records]
Freaky DJ’s, Pressplays & Сharlotte Gray – America [Wild Essence]
Freaky DJs – City & Color [Zeon]
Full Moon Music – Movin On [Nimi Records]
Ghastly & KARRA – Help [Proximity]
Gin and Sonic – Phases [NFYNIA DEEP]
Giorgio Gee – Confession [You Love Dance]
Giovanni Usai – La canzone di de Luca [Senza Dubbi]
Guantanamo Bae – Happy Sadness [Run Free]
Hayla – Naked (THAT KIND Remix) [Good Company]
Hayla – Naked [Good Company]
Jacala & Skyler Cocco – Taste [One Seven]
Jens O. – Sorry [One Seven]
Johny Cola & Randers Cowboys – DRUK [Banger Records]
Kygo & Sasha Sloan – I’ll Wait [Kygo]
Local H – Beyond the Valley of Snakes [Antifragile Music]
Lucio Momo – Soul Searching [kluBasic dance]
Marco Petralia & Giuseppe Porrello – Materie & Licht
MC Groove – 80 Febbre Di Dance [Sound Management Corporation]
Miami Shakers – City Lights [Kingside Music]
Michael Rose – I Got You [Mobile1 Music]
Midnight Kids & Duumu, Midnight Kids – Last Time (Remixes)
MIMO – Younger [MIMO]
Noah-Benedikt – Just Be You [Zoundr]
Outlandish – Root For You [ labelmade ]
Phil Watts – Fly with Me (feat. Lore) [Watts Records]
PHINOVA&ANFISA – Greda (Remix) [feat. Kwoat]
Ralf Hildenbeutel – Something Evil Becomes Us (Original Soundtrack)
Rompasso – Satellites [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Semjon Joosten & Hamed – Solstice [Revkon Records]
Smiley – Cine-i salveaza pe eroi (feat. Cabron) [HaHaHa Production]
Sooren – Back Home [Famouz Records]
Sylwia Przybysz & Konrad OldMoney – Geografia
TFX – Hide and Seek [Fabfloor]
The Electrodes – Now or Never [ToCo Asia]
The Paz Band – Missing You [NaNa Disc]
Tim Hox – Noctis , Genes [Gemstone Records]
VA – Strobe Light Dancing Disco Into Tech [Dirty Budapest]
VA – The Album [Pop Label Records]
VIMES – Warm [Papercup Records]
Will G. & DJ Combo – Careless Whisper [Executiva Music]
YNKKX – Broken in a Good Way (feat. Hayes)

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

John Gregory – Rain on the Street [OHM Deep State]
Andrea Esu, Chmmr – Borv [Relish]
Arthur M, Ian Tosel & U.R.A. – Precious (Ahmet Kilic Remix)
Audio Shiner – Eine Minute (feat. Nico Schestak)
Avril 14th – Interstella Altas [TaiJi Records]
BabyMol & Buddynice, BabyMol – Babymol the Genesis
Blair – Nightlife , Virgo Princess [Spaziale Recordings]
Bowlah – Summa Dat (Gimme da Beat) [UPUK Records]
Bugra Atmaca – In the Clouds [DeepShine Records]
Cantoma – Kasoto Dennis Kane Remix [Highwood Recordings]
Crush Club – My Man (Remixes) [feat. Nicki B the Vagabond]
Deep Boys – Freaks [Y-Stinger Records]
Deep Tone & Katya RED – Desert Breath [Ario Records]
Delahay – Polar Express [NDYD Records]
Dennis Quin – Be Strong (feat. Kerri Chandler & Troy Denari)
Derinto – Happy [33 Records]
DJ Kemit & The Lounge Lovers – Dancefloor (DJ Beloved Remixes)
DJ OMC – Magic [Kuudos]
Doubutsu System – How Money Works [0103Records]
DYRANGE – Come On [Young Society Records]
Florian Grata – Only You [Mr.LoveYoTube Records]
Fresh Track – Grind It Out (Selekta Remixes) [Selekta Recordings]
Freudenthaler & Mystigrix – Daydrinking in the French Riviera
Gang – KKK. [Disco Matto]
Grasscandy – Vahement Look [Smart Deep]
HEIXER – Ethernal [8Funk Records]
HouseKeepKing – At the WareHouse [Play And Tonic]
HUGEhands – It’s Rain [Moiss Music Black]
InQfive – I Feel Good [InQfive]
Jarry – Refuge [trndmsk]
Jex Opolis – Net Worth [Good Timin’]
JoeL Holmes, Cody Currie – Metropolis [TOYT106] [AIFF]
Kaan Elitok – Impact , Think Tech [Maison Profonde Recordings]
Katusha Svoboda – Deep Up [Deep Up Records]
Kidso – Path [Springstoff]
KLANGPLANET – Goa [recordJet]
Lost Prince – Alka [Axtone Records]
Luyo – Turn Me On [Puro Music]
LYP – Let It All Be Forgiven [Lemon Yellow Pea]
Marc Cotterell – Everywhere I Go [Plastik People Digital]
Mary Anne Posie – Reckless [BEATER RECORDS]
Mustafa Can Aladag – Polyushka Polye [Aladag Records]
Neil Janke – Late Africa [Swedish Brandy Productions]
Nocturnalism – Ambra [Open Records]
Oliver Dollar & Admn – Sanctuary (feat. Mr. V) [Industry Standard]
Phaze Dee – SQR Hollow Remixed [True Deep]
Phil Phauler & Aleksandar Vidakovic – Can’t Get You out of My Head
Rianu Keevs – Behind the Mirror [Rianu Keevs]
Ricardo Baez – Dream [Tropical Animals]
Rich vom Dorf – Take A Ride [1st Strike Deep]
Robert Pauls – In the Room [recordJet]
Roudeep – Desert Rose [Baijan Records]
Ruesche & Goerbig – Calling Home [Stereo Poems]
Seth XVI – Ah oui [DDM Recordings]
Skhalo Music – Type of Love [Househead Recordings]
Strange Travellers – Ron Anejo [Poolside Deep]
The Stoned – Love Goes on Forever [Blackliquid Music]
Tonarunur – Relatively Safe Horseback Riding
tronicsoul – Dark Vibe [Mrali Recordings]
Untagged – I See the Light [Plastic Music Group]
VA – Moonlight (Soladdo Remix) [Playroom Rec]
VA – Roller Blaster Records Miami 2020 [Rollerblaster Records]
VA – Tropical Velvet Miami 2020 [Tropical Velvet]
VIGI – In Your Eyes [Spa In Disco]
WziA – I Can Fly [Basov Records]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

3vs – Red Sun Drive [None60]
Adzzy – City Centre [Incurzion Audio]
Aeon Four – Silence [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Aero Chord – Grind [Aero Chord]
AfterAphex & Impex – Broken Down , Start Again , Stay , Katie Kat
Akeos & Ferra, Akeos – Serial Live [Disciple Round Table]
Ale Molinari – Lights on Me [Tomorrowbeats]
Army of Skanks – Kiere K Lo Haga Hentai [Hermanito Label]
Asteroid Afterparty – Voyager 1 [Rushdown]
Atlantic Connection – Hey Jenny [Liquid Lab]
AURALIZE – Need You in My Life (feat. Marc)
Bad Influence – Lethal Injection [Cutting Edge Soundz]
Basscroster & Slayer Brand – The Mexican [Dawn Recordings]
Black Tiger Sex Machine – Killzone [Kannibalen Records]
BLVNKSPVCE & SEVNN – Riddim Junkies [Railbreakers]
BPSK & Norman – Headshot [Caseload Records]
Brainrack & Veepot – Coo Coo [Partica Artist Group]
Cabuizee – Runaway [Raijin Recordings]
Changing Faces – Collide (feat. Lottie Woodward & Laurel)
Chris Trumanos, Dose – Social Authority [Prescriptionz]
Corrupt (UK) – Tick Tock (feat. Natz) [Dim Mak Records]
Costel Van Dein – Check It Out [Darklight Recordings]
Cristian Poow – Rhythm Is a Dancer (DJ Fazo Remix)
Cryptoburners – Don’t Wanna Wake Up [Dreamdealers]
Crysus & Forreign, Crysus – Antagonist [Prime Audio]
Deafted, stotakoj – Rational [recordJet]
deathszn – Weddusmonger [GRN LNTRN CRPS]
dEEb – Pure Cheese [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Deejay 30na – My Dream [AVER Records]
Deekline & Specimen A – Run the Dancehall (feat. Deemas J)
Deletable – Floating Point [Wobble Warriors Audio]
Diatomic – Laser Raptor [EmpireX Records]
DJ Trace – Twister [Tempo Records]
Dom & Roland – Lost in the Moment [Dom & Roland Productions]
Dominus – In My Soul [Strictly Flava]
Dotronix – Away , Focus [Switch! Recordings]
Dream Mclean – AMERI (EVERYONE YOU KNOW Remix)
ex-DJ akku – Shakin’ [MojoHeadz Records]
Felix K – Archive#2 [Nullpunkt]
FFF – No Ice Cream , Backstreet Dub [Foxy Jangle]
Focusfire – Nonverbal [Program]
FORST – One Fine Day [Cheetah Play]
Freaky DJs & RAIDH – I Just Follow [Clipper’s Sounds]
FRQ NCY – Broken Patterns [Bassrush Records]
FSB, Naems & Revealed Recordings – Griffin [Revealed Radar]
Gavrio – Vamos Arriba [Overture Recordings]
Geekcroft – Polymath [Camo Tribe]
Gordon Garro – Krishna’s Comedown [Safe As… Records]
Guau – Feel It [83]
H!dE – Cerberus [Lost Tribe Collective]
Hansel! – Omsk [Nimi Records]
Hexa – Stalemate , Double Dealer [Subway Soundz]
Hiraeth – The Swift [Galacy]
Huckleberry Tim – Afterdark [recordJet]
If-Read & Asymmetric, If-Read & Limit – Dissymmetrical 07
In most & Anastasia, In most & Logistics – Voyager [Soulvent Records]
Jump System – Origin Unknown [Bite This!]
Just Geo – Type Beats [DWNTHRD]
Katusha Svoboda – On the Floor [Deep Up Records]
KJK9 – Trap Stop [Atomrise Sounds]
Kobe JT – You Could Never [Wang Records]
Kouslin – 2020 Vision [Livity Sound Recordings]
Krimer & Spag Heddy, Krimer – Zero Day [NSD Black Label]
Krustex & D&M – I Know You Want Me [League Of Lyons]
Kuthi Jin – Crawl & Dwell [TV Showw]
L Nix & Outsider, L Nix – Extinction [Iron Shirt Recordings]
LA – I’m Leaving Right Away [Palladium Music]
Leena Voxx – Never Goes Away (Kerfo Remix) [51den]
Lokus & Risk – Gangster,Liquer & LSD [Blazing PhreakQuency]
Loomis – The Brink [Architecture Recordings]
Markee Ledge – Badadem (feat. Megatron) [Zonal Recordings]
Maski & Banga, Wyko & Revealed Recordings – Zulu [Revealed Radar]
Mikey Barreneche – Flex [Fanfare Records]
MISSIN – No Turning , Stop This [NËU]
Moosiqunt – Acted [Dub iouz Records]
Movement – Burner [EN5 Records]
Mr Dubz – Wanna Do It [Wub Club Records]
Mr. Oizo & Roméo Elvis – Pharmacist
Nautik & BlckHry, Nautik & SOTA – Super [Pick ‘n’ Mix]
Nicki Stebbs – Bar Fight [High Caliber Records]
Niklpenny – Jah Will Provide [Riddim & Rhyme Records LLC]
No Adults – Quality Price [Alter Eg]
Notorius Dj – Break Down [Nocolors]
Nucleus & Paradox – Esoterica , Illuminism [Esoteric]
Nyzius & Daniel Usme – Origins [Dinastia INC]
OnDaMiKe – Fly Money (EP) [Ravesta Records]
One Day One Coke & LOOZBONE, Movenchy – Back It Up
Paix & Aryaxz, Paix & Madcore – On a Mission [Monsters Music]
Perplex – The Monster [Nu Venture Records]
Pete Mazell – Never Stop! (feat. D.o.C.) [TB Media]
Porter Brook – Linear Entry to Cyclical Thought [Electromenager]
Psylla – Screaming into the Void [Lowly]
Quannum Logic & KALCYFR – Raise the Hellfire (feat. Brzrkr)
QUANTUM – Back To ’97 [Onionwave]
QUIX – Gunning For You (feat. Nevve) [Dim Mak Records]
Ragash – Most Wanted [Xoni Records]
REAPER – Barricade [Monstercat]
Rick Wayne – Arabian [Wiking Recordings]
Rom Heavven – Be Famous [Rom Heavven]
S.T.D.N. – Visions [recordJet]
Santorelli – Fall In Love [Multiplayer Records]
Shayper & Guzi, Shayper & Sub Stance – Infiltrate
She Was Silver & Euforium – Apocrypha (feat. Hollow) [Simplify.]
Ship Sket – No Respawns [SZNS7N]
Shiraz Javed – Amnesia [PLUSX Records]
Sixnautic & Bonga Afrika – Zulu No Joke
Slipz – Boss [Low Down Deep Recordings]
Sourtaste – Save Me [Bangerang Network]
Spaow – Monkey Style Part 1 [Good4Nothing Records]
Speaker Louis & Ranking Dixi, Veak – Dead & Buried
Steve C – Flying Away [Apache Records]
Stoned Level – Pain [Bassweight Records]
Sully & Detre’, Sully – Brainstorm [Wakaan]
Tempyre, Wires – Lotus Flower , Duck [Big Booty Bass]
The Living Proof & Asteroid Afterparty – Limbo [Reinelex Music]
Thomas Gold – Live a Little Louder [Protocol Recordings]
Tomoyoshi – Smooth Groove [Original Key Records]
VA – Deep Dark & Dangerous Trilogy, Pt. 3 Dangerous
VA – Litterbox 08 [Box Of Cats]
VA – Select Files 5 [Computer Integrated Audio]
VA – Within the Woods 3 [Zombie Recordings UK]
VA – World Wake Records-Compilation Best Of 2019
Vital – Violation Penalty [Iron Fist Audio]
Wetman – Here [eatmybeat]
YO,C – My Obsession [Rootkap Music]
Yung-E – Dark Matter [Hardpoint Recordings]

Electronica & Downtempo

Atrium – Jaguar [Ragibeat]
Amoa & us & sparkles – Wire [Radicalis]
Animat – Undercurrents [Disco Gecko]
Anthya – Camelia [Strays Music Records]
ary Cole – Don’t Worry [Coral Gables Records]
Astronata – Divine , Fragile [Slime Recordings]
AUX88 – My Aux Mind Legends Remix [Direct Beat Classics]
Aviino – In Loving Memory [Memoir Music]
Backstage Gurus – Mediterranean Odyssey [Liquid Sound Design]
BAYNK – KISS ME (feat. Mood Talk) [AllPoints]
Bert H & Sydney – In Love Again [Pilot Records]
Black Paper – Heal the World [ForArt]
Capac – After Lights Out with Tom Harding [This Is It Forever]
Chris Coco – Music As a Foreign Language [Chris Coco Music]
Chris Heid & Michael Kruse – Freak [ToySounds]
Cremation Lily – The Processes and Instruments of Normal People (2020 Remaster)
DaDa Sound Project – Deva [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Deuce & Charger – Lies [Lost Together Music]
Dj IP – Minor Film [Atomes Records]
DJ Lycox – Kizas do Ly [Principe]
Donato – Golden Leaf [recordJet]
Erold Bamps – Vile Closure [Isla Cubana]
Felicia Atkinson – Everything Evaporate [Shelter Press]
Fragile X – Panzer Kunst [Disintegration State]
Franz Bart – Nightwalk [TOSSA DEL MAR]
FSW – Klimbim [Poch Poch Records]
Groxx – Escalator [ZEROCOOL]
Guedra Guedra – Oorun [On The Corner Records]
Gwen Hughes – You Make Me Feel Like Candy (Below Remix)
Héctor Moya – It’s No Sweet [Cala Bassa Records]
Heinali & Michael Balog – A Mechanical Bird in an Electric Garden
Heromo Deuce – Forbidden Instruction (Radio Edit) [recordJet]
Hwan – It’s So Sweet [Miyako Records]
Iñigo Montoya & Adrien Pallot, Apollo Noir – Inigrmx01
Jax Jazer – Magic World [No Traffic Music]
Kenzie Ora – Fall Again [Agua Blanca Records]
Leiurus – Island [Mousike Records]
Lilly Randa & HyperSOUL-X – Freedom [recordJet]
Lounge Aura – The Last Train [Ragibeat]
Lucidvn – Lica (feat. Kiro) [Bladde Production]
Luksek – Can You [Jun Records]
Marc Behrens – Breaking the Elephant’s Legs [Availabel]
Marco Uson – Transit Aeternam [Uzons Records]
Marwollo – Trip [Pink Palm Records]
Maserati – Enter the Mirror [Temporary Residence Ltd.]
MATALYS – Invisible Beauty [recordJet]
Matteo Luzzi – Totem [Reload Music]
Memorio – Ember Reincarnate [Ovnimoon Records]
MISOGI – Fallen Angels , Kiss of Judas [MISOGI]
MrWhite – On My Own [Morph Records]
MYNGA – Don’t Stop Believin’ [One Of Us Records]
Nina Missy – You Go Again [Ban Tai Records]
NOBIDE – Want You [Alias]
Odin – Charmeuse [SXN]
Ommbroch – Parasite Hack [Trakt 4]
Physical Dreams – Ethereal Music [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Primary Assembly – Telekinesis [Webuildmachines]
PWCCA – Elektro Cut [INNSIGNN]
Raining Noise – Shoreline [recordJet]
Rona Hartner & DJ Tagada – Sell-Fish (Remixes) [Vlad]
Santi & Tuğçe – Respira [Kybele]
Senji Niban – Where the Birds Fly Now [Pure Spark Records]
Silver Leaf – Hey! [Emotional Rescue]
Square Fauna – Meet the Fauna [Firecracker]
Syrte & Visions Of Glosters – 759.370 [Science Cult]
The Ambientalist – Storm Inside [MQY Music]
The Freek Macheen – Ready (Remixes) [Eisblock Records]
The Oddness – Get It Together [Eskimo Recordings]
VA – Escape [SLiVER Recordings]
VA – Harabe Nightmares I [Harabe]
VA – Symposium [LumieresLaNuit]
VA – The Outer Limits 2020 [Tension Music]
WellL – From Great Depths [Edge of Light Records]
Zagar – Early Works (2000 – 2010) [ZAGARMUSIC]
Zirkadian Sender – Sensual Closeness [Traumnovelle]


AJ7 – The Winner [Lolapad Recordings]
Alan Burton – That Moment [Inspirado Records]
Alex Maiz – Do the Right Thing ep [droorshouse records]
Alex Nevil & Jerem Maniaco – Soul 2 Soul [Jango Music]
Alex Virgo – Cheap Thrills [Trick]
Alexander Bach – El Talisman [Soundrepublic]
Alexander Cruel & Morsense – Celosa [Tactical Trax]
Andre Salmon & Kricked – Och047 [Ouch!]
Andrey Exx – Back in 1995 [Milk & Sugar]
Ashley Benjamin – Never Enough (Remixes)
AUX88 – Direct Drive [Direct Beat Classics]
Avecunk, Calmos & Berzingue & Davelly – All Welcome
B Low & Lowphat – On You [G-Mafia Records]
Baltra – Wings Like Doves [96 and Forever Records]
Barney Osborn – Disco People [Bid Muzik]
BBwhite – Get Out [Nu Monkey Records]
Becker & Mukai – Time Very Near [SaS Recordings]
Big Thanda & Pablo Escco, Sir Bless – King of Ultrasounds
Block & Crown – Work This Sound [Omerta]
Boris Roodbwoy – Tenderlove [No Definition]
Boy Untitled, Cuchara & Chriz Samz – Skin (Cuchara X Chriz Samz Remix)
Brothers in Arts – Jack Is Back [Zero Eleven Record Company]
C69 – Rorschach Test [UKR Special Series]
Ccc – Kawaii Carnival [East Records (CN)]
Csaba F. – Need U [Nove Records]
Da Funk Junkies – Want Your Love [Star Funk Records]
Dance Like A Ninja – Fall into Each Other [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
Daniele Cognata – Don’t You Feel [Inferiae Records]
Danny Mekanik & Aishah Davis – Set Me Free [Ocata Records]
Dave Matthias – Daylight [Dave Matthias Music]
Dennis Quin – Feel So Good (Original Mix) [AIFF]
DJ Goozo, Massianello, Jotade & Dave Lonely – Cartagena (feat. Dave Lonely)
DJ Huguito – Carnival [Spira Music]
DJ Overcome – Rhythm Is a Dance [Somes Records]
Dreamer – Ancestors Ceremony [Ghost Records GR]
Drezo – Sinister [ALT Vision]
Duh Oliver – No One [Vivifier Records]
Eddie Fields – Blaster [Smooth Agent Records Tracks]
Elbee Bad – How Much Time Do U Need
Exquisite Corpse – Between Rhythms I [Platform 23]
Exquisite Corpse – Between Rhythms II [Platform 23]
Exquisite Corpse – Between Rhythms III [Platform 23]
Exquisite Corpse – Between Rhythms IV [Platform 23]
Fars8ad – Berlin Lights [Houserecordings (Plasmapool)]
Frankstar – The Real Thing (feat. Becka) [Soulful Evolution]
Free Salinas Orchestra – Dancing On Wild Beaches
Full Moon Music – Stories [AR Records]
Funny Cats 995 – Get Up [Verynicetown Records]
Funqi Tones – Unconditional Love [Unprincipled Records]
Groove Sinners – What You Need [Hot Sunday Records]
Harnish – Origines [AIDC Records]
Hazzaro – Cloud Nine [Azzura Trax]
Heat Alliance – She’s Gone [Ship City Grooves]
Hey Alan! – U Don’t Understand (Electro-Swing Mix) [MCT Luxury]
James Deron – You Gotta [ROHM Records]
Jamison Daniel – Let Them Play [ApresDisco]
Jason Rivas & World Vibes Music Project – Toscana
Javi Mula – Let’s Do It (feat. Ekow) [Clipper’s Sounds]
Jay Vegas – Break Ya Down (Incl. Crazibiza Remix) [Hot Stuff]
Jo Paciello – Jazz On Burbon Street [SJS RECORDS]
Juicebox, Nite – Sleepless [The Half Heart Project]
Kaskade, Kosha Dillz – Sexy (Extended Mix) [AIFF]
Katusha Svoboda – Do It [Deep Up Records]
Kays – Fluidity [Crispy Crust Records]
Ken Aoki – Sweet666 [Oyoda Recordings]
Kevin Allen – The Hymn [Groove Foundation Recordings]
Le Babar – Shake N Bake [Groovy Riddim Records]
Leo Blanco – Parasamba [Drum-Ah Records]
LEOSOLAR – Separation III (Civilization Not the One) (CoronaVirus Galactic Attack Mix)
Loris Altafini – One Night Boogie [Cultural District Recordings]
Luciano FM & Loris Altafini – Old Piano [Shocking Sounds Records]
Luke Bond – Survival (feat. KARRA) [Armind (Armada)]
mAdcAt – Girl [East Pole Records]
Marky V-lectro – Honey [E-Wax Recordings]
Martina Budde – Moonlight Shadow [Groovy Firehorse 66]
Maurid – Talking About You [Curvilinear]
Michael Feel & Aleco & Yaro – Loose Myself in You (feat. Philip Strand)
Michael Ruland – Feel Better [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
Michelino – Get On the Floor [Funky Floor Records]
Middle Name Dance Band – Deeper Than Love
Midnight Sessions – It’s Alright [Killertraxx Muzik]
Mike Deuce – Shake It Remix [Future Steps]
Milk Bar & Justin Hobbs – Teach Ya [Total Freedom +]
Mirco Caruso – Everything (Original Mix) [AIFF]
Mitec – One More Night [Seveneves Records]
Moreno Pezzolato, Octahvia – U Want Me (Qubiko Remix) [AIFF]
Mr.Tune – Figli delle stelle [DUB&BOOM]
Nash Cedar – Light My Fire [Pirate’s Cove Records]
Nona James – Give Me Time [Pongo Records]
NXF – Guberniya Trax [Don’t Make Me Think]
Nykoluke – Casablanca [Barbecue Records]
Omson – Borgonuovo Jack [Juiced Music]
Phyrefly – Dumpster Funk [Timeshift Music Group]
Pol Ayke – Zafaran [Elegant Bastards]
Polymod – 10Six [17 Steps]
Rezzonator – Bounce [Rezzelectro Records]
Richard Grey & Lissat – Fu-Gee-La [Tactical Records]
Riff Kitten & Alanna Lyes, Riff Kitten – 20S Are Here
Robbie Dox – MahSheen (The Cube Guys Remix) [AIFF]
Roog – Criticize [Motive Records]
Sammy Deuce & Mirko & Meex – Those I Know [Cruise Music]
SecretloverZ – Find Us [Anonymous Black]
Simon Vinyl Junkie – Won’t Stop Moving [WORKROOM]
SLATIN – I Don’t Think So [Barong Family]
Sons of Maria – Losing My Cool [Enormous Chills]
Sulene Fleming – I Need a Lover [Future Spin Records]
Superlover – Love Ain’t No Machine [Disco Sucks Records]
Sven Kerkhoff – Mista Bob [Black Bouwie Records]
Taim, Taim, Left,Right & Just10 – Chemistry [Confession]
The Sunchasers – Lovebirds & Butterflies [Tree Sixty One]
Tomasz Wakulewski – Allaw Me [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
Trevor Gordon – If You See Love [Crooks & Villains Records]
Ubuntu Brothers & Jovis Musiq – Lord Forgive Us
V-Vast – Let Me [Richy Records]
VA – Energy in Dance [Andorfine Digital]
VA – House Makers Spring ’20 [FLAC]
VA – I Love Oscill8 [Oscill8]
VA – Ibiza Grooves Spring ’20 [FLAC]
VA – Winter Music Conference 2020 [FLAC]
VA – Winter Music Conference 2020 [MCT Luxury]
YOOKs & Stephanie Cooke – Imagine [Newtown Recordings]
Zerotonine & Smyk – Red Skies [XDMC Records]

Melodic House & Techno

Homero Senna – Momentary Trip [Syncopate Afterhours]
Aarrss – Lofty [Haus It Feelin’ Records]
Agoria – All over You (feat. Sacha Rudy) [Remixes by Agents of Time and Oxia]
Anachronism – Diametric [made of CONCRETE]
Andreas Henneberg – Kords [AIFF]
Arash Shadram, Krink – Unua [Radikon]
Awake From A Dream – Isolation [XMOD Records]
Band&Dos & Donelli – Cafe Molido [Warairatech]
D-Nox & K.A.L.I.L. – Space [AIFF]
Dan Bay & Max Clouth – Voodoo Guitar [WAYU Records]
Dan Marciano – Pagaz [MBMH Underground Recordings]
David Hazard – Virtuoso [UFO RECORDZ]
Dee Green – Colluding [TECHNOID Recordings]
Dexxx Gum – First Date [TOTAL FREEDOM XP]
Diego Mates & Joe M – Other Space [Red Kiss]
Eran Hersh – Jerusalem Nights [Enormous Tunes]
Fritz Kalkbrenner – Good Things [AIFF]
Gaty Lopez – Let Me Be [AIFF]
Giolì & Assia – Habibi (The Remixes) [Diesis Records]
GLF & Nima Sarshar – Grey Forms [GLF Records]
hannes bieger – Poem for the Planet (feat. Ursula Rucker)
Harry Diamond – MECHA [New State Music]
Humantronic – Smiles and Tears [Manakacha]
Hybrid Vision – Watchers [Mesdar Records]
Ian Ludvig – Break Free [Eklektisch]
Ian O’Donovan – Still Waters [When We Dip XYZ]
Jakobii – Late Nights [Black Lemon Records]
Jeremy Olander – Andkoln [AIFF]
Jozef K – Battle [Nite Grooves]
Julio Ka – Boot Error [Planum Polare]
Jütte – Noise and Silence [Sound Optix]
Keyspan & Julian Montenegro – Serendipity
Lake Avalon – Pallas (Remixes) [Raving Society]
Lyrik C – Sensory [Teoxane Production]
Macgaren – Enceladus [Pitanga Records]
Massane – Visage 1 (No Return) [This Never Happened]
Mastrovita – Anima – Lei [AIFF]
Maurizio Accardi – Quantic Dream [Strakton Records]
Nukreative – Beyond the Sun [Dawn till Dusk]
Oliver Sylo – Spirit of Wodan [Wanderlust]
Parcel – Airing [Position Obscure Recordings]
RFL – Ancient History [Progline Records]
Sachi Toyama – The Thing [Bubblejam]
Super Rogue – Lens Flare [040 Recordings]
The Addixion – Forever Frost [North Origin]
TheDiabolicalWaffle – Daydream [Hydra Music Records]
VA – Collections Melodic 001 [iMusic Bundles]
Waverokr – Etherica [District Eight]
Yeah But No – I Still Keep Love for You (Einmusik Remix)

Minimal & Deep Tech

Monika Ross – Funkt Up [AIFF]
Avante – Hands Up [Jonk Records]
Aviation Center – Laugh [Aviation Center]
Carlos A – Ripper [AIFF]
Carloscres – Strings from Caracas [Jesus Was Black]
CEV’s – Self Control [Reverso Music]
Chords of Stockholm – A Beautiful Soul [Superfreq]
Davide Mentesana – Push It EP [AIFF]
Demuk – Hajoedae [Conceptual Deep]
Denis Ago – Flash Sylent [AIFF]
Dewere – Circus EP [AIFF]
Dubet – Valen [Reverbs Records]
Ed Lee – Guzheng [Jouissance Recordings]
Elleventuno – Psyco Eye [MojoHeadz Records]
Flavio MP – Let Me Out [Login Records]
Glasidum – EJAUSE EP [AIFF]
Jake Hough – Emergerous [AIFF]
Janeret – Olympus [AZE]
Jason – I’m Twisted [Belowdeck Records]
Jay Oss – Deep Breath [AIFF]
Jhonatan Moraes & Criminal Crazy – Hasta Le Fuego
Jizz – Onyx [Rawsome Deep]
Kerouac & Smile, Rotty – Various Artists DGTL#01 [Zingiber Audio Digital]
Lampe – Invisible [Alula Tunes]
Leo Christopher – Galactic credits [AIFF]
Leo Christopher – Walks (Original Mix) [AIFF]
Leonardo Gonnelli, Adne – Subbeat EP [AIFF]
Lj Guru – Bingo Bongo [Lemon Juice Records]
Lost on Mars – Crazy Trippin’ [Data Transmission]
Matt Mikke – Rider [Substrate Music]
Monodisco – Shake It [Abstract Channel]
Nebulaee – Sights in Alya [PURISM Wave]
One Time Minimal – Final Time [Frost Records]
Paul Trelles & Vazdra – You Know [LMNTAL Music]
Pupkulies & Rebecca – Fou de Toi (Parallells Remix)
Pvt. Vasquez – Outliers [Constant Sound]
QuestionmarQ – Moonlanding [Lefty Shades Records]
Ralf Schneider – Road to Aschaffenburg [SiculianGrooveCulture]
Rama – Trebor [AIFF]
Saes – Miscommunication [LowerHand Records]
Salvo V – Bring [Kubbo Records]
Simon Sampler – Lunchbox [MojoHeadz Records]
Son of Elita – Micro Sun [Moob Records]
Stada Costa – Art-Most-Phered [Mafia Natives Recordings]
Stefano Cioffi & Savio Testa – Black Street
SY (DE) – Fusion EP [AIFF]
Tome R – illusion [AIFF]
VA – Quadraginta Unum [Panem Et Circenses]
Wolf Paw – Ice Paws [Code Rhythm Recordings]
YSC – Fusion [AIFF]

Progressive House

Micke – Shadow Light [Pro B Tech Music]
AMAST&MEDEM – The Legend [East Records (CN)]
Andrey Keyton & Anton Malikov – Morpheus [Exx Muzik]
Audioglider – Numerological [Aviary Recordings]
Beyond Tha Noize – Don’t Go Easy [Southbank Records]
Braxton – Clockwork EP [AIFF]
Chaum & Hannes Wiehager – Intentions {Original Instrumental Edition}
Daniel Barross & Fabio Pelosi – Tundra Love [Stereophonic]
Dion Anthonijsz – Callisto [AAAMSOUND]
DJ Sash K – Memories [DVNSH Recordings]
Dj Sinestro – Joy [Musata Music]
DZKO – Touch Me [CICLO Otherside]
EmilianoL – Estelar [Grooves Music Label]
Eric de la Vega – Pictures of Sea Waves [Emergent Shores]
Gambitt – Into Your Head [Immersed]
gardenstate – Delta [Wake Your Mind Deep Records]
Gimbal & Sinan – Jugendstil [Sincinaty Records]
Glenn Molloy – Espionage [Elastic Dimension Records]
GMJ & Matter – Lost on Origin [meanwhile]
HaruMuzik – Skylark [Funky Green]
Iman Hanzo & Jinadu – For Love [Enchant Audio]
Jelly For The Babies – Neon Nights [AIFF]
Josef – Sahara [Chris Burke]
krApton – Starry Night [East Records (CN)]
Majed LeRouge – Yoga [Ecurie]
MRM – No London [Music Department Label]
MysticallFever – Smooth Science (The Remixes)
Ndub – Awake [Mirage Recordings]
Pablo Gargano – The Melting Timeline [Phronesis Digital]
Phoenix Lord, Saggian & Emjay – As Above So Below
Saiful Idris – The Cave (feat. Eileen Jaime) [SRNDR Records]
Santini (B), Quatretemps – Powder [AIFF]
Sidewalker & Stylez, Sidewalker – Reiter [Uplay Recordings]
Ste Flynn – Universal Dreams [IN2U Records]
Sun Shower – Midnight Sunset [interflow progressive]
The One – Super Swing Theory [Sirup Records]
VA – Guanine ,Vol.10 [Lamp]
VA – Outlook III [Not Another]
VA – Tenyears [IDP Records]
VA O.N.E. – Dese [Lincor Apex]

Tech House

NoN Shepherd – Like This [Panic Recording]
Aaron King – Move It [Allfriends Records]
Alexic Rod – Stay At Home [Low Groove Records]
Alya & Daddy Dino – The DJ Booth [CUFF]
Ausem FF – Skill [Fish & Chicks]
Ayala042 – Och048 [Ouch!]
Ben Dragon – Booty Iz Bananaz [Fire To My Ears]
Berny Manfry – Cuesta Arriba [Clubber Recordings]
Black Jersey – Work [Moai Tech]
BOBBY SHANN – Call Me Papi [Shann Music]
Brutal Bill, The Scene Kings – Relentless [Sektor Rekords]
Carsen – Alone Again [Undgrd Music]
Catsinka – Hand Up [Distortion]
Chus & Ceballos, Dario D’Attis – Heart of Afrika (Extended Mix) [AIFF]
CLAN EQ & Bigstate – Uncover [Flashmob LTD]
Col Lawton – Ride [Sound Vessel Records]
Collective States – Gozer EP [AIFF]
David Kinnard – Manana EP [AIFF]
Deep DeeJay – You Are Not Alone [Sr. Events Music]
Dempsey Massy – Tonite [Somma Records]
Demuir, Junior Sanchez – Da Kultur [Kultur]
DJ Czezre – 50 Clicks Deep and Raw [Secret Sessions]
DJ Global Byte – Gotta Feeling (King Size Mix) [Speed Of Life]
DJ Rickey Ricardo – She Love My Vibe [DJ RR Productions]
Djeep Rhythms – Bardaji (Incl. Remixes) [Stage Records]
Djose ElenKo & Dani K – Cache [Culturebeats Records]
Doctor Boom & Bigstate, Doctor Boom – All I Want
Dr. Vu & Wolfrage – Witness Me [Wolfrage Recordings]
Eduardo Fahl – I’m Legend [Deep Bear]
Fellipe Beckman – Gonna File [Chrono_logic]
Fer Fisterra – Turkana [Karia Records]
Gerva, matteblack – 4 , 4 #45 [1980 Recordings]
Henry Fonda – Kurupt [Desperadoz Records]
James Webb (UK) – Main Sequence [Feynman Records]
Kaos Kid – Shine [Glamorous Recordings]
Kivema – Out of Control [V.M.K Records]
Klau ! – Booking , Burning My Room [Vamos Music Talents]
LEKTRK & ALC, LEKTRK & Iccool – Satori B [Turnstyle Digital]
LeMoch And Bond – Sonar Sound [Votiva Records]
Lovacc – Fck Yourself [G-Mafia Records]
Luca Lazza – Drink [Love & Beats]
Luigii Nieto – Go Around [PHXBLK]
Mark Fiorre – Td [DOT Dance]
Mark Johnstone – Synthetic [Urbans Underground Recordings]
Max Lake – I Have [Dark Station]
Michael Rogel – Speak [Behavior Recordings]
Mike Ivy & DJ Gomi – Can’t Stop [Kukushka Records]
MOtigers – Kinda Funny [Feel Hype Black]
Nils Hess, Peace Division – Archie Hamilton Higher Repurpose Mixes
Opal Thalia – Loco [Sola]
Orce Jordanov – Break [Noisy Darts Records]
Paranoya – Paranoya19 [recordJet]
Richard Champion – Crowed Place [Njoy Music]
RodNot – Okey [Flamme Records]
Ssempasa & Aflaki – My Love (Extended Mix) [KIMA Music]
Sterk x White Sparkz – Carnaval [See The Sea Records]
These Machines – Go Ahead [Food Music]
Tough Art – Introducing [Lit Music]
Tworall & Ira Ange, Tim Loco – Losing Thoughts , Tricky Squeak
VA – In Approach [Obazda]
VA – Natura Viva in the Mix with Calypse [Natura Viva In The Mix]
VA – Virus Artists 2020 [48007 Music]
XeKe – Talk To Me [Supertunes]
Xenso – Fuckin Time [Sonambulos Music]

Techno & Minimal

Ross Harper – Divine [City Wall Records]
A-909 – A Mystik Romance [Sound Anarchy Records]
Ability II – Pressure Dub (Freespirit Overload Mix) [L&T Recordings]
Addison Groove – TeknoJuke [Gutterfunk]
aDDiTATe – Moving On [Voorpret Black Label]
aka Bob Molly – Redtail Escort [Root System Records]
Alex Dovo – Time Control [Boston Underground]
Alexander Bogdanov, Basicnoise – Pictures from Life
Alix Perez & Headland, Alix Perez – Ravana [1985 Music]
Alma Marter & Marek Bois – Black Species of Birds [Rohling]
ANDATA – Coldest Form [Customized Culture]
Andre Le Fay – Bad [Banger Box]
Aroent, Bonebrokk – Athens UHD [Trial & Error]
Boho, DESNA – Senso Sounds Level 07 [Senso Sounds]
Brennen Grey – Zero Sum Game [We Are The Brave]
Chris Bygrove & Kalbee & Raimer – The 417 [Coldharbour Black]
Christopher Kah – Monster Club [Highwav Records]
Dclerk – Spellbreaker [On Circle Music]
DE.CALC – Core Delete [Mechanical]
Dep Affect – Edgelord of the Dance [Wunderblock Records]
Digital Mystikz & Aranha, Loefah & Greyscale – DMZ Rebuilt By Hexagon Dubs
Dima – Essential 016 [Methodical]
Dirty Dan – Thru the Club [Fresh Farm Music]
DJ D ReDD – Room 227 [Frame Workxx Records]
DJ P – Pbat [All Centre]
Donawave & DREWWAVE – Tremor [Basse-cour]
Duck Sandoval – Deadheads [Astral Void Records]
EiZer G – Universe [Space Beat]
El Bajo – Illusion [Audiothink Record]
Emanuele Vernarelli – Pink Meteor [No Design]
FANSTRØM – Prohairesis [Holliday Addicts]
Farrago – Kidney Shot [Lenske]
Fluctuosa – Carbon Chauvinism [sitdownandance]
Freak Division – Pharaoh [Freak Division]
Fred Pellichero – Virus [Orchestra Records]
G-Man, Realmz – The War Horn [Tan Ta Ra Records]
Gad Oz – Super Net [Rhino Star Records]
GVRLLRVLLG – Prspctv [Oxytech Records]
Hacker From Hidden Sphere – Fight the Rhythm
Hollen & David Granha – Try to Do It [Unrilis]
How To Be Invisible – Fear of Corona (feat. Erika) [The Funky Cat]
IliasRo – Believe [IliasRo]
IliasRo – Free [IliasRo]
IliasRo – Miss-Understandings [IliasRo]
IliasRo – The Glass Pipe [IliasRo]
Jay Tommy – Transposition [Tommy Trax]
Joe Impero – Technofly [Muneko]
KaliMike – Moonwalking on the Sun [LETS TECHNO records]
Kanine – Prophecy [Basse-cour]
Kat Koan – Doctor [Shutter Records]
KifferCárdenas – Como Tu [Nimi Records]
Kruger – Coginitive Dissonance [NUDE]
Kurgans – Transition [Astral Void Records]
Lestesie – Acid Babe Acid Babe [DARK MATTER RECORDS]
Lewis Gate – Sonic Boom [FSOE Clandestine]
LFOS0 – Basis [Kommunikation Records]
Lorenzo Fasano & Juan Lenis – Momentum [Real Supernova Records]
M1IC6 – Kick Their Heads In [Twizted Movements]
main(void), Riemann – Best of Strisctrx 005-009 [STRISCTRX]
Manjit Makhni – Desperado [Audiobrain Productions]
Maria Ebra – Aliens [SINTEZO RECORDS]
Martin Books – Time [Kneaded Pains]
MDeco – Eruption [Wildcraft studio]
MDeco – The Last Decade [Wildcraft studio]
Morgasm – Chop Chop [EP Digital Music]
Mosher – Dark Rose [Hotmind Records]
Nicolas Cad – Kalima [Althea Records]
Nikki Nair – Number One Slugger [Banoffee Pies Records]
NoOneKnown – Dark Matter [Newra Records]
Notorious B – Deep India [SoulJack Noir]
Novelo (MX) – Chaos Chants [SouthTech Music]
Obseth – Modular Metamorphosis [Underdub Records]
Omega Drive – All Back Again [Experimental Rog Rec]
Pedro Bolero – Waltz [Soul Nutrition Records]
Peter Wok – Tripas [Blanc Stone Digital]
Phantasos, Pineal – ConecTechno VA [Prodigality Records]
Phara – These Bright Lights (Original) [VOLTAGE]
Pierott The Acid Clown Warminstral Simbosis Terry Oxby – In Acid We Trust
QUANTA – Grid Like [Shanti Planti]
REÄKTTOR – Ragnarök [Groovy Sessions]
Reznik & Good Guy Mikesh – The Moon Landing Was a Hoax (Each Other Remix)
Shoko Rasputin – Ken [U.G.JAMMIX]
Siguiente Tecnologia – Peninsula [Electronic Abrau]
Sneaky People – Verkdorn [Eichtal Recordings]
Stefan Weise – Love the Freaks [Audiophile Deep]
Sterfry & JuLo – Shots Blazin [Jadu Dala]
SveTec – Uncontrolled [Mad Made]
Taigherwuds – Lord of the Darkness [27H Records]
Tawanda – Ancestral Hands [Guangzhou Underground]
The Forgotten Man – Sentient [noctu recordings]
Thor – Decay [Thule Records]
Tom Kras – Inc [Potmeter Records]
Tomoyuki Sakakida – Hazard [SKKD]
VA – Archive II [Adroit]
VA – Miami Ug 2020
VA – Techno Aka Techno #42 [7th Cloud]
VA – The Best of 2019, Techno & Dub Techno [Flowing Movement Music]