Afro House

Aardwolf – African Soul Child – (Blu Lace Music)
Andrew&Cole – Makumba – (ISAVIS Records)
Belizian Voodoo Priest, Lady Laronda – The Healing Remix
De’KeaY & Poukey Da DJ – Piano Summer EP
DJ General Slam & Katlego Nombewu – Sexy From Behind
Doneyck & Bamba Keita – Kamalanta
Doug Gomez – Zanini Kimi (feat. Lizwi)
InQfive – Peace – (Iklwa Brothers Music)
IQ Musique – King Shaka Zulu – (Blu Lace Music)
KingMdava – Tranquility EP – (Afrothentik Record Company)
Paul Santiago, Jah Sound – My Caddy – (CocoJuice Records)
Realm of House – Tumbadora Llego (Arawakan Drum Mix)
Sr. Saco – Batukada – (The Warrior Recordings)
StylesDipp & King Arnold, Synth-O-Ven – Ambush
Sub-Zero & RamsTeque – We Play Tech
SubZero & RamsTeque – We Play Tech EP
TebzaFunk – Naspoti 2 EP – (FunkMusiQ)
VA – Afro House Tunes Vol. 2
VA – Mzanzi Sounds, Vol. 1 – (Wabantu Music)
Zakente – Rage – (JsMusicuk)


Beresnev – Robotronica [YoD Recordings]
ElectroGorilla – It’s Like a Jungle
Huda Hudia & Dj30A – Say My Name
JIRO – Aura [Sub Element Recordings]
Life X – That Moment [Falling Recordings]
Meat Katie, Ben Coda & Carbon Kingdom – Quarantine
R-kade Robot & Laura Newman – Space Glitch & Electric Jazz Funk
Titi & Cat Leblanc – I Closed My Eyes [TaiJi Red Records]
VidChooYou – Chasing the Wind [ReState Records]


90’s team – Light [71 Records]
ByeAlex és a Slepp – Merülök (feat. Manuel)
Danil Sergeevich – Love Story [Multiza Distribution]
Danni Blits – Superkracht [3D Records]
Drew Watts – Rolling Cigarettes
Fluentes – Putnici [Menart]
Frank Hatchett – Body Shots (Official Re – Issue)
Friendos – Un nuovo giorno [IDP Records]
lyvvy – Birthtime of Everything [Multiza Distribution]
Miguel NoFlyTribe Velardo – The Mix Down
Monocode – Cleaner [Multiza Distribution]
Monocode – Meteo [Multiza Distribution]
Murge – Can’t Hurt Me Now (feat. Sierra Lundy)
Nico Aviario – One & Only [Deep Strips]
Olav – Sunshine in Your Heart [Run Free]
PHINOVA&ANFISA – Have It (feat. Katharina Boger)
Rat_Nic – Joke [Multiza Distribution]
Sghenny & AKSYS, Lab-E – Lethal Squad
The Plowboyz – Tell Me [Romeo Entertainment]
Yanez – For You [Clipper’s Sounds]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

A. Rossa – Modelstlead [Grooves Music Label]
B.A.X. – Nature’s Hymn (Remixes) [3rd Avenue]
Bessone, Mecre – 018 – [Home Made]
BLOUD – Say It Now [Deep Bear]
Brothers in Arts & Claborg – Dance with Me
Chapa Ruiz – After the Stars [The Purr]
Chris Arna – Oh Baby [LucidPlain Records]
Corrupted Machines – Shattered [JST Records]
Damir Pushkar – Underwall [BLV6973929]
Dawad – Darkness Has Never Been so Bright (Dark Slice 2) (La dame Noir)
Deeper System – The Landing [PMD006]
Diamond – You Like Jazz_ [SALIN008]
Distant People – How You Feel – (Arima)
DJ Ino & MC Johnny Def – Music Takes Control on Me
Doneyck & Jamezy – Dum Dum – (Channel Six Music Company)
Doneyck & JAMEZY – Dum Dum – Supersound
Drumatic Soul – Excellent [AR00033]
Elwood Eaton – In Stick We Trust [Mivushi Minus]
Feiertag – Severance EP (Sonar Kollektiv)
Flash Tonique – You Gotta Love [Mivushi Minus]
Fly O Tech – Stay Here [Baobab Recordings]
Frakie Fresh – Granulized Mind [Mivushi Minus]
Guri, Eider – People Like Us EP [PMD001]
HP Vince, Raul Romo – Groove This Way _ I Don’t Need You [TDR079]
Hypnotique – La Pénombre – (Bordello A Parigi)
Hypnotique – La Pénombre (Bordello A Parigi)
J. Falcone – Around and Around [Astrowave]
Jahn Solo – Golden Shoes EP – (Disco Balls Records)
Jepe – Love Juice [FB007]
Joey Vasquez – Just One More Day
JoioDJ – Deep Beat, Vol. 1 – (Dejavoo Records)
Ka lu – Nu London [Deep V Records]
Kimicoh – Day By Day – (Blu Lace Music)
Lehnhardt, Mojiito – Arcade [Pure Records]
Luka Sambe, Eisenzahn – Angel Blood [KD166]
Luxuriate – Trigger Finger [Wire Music]
Luyo – Body Temple [DCR202]
MISIGII – On off Shiraz [Erijo Gold]
Morttimer Snerd III – The Settling EP – (MMP Records)
Mtk Byme & Pycorns – I Think about u (Vocal We Work)
Newmanhere – Rise _ Nuru [SNK110]
Nicky Three Sixty – Passion [NTS Records]
Noone Costelo – Sun and Sax [Happy Hour Records]
Norenoise – Nameless [Cliveland]
Prophet – Right On Time [STH3121]
Rich vom Dorf – Your Love [Rave Point]
Rik-Art – True Love [Epoque Music]
Signal Minor – About You [1994 Music]
Soul Freaque ft Paul B – Lonely – (Blu Lace Music)
Steve Miggedy Maestro – The Woo Factor – (MMP Records)
Stonefox – Lightning [Seeking Blue]
Tender H. – Fiesta Beach Hotel [Cold Tear Records]
Thab De Soul, Saint Evo – Olkeri [CDR004]
The Godfathers Of Deep House SA – Go Nostalgic or Go Home, Vol. 17
The Godfathers Of Deep House SA – Go Nostalgic or Go Home, Vol. 18
The Godfathers Of Deep House SA – Go Nostalgic or Go Home, Vol. 19
Travertia – Vetka [Forestrip Music]
UpAllNight – Silent Praise [EYE009]
Ursula 1000 – Bass Rock (Remixed)
VA – 24 Carrot #1 (24 Carrot)
VA – Various Artists – (Freak Park)
VetLOVE – In the Air Tonight Remixes, Pt. 2

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Apache – Bloodybalz [Poltergeist Records]
Bad Martian – Code Red (feat. Mag Mag)
Bereneces & Akinsa, Bereneces – Titan , Kaiju , Contagious
BILLO – Mind Eraser [Deep Bear]
Blackpearl Vee – Mama (feat. Lisha Muzique)
Crash Bass – Let Yourself Go
Craymak & Awal, Doctor P – Malfunction
Dj 7 Lev-in – Battle Droid Mech Warrior
DJ Hero – Turn Me Up [Solitude Studios]
Dylan S – Check it [Stats Records]
eLasix – I Don’t Know [Tejobeat]
Hakan Dündar – Brutalty [Skipe Records]
Hardblend – Pardom [Manticode Recordings]
Heskk – Nobleman [Digitalzoo]
Hevi Levi – Is This Love (Remix) [Joy Records]
Inflamers – The Temple [Tesseract Recordings]
Jantsen & Chime – Blazin’ [Circus]
Joe Torian – Nashville [Set Trippn]
Kidsan – Skylight,Resonate [Default Recs]
L3MMY DUBZ – Part of Me [Cre8DnbMusic]
Lecoughski – Invaders [Deviant Audio]
Lucas Raven – Snake [Mighty Dance Records]
Motiv – Attention [Fearless Audio]
Need Money for Drinks – Donkey Kong (Remixes)
Nothing Personal – He Is Back
Orion Concept – Pleasure Planet
Peron – Warm Tension [Soul Deep Digital]
Peshay – Warpizm [Peshay Music]
Photon A.D. – Ekahs Htrae [Eternal Wisdom Records]
Resistor – A New Class of Enemy
Rewest Ego – Los 7 Tranquilos [MWM-Recordings]
Roni Size – Dayz (Benny L Remix) [V Recordings]
Sali – Earthquake [BNC Express]
Sekten7 – Fly Higher (Tribeleader Remix)
Shocker – E – Motion [Karma Lite]
Skuff – Pushing Buttons [Rebel Music]
Slik Vik – Hyphy [Badkill Records]
Smooth – Funk Town [RAM Records]
Spritz & Deadlast, Spritz – Sas [Prime Audio]
Tyler Ace – To the Sky [Ensis Records]
VA – White Box [Delta9 Recordings]
Vitamin THC – Survive [Total Freedom +]
Zonii & Space Race – Power Up [BASSCVLT]

Electronica & Downtempo

591 – On Distance [MOR Records]
AUTOMAT – Modul – (Compost Records)
AYOO – Freak Out (feat. Rico Act) [Recall Records]
Da Iguana – Land-S-Capes [Tepeme Música]
Dirk Da Davo – All Is Said (feat. Jean-Marie Aerts)
E&A Rueger – Averses [Blizzard Audio Club]
Ecstausa – MMXX [Techno Die Recordings]
FUNKYTONKY – Follow Me [4061798457991]
Glenn Wilson – H1 [Heroes]
Glenn Wilson, Manuel Fuentes – Electric Blue 3
Jean-Pierre Boistel & Tony Kenneybrew – Percussions Pour la Danse
Lars Klein – Encodings [Compound]
Leion Delta – Recover [d76 Records]
Lena Grig – Mysterious Russian Forest
Lovers Entwined – Drowning in Your Eyes
Mike D’ Jais – If You Were Me [Different Twins]
Oskilator – Rubato [MethLab Recordings]
Ribas Abbas – Inceput [trndmsk]
Solntsev – Nineteen Frequences [Fast Crab Records]
Starz & Deeza – It’s On You [Starz & Deeza]
Sydney Valette – How Many Lives the Remixes
The Misz – The Lonely Crowd [Minimal Wave]
Tilman Robinson – We Came for Your Riches
Todd Barton – Serge Vignettes 2 [ANTE-RASA]
VA – Relative Persuasions [brokntoys]
Walter Fini – Behind This Window


Artwork, Museeq IQ – Just Dream [PR061]
Boges & R3lic, Esco89 – Alarm [2jt Records]
Bongo Beat – Club Sequence [Wajiro]
Carlo Gambino – Dance For You [WRH007]
Cinnamon Chasers – Drench [BLV7044209]
CN Williams – Loving You – (ReelHouse Records)
Da Funk Junkies – Find Me On the Floor
Danny Avila – Chase The Sun [190295291990]
Dario Nunez – Happy Days [PR664R]
Darren Studholme – Weekend [DBR1039]
DJ Deeon, Gettoblaster – The 302 [TRICK006]
DjPope & Kevin PInder – Dark Alleys of Spain
Fabro – Unexpected Moments [Biscoiteca Records]
Ferdinand Weber – All on You (Extended Mix) [AWD447769]
Francis Mercier & Emvafaya – Trippin
Gotlucky & Hubblevision – Elevated
Groovenerd – Super Strong [Shared Rec]
Harry Color – Acid 303 [La Casa Recordings]
Holywood Bungalow – Togetherness – (TINK! MUSIC)
Jeday – Wooble Pilot [Uba Lua Records]
Karney – Snarl [KR115]
Kaskade – 1990 with BROHUG (Extended) [AWD449282]
Lorenzo Chi – 909 – [Influx Reborn Records]
Lulla HF & Grindhouse – Give It a Rest (feat. Caeza HF & Joe Fire & K9)
Markiss Knobs – Hustle and Bustle
Martin Buttrich, Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace, Chaney & Better Lost Than Stupid – Right Now (Skint)
Michael Harris – inTransition [Anunak]
Michel Senar – Heaven [Mediterraneo Records]
Mirko & Meex – Moonlight [CMS242]
Moreno Pezzolato – Get Fire [LLR006]
Noizu – Baby Baby (ATTLAS Remix) [TECHNE004B]
Nothing But… Funky Groove, Vol. 05 [NBFG05]
Paul Johnson – GET GET DOWN (Ricardo Reale Remix) [CRD210]
Pete Le Freq & Coco Street – This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Soul Train – (Alpaca Edits)
Peter Croce – Edits from Detroit #2
Richard Grey – Shoot You Down [G High]
RYNO – Rockaway Vibes [Trax Records]
Soulvibe Inc. – Inside To Outside – (Nicepeople)
Stefano Sorge – La Vuelta [History Recordings]
Stuart Ojelay, Will Power – Ghetto Boy [WOM032]
Terry G – We Are One [WR167]
TripL – Never Gonna Give You Up – Extended Version [HEXAGON130B]
VA – HOTJAMS 02 – (Hot Wax)
Walterino, Plastik Guys – Aje Ajo [PT170]

Jackin House

Disco Ball’z – Disco Lights – (Xamaky Records)
Dj Csemak – Just Love Me – (Underway Productions)
Jay Vegas – Body & Soul (2020 Retouch) – (Hot Stuff)
Sosiur – Dreamer – (Sugar Shack Recordings)
White Label Will – Fly Baby – (True House LA)

Melodic House & Techno

Alexandros Djkevingr, Greg Ignatovich & Bruce Leroys – Error 404
Ambient Soul & DJ Erika – Resident 7th Cloud – Ambient Soul
Angelov – Ravane [ATLANT]
Cyan Aura – We’ve Come to Save Mankind [IbogaTech]
Drew Blyther – Bad Habit [Wulfpack]
End 519 – Baby [Oxytech Limited]
Gabriel Slick & RoboCrafting Material, Magros – Winter Sampler
Jasmine Sihenne – Hertzian Affair [Purple Sun Records]
L.J. – Analog [Disctance Records]
Leo Lippolis – Space [Olatu Recordings]
loveyou – Nelly [MixCult Digital]
Maartell – Lifeline [BQ Recordings]
Max Foley – How Do You Feel [Botanica Records]
Nure – Arashi [Mango Alley]
Pedro Segolin – Analog Animals [Duo Box Records]
RIBAZZ – Kimota [Lost in Berlin]
Rings of Neptune – Aurinko [Treibjagd Records]
Somar Sevleuh – Atemporal [43 Degrees Records]
Synasthesie – Bless [Awen Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Allan pillai – Liminal Disco [Soupherb Records]
Anas M – Mainstream [Monocord Records]
Christian Bistany & Davide Mentesana – Cold Nights
Dieru – Boost [Floorpiece Digital]
Durnan – Minimal Love [Duo Box Understream]
Eme Kulhnek & Pablo Pingitore – Sideral
Fhaken & Wayne Madiedo – Iconico [Habitat]
Ishijima – 2020 Ichi [Algorithm]
IsraBass & Ryan Hernandez – Alien
Luis Fruelas – El Canto [Ofrenda Music]
Matteo Cabassi, Minijack Tulip – Minimal Motion
Mattias Coll – Giuliana [Beachside Records]
Salvatore Perfetto – Hypnotic Clock [Dushe Label]
Stechi – Devil in you [Arupa Music]
VA – Best of 2019 [4 Bits House Music]
VA – Conceptual United 3

Progressive House

Aman Anand & After Burn – Move Me
Andy King – Hemisphere [Soundteller Records]
Andy Moor & Michael Wilson – Control Me (2020 Remixes)
Chris Cargo – Coyote [IYW010]
Dabeat – Sarcophyton _ Trilobit [FG378]
Daniel Dee – Almost [Estribo Records]
Dario K – The Highest , Today Also [Pannonium Records]
Dylan Deck, NOIYSE PROJECT – Hermanos [IN2U026D]
Element 108 & Aaron Cullen – Dissonance
Ewan Rill – Dream on , Feeling It [Groove 9]
Gabriel Filip – BlackOut [Vesta Records]
Gar – Valorie [Zephyr Music]
Hollmspeed & Letaem – Sunflower No Longer Warm
Ismail Kizil – Chasing Cloud Shadows [Lohit Deep]
Ivanshee – Jollier [Balkan Connection]
Javier Stefano – Memories [Mystic Carousel Records]
JP Lantieri – Luxury [Stellar Fountain]
Keith Harris – Bonzai _ Make You Mine [The Remixes] [SYC071]
Keith Harris – Bonzai , Make You Mine (The Remixes)
Kristian Veròn – Future [Deep Tech Lab]
Mark Digital – Perspective [Soluna Music]
Matan Caspi – Circles [OL344]
Mawe – Lost Thought’s [Nala Music]
Melchi – Nanjing [ESH170]
Nerutto – Last Wave [Inception]
Nick Varon – Dub Land [SB164]
Nikko Mavridis – A New Dawn [BC2]
Pedro Capelossi & NOIYSE PROJECT – Phoenix Symphony (Remixed)
Phase Difference – Anna [Modern Agenda]
Project.74 – E V A [74 Records]
Reventon – Don’t Waste My Time (feat. Andy Van Pop)
Rolo Green – Kuat [GRST013]
RTistique – Apocalypse [NEOTECK237]
Saturn Keys – Black Hole [Transensations Records]
Simeon Fuchs – Annunaki [NYC141]
Tiefstone – Song Of The Valkyries [TFT03]
VA – Best of Clubsonica Records 2019
VA – Nerve ,Vol.2 [Lamp]
VA – Seasons Winter 2020 [MNL]
Weekend Heroes – Strive [SPT094]

Tech House

A&F – Al Chile [Big Drugs Music]
Abel Suarez – You Wanna So [Arizonica Music]
Amazon – The Ring Of Life [BDL062]
Amber Van Day, Love Harder – Oblivion – TCTS Extended Mix [UL01247]
Andrea Tonso – Citys [48007 Music]
Andrey Djackonda & Minube, Stanley Foster – Shanti
Andrey Djackonda, Stanley Foster – Walking Around The Town [BM165]
Barrosso – Ashram [DataTech]
Break the Speaker – Aterrice , Di Presion
Ccousins & Andreas Georgopoulos – How We Do This
DA LO – Apache [PKS266]
Daan Van Hamersveld – Stay Focused
Dale Howard – All Night Club EP [WRKLS009]
Deepflected – Dab (Groove Mix) [Deepflected Music]
DigitnKemp – El Linda Ep [ML210]
DJ Wady, MoonDark – Getting Pushed [NP0303]
Fabri Tacc, Beatsonik – Hasta la Mañana [INDUSHE193]
Felipe Fella, SIQUEIRA – Technology [RAW058]
Fernando Curto – Jack Move [Sousa-Label]
Gokhan Ekinci – Mic Check [RAW056]
Gorillag – Better Off Alone [Complex Destroyerz]
Jack Morris – Bounce Out [PR0090]
Keistep – Lapsang Souchong [Euanthe Records]
Maiky – Disco Bus [Home Grooves]
Moreno Pezzolato – Take Me Up (feat. Octahvia) [LLR020]
Paul Adam, Ilary Montanari – I’m Smile For Me Babe [MRCARTER123]
Quelal – Gangster Flutter [Sticker Music]
Rob Circuit – Bandsalat [Dreibergen]
Roger & Free Love – Hypnotic Ring [MUMI Records]
Ryan Truman – Current Mood
Stereotypes – Where Is My Money
Underworld – Beautiful Burnout (Different)
Van Brocket – Tuname [Futura Groove Records]
Vanilla Ace, Lucati – Getto Getto [TECH001]
Vibe Killers – Hello [KLR VBZ]

Techno & Minimal

Abdel Karim – Accelerate [Defka Recordings]
Altemotiv, Denssal – Connection II [Dark Modular]
An-i, Unhuman – Five To Nine [4044693292546]
Anascole – Detector [Induxtriall Records]
Anton Technique – Ghost [ADR415]
AXBLA – Harder [Oxytech Records]
B-Mod – Melrose [Animal Farm Records]
Biagio Lana – Malstatt [iElektronix]
BMG & Minupren – Die Retter der Erde
Cam Lasky – Tokyo Hyaku Synchronicity #109 Golden Hour
Cam Lasky – Tokyo Hyaku Synchronicity #113 Reservoir Hill
Casper Hastings – Call Into the Void
Chimar – Characteristics of Imipolex G [SRIE]
Christian Belt – Acoustic Branding
D.Taylor – The Front Line [Nustromo Music]
Dance – Studio Pads [Blank Mind]
Daniel Boon – Enemy [BLRMBLACK012]
Daniel Sanchez – Scucha [BLA118]
Danny Wabbit – Hypocrisy EP [M4C014]
Darwin – The Echo of Sirens
Dave Mech – Corrosion [Typ3 Records]
Dkult – Sulfato [thatechno]
Echo Inside, Khlev – Belarusian Dark Integration
Elly Atmos – Dust Attack [Absurd State]
End Train, Kill Ref – Golden Circle 006
Eva Gallo – My Love! [BaloElo Recordings]
Evilheart – Beyond the Simulation
frdmoon – Impressions [frdmoon Recordings]
Gab Ramirez – Afrika Boom [UN080]
Giordano – Surface [Soma Records]
Guido Santiago – Acid Juice [HCZR308]
HardtraX – Identity Crisis [Definition Of Hard Techno]
Horizons – Die Seele EP [ELX003]
Igor Milton – Base of Bura
Ilya Schulz – Zabava EP [ZNGBRDGTL13]
imecka – Crepuscular [Slaken Records]
Ivox Garcia – Expectral [73 Muzik]
Jaden Thompson – Thirsty Eyes [PIV023]
Juss B – Duploc033 [DUPLOC]
KERIMKAAN – Secret Room [Talent Records]
Kiruna & Xristos – Mayflower
Klara (IT) – Absolution [Unum Records]
Korros – The Six Servants [Smashead Records]
Laniz – Detwork [GN137]
M. Rodriguez – In the Eyes [Marktek Records]
Mancini, Wlad – HDZ07 EP with Fabe and Ray Mono remixes [HDZ07]
Mani – Sour Minds [UGENIUS Music]
Marko Markovic – Yogi, Our Love Is Gone
Matt Sassari – Crack Body [Truesoul]
Memorial Home – Acoustic Treatment [Revolt]
Monserratt – Neckbreak EP [RID136]
Murat Ugurlu – Gravity [No-Match]
Nicolas Ming – Hanabie [WHW146]
Nik Wel – Admission [WLM Hard]
No Spiritual Surrender – Ez Du Axola
Note Ready – Carolane Theme [LAT LONG]
Nothing But… Hard Techno Selections, Vol. 05 [NBHTS05]
Oxlade – Everywhere EP [KNM038]
Pelace – Resolver [Pelace Tracks Records]
Pfirter, Grindvik – El Fortin [LEYLA014]
Pipo Rodriguez – AWÀ EP [BR0003]
Pleaxure – No Such [NiCE1]
Rafael Francesconi – Internal Frequencies
Raumskaya – Addicted to Love
REDD 42 – Deep [REDD 42]
Ren Ascutt – Sin City [Mechanikal]
Ruimte Vogel – Believe It , Piglet [Space-Echoes Records]
S3KTOR – Stellar Occultation [Klinik Room]
Sandro M – For My King [Rhythm Records]
Sasek – Oriental Nerve Pain [ACDC304]
Savas Pascalidis – Brain Waves – EP (Atrophic Society)
Slygui – Transborder [Nomad]
Solitek – Paralell Universe [UnGop Records]
Stone – Lands of Neither [Subeq]
Sven Larenz – The Universe & Other Small Things
Swann Decamme & Mark Howls – Elements
Technicism – 0101 [Bonkers Records]
Templanza, Danniel Selfmade – D-M3ns10n _ Galatica 001 [VOA003]
Traxman – Work Dat P [Ghettomaniatek]
Tripolitan – Diaspora [DRVMS LTD.]
Tyler Hill – 8 Feet Deep [FGA]
Uvb – Your Path to Us (Body Theory)
VA – Best of 2019 part 2 [Newra Records]
VA – Underground Acid [acid boiler coalition]
Zeus Cannizzo – Silent Hill [Marktek Records]