Afro House

AfroZone – Five Moons [Sunclock]
Ante Perry, Dayne S, Kellerkind – Bam Bam
Braulio Silva & MasterShine – New Age [Seres Producoes]
D’General – Tonight [MOG Records]
Dario Nuñez – Calena [Monkey League]
Dj Yordane – Luiza [Africa Mix]
Ed-Ward – Meluhha [Aluku Records]
Mtsepisto – Fortune [Open Bar Music]
Papo Reto – Ordinary [Bstudios]
Peppe Citarella & Mthique Cruz – Thembalami (feat. Ntokozo)
Solique – Kuma [MoBlack Records]
T-Phonique & HyperSOUL-X – Burn


Agency – What Do You Think [Anticodon]
Atlantic Crew – Feelin’ Naked [Black Sugar Recordings]
ATTLAS & MAYLYN – Hotel [mau5trap]
Azhukko – Just Say Yh [Fearless Horse Records]
Borsa Program – One Night [Five O’Clock Records]
Chrizz Luvly – Turn It Up [Dreamdealers]
Deep Roger – Tell Me (feat. Lifford) [Quantize Recordings]
DJManuel – Dream [iM Electronica]
Emaar & Jan Johnston – Read My Lips [Upacci Records]
EMATA – Alive [Wuze Records]
Ivan Stairway – Nothing to Loose [Major Underground]
Klaas – Fighter [You Love Dance]
LeBon (UK) – Money [Refrained Music]
LIZOT & Ellipso – Menage A Trois (Ellipso Remix)
Mable’s Broadway – Follow Me [Multiza Distribution]
Moodena – No More Sushi [Tropical Disco Records]
Mountain Bird – DearBrainLetMeSleep [Nettwerk Records]
NM – Gaser [Multiza Distribution]
Outblack & Zhee – Then Again [Endless Summer]
P4sc4l – Alarm [Looper Records]
Robert D – See the Light [tb clubtunes]
The Twinz, Nexeri & ConKi – Shame On You (PASSIK Remix)
Vedat Unal – Life [Derailed Traxx (Be Yourself Music)]
Vincent Bugozi – Take Me [The Dominion]
Yves V & Ilkay Sencan – Not So Bad (feat. Emie)

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

84Bit – Home Again [84Bit Music]
Amir Alexander – Zero Dark Thirty [Nite Grooves]
AniRhythm – Paradise [AniRhythm]
Anthony Romeno – Believe in Your Life (feat. Sara Nigri)
Arturo Gioia – Canta Che Ti Passa [DPE]
Bit Express – Deductio Onis [Y-Stinger Records]
CALV (UK) – For the Others [Run Free]
Clement Spark – Change [TRUE009]
Col Lawton feat Skyline Tigers – Love Me Better [MOISSB024]
Crazy Rabbits – Fresh [BLV7007871]
Dani Corbalan – Heart of Glass [Cherokee Recordings]
Dave Matthias – Chasing Shadows
David Jackson – Broken Heart (Frank Music)
Demarkus Lewis – Sometimes We Don’t Remixes
Deri Sound – Our Love [G-Mafia Records]
Dionigi – Magnifique Recontre [Quantistic Division]
DJ Phantom 7 – Bass Run [Deep Trance 7]
Dr. Candid – Drop That Beat [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Dzhef – Rheah & Lofny [LTHM110]
Emanuele Esposito, Satir Monter – Ermes [SWITCHLAB046]
Exotic Duo – The Other Side [Lisztomania Records]
Fray Bentos – MMM. I LIKE PIE [ALPACA070]
Fred Dekker – Clubjack , Crydamoure
Gogol – Luna (Extended Mix) [DHSC008BP]
Guy Gerber & Deniz Kurtel – Here Comes The Rain (Chambord Revision)
I Gemin & Castanea – No More Tears , Airbag
J.P. Velardi – Dark Slide [Enormous Vision]
James Hartnett – Here for You [Staybad]
Jan Ve – Helga [Tächno]
Jona & Gaio – Just A Moment [Electric Wave Records]
Jozified ManiK – Boundaryless
KastomariN – Baby [DeepShine Records]
Lello Fusco – Jungle Fever [Ohxalá Records]
Lesny Deep – Forever Dreaming
Mamesen Aba – Call Your Life [Pentagonik]
Mares – Android [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Marlon Kirk – Untapped Minds
Matvey – Stereo Motion [ChillRecordsMusic]
Maxi Degrassi, Viel – Catena
MBO Music – All Never [G-Mafia Records]
Miguel Ríos & Pete T – Alpine Blast
MIICHII, Fiin – Ridge (Extended Mix) [UL01013]
Murat Tarhan & Acronoise – Sky Clouds
N-You-Up – Vibin’ [No Fuss Records]
Norberto Acrisio aka Norbit Housemaster – I Need You [BTR159]
Nukreative – Sketches In Time [MOD053]
Okain – Reminders, Vol 8 [TALMANRM08]
Prus Control – You’re All I Need [Emergent Textures]
Rianu Keevs – The Shiver [ChillRecordsMusic]
Richard Bång – Memories [Bloodstone Recordings]
Ricky Inch – GALAXY 77 [OSSOM10]
Roy Hasson – Serenity [Conceptual Deep]
Satin Jackets – Meridian Getaway (Eskimo)
Sebb Junior – Hold On (Remix Pack II) [Sub_Urban]
Smoove Rankin – 613 Massive [Deep Clicks]
Stereotic – Litmus Test [Dopewax]
Steven Fine – Break it Down [Nala Music]
Thilo Wacker – Kyma [Voyage71]
Timujin – High Scheherazade [trueColors]
Tony Madrid – Smooth Rockin [Moiss Music]
VA – ‘The Best of PopArt Vol.1’ [PopArt]
VA – 2019 Compilation [ATM2019] [FLAC]
VA – Best Of Plastik People 2019 [PPDBO01] [FLAC]
VA – Blanche I [012]
VA – Cafe del Mar Essentials (Vol. 1) [012019157] [FLAC]
VA – Chapter Five [Sub_Urban]
VA – FOMP Best of 2019 [FOMPSEL19] [FLAC]
VA – Northern Lights 2019 Part A and B [ED032] [FLAC]
VA – Oh! Baby I Like It Raw, Vol. 7 [OHRC007] [FLAC]
VA – Rebirth Essentals Volume Sixteen [REB043CD] [FLAC]
VA – Reflection, Vol. 2 [RADIANTVA006] [FLAC]
VA – Republic of Body [Y-Stinger Records]
VA – Society 3.0 Recordings Best of 2019 Collection 16 [10162447] [FLAC]
VEKY – Ultima Noapte (2020 Rework Edit)
WhoMadeWho – Hi & Low (Santiago Garcia & Animal Picnic Remix)
Yaya – You Decide (Tamango)

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Aquiver – Self Medication [In Da Jungle Recordings]
Bayalien Sound System & Taso – Woolly Mammoth
Caim – Stay Bright [Live History Records]
Chris Inperspective & Senses – Chris Inperspective – 2011 to 2012
Dave Mladi, Ivan Barres, Soulpella – Because I’m High
DJ Man – Brand New Flava [MojoHeadz Records]
Dylan Matthew & SLANDER – Love Is Gone (The Remixes)
Eric Van Basten – Stay [Kurtis Music]
EX1ST – Warriors [Visual Recordings]
Filthy Habits & Solix, Filthy Habits – Assembled [Bites]
Gregor Potter & Jorza – Kuama [Gemstone Records]
Hassio (COL), Sammy Morris – Freak
Hitboxx – Sanctuary [HitboxxMusic]
Invadhertz, Ill Truth – Nourishing Souls
Jack Slicer – Heavy Weight [Simplify.]
Jack the Ripper & Yatuza – Machine Orders
Jay-Ded – Turn up the Bass [MojoHeadz Records]
LADY EMZ, Ted Ganung & Jah Bami – Only Now
Madame Ki – Afiladora (Hungry Gh0st Remix)
Miami Shakers – Overdrive [Kingside Music]
No Patterns – Tenebris [Incurzion Audio]
NONYX – The Time [GrrrWood]
Panthea – Do Not Erase [Nocolors]
Prismatic & They invade – Farsight
The Meditator – I Wanna Know [Meditator Music]
The Supremacy – The Supreme Trick
Tim Verba & Sam Plez – Portobello [Proud Digital]
Timmo Hendriks & Jordan Grace – By Your Side
VA – Drum & Bass Annual 2020 (Viper Presents)
VA – Playaz Drum & Bass 2019 [Playaz]
VA – Wolf Beats Media – Activate 2019 [Wolf Beats]
VA – Wolf Beats Media – Energize 2019 [Wolf Beats]
Warhead – Play It Cool [Grid Recordings UK]
Yukster – Wrong Side of Heaven [Poltergeist Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

4 Da People – Psylocybe [Grey City Records]
Apollo59 – Amorphous [Existfour Music]
Audio Dope – Absence of Gravity [Radicalis]
Baronin – New Year, New Live [See The Sea Records]
Beniko from SuganoMusic – My Love
Big Poppa Jerry – Age of Space [Fugazy Entertainment]
DJ Phantom 7 – Shaman [Deep Trance 7]
Donald Wilborn – Rhinegarten [Embarcadero Records]
Elinor Core – Freedom [Coral Gables Records]
Gegen Mann – Riscatto [MCR005]
Inhum’Awz – Stereophony [StonedDogs Records]
Islandman, Tolga Boyuk – Zebra [194491683382]
Jago Alejandro Pascua – No Way [Zeitlyserg]
Jo Paciello – Cubanito [Classè Records]
John Abbruzzese – S-Pastic [Domozero]
Josè Armando Castilla – Everyday (Lamyadon Remix)
JussComplex – Late Doors [Chill ‘Til Late Records]
Kanti – Light Go Down [Kamari Records]
Kenneth G & Sheezan – Body Count [ZEROCOOL]
KOCHAM – Never Lie (Extended Mix) [BLV6967660]
Konchord & Brendan Fennessy – Now Here
Le Voyage – The Mystic Cafe (Secret Mix)
Luis Solé – Bumbar [MONO.NOISE]
Marc Spieler – Elements & Feelings [Ton Liebt Klang]
Melody Lines – Premonitions [MHSM Records]
Michiru Aoyama – Flat Lake [Mango Alley]
Mind Sylenth – Say Goodbye [Reload Music]
Morgan willis & PARALLELS – Dreamer
Natalie Luengo – Detached [NL]
Old Surfers – Black Lizard [Tratore]
Old Surfers – Morning Sun [Tratore]
Old Surfers – Nu Toy [Tratore]
Old Surfers – Old Surfers [Tratore]
Old Surfers – Shell Sand [Tratore]
Osvaldo Carreira – Balkanic Sunset (Frank Latanika Remix)
Padma – Just a Fool [Miyako Records]
Paul Vicente – Every Day [Cala Bassa Records]
Shkoda & Lerroy – Before You [Barvy]
Teo, Hudson Passos – Sophisticated Chill Pill
Thomas Drum – Blinding Sun [Belgrave Road Records]
UNDERHER & Eleonora – Melancholia
VA – Best Winter Moments [Nidra Music]
VA – Dub & Downbeat [Good Vibes Only]
VA – Enjoyment [Stereoheaven]
VA – Wolf Beats Media – Unwind 2019 [Wolf Beats]
Valhall – Restye (Save Us All) [Artoffact]
W.A.H. – Wave After Wave [Kadmio]


Alex Spite & Olga Shilova – We Can Fly
Alexander Cruel – Move Aside [Tactical Trax]
AlexZ – Funkin Crazy [Traktoria]
Alita Tamsyn – Only One [Mooloo Records]
Amtrac & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Radical (OpenersRca)
Anton Wick – Melody [KP Sounds]
Boblebad – Luftig [Euforisk]
Bonetti – Come Back , Feel the Love [Henry Street Music]
BSC feat Heidi Vogel – You got what you give [GM078]
Christan Foden – How Far We’ve Come
Clubbex – Inferno [Cult Community]
Col Lawton – Affection [BALLLOOM]
Collin Priest – Falling For You [NER24835]
Colour Girl – Joyrider (Deluxe) [4Liberty Records]
Corduroy Mavericks – Level Up [Native Soul Recordings]
DaWeirD – Ministry of Love [MCT Luxury]
Digital Base, Andy Vibes – Let’s Kick Back
DJ Phantom 7 – Groovy [Deep Trance 7]
DJ Phantom 7 – Love Dance [Deep Trance 7]
DJ Rose – How I Feel [Simma Black]
Dominic Dawson & Lisa Millett – The Sound [Disco Sonitus]
Ed Lee – Clap Your Hands [Jouissance Recordings]
Endor – Pump it Up (Remixes) [DFTD588D5]
Esteban de Urbina – Queen of Love ep
Franky Boissy & Vincent Kwok – Good Love (feat. Mary Griffin)
Gavin Dista – Keep On [Orange Groove Records]
Groovegetters, Will Alonso – You Want Somebody
Hackerbeatz – Turn It Out [Anahata Love Recordings]
Headflix – Uptratumba [Spitfire Music]
Hey Jack – Play That Beat [MCT Luxury]
Hiroki Esashika – Hananobito [AIR097]
House Anatomy – Future Lights [Queenside Recordings]
Hyalin – Burnin’ Up [Onirism Music]
INECI – Dalisitee [Reduction Records LLC]
JOEL DE MARZO – Holiday [The Psycho Social Club]
Jon Costa – Para Paja [Tactical Records]
Jose Vilches – Don’t Stop [Sonambulos Music]
Josoy – Back to See U [Jango Music]
Juwan Rates & Ricky Doubles – Sweathoggs
Kristoph Galland & 5 Tone – 21 [Dysaux Records]
LeBaron James – Every Workout [Spacedisco Records]
Lisa Jane – We’re Rollin’ (Yes Baby! Remix)
M.P.H – Radiation [Crucast]
Madison Blair – The Truth [Pongo Records]
Matoma, Petey – Keep It Simple (feat Wilder Woods) [075679830845]
Maurid – Loving You so Good [Curvilinear]
Meinfried Zander & Dawood Helmandi – Diamonds & Roses
Miguel Vargas – Traveler [H.O.S. Music]
Milton Gray – Someday [Birkin Records]
Mirko & Meex – My Time [Cruise Music]
MONCHER – Falling for You [Nervous Records]
Oliver Schories – Molero
Paulyno – Rewind [History Recordings]
Pedro Duarte – Missing (Vocal Mix) [feat. Angelina Caplazi]
PLURRED, Sarian & Felix Winston – Generation Dance
Przemaz B – Feel the Funk [Indeed Records]
Renée – Funk d’ Void [Star Funk Records]
Rich Martinez – Hey [Blue Town Records]
Richter – That Thing [CLAB Records]
Roberto Target, Netzwerk – Passion (25 Yrs Celebration Remix)
Scott Diaz & Shyam P – Holding On [DVINE Sounds]
Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious – Lost in the Groove (Da Funk Junkies Remix)
Sean Biddle & AlexZ – We Got Dis [Bid Muzik]
Shakecraft – Lot Of Love [ARDP503]
Smoothless – Seduction EP [CYANOVER05]
Sockets DJ – Life Is Style [M&A Records]
Soulvation – Devotion [Omerta]
Stranger Danger & Nick Garcia – Rip a Page
Telussa & Tijssen – Cover It Up [Blue White]
Tengu – Pressure Flow [YosH]
The Stoned – Dichotomy [Subplot Recordings]
The Stoned – Notice My Actions [Nine Sixteen Muzik]
Todd Terry – Reaction [INHR718]
TomCole – All Right (A New Paige Mix)
Tony Vida – Like Heaven [Jendex Records]
VA – Aeravibes 3 [Aera Records]
VA – Best Of 2019 [Robsoul Recordings]
VA – Best of Ibiza 2020 [CR2C081] [FLAC]
VA – City Soul Project (The Remixes) [City Soul Recordings]
VA – Cr2 Live & Direct Radio Show January 2020 [CR2C080] [FLAC]
VA – Craft of Soul, Pt. 15 [Kollektor]
VA – Ibiza House Box ’20 [Revenge Music]
VA – Jango Music Best Of 2019 [Jango Music]
VA – Martinez & Dougan Revisited Stories [Y-Stinger Records]
VA – So Deep [Good Vibes Only]
VA – Street King Winter [Street King]
VA – Tropical Velvet Best Of 2019 [Tropical Velvet]
VA – Welcome to Miami 2020 [Sirup Music]
Vidojean, Oliver Loenn – Mowgli [BL1949DJ]
We Are One – Asalamaleikum [Prime Pop]
Zulu Natives – Lady Blue Night [Kadabra]

Melodic House & Techno

Alex Breitling – Different [Wanderlust]
Anatoly Space – Secrets [.KF Records]
Arp Avenue – Nova [Guava]
BLOT! – The Brightest Dark [Of Another]
Chris Cooper – Journey [Trippy Code]
Da Fresh – Mind Trip (Remixes) [Raving Society]
Darktone, Odra – Ararat [Remodel Records]
Eden Ezri – 2 Minutes [Trippy Code]
Fermanz & Pakolive – Paradox
Gui Buanton – Diamante [Cuicacalli Music]
Hannes Bruniic – Cat Among the Pigeons
Kayligs – Authentic [Jango X]
Minimal Factory – unknown album [Paralyzed Records]
Mr Rog – To the Summit [New Robot Rec]
Novakk, Edone – Nomads [Metro Dance Records]
Oliver Russ – Bunter Herbst [Trippy Code]
Remywest – Burning [Kieso Music]
The Royal Wolf – Gardens Of Babylon
Toigo – Reactive [Avocado Dreams]
VA – Blanche I [When We Dip XYZ]
VA – Celebrating 5 Years of Recovery Collective
Wurtz, Iberian Muse – Detune

Minimal & Deep Tech

Agustin De Rose, Ashar – Different
Alan Warren – Skeleton [Turtle Musik]
Augusto Gagliardi & Aske Izan – Sustancia
Bodeler & Saenz – Blumpted [Constant Black]
Carlos A., Toni Carrillo – Dont Stop
Carlos Pasutti – Hold [Frost Plates]
Diego Olarte – Feelings [Stinky Label]
DUN.E, MAR-K – Kill A Man [Maintain Replay Records]
Fabe (Ger) – Q4 Gadgets [Salty Nuts]
Fat Lips – The Swamping Thing Lizard [TechYES]
Geo Daft – Left Bank [MT Musik]
International Homies Production – Wrong Connection
James Hopkins & Rafael Drager – Make Dem’ Think
Jason Case – Lighter [Panterre Musique]
lefthandsoundsystem – Fzipa [Hypnotic Room Japan]
Lines Of Love – The Hallucinogenic Underground
Lorenzo De Metrio – Fresh cuts [Weird Recordings]
Matt Mikke – Mooglite [Hatching Creatures]
Medu – Mutation [Rewire Musik]
Most Nassochi – Tribentone [Marba Records]
Nellis – Kinda Serious [Votiva Records]
Paolo Fanelli – Dark Visions [MT Musik]
Rhys Fletcher – Acid Wax [MT Musik]
Santos – After One [Let Me Understand Records]
Sven Olson – Europa Express [DAMDAM Recordings]
TripDrop – Frozen Space [Le Platine Records]
Uriah persie – Pilot [Ofrenda Music]
VA – Best of Mtk Records 2019 [MTK Records]
VA – Bye Bye 2019 [Tip Tap Records]
VA – Deliberate Mistakes 16 [Whoyostro LTD]
VA – NastyCutz VII [NastyFunk Records]

Progressive House

Antrim – Desire _ Purpose _ Appearance [BLZ081]
Chris Burke – Trouble [Chris Burke]
Dimitri Skouras – November Rain
DJ Phantom 7 – Paradise Elephant
DJCybertsai, Spanless – The Wild Ones
HowEMoves – Dial [Bodhi Collective]
Jack Priest – Downtown [Deck-A-Dance Records]
Javi Sphere – Capricorn
John Noir – Black Water [Estribo Records]
Kataploks – Consistent [Emergent Shores]
Lucas Martinez – Dear, Black Cristian
MARC – Celebrate the Dance Floor
Max Forword – United [ChillRecordsMusic]
Max Freegrant & Samet Zorlu – Solstice
Pretty Pink – Don’t Dance (feat. Mark V)
Retronic – Impact [BEATER RECORDS]
Rockka – Made of Stars , Solar
Ron with Leeds – Neila [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Soulstring – Indigo [Figura Music]
TR20 – Shine [MIRA134]
Trapped in time feat. LAUD – Diogenis [MOVD0193]
VA – Figura Winter 2020 (Compiled & Mixed by Ivan Starzev) [FIGURACOMP005] [FLAC]
VA – Freegrant Music The Best of 2019 [FGC042] [FLAC]
VA – Retrospective 2019 [Another Life Music]
VA – Soundteller Best Of 2019 [Soundteller Records]
Valerio Reali – Otaku [Nightflying Records]
Weekend Heroes, Audiense – Weightless [BB094]

Tech House

Afernand – The Problem [Huambo Records]
Alex Loco & Davide Mentesana – Kiss
Andy Mayja – The Vibe [Glamorous Recordings]
Ant Brooks – Blip [Mr. Carter]
Armando Traglia – Go Away! [Red Delicious Records]
Arturo Sanchez – This Is The House Way [UTR083]
Black Jersey – Numbers, Look Good, Everybody
Caique Carvalho – Dancing [Muzenga Records]
Charles Ramirez – No Pain, No Gain [Hall Of Fame Records]
Ciro De Gais & Louis Costa – Deepa [Phaze]
D’Martinez, David Cueto (ES) – On The Flow [Dacusan]
Daniele Allegrezza – Year Come [kluBasic plus]
Dedwork – Born To Be Wild EP [HOB044]
Exxel M – I Need Another Cocktail (Tribalicious Mix)
Fabian Haneke, Fabian Haneke, Marco Lys – The Way
Frank Cavalieri – Sinfonia [Uba Lua Records]
Fred Symonds – Drum Machine [Abzolut]
Gathlos – Out of Time [Deep Bear]
Gow – Body Like [Sensoria Moods]
Grettchenn – Dancing in the Twilight , Hideout
Harvy Valencia – Chaca Ron [ERM173]
J Matin – Ride [Materialism]
JJ Mullor – Yeah! [GST021]
Jojo Angel, Branzei – Sangatu
Joshwa – 212 – [Glasgow Underground]
Josu Freire – Is My Life [PLAYMOBIL158]
Kadenza – Ripper [Whartone Records]
Kadosh & CART! – I Like It [Valorize o Groove]
Keistep – In My Mind [Lemon Juice Records]
Kiss Berry – Africa [MojoHeadz Records]
Koen Groeneveld – Drummachine [Abzolut]
Leks Tapia – Hot [The Warehouse]
Lou Wyss – Destruction [Medusa Records]
Luis Pitti – Broken Saw [Suma Records]
M3DRADA – Techsande [Deep Bear]
Mak Negron – Control [Funny Music]
Marco C., Disaia – Nig [Material]
Motion Sky – Movin [Lost Audio]
Novecento – Bakon [Low Frequencies Label]
Ocean Roulette & Arnold & Lane – Trip the Light
Piem, M.F.S Observatory – Holy Cow [LPS264]
Reydel – Toben [RUNS199]
Rich Pinder – Dance All Day [Eight0Eight Records]
Robiin – Good Time [Knuck!]
Shauny Walker – Glitches Brew [Portal Music Records]
Skiavo & Vindes, Marc Franco & That Bass – Keep Bouncin’ [BL1950DJ]
VA – Best of Underground Audio 2019 [Underground Audio]
VA – Incorrect 10 Years_ Tech [INC10YEARS02]
VA – My Little Christmas – 2019 [MLD90] [FLAC]
VA – New Year Stashed Recruits [Stashed]
VA – Opening Track 2020 [RSH166]
VA – Pitch Eight [Synopsis Musicae]
VA – Soundbytes (Club Tunes) [Electrophenetic]
VA – Street Tracks 2019 [WOLP004] [FLAC]
VA – The Best Of 2019 [Klaphouse Records]
VA – The Best of Moom Records [Moom Records]
VA – The Best Of Snatch! 2019 [SNATCH144] [FLAC]
VA – Zen Soul [Les Enfants]

Techno & Minimal

2pole – Zeit EP [SUARA382]
2WB – Grown Up [BML289]
Abusif Circle – Chrome [Fortwin-Records]
Adri FC, Gyles – Evening Beats
Alex P, MSL-T – Fck Your Mother [DSR Digital]
Alexei Maslov – Ice and Flames [Nustromo Music]
Andy Moor, Somna, BLÜ EYES – Up In Smoke
Antiproject – She Is My [Mono Repeat]
Ataman Live – Captain Dm [DFR293]
Audiolog – System Shock [Audiolog Music]
B4NGA KHEN4N – Spavalderia
Baris Erdemir – Skies [CANCELLED]
Bertzi – With Her Went My Future [IAMT188]
Bodo Felusch – Lost Pattern [Unvirtual Music]
Bombilla – SYXT011 [SYXT]
Buben – Voice Calls [Oxytech Limited]
Bulbo – Mito [Airtaxi Records]
Carlos A – Compuerta 12 [BLA116]
Chris Count, Ferhat Albayrak, Riza Gobelez – Diverse
Christian Bistany – House Party [WHW140]
CKOLE – Perilous [Tight Groove Recordings]
Clark Davis – TransATLANTIKA Strafzins (Snork Enterprises)
Clark Davis, Lucinee – TransATLANTIKA Strafzins
Cold & D-Railed, DJTraffy – The Fatal [Fatal Energy Records]
Cris Grey – Trancexistence [Flashover Trance]
Cultrise – It Was [Seveneves Records]
Dan Corco, DJ Entwan – Vallea [NP0299]
David Perezgrueso, Adrian Pitscher – Te puede mas el vicio
Destroyer, Sopik – Masterclass
Dheva – Nagano [Real Things]
DJ Dav1d – More Techno [LETS TECHNO records]
DJ Murphy, Atze Ton – Firewoman [DMR075]
Dmitry Budnik – Nothing in Your eyes
Dreopo – Just B [Beats Recordings]
DRWNDSPDR – Diablo [Oxytech Records]
Duck Sandoval – Golem [Technological Records]
Eintroger – Gamimbular [Eichtal Recordings]
Electralex – Master Overdrive [BORSH]
Enzo Tucci, Danilo Vigorito – C1
Fir Mora – What’s It All About [FIERE001]
Giulia Caldarulo – Slushy [Sonambulos Music]
Goose Tann – Adam in Eden [Offline Recordings]
Gotshell, Jeff Derringer – Quarkcima
Gruba – Prosti Faktori [TechnoLogia Records]
HAUDINI & Renso Ferrari – Appears [Influenza Records]
Helical Motion – Rising [OLD SQL Recordings]
Ilkan Gunuc – Dreamno [Road Story Records]
Inox Traxx – II [Overbalance]
Jay Tommy – Electromagnet [Tommy Trax]
Jhon Timbala – Supply Of Happiness [PTR062]
Julian Ess, Alberto Ruiz – Forgiving Sins
Julian Wassermann & Artche – Inner Reflections (Vishn)
Kemal Vatansever – Resist [IAMT185]
Kev Dot Kruz – Trustless [Root System Records]
Kevin Wesp – Polyrhythm [Technical Vibe]
Konrad – Galactica [Octopus Records]
Krator – Fragments [Thick Hard Movements]
Luca Kallweit – Bloodflow [Affluenza Records]
Luca M, Mystik Vybe – Sound Boy EP [SLR52]
Lucia Dapera – Mercurio [Electronic Muzik Organization]
Lukas Freudenberger – Ignorant [Endzeit]
MAAND – Last Day Breathing [NAT656]
Mark Christopher – Relentless [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Markus Swarz – Dont Ask _ Exit [CD034]
MarkZ Music – Crossing Borders [CamelMusic Records]
Mattu – Luquid [10163824]
Michel Lauriola – Poetic Distraction EP [MATERIA029]
Milio Ruando – Space, Time, Infinity [Plein Phare Records]
Minitronik, Matke – Chaotic [Trippy Code]
Morfin Ma’fer – GX [Spin Underground Records]
MORi – True Detective EP [AIR096]
Mvvl – Rolling in the Dub [San Records]
Narita – Ghost of 666city [Oyoda Recordings]
Nasser Tawfik, Adri Rizzo, Bertech – Soundscape EP [BFL044]
Niereich, Shadym – Mandela Effect [CODEX049]
Nino Weber – Amare [Treibjagd Records]
Ochs & Klick – Deep Control [Ushuaia Music]
Orlando Voorn & Ricky Sinz, Jake 303 – Humanize
Ovi (Hr), Ovi (Hr), Kev Willis – Dark Pearl [Emperor Recordings]
Ozgur Uzar – CURIOSITY EP [TRES14374]
P.leone – Raw Emotion (E-Missions)
Philip Bader – Dark Series 5 [Out Of Mind]
PWCCA – Constant Disorder [Signal LTD]
Rawl – Time [MOTUM]
Renga Weh – Mera [3000GRAD077]
Ricardo Tobar – After The Movie [MUSAR010]
Risi, Methloud – Behind Scene [NATBLACK224]
Same Vibe, Stan Williams – United Nations
Samuel Zamora – Keep Alert [MK837]
sarmigetusa – Settings [STIG]
Seddig, Monomood – Grandma Hates
Skuum – Cocacabene [childsplay]
SPURI, Marcelo Oriano – Distraction
SRA – Accabadora [UMA0054]
Stoian – Day 0 [Egothermia]
Taigherwuds – Profondo Rosso (feat. Dario H)
Thales Constantini – Prelude [Pathless]
Tito Rl – Deadly Thunder [Dansu Records]
Tough Love – Around [GU455]
VA – Acheta Domesticus [Insectum Records]
VA – Afterhours Techno [Dead Groovy Music]
VA – BEST OF 2019 [AGILE106]
VA – Black 096 [Black Reverb]
VA – Children Of Tomorrow Best Of 2019 [COTD2019] [FLAC]
VA – Goodbye 2019 – Part 2 [THCD185] [FLAC]
VA – Gorgeous [Second Chance Music]
VA – Kindisch 2019 [KDDA032] [FLAC]
VA – Leave The Past In Search Of Future, Vol. III [IARBC009] [FLAC]
VA – Mavic Missiles Volume 01 [MM010]
VA – Mind Trip , C-Side [Redrum Music]
VA – Naked Lunch 500, Vol.4 [NLD500D] [FLAC]
VA – Psychedelic Journey 7 [Flower Power]
VA – Rotterdam Techno Strobe [Elektrobeats Records]
VA – Sampler 4 [Abstract Waves]
VA – Sokubu Compilation Transform Recordings 2019 [TRANSFORM072] [FLAC]
VA – Steyoyoke Black Reserve 2019 [SYYKBLK055] [FLAC]
VA – Techno , Dub Techno [ChillRecordsMusic]
VA – The Best of 2019 [Wanna Dance Music]
VA – Winter Season Techno [Compressor Recordings]
Valentin (HUN) – Dark Donor [MojoHeadz Records]
Virus D.D.D – Capsule [Ushuaia Music]
Yogi P – Cerulean City EP [PGR182]
Yukari Okamura, Petit Astronaute – Radiant
Zulu Natives – Oooh [Itemize]