Afro House

2Housspeople – People of the World (feat. J Lofton) [Neo Soul Edition]
Alex Parlunger – Madre Tierra [Blackout BOX]
Crazy Black Dudes – Kuzolunga (feat. Phindy Smow)
George North & De Paramedic – Gaia [Disguise Records]
Kekstar – Groove Vibe [Azania Digital Records]
Mshudu & Deep Narratives – Electronic Sangoma [Arawakan]
Nocy Dee – Umendo [Entity Deep]
Ntsako – Africanism [Black People Records]
Ohmero – Zamda [Channel Six Music Company]
Saint Evo – Mi Sentimiento (feat. Rocio Starry) [Ocha Mzansi]
Schlyfer Ntwana – Gorilla (feat. Khura de Chronic & Silverstone)
VA – Go (feat. Lungi Mandebele) [Remixes] [Arawakan]


Afrikasoul – Ncesi (feat. Phumlile & The Prince SA)
AG – Future Day [9 Sides Records]
Atom West – MasterClass Atom West
Avau – Torn and Broken [recordJet]
Axel C – Trigger Point [Kalambur Publishing]
Black Acorn – Planting Season [Spaceal Orbeats]
Chris-K – So Alive [SonicBass Records]
Deaf Flow – Disco Doom [recordJet]
DJ Prodígio – Vem Dançar (feat. Roberta Barce)
Emilfranzo – The Element [Firstplanet]
Emre KAYMASLI – Bring it Up Now Make It Move
Finn Pind – BRÆNDER DET NED (feat. Topz) [aesthetic]
Jon Ian Clarke – Scars [DJD UK GLOBAL MUSIC]
Juno-22 – Junonica [T.a. Rock Records Electronic Division]
Kicevski – Rise [Maniana Records]
Koszi Janka – Never Forget [SMP]
Le Vice – ¿Do You! [Le VICE Music]
Lol Is & Alex Greenhouse – Year By Year
Meritas – Radi nas [Menart]
PARAPSYCENTER – Fire Tantra [Parapsycenter]
Quiet Storm – Lady Show Me (Alternative Mix)
Sasha Primitive – You & I [Supertunes]
Sk-Hall – Voice of the Sea [Norsk Musik]
SVKLZ – Uranium (feat. SVKLZ) [G-Mod Records]
The Prince SA – No to Women Abuse
Volk – Are We Still the Same [Fools Paradise]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Acid Hamam – Hammok [Tom Tom Disco]
Addvibe – Somebody [H237]
Alex Breitling – Heavy Lights – Palameo [SSR046]
Andrea Lacoste – Hass – The Remixes [ROM078]
Ant LaRock – Dormroom Debbie [BHD208]
Antique Tee – Music Essence (feat Philosophy) [CAT331316]
Astens – Juicy [194694951165]
Boriz – On the Water (Radio Version) [Lovely Tunes]
Boston Dusk – Giant [PHR201]
Bryan Kessler – Party Like You’re Not Alive [PETS110D]
Bulent Alkan & İbrahim Gemici – In Amorous
Camblom Subaria – Ancestors [LMS131]
Ceezal – Enttap [Vlosfer Records]
Change Request – Neural Nocturnes Autumn Vibes
Chao – Chase On [Multiza Distribution]
Chiffre 100 – Making Out [Stereoheaven]
Christo – Just X [MOLE133]
Contrer – Nach Anfang [Contrax Recording]
corandcrank – Delilah [Baijan Records]
Cosentino – My Name [TRK0555]
Dandara – Moja [SOL074]
Daniel De Roma – HD Drama EP [PR2019509]
David Marques – Melhor Que Sonhar
Deep In Force – Following For You [DBR1169]
DJ Deep – DJ Deep Raw Cuts, Vols.1 & 2 (Deeply Rooted)
DJ Dimension, William Rosario & Megamen – That Touch
Eddy Cabrera, Redward – Giving Up [DEX055]
Erbil Dzemoski – Just Like You [Road Story Records]
Flampino – Giving Up [Pogo House Records]
Future Grooves – Highway E4 [NSDET49]
Hercules & Love Affair – Change EP (Skint)
Hernan Cerbello – 2020 Remixes [Low Pressings]
HezziePhecie – Omniss (Age Touch) [HerVee Ground Music]
Hiss Band & Alex Deeper – In My Eyes
Hotmood – Till the Music Stops
Hydriss – Discorizon [Dosy Records]
Jake Cusack – I Believe [Funkdog Recordings]
Jorge Andrade & Victor Balseca – Lover Woman
Jose Vilches – Owen [XR270]
Juan Hansen, Sergi Yaro, Saint Is – Something In Common EP
Kek’Star – Location [CAT339132]
Kincaid – Scholar’s Stutter [Silver Bear Recordings]
Kublaii – Lost Love [FATSTEP Records]
Laurence Guy – Why Do Cowboys Never Die In The East (Mule Musiq)
Luis Valencia (BE) – I Wanna Know [DeepShine Records]
Marc DePulse – Think Twice EP [SYNC81]
Mason, Slang – Take It Down [RYM033]
Mauro Ghess – The Night (feat. Nicole RedRose)
MaX ForWorD – Aurora [ChillRecordsMusic]
Max Polizzi – Closed Dream [Mainhattan Records]
Maxxim – Escape [BOS250]
Mellowflex – Chumu [NachtEin.TagAus]
Michael Zucker – Draw Closer [Finale Sessions]
Mikko Lindqvist – I’m Movin [Campo Alegre Productions]
Mishel Dutch – Sunset After Dark
Native Tribe, Saint Evo – Adulis [AR145]
Oscar P – Soca Soca [OBM770]
Paolo Rocco – Cutz From The Vault EP [RUTI012D]
Quatri – Fjara Remixed – Flowers On Monday
Rafo – Peace of Mind [Cherokee Recordings]
Rawdio – Blue Spirits EP [NFR049]
Ricky.O – Lost in Dark [Cosmikal Records]
Ringard – L’eau de Deep [Dance Around 88]
Ritz – Ensemble [Piston Recordings]
Rod Tha Funk – Sunshine [DIFF Records]
Roudeep – You See It [Baijan Records]
Sasch BBC, Caspar, Ugur – Karawane (Extended Mix) [DHSC005BP]
Sere L – Sublime Sounds [Blueice Records Independent]
Soul Shadow – SAMPLES SPEAK EP [JUMP172]
SRJ – Elevate Me [SRJ Productions]
The Mekanism – Missing Love (Musumeci Remix) (Needwant)
Thomaz Krauze, Soldera, Stee Downess – Can’t Take My Eyes
Timmy P – Weirdy Beardy [Inermu]
Tony S – Good To You [MOISS057]
VA – Clash Culture Vol I [CL010]
VA – Deep Records Music [ChillRecordsMusic]
VA – Deep Theories Issue 20 [Reflective Music]
VA – Honorable [Techno Red]
VA – House Rooted Freude am Tanzen Stuff [194491365806]
VA – Ray Okpara – Collected Remixes, Vol. 1 [AMARCR001]
VA – Urban Creations Issue 25 [Variety Music]
Vida-Soul – Basement EP [OBS093]
Volle – Easy Come Easy Go [Saturn V Recordings]
Warren Deep – Memories [PR050]
Wassu – Devi [The Purr]
Whitesquare – Pressured Mind [WHTS004]
Will Konitzer & Burnside, Will Konitzer – This Is the Love
Xplore – Calling Her Name [Subspace Transmissions]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Alex Lauter & Alex Kayes – Elapse [Lauterhaus]
Ben Haviour – Cobra [Alien Allies]
Bl4ck Owlz – Call to Mind [Blackout Music NL]
Chris Inperspective & Senses – Chris Inperspective – 2009 to 2010
Crissy Criss & Youngman, Drumsound & Bassline Smith – 20 Years of Technique – Remix LP
DentedAphid7 – Syrem [DP7 Music]
Donnie Dubson – Goonies [All Street Recordings]
Dumbsteppaz – Decade of Dumb [Hum Fi Dub]
Duviper & GodHong – Flow [Lime Records]
Funkware – Goku, Cocoon [Funkstuff Recordings]
Inerpois & Backup – Order the Ship of Death LP
Invert Era – Give Me [DNB Allstars Records]
J Plates – New Perspectives [Omni Music (UK)]
Jedi – Hustling [Nuclear Bass Records]
K4PTUR3 – Gang Land [Multi Function]
Klute – Sick of It All [Function Records]
Kris Ferreri – These Drops [Native Warrior]
KY – The Path [Biological Beats]
Legal & Wanted ID, Legal – War & Peace [Kos.Mos.Music]
Love Bass & Devastate – Zion [High Potential Records]
Malux, Prolix & Jakes – Flip Out [Trendkill Records]
Noise Silver – Sweat [Ashes Recordings]
NTROPY, NTROPY, Meeku & FlutterByOne – Mydriasis
Nu Sol – Body Rock [Vinebeat Records]
O.X.Y – Ronin [Fearless Audio]
Onzad – Hardware [Smoking Plaza Records]
Opius & Josephs Perception, Opius – Called Up Series Six
Ozma – Killah [Neuropunk Records]
Psychic Pressure – Remedy [Subplate Recordings]
Raspber – Mortal Tactics [Black Magic Bass]
Recam – Inside , Dimmer [Impact Music]
Resslek – Pilz [Citate Forms]
Schoco, Scocho – Silence & Other Noises LP
Serdex – Dragon [Blackout BOX]
Shadre & Salvage – Blend Remixes [G13 Records]
Sonor – Young [Filthy Sounds]
T- Zone – Realisation [Audio Addict Records]
The Death Beats – Analogue Dawn [Urban Sickness Audio]
The Death Beats & James Fussey – Favorite Kind of High (feat. Little Panda)
VA – Ade Sampler 2019 [Techno Killer Records]
Vovich, Sexy Girl & Toshihiro – Don’t Break My Heart (Toshihiro Remix)
Warhead – Friction Burn [Holographic Audio]
Wyknot – Trust , Plantation [Default Recs]
Xavi Prado & Dj Tatto – Discoteca [MAGIA Records]
Xeomi & Kaiza – Shelter [Red Light Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

544852, 454443, 4B4D59, 4E4942, 4E5549 – COD3 QR 005
Above & Beyond – FLOW STATE [ANJCD070BD]
Brian Keoco – Aptera [Baci Different]
CastleWorkz – Foreign [Melaniny Sounds]
Chainblocker – Automne [Techno Parade]
Ciel Lennox – Remember [Agua Blanca Records]
Dan Arlov – Movie [Moveton]
DJ .wav – INTERNA [AFIN36]
DJ Mephisto & ISO Music – Stereo Love
Dr Parnassus – Agung [Groovalicious Records]
Fatih Makul – No Fingerprints [Main Records]
gesolreut – Faux Pas [Otium Garden]
Helfau Reload – Joy of Love [Nidra Music]
Istota – Odd Location [Mindtrick Records]
Ivan Latyshev – Mula Femenina [Alae Records]
Jacques Greene – Fever Focus [LM054EPS4D]
John Abbruzzese – Nebulosa [Domozero]
Jose Solano – Namaha Groove [Kosa Records]
Kilig – Cry EP (null+void)
Klazina – That’s Right [Coral Gables Records]
Luca Brunetti – Whispers Part 2 [Kadmio]
Luke Bergs – Seeking [The Dominion]
MartyParty – In the Game [MartyParty Music]
MEY – Darling [Empire Studio Records]
Miguel Angel Castellini – Virtual Freeway
Moralez & The Horrorist – Sleep When You Die
Mt Axel, FVK – Karnak [JR0002]
Nordic Drum – Dem Luv Fola Fashion
Peter Santos, Michele C – Ride of a Lifetime [AVACH009]
Prïnceps – Skeleton [152 Records]
R.a.r. – Mystical Structures [Sounds Like Vinyl]
Romulus – The Hut (Original Mix) [RM002]
Rouge N Blued – Shopaholic [80’s Hop Records]
Sena Sener – Solid Ground [Night Light Company]
Sombra Modos – Preferentemente [STHS109]
Timo Maas – Feedback Welcome Massive Passive (Wea)
UNKLE – Catch Me When I Fall [FRO000D1]
VA – Caf‚ del Mar – Terrace Mix 9 [12019154] [FLAC]
Vince Forwards – Stay [SILKM232]
Yun-Seo – Steal [Miyako Records]


Bastian Fuchs – Chicago Luv EP [MITA012]
BBwhite – Disco Trump [Disco Explosion Records]
Boo Williams, Michael Zucker – Finale Select Series, Vol. 2 [FSS002]
Boy Funktastic – Nomi [Love Dance Records]
Carlos Francisco – The Tracky Track [SP Recordings]
Charles Caliber – The Rhythm And Groove [NER24792]
Copini, Thomas Rossoni & Koffein – Glow [Phouse Tracks]
D-Man – Love of My LIfe [Deephour Music]
Danny Russell & Ronald Christoph – The One Two One
Dart – Nothing 2 It [&Friends]
Dave Matthias – Happy [Dave Matthias Music]
Dave Matthias – Into the Streets [Dave Matthias Music]
Dave Matthias – Oh Yeah! [Dave Matthias Music]
David Penn, The Cube Guys – AH FEEL LIKE AHCID REMIX [CUBE154]
Diego Forsinetti – Every Body [MUMI Records]
Diegors & Alejandro Paz – Patotrax Vol. 1 [DPC009]
Din Jay – My Best [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Din Jay, Richelle Hicks – Looking For The Love [PANDT064B]
Discoloverz – Too Hot [Funky Revival]
Disel Tenoch, Isaac Rodriguez & Junior Santos, Edward El Chino – Aleteo Zapateo X
DJ Bilko – Go! [Bilko Music]
DJ Csemak – Symbiont [Underway Productions]
DJ Max Lietta – Uah [Maxlietta Records]
DJ Mes – Les Sensations [SLT167]
DJ Safeword – Post Love Electronix [Infinite Pleasure]
Doug Gomez – Paloquemao [Merecumbe Recordings]
Enrico BSJ Ferrari – We Want the Funk [Traktoria]
Erik Rico, Franz vu Letzebuerg – Find A Way, Pt. II [BBR011]
Fangs – Tell Me [LM0022]
FDF – That’s My Vibe [Juiced Music]
Felipe C. – Welcome Back [Netswork Digital Records]
FreedomB – Dropdahamma EP [CB008]
Fresh Funk Espresso Band – Back in a Day
Fritz Kalkbrenner – Kings & Queens [4050538555158]
Fuifnummers – It Began in Italy [Busy Body]
Funk Edwards – Streaker (Remixes) [Applique Music]
Funk Protectors – Beautiful Tango [Cabbie Hat Recordings]
GATTUSO, RMZ – Before You Go (Extended Mix) [FHM102D]
Gianluca Manzieri – All Night [Bit Rule Records]
Glass Petals – Simulation [HELDEEP098]
Glücksmoment – Katzen bei Nacht [German Poems]
Greenwald, Ksky – Perfect Trail [Snippets Music]
Guaracha & Sebastian Tobon – Dalo Todo (& Mas)
Gugu Ice – Angeke (feat. Dj Mnyasa) [5R Music]
H.P. Vince & Milty Evans – Peace & Love [CRMS Records]
Highlanderz – Catch Me [RCR002]
Hudson Passos – When It Samba [Houseria Recordings]
Jack U Tron – Let’s Jack [Deep Hype Sounds]
Junes – Blue Moon [DOTE002]
Kadenza – 70s [Whartone Records]
Kambra – Ambiance [Yearning]
Landlord – Brunch (Club Mix) [Legendary 404]
Lissat & Richard Grey – Imagination [Tactical Records]
Love Of The Art – Time Will Reveal [NER24714]
Luca Debonaire & Tom Forester – They Just Gotz to Talk
Makito – Rosario [ZERO012]
Mateo Murcia – Out Fill [Cardina Records]
Maya Sh’von – Steady Going The Remixes [BDR0031]
Mohjah – Zion Gates (dub) [SNDWLP132DD]
Musique Boutique – Free [RNCD516]
Nieko – Everybody Move [3rd Way Recordings]
OVEOUS, QVLN – Queimar Dos [MOCA005]
Pablo Roma – The YEG World [YEG]
Pagany, Barry Stewart & Yvonne Shelton, Underdeep Inc. & House Bros – Crazy Sax
Pezlo MD – Ludlam Nights [Future Culture Records]
Promise Land, Skullwell – My My My – Extended Version [HEXAGON120B]
Rasty – Drop the Bass [Noze Music Recordings]
Redeem – Purrida [Tactical Records]
Renaud Genton – Bomb Da Loop [DC31]
Rhyzen Shyne – Gangsta Shit [M4T025]
Rico Vadella – It’s a Spiritual Thing [Orange Groove Records]
Robosonic, EPMD – For The People – Illyus & Barrientos Remix [ARSBJKT110]
Silverfox – Marchin On Ya Block (Jacks Revenge Mix)
Sonario – Get Down [Cultural District Recordings]
Soul Nomad – Dave’s Place [Subsume Records]
TCTS – Lazerbeams [00602508251931]
Tokyo Cartel – Don’t Mess [Bid Muzik]
Trus’me – No Harm [194491456948]
Underworld – DRIFT Series 1 (Smith Hyde Productions)
VA – Amsterdam Sampler 2019 [We Are Klexos]
VA – Dance [Open Music Records]
VA – Fade Out 23 [Crossfade Records]
VA – Glitchworld Bomb [Glitchworld Recordings]
VA – Imprint Vol. 3 [WO067]
Vanucci & GIOC – Dreams [Harmor Records]
Vlada Asanin – SWITCH EP [ZERO353]
White Label Will & St.Luke – Oor Love [Wicked Wax]
Windom R & Yori – Young Blood Love

Melodic House & Techno

Argia – Before Us [KULTO]
Burika, Da Le – 8 [Plano B Records]
Dan Baber & Fractal Architect – Tesseract
ED.E – Prophecy [3xA Music]
Heorhiy ALT – Rigel 7 [Feel Hype]
I Am Wolter – Merciful Lord [Stellar Fountain]
Jaimo – Burning Sky [Suicide Robot]
Javi Di – The Last [Tech Nation Records]
Joey White – Divided , Limitless [OneWay]
Khen – Mamba , Terroir [TRYBESof]
Max Wexem – Alone [Kompozit]
Movement Culture – Osen [Crossworld Academy]
Neo Human – Come Closer , Mind Forest Trip
Nico Pusch – Run Baby [HYMNS]
Patrick P. – Wizard [MT Musik]
Reyvax Duared – Near Booth [Crop Circle]
Rikken – Transistor [Siona Records]
Roddy The Dude – Outer Heaven [Boston Underground]
Sam Rotstin – Deadlock [GLF Records]
Silvina Romero – Unexpected [LeMondo Music]
Tiree Automatic – Clear Air Turbulence [Unstrung]
VA – Dreaming Skulls and Lovely Bones 6
VA – First Season Sampler [Artessa Music]
VA – Pachamama [Natura Viva In The Mix]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Alex Milla (Spain) – Circonio
Alfrenk & Giancarlo Zara – Crazy Jump
AM – Reset (Ave Mario Mix) [Klub Kultur Music]
Andres Power & OutCode – All Night [Minordub]
Artur Nikolaev – Continuity [Cue]
Bipolar Mind – 5 Years [Irregular Musik]
Boran Ece – Dopamina [Lemon Juice Records]
Cisco Barcelo – Be With Me [Sonambulos Music]
Danny Noble – Junglism [Lemon Juice Records]
Deepstrict – Sol [Reduced]
DJ Jaun – Tribalism [LDN Trax]
Draztec & Peter Blue – Wobble Factory
Dyetil – Vision [Take My Space]
Eddy Malano – I Got [Ritmika Records]
Eme Kulhnek – Expresso [Smashead Records]
George Thomas – Gibraltar [Sound On Sound]
Hassio – Cotton Mallow [Dushe Label]
Ian Cris – Losing World [Evil Flow.]
Ilya Dubrovin – Chi – Chi [Taika Records]
JayCamel – Focus [Miaw]
Joe Scimo – Like This One [Datagroove Music]
Ken Aoki – Cure [Khao Records]
L-Gil – Acid Rave [Worms Records]
Lampe – Brain Dust [Subios Records]
M.Rodriguez – Pintoresco [SERENA MUSIC]
Mathias Schaffhäuser – Expectable Unexpected [Biotop]
MATI Rivaday, Julian Luken & Cosmicfellas – El Sentimiento
Mauricio Spencer – Flex [Maximo Records]
Medeiros – No One Knows Her Name
Naarky – Desire Capitulation [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Nacho Rojas – Puerto Rico Libre
Nico Kamienski & lauti mina – Obscure
Noobato – Vibin [Take My Space]
Paro – Baltimore [Handcrafted Label]
Radu Guran – Lost & Found [Conceptual]
Raul Figueroa – Gel (Single) [IWANT Music]
Sameseven & Sticklip – The Way We Are
Schime – Bellow [In Dushe]
Soldatov – I’ve Been Dreaming About You
Sosta – Udertable [Bontek Music]
TRENTRAXX – Brake Out [Inwave]
VA – Ade Sampler [Haliaeetus Music]
Zacharias Tiempo – Denial and Doubt Dry
Zweig – The Horns of War [Roo Records]

Progressive House

Aeron Aether, Mango – Karuna [NYC135]
After Sunrise – Lazy Time [Estribo Records]
An Sinewave – Moon Phases [Soluna Music]
Andre Moret – Instant Mind [Dopamine White]
Andrei Niconoff, Hoova – Star Seed [PHWE246]
Anton Borin (RU) – New Light [EDR089]
Ari Fernan – Dream Guardian [Genesis Music]
Arteriam & Bruno May – Amelek [Mudita Records]
Audioglider & Xspance – Optogram
Ayhan Akca – Psychological Universe [Capital Heaven]
Aykut Bilir – Helix [Duenia]
B.A.X. – Genesis [D9R051]
Baykara – Blg [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Dany Dz – Crystal Sea,Lost Paradise [Astrowave]
Diego Morrill – Clepsidra [AT003]
Djcybertsai – Be Fluid, Be Wild [Aeriform Records]
Elkris – Aviator EP
Errant Shadow – Errant Knight [Ænima Recordings]
Forty Cats – Reborn – Imaginary Space [JA060]
Frequenc – Pledges [Mystic Carousel Records]
Frolicsome, Exhile – Morning EP [BFL039]
Gofa – Take Me [WFA002]
Gux Jimenez, Mental Order & Tim Øthy – Astros
HAAB – Ocean Sunrise [NOIR051]
Harlan Buskes – Fox [Ghost Digital Records]
Harri Agnel – Cosmos [Mystic Carousel Records]
Jay FM – Arise [PD19]
JFR – Army of Passions [Dreamers]
John Grand – Deep Fake [Avanti]
John Steel – Balance [SE4 Records]
Juan Sapia – Magic Moon [Or Two Strangers]
Louis Khast – Dementia [G Martell]
Manone – Sativa [The Suspected Records]
Marcus J3nson – New Chapter [Magnified Recordings]
Martin Bernini – Wonkru [LSM033]
Massano – Found [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Max Blade – Kalima [MHR343]
Mooglie & Sasson – Moshi [BC2]
Moshic – Sambusak – The Ironic Beauty [CON095]
MXV – Eleganza , Escapism [Freegrant Music]
Nico Cerban – Again We Rise [SM041]
Paul Sawyer – Path to the Sun [PRFBL053]
Philipp G – Game Over [LA203]
Poll Morris – Echo Park [Sunstate Records]
Rich vom Dorf – Hold on Baby [Tächno]
Roan Orion – No Love , We Could Be
RTistique – Arcanum [USA020]
Ruben Rivadeneira – Memories [MIRA132]
SALAZAR (COL) – No Egos [SS0055]
Sound Quelle – Makelda – Onacana – Filenta [ENCOLOR205E]
Space Native – Element 115 [Oxidia]
Stylo, Space Motion – Amazon Rise [SMR010]
Talles Domit – Ratio [MYC003D]
The Loco – Libra & Sun in Leo
The Sirius – Nautilus Stalking [BP8882019]
Trilllion – Gizeh [W213]
VA – Autumn Selections – II [Lohit]
VA – Happy Seventh Birthday [MNL]
VA – Mixture 6 [Corpus Deep]
VA – Three of a Kind #03 [3rd Avenue]
Wally Lopez, Awsa – Bring It Back EP [FACT0083]
Weddell – Beyond the Sunset [MojoHeadz Records]
Yudi Watanabe & Andre Moret – Frames
Yuriy From Russia, Hidden Tigress – In The Twilight [BP8892019]
Zacharias Tiempo – Smooth Operator [KNT085]

Tech House

Afernand – Groove Ready [T4 Label]
aka Bob Molly – Substance 78 [RSR0025]
Al Sharif, Sunday Noise & Heart Issues – Help
Andrea Oliva – The Repeater [TRUE12126]
Andres Blows – Mataro [Habitat]
Arnold & Lane – What The Fuq [HOH089]
Baragan Dj – Dance [CARPS]
Benn Ellan – Got a Light , Scatman [Les Amants]
Billy Kenny – Take Me to Church [REALM Records]
Carl Fons – Don’t Laught [Cardina Records]
Casmalia, Johnny 2 Shots – Cookie Jar [RCKBTM012]
D3lphie – I Just Wanna Say [Smokin Joe Records]
Danny Kolk, Gaba Kamer – Dream Team [UCR153]
Deepest Nature – Catalhoyuk [BQ414]
Del Fonda & Guido Santiago – Sugar [Cachai Music]
Dimax – Get Low [See The Sea Records]
Dimiz & Ba.ley – MC Control [Dimiz Music]
Dino Saints – Honey Ep [DCM80]
DJ Apois – Be Yourself [Calumnia Records]
DJ Care, Facu Escobar – Save Your World [Anfrix Records]
DJ PP – About Music About Love [PPM349]
Dom Dolla – San Frandisco (Walker & Royce Extended Remix) [SWEATDS417]
Droxo – Hit Me [Huambo Records]
DYRANGE – This Beat [DYRANGE Records]
Enrico Fiorella – Con Pasiòn [Sweet Milk Records]
Falcos Deejay – Involved [Alveda Subject]
Fars8ad – Equilibrium [Suicide Robot]
Franco Sordelli – Aluxina [The Society]
Giancarlo Zara & Samuele Furlotti – Non Stop Music
Groove Killah, Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero – Brr Brrr [PLAYMOBIL155]
Jesse Perez – Chong (Jesse’s Elevated Mix) [Mr. Nice Guy]
Jey Kurmis – Xandra [HATCH101]
JFlores – Big B , Big Shhh [Kubu Music]
K-Mack – New Dawn [Seize (DMG)]
K-Style – NOT ACID EP [HUAM344]
Kuestenklatsch & 2 SidesofSoul – Get You Drunk
Mariano Fonrouge – Push and Go [Isla Bonita Records]
Martin Badder – Extra [SOS004]
Mattia Rossi – Frequency [Snake Beat]
Max Chapman, Late Replies – Fantasy [SOLA093]
Meli Rodriguez – When You Hear Me
MiKech – People [Feel Hype Black]
Mink Blu – Elle Est Di [AL181]
Oblomov – Solnechnie Palci [Moveton]
Paul Orwin – Get a Move On [Kukushka Records]
Paul Schubert – Vision [Aestheta]
Pinto (NYC) – Work EP [OVR024]
Ramon Castells – Respira [Natural Rhythm]
Ratt – Minimal Delay [Three Sounds Records]
Rebass – Balanga [Deep Bear]
Rhyno – 1503 [Fine Mode]
Ricardo Costa & Jacomo – Space Caviar
Ricardo Farhat & eCost – Mutation [Wild Nature Music]
Sabo Dalla – Revangers [Schallmauer Records]
Santo Arrosa – Reason [76 Recordings]
Save As (US) – Down & Around – Touch & Tease [BTD068]
SEVEK – Feel This Low [Brazuka Music]
Stephan Duy – Rave N Ragga [Data Transmission]
Tim Baresko – Trickno [BL015B]
TINYgiant – Manbunrides [DM156]
Toni Carrillo – Space [MSR119]
Tony H – Shake That Bass Place [DeepNHeat]
Tuco Pérez – Fast Cycle [MY! Records]
VA – ADE 2019 CrackHouse Recordings [CHRC047] [FLAC]
VA – ADE 2019 Vol. 2 [SR063] [FLAC]
VA – ADE Sampler 2019 [Separat Musik]
VA – Amsterdam 2019 – ADE Sampler BBR FLAC
VA – Amsterdam UG 2019 [Pulsetone Muted]
VA – Anticlimax [Techno Red]
VA – Material Trax Vol.21 [MATERIALTRAX21]
VA – Six Years Eisenwaren [Eisenwaren]
VA – Various Artist Techouse Musc [Techouse Music]
Yvan Genkins – Star Machine [MATERIAL168]

Techno & Minimal

9192, Asier Vico – Moods [Tecnotecsi Records]
Ada (der Zeitgeist) – Porcelain [8966]
Adrian Oblanca – Mathematic [Over Records]
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