Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Da Lukas – Funkyloop [CUT153]
A7S – Me Me Me Presents Now Now Now 03 [NNN03]
Ace Shyllon, Vibrant C – The Energy [MN012]
Blaqkongo – Soul Gazing [BK004]
Chronical Deep – I ALSO LIKE THE SYNTH EP [BA007]
Continuum – Xpress [DS062]
Dagfest – STICKY [TREP022D]
Danny B, SevenJune – Human Error EP [CONNECTED043D]
Darksidevinyl – Sawaa [SP293]
Diaki, Ivan Afro5 – Out Of Order [PE022]
DJ Damiloy Daniel – Dracula [BUEDEMUSICA008]
DJ Dashcam – Market Jam [MOISSB014]
Dreamer – The Little Giant [PAL074]
F_Theme – Under The Temple [MF022]
Frankie Ferrara – Point Break [10156987]
Giso SA – Light In Peace [LJR059]
Gre.S – Indifferent [MFMG006]
Grosso – Pieces Of Me [VQR057]
Insanity Circle – Ruby EP [BCKD05]
Ivan Jack – Sugar Babe [NUDISCO007]
Jerk In The Box – Flight [SWITCHLAB013]
Keys Snow – Calling [Bloodline] [OTCD005]
Leo Guardo – Ego Memories EP [OM041]
Luke Liberati – THE SEARCH EP [DELVE061]
Masterroxz – A24Y61 [AER042]
Rocco Rodamaal – Break 4 Love [MEM006DOWN]
Saint Evo, Thab De Soul – Adumu [SP 303]
Secretsundaze – Gigantic Impossibly Large (Live At Robert Johnson)
Soledrifter – Shut It Down Boogie [MFR193]
Soledrifter – Think Clearly [KNG810]
Taleman, KARO (ARM) – Kukaruba [SP014]
Tronik Youth – E=REMIXES [NEIN1930]
TwoNotty, SlimFat – Renegade Master [CAT300520]
VA – Armada Deep Ibiza Closing Party 2019
VA – Chill Pill (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Compilation 9.0 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Notes From The Depth, Vol. 4 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Nothing But… Afro House, Vol. 13 [NBAH013]
VA – Root Influence 1 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Summer Riot VIII [FBR068]
VA – The Cumbersme Collection, Vol. 1 – Compiled By – British SA (2019) [FLAC]
Van Czar – Good Time [TVR4D8]
Whitesquare – Visual Distortion of Reality [LAD046D]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

A5ura – Over it [Asura Music]
Ajax Cruise – Not The End [AIDC Records]
Akadian, Alex Byrne & Dropfire – Festival Rave 2k19,2
Alex Greenhouse – Breathe [Gone Postal Records]
Antipator – Children’s Joy [Musata Music]
Argon Shey – Attack (Extended Mix) [Sweet Harmony Records]
Beatmad – Bump [Nyumba Records]
Boys Noize, Skrillex, Ty Dolla $ign – Midnight Hour [075679837318]
BUHOLD, FLOXSIS – IONIC Talents Summer 2019 EP
Carlos Frasses – Coming Now [Culturas Records]
Catlikethief – Mythical [Neitreug]
Cavbely – King of The Dance Floor [Soundserfing Records]
Costel Van Dein, Dave Ruthwell – #rave #21 [RH2]
Daz Jak – Hijo E Puta [Wolfrage Recordings]
Deepaim – On the Edge [Jambacco Records]
DJ Fenix & Supafly Inc. – Reason to Live [Say Wow Music]
DJ Zegna & DABEAT. MX – SAMBATUCADA (feat. Chacon)
ELSP – Outbreak [Vinebeat Records]
Essdee – Hierbas , Jeita [PRESSCODE RECORDS]
G-Lati & Mellons – Red Life [KHB Music]
Hasuwa – The Monarch [Hasuwark]
Helion & Skiba – Boomski [Helion Records]
Helion & Skiba – Joker [Bounce United]
iZNiiK – Alone [Ensis Records]
_zzet Gencer – Boomerang [Maidens Tower Records]
James Prana – Symphony [JAMES PRANA records]
Jaybox & BYPAST – Hitman [Madox Records]
Jc.Zam – Ethnik [Glorie Generation]
Jorge Ruano – Rave On [Morillas Records]
Kaelity – The Experiment [Vinebeat Records]
Kalardiak – Techno Bismol [Arache Records]
Kevu & Vorwerk – Night At The Opera [Maxximize]
King Macarella – O’zbegim [KMT]
Marco – Stepmania [Echo Stage Records]
Mario Beck – Nothing [BeXX Records]
Martin Groove – Emotion [Royal Music Paris]
Matt Manch – Calamity [Manch Recordings]
Max Bolotov – Space Acid [Trancemission]
MICO & C-QUENS – Flames [Sick Bedroom Records]
NDR8 – By Myself Remix [Lohit]
NIVIRO & Justin Prime – Reloaded [Revealed Recordings]
Nonix – Believe [Made2Dance]
Pink Cat Empire – Bets [Pink Cat Empire]
Pink Cat Empire – Captious (Re-Work Mix) [Pink Cat Empire]
Pink Cat Empire – End War [Pink Cat Empire]
Pink Cat Empire – Get Better (2K19 Mix) [Pink Cat Empire]
Pink Cat Empire – Modus [Pink Cat Empire]
Pink Cat Empire – Rebirth (Re-Work Mix) [Pink Cat Empire]
Pink Cat Empire – Vikky (Re-Work Mix) [Pink Cat Empire]
PSO – Dance Machine [Big Tunes Records]
PulpStereo – Hey She Sings [frimfram]
Qlinicue – Umbra [Worka Tune]
R3josh – Flippy Bird [Sick Bedroom Records]
Scouring Agent – Well Wicked [Last Hour Trance]
Sharp Man & Rugdeal – Ahura Mazda [Ensis Pulse]
Shaun Williams – All The Love Songs Were About You [Flaunt]
Solid Deaz – Control [Smile Creations Music Label]
Soul Player & CALAZÃES – Mayhem! [Mixdown Recordings]
Spencer Tarring & Yuan – Chosen [Vous Records]
Tecay – Enough for Me [push2play music]
The Raspberry & LONR, The Raspberry & Tabib Malik – Bad Days EP
Tom Field & Giuseppe Vittoria – Capistrano [Generation Smash]
VA – Amazon Jungle (2019)
VA – Hardwell presents Revealed Vol. 10 (2019)
VA – INVISIBLE Definition III (2019)
VA – Missing Pieces (2019)
VA – Riddim Return 2019

Electronica & Downtempo

3FORCE – Promise [FXT514]
Dawncall – Hollow feat Elle Chante [AWD418938]
Four Tet – Anna Painting (Text)
Gian – 53_19_72 [LACK011]
Itah – Recursive Body EP [HTH009]
Kalokagathia Union – Follow Suit [10156051]
Lafoliedamour – Nocturnal [NOV091]
Niklas Paschburg – Blooming (In C Minor) – Remixes
Quiroga – Passages [HYR7200]
Ros T – We’ll Make Way [194525124249]
Trentemøller – Try A Little (In My Room)
Trentemoller;JennyLee – Try A Little.mp3
VA – Mysterious Stories – Chapter 1 (2019) [FLAC]
YACHT – Chain Tripping (DFA)
Yu Su – Watermelon Woman [TCLRDNL034W]


Ace2Ace & Pedrik – No Love [194525859264]
Alex Neuret – Like This [KR14]
Alexz – Feel Like Dancin’ [SFRH004]
Amira – My Desire (Sam Divine Remix) [DVS054]
Andy Bach – Spoiled Love [DBR1115]
Audiojack – No More [ORIGINS18ST]
Blaise – No Matter [DVS053]
Bonetti – Lost Souls (Yes Baby! Remix) [IIT024REMIX]
Bubblegum Pop – Off The Wall [OCD0092]
Daniel Dubb, Danny Howells – Bring ‘Em Back (Gorge Remix) [DV8036]
Danny Cruz – Free & Easy (Original Mix) [CMS218]
Dave Leatherman, Bruce Nolan – Be Like This [SBK162]
Day or Night, Seth Troxler – Me, You, Us [PLAY043]
Deadline, Pontifexx – The Light (Extended Mix) [7891430387679]
Deep Parliament, Douglas Kaique – Bicha [ARNML1919]
Dirty Palm – Find Our Way feat Chandler Blas%E9 (Extended Mix).mp3
Dirty Palm – Find Our Way feat Chandler Blasé [190295369583]
Discoslap – Remember [PR643]
DJ James Ingram – Blues [HB001]
DJ Sol – Sabroso (Tribal Mix) [GATA002]
Dombresky – Meli-Melo [PROREC003]
Horisone – Bedtime Story [DREEF2B]
Hot Jam – Not Myself Tonight [PANDT061]
Jamie Lewis, Kim Cooper – Unique Diva Drama [PT167]
K-Klass, Anton Powers – Let Me Show You [00602508151392]
KRS TWO – Bass Shandy [RWXD012]
Kruel Intentions, The Melody Men – Love Zone [NEW285B]
Leeman Brothers – Dreamers In Crime [DBR1134]
Marco Anzalone – Memories EP [STEALTH185]
Matt Dawson & Kevin Mills – Pick Me Up EP [SR060]
Melodymann – Energy Surrounds Me EP [MHR093]
Mishel Dutch – Coco Mellownie [TIKI004]
Mix & Fairbanks – Ground Control & Major Toms [339005]
Moon Rocket, LauMii – Rockin’ & Poppin’ [MOON084]
Nadia Lucy, Ali B – Take Me Back [OFR096]
Namara – Hold Love EP [MFR194]
Nikeys – Zombie [LUX013]
Norty Cotto, Angel Manuel – Under The Sun [INHR711]
Peter Luts – Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll [BADR408D]
Qubiko, Picca & Mars – Superbia (Remix) [SK527]
Raffa FL – Woody EP [SPDEEP504]
Richy Ahmed – Work Me EP [OBJ061D]
Riders Inc – Flashback [NJR010]
Rude Boyz – Just a Feeling [AXR03]
Samim – Heater (2019 Remixes) [GPM534]
Sartorial – Feel The Heat [TDR055]
SOFAT – Sunshine [ORDR016]
Soul Bombs – Neon Dawn [WF011]
Sumo – Ishiki EP [SK357D]
Swifty – B2F [LR1365840]
Terry Lex – Top Of Me [PR640]
The Deepshakerz – Faded Rainbow EP [KITT183]
The Phantom’s Revenge – BMX Boogie [BLACKRIOTD037]
The Vision – Heaven [DFTD548D3]
Tommy Jayden – Level Up (Extended Version _ Beatport Exclusive)
VA – Nothing But… Jackin’ House, Vol. 13 [NBJH013]
Vlada Asanin – Lunatico [ZERO350]
VONDA7 – No Nonsense EP [WO061]

Progressive House

A.S.T.B – Resonance [Sweet Harmony Records]
A1bert, The Loco – Desire [Mystic Carousel Records]
Al Deep, Alberto Sainz – Crystal 9 [Corpus Deep]
Alberto Sainz, Dimii – After Hours – the Remixes 8 [AH Digital]
Andrew Gabriel – Forever More [Electronic Alliance Records]
Arden Mich – Kiss the Sun [Scale Records]
Argon Shey & Jumkins – Fclm [Sweet Harmony Records]
Ben Riss – Rave [Online House Music]
Boskii – Between The Lines [Music UK]
Cavbely – What Do You Dream About [Neostatics Sounds]
Chris Burke – Dreamers [Chris Burke]
Danilo Marinucci – Moondust [TAR Oasis]
Danny Darko – Last To Fall Down [Oryx Music]
Darksidevinyl – Circles [Elastic Dimension Records]
David T Boy – Face It [I AM DIFFERENT]
Den Mayer – Shadow , City of Lights [Capital Heaven]
DJ From Sky – New Life [Eletro Records (Headway Co.)]
DJ PandaZ – Good Luck [Multiza Distribution]
Djcybertsai – Say Hi to Mr Psy [AL171]
Electrica – The Returning (Master of the Drop) [Shootin Records]
Elvis Sabani – Sequence [Bunte Liebe Records]
Emile Val & Sinuhe Navarrete – Babalawo [LOVER OR MATE]
Esver & Eric Blackford – Rise [Talent Studio RCRDS]
Fan Boy – Modus [Vision 3 Records]
Gary B – Serendipity (Loocalooma & Seven24 Remix) [Easy Summer]
Glenn Morrison – Planets & Cicadas [Fall From Grace Records]
James Grooves – Drinkin [Motion]
Jason Lee – Inspiracion [Candy&Chocolate Records]
Jumkins – Eternal Moon [Sweet Harmony Records]
Kautsar, DANL & Hatsune Miku – Rindu [GROW VIBES MUSIC]
Kerry, Nang San & Awake – Home (feat. Nang San) [Mxximus Records]
Kouem – Soon [Round Triangle]
Max Freegrant & Slow Fish – L’amour [The Remixes] [Freegrant Music]
MUUI – Sensory Arc [Here Now.]
Nella – Power [Melody Records]
Nifiant – Milky Way [No Norma]
OMAIR & Chris Varvaro – Controlled Chaos (Omair’s Deep State Mix) [OHM Deep State]
Overplade – Don’t Know [Alveda Subject]
Prou – Last Promise [Stereophonic]
Rainbow Addict – Rush [Progressive Dreams]
Ramin Helvet – Xayaluna [Another Life Music]
Rexuss – Arctic Ocean [Neostatics Sounds]
Rexuss – Mountain River [Neostatics Sounds]
Robin Hagglund – Arrival [Gallant Records]
Samialz – Walking Home [Diana Recs]
Sebastian Busto – Workaholic [RPLG069]
Spark & Shade – Daybreak [Audio Treatment]
Takaki Matsuda & Apsara – In Vitro [Gaya Blue Records]
The Loco – Altair’s Oblateness [Mystic Carousel Records]
Tjalling Reitsma & LRNC – Wherever We Go [Mozuiq]
Tuxedo – Glass Castle [Spring Tube Limited]
Twin Mix Trip – Anomaly EP [Hey Momma!]
Vasily Goodkov – Ocean _ Nature [PHW364]
Vid’In – Low [Alveda Pulse]
Wassu – Messages [Poesie Musik]
Wilhelmsson – Fireflies [You Love Dance]
XAYO – Alive [Diana Recs]
Z8phyr – Sweet Cerulean [Cool Breeze]

Tech House

Alan Nieves – Take Me Deep EP [UP005]
Brando (US) – Feel Good [NS071]
Carlo Caldareri – Master Chili EP [HUAM334]
DJ Deeon, DJ Haus – Jerkin’ Houz (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix Club Mix)
Faguy – New Rain [RUNS180]
Faraj – Spin That [SUPER42]
Felix Schrader – Deep Down Inside [AS120]
Figio’s – Shine Love [MRCARTER115]
Francisco Allendes – Make Me EP [RWM019]
Gabriel Boni, Eme – Crazy [FIRE168]
George Privatti, Guille Placencia – Cha Cha Cha [ERM164]
Jholeyson – Discow [HOTC137]
John Digweed, Nick Muir, Gabriel Ananda – Tachyon Return
John Spinosa, Morsy – Never Stop [PTR013]
Kurt Klang, Koen Groeneveld – Don’t Stop (Koen Groeneveld Extended Edit)
Leo Sanchez, Edwin Rosillo – People Gone Be Crazy
Lost Souls Of Saturn – Extended Versions (R&S)
M.F.S. Observatory – Belly Of Biased Beast Ep
Miguel Cayro – DURKOP EP [AM001]
Miki Lampignano – Fra22 [LOW119]
No Hopes, Pushkarev – Body Shaker [TK020]
Rene Amesz – Hacienda [AR009]
Robert DB – House [NO0095]
SCSI-9 – Squares And Circles LP (Apparel Tronic)
Serge Santiago – Krayzee [4050538542820]
Steve Bug, G-Tech – How We Live [SNATCH137]
Steve Lee – The Jungle [PH160]
Syskey – Get on Up [BLV6601444]
Tripmastaz, Guti – R U Happy (Pets)
Two Tails – Bath Time [RCKBTM014]
Tyler Coey – Synesthesia EP [RMR015]
VA – Clarisse Various Artists, Vol. 3 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Sound System, Vol. 1 [STT046]
VA – Summer Lovers 2019 (2019) [FLAC]
Vanilla Ace, Space Jump Salute – Dream Maker [MOT015]
Victor Vera – HALO EP [RTM062]
Wax Motif – Divided Souls (feat. Diddy) [DS0001BB]

Techno & Minimal

Ada (der Zeitgeist) – Women Beat Their Men (Original Mix).mp3
ådå (der Zeitgeist) – Women Beat Their Men [8676]
Aregone – El Cuarto De Las Puertas EP [BDD016]
Arsenii Efremenko – Enter The Void [SMR006]
arvin rain – end of an era [BLCKBRD001]
Austrek – Serene [AD02]
Balcazar, ADMNTM – Levels [WW001]
Band&dos, Akeos – Happy Dream EP [OLE073]
Basament – PRICKLY PEAR EP [GR199]
Blac Kolor – Nephi [193483990132]
Burnski – Vivid [CS015]
Dan Kushner – Bento Box [CAT321531]
Dani Sbert – Jumping [BB354R]
Daniel Bortz – Acid Hype [LR1389226]
Dario Sorano – Fader Curve [HYD012]
Dave Samuel – Moonrise [OUI059]
Delhia De France – Reach Dione (Monkey Safari Remix)
DJ Steph – Melodic View EP [BTM024]
East End Dubs – bRave EP [FUSE038]
edetto – Got The Body [ED002]
edetto – The Waves [ED003]
Exit Coda – Shelter [DDW093]
Fabio Battaglia – Eternal Climb EP [FAMILIA024]
Heiko Laux – Untitled [194491122522]
Jackson Swaby – AND SEE TOLD ME THAT EP [TDR084]
James Gill – Out Of Time [RM011]
Jons’n – The Speaker [BSSM0033]
Karenn – Voam Club Archive Volume 1 (Voam)
Kaya DJ – Decayed City [IAMT168]
Kotelett & Zadak – Never Enough [PFR219]
Lemmi Ash – Osmin Uratoma (ESP Institute)
Lewis Fautzi – Extinction [SOMA557D]
Locked Groove – Eb and Flow (Hotflush)
M0B, Hannes Wiehager – Red Code [ER524]
Mariano Santos – Kilombo [SK229]
Martin Books – Sick [CARTI031]
Mediahora, Federico Apadula, Tomi&Kesh – All Night Long EP
Mike Bens, Daniel Sbert – Indica [BB352]
Moldovan – CONTEMPLARE [CPL197]
Murat Ugurlu – Never Forget [346578]
NachturnaL – Verbose [SM028]
Oliver Schmidt – Colonia EP [ML046]
Ollie Populi – Drinking Tea In Chepstow [PSRDEEP0025]
Parallet Movements – Spiritual Machines [OUI055]
Ramiro Lopez, Andres Campo – Marito [ODD032]
Re Dupre, Depaack, Lexi Scherr – In The Dark [PA049]
Res mo – Glass (Needwant)
Rhythm Box – Infrequent Girl [TT250]
Ritzi Lee – Into the Real EP [MORD062]
RUFUS DU SOL – All I’ve Got [054391942760]
Spencer Parker – You’re Under My Control Now (Rekids)
Tony Tyson – Glass Hammer [CTX016]
VA – Bar 25 Music Presents_ Sounds of Sirin, Vol. 3 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Coral [PARALLEL063]
VA – Dash Part 8 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Eclipse Recordings 4 Year, Pt. 1 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Kindisch Stories by Art Of Life (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Organic Creations Issue 22 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – Supynes 13 (2019) [FLAC]
VA – VA I (2019) [FLAC]