Afro House

Andrey Exx – Rhythm [TRANSA RECORDS]
Been V – The Craft [Way Up Music]
Boot Slap – Cocodrilos (feat. Chiara Montiel)
Dazzle Drums – Ijoigbo [Sunclock]
Dee Green – Talibu [TECHNOID Recordings]
House Assassins SA – Far from Over [DM.Recordings]
InQfive – Burning Spear [IKLWA Brothers]
James Deron – Drumas [Cafe Creme Music Records]
Joy Marquez – Malawian [Futura Groove Records]
Maffioli – Afro Funk [Maffioli Records]
Manager & Afro – Horizon [Seres Producoes]
Naksy – Sonar [Palanca Records]
Parcel – Ekhaya [Surreal Sounds Music]
Simpatiek, BinaryFunction – Auwey
SweetRonic Deep – Deep Crazy [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
The Neighbour – Mummified [Arawakan]
Ultra Soul Project – Make It [Gruv Shack Digital]
Walkman Alkhebu & Ruben Rivadeneira – Ghost of Azania (EP)
William Medagli, Thallulah & Jose Maria Ramon – Omata
Zakente – Anomalia [Bstudios]
Zimosoul – Azania (feat. MaXx) [Merecumbe Recordings]


Active Visions – For Those I Forgot [Abora Symphonic]
All Atomic – New Wave [Pink Dolphin Music Ltd]
Basto! – Bring Me To Life [Be Yourself Music]
Christian Express – Ayla [Exigua Records]
DJ Mairu – Dark Days [Mairu Beats]
DJ SilverDarling – Save the Children
Dustin Edge – So – So [Octiive]
E-Dom – Bounce More Bounce [Musata Music]
Elle Hollis – I’m Not In Love [Be Yourself Music]
Enova – Enigmetallica [Octiive]
Fastway – Eurobeat Fastway 1 [Scp Music]
Frank Wegner – Your Time [YouTunez]
Issey Matsumoto – East Wind [Vinebeat Records]
Josef Salvat – modern anxiety (salute remix)
Liotia – Blackout [Ramrock Records]
Liquid Silva & Dinar Candy – Squats [Hussle Records]
Lost Out There – Elah [Future Sonar]
Matteo Becucci – Lontano dagli alberi [Senza Dubbi]
Max Manetti – Papa Doc Aguila [eclectics]
Owen Norton – Without You [Proximity]
Rico Francis – Feel the Fire [COMBINED]
Robert Burian – Better Days [Enormous Chills]
Rolan & su Tumbao Sabroso – Primera Produccion
Shoko Rasputin – Sky of Black Hall, [U.G.JAMMIX]
Stephan Vegas & Rizzo DJ – Dime Que Me Amas [Executiva Music]
To Viana – Killbeats (Marty ‘N Rizzo Freestyle Remix)
Wasabi Bytes & Basement Freaks, Wasabi Bytes – Greatest Bits 202.0 [Decisive]
Weshai – No New Friends (feat. Istina) [Multiza Distribution]
zelll – Touch [Supertunes]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Abriviatura IV – Fly Away (feat. Leusin) [Deepwibe Records]
Airbas, Alex Oke, Airbas, Adam Nathan – Wave After Wave
Alek Soltirov – Just a Concept [Tree Sixty One]
Alex Pich – Walpuris [Emergent Textures]
Alex Spite & Olga Shilova – Say My Name (Remixes)
Alto Kango, Rahfü – Sp001 [From disco to disko]
Anthony Chocco – You Are [Y-Stinger Records]
Ave Astra – Homeless [Roit Recordings]
Ave Astra – Never Give Up [Roit Recordings]
Ave Astra – Odd Chords [Roit Recordings]
Ave Astra – Smstry (Demo) [Roit Recordings]
Axel E – Silverhojd (Alpha Mound Remix) [Lamour]
B.S.L.C. – Outspaced I Solace [AMITABHA]
Bass Ace – I Wanna Know [Clubmasters Records]
Camblom Subaria – Open Your Mind
Carl Thornton – Let Me Fly [Casa Rossa]
Cedric Salander – Feel Your Touch (Original Mix) [M-Sol DEEP]
Chronical Deep – Fauna [Blur Records]
Claudio Tempesta – WELCOME ABOARD (Extended Mix)
Da Lex Dj – Emphaticly Daring [Spiced Music]
Daniele Soriani & Gianrico Leoni – Gonna Do It Again [Be Adult Music]
DeeRiVee – Things You Love (feat. Arla Dusha) [Deepcloud Records]
Denis Kazakov – Good Time [Sure Cuts Records]
Dilemmachine – Too Synth For the Disco [Funky Way]
Dkuul – Solid Ground [Suprafive Records]
Dominic Aquila – Summer Rain [Ole White]
Double Meaning – Teotihuacan [Controlla]
Ebrahimi – Snofall [Dream Culture]
Eisor – Sky Story [& Other Moods]
Fabio Me Llaman Soltero & Don Ipanema Boi – Lo Que Es Bueno
Flourish AU – Let’s Reset (Extended Mix) [Black Bubble Records]
Guy Gibbons – Bipolar Disorder [DeepStitched]
Hiss Band, Diego Amador & Ersin Ersava_ – Sofia
Jacobo Padilla, Jacobo Padilla, Rubens 1210 – Hold
JfAlexsander – This Not Always [Shamkara Records]
Kalson – Acid Brazil [Gouranga Music]
Keisuke Hara – Evanescence [PHW Elements]
Laroz – Where Is Monic [Hosted]
Lau Frank – Deep Indeed [Jazzea Recordings]
Leo Perez, Rene Castañeda, Greenage – Naturally
Lil’ D – Tonic [Adara Records]
LPA City – Cloudy Day [LPA City Recordings]
Magnifik – Go Figure (feat. Rob Jarrah)
Mario Fueyo – Dance [WayOn]
Matrix III – Telomeres [Stammtisch]
MindFoxx – Subconscious Illusion [Ohxalá Records]
Monsika Saferr & Tello – Burnin’ [Suburban Spirit]
Müslüm Arı – I’m Yours [DeepShine Records]
Nebula (AR), Nebula (AR), Facundo Mohrr – Tales of Kashmir
Neon Rider – The Incas [Russian Techno]
Pennywild – Footsteps [Dim Mak Records]
Pym & Esté – No Pressure ,, The Remixes [Maniana Records]
Questionwork – I Believe [See The Sea Records]
Ritz – Beauty Never Fades [Piston Recordings]
Santino Bontempo – To Have And Have Not
Seaman – Deep Land [Plexus Music]
Sean Aaron – Hold Me [Cosmic Love Records]
Sebastian Zagovic – Malpensa [Opilec Music]
Sordino – Cosmodans [Ohxalá Records]
Stephen K Cal & Leon Ferrara – Crimes at Noon
Sylan 101, Giancarlo Puigbó – Mahi Mahi
The Pressure – Mtv [the LABEL]
Toki Fuko, Toki Fuko, Alfij – Variant VI [DP-6 Records]
Torres De Lara, Deephope – Bpm
V&Shmit – American Dream [Thunder Jam Records]
VA – Cold Fall [In Dushe]
VA – Deep Snow Deep Tunes [BE52 Records]
VetLove – Play That Game [Nicksher Music]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Aardonyx & Bizzmo, Aardonyx – Aardonyx (Remixed)
Agressor Pop – Alter Ego [Grand Dark Audio]
Anthony Kasper, DJ Elsewhere – All We Had , Count Em Up
Bacardos – Heavy Drop [Dragon Records]
Bassassin – INDIGENOUS [Inbassion Records]
Bassface Sascha & DJ Phlex – Apocalypse , Stranger Things
Bicente Hole & LHJ – Ascente [East Records (CN)]
Binary – Activated , Infinite [Abducted LTD]
Buunshin – All About This [Neosignal Recordings]
Clb – Sonar [Broken Music Syndicate]
Confusious – Ignite , No Dramas [Celsius Recordings]
Dan Guidance – A Way With Words Pt 2 [Liquid Drops]
David Synth & Vandermou – Depolarization [Histeria Records]
DJ Krust, L-Side – Not Necessarily a Man (L-Side Remix)
DJ Mairu – Storm [Mairu Beats]
DJ Nano – El Mar (2020 Remixes) [Natas Records]
DJ30A – Turn The Lights Off [Kaleidoscope Music]
Flowidus – Said & Done , Trainwork [Elevate Records (UK)]
iLL Diablo – Out of Left Field [Lotus Mathematics]
Instinkt, Instinkt, Brazed – Constellations
Jazzz – Yummy Vibes [Tokyo Dawn]
KC, Ruko – The Side You Play [Playside 175]
Kromuh x Spades & Kyral X Banko – Relinquished
Lao Wai & Sustance, Lao Wai – Platonic [Context Audio]
Lyria – The Last of MHCNS [DAL Music]
Macbass & Nelson – Backflip [Ensis Records]
Manta – Hackerman , Rising [DIASCOPE]
Nick Matern – Tmr , Sr [Matern Archive]
Party Hard – Squat! (feat. Havana La Noche)
Posij – Chrysalis [Vision Recordings]
RubySnake – Wait for You [LESS IS MORE Records]
Seathasky – 1999 [Shadowhearts]
Sirota – On the Loose [AP Digits]
Soul Defiance – Relinquish , Getting Too Far [Default Recs]
Steiny – Can You Feel This [Adrenaline Records]
Stereo Mars – Carib Mixtape [Inner City Dubs]
Stompz – Foghorns On the Tyne [Souped Up Records]
Tim Ismag – Rock the Bass [Tim Ismag]
TNT Sounds – 3Am – [Sliced Note Recordings]
Twintone – The Things We’ve Lost [Soul Deep Digital]
Univezz – Interstellar [Stardome Recordings]
Untrue – Yes or No , Utopia [Warm Communications]
VA – 10 Years of Phantom Dub Digital
VA – Run! Meros, Run ! [Force Energy Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

C’ALMA – Wu Wei [Tratore]
Children Within – The Human Legacy [Progress Productions]
ClassiQ – Free (From You) [feat. Kgolo] [Mboma Music]
CRYOSAUNA – Fragility [Dream Catalogue]
Deisen, Deisen, Glenn Shaw – The Magic of Infatuation
Digitalism – Panavision [Magnetism]
DJ Panya – Electronic Dreams [Big Tunes Records]
DJ Silverado – Cover it Up [XDMC Records]
Dj tomsten – In the Club [Octiive]
Dj tomsten – King Caller [Octiive]
Dynamic Illusion – Break the Light [AstroPilot Music]
Emilía, Emilía, Eyoko – Pollinations [Rottenman Editions]
Emilía, Lee Yi – Spring Through a Window
Eyoko – Yoso [Rottenman Editions]
Funkel – Silver In the Sea [recordJet]
Hardcore Buddhist – Cosmic Mentality
HiWstre – Elemental [Lodjiya]
Ian Barras – Going to Hell [Azra Digital Records]
Iohannes – Flying Underwater [Make It Music]
Johnny Posh & Nathan Hall – Portals
JT Almon, Ali X x Ximena – Is Anybody Out There
KAGAMI Smile – Office Dream [Dream Catalogue]
Kalamour – Out of the Void [Sweet Dreams Records]
Kazuya Nagaya – Heathen [SCI+TEC]
Klopfgeister – They Were Here Before Us [Spin Twist Records]
Late Era – Homecoming [Memoir Music]
Lelya Kursanova & Alexander Volosnikov – Color Music New Time
Liquidroom – Seeds of Life [AstroPilot Music]
Lua Maria & Adrian Freedman – Aguilita Remixes
Mayten – No Other Way (feat. Miteh) [WeGrowWax]
MonoSix – Dolls [Tratore]
MPH – Crossover [Lengoland]
nAbi & Magi Hikri – Sim Arak [City Slang]
Parde Grilon – Dementes Mentes [Alss]
Pflichta – Suddenly Discovering [Otium Garden]
Returning VHS – Llorona [Periphylla Records]
Romil12 – Full Love [Neostatics Sounds]
Rudy Mycology – 16th November [Twoja Stara]
Salguero, Salguero, _me – Desierto De Cristal
San Jerónimo – Cuaresma [WeAreWolves Records]
Sawa Angstrom – Level [Thanks Giving]
STEREOCOBRA – Akula – [Future Funk Records]
The Oddness, Dandara – Liquid Chant
The Prince of Dance Music – Naizay [BADs Label Larhon Records]
The Prince of Dance Music – Toxins [BADs Label Larhon Records]
This Light – Paradiso [Quanticman Records]
V-Ger – Spirit of the People of India (Radio Edit) [Vger]
VA – Morbit Exile 101 [Morbit Exile]
VEKY – Expectation [Amind Two Guys Records]


4ZZZ1 – Brain Fuckers [Psychocandies]
9bar – Rockin with the Best [M5]
A Way of Being – Deutschland Hymne [Meine Mucke]
Afrodirt – Chica Mel (Jostigant Afromix) [i2 Records]
Ali Bakgor – Don’t Leave [FRQNCY]
Amon – Now Put Your Hands Up [Neptune]
Anderson Guerbe – Devoted [Alveda Music]
Armagideon – Dance [Octiive]
Audias – Elemental Flower [Vinyle Magique Music]
Boris Gray – Music & Me [Valiant Horizon]
BrightKay – Sweet Journey [Cool Staff Records]
Chris Geldard – Can You Feel It [3rd Way Recordings]
Complex – Better Late Than Ever [Vamos Music Talents]
D Charles – Soaking In It [Savory Audio]
D&E – Marching [Phunky Rabbit Records]
Damon Hess – Oh My God [Euanthe Records]
Dani Zavera – Thru the Night [Mistaken Records]
Dave Mayer – Keep Dancin’ [Bobbin Head Music]
David Diaz & DJ Cocodil – Speed [Sandy Records]
Deejay Balius – Orgasm In The Beat [Elantris Records]
DJ Yanks – A.M [Cardina Records]
Doc Link – Just Can’t Stay Away [Refuge Recordings]
Eazy P & DJ Place – Lovely Day [Way Up Music]
FDF – Falling for You [Shared Rec]
Fiasco & Nicely – DNTM [DTL Records]
Funkatomic – Won’t You Say [WU Records]
Gavana – Greek Acid (feat. Lars Ydgren)
Gavinco – Blanche [Metamorphose]
Goblin Hulms – Around the Decks [Tiltools]
Heldeus – Take U Down [This Is Mafia]
House And Sax – Funky [Vamos Music Talents]
Immoral Groove – Disco Travel [BeachGroove Records]
Indian Hacker – The Missing You [G-Mafia Records]
Iserhard – Madrecita Ayahuasca (feat. Ramanat)
Jose De Divina, G.M.C. – Legend [Sativa Music]
Kim Beacham – Given N2 Sin [Mantree Records]
Krinitsyn, Pravda – Not the End [K&P Lab]
Lakeshouse – Folkemusikk [Paper Disco]
Landlord – Escrow [Remember] [Legendary 404]
Luciano Avenoso – Free Your Mind [Defora Records]
LYP – Took My Time (feat. Elliot Chapman) [Lemon Yellow Pea]
Mattei & Omich – In the Underground (feat. Joe Smooth)
Max Pavlov, No Hopes – Fake Control [HouseU]
Mike Zoran – I Guess It’s You [Bif Records]
Mosey – Urge to Merge,Ride the Bus [Later in Life]
Movenchy & Harikiri – Got Them [noir sur blanc records]
Mylba – Dont Make Me Wait [Emperor Recordings]
North Sound – Old School Dimension [Transcendance Music]
Phil Hent – Only for Hiraeth [FreshKeyFreak]
PLP – Remember You (feat. JEE) [Moleskine Records]
Re-Tide – Dance With Me [Re-Tide Music]
Rhythm Staircase – Give Me Girl [Staircase Records]
Rodrigo Veiga – Bounce [Elantris Records]
Sinner & James – Do Ya Thang [Guesthouse Music]
Sweet LA – Hold It Back [P&S Music]
Synare – Glitter Rock [Houbless Music]
Tom Chubb & Rebecca Burgin – Place of Love
VA – 4 DJ UnDiscovered Weekly #94
Valah – Get Down [Made In House Records]
Wallas & Mack Bango – Get Some Drummer [Seventy Four]
Zetbee – The Town [Mood Funk Records]

Melodic House & Techno

AMMU – Dana [Suprematic]
Andres Velilla – Elegant Voyage [Palace Rec.]
Auggië, Auggië, Ede – Arbarad [Nebula Sounds]
Aydin – Take U [Deeploma Records]
Braunbeck, Braunbeck, Eluize – Samsa
Brunski B. – Particles [Callote]
Dafinchi – Neon Cluster [ANCL Lincor]
Davide Styloso – Corigliano [Gimmick Records]
Distant Glow – Half-Conscious (feat. Laundrette)
Djos’s Davis, Mia Mendi, OIBAF&WALLEN – Soul Fire , Nocte , Shimmer Mist
Dominik Fröhlich – Third Eye [Mind Games Recordings]
Etherwave, Etherwave, Naeiiv – Lazuli [RunAfter Records]
Evelynka, Jean Vayat, Jean Vayat – Run on the Sand
FALKO 33 – Roseate [Ambi Records]
Fleanger – Moonlight (feat. Debbi James)
Graumann – A Time for Us [Duenia]
Hans Morlier – Techno Bureau [Right Music Records]
HUD – Generation [About U]
Indigridient – Strange Weather [ARVEG]
Jackpotz – Sweet Cave [L.B.A Groove records]
Klemme – Systematic Distraction [STIG]
Kohlenkeller – Fighting Hard [Muziek Colours LTD]
Kuzey – Tasna [Feel Hype]
LANGBARD – Folding Sky [6913 Digital]
Larm Wolke – Smoke [ADRO Records]
LennHardt Leisure – Rendesvouz Point Antier
Luke Alessi – Expect Delays [UGENIUS Music]
Medular – Spiral Dose Remixes [Techgnosis Records]
Mr Morek, Mr Morek, Bragken – Eyes [Druma]
Poyraz Vardar – Goodbye [Wold Records]
R.EK – Krills [KnotenMusic]
Refracted – Util 01 [ara]
Romulus – The Road [Romulus Music]
Sartorian, Lauren Mia – Collision [Awen Tales]
Serkan Eles – Aura [Submarine Vibes]
Stereo Express – Saha [Love Matters]
Tobak, SNYL, Push’n’Ball – Darkness Between Us
VA – Indigo [ebb + flow]

Minimal & Deep Tech

2Now – Modular [Walking Music]
Adrian Zenith – Decrescent [Hotmind Records]
Anaid – With Love [Dul Recordings]
Anatoly Space – Good Morning [.KF Records]
Andre Buljat – Golden Hour [Island Beats]
Andres Volta – Sayu [Weirdtracx]
B80 – Some New Place [The Seed]
Birdsmakingmachine – Against the Odds
Cosmic Clap, Martiello – Split Series V.2
Davide Mentesana – Wabou [SERENA MUSIC]
Dhura Khapalam – Hansel’s Soul [Elastic Dimension Records]
Doug Bass – Trocolo [MyGarage Records]
Either, Or – Ghetto Punk [Strict Recordings]
Franco Cinelli – Spok [The Untold Stories]
Furz – Alfred Tailor [The Untold Stories]
Garage70 – Egyptian Magic [Zoo Series Recordings]
Guimas – Reis [Picknik Recordings]
Havvoc, Brandon Andrews, Kenny Hope – Space Dream
IKA – Ambar [Turtle Musik]
Jezellic – Pink Horse , Tipitu [HEISENBERG]
JFO – Opaque [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Jorge Cary, Hernandez.D – Caeza e Chancho
Kerouac & Smile – Tripping Out [Floorpiece Digital]
Kintaro 89 – The Projects [Magic Mountain Club]
Leonardo Ortíz – Hyper [Turtle Musik]
Luar & Flandez, Luar – Model [DXL Records]
Luca Massari, Eraseland – Consulting the Mallet
Lyand – It’s Real [Elastic Beatz]
Matt Shelder – Afterparty [Kassette Music]
Maxi Galoppo – Don’t Go [Techaway Records]
Mike Morrisey – System [Libero Records]
Mike Techh – Let Us Sink [Dark Side Recordings]
Mimush – The Seasons [OuiOui Concept]
MKEY (UK) – Outta Acid [Celestial Recordings]
Monococ, Mycell – Dark Celebration
Nicolas Franken – Chan Tal [Vandalism Black Series]
OuiOui – Sisoe Neagoe [OuiOui Concept]
Pheek – Ismael Samson [The Untold Stories]
Public Housing – One Handed Dancer [Constant Sound]
Rich Walker – The Underground [Minimal Underground]
Sebastian Eduardo – Hanshan [The Untold Stories]
Sil – Fiesta Patronal [Magic Mountain Club]
Sil – Tadeush Konrad [The Untold Stories]
Sonnen Blumen Kerne – Wipe [Conceptual Black]
Sputnik One – MK Ultra [The Untold Stories]
Starcomus – Make You Break [VL Records (RU)]
Sumau – Singular [LDN BLK]
Suokas – Billy Meier [The Untold Stories]
Tommy Vicari Jnr – Still Hold Your Vision in My Mind
VA – The Untold Stories Chapter I [The Untold Stories]
VA – The Untold Stories Chapter II [The Untold Stories]
VA – The Untold Stories Introduction
VA – The Untold Stories Chapter V [The Untold Stories]
VA – The Untold Stories Chapter VI
VA – The Untold Stories. Chapter III & Chapter IV [The Untold Stories]
Walter Alferole – Symmetrica [VODA Records]

Progressive House

Apste – A Hunch [LuPS Records]
Ares Music, Axel Core – Music Box 4 [SAM SOUND]
Buba, Lerr – Strange Feelings [Balkan Connection]
Camilo Garcia – Flying Tango [Louv Records]
Chris Giuliano & Stargliders – United
Chris Tower – Breathe [Bevel Rec]
Cowlam – Welcome [Wolfrage Recordings]
CRUXZ, CRUXZ, Ayhan Akca – Kobalt [BC2]
Dariuz, Freddy Fat Cats – Monolit [Usanza]
Deeparture – Rewrite (feat. Rubenson)
DJ Erika – I’m Wrong [NEO]
Dj Richardfloor – Artificial Life [Night Life Children Records]
Enertia-sound – Faces [IN2U Records]
Faraón – Sleepless Nights [DeepShine Records]
Forest Weed, Leon Capeta – Devotions (Remixes)
Francisco Castro, Adrian Pricope – Surrounded by Trees
Hakan Ozurun, Ewan Rill – Leave It Be [Bonzai Progressive]
Hansgod, NOIYSE PROJECT – Tolomba [BQ Recordings]
Lemon8, Andrea Cassino – A Better Place [Soundteller Records]
Majed Salih – Vemoriades [Medievil-Music]
Manu Kenton – For My Darling [Bonzai Progressive]
Martin Andrioli, Armandhe – Ghosts
Maxim Novikov – Student [MOOFLY]
Melchi – Nanjing [Emergent Shores]
Michael A – Ruins [Genesis Music]
Moshic – Element 115 {Original & Dub Mix} [Stripped Digital]
Niceshot – Multicolor Room [Dreamers]
Platunoff, Hot Tuneik – DayDreaming
Safron – Intergalactic Nomad [Neoteck Music]
Santhytech – Spirit Up [Survivor Records]
Sinan Arsan – Variance,Cerebrum [Astrowave]
Stergios – Aenao [Regeneration Music]
Steve Zerbysound – The Club [DSrecording]
Tav Bord, Tav Bord, Monojoke – Jubilee (Remixes)
Tilt, Tilt, Davo FM – Arabesque [Guerilla Movement]
VA – From Iran to Canada
VA – Incepto Remixes 03 [Incepto Music]

Tech House

Advic – D – The Sailor [Morrvey Tech Sounds]
Andres Power & OutCode – Sisters & Brothers
Anna Velazquez – Smooth Ride [Midnight Express Records]
Atan petillo – Africa Brasil [G-Mafia Records]
Batique, DJ Hightech, Nyl – Istanbul [Tremenda RECORDS]
Brad Lessur – Travolta [OddBall Records]
Buba’Loo – All I Wanna Do [Me Gusta Records]
Cailum Staats – Lakeside [DaCosta Records]
Carlos Marin – Followme [RHOMBUS DIGITAL RECORDS]
CLAN EQ, Burger Fries 1,99 – Caramba
Cris Cobena – To Getcha Girl [Porky Records]
Daddato – Get Doh [Abstract Channel]
David Caetano – Kato [Cardina Records]
DJ Lorren, Junior Souza, Junior Souza – Indiana
DJ Serez – Understand [Clipper’s Sounds]
DJ Susan, FREAK ON – Freak (FREAK ON Remix)
Dunas – Blacksoul [Kieso Music]
Emilove & Emiliano Naples – Kazaki [Love to Love Records]
Folgatto – I Give You [Sonambulos Music]
FONICK – World in Destruction [Marktek Records]
Fresh Faces – Bloom [Deep Well Music]
Fumanchu – NOD [Valencia Records]
Gabriele Dila – Move It [See The Sea Records]
GIORG – Kiss Zone [Cocoa]
Hydrex – Vulcano [Smile Records]
Ivan Kook, Rey Espinosa, Van Brocket, Allessandra G – Tasty [Clvb95 Music]
Ivan Salvador – Pannacotta [Smile Records]
Jax Camel Rider – Robot Heart [Deepclub]
Jeremy Broz – No Limitz [Diana Recs]
JOOLIA – Billie Eilish [Beverly Pills]
Juliet Sikora – Umdanso [Kittball]
Khrononaut’s – Gray Cat [Tremenda RECORDS]
Lovacc – Two On [Abstract Channel]
Loyd James – Get Back to Me [Stash Records]
Menih – Xilacina [Loob Label]
Nanox – Energy! (Remixes) [48007 Music]
Nykoluke – Le Trombe [Enjoy It Productions]
Pavel Prokudin – Genetics [PP Records]
Putheadz – Fire [Deep Bear]
Risk Label – Gang Bang [Deep Bear]
Sacred Tech – The Drop [Morrvey Tech Sounds]
Sexgadget – A Moment in Time [Groove Tom Records]
Sllash & Doppe – Pop That Booty [Boom Boom Room]
Steve Nocenti – My Land [Italica Records]
Tekmao – 11Eleven [High Contrast]
VA – Basement Thirtyeight
VA – Tech House Music
Vakabular, Alexander Belousov – Crazy Thing [Hollystone Records]
Van Davis – Voodoo [Natural Rhythm]
YRM, Javier De La Vega & Julio Martinez – Good Vibes [Siena]

Techno & Minimal

Apokryph, Pilato – Transcendence [Eremit]
Aaron Fisher, Alexey Kotlyar – Bullshit LSD [AK Recordings]
Ale Effe – Atum [Black Turtle Records]
Andrea Stelitano – Mecca [Pela Sound]
Andy de Baeke – When Our Journey Ends [Ozran Sunset]
Apokryph – Gods [Eremit]
Apokryph – Lie or Truth [Eremit]
Apokryph – Limbic System [Eremit]
Apokryph – Lost Future [Eremit]
Apokryph – Surreal [Eremit]
Apokryph – The Untold Stories [Eremit]
AuDio KoDe – TranZ [De-Noize Records]
Beth Lydi, Filthy French – Snoeflakes #8 [SNOE]
Brian Dunn, Following Light – Restrictions [Lincor Apex]
CM Falter – Papilionibus [.defaultbox]
coaxer – Miner Dub [Lodjiya]
Coffee Face & 2ways – Definition of Love [Hey, location!]
Dani Sbert – Akustik [Hidden Secret Records]
Dani Sbert, Alessandro Grops, Dominik Schwarz – Dronetek [Sonusfield]
DAS – Spatial Sigh [Induxtriall Records]
Deborah de Luca & F-Rontal – Last Time [sola_mente]
Dee Machine`s – La Vague [Electric Wave Records]
DJ BSR – Pretentious [Technodrome]
DJ Maurizio Mondello – Lithium [Italian Creation]
Dreckig – A Good Human Animal [Dreckïg Music]
Emma Jai – Lunar Ariens-EP [Sektor Black]
Eva Swan – Equality [Eva Swan Records]
Felsensternmodus, Jssst – Box 1 [2K Records]
Fhase 87 – Inside [Trauma Records]
Frank Maurel – Reactor [Transmit Recordings]
Freaky Carnival – Sands [Multiza Distribution]
Greyhead – Estupido Humano [Darknet]
Jaime Galvez – Wounds [Maniacs Records]
JayCamel – Right Now [CamelMusic Records]
JfAlexsander – Xpanter [Survivor Records]
Juria – Switch to Dark Theme [Plein Phare Records]
Just W – Across the Universe [Against Everything]
Kareem Smith – Sxy Grny 51 [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Ken Sekiguchi – Ring Ring [Moon Mission]
Kevin Ferhati – 33 [Maintain Replay Records]
Kevin Vaya – Mistery [Decibel Music]
KIMONO – Asp [KMNO Records]
Koal_53 – Present Monent [KOAL RECORDS]
Koredeiv – Heart Attack [White Line Music]
Kreisel, Monococ – Hunter Moon [KRSL]
Leo Itskovich – War Z [AFTERTIME Records]
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