Afro House

Bandius Companion – Preguntas Fractales
BigSoul & D9ineIV – The Art of Peer Pressure
Braulio Silva & Dee Cee – Go (feat. Koki Riba)
De Major – High & Above [Mosaiq Music]
Gianmarco Limenta – In My Heart [Moai Tech]
Gil Bokobza – Conga [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Hallex M – Okap [United Music Records]
Hannes Wiehager & Wasabi – Lunar (Wasabi Rmx)
Hever Jara – Jungle Storm [Latin Dutch Records]
Ivan Afro5 – Potronas Tomb [Pablo Entertainment]
John Almenara – El Destino [Guettoz Muzik]
KINTAR & DJ Angelo – Cala del Sol
Madame M. – Sunny Road [Stereofly Records]
Magic Place – Hinadare [Exx Muzik]
Makadem – Salaam Remixes [Gondwana]
Muzungu – Penny Flute [Seres Producoes]
Owami Umsindo – eMandulo [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Sima Ka Mthembu – Tribute To FR Deep Souds
Sniper SA – Smoking Aliens
SoulLab – The Message (feat. Mogomotsi Chosen)
VA – Ade 2019 [Mycrazything Records]
VA – African Chill [MCT Luxury]
VA – SNKE ADE Edition 2019 [Sunclock]
Warren Deep – Lost Through Time [Black Mambo]
Wilson Kentura – Haka [Uncover Music]


VA – Autumn Breeze Vol.3 – Chill Sounds For Relaxing Moments (2019)
VA – Balearic Chill #9 [Lovely Mood Music]
VA – Balearic Gabba Sound System – Amaducci’s Selfie 2019
VA – Ibiza Lounge Zone, Vol. 12
VA – The 2019 Chillhouse Album


68fl oz – Chaos [recordJet]
Abziz, Softouch & Michs Mins – Police Love
AirDice – Into the Light [1st Strike]
Alison Wonderland & QUIX – TIME (Remixes)
Andrea Belli & Julian Moss – One More Time
Ashni – I’m Alive [Universal Flow Records]
Ashton Love, MPV & 4beats – Feel Like (17)
Axis – Come Back To Me [recordJet]
Bob Cargill Music – Hello Phthalo [Octiive]
Camden Levine – Burn (feat. Emma Remelle)
Deep Fidelity – Looks Like I’m in Love Again (7md Remixes)
Dendy – Not Alone [Audio Bitch Records]
DickTatoR Beats – Beats [Life’s Music]
DJ HK & Mc Marcelo Gaúcho – Senta No Grau
Dovi – Voda [VIDLIK]
Dr. Basement – Be Patient – Remix Edition (Remixes)
Funkhauser – Ad Fundum [Funkhauser Records]
Ghost Motel – The Long Night (feat. Alina Von Der Gathen)
Harrison Crump – Washa (feat. Zandiii J)
Headdancer – We Are One (Moo’s Song) [Danceclusive]
HERO – Rot In Pieces [Fool’s Gold, Inc]
Joss – Bathi Kimi (feat. Ms. V)
Kap Bambino – Erase (Remixes) [Because Music]
Kydus – Destiny (feat. Camden Cox) [Big Beat Records]
Lambchop – Basement Tapes [City Slang]
Main Funk Orchestra – Fluffy Tunes [Zoundr]
Maren – The Sun Go Down [Classroom Records]
Nick Peloso & Karavan Familia – Pomagele
Semitoo, Marc Korn & Marc Crown – Hit the Light (Remixes)
Simon Finix & Kianto – Circus [Music Life Records]
Sony Leon – A Sparkling Life [Waveskin White]
Spoonfed – Dark Magic [Pink Dolphin Music Ltd]
Steny – Coma [Enormous Chills]
Sync Diversity – I Do Love You [Sync Diversity Records]
Talyk & Prime – Conventual [No Norma]
The Chainsmokers & Illenium – Takeaway – The Remixes
Throwing Snow – The Death of Pragmatism
Tony Delta – Bang Bang [ENJOY]
Toro y Moi – Soul Trash [Carpark]
Verdun Remix & DJ Teo – Cuando Te Veo
Xanti, Tim Bell & Elenoir – Queen of Love
Yana Heinstein – Sexlessbabe

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

2 Crazy Guys – Live It Off The Wall [DBR1189]
A21 – Seeking for Failure [Embassy One]
Adoradores de Estrellas Muertas – Cuatro Traumas Modernos
Adrianos Papadeas, Kostas Skretas feat. Katerina – Gone
Alex Heide – Density [Nala Music]
Andre Sobota – Empty – Closer – Layers [ENCOLOR204E]
Andrea Palazzo – Pound In My Pocket [Kamaloca Rec.]
Argento Dust, BlaQRhythm – SHADOWFALL E.P [GNDWN015]
Arthur M – Love Me Not (Elektromekanik Remix)
Ayala (IT) – Azteca [OCH081]
Azari – M-Body (Remixes) [MF006]
Aziz Sercan – I’m Coming Home [Ace Kings]
Aziza, Nadia Lucy – That’s The Kind Of Love [KODA098]
Barbara Mason – Another Man (SanFranDisko Remixes)
Basic Need, Alexi Delano, Pablo Sanchez – Tides Arising EP [CP086]
Bella Boo – Once Upon A Passion (Studio Barnhus)
Bobryuko – Deinceps Tantum [Moveton]
Boge – This Love [Night Owl Music]
Boyoca feat Janine Bailey – Burnin’ [KMS 2019WW]
Brigade – Jesus Saves [Get Physical Music]
Charles Moui – Change of Life [Fatal Music]
Chores – Falling (feat. Laine) [Dharma (WMG)]
Christian Engh – Balkong (Full Pupp)
Cmbero – Amalobolo [GCR059]
Colm K. – Kfu(Rn) – [Tiff’s Joints]
Creative Ades – Falling Into Love [CA Records]
Cristian Vinci, Stones & Bones – All I Need (Re-Edit)
CueSoule – Indies [GR007]
Da AfroMan – To Places [GR010]
Dance Committee – Shifting [LUXURE]
Danmic’s – Oh La [SBR064]
Darksidevinyl – Eno Ba [FOMP113]
Darksidevinyl – Kasonga [SWITCHLAB041]
Darren Giles – Love Me Like This [DPDR004]
DARWIN FLORES & Juwan Rates – Fresh Laces
DASCO – African Power [LT102]
David Lowell Smith – Technopathy
Deejay Bengwas, Daisy – Senakangwedi [MS07]
Detroit Swindle – The Life Behind Things EP (Heist Recordings)
Diaz Tech – Arabia Saudí [Integrate Music]
Dimka – Save the Planet [Dimka Records]
Dionigi – Autumn Breath [Quantistic Division]
Dirty Disco Stars – Can’t Take It [CRMS063]
DJ JUSTE MATHIEU – Dance Monkey [194676313011]
DJ Kosmas K – Velvet Arp [LAD Publishing & Records]
DJ Phellix – Bar Sabze Neshin Feat. Maryama
Double-Base – 15th Touch [DZB182]
Doubleoz – I Can’t Say Goodbye [G-Mafia Records]
Enrico Santamaria – Mombasa _ Sun Electrik [SWITCHLAB040]
Eric Sharp – Kitsuné Musique Mixed by Eric Sharp (DJ Mix)
Ess O Ess – Voice Inside [Not An Animal Records]
Fabrizzio Alarcon – Keep Mooving [Ondule Recordings]
Fiin – Calling Out [UL00898]
Fish Go Deep – A Little Higher [131]
Fluida – Asuba [Ambious Records]
Foniksta – Beat On [Supadjs Projects]
Freddy Be & Savi Leon – Dope Like Pablo
Funky Blackman & Slo Moustache – Break In Chicago
Gimbrere – Mirage [FUDIS013]
Glowal – A.I. Talk [TAU009]
Golden Dawn Arkestra ‎- Children Of The Sun EP (Razor N Tape Reserve)
Gorge, Oliver Schories – Goliath [PRACHT3]
Gruve Collective – 4 A.M. 2k19 [Rinse Records]
Homie – What Did You Do [RSR100]
Hurlee – The Sunset Lover [Poetry in Motion]
Jacssen – Dr. Maya Angelou [Houbless Music]
Jacssen – Dust Till Dawn [Smashing Trax Records]
Jamie Christer – Time Here Time There
Janty, Jordan O’Regan – Up North, Down South
Jarrah Wales – Lately [Sound Association Records]
Jay Aliyev – Donme Geri [Baijan Records]
Jean Tonique, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue – Flawless (feat Adeline)
Jeao – Kikos Tone [Uba Lua Records]
Joeski – Be Free Feat Rachel [MAYA172]
John Gregory – With You – Sunset Moon [ND244]
Jose Vilches – Buda [XR269]
K-effect – Hidden Lyrics [Lumineux Records]
KarmaVila – Abo Cream [GSR149]
Konstantin Belenkov – Sky [Neorealism Music]
Kristin Velvet – Marble Cake [Arms & Legs]
Kryptic – Mas’hambe [FOMP114]
Ksky – Explore Your Atmos with Ethereal Subsonic Voices
LADS – Eli [RDT009]
Larry Gus – Subservient (DFA)
Lee MT, obylx – Grow [Guise Records]
Lejazz – The 6th Drive [HHS035]
Léo Borel – Addicted to You (Gustavo Marra Remix)
Leonid Nevermind – Chopped Icebreaker [Bivouac Sound]
Lugovskiy – CHNGS EP [NUR24784]
Luis Radio & Stefano Guerra – We Can Shine (Josh Grooves Remix)
Luis Valencia (BE) – Illusion [DeepShine Records]
M3DRADA – Magic Dream [ULR026]
Mallin – Can’t U See [Hungarian Hot Wax]
Mario Fueyo – You Can Do It [Graba Records]
Marlon Kirk – Peace Maker [Unprincipled Records]
Mathey B – I Need You [Supertunes]
Mauro B – Take Home [DeepClass Records]
Max Jones – Perisur [Duro]
Melodymann – Rosa Parks [Fizzapedia Recordings]
Moe Turk – Reflections [132]
Mojo District – Cafe Bohemia EP [ONYSIA002D]
Moonu – Gravitate [Black Error Recordings]
Mumbaata – Disco Will Never Be Gone
Munky Fike – DW013 [DW013]
Music P & Marque Aurel – Deep Downtown [Pump It Suzi]
My Secret Playground – Encounter I [Rabotat Records]
Nae-Tek – Projection (The Remixes) [SUPDUB173]
Neslo and The Firebirds – Movin On [Lazy Starfish Records]
Newman – I Love Therefore I Am [ADID050]
Niko Marks – Jet Technician [U2X Productions]
Nikolas Mol – Walk in the Park With Headphones
Nolek – The Vibe [WHO200]
Nonagon – Outside World [NH19119]
North Pollard – Light Expansion [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Nu Magic – Runaway [CM206]
O Future – Control the Rain [One Half]
Okain – Reminders, Vol. 7 [TALMANRM07]
Paradisco – What It Takes [UBM066]
Peter Croce – Mr. PC Versions #1 [Rocksteady Disco]
Phillipo Blake – Warm Funky [PB Music]
Project Pablo – Inside Unsolved [SPC-143]
R-Tido – I Like IT (feat See-Jay & Presh Beats) (Slow Jam Mix) [CAT332939]
R.I.P Bestia – African Burial Ceremony [Natura Sonoris]
Rando – Machine [Ole White]
Rawdio – Blue Spirits [No Fuss Records]
Remmy – Fusion _ Frontera [OBM766]
Richard IV – MXN (Delenz Remix) [Turbolenz Records]
Ridney – Outside the Lines [Guess Records]
Roberto Pedoto – Keep Grooving [9th Chord Recordings]
Roman Nunez – Searchin’ (feat. KTL) [Native Soul Recordings]
Ruff Diamond – IN Disco EP [RLVD026]
Saint Is – Something in Common [Sum Over Histories]
Sakhile SK – Wooo Baby [Deep Promises Records]
SamRAS – Blue Piano [Pingvizie]
Saul P – Antares [Young Society Records]
Schandro – MSC [Konstant Daneben Records]
Sebjak, Fahlberg – 4Ever She May Live (DJ Koze Edit)
SegG’Kay – Letting Go (feat. Motsow) [Donluiz Musicue Remix]
Shota – Chant (Remix) [TRIBE191]
Signos – Frequencies from Universe [Sintese Records]
Sinan Kaya – Don’t Call [Lisztomania Records]
Sky Civilian – Don’t Call Me Back [ATM071S1]
So.young – Ultraviolet Dream EP [TOT035]
Soulfuledge & Jackson Swaby – Late Night in Brooklyn
Soulnekta – Valhalla [DeepWit Uncovered]
Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura – Let’s Go [XR268]
The Stoned – DW014 [Discoweey]
The Sunchasers – Young Human [Tree Sixty One]
The Wizard Brian Coxx, Morsy, TheREDness – Animals [KNG814]
Timo Calio – The Phase [Deep Clicks]
Timo Chinala – Ykno [NWS024]
Tom & Mossee – Safar Safar (Part I)
Tom Ellis – Freeform , For Five (Remixes) [Nite Grooves]
TonicHD – Technicalities [THDrecords]
Tony Madrid – Walking Deep [XR271]
Tulioxi – The Downside of Being an Asshole
Two Many Funky – Funky and Furios [TJ100]
V.Q.D.P – Dark Love (feat. Rosemery)
VA – Abstract Jazz Vibes (Nite Grooves 25 Years Essentials)
VA – Afro Creations, Vol. 9 (2019)
VA – Afro House Essentials Vol 12 (2019)
VA – Afro Spiritual Lounge Vol 3 (2019)
VA – Afronism Vol 3 (2019)
VA – Colorscapes Sampler – Part One [ENCOLOR200S1E]
VA – Deep Fusion [48 Records]
VA – Deep Touched Vol 1 (2019)
VA – Discokat Sound Session, Vol. 3 (2019)
VA – Dub Team 02 [Pizza Tunait]
VA – Good Memories [130]
VA – Muzyka dla Nikogo [Transatlantyk]
VA – Nang Presents New Masters Series Vol. 5 – Situation (2019)
VA – Nang Presents New Masters Series Vol. 5 – Situation (Nang)
VA – Nothing But… Soulful House Vibes, Vol. 03 (2019)
VA – Pannonia [Pannonium Records]
VA – Personal Space Marco Grandi (2019)
VA – Piv Ade Sampler 2019 [PIV]
VA – Three Year Anniversary (VA) [Magician On Duty]
VA – Winter Deep House Charts 2020
VA – You Stand 4 Groove Sunset Edition
VA – Zirkus Zirkus Vol. 22 Elektronische Tanzmusik (2019)
Vincent R. – My Medicine [Careless Records]
Yescene – Natural High [Vivifier Records]
Zachary Charles Skinner – Getgo [Red Ant Records]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Alex Slk – Binary Funk [Boey Audio]
Alexis – Arabica [MANGO RECORDS]
Artificial Intelligence – The Series Outtakes
Bakground & Sangam – 90’s Living [Lobster Theremin]
Balkovsky – Wizard [BAM BAM]
Bekail – Samba! [Kryked]
Benny Page – Shimmy [Jungle Cakes]
Bliniks – Muted Earth [Wolf Beats]
Bracket – Jah Guide [In Da Jungle Recordings]
Brandon White – La Femme Sophistiquee
BuzLight – Duble Dragon [ChillRecordsMusic]
Cal Jamma – Turn Back To Me (feat. Sophie Miller)
Captain Bass – Game Boy [Exert]
Cru of Tu – Brainwashed [FiXT]
Dan Arlov – No Reply [Somewhere Out There]
Destiny – More Fire [Camo Tribe]
Dissident, Microfunk Crew – Puzzles [Microfunk]
Division & enta, Master Error – Zulu Tribe [Pick ‘n’ Mix]
DJ Direkt – Blackout [Viral-Mental Records]
DJ Istar – The 3 Stars [Starbrainrecords]
DJ Ride & BassBrothers, DJ Ride & Stereossauro – Meraki
dRamatic & Command Strange – Try to Understand (L-Side Remix)
DSurr – Driven [Lotus Mathematics]
Dub Head – Jelly Fish , Bass Face [Sofa Sound]
Dub Sense – Raise Hell [Bulletproof Records]
Eternal Hunger – The Circus Show [Heavy Artillery Recordings]
Exploid – Lost Souls [Raw Audio]
Fiesta Soundsystem – Call 020-Bait-Tune – [Mask Music]
Filthy Habits – Stand Up , Use Your Imagination [Iron Fist Audio]
Frank Viva – Hallow [FRANK VIVA]
From Ashes – Unsettling Imagery [Silent Running Scandal]
Furney – Massini Dread [Rotation Deep UK]
Gerra & Stone – Disillusion [SGN LTD]
Gravity – Endless [Totally Liquid]
HNGVR – Untitled [Muti Music]
Hugh Graham – Fire [Bounce United]
Hybrid Minds & Fred V – Drowning In You
Indivision – Secret Vision , Rubik’s Cube [Indivision Music]
Intraspekt – Gold Crested [Xex Audio]
Ivan L., Wayzoo – October Journey
Johnny Bass – Shake Your Booty [EPride Music Digital]
JTR – Cre8 LP Part 3 [Cre8DnbMusic]
Julian E – Where’s the Moment [Awokakai Recordings]
KarmasynK – Counter Culture , Security Breach
Kehele Keff & Gavrio – Love of My Life [Electric Station]
Kris Ferreri – Rock It [Native Warrior]
Krucial – Rasta , Warn Dem [Subway Soundz]
Kryten – In the Shadows [Exiled Recordings]
Leaf – Warp [Audioporn]
LowRIDERz & Claws – Skank,Soundbwoy
Ludrig – Jungle Nights [Run Free]
M.V.R.K – Warp Speed [Vandal Records]
Magenta – Leanin,Cold Blood [BassLayerz Recordings]
Melysma, Mayan & Redshift – Holding Back
Mindloader – Same Mind , You Take Me [Calibrate Records]
Modified Motion & Faction – It’s Beyond [Dynamic Audio]
Monument Banks – Miya Maya , Coltrane’s Truth [Program]
Moussa – The Streets of Barcelona (feat. Geez & Guy Van Damme)
N Jat – Khakaborazi [Mxximus Records]
Neville G – Ng2 – [Amphibious Audio Recordings]
Nicky Romero, Mike Williams & Amba Shepherd – Dynamite
Nicro – Reactive (ZuKeepa VIP) [ZuBeatz]
No_Name – Aurora Borealis [Next Phase Records]
Ohne F – Wenn’s Dunkel Ist… [Studio Hundert Records]
One´s Utmost & Lockpick, One´s Utmost – Signal Strength
Owls Of Filth – Turbulent [Mind Rape Corp]
QUIX – IDK [Vol. 1] [Dim Mak Records]
Rameses B & Zoe Moon, Rameses B – Eden [Liquicity Records]
Random – Sanity Remixes (feat. Andrea Turk)
Røhaan – Lost Sirens [Unchained Recordings]
Ryan Coss – Forever [Liftoff Recordings]
Secondary Attack – Fear [DNBD Recordings]
Selecta J-Man, GOLD Dubs & Gella – Fire Burn
Sequent & SKruff, Sequent – Thread [Blu Saphir]
Sinister Souls – World at War [PRSPCT Recordings]
Sketi & Ashlea, Sketi – Free to Fly [Future Follower Records]
The Caracal Project – Homegrown [NËU]
Toronto Is Broken – Industrial,Lose Control [YANA Music]
Toxik & Chiyu, Toxik – Young Minds [Decay]
Translate – Hardcore Rollerz [Soulbass Recordings]
Tuskan – The Bricks [AFT Records]
Uphonix – Ivy [Divided Audio]
VA – 10 Years of Jazzsticks [Jazzsticks Recordings]
VA – ADE 2019 Ultimate EDM Tunes
VA – Halloween 2019 Best of Dance, EDM, House & Electro
Vital Elements – Alien Technology , Secret
Winterman – The Headless Horseman
Zeba & Warhead, Zeba – Tranquil [Klout]
ZFPTRON – Randomized [Unrealist Music]

Electronica & Downtempo

AERA TIRET – Augsburg [recordJet]
Affinity – Lost in Tokyo [Artillery Recordings]
Affire – New Games [Calligraphy Recordings]
Amy G. Dala – Memento Mori [SXN]
Anacole Daalderop & Olivier Frémont – Kronopolis
Andy Kas – Hidden Bay [MYR]
Annjet & Newborn Jr – Modern Ways of Treating Insomnia
Arthur Distone – Come Back & Goodbye
Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Rotorwerks
Astropilot – Organic Remixes, Pt. I [AstroPilot Music]
Aztek – Omni [Courteous Family]
Bad Tracking – Widower [Bokeh Versions]
bknapp – Gamecubin’ [MNC Distribution]
BLD ‎– Chamber Trax ‎[BLD03]
Bodaishin – Secrets of the Templars [Pasilda]
boerd – Look [Anjunadeep]
Bolten M & Casual hex, Bolten M & DET – El Heredero
Braulio Lam – Long Exposure [Seven Villas Voyage]
Cellos Balearica – Jungle Quest [Red Plane Underground]
Chambimbe – Fuego [Discos Fiera]
Chanse – Step Inside [Far Down Records]
Cook Strummer – Some Feelings [Moodmusic]
Cristian Bergagna – Macabre [Crafting Music Lab]
Daniel Baumann – Blue Lagoon [ToySounds]
Daniel Bolliger – Desert Dream [Electronic Dream]
Dasychira – xDream [Blueberry Records]
David Starfire, Darin McFadyen & Jai Uttal – Haribol
Deamonds – A Classic [East London Club Trax]
Derun – Prima Luce [Voyeur]
Despoilah – 26032019 [Sonic Terror Digital]
Destreza – The Boy and his Echo [Transvection Ltd]
Diane Richmond – The Heart [Etznab]
Dragonfly Trio – Darker Days [Disco Gecko]
DVA-RAZA-KU – Bom Bolenath [Multiza Distribution]
Dylab – 303Prsc006 [303parseca]
Dynamic Illusion – Life [AstroPilot Music]
Ebende – Smo Kru [Lima Express]
Efeu Winterfest – Bilder [Keep It Business]
Electralex – Tender Song [Sambit]
Eternal Basement – To Bent Minds
F.L.O.R.O. IV – Future Learning of Radical Options
FiRES WERE SHOT – Fallen [Holodeck]
First Aid 4 Souls – Keep This World Empty [Alfa Matrix]
Flip Capella – Lit Bass (The Remixes) [Prediction Recordings]
Gnowee – Imaginary Movie [LBA Records]
Grade Skyller – Dark Revival [Rave Gun Distribution]
HANSS€N – Glitch [Blue Drop Records]
HawkshawHyder – The Kite & the Moon [Wellhead]
Hayden James – Between Us – The Remixes [FCL289]
Housego – Galactic [One Track Mind]
ImButcher – Rain [ImButcher Music]
ISH11 – Salamander EP_
Israel Vich – Puma Punku [Cosmic Awakenings]
Jade Key – Faces [Frequency , AEI]
Jan Mir & Moogli, Jan Mir – Bangkok Noir [URSL]
Jason Joshi – Just Love Me [Relax Music]
Jjos – Mediterranean Colors (feat. Toni Cotolí)
Joe Jog – Trust Your Soul [Bigmo Records]
Jojo Effect & Dennis LeGree – Swing It Up [ChinChin Records]
Jubilee & IQ, Jubilee & Maluca – Call for Location
JVNA – Living in Hell [Proximity]
Kay Natts – Am I Too Faded [DJ Network Music]
Lucifer’s Aid – Panic [Progress Productions]
Malin Genie – Anthropomorphic Sympathy
Malvina Meinier – Puberty (Sunareht Remix)
Marco Amoazoo – Blaumeise [Labor Musik]
Marco Michalzik & Manuel Steinhoff – Ikarus Instrumentals
Marco Tegui, Raw Main – Marco Tegui , Raw Main
Miniamus – Nature Is Metal [Octiive]
Miniamus – Science [Octiive]
Modulaar – Mulanje [Pins and Needles]
MoonDoctoR – Dopamine [Freshmoon Records]
MujjO – Moods of Love [Lazuli Records]
MYR – How Are You Sweetheart [Cabdriver]
Nick Saley – Bengal (DJ Pantelis Remix) [Synthetical Records]
Nico de Transilvania – Be One [Muzica Without Frontiers]
Nikko.Z – Slope (Remixed) [DPM099]
Non-Zero – Matrix Equation [Touchin’ Bass]
Overmono – POLY011 [Poly Kicks]
Paco Borges Ensemble – Salon Rouge [Traumnovelle]
Padre & OE, Padre – Possible Worlds [Oleeva Records]
Paracusia – Empty Zones [Regression Media]
Patawawa – All the Time (Yuksek 1984 Remixes)
Pearldiver – Barbatana [GMM]
Plagu & Basstölpel – Frog City [recordJet]
R.Hz – Hight [Inxinema]
Rilla Force – Fiesta [Gratitude Sound Music]
Riwin – Bali Cloud [Standard Music]
Robert Kanford – Little Leopard (Jiunaze Remix)
Rocboss – Snowing [LNG Records]
Roland Bucher – Acamar [Hallow Ground]
Roonie – Colourless [Ozran Sunset]
Run Dust – Banca Nazionale [In Paradisum]
Ryota O.P.P – Esoterica [Meda Fury]
Shunus – Rainburn [Art Vibes Music]
Soul Of Zoo & Swa Swally – Samburu [Lump Records]
Spirit Therapy – Endless Story [CAFEDEANATOLIA122]
Sun Spot – Deep Inside [ChillRecordsMusic]
TCB – Prima Astrology [ESP Institute]
The Soul Crusaders – The Future [M-Sol Records]
TripAdLib – Ad Libitum [Wilhelm Records]
Turker – Poljem Se Vija [194526638974]
tvzf – Trust Us [Ledokol Records]
VA – Kindisch Steps XIV [Kindisch]
VA – PI ChillWave Grooves XII [Planet Inspiration]
Vishscale – Cobras Get Handled [SCALE TRAX]
Volsky – You Can’t Go Home Again [Festivibes Records]
Xinobi, Mystery Affair – Criaturas [DT106B]
Yann Novak – Slowly Dismantling [Room 40]
Zatua – Sin Existencia [Second Circle]
ZebraCak3 – Turqueza [Baikal Nomads]
Zeger De Vos – Carriers [Seattle Dott Recordings]


Adri Block, Chris Marina – We Got The Real Thing
Aevasyon – I’m Into Deep [Transcendance Music]
Almatic – Spirit Flowers [Paunchy Cat Records]
Andrew Rai, Papa Marlin – Loneliness [NDF096RMX]
Andrey Exx, Zach Kinsey & Ellis Miah – Tripping
Andy Bach – In The Night [DBR1117]
Anthony Louis – What the Music Does (feat. Ali.P.)
Aquarian, Deapmash, AQXDM – Infrared [HTH107I]
Arno Cost, Norman Doray – Wanna Do (Extended Mix) [CLUBSWE219]
Artois – Working [Glorie Generation]
Back & Em Pi & Bignoise – Make Your Love
Bart B More – House Ain’t Giving Up – Extended Mix
Beatz Maneuva – Oogway’s Lullaby [AUDIOCONCEPT004]
Blair, Waterbeld – Feelings [190295335205]
Blaqkongo & Koek Sista – Lonely Girl
Blunt Object – Frenemy Mine [Down Right Dirty Records]
Bobbie Cam – For the Night [Mooloo Records]
Body Culture – Body Culture 001 [Body Culture]
Bonka – All Your Love (feat. The Romantic Era) [Mr. White]
Brock Edwards – I See You [Pure Beats Records]
Brock Edwards – Wanna Be Dub’d [OHD092]
Caesar Garcia – I Like the Way You Move [DHS237]
Chris Perry BK – No Worries [Bizar Recordings]
D.J. MacIntyre – Blind With Rage [SLC-6 Music]
Da Funk Junkies – Make Your Body Rock [Which Bottle ]
Dabj & Big Miz – Jail the Lot [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
Darren Studholme – French Love Poem [DBR1036]
David Britton – What’s That!
DJ MAD – I Said [Digital Wax]
DJ Mark Brickman – Link In Your Chain [RB079]
DJ Simi – Dance All Dayz EP [FMR139]
DJ Tripswitch – Disco Casanova [Believe In Disco]
DJ Wady & Rio Dela Duna – Piano [Vamos Music]
Dmitri Saidi – The Blues [Knuck!]
dOP – Wampyr [dOP only]
Dubplate Disco – Baby Doll [Dallinghoo Recordings]
Eddie Thoneick, Kurd Maverick – Chicago [SUB416]
Eminent Boyz & Dosline, Eminent Boyz – Secrets & Lies
FDF – Spoken [Shared Rec]
Flamingo Boys – Crater Maker [Admit One Records]
Funky Fable – Funky Mood (Remixes)
Furor Exotica – Spacey Jelly [Sprechen]
Gabri Salgado – Hype [White Drum Records]
Gays In Space – Cassiopeia [Bassment Tapes]
Gilles Bernies – Signals [4251603231797]
Girls of the Internet – Charlie’s Angels [DRABANGELS]
Glen Horsborough – New Times Ahead (Peter Brown Remix) [LTBH077REMIX]
Grace Vogt – Vibe so Strong [No Sync]
Himsky – Secret Knowledge [PKGE]
Jace Mek – Sophisticated [2812118593]
Jason Busteed – Inversions [Lefty Shades Records]
Jason Deroche – Going There (Time for a Change)
Joey Bricks – Desktop Music [Rollerblaster Records]
Jonny Lexxs – Latin Fever [Dynamic Musik]
Juan Rojo & Corinna Jane – Shining Moon (Quint S Ence Eclipse Mix)
Kekstar – Re’release – [Azania Digital Records]
Killed Kassette, M.F.S Observatory – Somebody Gotta [UGA096]
Lee Walker – Obsessed EP [SIMBLK182]
Locked Groove – Pudding (Ouri Remix) [SUN007]
M@stahouz – This Is My Houz [Groove Foundation Recordings]
Marco Fratty – J.J. Tribute [Audio Recordings]
Marco Polar & Kyrie – Lie Machine (Remixes) [Polarity Records]
Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa – Detour Jazz
Marty Lightbody – Shatners Bassoon [Audiablo Records]
Matthew Clarck, Deeprule – Babe [PP006H]
Max Styler – Echo Over Me [DM1166]
Mayforms – Talk to Me [DJKOREA RECORDS]
Michelino – Goose Bumps [Stereophonic]
Mike Dunn – Natural High (Mike Dunn Extended Black Glitter MixX)
Misc Mood – Heaven [Grouper Recordings]
Moshu, Mihai V. – Ticket To Paradise [ETR158]
Mycola – Dusty [Mello Music Group]
nineT9 – Underground [Intensive Recordings]
Noizy Devil – Through My Veins [KODA073]
North Jersey Alliance – Wondering (feat. Robert Martin)
NRTHSTR – Not so Hot [Welofi Recordings]
Nuur – Chant Sole [PRS151]
Oliver Osborne – The Flowers [Eyes To The Front]
Oskar Jay – Sexy Groove [CWV287]
Owami Umsindo – The Looting [Herbs & Soul Music]
Paskal Daze – Banana [Tactical Trax]
Paul Rees – I Feel Fire [KODA062]
Pierre Piccarde – You Are [Marylin Musique M&M]
Pierre Reynolds – Electric Lovin (Remastered)
Pontchartrain – MOTOR CITY MEMORIES [LD10]
Prelude – The Pluck [HoTL Records]
Raflo & Rikette – Give It Up [Fruitstar]
Random Funk – Good Time [SDR133]
Richard Grey – Straigth Ahead [GH040]
Richard Grey, Colla – When The Sun Goes Down [GHIGH033]
rONINWOO – Don’t Regret What’s Gone [rOMINWOO]
Roy Jazz Grant – Bop Ding [Apt D4 Records]
Ryan Sullivan – Emotional Distance (Extended Mixes)
Saandro Delarock – 2020 [E-Kosareva Records]
Saint Andreas – Let’s Get It Crunk [FakeGods]
Sajmon Zawarus – Always Want You [Unique Deep]
Sam Tyler – Ask Me To EP [EMBYA035]
Sebastian Creeps – Black Magic [Karmic Power Records]
Seumas Norv – One Love to Give (Extended Mix) [ZULU188]
Sordid Soundz – Love Times [Soul Room Records]
Spooner Street – A Test (Remixes) [Vamos Music Talents]
St. David – DISCO JAM [LPH069]
Stefano Sorge – Freakin Bass [History Recordings]
Steve Banzara & Alan Carter – Pulse [Puro Beat]
Supermusiq – Ebumnandini (feat. Tapesi) [036Records]
Supertons – Supra Sumo (Remixes) [Get Down Recordings]
Swae SA – Swelihle [GR006]
T.Markakis – Time Out [ZERO013]
Tedenz – Saw [Electric Mouse Records]
The Stoned – Every Move [Dafunk]
The Stoned – What Did U Feel [Tereysa Records]
Third Son – Remix EP [17STEPS023RD]
Tom Dawson – Motus [Artificial Acoustical Ambience Records]
Trimtone – Alright [TT042]
VA – 4 DJ UnDiscovered Weekly #90 [GETSOME Music]
VA – 10 Years Barking Loud, Vol. 1 [MLD088]
VA – Dimensione (Volume Tre) [FLAC]
VA – Guaracha Mexico Vol 1-2 (2019)
VA – Halloween Dance Party 2019
VA – Halloween Night EDM Party 2019
VA – House Diamonds 2019 (The Best Dance Traxx)
VA – Housesession ADE 2019 Sampler [Housesession Records]
VA – Ibiza Closing 2019 [Sunset Disco] [FLAC]
VA – In the Name of House, Vol. 20 (2019)
VA – Legacy [Soulful Legends]
VA – Magic Vocal Save House (2019)
VA – Running Trax New York (2019)
VA – Society 3.0 Recordings_ Amsterdam 2019
VA – Tropical Velvet ADE 2019 [Tropical Velvet]
VA – Whore House ADE 2019
Valique – Uno Dos Tres [Walk of Sound]
Virgile Allien – No Direction [Alter K]
Warmduscher – Tainted Lunch [The Leaf Label]
Yanik Coen – The Other Side [NOT EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS]
Yash Bansal – Wings [Yes Yes Records]
Youngman, DJ S.K.T – Certi (Move Your Body) [00602508405334]

Melodic House & Techno

Algorythm – Hunter [Neptune Records]
Anii – Aniitime003 [ANIITIME]
Animal Trainer – I Flute You [KATERMUKKE]
Aree – Artemide [Dear Deer Black]
Arkatekt – Dimensions [AH Digital]
At Dawn & DJ WHIPR SNIPR – Friends by Default
Aya.B – The Void Above [Neele Records]
Basic Need – Ghost Clap [Hafendisko]
BASS X 92 – Abyss [Raelian Musik]
Bock & Fuchs, Celestino – Soundscapes
Carlos Pires – Driver [Vision 3 Records]
Carlos Pires & Hopper, Carlos Pires – Out of the Void
Carton – Stellar Analog [Carton Shaped]
Danny Wabbit – Quake [Raving Society]
Dino Lenny – Doctor [Crosstown Rebels]
Doncler – Blast [Flesh Recordings]
El Coyote – Dream Dealer [Yaxteq]
Enoc V – Meaningless [Space Buns Recs]
Fat Cosmoe – Dreameater [Infinite Depth]
Galestian – Immanence , A Sudden Insight
Gaty Lopez – Believe Forever [JANGO DEL MAR]
Henri Bergmann – Ubik [Automatik]
Hicky & Kalo, Nopi – Dimensions II [When We Dip XYZ]
Hicky & Kalo, Nōpi – Dimensions II [When We Dip XYZ]
intro_p – Exposure [Introp Music]
J. Moog – Have No Fear [DTL Records]
Jean Claude Ades – Atme [Bercana Music]
John Wolf – Dawn Sunlight [Late Night Records]
Jonas Saalbach, Tony Casanova – Makena [Radikon]
Käehne – Cordeiro [CPH Undersound]
Kiz Pattison – Flying [JourneyDeep Records]
Koschka – ETNA [Minar Records]
Laherte – Mercury [Interstellar Records]
Luca Aversano – Origami [Micro Lab]
Marco Uson – A Travel Through the Universe Remixes
Marian Herzog – Nocturnal Adventure [Notchmusic]
Maurice Camplair – Die schöne Frau des Adam [Galvanic]
Miguel Lautaro – Another Dimension [Ingravity Records]
Mila Journée – Wine [Vision 3 Records]
Moodayz & Areeas – Imperia [Three Hands Records]
Namito – Panjere [Supernature]
Neon Movement – Orbital [BMP Music]
NeryVice – Proxy [STIG]
Nuur – In Your Eyes [Syncopate Afterhours]
Patrick Vanto & Dani Mancuso – The Lux
Rafael Cerato & SHMN – Nibiru [Love Matters]
RezQ Sound – Subconscious (Remaster) [YoD Recordings]
Riamiwo – Spektralradius (Melody Stranger Remix)
Robert Moon – Polar [Intricate Records]
Ross Bohlen – Ocean Breeze , Incarnation
Sebastian Glazba – Black Holes [Panorama55 Recordings]
Sesento – Hybris [Diana Recs]
Spectroliti – Yellow Daw [ADRO Records]
Stefano Richetta – Area 53 [Click Records]
T_Pazos – Cosmopolitan [Awen Tales]
TERKO – Peii [Chakana Records]
The Advocate – Never Enough [Lost on You]
Vidno – Tales [Suprematic]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Graziano Graziani – Electrolytic [Ole Rec]
Bruno Bernades – Try Twice [Jambutek Recordings]
Caio R – Can’t Sleep [MT Musik]
Cardos & Indigo Man – Random
Coriesu, Cvtkvc – Luminace [Allied Recordings]
Daian Verna – Breath [Mothr Music]
Davide Cali – Flusso [Nada Espacial]
Erik C. (Mx) – Sound [Beat Circus Records]
Franco BA & Ismaso, Franco Ba, Ismaso – SuperBeat
Franco Rossi – Prada [dZb Records]
Handspiel – Sensum [Beatwax Digital]
Heerz & Tomas Ode, Heerz – In Rome [Frost Plates]
Hernan Salazar – The Coming [Tictak Records]
Javitoh & JLeonel – Anobi [Techaway Records]
Joshua Puerta – Disco Dance
Liuos – Vastness [Podvodo Records]
Luis Caballero – Hablando Conmigo Mismo
Luis Fruelas – Wreckless [Nevada Label]
Manuel Ghenadia – Red Lipps [Marba Records]
Marco Dtr – The Art of Action [Conceptual Deep]
Moett C – Red Head [Agua y Sed]
Narcotex – Euphoric Era [Joke-R MNML Records]
O’russ – True [Chichi Music]
Onofre (PE) – Alone [Manicomio Music]
Pach – Sometimes Boys Cry [LowerHand Records]
pagieyourboy – Knock and Breathe [Her Diamond Dozen]
Paul Robinson – Unknown Title, Pt. 2
Peter Groskreutz – Drone Zone [Alula Tunes]
Reelow – Your Force [Reecords]
Rolf Ono – Running Key [Minimadelic Records]
Sam Aniken – Unknown [Qentaro Records Germany]
Stefano Crabuzza – Losing Control [MUSE]
TM Shuffle – Ruutana By Night [Mouche]
Tommy Oddone – Lucuma [Samani]
VA – ADE Sampler 2019 [Domus Music LTD]
VA – Alessio Bianchi presents Stolen Soul Music Various Artist 2019
Wesz – Midsummerjam [Reverbs Records]

Progressive House

800cube – Sunset (Remixes) [Summer Melody]
After Sunrise – Hands Up [See The Sea Records]
Alexander Ybernon – Intriga , Mom & Fam
Ali Arsan, Erdinc Akbulut – Harmony [STT021]
ALIVE – Perfecta [AND records]
Anton Kholodny – Simple Voicings [Figura Music]
Applayn, Artur Silver – Progressive Attack #03
Armin van Buuren – Balance (2019)
Arseny Volos – The Love House [MFB054]
Asioto – Groundswell [INC173]
B Selekt – Raum [BALKAN0589]
Balbinot – Apollo27 [Traxford Records]
Bootes Gray – Voice of the Universe [MHR342]
Capa (Official) – Falcon Punch [Zerothree]
Christopher Hermann – Infinity [PHW Elements]
Coffee Face – India [PURR225]
Deciduous, Cassidy, Kamilo Sanclemente – Daze – Ancestry – Wakefulness
DenBray – Dream [Progressive State Records]
Deng – Sensation Of Movement
DJ Tarkan – Yarolla [No Smoking Recordings]
DJCybertsai – Take It From Me [AL182]
Dr. B (AR) – Beyond the Earth [SFR379]
DT8 Project – Carry On (Myon Return To 95 Mix) [FLAC]
Durty – Chrimbus [Transportal Digital]
Dylhen – Mobius [FSOE Parallels]
Eli & Fur – Into The Night (The Remixes) [ANJDEE433RD]
Emanuel (D) & Lex Green – Crazy Town [BP8872019]
Fuenka – Evolution [UV]
Geolo Berlange – Japan Girl [LuPS Records]
GMJ – Adena – Sahaja [TT021]
Guen B – Silk Road Express
Hells Kitchen, Morphing Spot – Magni EP [BF233]
Hokori – Love Object [ANCL Lincor]
Hokori – Ocean Volume [LIN210]
iNichi & Rumour – Break Free
J.p. Velardi – Friend’s Journey [MYC826]
Jamie Stevens, Luka Sambe – The Ones That Say No [MOD050]
Joe Schaeffer – There and Back
Jon Sine – Secrets (feat. Salvo) [Axsens]
K Loveski & Ewan Rill – Navigante [LuPS Records]
K.Oshkin – Reincarnations [Shindo Deep]
Kenan Savrun – Cosmos [3AV171]
Kevin Vega – Regenerate [SoundBook Records]
Lenny Verro – Uno [Elevated Music]
Lio Q & Nicolas Leonelli – Simbiotyc
Luis Sonder – Cosmos [Codec One Records]
LYP – Take Hold of Me [Lemon Yellow Pea]
Matan Caspi – Sunda [OL331]
Mayank – Adrift [ECR078]
Mayro – Arabic Feel [AVE003]
Milos Ilic – Blue Leaves [OOAK084]
Mister J – Blinder [Tremor Records]
Monograph – Cup of Soul [ECR077]
Moritz Hofbauer – Styx [Poesie Musik]
myni8hte – Towards Destination
Nicolas Rada – Resilience (Sampler)
Orkidea – Nana – Jerome Isma-Ae In Search Of Sunrise Remix
Pablo Rey – Magnetic [Imploxion Records]
Paul Ursin – Cosmica [Heinz Music]
Pete K – Enouement [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Prod – Falling Apart [Mxximus Records]
Rafa Alcantara – Dome EP [BP8862019]
Rick Pier O’Neil – Perch (Remix Edition Pt 2)
Rob Hilgen – Sweetness
Rockka – Jesuz [SUPER205]
Salbah – Mythos [MOG020]
Scian – Sonus [MIR86]
Sebastien Nox – Woaaa
Seo (Sl) – Intrude [EST150]
Slidedream – Slinker [Survivor Records]
Soleil Carrillo – Go Awf [Carrillo Music LLC]
Stefan Biniak – Nighttales [Moonbootique]
Storgards – Sahra [VOID Records]
Subsonic Voyage – Shamed [Deep Hype Sounds]
The Fifth – What You Are EP [WR062]
The Loco – Full Control [BVL010]
VA – Amsterdam 2019 [MIRM016]
VA – Azbuka D [3616401600618]
VA – Black Hole House Music 10-19 (Album)
VA – Capital Heaven Record Box Vol 5 (2019)
VA – Colorize ADE 2019 mixed by Sound Quelle
VA – Intricate Records Is Going to Amsterdam 2019
VA – Passion, Vol. 2 (2019)
VA – Progressive Amsterdam 2019
VA – Stream [FIGURACOMP004]
VA – The Lost Remixes [LF063D]
William Byrne (IRL) – I Suppose So [FER0039]
Z8phyr – Willing to Live [Cool Breeze]

Tech House

Abyss Bay – Kryptonite [Deep Stack Records]
Alex Blanco – Hand Clap, Conga [HENRI]
Alexander Church – Configurations 02 [Configurations Of Self]
Alfie Gold – I Hear Stella [CR009B]
Allien Haze – Mary Jane [Techouse Music]
Andre Salmon, KC Wray & Rayan Hermes – Kloser
Andrew Ddm – Comptine d’un autre ete [DDM Records]
Ardalan – Mr. Good [DIRTYBIRD]
Arnau Ariza – Blinder Peek [Techno Die Recordings]
Brad Lessur – Sucker for the Beat [OddBall Records]
Camilo Do Santos – Mango Kush [Lit Music]
Caravaca – Bronx [Nomevea Records]
Caravaca – Compression [Great Stuff Talents]
Carlos A – Raw Feak [NPL002]
Chicks Luv Us – More Than Love [IBT013]
Chris Maico Schmidt – Jahnstrasse Remixes [BluFin]
Classica – The Lights (feat. Miniq) [Remixes]
Colussi – Disco Boss [EFM007]
D-Becker – Don’t Lie [Price Incorrect]
Danv & Holiver – Portland [WRK Music]
Dash Groove – Back [MZV055]
Davide Mentesana – Ganster [We Hustle Harder]
Davina Moss – In Love [Klaphouse Records]
Deep Factory – Ghost (Deluxe) [Auraviss]
Dipzy – Booty Press [Dark Shades Records]
Doctor Boom – Fever Pitch [Del Sol]
Dro – Elysian Switch [LA202]
Dual Beat, Yvvan Back – Balkan Jam [YR040]
Duck Sandoval – La Bruja [Disco Mafia]
Emilio Centeno – Porn – [Saitech Records]
Eran Hersh, Apotex – Tuxedo [HOTL087]
Esclane, Esteban Savas & MAG4 – La Vida
Fabio Bellanza – Wild [Mooncircles Records]
Falcos Deejay – Mediterranean [Alveda Subject]
FeelGood – You Now [PLAYMOBIL154]
Felipe Michelin & Simone Rizzuto – What I Mean
Feng Xui – Impetto [Midnight Express Records]
Foolie & JazzyUK, Foolie & Wallace K – Depth Perception
FREAK ON – Nitrous [Hood Politics Records]
Furkan Kurt, Kerem Tekinalp & HKNC – Work It
Gaitha – Evoke [Eternalism]
Gustavo Reinert – Droppin [Prove It]
Hanzo & Yaman – Max Roland [BDS004]
HappySoul SA – Alien Attack [GR004]
Hebdonis – Electric Frequencies [Knights of Frequency]
Hernandez.D – Ginza [SL0189]
Hippocoon – This is Future [EBR0006]
Horse Power – High Tonight [Wolf Scream Records]
Horse Power – Shockwave Drop [WSR023]
Illyus & Barrientos – Still Beating [ERM168]
IVA – Sagitta [UT081]
Jas Van Houten – Gimmy Pouwa [Toolroom Trax]
Joonyes – One Spliff [Clvb95 Music]
Jose Jacks – Be Free [Altered Bells]
Jose Ogalla & Jerry Ropero – O-GALLA [Full Dance Records]
Joy Marquez – Humanity Remixes [FGR257]
Joy Marquez & Zeuqram – Infinity Minds [Infinity Productions]
Juan Avila – This is Number Two [Seize (DMG)]
Junior Capriati – Carrousel [Barbecue Records]
Kadenza – Bambalaya [SH065]
Kevin Vaya – Seize It [Decibel Music]
KlaussDJ – Selvanegra [Claps Records]
Kubbix – Isla [Black Fox Records]
Kyro (AUS), Hey You!! – Becky Don’t Dance (Extended Mix) [194491007539]
Laura Harvey – Rolling Progress [KD310]
Le Anima – This Day [Hermetica]
Lindsey Matthews & One Over – We Become EP [SNR184]
Loggic – I Am Your Friend [El Fortin Music]
Lonely – My Love [OURH011]
LOW-G – Everytime [Huambo Records]
Luigi Rocca, Anis Hachemi – Sicomoro [303L1919]
M Giggy – Again & Again (The Remixes) [No Bling Just Bang]
M.F.S Observatory – No One [Relief]
M2MYU – Make Your Move [Late Night Munchies]
Macrolev – Tell Me What You Want [Vivifier Records]
Malone – Ritmo – Kazüma (Extended Mix) [FLAM299D]
Marc Franco & That Bass & Roge – See Your Mind
Mario D’ambrosio – Rythm Flow EP [NNB032]
Martin Ikin – Headnoise (Get Hype) [feat. Dope Earth Alien]
Matheo Velez – Trust [Kore Music]
Matthew Vertino – Synthetic [Deep Bear]
Matthias Tanzmann & Mihalis Safras – Believe
Meli Rodriguez – Lay It Down [Smile Creations Music Label]
Mhod – Feeling the Bass [Baikonur Recordings]
Michael Conroy, T1a – Faith Believe [KODA056]
Miguel Amaral – I can see [Midnight Express Records]
Mizz Martinez – Tantric Tech (Instrumental) [Sola Music]
Moss & Enfasi – Feel the Beat [Muted]
Mr. Pitch – Stealth [Let’s Go Dancing Records]
MxXxD – Bars [Elektrona]
Nathan Barato & Kevin Knapp – Funk Police [RPM067]
Newball – Sunwaves [2Drop Records]
Nick Scofield – N-Trospection [ESSENTIALISM]
Oura – Push [Savory Audio]
OverThinking, Sterium – 22k EP [HL012]
Pablo Pingitore – Calpe [Elephant Chords]
Proudly People – Spotlight [RSH159]
Rayan Hermes – Reality [MIGHTYMAD]
Rey Espinosa – My Darling [Phenomenal]
Rezone – I Do [PSB119]
Riccardo De Polo – Number 2 [Low Groove Records]
Robbie J – Space 1999 [Baxxline]
Roberto Alvarez – My Paint ’19 [Futurefunk Recordings]
Rodrigo Laffertt – FORMIDABLE [DNWR190002]
Ruben Zurita – Rasta Night [HOTBEAT Records]
Ruff Loaderz – We Don’t Sleep [Somn’thing Supertech]
RYBO – Fading Away [Music To Dance To Records]
SAIILEX – Loser [G-Mafia Records]
Sanchez – Chief Business [Time Bandits]
Save As (US) – Heading Out [Distortion]
Scientio – Sucka Ducka [Tactikal Technology Records]
SCOTT & LEON – Sounds of Eden (Hott Like Detroit Vocal Mixes)
Sebastian Xottelo – Rage Battlefield Inc DJ Fronter Remix
Secret D – El Picador [Adunanza Records]
Self Self – The Ticket [GL007]
Sovax – Shotgun [Dusty Nose]
Stund & Wes Please, Stund – Count That
The Basilica – Shake [YUMYUM trax]
The Oddictions – Can You Feel Me [CR007]
Toton – It Can Be [Liako Records]
Tuff London – So Restless [Toolroom]
Unknown7, Sessanta6, Dani Siciliano – Sweet Cherry Inside
Uteki – The Cure & the Cause [kenflowmusic]
VA – Ade 2019 [Cr2 Records]
VA – Aparenzza Music ADE Sampler 2019
VA – Basement Beats 03 [Sirup Music]
VA – Deeperfect Picking Vol. 01 [DPE1654]
VA – Hidden Vibes 4 Years [Hidden Vibes]
VA – Mr. Jack Only, Pt. 14 [Kollektor]
VA – The Bank – ADE 2019 Edition [Bunkaball Records]
VA -Tech House Summer Essentials 2019
Village Inc – Dance [G-Mafia Records]
Warp – Stagger the Bends [333 AM Records]
waste wisely – Pale Sunrise
Wildfire & Sophiegrophy – Moment (Remixes)
WinterSix – Count for 6 [Complex Destroyerz]
Worthy – Beat Mover [Strangelove Recordings]
Zamky – Drop [L.B.A Groove records]
Zebob – Shake [PDR024]

Techno & Minimal

[ Wex 10 ] – Follow Me [EXE]
[ Wex 10 ] – Travel One EP [MINDSHAKE063]
28eleven – After Techno Stops [ANCL Lincor]
90sKID – Sexy Stuff _ Melancholy [RREC04]
96 Back – Issue in Surreal [Central Processing Unit]
A-10 & DJ Joys, A-10 – Mechanistic [TECHNO SERIO]
Against The Time, Ezek – Sublime Rage [TH240]
AIX1 – Nave [Akhadir Recordings Amsterdam]
Alejandre – Basica [KP037]
Alex Stein – Rebirth [TERM174]
Alexander Technique – Street Knowledge
Alexey Kotlyar & Natalie Orlie – Classic Techno
Alexey Markov – Deus Ex Machina
And.rea – Placid Blue EP [MFLOW10]
Andhim – REMIXES PART 1 [SF009]
Andrea Barone, Avar Garden – Modular Thinks [PR006]
Anti-Slam, Faded Void – Two Years [FNDEP166]
Aramzom – Arcadia [Run Records]
Arian Faraone – Cocaine [Techno Mafia Recordings]
ASEC – Asec 002 [ASEC]
Ashraf – Wake [Maffia Music]
Asquith – Let Me [Asquith]
Atonism, Irrational Language – Collision of Forces
Axis Of Time – Concrete Dream EP [RSZ187]
Azelitsky, Majouga – Azma [Abduction]
Baabal – P.Analytic Geometry [Truc Record]
Badpact – Cronos [Isometric Music]
Bart van Rijn – Aux [STUG Music]
BEC – Lost in Change [Second State]
Belocca – Xtasy [Codex Recordings]
Ben Riss – All Night [IAMT]
Benny Sonhar – Joy of Space [LA201]
Berden – Midnight [Wittstock Records]
Blackrachas, Christian Nielsen – Speicher 113
Blind Delon – Edouard (Remixed Pt.III) [WarinD Records]
Boiling Energy – I Can Not Sleep [Thick Hard Movements]
Bonnis Maxx – Solid Wave [We Love Underground Music]
Boskii – The Engineer [Music UK]
Boz Perron – On Fire [Selekta Recordings]
Brlee – Visions (Album Singles)
Buben – Five Glasses [NOiR FiDELiTY Records]
Burika – Subu [KDB167D]
Cadans & Kracht, Cynkt – Deterge [Krachtvoer]
Calculus – Hologram [Anemone Recordings]
Callum Murray – Terraform
Carl Finlow – Elastic Collisions [Orson Records]
Carles DJ – Silicon [Skull Label]
Carloh – Latino [SAVED20101Z]
Cemetery – Yaoyorozu EP [018]
Cesar Ascoy – Noise Melody [Hotmind Records]
Cesar Martinez – Agape [NBR108]
Charles Dunbar – Eye Awaken [Techno.Black]
Chris Prz, Xanhanda – Acid in Vein
Christian Lazzara – Air Beat [Lazar Rec]
Christina Marakov – Law of Techno
CHRLS X – Square One [Stealth Nights]
Circle of Life – Black Light [MOVD0189]
Clap Codex – Demise and Vestige [Tiefblau Records]
Cor100 – Bleepz [MCD051]
Corey Biggs, Jonas Volkenborn – Suitcase #011
Craft – Mastering the Balance of Chaos [Informa Records]
Cristian Martin – Memories Dream [AMH241]
Cyber Steve – Coh 003 [ Recordings]
Danny Nectar – Volver Remix by Hsu
Danny Serrano – Piano Bells [SEK016]
Dasero – AVOCADO EP [TDR089]
Dave Steward – Necrone [Nu Chain Music]
David Christopher – A New Beginning [TDG030]
David Moleon, Miguel Mena – Keychain [Moop Up]
Deaf Hoang – Classic Tech a [New Robot Rec]
Dee Marbus – Lost & Found [BEHAVE008]
Deemkeyne – Lost Roots [CD029]
Deep DeeJay – Dea [Technological Records]
Deep Shepherd – Escabio [SSR201]
Deepro – Firecrackers [Sweet Harmony Records]
Deeptec – Basic Forms [Techscape Music]
Dennis Cruz – Better Than Pussy [SGRAW023]
Destination Unknøwn – Me and the Machines the Live Show Cuts
Destination Unknøwn – The Crows [Sunora Recordings]
Diego Olarte – Blurred [Unsorted]
Dimitar Georgiev – Baium [Mainmise Records]
Distørshn Shape, Offizier Rinzer – Coalitio [Khemia Records]
DJ Dextro – Melted On Acid EP [ALLE126]
DJ Hildegard – I Believe (The Remixes) [BluFin]
DJ NaTan ShmiT – UnderWorld [7th Cloud]
DJ Ryno – Dark Groove [Graba Records]
DJQ – Transit of Venus [Gobekli Tepe]
Dok & Martin – Come To Me [UNI163]
Dragon Hoang – Hardgroove and Hardtechno Slovakia
Dre’ (MT) – Perseverance [NAT645]
Edelstahl – Paradox [Stahlplatten]
Edenic – Shy Bairns Get Nowt [Electric Wave Records]
Ednner Soares – Restored [ID Music]
El Atalaya – Gallery [STRUK029]
Emilove & Emiliano Naples – Expansion
Enzo Monza – Endless [RBL294]
Erich Ensastigue, DJ Carlos G – SNAKE [CAT322145]
Erik Lindenberg – Trial & Error [ANALOGmusiq]
Exarchos – Niktobatis [USM Recordings]
Fabri – Ariel Primary Tool [INDUSHE182]
Fhaken, Wayne Madiedo, Uriah Persie – Picnic EP
Flor Capistran – Vruja Remixes [Phisica]
Florian Kruse, Julian Wassermann – Trivia Ultraschall
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